The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, January 15, 1922, Page 3, Image 3

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Thirty Per Cent on Stock ind 3
Per Cent Dividend Is Paid to
. Muy little Past Two Weeks.
Prisoners Take ;
Paupers' Oath
And Dodge Fines
"Now tor a rood .dish of ham and
fTV MOd Jack Casey aCedfOrd as
b walked oat of U United States mar
ataTa oCflc Saturdar a tres man for
th Crat Urns In to days.
Caaar. Jack Maloney and Jos Ray had
Juat takan tha panpai's oath, to escape
Daxoeat of fine. They -were fined and
sentenced to CO days tn the county Jail
03 October If by Federal Jods Wolyer-
toa dartnc the at edford term of the fed
eral court, for opera tin- a.atlU In the
wilds of Jackson county. Each also
erred ! days in Jail additional before
taking the pauper's oath, as required
One by one durtns; the last two weeks! by uw,
many nreferred stockholders la the new! All three declared they had reformed
- , . . ...-. ,., w a would hereafter not tamper with
.... ... .. , . Ithe laws of Uncle Sam.
paid per cent ex weir atoca doiuwb.
and aa additional I per cent dlrldend. T TI I A nfinlrinfl
When the ether preferred stockholders! JT li VJi ilUSpillIlCL
Buys St. Francis
Apartment House
call at the hoodlnc house durtns the
eominf week and recelre their share
from the profits of the new concern.
about tUQ.M wUT have been paid out.
according to John I Ctherldse. man
a car. Ktheridce made the announce
ment Saturday afternoon, following;
special meeting of the board of directors
Purchase of the stock of the St Fran;
cla Anartment TTmim rormratinn for
Monday about I1I0.0O0, or SO per cent. I $115,000 was announced Saturday by Dr.
Riverview Association to ' Taks
Action Toward Rehabilitation
of Depleted finances.
A meeting of lot uwua of Kiverrlew
Cemetery association will be - held at
Library hall, at J p. m Monday, to take
definite action toward rehabilitating' the
finances or the association. At a meet
ing; held last week a report was sub
mitted by Strong k. McNaughton show
ing that the fund set aside for the
maintenance of the cemetery had been
depleted and that no money is available
lor operation and upkeep.
A report prepared and submitted by
a committee of. lot owners proposed a
way oat of the difficulty, and action oa
this report will be taken Monday after
noon. Tb plan of the committee pro
vides for the establishment of an irre
ducible fund for maintenance, which is
reoutred by. a law passed in 1882 when
the association was organised and re
pealed by the legislature of UZ1.
It was also urged that a new board
of trustees be elected. At the meeting
last week W. &C Ladd, who had been
a member of the board since the organ
ization 40- rears ago and president of
the board for 20 years, announced his
resignation and stated that he would
not be present at the next meeting. The
alleged mismanagement of the finances
of the--cemetery association does, not
mean that the concern is bankrupt, for.
according to the report. Its assets in reau
property not used . for cemetery pur-i
poses and ta securities held by the treas
urer, amount to more than 8300,000.
More than 10.000 graves are in River-
view and approximately 8500 lot owners
in the association live in Portland. Each
lot owner is a member of the association
and has a voice in its management.
Portland Man to
Brazil Exposition
CoL XVC CoBier, president of the San
Diego exposition tn l15,r who was ap
pointed by President Harding recently
as commissioner general of the Ameri
can exhibit at the Brazilian Centennial
exposition this year, has selected I G.
Monroe, former secretary of the Cham
ber of Commerce or Eugene, ana secre
tary of the Ohio club of Portland, as his
assistant, according to advice received
Saturday by Or. Emmett uraxe or una
dtyv -- -
Monroe left Saturday ror New xorx,
where he will join Collier for the trip
to BrasU. Dr. Drake worked for the
appointment of CoL Collier as commis
sioner general of the exhibit and the
information of Monroe's appointment
was received In a letter from Collier,
in which he expressed his appreciation
for the efforts of the Portland man.
Except Contract Goods
will also be rwady for the creditors q xuspiund. The company owns
WHO aa not join me n-w wnwrmnum m,, St. Francis apartments at 1J3 North
provided Refere A. M. Cannon signs an 1 Twenty-first street. Ausplund stated
order which Earl a Bronaugn, trustee, l h lne purchase as an invest-
has prepared. The non-awwnung crean-1 meat. He also owns the Nob Hill apart-
ors wra not receive the additional PrimenU at 77s Glisan street, and the
cent, dividend from the trustee, how-1 wheeldon annex at 895 Salmon street,
ever. I The Cecelia apartments at 714 Glisan
SIPOkT IS DTjrirD I street recently was sold by Ausplund.
M.htiHi .,.-.- Miat the PromoUon of the 1925 exposition re-
l-l jki. . hn I suited in an acUve demand for apart
rIp.;-cenr"d7nUd by' John --t hou prty jjnd the market
1 wi.i.r atlnni, fn, th IrailaM I " 1
! ii .Ki. ! increasing population of the city.
the non-a-entlng creditor, is said to ' "Tln JJZ
v . . ,-, f h under construction will be completed
yfe'rve, w Urged that th. creditor, be I J summer and plan, are brew-
given their money as quickly as posaiDie.
Both the non-assenting creditor, and
those holding stock In the new cor-
. po ration are creditors of the old Morris
Brothers bond bouse, which entered
bankruptcy ovct, a year ago. On No
vember 18. 19JL the new corporation
purchased the assets of the bankrupt
estate from the trustee, following an
order from Federal Judge" Bean allow
ing the sals.
On December 81 the new corporation
paid the balance of the purchase price
v which under the contract with the court
log for a number of others.
Fred H. Bixby Is
Elected President
Colorado Springs, Colo., Jan. 14. (U.
P.) Fred IL Blxby, Long Beach, CaL,
was elected president of the National
American Livestock association at Its
final session here late today. Blxby
succeeds Senator Keudrlck, Wyoming.
The association passed a resolution sup-
It was not required to pay until March porting the agricultural bloc
1. The trustee was paid Is77.960.55. Tne
corporation Is now paying out an add!
tlonal IJ10.0OO to Its preferred stockhold
er. An effort In bolng made to nave
all the stockholders reinvest their money
In bonds which the corporation Is hand
ling. To date 90 .per cent of the people
who have called for their money have
rem rested it. Ktheridgf. said.
On Jsnuary 1 Etherlwge moved back
Into the Irvlngton home which he gave
up when the old concern entered bank-
runtrr. and which untn recently, was
occupied by Fred 8. Morris. The house
was returned to the new corporation by
liroiiauah when the assets were pur-
chased. Since that time the board of
d.reotnrn has directed Etherldge to take
pmnSlon of the house. '
Winter Is now preparing an opinion for
p.ronNtigh advising him whether or not
the trustee has any rights to proceed
civilly against Morris.
Judge Denies More
Delay to J. W: Todd
In Land Fraud Case
federal Judge R. 8. Bean refused
fkiturday to grant another delay in the
trial of John W. Todd, former superln
tndnt of public Instruction at Salem,
who la charged along with Carlos U
Byron with using the mails to promote
a fraudulent land schema
Todd was tried last November. The
Jury arnultted him on three counts of
the Indictment and disagreed on the
fourth. lie has stnee been reindicted.
Both indictments have been consolldat
d. so he will be tried jointly oa both
Behold, MEN!
The best suit values
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with two pairs of pant?
The iJareloot Trail....
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Ernestine Bchiimann-
Souvenir (Drdla)
Frits Krelsler
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v Krelsler)
Frits Krelfler
Romance (Wlenlawski)
J a nc ha HeiXets
Sing Me to Sleep
Carry Me Back to Old
Alma Gluck
Lullaby from Jocelyn..
(Qodard).. Alma Gluck
Between Aider and Morrison
RubbEr In
Flexible waterproofing for textiles,
leather, ete. Colors gray, khaki aad
black. Tor ante and track tops,
sportsmea'a, fishermen's aad loggers
clothing aad shoes. la evart aad
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The Patterns Herringbone, Plain and
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The Fabrics All-Wool materials in Chev
iots, Cassimeres, Finished and. Unfin
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