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time of arrival ml departure, consult the
mnrtns Columns of The Journal each day.
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ters, . . .! . s.
It's Alt fferw and If a All Tret
.THE WEATHER TonWfbt and T!!r,
. rain or wow ; continued cold, tutrix
.'I wind.'' ..
Vflattnorn tempei a tares Sunday:
' Portland v 1) .New Orieana.... 44 i
PocateUe 14 - New York 14 ;
Aagesea.... 40 - i Paul , li 1
VOl. XX. NO. 231,
tatmd aenad-Claat atsttar
at Portofrle. Foruasd. Oraeoe
Portland, Oregon; Cmon day evening, January -so,- i922-sixteen pages;
rasps ma Ciall
Violent Storm Leaves Los Angeles
Streets Under Water; Wire
Communication Crippled; White
Blanket Covers Bay. District.
Lone Woman
With, Pistol
.i ..... . i , .
Wakes Thief
j ; . : . . "Yv--
Roused by the noise made by a prowler
la an adjoining room, Mrs. M. Mayfleld.
proprietor of the Carlsworth hotel. 235
Clay street. leaped from her bed where
she waa taking an afternoon nap today.
acted a can and 'pursued the , introder
without topping to drees.
- The result: of .her chase was the cap
ture of Walter Long., whom she .held
until the police arrived. The prowler
had looted the room of P. T. Bllvey, tak
ing everything or value. - :
Los Angeles. Jan. 10. U. P.) South
ern California Is today In the grip of
one of the moat violent storms In recent
years.-) t ;
At least one life has been lost. This
occurred when a pilot boat sank at San
An Industrial exposition at Long
Beach under tent cover was ruined by
the gale with a resultant loss of 110,-
Los Angeles streets were under water.
In some Instances to a depth of five
feet. Flguerroa street, south of Ver
non, was a fast Towing river. Automo
biles navigated with difficulty against
the current.
. The precipitation In Southern Cali
fornia for the 4 hours up to t o'clock
this .morning was reported by the
. weather bureau as follows : Los An
Roaring east winds which served
an Inspiration for Portland to dig an
other layer oft Its winter fuel supply.
had little effect upon the milder tem
peratures of Western Oregon this morn
lng, when despite the heavy, blasts of
cold sir the official thermometer at the
weather bureau only went as low at
22 degrees.
But the east wind is bringing a prom'
Ise of more winter weather and the
weather bureau Included the prospect In
the morning forecast ty saying "rain or
snow tonight and Tuesday; continued
cold ; east wind a."
E L. Wells, district weather fore
caster, expects to see the mercury remain
." .... t . ; 'V . : . ...
Acceptance by; .Tokio,? Virtually Misery Reflected by Aged Mother
Settles ' Question . Affecting in Dire Need Tugs at Heart
Non-Fortification , Program of
"Big Three" in Pacific Ocean.
Stri ngs j ' Wi ndow Exhibit " Is
Changed; Drive, Is Launched.
at practically the same level durlnr the
s.Ua. loi lathes I San Dieeo. 1.10 lnhcea CloUds hovering near.
- . .... i mM K.m. -or. ' undecided whether they win bring rain
mak Telephone and telegraph com
munication was crippled. Gas pressure
was low and In some Instances failed al
together. There was no Indication this morn
ing that the storm was breaking.
Mrs. Belle Roason. 40. was probably
fatally Injured when struck by a street
car early today during a blinding down
po'. . , , .
Scantily clad men. women and chll
. dree war driven out Into the storm this
tnornlag when firs threatened destruc
tion of the Parker apartmente. Many
are said to have suffered exposure from
the rain.
Two women, who ran to the street la
their night eiothee, were later taken to
a hospital. It was reported. They were
said to have been threatened with pneu
monia. ...
or enow.
'Through the Willamette valley the
temperatures ranged lower, except' at
Roseburg. where a chlnook wind had
sent' the temperature up to 52 degrees
this morning. The temperatures were:
8aiem IS. Albany 29 and Eugene 20. To
the east Baker reported a temperature
of 4 and Umatilla 22.
Washington. Jan. 20. A ' deadlock of
several weeks' duration over the five
powered naval treaty was finally and
definitely broken, here Tate this after
noon when the difficulties centered about
article II, the fortifications section, were
adjusted. ,
It was agreed that the Bonln Islands
and the Kurile croup, blenoging to Japan
and the Aleutian group, belonging to the
United States, and lying off the west
coast of Alaska, shall not be fortified
further than they are at present.
Late this afternoon a plenary session
of "the armament conference was called
for Wednesday, February 1. , The call
ing of the plenary session of the con
ference so soon after announcement of
an agreement on the naval treaty .was
looked upon as a great forward step in
bringing the conference to a -close. .
The reply from Tokio received today
tghway at
$10,00) Cost
' That an eight-foot cat may be made
through drifts of snow and ice along
blockaded portions of the Columbia river
highway in Multnomah county for a cost
not exceeding 75O0 Is the gist of a re
pert made today to State Highway Com
missioner John B. Yeon by C C Kelly,
engineer of .the state hishwav rien&rt.
ment Hood River county's part will be
2250 more, Kelly said. . ""''.
To 'clear the entire width of the high
way. contingent Upon certain coopers-
irom ine union pacific, would cost
si&,B00,m Keuys opinion. The -report
is part of the material for the attention
of the conference on deatinr tna high
way called at 201 courthouse thU after-!
pnoon at : orciOcK by Charles : Rudeen
chairman f . the' Multnomah . county
vAsuxiu uamitnx.
Gol.: .e.vh1 shaugh
NESSY:of Chicago, ec
end assistant postmaster
general, who was , crushed in
Knickerbocker, theatre disas-'
ter.-,. t - ':
Grim . Senators WhoT Lost Friends
in Movie; Disaster Eager" for
Cleanup in ' District ' Affairs;
Building ScmBal Is Scented.
TflTAl 1171;
V l U l flL 1 1 Li,
141 HURT
1 I - '
Washington. D. CL.' Jan. 20. With Its
nepresentauves of Hauser. state hie- morgues and uhdertakini sstahliah-
Uiy!:05amt,!nerllnd engineers from menu filled with mutilated dead. 'Its
terrfter crowded with, mjured,'
I of eivi nr.m,.n ' . .TT I waamngion woay wiuesaeo: ue in-1
i f. T-,:r . l'r,r-1 sugurauon of investigation, aimed at
Enaene.. Or Jan. JO. (U. P.) Another-
cold snap, the third this winter.
Is visitor here today. Sunday night
the . thermometer droooed to 22 degrees
and this morning puddles were ios cov
ered. The local weather bureau predicts
conunuea cold.
Saa rraaclaco; Jan. I0-U. P. Cal
ifornia today was recovering from what
the weather bureau said was the heav
iest enewfatl - la the coast counties la
mora thai IS yw, r
Taooma, Jan. 20. (U. P.) Tacomana
shivered under a blast of cold north wind
which, beginning Sunday, continued- to
day at 14 miles aa hour.. The lowest
temperature reported was 28.
Belllnghara, WssIl. Jan. 20. (L N. 8.)
Northwestern Washington Is in the grin
orrJa oarta oM wavf tne wlates to-
lnew began failing In short flurries I day. , The mercury- dropped to Is de
during Batsrdsy nltht and eontinaed srees above tero here,
thrtirh moat of Sunday morning.
While In th downtown sectloa of San
nranrlarw tt melted almost Immediately
on striking the ground, on the exposed
tnpee ef Twin Peaks and other high
(Oaaatoflted M ! Tt Cotaae BU
Annirr in
Humn li
Muratore, Eampus ,
'Tenor, Undergoes
Operation in East
yielding - to a atorm of protests.- or
ders went out from Community Chest
publicity headquarters ; this morning 'to
"change the chest window exhibit In the
Owl Drug store window at Broadway
T simply couldn't stand it." exclaimed W0"11", county commissioner, expreaaed terrible Kaickerbocker theatre tragedy,
a young woman whose own cheeks bore f9" as .being to favor of attempting but also at "cleaning up" the District
evidence of tears. ; . to clear the highway at a cost of $1760. of Columbia government - , .
"It's too patheUc too harrowing,, too Engineers representing Erkx, Hauuer, Grim . and : angry senators. most of
dose to the real thing.- - -. who off ered to clear the highway at the whom-lost friends and acquaintances in
Other .protests were, ef similar nature. bare cost of the work, have also been the terrific toll of life taken by 8at
Investigation showed that the window Cver the blockaded sections. -It had been nrday night's catastrophe, voiced a de
had been occupied, by a weary, old tha-idea prior to Kelly's report that the mand for a general "clean up" within
owuier irum x'lsgaa- nome. yjm. or ner i w uwwg . uio mgnway nugnt be
own sadness and confused by peering 1 s.w0 to V50.000. .
vieorge viuayie, execuUve secretary, of
the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce,
was asked to present before the highway-clearance-
conference a resolution
by The Dsiles-Waaco : County Chamber
of Commerce, which- urges :
' "That we ueo what Influence we hive
at our disposal- to see that this highway
Fatalities Increase - Hourly as
" Rescued Broken Forms Breathe
Litj; Whole Familjes Peruhj
. Prominent Personages Victims
faces the other side of the glass she had
sat m full view of hurrying throngs the
tears trickling miserably down her face.
The changed exhibit will not: Include
the tears.
Jut, Inadvertently, it brought home
the . thought to Community Chest work-
by the Japanese .delegation is urderstood J jrs that the campaign launched today possible, and that we urge other inter-
w i' sjuri . uw-ui ui ug wu vnc.c uvea a annea aiita.A nii ... iv.t .. ;
ate action.
a few minutes after congress convened
today. , v
At the same time a grand Jury visited
the scene of the disaster and other in
vestigations were gotten under way by
the coroner and the District ot Columbia
government, . .
rFor God s sake, let's have a real ln-
lilt Lehman's theatre. Petrograd.
H0S dead.
1147 Carisruhe. Petrorrad. tL '
jr7 Coaway-a. Brooklyn. l.
XUl-rPJng. theatre. Atenna. . .
1 17 Opera Comlque, Paris, 200.
1IT7 TempU. Philadelphia, I7R
lUt Banquet, Oparto, 20k. . "
1211 Central theatre, Philadelphia,
ltJ Front Street. BalUmore, 22.
102 Iroquois, Chicago. (17.
l0t Rhodes, Boyertoa-n. Pa, 171
1111 Caaoasburg. Pa, 21
112 Calumet, Michigan, 22. ' . .
1 IV Rial to. New Haven. . ".
agreed upon by Secretary -of State
Hughes, Arthur J. Balfour and . Baron
Kato for non-fortification of the Pacific
Islands of the United States. Great Brit
ain and Japan. . -
The. principal points of. agreement. of
the "big three," .the United Press learns,
are aa follows; .
L The -United States, Great Britain
and Japan agree not to fortify or to
keep at the status quo regarding' fortk-
fi cations and naval bases all of their
insular possessions in the Pacific, with
certain- specified -exceptions. , -
2. The following Important islands for
fortifications and naval bases are to be
specially listed. for maintenance of the
status, quo :
change of real woe from which tears
cannot be separated as easily as in a i
wtnaow exhibit ,
The. Community Chest drive formally
began at noon with a banc and a mirvh. j
It. sounded somewhat like a Fourth of
July celebration., .There were sirens and
band music and aerial bombs. In a way
it was a -celebration promoted b: the
practically 100 per cent. report for duty!
of thousands of workers In the business
ana residence sections.
An' 11 o'clock report from ' Brigadier
General E. H. . Seneenich's division
stated": Up to this hour we have had a
100 per cent response to the request for
subscriptions. Not ; one - person ap
proached has refused to subscribe to the
United States Guam and , the Philip. 1 chest At 2 :20 o'clock, ' half att hour
lull UlALlI
Washington. ,Jn. 20. (L N. & The
navy deportment was without reports
this morning from rne oil tanker Are
thuea. which Is drifting off Frytngpan
Shoals, H. C with a crew of about
to men aboard.
After, her propeller was lent the Are
thuala was tied up at the shoals until
lets yesterday, when she broke away,
drifting eastward at the rate of about
four miles an hour.
Mining Deal Fraud
v Laid to Hamilton
In Company Reply
New York, Jan. 20. tt. N. S.) "The
operation performed on Lucien Muratore
was an entire success and his recovery
should be uninterrupted," it was de
clared this afternoon, following1 an oper
ation performed on the ' leading tenor
of the Chicago Opera company for acute
appendicitis. The operation began at 1
o'clock and was concluded just one hour
Physicians In attendance on the singer
declared If the operation had been de
layed three or four hours the results
would have been serious. Muratore's
appendix was ' found to be greatly in
Muratore was accompanied to the hos
pital by his wife. Ltna Cavallerl, and
Harold McCormick. the Chicago - millionaire,
The operation was performed by Dr.
C F. A. Locke.
It was said if all goes well with the
tenor he should be out ot the hospital
in io days. Nevertheless, it was con
sidered more than doubtful that he
would smg again during the
Great Britain Hongkong. -" ";-"
Japan Bonln. Ryu Kyw, Oahima, For
mosa and the Pescadores. ;r T . -"-
1. The. foUowln? are to - be BDeclaV-
ly listed as being exempt from tha agree-
ment ior siaxns quo on xorroiicauons ana
naval Umi-r.,' yy'-lr .:j:--J---'j:
United SUtes Hawaii and probably
tne eoasx oi tne jjruiea eiates. v
Great Britain Australia and New
Zealand and- the Islands of , Tasmania,
Macquarrie, Norfolk, and the nnmao
dated parts of New Guinea, the last four
places apparently being .specially ex
cluded from the agreement . because' of
their strategic Importance to the British
dominiona M -; - -
Japan-r-The islands comprising Japan
after . the work' negait' one member of
our dHrisiosr reported; cash Offerings ig-
gregatrag siwo.- v -. f
no n, reared tne Chniiness of the weather
be cleared as quickly and cheaply aa I vastigatlon." said Senator Joseph .8.1
s rciuignuysen. nepuoiican or Mew jer
sey, soon, after the senate convened.
"Let a - have an Investigation of the
whole government of the District of Co
lumbia and its administration of laws,
such as will prevent a repetition of the
horrible disaster which has plunged the
national capital In, mourning."
"I ksew ef my sersosal kaowiedre"
said Frellarhaytee, "that the Uwt are
aet neisg eaiereed, and I demand aa la-
vesugatloa be made. - .
-t else aaew tkat masr haildlars la
Washlagtoa are fire traps and. that If
any ef taem caught Ore the eeaseq eeaees
weaia ee enroie."
. Senator. Frelinghuysen was . sneaking I
on, the resolution introduced a few min
utes before by Senator Capper. Reauh-
Ucan of Kansas, In "which he aaked for
an investigation not only to fix resnon.
sibillty for the terrible Knickerbocker
aisaaier, , nut also ,of junora that -col
lusion ' between contractors end district
government - was - enabling owners to
Incomplete returns .ot enrollment for
the new term ef school work received at
Superintendent D. A. Grout's office -up
until noon- today show a general In
crease throughout the elementary schools
over that -of -September. Final reports
will show an increase in the high schools.
is the belief of Grout, mince the first
Jaia - L. " - - - - - . .
Adlntartt nfao, W1VV - jitLL 1 m wwr" uiaorganiseu xnatmany
t$Mte&Q?ri52: US school pupil. Wed-to at-
Enrollments reported were' ad folfows,
ir first figure being that of todav and
the latter figure that : of September.
1221 : Ainaworth; 222. 210 ; Alameda, !
126, 12 ; . Alblna- Homestead. 744. ' C27 :
Beach, . 40L 24 ; ' Beaumont, -142, 111 ;
Brooklyn,-485.-452 :-Capttol Hilt 147. 121;
Chapman. 472,. 442; Clinton Kelly, m.
782;-Couch, 210, 760; Crest on, 250, ZI;
Davis, 272, .222 ; Deaf, 27, ; Dnniway,
190, . lie; Eliot ' 692. 6S; Failing.
721,' 772; Fernwood. 512, 494: Franklin
primary, '52, 27; Fulton Park, 0. 5;
George, 244, 197 ; Glencoe. - 214. 627 :
Glenhaven. 180, . 120 Gregory Heights, !
lOsedadai Pats Tee. Cohnaa yor)
.' t " a : T ' i. fv. r- -:
Dead mxisliingloh
Theatre Disaster i
' - .- .. . , .
Washington. Jan. 20. The death toll
caused. by the -collapse of the Knicker
bocker theatre roof here Saturday night
one of 4be greateet moving picture Um- :
atre catasCrophee in the history of U
country stood at tit early today. . , ,
Deaths acre report hourly from the
hospitals through'- - city where 141
Injured Tactless of the t-ataster, man ot
whom are sear death, were being cared
for. ' . -.v
With the death list constantly taoeat
mg. police officials and rescue workers
believed tt would pass 126.
& H. Shaaghnesey. . second .assistant
postmaster geeerat. m la a critical con
dition today from Injuries incurred' la
the ' theatre - horror. His legs were
mangled and he suffered from internal
injuries. Three blood transfusions were
made during the night
At o'clock this afternoon the condi
tion f Shaghne:y as reported by
hospital authoriUf ' i at Walter Herd hos
pital as coasideratly Improved. - It Is be
lieved that Coton! Shaughneasy has a
fair cheace ter recovery. - . . .
His alls and l.i'Je dAdrhter.-wert air
injured, though vnoi fataiig. . . "
The teeeue squads which have worked
frantically, for 22 hours te extrtcau
those trapped la the gaping hole of the
theatre., believed this morning that ail
Tokio, Jan. 30. L N. S.) The nasa-
proper, with the exception of such of J ln f- tbe foremost of Japan's elder j 202, 155 r Hawthorne, C19, C02 ; Highland,
these kuands.that are specifically listed statesman. Is near.
to be kept affthe status quo.
755. 674 : Holman, 205. 248 : Host ord.
Physicians attending Prince Aritomo 1274. 229 r Kennedy, 492. 422; Kenton, 800.
Tamagata, elder of the three livlnx
Genro, announce that his death- is but
la matter of daya
He is suffering from a dropsical con
Heavy atmosphere packed around
Mount Hood this morning prevented any.
observance of the unusually large vol
ume of steam that was reported to have
U, P, ria. T,nl?l who is now iieartng the end oThtellfe
span.' Prince Tamagata is now . In bis
The Genro,' or elder statesmen, are -a
relic of the old regime in -Japan and
Include statesmen who played a dis
tinguished part in consummating the
work, of restoration. The two -living in
addition to Prince Tamagata are Mar
quises Matsukata and Salonjll In his
toric prestige the . three Genre ' tower
above all their contemporaries and con
tinue to exert potent Influence on active
politics, particularly Prince Tamagata,
62 ; Kerns, TfllV C62 ; Ladd. 728. . 68 :
Lincoln high, 1117. 1027 ; Llewellyn, 802.
296 ; Mills Open Air. 12. 41 ; Monta villa.
655, 678; Multnomah, 120, 109; Ockley
Green. .677. ,657 ; Peninsula. 688. 607;
Portsmouth,. -658, 608; Richmond. 687,
655 ; Rose City Park. 799, 705 ; Sabin.
280, 198; Scott 146. 138; Shatluck, 766.
56; Shaver. 618. 522; Sitton, 205, -277;
Stephens, 685, 521; Sunnyside, 660, 646;
TerwUUger, 238. ' 226 ; Thompson. 702,
647; Washington high, 1401, 1461; Wil
liams. 666, 6Z2; Woodstock, 620. 614.
ot last year's mnd . slide, according to
L. P. Pridemore: at' Government Camp.
Piidemore said thai . morning he was
unable to see what the steam was doing
because of the ' heavy atmosphere that
current I holds It down, but he believed it to be
Baker. Jan. 20. The Hamilton Mam
snath Mines company has filed an answer
te the complaint of W. H. W. Hamilton
ef this city, alleging that Hamilton,
while oa aa eastern visit represented to
Interested persons there that he had pur
chased the Bell Baker. . Iled Fox and
Mammoth mining claims, nesr Bumpier,
for 175.006' m 1918. The answer rharges
that eastern capital was, by fraud, in
dword to pay Hamilton more than. 222,000
to meet tha balance ef the purchase price
and that from the sum Hamilton secret
season of the Chicago company at Man
hattan Opera House.
Southern California
Dry Agent Ousted;
Hazletine in Charge
Los Angeles, Cel.. Jan. 20. (I. N. S.)
Marking the Initial step in a drastic
"clean up" of California federal prohi-
ry received bark from the owners more I blUon forces. Robert C Avery, agent in
than 115.000. I charge of the Southern California dis-
An order IS restrain Hamilton -from Itrict, virtually was. ousted from office
disposing et his bonds and stork, which, I here today following the arrival in the
It Is said totsr 1143.000, sod an account
In are asked.
Hamilton Is on a business trip to New
york and eastern points.
high as ever. Clouds obscured the
mountain Sunday so that he was unable
to take any observation then. A terrific
wind was blowing and' tne snow was
flying this morning so -v that he could
hardly see the mountain. ' The steam
when observed boiled out of the crater
and floated away. .
Should the steam continue,, a trip of
investigation ; may- be taken by a few
Maxamaa and otter mountain guides.
Ray Conway of , the Maxamaa, who in
vestigated and " reported on the mud
slide last year, said this morning that
he believed the phenomenon to be no more
than an t unusual amount of steam ap
parent because of atmospheric condi
tions. Sometimes In climbing the moun
tain, a large amount of steam will be
found to be issuing from the rock, while
at other times there Is apparently none.
PorCand. Jan. 14.
Te the Pebllo ,
Upon the people of the city et Port
land collectively falls the responsi
bility of providing for the needs et
the uafortunate who make up a part
of our city and our cltlsenahlp. Civ
ilisation and the humanitarian Ideals
watch form Its basis call for the pro
tection ef the weak by the strong.
Portland has adopted the Commu
nity Cheat plan te meet these needs
sad It is every parson's duty te con
tribute to thle cause to the full ex
tent of his or her ability. Te dislike
the Community Cheat plea is sub
terfuge, because It has been given
a year's trial and has proved sue-
easeful. To fall to contribute or
support the plan la to shirk a.r
eponelbUIty which belongs to the
public generally . and every person
ieeivloealiy. ' v . t
The charitable and elvte needs of
the community moat be meVfjr the
coming year and the Community
Chest as operated by a committee et
reasoesible cltlsena has been offi
cially and finally selected as the plan
aad It la every person's duty .to sup
port it in evry way poeible. a
Mayor ef Portland
city ef E. C. TeUowley. traveling na
tional prohibition commissioner.
r. a. Haseiline, who . has been as-1 -r-i 314 t'M , TkT J-
issft JzrjiPsasL Ford's Offer Not
" 'H wawai irpsajwu tVI a-U 0y
attle, took possession of Avery's office
as acting agent in charge here.
Lasker Urges That -
Half of immigrants
Sail in Board Ships
Washington, Jan. 8ft. (L N.- S.) A.
D. Lasker, chairman of the - shipping
board, appeared today 'before the house
immigration ' committee to'urge- the en.
acpnent of legislation providing that
half vof .the persons- emigrating to the
United States from foreign countries, be
compelled -to take passage on -shipping
board vessels. .- . . 1.-
Members of the committee told, Lasker
that' there would he great difficulty in
framing such legislation and asked him
to submit a definite outline Of his views
on the subject- for inclusion tn a bill.
Pastor's Relations
With Divorcee Who
Killed Self ; Sought
(By. CnHanal Berrin)
Boston, Jan.. 80. The police are mak
ing every . endeavor tonight-to find .out
Just--what - part the Rev. Francis :. B.
Beyer, ' the ' young and brilliant Episco
pal clergyman, war v-M-an and business
magnate played In the life of Mrs: Ber
nice Boucher, pretty divorcee, who last
night committed suicide by taking poison
tablets. Meantime Mrs. Boyer," evife of
the clergyman, announced today "that
she had forgiven 'him-everything.
"The whole affair is unfortunate," she
said. "This young woman's death and
my husband's part in it yare both -very
tragic. 1 knew of the relations; several
Citizens Demanding
Commission's Scalp
Are Led by Mayor
Cheaper fint Paper:
Brings Price Cut by
Till Later in Week Dailies of .St. Louis
To 60 to Congress
Washington. Jan. 20. (L N. : S.)
Secretary of War Weeks announced to
day that the contract covering Henry
Ford's offer for the government water-
power project and nitrate -: plants at
Muscle Shoals. Ala probably will not
Indianapolis. Jan. SO. TJ. P.V Mavor 1 be transmitted to congress until wednea-
mw onanaa tonay led a proceealon of I Qay or xnursoay. - ou . oera paawa
l2.eoe persona to the Indiana capital, de- I to submit the document to tne house ana
mending resignation of members of the I senate today. , :
Indiana public service commission who I Weeks explained the delay was caused
recently authorised the merger of seven by his desire to discuss his reconamenda
u till ties Into the Indiana Llectrie cor-1 tions of the -Ford offer with-President
poration. - '.. I Harding, Secretary ot Commerce Hoovef
Although national guardsmen eaulooed I and other officials before turning the
wrta stae arms were oa duty to prevent 1 contract over ror congressionat acuon.
any aemonstration, the crowd was easily
St Louis, Ma, Jan. 20. TL P-
Prices of all St Louis newspapers were
reduced today.' -
The Week Day Star, Times. Post-Die-
patch .and Globe-Democrat sold for -two
cents, a redaction -of one -cent The
Sunday Star. Post-Dispatch and Globe
Democrat will sell for five, cents Instead
of 10. . ; .-. -.
- Decrease In price of print paper , was
given as the reason for the cut,, -
K eon trolled by the picturesque mayor of
the Hooeier. metropolis.,
Uruemavan Consul
. y . . - i-i
sysiv sr . . sat - m . 1
olain in Mexico
Tumble Into Pan; of
Boiling Water Eatal
Hood River, Jan. 30. Albert Herman.
2-year-old eon of - Bruno Frans. west
aide rancher, -died. Sunday . -night as .a
Mexico City.' Jan. 20. L N. S.V The 1 result of Injuries suffered when he fell
Drguayan consul at Monterey waa slain I into a pan. of boiling water Saturday
by burglars In his home early today, afternoon. The funeral is to be held on
I aaid a dispatch from, that city. v Tuesday, vv , s- . , ,t. i -
" , . h ' '- . , , .
Bernhardt Cancels
Paris Engagement
" Paris, Jaa. 28. Madame Sarah Bern
hardt, who- is seriously ill with infl
enxa in her Paris home, haa been forced
to cancel her part in the gala perform
ances on the Moliere tercentenary. - ; ''.
The huUetin Issued py her physicians
- "While her fever gives rise to anxiety,
there are no fears for the life of Mme.
Bernhardt. Her. constitution, continues
robust due to her determination not te
duit work.- ,- - - .
Guy 8. Eldredga, who was killed In
the Knickerbocker theatre - disaster, at
Washington, waaa brother of Ernest R.
Eldredge, sales manager of the Portland
branch ;, of . the United - B tales. Steel
Products oorporatiosw -He waa formerly
a resident of ' Seattle and Tacoma and
wast well known here. '.-'
The body win be sent to the old family
home at Salt Lake City, according to Ajr
f ormation . received . here today, -end
Ernest Eld red re will leave tonight, to
attend the funeral.
" Guy Eldredge" was 27 years old and
the youngest of a - family of five hoys
and four girls.. He was married while
a, student at Columbia university. .New
Torn. In 1902, te Bessie Shores, a student
at Yasser.
He ' was an official in" the" bureau ot
efficiency at Washington aad had been
living in. that dty about seven months.
A Hsefrr of Eldredge Is the .wife of Sena
tor Smoot of Utah. Long distance tele
phone messages received - today from
Washington stated that Mrs. Guy Eld
redge suffered serious Injuries - In the
theatre -accident, both -hips being
crushed. .
Geh. Fi W; Sladen
Named Head of
V : Military Academy
"Washington, Jan.' 20. (V. -PJ Briga
dier General F. W. Sladen has' been
appointed superintendent of the United
States MfUtarr 'academy at West Point
weeks ago. It was because of my knowl-J aa Sririul ler-neneral Dooetaa H.
S4g,w-",5fL;Iri P0"' leUnnlned : toMcArthur: the Vwar department an
break off the affair. I , , -v. i,.. 1-
girl's unfortunate death." t-
In the Philippines.
Railroad President
Declares Figures on
Saving Exaggerated
General Sladen is a -Portland man. a
son of the late Captain Joseph A. Sladen,
who was clerk ot the United States dis
trict court here-for many years. General
Sladen has been la command of Van
couver barracks and -many other North
west poets. He was in charge of the
first officers, training camp at the Pre
sidio of San Fr -ndsoo. ' .'
(By United News)
Chicago. Jan. 30. Samuel M. Felton. I Urifjai Q Tft l4Or IT" N "
Western I i-VUUUlbi uv uuu j wi
president of the Chicago Great Western
railway and chairman: of the western
presidents" committee on public relations.
Sunday - took Issue . with . the - United
States railroad labor-board on .the sav
ings to. he effected for the carriers, on
the -new- working rules for 350,000 rail-
Belief 'On Time'
'. . '- fftf -ratasnal ejarries) '- - v
London, Jan. 20.. r-Jssplte the badly
road clerks, freight .handlerav express organised ataU of the Russian railroads
Washington, "Jan. til TJ. p.) The
revised list of 'dead in the Knickerbocker
theatre tragedy- follows: - - t.
Mary' EC Atkinson. . '
Dr. A. Jy Barrhfeld. former congreaa
msn from Pennsylvania.' , - . . .
Mrs.. Elmer BarcMeld, .' - -'
Joseph WV BeaU.,
Archie P.' Bell . ' "
William O. Btkle.
' Fraacea' Bikle.
Tbomaa R. Bourne. -.
Mrs, Daisy M.' Bowden,
Mrs C C. Bratnerd.
C. -C. Brainerd, , Washlagton corre
spondent of Brooklyn Eagle. . , -
Wilfred Broneseau. . .. .' .
Mrs. J. M. Besson. - -
" Albert G. Buehler. . '.
wuiiam M. Camby." '
W. M. Crawford. ,-. ..
Mrs. B. H.- Covell.
WUUam M. Crocker.
Vincent, Dauber. , .
Thomas M. . Dorsey.
Miss Helen 'Dortch. :'
KlrkUnd Duke -
Miss Margaret Dutch.
A; -G.-Eldxidger . . . , . . - .
Mrs. A. G. Etdridg .
- Got.' & JQdiidge, , brothcr-hvlaw .of
Senator Smoot
P. IL 'Ernest , ' '. "
M" C.-Parr. '
Senora- Virginia . Feraud, " aiiter Lot
Guatemalan minister.
Christian Friege. v ,
'. John Ps-Fleming. , :
, Miss Mary Lee Fletraniag. . '
"Thomas Flemming: - . : --, -'
Miss Mary Forsyth. ' ' x ,
Ester Foster. . . .
G. 8. Freeman. - -
. -Mra'Clyd M. Gearhart -: -
Oscar D. Grant . . , . .
'Mrs, Oiwar D. Grant-: ----- -
Oscar-D. Grant-Jr. - ' '
Auruet -HUlyer. . .
C. L.. Holbrook. - .' , .
Wllllam'O. Hashes.' '
Daniel K. JardLaon. - r :m ' "
Miss Elisabeth -Jeffries.
. Job n M. Jeffries. ;'
- Howard G. Kneesf. , , . J.
, Aulyn Kanston. . . ; . ' . .
, Dorothy Kanston. '-' Z '
Oscar G Kanston. 1 ' - - t
Mrs. Oscar Kanston. - :. ' -'.
- Cutler Latlln.': - : ,
VL.. LL Lehnaer.. -'" . ,
Le Roy L. Lehmer.
."Mrs. Le Roy.L. Lehmer. -Marie
Lambert ' ; . -
David Lyman. ' ' '".-' ' '
Wyath McKlnney.- - - ' i -t-?'
Julian McKenna.. '. ' -' . -
; Mrs. Norman 1-1-Mart indaie.- -.
Miss 'Agnes Mellon. - , ,V
. Mrs. Gene Myrski. r. ; ' ,
Vivian Murphy.- ; -. - :
Russell Maine. . '. .' 1 .
Mrs. Russell Maine.1 - v ' V
- Scott Montiromery. : -.' . -. - , r.
,, James W, Murray. , ' - :. - . r
I D.: F. ODotmelL '. J' 1 'S.,.
. Mrs. D. F. O'Donnen. . J C I" -' " r
'Ernesto Katiello- , . . . . ' -'. '
"- Vivtaa- Ordetu-. --- .i . . .; ,
Workers were sti:i carrying out debris.
however, aad. making a final search.
'When dawn crept ever the stunned dty
the night shift ef marines doing rescue
work .-was relieved and . another was
called.; . - - ' - . ,
They had picked, shoved ad, burrowed '
and hauled many weary hoars, praetical
ly combing the debrta tw ice end eeovlag
out great snaaaea In tee street about the
theatre. . . .
The marines aad army efneera super
intending the labors agreed that the pt
had given e all Its deed.-
The last body, that er James fates.
South Hadley. Falla. Maaa,- medical eta--dent
ef Georgetown university, wss re
covered ebowt ' f o'clock - Wat night
Shortly before the tnariwa sd dag eat
the mutilated body of Knee's compan
ion, pretty Virginia Feraud. aleier ef
Ouatecaalaa Mmiatar Bkeaeht
Before that time the last living persea
1 be brought out waa coU Montgotn
ery. Crushed badly, he had cried ou te
his eompajiioav Verwaica Marphy. m hues
body lay beside him. and te help woasea
aad ehUdrem before they thought of tak
ing him out They got them oet la the
morning and seat him te a husisui - .
ereted oa him aad be died.
-Sobbing, f tin ting women, ' straining
men. atruggUag to hide their tear, had
one try one - identified their -dead.-
Hour after. hour cf .'the day. tar oa
Into the night aad still there - when -dawa
peeped late the groeeome (aorgae
baaement. were a eerpe of 11 is see, eome
Red Cross, aome-former army uraes,
some volunteer nurses, with a score ef
doctors, wailing for new eases, hoping
aw tn scoops isai cnere aalgftt be
with a spark ef life la them.
Society women, volenteerlna; torn
lee as members of the Red Cms mala.
talned stations lor coffee, eaadwlcbee
sod cigarettes.. " .'.
Pretty girls, who had never seen death
before, braved the shock of - ageing
hodies mangled so that they could de
their bit . among the marines, soldiers,
firemen and poUcemea.
. And. the men tagged by Jong hoars,
kept digging with an energy almost so-,'
perhumaa. Coder the ghastly glare of
gas torches, they, burrs wed and shoveled.
The tnoaatam ef debris, picked ever
aass w?e wane vVihimm wn M eaaj laAVii,, Wl
there was still a huge etaatKy inside
the theatre which looked like some shell
wrecked ruin of the western front ,
' . Bmiy. '. begrimed ' workers from : the
navy yard, with sputtering exy-ecetylene
torches, cut through girders still athwart
the heap ef conerete which had crashod
and statKMi employea
the American - food suppliee being , pur-1
chased with, the 220,000.00a appropriated
by the United States will reach the fam
ine, sufferers on schedule time." So de
clared Walter Lyman -Brown, European
director of the American relief- adminis
tration to Universal Service last night
Amazon Arm3f Again
Threatens to; Go -on
Warpath, in Kansas Soldiers. Marines
-Offer Their. Blood
(Cooctadtd sa Paw Tee. Cohnse Taerl , .
Crowd 'tii2:ii)
: Hear Afgiunent on
r Pickf ord ! Divorce
Carson City,' Nev.. Jaa. P.-
One of- the 'largest eoertreona crowds
ever gathered here was on hand today
when arguments started before the state
: 1
Waahtegtoa. Jan. 21 T' K. S i A
livestock loan comtaunr. with jao autscr-
tsed capital ef $ 260.000 to mtmimt to
nnancing sheep aad cattle mdostrtee is
PiUsburg, Kam, Jan. 20. L N. &)
Reports that the "Amaxon Army of the
Kansas coal strikers will again take the
warpath kept pence- officers and state - Washington. Jan. 20. U. P.V Forty supreme court in the state's suit to aa- Oregon win be forriMd tt lie resmt ef
troopers on the alert today. It waa said soldiers and marines at Walter Reed hos- nul Mary Ptckfonrs divoree. , ' - a cenf erenee here today brtweea oi'.i-
the women had planned a big mass meet- pi tat some of .them war veterans, vol- Robert Richards, deputy attorney gen- ciala ot the war finance corpora tloj ar.d
ing at Franklin tomorrow, which will he un leered to give their blood to the criti- eral. opened the arguments. , He wee to eejikers of Baker. Or. It was auowu Kd-
sea ny. -jiotner- jones. A march on the I rally hurt in need of blood transfusion. I be. followed by t Attorney : General L. K I w. B. Tollman, president of the Firt
mines win follow the meeting, according I During the night several of the volua-1 Fowler, and by 'Gavia Mc.Nab aad Jodre j National hank of Baker, heads a grosp
to resorts.
I taers submitted to blood letting.
I P. A. MoCarrea" for (he dele
I of backers who wtU form tt'.t. cpmpasy.