The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, January 31, 1922, Page 18, Image 18

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Peter Clark
MacFarlane K-r
. .-. - '.y
writer, orator and Interviewer
of interesting Americans will
appear at The Auditorium this
evening. Tickets 50c, 75c, 1
on sale here.
Meter & Frank's; Main Floor.
Sutton & Sons
English Seeds
Sutton & Sons seeds circle the
globe. We are exclusive retail
distributors for these famous
flower, vegetable and lawn seeds.
Order now.
Meier & Frank's: Ninth Floor.
New Things for Spring Are Ready
f V;, in Advance Displays
The- showings are wonderfully Interestlnt and varied -for so
early in the season and hare this pleasing thing in common
-1 new lower price plane. Patrons are cordially invited to
lew them. They have oar assurance that styles are
authoritative. c
This Is Oregon Products Week
at Meier & Frank's
The products of 200 Oregon manufacturers, some of whom
in turn produce several lines of goods, are the subject of
special displays in all of our windows and in many depart
ments. Numerous working exhibits show stages in actual
manufacturing processes.
The Quality
STQ23 it
1 ' ' .'
Alma Gluck and
Efrein Zimbalist
y who -will give a joint recital at The Auditorium
. Thursday evenincr can be heard on Victor rec-
. ords at this store. The celebrated Knabe piano
. exclusive with Meier & Frank s is used in
the "recital.
. MIor A Frank's : Sixth Floor.
Stationery 29c
Regularly 40c, Kenwick pound paper with 78
sheets in package.
Envelopes to match, package IK.
Stationery 89c
lnterplald stationery in white, blue, pink and buff.
24 sheets piper, 24 correspondence cards and 4S
envelopes la box.
.' Correspondence Cards 57c
Regularly 65c i- Rose Petal correspondence cards in
pink, blue, buff, lavender and green. 24 cards and
24 envelopes in box.
Stationery 49c
Gingham Xirl stationery with envelopes lined in
:', Pencils 39c
Regular 50 c Eagle Chief pencils.
Meier A Frank's: Main Floor.
Blankets, Pair $5.48
- . Regularly priced 6.95. Extra large 70x84-inch
f. five-pound wool and cotton blankets in gray with
, . colored borders.
...'"?f':;'. Meier ft Frank's: Second Floor.
Fire Sets $3.98
.; v Regularly 6.75. Plain black fire sets consisting
l( V of shovel, tongs, -poker and 26-inch stand. 15
, , . sets only at 3.98.
Xw ' -. ' ' Meier ft Frank's : Sixth Floor.
v.' . 't '
Sale Sports
Regularly priced at $9.75. Women's wool sports
pleated and plain tailored styles. These may be
ft. ' a . . .
V I ... pinauons as wen as plain navy and black,
ysV Sweaters $1.98
, , Recularly priced at I3.SS. Odd lots
of woman's all wool sweaters, mosUy
tn tuxedo styles. Good color. Broken
' SUMS. '.
Men's Shirts 89c j
Men's percale
shirts In light and
terns. Soft cuff
to 17.
iir. ;Gbwrw69c
;",Wometfs "clUflf ' Cinniel (owns In
pink .and blue . strtp Datterna SUp-
Sweaters 89c
Regularly $1.49.
weight cotton
9VK stTHi -: Kerutar; elsea.
a Aproris 59c
neck collar and
color. Sixes 3S
Undergarments 89c
Regularly $1.29 garment. Clear
way of men's natural color part
- ; Clearaway el wokneire checked and
41 a Kr srol, aprons la. bolted
styl." RrnMr.aUa.,8onio allsbUy'
loiperect, - .v , '
; ynderwear 89c
'wool shirts and
slsea Special at,
v Men's Sox 10c
Seconds Of men's rood cotton nnx
r- tnearaway of too women's ramlla
Uii(lrrirnni, lDCJuains' cbemiee.
tn black, white
; rnantta g-awn. ten ana crepe
- . Petticoite 89c ;:
Reralartr SQc
, rtMulartr ) urtorf tlA and tl.JS.
heavy government
i Womn'i ftattud pettieoaU wtLh
gray, stanaara
orewetnna: lope, ana. crocnetea nemo.
Union Suits 59c
Rerularhr tirtcad
Reiratarty TVL .Women's li1
aad boys'
Wvlxhl ctHVm Urikm sattetn low Deck.
ra dark patterns. .
; atoavwiAM, tuMtir' oi boa icq t
tylea. liecular aad extra alsea.
Boys Blouses 59c
Clearaway of bora wall mada nut.
tng flannel and Eden cloth blouses In
military collar, one pocket style.
Navy, khaki and gray Colors. Broken
sizes to IS years.
fteeonda of veerular SSc and 35a .
VikltMia. Wonka a luadlum wsbrht
Bwtas ribbed, aleeveleea vasts In to be
tmr vr aj w ' iwr wui v
'. ' 3 Blouses $1.
Clearaway of boys' percale and
- 1 . i'f ' aft -
; Remnants Vi
irmtdrade of yard of dn
j teriala. Inclwitnc aklk and
. fMca at half price while
plain bloa chambray blouses. Reg
sa ma
wool ea
ular sises.
any rw,
Clearaway of
fiber silk hose with mock seam leg;
doable Soles, beela and toes. Colon
' Coed 'quality ouOng fiatni t
luTi white and colon. 1
R(rTants,ard 15c "
are black, whit
seconds tn th
. Hose,
rttia mciaotng gingrtaaaa,
outlrr. ttmtpar cloth aad.
v Some seconda.
tf former prices.
and tlrls medium
stockings. Black
IT? Hrs Jranks :
"w - -wapsewsBsssaSBSi
11 l
Assumes Special Significance
12 Hair Nets 55c
Human hair nets in can and fringe shapes.
Meier & Frank's: Fifth Floor.
Ribbons, Yard 20c
Regularly priced to 1 yard. Clearaway of i J4
to i 0-yard lengths ribbons including dresdens,
plaids, satins, jacquards and moires.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Nashua Blankets, Pr. $2.95
Regularly $4.50 pair. too genuine" Nashua
Woolnap cotton blankets in plaid effects, also tan,
gray or white plain colors. Size 64x76 inches.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Glove Sale $2.25
Regularly $2.75 to $4.50. Long chamois
gloves, also strap-wrist and two-clasp style
with fancy cuff tops. White, tan, black,
sand and natural in sizes hy2 to but. not
all sizes in any one kind.
Gloves 98c
Fabric gloves for general utility wear. Some are
slightly imperfect. One-clasp style with P. K. and
oujtseams, some have contrasting stitching. Tan,
brown and black in sizes 5 V to 8.
Meier ft Frank's: Main Floor.
Skirts $7.49
skirts of serge and prunella cloth in box
had in attractive stripe and plaid color com-
bizes 27 to 35.
Shoes, Pair 50c
and madras dress
350 pairs of women's ah
oes, pumps
la. No mail
dark striped pat
and oxfords with high heels.
style. Sizes 14
or phone orders, C O. D.'s or
Slippers $1.49
Women's one-strap leather house
slippers with leather soles and rub
ber heels. All sizes, 3 to 8.
Men's heavy
sweaters with ruff-
two pockets. Oxfoid
to 42.
Spats 39c
Regular JL50 quality. Womei
good felt spats in light colors.
drawers. Broken
Pillow Cases 19c
Regularly 25c each. Kir 4r!t
garment. 89c.
Inch pillow cases of good grade mus
lin. and cordovan. All
Size 72x90 inch mnslln sheet maii
with welded center seam.
Pair 25c
nalr. Men's .XI vnnl
Pillows $1
sox in oxford
Regularly 11.49 each. Size I9x2fi
Inch, feather filled pillows, covered
with fancy art ticking.
at 11 M MmB
Towels 10c
Clearaway of odd lots huck towels,
some with colored borders. Some are
subject to slight imperfections.
Corduroy 39c
Regularly 75c yard. Short lengths
of 36 Inch corduroy in light and dark
one-pleca top style caps
Brooms 39c
Well made corn stalk brooms with
S rows of stitching.
Boys' Pants 95c
- Boys serviceable corduroy pants.
In sixes to 17 years.
Pair 45c
odd Iota women's
Mackinaws $4.49
Regularly priced KM and $8.96.
Clearaway of boys au wool aad wool
mixed ; mackinaws, mostly in dark
colors. Sixes S to 17 years.
v. -. ,
Mexican Baskets 25c '
30 good stse Mexican shopping
baskets, made with sturdy handle.
aad cordovan. Some
Pair 25c
Oearaway of boys'
and heavy ribbed
and cordovan.
Basement Balcony.
Now When After-Inventory Cleanups Swell
"Victor" Shirts $2.77
Regularly $3.50 to 5. Victor flannel (cotton) shirts
with double pockets. All sizes.
Work Shirts $155
Regularly 2.50. Durable cotton khaki work shirts
with double pockets.
Sateen Shirts 93c
Regularly 1.25 and 1.50. Men's black sateen work
shirts in sizes 14 XA to 17
Four-in-Hands 50c
Exactly half price for 3000 four-in-hand ties in many
patterns and colors.
Mercerized Sox 25c
Regularly 35c pair. 220-needle full mercerized cot
ton sox in black, cordovan, navy and gray. AU sizes.
Union Suits $129
Regularly 1.50. White and ecru spring weight union
suits in long sleeves, ankle length style.
Golf Jackets $3.95
Regularly 5.50. All wool knit golf Jackets in
beatber mixtures, bizes 34 to 46.
Knit Gloves 25c
Regularly 50c pair, limited number of knitted gloves
Suspenders 35c
3 pairs 1. Good quality web elastic suspenders.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Frolaset Corsets, $2.50
Regularly priced at 5. Front-lace Frolaset
corsets of heavy pink coutil pink brocade and pink
satin in elastic top style. Sizes 20 to 27 in the lot,
but not all sizes in each style. No exchanges or
Meier &. Frank's : Third Floor.
Pumps and Oxfords
Half price and less
than half for 500
pairs of women' s
pumps and oxfords.
Discontinued lines
taken from regular
In the lot are brown
calf shoes with military
heels. Patent colt numns
with Louis heels. Fancy party slippers. Black
kid lace shoes with Louis Cuban heels. Many
other short lines.'
Not all sizes in any qne lot but all sizes 2J4 to
8 in the sale.
Pumps, Oxfords $6.65
A clearaway of high-grade shoes in desirable
Brown kid oxfords with miltary heels. New
brown calf pomps in one-strap pattern with flat
heels. One-strap satin pumps with baby French
heels. Many other patterns.
Sizes 2 to 8.
Meier & Frank's: Third Floor."
Glazed Filberts, Lb; 30c
Regularly priced 60c pound box. Half price for
3000 pounds new filberts glazed in pure sugar,
white honey and crystal corn syrup. No deliveries.
Main and Ninth Floors. Basement Balcony.
Sale of Zan Brooms
Special four days' sale of
these fine Portland-made
brooms. '
for regular l.7o large
brooms. 5-sew.
for regular 1.45 medium weight
parlor brooms. 4-sew.
for regular) 1.3 o large
brooms. 5-sew. :
for regular 10 medium weight
xjicnen Brooms. 4-sew. - - .
Meier It Frank's: Basement.
the List of Opportunities
Comforts, Special $3.95
Regularly priced 5. A large assortment of
silkoline covered comforts with plain borders.
Cotton filled. Double bed size.
Meier & Frank's : Second Floor.
Feather Pillows, Each 89c
Regularly priced t.25. All feather filled pil
lows covered with good, strong art ticking. Size
18x25 inches.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Overblouses and
Waists $3.85
Regularly priced at $4.50 to $6.50.
Crepe de chine, georgette and tricolette waists
and overblouses in yellowstone, navy, black, mo
hawk, flesh, white and gray. Embroidered, tucked
and hemstitched styles with long and short sleeves.
Mostly one of a kind. Sizes 36 to 44. -
Limited number at $3.85.
Meier & Frank's : Fourth Floor.
Boys' Blouses 79c
Kaynee and other famous makes boys blouses
of percales and chambrays in soft collar, tape and
button styles. Sizes 6 to 16 years.
Meier k. Frank's: Third Floor.
Hair Switches $1.98
A special lot of 20-inch wavy hair switches
made on three separate stems. All shades except
gray special 1.98, gray switches special 2.98.
Meier & Frank's : Firth Floor.
Brassieres, Special 98c
Regularly priced to 3.50. Hook-back bandeau
and circlet brassieres of pink silk Jersey, pink satin
and pink and white muslin. Not all sizes in each
style. No exchanges or credits.
Meier &. Frank's : Third Floor.
Full Fashioned
Silk Hose $1.95
Slightly imperfect quality from one of our very
best makers. Women's heavy weight full
fashioned silk stockings, some with lisle tops.
Black and colors. If first quality these stock
ings would be $2.50 to $3.50 a pair.
Meier & Frank's : Main Floor.
Electric Stoves $3.69
Regularly .priced 5. These electric stoves will
toast, fry and boil Complete with cord and plug.
Meier &. Frank's: Basement. Sixth Street.
Books 15c, 19c, 39c, 50c
Four tables containing odd lots books including
children's picture books, odds and ends of fiction,
French books, etc Regularly priced from 25 c
to 4.
Meier & Frank's: Fifth Floor.
Small Velvet Rugs $4.69
Regularly priced 6. Plain colored velvet rugs
in new shades of rose, mulberry, blue, taupe, gray
and sand. Fringed ends. Size 27x54 inches.
Meier St Frank's: Seventh Floor.
Women's Kayser
Union Suits $1
Regularly priced at $1.65 to $2.50. Women's
famous Kayser lisle and mercerized lisle union
suits in low neck, sleeveless, knee and ankle
length styles. All sizes.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Sale of Silks, Yard $1.29
3000 yards standard quality channense, mesca
line, taffeta tad radium silk. All desirable colors.
36 and 40 Inches wide. Worth 1.75 to 2.50
Luncheon Sets 95c
1500 printed Japanese luncheon sets in blue and
white design. Cloth 48x45 inches tnd six oipktos
to match.
Meier A Frank's: Center Aisle, Main Floor.
School Books
and Supplies
can be chosen to greatest advantage at Meier &
Frank's. Official Portland Grammar School Text
Books for all grades and complete stocks of
specially priced school supplies are together on
the Fifth Floor.
- Meier Jb Frank's : Fiftfe Floor
Neckwear 98c
Regularly $2.50 to $3J)8. Embroidered collars
and sets of organdy with real lace edges. Also
vestecs and waistcoats of pique and satin with
flat, roll, and tuxedo collars.
Neckwear 59c
2 for l. Regularly i.So to 2.25 each. Yestees
and gutmpes made of lace, net and embroidered
bands. Collars and sets of organdy, lace, net, satin
and pique.
Neckwear 35c
3 for 1. Regularly 95c to 1.15 each. Collars,
sets and vestees of lace, net, organdy, pique and
satin. White and cream.
Neckwear $458
Regularlv 6.75 to 8.95. Guimpes and vestees
made of real filet and Irish laces combined with
val. and net puffings. Cream and toast shades.
Roll, tuxedo and Peggy necklines.
Meier & Frank's : Main Floor.
2 Women's Kerchiefs 25c
Regularly 25c each. Women's sheer lawn band
kerchiefs in embroidered corner and colored
novelty patterns. No phone orders. C O. D.s
or exchanges.
Meier & Frank's : Mala Floor.
New Slipon Sweaters $3.95
Women's and misses' new slip-on sweaters ta
plain and fancy stitches. Mostly black and brown,
but some colors. Sizes 34 to 42.
Meier & Frank's: Third Floor.
Fine Marquisette
Curtains 99c
Regularly priced at $1.35 to $1.75 pair. A large
assortment of plain hemstitched marquisette
curtains, suitable for hotels, apartments and
rooming houses.
Remnants, Yd. 16c
Regularly 35c to 60c yard. Short lengths of cre
tonnes, sateen nd art ticking.
Meier & Frank's: Seventh Floor.
Children's Dresses 59c
Children's gingham and chambray dSr In
stripes, checks and plain colors with coiisting
trimming. Sizes to 5 years.
Meier Frank's? Second Floor.
Shetland Floss 15c
- Regularly 22c balL 1000 balls odds and ends
Oregon Worsted Company's Maypole Shetland floss
suitable for knitting or crocheting.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Unbleached Aprons 59c
Regularly priced 1. Desirable size unbleached
bib aprons stamped in attractive applique design.
Meier t Frank's: Second Floor.
Plaid Blankets, Pair $2.19
Regularly 3 pair. 64x7 6-Inch double cotton
blankets in' a wide assortment of patterns and
Meier tt Frank's: Second Floor.
Royal Banquet Flour, milled In Portland ?" Of?
from highest grade wheat, sack oJ.OD
Pastry Floor, Snowflake, for particular cakes, J ff
No. 9 sacks 10 C
Health Floors, whole wheat or graham) No. 9 A(n
sacks tUO
RolUd Oats, freshly milled. No. 9 cotton AQr.
sacks tUU
Orotoa Milk, fancy quality in.
tall cans XUC
Orefon Prase, 30 to 40 size, in.
3 lbs. 50c n. IOC
Orofoa Macaroni or Spaghetti, Portland made, Qf
No. t cartons, 2 for iSOC
Naptfca Soap, Economy, Portland made, orv
10 bars....... OaC
'- . Bakery Bulletin
Must St Frank Brood, made from highest grade - Qn
Oregon flour. 2 loaves 25e loaf.. JLOC
Hearth Baked Bread, Yienos style. 2 loaves 10
25c-toal IOC
Raiain RoOa, ' , .. 1
dozen luv
Freak Cookies,' Hazelnut or cocoannt, v ; 20C
'Meier A Frank's: Ninth Floor.
f i
. .
t ,