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VJJl.n.U .,; janior. at trvtng-toa dub will ha
' Card party, mocical and tea at tk Lanrrhnr ikw. w
have a dance.
tage- Screen - soctctp
Potentate's ball for Al Kadr shrine at The Auditorium.
Mrs. O. H. Marsh, luncheon tor Mrs. H. C Wprtman.
. t"1.T.-v a t-k President 'a dwb tt i a a, . , ,
CALENDAR 7 Mfm-or coru. .
T . "...
'City's Ball' a
H ' X
Society's Aid
. . By Hla HsUalsoa
PiniXAND rallied to th support of
"Our City's ball" Wednesday eve
ning, with tl revolt that Tba Auditorium
was crowded with dancer who enjoyed
'( the most brilliant functions of
civic Interest riven In the city In years.
The Auditorium lent Itself happily to
(k decoration of scores of flairs of all
nations, loaned by the United States shtp
ilnc board, consulate offices and by va
rious private Individual Sixty boxes
vera arranged for spectators on the
lower fleer beneath the balcony, which
was bunc with flags, and about 10 boxes
wart placed upstair, the latter Inclosed
; "Hi black and yellow streamers, the en
tire effect enhanced by the hundreds of
niartly gowned .women. A draped plat
form. Inclosed in palms, centered the
ballroom, on which the orchestra. Elks'
head of 19 pieces, was seated.
The decoration committee Included
Mr. Will Lipman. Mrs. Lucius Allen
11. Mrs. W. O. Vsa Sohuyver. Mrs.
Joeephlna 8. Andrews, Mrs. David Taylor
Honey man and several other. Through
the courtesy of Mr. IJpman. the decorat
ors from IJpman. -Wolfe Co. assisted
with the placing of the flags and stream
era In The Auditorium. Jefferson high
whool students acted ss ushers and a
larss floor committee, headed by W. J.
Ifofmann. looked after the guests. Mr.
Unman also had charge of the features,
. which Included the distribution and sale
of vart-hued balloons and pom pom -
. studded wands In bright colors. Hawaiian
lata, which Were sold for a small sum by
Lincoln high school girls. Dainty bou
lonnlerea for the men and candy for the
women war sold by the J union league
girls, their number Including Miss Irene
- Daly, president of the league ; Mlas Isa
bella Clark, chairman; .Mrs. Spencer
Rlridla, Mrs. Ixvella D. Winters, Mrs.
William N. Burgard. Mrs. Vernon Cart
wright, Mrs. Alan Clreen. Mrs. Kenneth
fteed. Mrs. Charles Thornton Ladd. Mrs.
Norman N. Rupp. Mrs. Henry Green
Heed, lira Holt W. Cooklngham. Mrs.
Thomas Barnes, Mrs. Krle F. Whitney.
the M lanes Nadlne Caswell. Kathertne
I-aldlaw. Hannah Laldlaw. Margaret
Bates. Kllsabeth Halley. Oladys Bowen,
Anna Wheeler, Dorothy Strowbrldge. Isa
bella Gauld. Jean Skene. Suaanne Piatt
'and Oretchen Smith.
Ths affair was given to raise funds for
the maintenance of the municipal wood
yard, which will furnish temporary re-
. Ilef by giving employment to those out
of work In ths city, and several thou
sand dollars was realised.
Th grand march waa led by Mayor
- Dakar and Mra William MacMairter,
ho was a stately figure In a Parisian
gown of sphynx model of shaded sequins
and beads, with which she wor a rMk
:rVbl MMaA,': chofby 'e
mi TOT U nia ui ariaiioiuciB vi v-w
. ... a i a . W m
a- - M - ffA th
bail ana was aasuuea m uu.
uavia wr nm.i. .- ""
Idd Corbett and Mrs. C. H. Davis Jr..
VC Chairman.
Mr. and Mrs. WUllsjn MacMaster had
as thalr gweets In their box Mayor
- Baker. Mr. and Mrs. Oeone C. Mason
and Mr. and Mra. William C. Alvord.
Mrs. Malen Itdd Corbett and Mra
Theodor B. Wlleox had a number of
nat! Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ladd Cor-
k.i r boat for a dinner preceding
ik balL
m 9 and Mra. Charles F. Adams bad
ss their truest Mr. and Mrs. Pierre
ti til... Mra Rvamtt A RIM MP.
snd Mrs. Frederick Hopkins and Mr.
t,..M Buimor.
w c r- av..iin-. .IHii
. . . V.. . . . M.---a iV.lii:
I nciuarq jnr. mu mm. mw., "i--
ton Qeary. Mr. and Mra Edmund C
- King. Mr. and Mrs. 8tanley O. Jewett,
Mr. K. L. Shevlln.
Aoothee box party Included Mr. and
Mra P. S. Belcher. Mr. and Mrs, George
P. Nevln. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Wll-
, llama and Mr. and Mr. Frank J. Cobbs.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Cook. Miss
, . . - a - a a.
ceiiptd a oox.
. Mr. aid Mrs. I .mery Olmstead s par-
i inciitoea air. ana aurs. ira r. row-
n, air. v . ii. aaroer oi zteaiiie, airs,
uimtad's mother; Mrs. Eastman. Mrs.
Ittwers' mother, and Mr. Ned Williams
of Minneapolis
Asolher party for which Mr. Henry
J tfS W . . .... V I .l ...1 J I
Theron P..I. Mrs. J. V. Beach. Mr,. J.
O Wallace. Mr. Warren K. McCord
Mrs. Frederick Currier. Mra K. W .
i njmr inn ,11 im .tiarxuereiia Mar -
A number of young folk were guest I hosts for a dinner at their home Tues
Htroiighout the evening in the box of I dsCy evening on the occasion of Mrs.
Mr. and Mr. John K. Kollock. Mr. and
Mra. W. K Thompson wer host for a
dinner preceding the dance, their guests
who later onrupled their box wlth-them.
liH-ludlng Mr. and Mr. Frederick K
.rol Mr. (xi. n w.-h.
Mr. F J. nurke.
Mf. snd Mra itiy Welter Taltnit en
lrlaned a irty with Mr and Mrs.
l-nest P. Hwlaert (Kances Ttirrl-h) as
ceded th dnce. There were 12 In their
Mrs. A. J. Meier entertained a party
which Included Mr. and Mrs. Abe Meier
Mr. a ad Mra, Julius U Meier. Mrs, X.
Prank. Mr. and Mr. Aaron M. Frank.
Mr. , and Mr. William Heller Khrmah.
lr. snd tin. James Koaenf. ld. Dr. and
teUr. Jeaaelte Meier. Els
Vlaleea' Jaanalla Vlalar t'l.
4,.mrm iinv tr.M.nKainw.r i.n
r imer Feldenhelmer. Prank Elslng and I 'n the Masters, Past Masters and War
1 Mwtn HalUr .1 dens; A. F. and A. M., was chosen .sec-
Ir. and Mrs. K I)eWlH Connell en -
tertalned a their guests Vr. and Mrs.
Robert H. Karkeet. Mra. J. T. Cold well
of Trenton. Mo.: Miss Kdwvna Pavton.
e.r Mra r..ii vir H.wi. o.K-ii
... r stk. ,
"-Mr- L' Lf '??.8tok'. . . .
'z ir.r.:: ry'ivr.
- ..ww ,vi m ru ymjij, ntm
guests Including Mr. and Mr. J. Naka-
raw. Mr. and Mr. T. Morlwakl. Mis
K. Hayakawa.. Mia T. Shlmomura and
Mr. M. jTanaka. ,- ; . ,
Mr. Aolph Wolfe's party Included
Mr. and Mr. Sanford Lowengart. Dr.
aad Mr. Je Ettleaon, Dr. and Mr.
jn.h R wiaa. Mr Ruth iti-km.iir
sad Mr. George Wolfe. n official visit on Tuesday eve
Mr. and Mr. Harry W. Sharp were "r'K,inn?.Ty nd. S" -J
bt for a party of eight Including Mr. fit V i unJt tohonor him on the
snd Mra. Henry Hugh Mr. and Mra XMtL ZtSZtll1- , ! ,?Ch,?
.nk u. . tK.., Mr: aon a ill confer with the officers
,r n. ..,, .
. ...
A arogresalv dinner Iwa enjoyed by
Mr. and Mrs. Homer B. Carpenter. Dr.
and Mra. O. Normaa Pease. Mr. and
Mrs. Brockwell Sutter and Mr. and
Mrs, ilonter V. AmrelL who occunled
bx at th ball, at which members
th Portia ad Heights club made their
Itoadouarters durlna- tba vnln.
If. . . J H . , ,.
Mia, utlll DIHI Wer! iaa
boat for a party which Included Mra.
Cfcarle Kohn. Mr. Julius Low. Mis
Hilda Jacob. Mr. Adotph Jacobs and
Mr. Leopold Utrach.
. - . fc
Ms. and Mr. Charla. E. Runy.n war
. " -.--''-.!
Great Success
t It It K
Very Material
hosts for a party which Included Mr.
and Mrs. H. R. Blauveit, Mr. and Mrs.
Prank McCrillla, Mr. and Mrs. Ervtn
G. Lslhy. Another box party Included
Mrand Mrs. Max S. Hi men. Mr. and
Mra Slgmund Ottenheimer. Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Samuel and. Mrs. Charles F.
Mr and Mrs. William Norman Bur
gard were host for a dinner at their
bora In Irvtngton, their guests includ
ing Mia Dorothy Strowbrldge. Mrs.
Jennie Prances Marsten of New York,
Mr. Alfred Clark and Mr. Philip U
Jackson, whose box they occuped later
In th evening.
Mr. snd Mrs. Raymond B. Wilcox were
hosts for dinner preceding the dance.
Mr. and Mrs. C. dward Grelle en
tertained a small number at dinner pre
ceding the dance. Mr. and Mra J. Sher
man O'Gorman had as their guests Mr.
and Mrs. O. A. Lyman, Mr. and Mrs.
LeRoy It. Fields and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
E. Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund L.
Devereaux were hosts for party and
Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs. F. C. Baker
or Vancouver barracks entertained
guests at dinner at their quarters pre
ceding the ball.
Among the attractively gowned wom
en in the throng were Mrs. Henry
Chaney, who wore a lovely model of
cloth of gold, Mrs, Pierre Rossiter
Hlnes. who wore black satin and jet;
Mrs. Oeorge C. Mason, lilac tinted taf
feta and silver; Mrs. John R, Latour
ette. peacock blue velvet and silver;
Miss Irene Daly, coral velvet and black
corsage flowers with black ostrich fan;
Miss Jean Skene, orchid satin and crys
tal beads: Miss Susannah Pitt, gold
lace and French flowers; Mrs.' William
Norman Burgard, orchid satin with
French flower girdle; Miss Dorothy
Strowbrldge. black jet over satin ; Miss
Elisabeth Hailey, poinsettia panne vel
vet; Mrs. Jonah B. Wise, beaded robe
over black satin ; Mrs. Sanford Lowen
gart, vleux blue velvet; Mrs. Ruth
Schweitzer, old rose velvet: Mrs. M. H.
Lamond, yellow brocade with sapphire
sequins; Mrs. raui M. French, rose
sequins over satin ; Mrs. Harry W. Sharp,
flame colored satin with rhinestones;
Mrs. Frank J. Cobbs, a Parisian gown
of Jade green satin with appliqued roses
and lace ; Mrs. Walter M. Cook, black
Jet over satin : Miss Margaret Cook,
Jade velvet with ostrich f an ; Mrs. Emery
Olmstead, turquoise blue satin embroid
ered In gold; Mrs. Ira F. Powers, flame
colored satin and silver ; Mrs. John . K.
Kollock. Jet over satin; Mrs. DeWitt
conned midnight blue chiffon embrold-
ered , ,d M,M Pay80n, blue
fcnd ,ver Unael Mra J. T. Cold-
- -ny
The Montana society will meet Satur-
day evening at the Portland Turn Vereln.
A Bhort prom ,8 t0 ,nclud Ml cm
tott, noag j a piano number; Miss
OHt, Johnmon mBd Mr. e. c Davis will
tne Klwanls quartet will give
a number. Mr. Walter B. Gleasoir and
Mr. George L. McGibbon are to sneak.
I Cards and dancinc and an informal oro-
gram of music will furnish entertaln-
ment following the regular program.
I Miss Phyllis Wolfe will be In charge of
I arrangements for the entertainment of
the company. An former residents of
Montana are Invited.
, Mr- nl Mr- Henry Chaney have
llwud for a dance to be given at
I their home at Waverly. heights. Wednes-
1 dT evening. OuesU will include the
chased the residence of J. Sherman Halt
Mrs. W. B. Mackay was hostess
Wednesday afternoon for a bridge tea In
honor of Mrs. Robert Benson Rogers of
Spokane. Wash., who Is the guest of
" ueorge MCFherson
Mrs. Everett Ames, who has been East
for gey.roi montnRt Bpeniinsr time tn
Boston and other cities, has returned ar.d
(or th(1 present In at the Nortonia hotel.
i ...
Mrs. Pierre Rosafcer 1 lines is enter
talntng a few of h( little friends of her
small daughter Florence Friday on the
occasion of her birthday anniversary.
LTl,0 TL8.
bal, dance t0 hlch aU memberB of
,.iub and tnclr fren1i wl lnvited.
l ...
1 i"r. ana .virs. Kenneth Beebe were
I Beebe s birthday anniversary.
. A meeting of representatives of many
I mri imt VI K al II I sM. I ITJI1JJ
was held at the
Iythlan building Wednesday evening to
niislrter the uiieinploymTnt question.
There were nearly 10rt delegates present
from some r different local lodges In-
'J"?'"? "llii'X OW8'
Knights of Pythias. Modem Woodmen
Woodmen of the World. - Royal Neigh
bors, Neighbors of Woodcraft. A. O. V.
W.. Security Benefit association. Teo-
VJ r?lrn ur urd?r or Ben
"ur- R?yal Arc.h Masons. Masters and
. . "" """ improves vraer
I presided, and W. H. GalvanL represent
1 pJf A number of speeches were made
concerning unemployment, especially of
American citlxens and veterans. It was
cded to have a special committee
UP P'an ot organisation and to
propose resolutions. The meeting ad-
Journed to meet at the call of the chair.
v withm . week or
I (an flaTS
H. & Hudson, supreme master Artiaan
of the United Artisans, will be received
I at centratla on the- evenlnr of January
by the local assembly of that city. On
Monday evening, January 23, the Ar-
t,sn of Tacoma will welcome him. The
nfW local assembly, of McClearv will be
con?m" concerning Con-
u i iions ana needs or the order,
At the grotto luncheon in the Haxel-
wood Wednesday Judge Richard Deich
was the principal sneaker, his sub tec t
a I being "Touches of Human Nature in
flCo,lrV! to -hlch be outlined some of
I nl" P"ce! a a district judge. W.
I iwarvant was toastmaster.
I !'' : '
homeatcad. Broiherhoud of
American Teoraen, visited Oregon Citv
homestead Saturday night in a body
wun jvannoe ana Portland star home-
aJ- a ark-.. a ... - &
i mai w rrjrutna Knauif un dele
UUon.A das. ot 40 was receired to
Diana, one of the import
, ant roles in The Bird
of m Paradise," opening at the
Heilig theatre this evening. -
fV- f ' v i
14 - ' " " 'v ' , -
' i , '' - -, v ' jjii -c-.
i " f
Ify - -
' ': '7
v- ' A.
' it v"'' A
5. ' ,
"The Bird of Paradise," Richard Wal
ton Tullys romantic drama of the Ha
waiian Islands, will open Its annual
engagement at the Heilig theatre this
It is a story as old as the difference
between races, but Its success lies partly
in the quaint and picturesque settings
of its production, for it gives one a
glimpse Into life and conditions not
much known to Americans.
In the years that "The Bird of Para
dise" has been on tour many changes
have been -made in the cast - and . its
scenic equipment, and to this fact - is
attributed in part the lasting success
of this remarkable drama. Ann Reader,
an actress of fine dramatic ability, will
be "Luana." The principal parts are
handled by Herbert Charles, Frederick
Forrester, Mien Mahar, Rose Watson,
Frank L, Codley, James K. Appelbee,
Joseph Robison and Douglas Cosgrove.
the degree team of Portland Star home
stead, exemplifying the work in a hall
crowded to its capacity. Refreshments
were served following the close of the
homestead. C F. Knowlton, district
deputy, surprised the oldest members of
the organization in bringing in such a
large class of new members.
joint installation of officers will be
held by Rose City camp and Prospect
camp. Woodmen of the World. Thursday
evening at W. O. W. temple. 128 Eleventh
street Past Consul J. J. Jennings will
be installing officer, assisted by J. B.
Walling and the degree team of Pros
pect camp, in charge of Captain F. G.
Lawson. Refreshments will be served
after the ceremonies.
Webfoot camp. Woodmen of the World.
will have a class initiation Friday eve
ning at W. O. W. temple, 128 Eleventh
street Members who have not at
tended camp for some weeks rnay think
they have made a mistake and entered
the wrong hall, but they are invited to
come right along. The whole building
on the interior is being renovated and
repainted and otherwise much improved.
Tuesday evening. Omega Rebekah
lodge and Harmony I. O. O. F. lodge
held joint installation at Orient I. O. O.
F. hall, with a large attendance. Thomas
Dymant, district deputy grand master,
officiated for Harmony lodge and Mrs.
Amelia DeVors, district deputy state
president, officiated for Omega lode.
A banquet followed the ceremonial.
A: series of entertainments will be
givqn in the near future under the
auspices of the Al-Azar, the uniformed
degree of the United Artisans, at the dif
ferent local assemblies of the U. A. at
University Park. Piedmont, Woodlawn.
Alberta. Monta villa. Sell wood and Arleta.
The dates will be announced later.
Ivanhoe lodge. Knights of Pythias,
will cooperate with the committee of the
grand lodge in securing a site for the
proposed K. of P. home, several sites of
which have been offered through W. J
If. Clark, past grand chancellor, who Is
chairman of the site committee. The
Ivanhoe committee is Clinton Kerr, Mar
tin Larson. John Walter.
Junior Artisans will, meet Saturday at
KoreetenV hall. 127 Fourth street, under
direction of H. E. Hudson, superintend
ent. The new officers wUl be in their
respective positions for the first time.
The principal offiters are Alton Eaton,
past worthy soverign ; Harold Jacobs,
worthy soverign ; Carroll Wallace, vice
regent ; Nina Hinz, recorder.
Utopia Social club, composed of mem
bers of the Rebekah lodge of that name,
met Monday evening at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. C M. Richmond at Ardenwald
and conducted a business session, after
which a program of games, cards, danc
ing and refreshments made the evening
all too short.
a a
Anchor' council enjoyed one of the
happiest meetings inj its history Tuesday
-evening at W. O. W. temple. A class
b as received with appropriate floor work,
efter which there was dancing and so
cial specialties.
Last Monday night Marguerite camp.
ttoyai Neighbors of America, was host
ess to, Lents, Oresham and Hillsboro
camps, and joint Installation of officers
was held at the halt of the East Side
Businessmen's club.
P. P. Fisher, great sachem of Oregon,
Improved Order of Red Men, win visit
imnooK. wasn.. Thursday evening,
where great chiefs of that state will be
gathered, to assist the local tribe In re
ceiving a class of "pale-faces."
Portland tent of the Maccabees and
Ladies Review No. 7 will have open Joint
installation of officers Thursday evening
at 3oj wasningtoa street.
- a a - a
Oregon Rose camp. Royal Neighbors Of
America.: will Install officers Thursday
evening at AV9 Alder street. j .
' a
!. Kings alley. Benton county, will
start- a new, tent., of the Maccabees
Thursday t evening underi direction, of
epuiy r. c tJampbelL
a a a .
Knights of -Columbus and Daughters of
Isabella will have a danee Friday eve
ning at Rose City. Park clubhousa.
Oregon Music to
Future Dinner
Of Products
'-.By Ten Wlaaer
Irvine, editor of The Journal; Mrs.
Ida B. Callahan of Corvailis, president
of the Oregon Federation of Women'
clubs; Mrs. John E. Gratke and A. J.
Bale will be the speakers at the annual
Oregon' products dinner to be given at
8 o'clock Tuesday evening at the Cham
ber of Commerce by the Portland Fed
eration of Women's Organizations, ot
which Mrs. Alexander Thompson is presi
dent. - i
A feature of the evening will be the
following musical program of Oregon
compositions, arranged by Mrs. Herman
A, Heppner.
(a) "Daphne" (a ballet)
(b) "Day Dreams"
(el "Banian Caprice"
. Mar? Evelane calbteatb. eompoaer-piaJtii.
(al "The Day b Dooe '.... EYaakie Walker
(b) "Son at the Moo". . . K. Frankie Walker
(el "Clouds" K. Fnuikie Walker
Soloist, Miss Henrietta Heppner. meuo-aopiaoo
AecomDanist. E Frankic Walker.
Three too pictures
(&) "Marco tiroceaque
W "Idil" ...v
(e) "8paniah Danee"
Variations on an original theme
"Variations on a Original Theme"
Francis Richter
An elaborate roenu, entirely of Oregon
products, will be served, and, in addi
tion, there will be a handsome favor at
the plate of each woman guest. Mrs.
J. F. Hill, first vice president of the
federation, is chairman of the reception
committee, and other members are the
officers' and chairmen of standing com
mittees. Plates for the dinner are $1-25. Res
ervations should be made at once by
calling Mrs. D. M. Watson, Main 3576;
Mrs. A. M. Lara, Tabor 3915, or Mrs,
a H. Thatcher, Sellwood 1921.
Reubin R. Rinder, cantor of Temple
Emanuel. San Francisco, will give a
lecture recital of Jewish music at 8:15
o'clock Sunday evening at Temple Beth
Israel, at the annual open meeting of
the Council of Jewish Women. The pro
gram will include the earliest forms of
cantillation. prayer notice for the Sab
bath festival and holidays ; fixed melo
dies of the thirteenth, century ; synagogue
music, sacred music, Hebrew and Yiddish
folk songs. Before starting on his
Northwest tour, Mr. Rinder directed an
unusually successful oratorio of Handel's
Judas Maccabeus," In which seme of
the leading vocalists of San Francisco
participated. Lucien Becker will be the
accompanist. The recital is open to the
. . .
" University of Oregon, Eugene. Dean
Eizabeth Fox, Miss Mary Perkins and
Miss Amy Dunn will represent the Lewis
and Clarke chapter of the Daughters of
the American Revolution at the state
convention in " Portland, February
The East Side Lavender club will meet
at 2 p. m. Friday in the rooms of the
East Side Business Men's club.
Mrs. Ada Wallace Unruh gave an ad
dress at the Highland Congregational
church Sunday evening to members of
WUlard W. C. T. U. and others. She
Ms new ,
rw ma mm am fi am am mm mi r
9 ,r "
i tw a w m ai . sr Aa ar , m , m aaaaw w -
aa-'U7IZS!a 'f. S S ..V - fXSJBtt'JCttl r-5??' ai23iCl-' aCrSaT
I ZZZ-r'm "-w MM ---' 9! a-vaTVT 'JLa-r M -35".'- - - -
ifSfeV "OneThwnbTop"
I fff lill&J -ZL .'i2r, , '. 1
A- i f 4 ' i . - "?
-- I as- 4i eL
spoke on The Children's Farm Home,'
soon to be opened under th auspices of
the etate W. C T. 17. A resolution was
adopted protesting against the laxneas in
tne courts In the punishment of offenses
against the eighteenth amendment, and
insisting on Jail : sentences for all but
first offenders, and that the Judges be
requested to deport those of alien birth
who are persistent, offenders, as being
unfit to partake of the benefits of
American citisenahlp. -
The Irvlngton Parent-Teacher associ
ation will meet at Z :30 o'clock Friday.
xaias on dental clinics will be given by
Mrs, S-jM. Blumauer, Dr. J. C Jones
and Dr. M C. Holbrook. There will be
a musical program followed by refrash-
a a a - .
Pasco.! Wash. The Women's club will
hold a meeting at the club rooms In the
library building Thursday afternoon, at
which the literary department will rive
a 40-minute comedy sketch that promises
to oe interesting. The entertainment will
oe tree.
a . a
The Woman's association of the First
Presbyterian church will hold an all day
meeting Friday In room A, third floor
or the Parish house, sewing and quilting.
Bring lunches. Coffee served at noon.
The Overlook Worfan's club will meet
at 2 :30 p. m. Friday with Mrs. R. Brady.
839 Colonial avenue. John C. Hender
son will speak on "Community Service in
-amencamxauon Work."
a a a
The Cathedral Ladies' Aid society will
give a silver tea from 3 to 7 o'clock
Sunday at the-home of Mrs. J. R. Wiley,
"v'w6w;uci y street.
ROin. mrrs
tLEU4b Broadway at Taylor. "Tha Bird of
naaaa. . o:zo: Batunlay matinee.
BAK.KK Morriao at Eleventh. Baker Stock
company in "Up in Mabel'. Room." ltatinea
neaneaaay, Haturuay and Sunday at 3:80
eenlnrs at 8 20.
Broadwar at Morrison. Lyric Musical
vjwnouy company la roe oar Sweethearts.'
Matinee daily at 2 p. m. ; eTenincs at T and 9.
rABTAtilB Broadwav at tTI.K.1
vaudeville and photoplay feature. Afternoon
aw evening. rroeTam i-mnpi Monday ait
LOBW'8 HIPPODROME Brosdway at Tarn-
fall! nUnttn, . -W a tt Y -mr i -
, , . " " w-Kiuu. a, jaarna, iHur
viae ana nictare. Afternoon and eve nine.
COLTMBU Sixth and Start Betty Compson
in me utue at mister. 11 a. , m. to 11
p. m.
lId&KTX Broadway at Stark. Norma Tal-
maaaw u "Lova s lledemption. 11 a. as.
w ii p. a.
KIVOLI Wachlnfton at Park. Cladym Walton
m i-iaymg nun sire. n a. m. to 11 p. m.
BLUB MOUSE Eleventh and Wanhinttoa.
afaurioa Flynn in "Tbe Last TntiL" 11 a. m.
to i i p. m.
MAJESTIC Was hint ton tt Park. Kathtlin
aucuonaia m Xbe Beauainl Liar." 11 a.
tn. to 11 d. m
PEOPLES Wert Park at Alder. Gloria Swan-
Kin in - under toe Laah." 11 a. m. to 11
p. m.
STAR Washington at Park. "On With the
leaner. 11 a. m. to 11 p. m.
IIKULK Ftmrth near We'hinstoa Alice CaU
noun in Tne unarming Deaeiver. 9 a.
to 4 o'clock the following Baorninc.
Dallas. Or, Jan. 19. While hurrying
to attend court nere. Miss Blanche Bar
rett, court reporter, slipped on the icy
pavement. Her right wrist was boken.
I 4 who r
i ,JFJ-.-. I .. .....
Lace and Metal Tissue Conquer the
Slender of line and delicately fash
ioned is this evening gown of lace and
metal tissue, with the twtaiittfnl it.rin
of the black ChantiUy lace pattern dis
played to the best advantage. Following
uie line oi tne irregular sKlrt draperies,
which ripple gracefully at each side, are
ETOUDa of tinv. aDDlied. silver m rutt.l.
caught Becurely at one point and fin-
itnea witn a picot edge. The sleeves,
which might almost be called wide shoulder-straps,
are Of the lar snrl fnrm nar
of the unusually pleasing and softened
neca-une. a wtae sasn or either the
lace or metal tissue, or of another fabric
altogether, is tied loosely on the right
(Ooprria-ht. 1922. by The Vocue Co.. New Tor.)
Cove. Or.. Jan. 19. Miss Louise Zom.
county health nurse. Is in Cove thia wair
weighine. measuring and pattlnw a
e'ral health survey of the school. She la
asaistea Dy Mrs. .Kay Duncan, Mrs. A.
G. Conklln. Mrs. T. W. Conklln anrl Un
Harry Weimar of the Woman's Civic
FAB is different
Fab is thinner
Fab dissolves completely
Because of these facts, Fab suds are snider and
more abundant than other soap flakes they
bold their lather in any temperature of water
And Fab is safe,' It has passed S years of
Colgate's testing before reaching jur hanids.
A Test is Your Proof. :
Barrie's Story
In Splendid
quaint characters tia mi.a v.. i.
ated to populate the villag of Thrums,
under on, of whose thatched cottage
this notable Scotchman waa
much closer to several htotasand Port-
uiuu iota mucn mar. nuluu.
delightful friend than thev v.r Da
fore these folk saw "Thai T.ltrU ui.i.,.
as It ia being shown at the Columbia
uwauc. .
There Is a bir alnrnent f i..
est In MTh Uttl Minister." too. for
" uu rot la presented by George
Hackathorne,. who used to pUy marble
snd spin tops with the young 'una at
renaieton. where he was born and
reared. And In this appealing picture
the capricious Betty Comnawn iiUi ma.
terialiy to her popularity with . local
"The Little Minister" la one of those
stories that leave a glow-of kindly feel
ing after it has touched the heartstrings
with, its human action. Its charming
cenio setting and its spleadid charac
ters. The picture is a vast relief.
. Miss Compson. masquerading as Bab
yjie, a gypsy maiden, offers a character-
.mat Inn V. . w. W .J ,.w l
I best and aha nnrnia tn rtatn fnr Kr
uomadic self aU the witchery and beauty
that Barrie created In this sparkling
Srl of his Imagination. Tet the picture
she presents Is greatly enhanced by the
naeatty to typ expressed in th work
of Hackathorne as Gavin, "th ' little
minister" ot Thrums, and by th fine
character studies of half a doses, other
players. In the supporting east is Mary
Wilkinson as Nanny Webster and ahe
makes the character almost too real.
The romance that la "the basis for
"The Little Minister" 1 of a - clean,
wholesome and - xtreniely refreshing
type, leaving a viewer appreciating the
fact that he has witnessed a review of
a littl bit of lit itself something that
Is essentially good for the sociL The
only Justifiable criticism of th picture
would be aimed at the director who put
the cast through its pace In that seen
where Babbie's true Identity has been
revealed to the elders and "the little
minister" who love her. This scene.
enacted in the Auld Ucht kirk mans,
lacks force; it is too much matter of
fact everyone In sight acta Ilk, ha ax
pected that very thing.
Babble and the quaint characters with
whom she has been surrounded retain
that melodious Scottish speech which
does much to make the peopl such
happy entertainers in letters or th
"The Little Minister" Isn't a spectacle
picture, nor does tt present a gruesome
conglomeration of crime and infamy
there are no vampire and no strained
moral problems but .the pictura Is Im
mensely more conducive to peace of
mind and contentment of heart than
dosen of th other kind.
A paper palp plant la Zulnland Uses
motorboats equipped with mowing ma
chines to gather papyrus.
Eurydice Club in
Uoncert Tonight
"V " ftwaaBBBaWaaawsaB f
Th Eurydrc duh of M femaJ vain
under th baton of E. Bruce Knowttaa
will glv It first concert tonight at
Multnomah hotel. The soloists ar : Miss
.imiiuw, nHuaa
rraaer Rxbrtson. baritone, and Mlas
vrawgi MjawiB, soprano. Mrs. Alrina
iwnowitoB win be tne accompanist. -
Mexico aupDllad th worii -nv
S Per cent of 1U petroleum l.t m..
nmsiM Ttav rwt wiooao-i,
etkroMURMi nLt. oosmaeova
1 TO 1 . M.
am moosi
10c 20c
Jarvin & Co.
lean & Carrie
tan rcr a dvw
-tirroi rsoact.
VlftV AV
Broa way at Tylr
rkeav Mala 1
BrDIlaat Sew Cast, Isrlic
A th srXGISG HAvTltlASB "
STE8 Floor. : Balcony, fire flv
row ll.M. last II row 1 OaJlery.
first seven row reserved 70. ad
mission kOe.
BaJoony. (1 ; uallary, r r'd
, admlsaion, 64c
Ada II Per Ceat War Tg
e ty . . . a snw m tumtf
. y op ctomtt
AvCoatlnuous 1 P. M. to H.P. M. P
rarUaad's FavarM
as His Priaia Dossal
WAXDA HA.WLET la her Par Taj.
'The Four Sweethearts'
Arurwaoas at I Krtaiagt at I aas
roe irm
st WASH.
4Her Sturdy Oak"
SsashhM Costdy.Say It WRa Flower."
- uwfiiuaw news
plcwtv or tmoa-Mip aao oasm
a Nwnii ums rtrovomta .
.- '
Berlnoer clssti start at CoUIlloa Hafl
Wednesday and aVtday viilnc at T
narp. Ail
lar oanoe taurht
le 12 : -cenUemeti fa.
Rla- allnnead elaaawat afar a t Warrlarlr
Hall Tuesday . evening, and at CoUlltoa
Hall Frtday rvemloc. -M to ll-M. A4
miavioa to advaneod rlssi. Iae sc
Kentlemee tic .ow can nevei learn
dancing wtLhout pra-tica. Jots th lead.,
tnf octtoot. Pttoo Broadway 20UX. Pri
vat lesaooa all hours at -CotfiUm Waiy,