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    MONDAY, , JANUARY. 16,' ,1121
Oorra aM to oln to m aalnst
Howard Taylor, prestdeat of tha atat
eenate. To make this race lateresti&a
tha boose will held hearing tha pro
posed amendment to the constitution to
attempted to break into tha safe.
either faled or were frightened away
Skating Crowd Hit
B. Johaaoa ; vice grand. Bemle Cama
bell; record log secretary, J. C ClW
aaaas: treasurer. H. 1C Van Strka: war.
den, Stanley R. Wright; eonduotor. X.
forbid issuance of tax-exempt Securi
Uee. Tha committee lnveaUgatias- Sen
ator Watson charges of cruelty to sol
dlera wilt reauma haarinca. House com
mitteea will eoatinu their work aa tha
RoUrt JL. Trtppto will alas run. and
either : Jaxnea Kinne or Thomas Ham
after they had succeeded la knocking
By Airplane; Woman
Killed; One Injured
tar Cans !
Badbank, N. J, Jaa. lt-JLa airplane
aft tha combination , with.. a. hammer.
M. Phippe; rha plsla. Cacti Prepack,
mond at tho Toon Men's Republican!
T Sumidio, Japaneee truck driver, who
Uvea at tha bakery, returned home Sat
club will b a candidate.
t oxqxtum trwiyo ex. ess
Pre water. Or, Jaa. If. Mrs. Edith
appropnaaoa Vila. v t .
urday aurht aad saw that the cash regis
Girl Secretaries -Ask
Privilege of
Tha sueceedlttar weeka win witness at
ter had been broken, bat he did not
tempts oa tha part of th leaders to
bring about greater unity of action with
discover that the safe bad bean tam
Taa Daaav ooaaty demeastratioa agent.
pered with or caH police until Sunday
the executive branches aad greater unity
within the party organisation. There
will be aa effort also to obtain more
decisive action. .:. ' vr . , .
Two armed bandits Sunday' night held
ma tram Paadlstoa Friday to argaa
morning. -
operated by James Casey, a former army
up KOaa Starr,-crippled proprietor of a
Thisves Jimmied a window of the E. H.
tse bewiag dabs for girls and arranga
Oyer, dashed lata a crowd eg skate
aa the Bhruwabury rrrar. near here. 8a
Swarming Senate
BoUenmlHer store. T&t Thurmaa street,
and after " ranaarrmg the place made
tar adatt aaeaUaga aariag tbi
confectionary stare at SM Washington
moittha ..
This is the result of a aeriea of son.
street, aad -while one of them scooped
out tha content of tne cash register the
away with M la cash, besides a huge
number of watches and flashlights. De
tectives say the robbery took aa though
day, killed hire. Anna Hoamiaaa and
severed tha arm at her btwtaer-ta-taw.
Seattle. Jan. lt-Ceorre B. Ryan, vies
ahalrmaa at taa Pomooratlo Washlaftoa
state oantral oommittee. who, la aplU at
ferencea among leaders during tha past
It days. President Harding baa prod
ded canzreae-and there has been acree-
(Br rjotond Ssrrtstl ;-
Waahtarton, Jan. It hell the hl
By Joaa Gtelasaer
- Celt Im Staff Cemsjnedeat
WaaBlnstoa, Jan. 1. Cohgreea
wooxrxxs Kin mccnm
ArUngtoa, Or, Jan. It Bodera Wood .
other kept jostling tha helpless man from
Lawrence Conley. before tha aviator
eould regain control eg ala machine.
hi a feet to prevent him from Interfer
tarla limit at tha .Called Stataa tl waabintoa, Jaa. 1C Co&sresa this
it were the work of bora,
mcnc on me-necessity tor greater unity
ing, roe noma reason the bandits ware
While Prances Alexander and laara
Oaaton ware away from their rooms at
Casey was attempting ta rise tram
Friday sight inetaoed tab feUowtnc
him roaent Blasts, probably wiU tote on I distorted by pretty sirls with bobbed I m direct lU, attention to three.
frightened away, taking with them about
tha toe whan tha acmdaat occurred.
af&cers: Arthur Fleuaber. council t kf.
Kb arte, ascofti B. Liegbern. edvlaert th.
W. Burton, clerk; P. H. Leuy, beaker t
WUlard Burton, sentry; B. Wlchey,
watchman. Uarald Ebt waa tha InataU
ing atftoar.
bit shoulders tha maaafatBeat of thaUr a" abort skirta VtfrTi rU tl tmportaat measures, fraasaae of which
sr. wnue tney ten su .undisturbed la
IS Bast Eighteenth street, - Saturday
WidowWill Iidse -
the eaah drawer.
Teggmea wha tots Saturday night en
night, prowlers -ransacked tha place and
DamosraUo eampelfa thia aaausar, serai atM).y 0f . foot Qr mora of filmy suklaetrea b' adminlatraUon tha tor-
stole a large amount at -women's ap
Free water, jaa. It, Tha rreewaUr
L a a T. lodge. InstaDed the toUewtag
tha Democrats win make a desperate I atocklnnt 5 ein debt fundi&t- bill, tha aoldier bonus
875,00a if She-
tared tha Twentieth Century bakery, ISO
parel, a watch and several articles at
effort to lead a many ataU In tha eom-l . Thla la Iba Question arltatlnr the au-1 Dia ' tt anU-tynchtnr. bin.
page street, rifled the cash register aid
Jewelry. - - - .
officers Friday aight: Kabla grand, J.
int ieBisiature as poeaible. Tha recant I committee on rule, which haa be-1 Tha debt fundlar bin to to be reported
for national parpoees and the claim at tore the same floor privileges aa are probaMr today, minus soma of tha
the smowsesssful working at tha new aode saw enjoyed by the male secretaries., restrlctlona that have-proved objecUoa
-!iWr? iSa h Ji! Tbr' U barp dion of sentiment Ubi, W the administration. Conaidera
The Neeberry vote baa been mad aa I m this Imnortant Question. Man aena-l .
Uu by tha Seattle Star and the feat
OO this important question. Many sena
tors who have dispensed with mala .4
Un wQl be started at once. The bin
that,t falUd to Un urTei intirv elalmai
bp wiin aanator jane vo oaet xvewoerry successors are lust aa businesslike anal . . T " "
(wlll be seed against him In tha comtag SEKdVe en
camDalsn. There haa aot been tnr ruhl ! .11.-- J.- . are secured simply by "demand notes-l
of eaadldataa to appose Senator Poin- But there U marked opposlUoa to ex-l4 would be 14 hence. A
deatar. ao It Is still a ust)oa whom the uadlng the prtvlleges of tha senate floor l? Whahly would be Included to
BUr will snoDort. Psm rsseiniii j. staa-l h. .n. ntti. i.m.h" fmm ttul defer Interest payments for a period of
ley Webster of Spokane and Jadxe Kan-1 vu tt.r.- f th.i, nm a. I years, because of present Inability of
neth Macklntoah at Seattle have been I of these women attaches of the aenat the debtor naUona to make payments,
antloned but both have stated PoalUva- MpraMe1 lt today: . I HaKDOTO VAJTTi JLCTI05
X aee Uie W lie RVI rUAi aOV WIUII "IT IT War tint: TOP Tflal TJa.DTMn . Uu I avau e a, . . aw A
iiLH.j?islr ?JSLaS '7thv.0,tlrl; Th0..n aarof tMs till for months aid recenlly
rt.S Ffi'iTZJF 9 n r: 'hrt."k'!" "d tiLTfirt th president haa exerted a strong pres-
field is still vscaat , of Oreenwlch village scenery I belleve ... n ,h- .- 10 obtain action in
COTIK TAXSft TO AtTTOt - I we could get thla rule through. Of IZTZ Tt -
LUotonaat Oevarnor W. J. Coyle was I course. 1 don t oeueve that tne eenafora AfteVtha debt fundln bin is reDorted
reeeatly meatleaed by en of the evening "n tassa TlJ; 9Mt the senate finance committee will
Seattle papers as a candidate for aena- ,1fni? f1"0'! prepare a aoldier bonus bill, with the
vnrX.i,wM idea of reporting it out in a short, time,
floor. Goodness knows they would meaanre. it is expected, will con-
1 j i '.v. v ! 7 irir tain provisions for making its first pay.
Iu fntoaarrie show"-" " mentortS taxation. ,.
aOn.ntof soW flapper S.Vb?, offered
tarlea to whom these remark were re- Uuroun Interest on ??f 'f"!!!!
Uted dismissed them scornfully in two ""t.r."fc
measura contains definite provisions for
raising money for the payments it will
The anti-lynching bin. desired by the
administration -to redeem a party cam
paign pledge, will be brought up in the
house later In the week.
Democrats win continue their fili
buster against it ..
Tuesday the senate will vote on the
bill supported by the farm bloc to put!
a farmer on the federal reserve board.
tor. nut Joyie aas about completed a
deal for an automobile agency and aaya
the Idea 1 foolish, it Is entirely prob
iM that If Coyle Is candidate for any
,thlng this next year It will be tor governor.
Oeorge Christen son. banker, recently
elected mayor of Stevenson; haa an
nounced that be will rua for the state
. sonata Ills opponent for the Skamanta-
Kllekltat district will be John C. Craw
ford, wha will be a candidate to suo-
klma.1 '
E. Judd, a Chehalls real esUte
man, wba was a member of the four
teenth aad fifteenth legislatures, will be
a candidate for tha state senate again
this year. He did aot run tor reelection
la 1120. as be was aa unsuecAsful can
dldate for governor. His opponent will
be Herbert Swofford, Republican.
worda :
"Sour grapes.'' she said bltingly.
So there you are.
Alleged Bad Check
Passer Is Arrested
was worthless.
neaa and Industry is now provided.
The ways and means Committee
Chicago, Jan. L N. ana of
Cuplda darta pierces tha heart of Mrs. I
Eafle K. XeNett. widow of Charles S-
atcNett, Bvanston, UL. attorney, aba will
have to sacrifice $75,000 of her husband's
estate, according to provisions . of tha
McNett wlU. filed Saturday.
under provisions at the ' win, ; airs.
McNett is named sole beneficiary of the
tweu lortune. aggregating 1126,000. if
aha. does not remarry. In event aha U
again married aha will receive only 150.-
vw ei ma estate. ,
Clarence F. Boner, charged with pass
ing worthless checks, was arrested at
Former United Stataa Senator CUm Grand avenue and East Morrison street
Turner of Spokane, will be a candidate late Saturday night by Inspectors Bor-1 administration's objection to a legal)
ior uie tower no use or us legislature, lack and Davis, and held on tho com- stipulation 01 uu son is expected to
Becoming to Ryan. His opponents In nlalnt of T. J. Mavers. dm tnr nm. I carry.
the fifth Spokane district will probably prletor at 128 Grand avenue, who eaysl attempt will be made simply to
be J. ix Basset and F. B. Dan akin, who! he cashed a worthless check tor 112.50. 1 umend the reserve act to provide for
win run or reeiectian. Tamer will make Boner says he won the check In a gam-1 representation for agriculture in the
sis eampaiga aa his state sales taxi bll nr. game and that he did not know itMLm r t represenUtton for busl
wnica ne win naeare r to pass in case
of his election.
todd wojtt rnmr
recent effort la Seattle to get J.
P. Todd, fish broker, to run for mayor
has failed. Todd has announced that
be win be a candidate against William
B. Wray for the state senate. E. Oule.
former speaker, haa alao announced his
candidacy- Dan Landon, veteran mem
ber of the legislature, has announced
that he Will not run ana thai Uim,
the field opea for Thomas Murphlna, w 0rr- Taylor, who formerly resided
who bss always said he would not run I l Jnaepenoence. was indicted by the
sgainst Laadoa because at tha trimming I arena jury, charged with non-support of
as snow ne would get I bis minor children. He will have his
a not rent is promised In the Thirty-1 wai in circuit court this week. Otto
seventh district, aa Ed Palmer baa I Bhnmeneger on perjury charges, has been
mvd into that district from Easrlalset for Tuesdav afternoon.
Arrest Father on
Non-Support Charge
Dallas, Or., Jan lt. Leon C. Taylor, a
resident of Medford, waa brought back
to thla city Saturday by Sheriff John
Eosebnrg Chamber
Elects Directors
Koseberg. Jan. It At the annual
meeting' ot tha Roseburg Chamber ot I
Commerce Friday night, directors were
elected as follows: j. w. Hamilton.
E. McCllatOek. L. B. Moore, C. A. Lock
Wood, Bert Q. Bates. O. C. Baker and
Dean Babar. These directors will ap
point a .president Plans for publicity
work during the year were discussed,
and resolutions passed favoring several
Operated on Wrong
Foot; Ask Damages
' (Br United Ness)
New York, Jan. 16. Claiming that the
surgeon operated on the perfect foot of
his daughter instead of the Injured one
and that as a result she is now crippled
In both feet, ' David Enaie of Brooklyn
baa entered suit for $10,000 against Dr.
Samuel Kleinberg ot New York. The
surgeon ' declares that tho accident re
sulted from a nurse's mistake aad that
aha prepared the wrong foot for the
Safe ZfcrlllFntlTStdlUVAUDS
' . ". -W ASK FOR
For Infanta, XnvaSds sad Qfeenag ChSdrea
l The Ctigmal Pood-Drisk Fa? AB Agaa
.Avoid Imitations
tm Powder
- nmrlibsng T"rjrHhls
TPh 11 11
A substantial reducii
m the
cars, effective
1 ;
Out New
Number I
c VMercKandiso of
cJ Merit Only fcmnt )
: i 1
All-Wool Oregon
If some mill worker hadn't carelessly allowed a few very small oil drops to
fall on these blankets you would not have this opportunity to buy all
wool Oregon blankets at this low figure. But here they are just 50 of them
and at $5.95 each: They were woven right here in Portland and come in
attractive plaids of pink, blue, gray and tan. Size 66x80 Inches.
Large' Satin Spreads, Special at $2.25
Woven of yarns that will stand hard laundering are these &8x80-inch spreads of
satin. They are in attractive designs and with plain hems. Especially for hotel use.
ECOHOMT BA.8EXXFT Llymaa, Wolfe a C.
Absorbent Bath Towels
3 for $1
Very soft and extremely absorbent are these
heavy bath towels of pure white and full bleach
yarns. The weave is especially adapted to this type
of towel and is a weave that will wear remarkably
welL The size is 19x40 inches the price is 35c
each or 3 for $L
EC050HY BA.SEXEKT Llpmaa, Wolfe Co.
42-inch Pillow Tubing
29c a Yard
Good weight, close woven pillow tubing at a
price that makes it profitable to make your own
pillow cases. It's 42 inches wide and of a quality
not to be expected at this price. This tubing will
be on sale in the Economy Basement Tuesday, at
29c a yard.
EC050HT BAJUi KFT Lipataa. Welts A C.
Mens Pajamas and Gowns
in January Clearance
$1.39 Each
Odd lines of mens muslin and outing sleeping garments re
duced to clear in this sale. All of extra good quality material
in pleasing patterns and colors. Many of these are priced
about wholesale cost at $1.39. All sizes in the lot.
Men's Sox Less Than J Price 19c Pr.
--500 pairs of men's fiber and mercerized sox reduced to less
than half the regular price for this selling. In black with
double heels, tbes and soles; fine ribbed, elastic tops. All
sizes to 11VS.
Outing Flannel
6 Yards for
White outing flannel in
a quality especially desir
able for gowns and baby
wear. If s 27 inches wide
and firmly woven.
Ufsiaa, Wstte A Ce.
& Child, Inc.
White. Sateen Petticoats
. Reduced in the January Clearance
98c Each
Beautiful white sateen petticoats in a new lustre finish that is most attrac
tive. Neatly hemstitched or scalloped flounces. Also included are figured
cotton taffeta petticoats m dark colors. All to go tn this January clearance
at 98c each. a - .. , . t
; v Silk Jersey Petticoats Special at $1 .95 -
Excellent quality silk jersey -petticoats with deep accordion plaited flounces
in all-over or faricy colors. Some have ruffles of heavy messaline silk. All are
full cut and well tailored, with snap fasteners at waist.
. -A . BCOBOMT BaSEBEHT Ufsaaa, WeMe A C.
4"' 'y--sS -t4.?.
This Store Uses No Comparative PrieesThey Are Misleading and Often UfitTuta