The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, January 20, 1922, Page 4, Image 4

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Jrert rat
will be
Nw Terk. Jaa. Clarenoa IL Vac
bay, president of the Commercial Cable-roelal
Telegraph system, announced
yesterday that his company had just
completed a contract with the German
Atlantic Cabla conipanr. a Carman cor
poraUon. mdar the (anna of which dW
rart rat La communication with Germany
III be restored after a lapaa of elfht
. Thla contract, which haa Just bees
HriM. call for tha laylnr of
cable between Naw York and Emdan,
Germany, with tha cabla touching at jtha
A tort, it la to ba completed and la
tfparatiati by October", ltlS. Tha arrange
ment provide for tha' Commercial Cabla
company to lay a cabla from Now York
to tho Asoree U03 miles), and for tha
Urmaa company to roaka tha connec
tion between tha A sores and Emdea
(till mllee).
fbticv ixsTAHTAircors
Tha. two sections will ba joined at tha
Asores station and atl message will ba
transferred automatically from ona to
tha other, thua riving what virtually
will ba Instantaneous aarrloa between
tha two countries.
Tha lay In of thla new cable la tha
flrat attempt at resumption of direct
ceinmuntcaUon between tha United
fttatea and Germany. During the war
there waa no cable communication be
tween Oermany and tha United State
nine tha aiming of tha armistice all
' cable messages aeat between tha two
reuntrlea have had to paaa althar through
Rngland or Trance. Thla plan haa not
proved aatlafactary to American busi
ness Interests, and tha new cable Is
being put down In reaponee to a wlde
apread demand on tha part of the com
mercial houses, banking Inatltutlona and
others tntereeted In the trade relatione
of tha United State and Oermany for
" batter communication facilities.
"Tha dlspoaltlon of the two es-Oer-raan
cables, which were cut during the
war." aald Mr. Mackay In hla state-
want yesterday, "la now In tha hands of
tha five 'allied powera to whom the ea-
blee were ceded by Oermany under tha
treaty of peace, and tha Commercial
'Cabla company hag filed a vary sub
stantial claim against them on account
of Us former contract for tha operation
of these cables, which contract waa
Impossible of resumption at tha elose
of the war beoauae of tha selsura of
- tha cabla by the British and French gov
ernments. In making tha contract for
tha laying 0 tha new Otrman cable tha
Commercial Cabla oontpany In no way
aedee any of Its rights or claim against
tha allied .powers In eonneoUon with tha
farmer German cable.
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m " ei
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- 4 f ' ' 1
, ' Si !
l o;;g inspecting
agraed vpoa being reported aa flft
000.000, . - --
The fjOttK-BoQ holding &eax Kelso
comprise between 30,000 and 40.000 acre
of aUadlng timber and tnill and. towa
ait of 1000 acraa aa tha a-aat baxdc or
the CowHta at its Junctioa : with tha
Columbia., river Construction of aareral
mllea of railroad connecting tha talll
with the timber are, "well as devel-
opmeht of tha townaita aad arectSoa of
tha sawmill, wm be speeded tu aa sooa
aa prices of materials and labor are ad
justed ob lower levels, Long averred.
3 Commerce Chamber
- "l-l -r ! T. TT J
tor rupusis urgea
An effort will be made early In Febru
ary to org an lee tha high school student
f tha state into a Jvnlor State Chamber
o Commerce, according ta Information
sent to commercial ranlaa lions of the
state today by tha State Chamber of
Commerce. Effort ta form sueh an or
ganisation war Urged at a meetitng of
tea last
tha organisation commltts
: Astoria, Or, Jan. 10. Impetus was
given to the rumor of a gigantic lumber
deal, whereby the Long-Bell Lumber
eontpasy ia ts take over the entire hold
ings of tha Hammond Lumber company.
today whan B. A. Long, aeaa or the Kan.
as City concern, aad his party of ot
floials sad engineers of the company in
dicated that the lumbermen would spend
the entire day at the big Hammond plant
hare.' :-
Scorning secrecy, the. party went from
their private ear Kymokan directly to
tha mill, yarns and wharves at Haico.
XjOok declined, to make any statement
relative to the reasons for the visit, the
reported sale r In connecUon with the
possibility of the Lous-Bell company
constructing a null at Tidewater on the
Columbia. He . promised, however, to
make a statement this afternoon.
: That the visit of Long and bis party
is not merely an inspection of the Ham
mond plant for the purpose of learning
its method of handling large scale fir
lumber production is indicated, many
lumbermen here believe, by the presence
la the party of George McLaod, vice
president of the Hammond company
whose headquarters are in Portland.
The party wilt din at the Halco bote!
today. Long baa expressed a wish to
meet with the citizens and businessmen
of Astoria Saturday. .
Kelso, Wash. Jan. 20. R. A. Long,
chairman of the board of directors et
the Long-Ben Lumber company, and
executives who accompanied hlra to the
coast, left Thursday for Astoria to in
vestigate lumbering systems before de
parting for California. Tha officer
made a careful survey of the progress
of development on the Kelso mill proj
ect and said all preliminary details
would be completed a rapidly a pos
sible so that everything may be in readi
ness for the construction of the mammoth-manufacturing
plant as soon a
conditions are favorable.
Automobile Show
JDecoratioiis to Be j
Feature at Exhibit
Made tn Oregon week, tha Bardwara
LMeal convenUon and the A-utomobU
Show, an Bnusuaily heavy attendance to
promised tram the ewtasdsw Jadgta trees
the returns betng seat to. while the nat
of . Seattle "visitors grows daily. -J--,
, .... . . - , i
Dancers attending; the series of bail
at The Auditorium -who: believed they
had sees the Automobile Show decora
tiona. bad merely suggestion f what
they will see next week. The automo
bile men believe their ' annual exhibit
will present the most lavish dress Port
land has ever seen. Almost s mile of
paintings and fresco work are still t
be installed In the bis building.
The Automobile Dealer aesociatioa
directors will have a meeting today ts
consider the creation of an annex to
take care of the overflow of exhibits.
Due to Hhe combined attraction of
Dr. Hubert Work
Washington. Jan. 20. (U. P.) Dr. Hu
bert Work, Colorado, now first assist
ant postmaster general, will euoceed
Will II. Hays as postmaster general, it
was learned today from a high adminis
tration source.
At the same time, -Hays, for the first
time, definitely announced that he would
send In his resignation between now and
March 4, effective on that latter datf.
Shortly thereafter he will take up hi
duties aa head of the motion picture In
dustry of the country.
Work was formerly national commit
teeman from Colorado and has a wide
political acquaintance. He has been per
sonally handling the appointment of
postmaster for Hays, Bentiment in
congress ia strong for his appointment.
New York, Jan. tO- U- P.) Arch
bishop Hayes of New York directed that
services be held In all Catholic churches
throughout the city at S o'clock this
afternoon te pray for Fope Benedict.
The rosary was to be recited.
Oregon, with the largest volume of
standing timber tn the United States,
will become the center of the greatest
lumber manufacturing industry in the
country during the next decade, accord
ins? to K. A. Long, head of the Long
Bsll Lumber company of Kansas City,
who left here Thursday night for As
toria on a tour of lower Columbia river
points. Long waa accompanied by V. J
Bannister, president of the company ;
J. D. Tennant, vice president; R. F
Davis, traffic manager: W. L. Pickett
and W, F. Ryder. , The parry returned
Thursday evening from an inspection
of the timber holdings and mill site
owned by the concern near Kelso. Wash
The trip to Astoria will be followed
by an inspection of lumber operations
in other sections of the state. Long stat
ed, and investigations made now will
be 4he basia for development of camps
and mills with an aggregate output of
tween I00.oo0.000 and 00,000.000 feet
annually. The mill at Kelso will have
a daily capacity of 1,000,000 feet. Long
stated, and will begin operations in
about two years.
Possibility of tha erection of major
milling operations at Astoria and other
tower river points was wumeiea py 01
ficiajB of the Long-Bell company. Lone
denied any Intention of purchasing the
plants and other property of the Ham.
mond Lumber company and stated that
all equipment for his company's opera
tlons in the Northwest would be of the
most modern and efficient type.
Rumors of negotiations for the pur
chase of the Hammond properties in
Oregon and California by the Long-Bell
company Included the acquisition of
timber land, mills and the Hammond
flotilla of lumber -carriers, the price
Overhead Cost But
9 Per Cent of Sum
Expended in Belief
The public welfare bureau last year
spent S81.97S for material relief of fami
lies in need. It spent an additional
117,778 for service relief, by which is
meant the pay of trained visitors en
gaged tn family rehabilitation. It spent
for overhead or administrative expense
$10,650. including salaries of general sec
retary, stenographers, record keeper
and supplies.
The overhead was a little more than
9 per cent of the SUL401 total spent in
family relief work. Service relief waa a
little more than 16 per cent- The SSl,-
401 went for food, clothing, fuel, shelter
and so forth. It include the county re
lief fund, which carried no salaries. The
year referred to Is the fiscal year of the
relief bureau ending September 30.
The facts quoted were presented at
the annual meeting of the public wel
fare bureau Thursday afternoon. Di
rectors were asked to use the figures In
refuting the report that aalaries eon
sume more than 50 per cent of the total
amount contributed for relief. That
family relief work without investigation
and without attempt to mobilize outside
resources and to stimulate self-dependence
provokes pauperism was one of the
Seven directors were reelected for
three-year terms, as follows : H. W.
Bonham, Mrs, James.E. Brockway, J. L.
Bowman, Mrs. J. E. Horner, Rev. Ward
MacHenry and B. C. gammons.
The Montivilla, Sunnyside, Mt.
Tabor and Brooklyn cars all stop
at First street in front of the Evin
rude Electric Store. Look for the
sign 'Electric." SUp In and buy
your electrical supplies while wait
ing for your car. you stand s bet
ter chance of securing a seat before
cars go around the loop. Evinrude
Electric Store. Evinrude Motors,
Electric Supplies. Phone Marshall
1765. Evinrude Electric Store,
atl Morrison street near First.
Look for the sign- "Electric.?
Open Saturday nights until 9
o'clock Adv.
Tancouver. Wash- Jaa. J0.--TBS soft
of Blanche Mulder against the state de
partment of labor aad Industries was
dismissed Thursday, having keen settled
out of court.
Vancouver. Wasfew Jaa. . The
funeral of Joseph Cota will be held ia
EC James cathedral Saturday saorning
at o'clock. Father Sweens officiating.
Underwood Hopeful
Of an Early Solution
-Of Shantung Issue
Washingtoai Jaa. to. L N. 8.1 Hooe
that aa early and satisfactory settlement
f the tsBT juMUieiy fcetweea
China aad Japan weald ba arrived at.
was expressed is' the senate today by
Senator Underwood of Alabama, mssaher
t the Anserieaa delegsUoa ts the an
eoeXeraoo. .. ' . -, -.
Senator Uadsi neod also stated that
the Shan tang ejuestien Is en ' of the
"chief things- delaying the termlnatiea
ax lae areaamant eowfarenss. -
tile declsred that as save of the pew-
era pank4pe,tiag ta ta cocfarrnoe were
signatories to the YersalOes treaty.
which, gar Shaatsng ta Jaaaa, tha -
qaestkm: 00 that cannot be taken ay
by the 'coafrrenoe itself until It haa
been settled by China and Janaa be
tween themselves.
Rldgefield. Wash. Jan, lOvOmcers
enesea by the Sunday school of tha
Methodist Episcopal church at Sara,
near Ridgefleld. are : Superintendent.
B Wells : assistant superintendent. J.
B. Hara ; secretary. C E. Smith ; treas
urer and' Ubrariaa, D. CL Converse 1 or
ganist. P astro Wrens; Bible
teacher. J. B. Bare.
If you have some money that you would like
to see multiplied by investment, take
out a share or two of our
Every February 1st, and May 1st,
v and August lst,ondNovember 1st,
V hundrts of folks in and around
Portland are getting the money
earned for them by the dollars
that they invested in this Stock.
.,: InvwalinevtDeCaacoWd
Flsaa asnd mm complete informatloa about you Stock
3' jr r
i -
Uniform and
the use of
Condensed MUlc
Denies Murder While
Facing Firing Squad
Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan. 20. (U. P.)
Steven Mastlch, convicted with Kick
Oblizato of the murder of Marco Lauss
on August 3, 1919, was shot by a firing
squad at daybreak today at Utah stats
prison. Three minutes after the shot
were fired a doctor pronounced the man
dead. When he was asked what be
wished to say before death, be insisted
that Obllsato was the guilty man and
that he was innocent. Ha asserted that I
he was the victim of a frameup.-instigated
by Oblizato snd hi attorney.
Ja12 I 77-a
ftarjOttV etWrj l
I a - I
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