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    J -r ey. u feature page t . v - v yNr5ifV;V . r ' S 3 B
, THEjJOrHiL, WUUM U.rmr. I, y ? r Sf- V- T : .. MX X jl V'f V" ''-v": ' . -'---. I H
! SEATS IN NEW Fog BIanlce 0 North. --iT?- ' - ARE SLOW IN Plliliii ip- . nri-i-
1 1 i i
Lloyd George and New French
Premier Holol Conference, but
; "Unable to Come to Agreement most place. Snow hu failed Intermlt-
Tbe Dalles, Jan. 14. The ninth week
or winter weather began today. Eight
weeks sgo today the city was paralysed
by the snow storm and the ground haa
been white ever since, and In the up
lands there Is still a toot of snow in
tenUy erer since, and with the exception
of seven days the temperature has been
'liberty loan Act forbids Such Gossip Has it That MayorB
Use of Funds: if Bonus Is Vot- George Kelly, Sen. Patterson, 1 Issue Before oonterence, ue-
'ed, It Will Levy Direct Taxes. C. E. Gates Seek Governorship spite Opposition of 'Japanese.
Two Statesmen! Will Not Meet point for the daily Sales Tax May Supply Funds; Re- McArthur May, HavteXom
' ' . .!! r i.i..-lmutv tti ba. ba imdera nnhiioane Toi FUrfinn Males with Manricfi CrumDacker and Vassal State and Assert Oues-
Agaln Until Pincare Completes
Cabinet TasWMay End Today.
By Webb KIDii
tattod tfm Wuifl CorMponW
rarls. Jam. It Tramler DeslcnaU
Polneare toalfht aasounced he had defl
lUty fUled tour pkees In bis cabinet
which Is f replaos the fallen BrUnd
tnlnlrtry, and that be expects to com
plete the cbeoslnc e the government by
tomorrow morning. Tbs places definitely
filled are: '
', H. bfanoury, minister of the Interior.
X. Bartbou, minister of Justice, vtce
president of the cabinet and bead of the
administration of Alsace-Lorraine.
M. Pe la Betyrle, bilnleter of finance.
M. Maginot, minister of way and pen
, stoas. ' !
Uoyd Oeorge and; Polncare the one
standing for a. snlted, reconstructed
Kurope. the other f dr a Fteqch nation
alist policy somewhat narrower met
tonight U see what eovld be Saved from
the wreck of the Canoes conference.-
Th irwxtlng of the British premier
and the rrench statesman, who probably
will bead the next French government,
'was fraught wttb tremendous posslbUi-
- ties. . A serious dinftgreement between
; th iw would tmfarU ail Europe.
Uord aonrm aukd oiiware-.were in a
- prrratw conference for tialf an hour at
the British embaMy this evening. It
.was announced thai beaause the pro
yawl Polncare government bad not been
' formally established.: the French leader
and the British premier were unable to
erne to any dennits decisions.
The tws statesmen discussed various
Franeo-British questions which are
ponding. Including the proposed defen-
sive part. Uoyd Oeorge. It was undr
teod. found Polncare much less dls
posed U agree with his (Uoyd George s)
(OMMtadid ea Pase Vest. Celeste Thraa)
This week the dtr has been under a
fog blanket, with a freesing wind out
of the northeast which has permitted
no thawing at all. Numerous accidents
have occurred from people falling upon
the icy stdewalka. The snow has turned
to a treacherous bard blue ice, which
looks as thougtt it has coma to stay un
til March. -
Skating enthusiasts are Socking to
the Columbia river sloughs which are
safely frosea to a thickness of several
inches. " -
publicans Feel Elections Make
Some Kind of Bonus Necessary.
With Maurice Crumpacker and
Walter Lynn Among Others.
Vassal State and Assert Ques
tion Has Effect on All World
By David IawxsBCS
Ooprricfcttd 1922. by The Joarnii.
By Carl W Groat
United Pna BtafX
' Washington, Jan. v 14. China wffl
I mand of the Far Eastern conference the
abrogation of Japan's tl deraanfli
115. :t ,.
In " the face of manifest efforts o
sidetrack this issue, the delegation ; let j
lit be known through an official state
Mate Karaman Hit in Attempt to
Cross in Front of Train at
Capitol Hill ' -
Out through the fog of uncertainty
and conjecture which wraps . "Oregon's
Washington, Jan. 14. All Idea that the J political situation round about, on por-
American soldiers will be paid a bonus I tent gleams stronger and brighter as
out of the proceeds of the allied w tta days go by: the fact that a newly
debt may be abandoned. ' - : coordinated force of unknown scops and
' There win be bonus paid, hewever. J power la entering into all political cal
but It win be raised by direct taxation, j cations and may be of compelling m
President Harding announces tnav ne i bfore the Drimary and general I ment of Dr. Chung Hul Wang, delegate.
favors the enactment or a Donua iaw gittona have oom,, fcni gne. tonight that the Chinese will not keep
and that he will not oppose a. sales tax cjiaatea, for governor and for their peace on" this Issue. .-.
as the method of raising the money, go, especially, are feeling 'its These demands. which China was
Whether public sentiment will approve breath aDd touch, aU. or nearly all, forced to accept because of Japan's ulti-
anotner tax unpoaiuea ';r"' I are hoping to take hold of this Invisible matums, virtually make China, a vaasaj
matter, but wepuoucan JZZ hand and feel its drawing power. I state,, ber delegates claim.- . . -
, t . , .. . their opposiUoa- to -diacuBsiom of their
b- grated Patrio eties t deinaJld,wf . - r f ..
America, that, in substance, is the offl- ,TT ----', '
clal designation of this new force which, "HAT. CHLSA WIU-UT
like the waves of the wireless, is reach- The Chinese win place tham stjuarely
i i. Muintiai to success in the fall elec
tions that they put the measure uirous
and they plan to do so within the next
few weeks.
vstimii nhatsAles have arisen to pre
vent the linking up of the1 bonus with I
ti mwMd. or the amea war owu vw
ia th fat that tne onsinai uioorur i
i loan acts provided that any payments
ing out. Into the highways and byways before the conference and -will say tn
of the state, gathering the clans together substance, j
for the batUe to be waged. How far This Is no mors a two-power affair,
it reaches, or will reach. 4s a. guess ; how it affects the whole world. It shuts the
.V1mM A Va whAv A imtafl .VUV mmmm 1 tW.
1 - II T r . mnnmw- mnf I "'i'pullJl . ww wA umi. ivmmiv UUW iUT . WIUU1 JVU WAJQ
Vats Karaman. said to be a farmer of maae on me pwjii JYZ I counted' 1' wren but. tne nou-l have declared and for which the coai
turdUfteruoon at Capitol Hill sta- ltly- P 7t r'' wbsu I mo5tl Chin virtually, vaawa stats. And tt
- S
j Secretary f War Putters Around,
fni Asks Irrelevant Questons
About Muscle Shoals, He Says.'
Meanwhile Fertilizer Trust and
Wall Street Deluge Congress
With Lies, So Ford Declares.
By Xsrbert W. Walker
erty loan bonds and . totest reon waHing.
. i mI. limit, mrwkmn wm mi I . .
uuu. . ,. oiona -artiifth hv been aiscnssea I " ,. -3 tw a '
tmntMl tn run across the Oregon iiiec- I " " r . -r. v,i w i muun lap ww,i wrs jiio x iuji w
SittaclS in front of limited train No. ;S;S"SraS to .A.L ,
is. m-rthbound. from Busene. . r - 1 w ,v",uu
: . , . niBi-H wbtd to kw uiwHbSH w w--- -
Aocording - to tamw vy r new i - - - f -yon the lAh-
erty loan tM of September 191T. hd
and fori
tOnachxVvi ea.
a man ana inree onuareu w WOuld compel the: federal government
nessed the accident. PP.Y to kwoL the American people
ently believed the limited to be No. . I iLY. ZnJTtyi taterest on the
Liberty bonds, but the principal as weU.1
a rnktien stind now."
mnt hr most annuallr provide about
$350,000,000 to pay Liberty bond holders
is due them, wnere
the local, which iouows ue iniw
closely and arrives In Portland 10 min
utes later.
Wright had about four pounds of air
In his brakes to hold the heavy tram on
th TnA ha Mid. a.nd had lust whistled
to warn children playing near the track th-interest that
when the man darted from the shadows
Mid &ttMBDted to "beat" the train. He
had just reached the tie ends when the
train struck him. hurling him to the
ground between the tracks, which run
double at that point.- The force bent the
iron handle on the front of the car.
touches the 'equality of opportunity lor
rore l en nations in cnina. - -: .- ;
Having said this,: the Chmeaw VQt do
what -they can Uo persuade th sthet
poweiw- to take up ths . . Question ' hers
and give relief.- : Japan will object 'to
the consideration of this topic here, hold-1
ing It foreign to the business - ef the
confsWncK v
Indies ions are she will have British
backing unless the British take a dlf-1
Waahlngtom; Jan, li Banry rord bare
tonight struck bsA vigorously at the
forees which have beM se iking to prw
Ivent his acquisition of the great hfuscta -
Shoals nitraut projeet. ,
lttt'"f th Tertniasr trsst," the
I power and chamk-al interests ef Wan
street.- ana ecrscary es war wwn.
Ford left and Implied the uml that as
would throw verboard bis lor tne.
Muscle Shoals plant If a final setuanMBt ,
en the matter were oeiayea mncn longer ,
by "irraltvaat Question.- ana VT guv
ameat agents -puaartag aiwwa.7
-Aftss atz months ef eons Idwratles
of oar offer. Secretary of Wax Weeks Is.
ftffj asking what apar te sae as
ralevant quesdoes and eelaytag Ctoal eK
tl ant ea this saauer," Pord said. "We
did. not want Muscle gsesis cor aamsn
trpeeas in the nrsa ptaoa, uangea
tt we oare very-saucn wnsxner e an
I we get tt now."- - -
Ta automooiis mauzsABrer-anappos
the govern-
News , Index
J'a e,.L' t- J r"nnTfA 1 ferent course than they have pursued In
dy. Sunday Journ Complete Inl pnta mmta. holding that a
Eight- Sect Ions fc.
Editorial - .
Section 2, Pag 2- f
" . -1 'J
New Zealand Paper
To Pay Cole Leader
Damages for, Libel
Colonel John Leader, who has been lec-
Mevla. lriVondr2r Town." Suffers turlng for the EUllson-Whlte Chautauqua
CAldf nonUBr IUWII OUIICIjln Atra,a Md Nw Zealand. recenUy
$250,000 Damage? Wires Are te,iffaSS l
Down j Reports Meager. ir.ZJSZr1.
court granted him the privilege 01 uiciai
is that monev secured? By the Income
Ux, corporation tax, and all the, otjio' DUand i toi -- Gold Mineni -Btrik-feectJan 1.
levies of the new revenue act. Keliezi p, 3. . . : : i - ;
. HsUonal n :
tOonclnted ea Pass ZScht, Obhnna Ponr) I Kevteny ' ToU ' Held Dunnetul Seetioa
. 'Pate 1, t
Aoxtria'l Premier I Prohibitionist Section
Pace S.
Biiby Beads Iirmtoek" Men Kectkm 1, Pace S.
Ford Prion to Be Gat Sealion I. Pace 2.
Police Find No One to Jasiuagi Soctioo 1
"treaty is a treaty." however made, and
that "we must deal with facts, not dis
appointments and. regrets." '
Meantime the final draft of the naval
(Omchidsd on Page Povr, Ooloana. Pear)
'Gov. Olcott Urges
Law and Order Be
January 22 Topic
We didst make the gtrraraesent a
selfish prepeeitton-A was aa Industrial ,
philanthropy which we emcres - as af
ter casea ee eesire w gram aw
he eentinsed. 'And yon can
tost say that every time eecreury ef .
War Weeks gets us down again to- set--
Oe trrelevas points ta this prvposiuoa
hTl rt i vwm barganvThis Is net
A poUUcal toAUer te be jockeyed and .
toggled abooU-why dont be take or
leave It Let him say ys er no ss he
would to n .privs.buemess tnattor." .
rord then charged that toe interests .
I opposed te. him have deluged 00c gross
with lies and iiilanpreesntetlnwa on this .
proposition, and announced sis intention
to -force them to prove their statements'
before eommlUeee ef congress Be
la Ut axzacn ea gov
End Conference Section
Jury Asks to Be Discharged Be
cause of Deadlock but
Judge Refuses.
Gain to Beetcn Section 1,
tmnas, Trias, Jan. 14 TJ. I The
fire at Mexla, Texas, the "winder oil
town." was nndr control tonight, 'with
damage estimated at (350,000. according
to meager reports reaching the Western
Vnlon over a crippled wire.
Earlier in the afternoon It was report
ed that two whole blocks of the town
bad been destroyed sad that the fire was
'anreadlng rapidly. Cenununieatlon with
th taw a la voor. f
Aiexla is the center of what Is credited
'with being the largest developed oil field
Dm Mouthwest, Martial law was de
clared there this week by Governor Ncff
of Tax as. who sent stats troops and
. Veaaa ran sera to Quell what waa dclared
So towlaawnees as bad as that in the
eld days ef Nome and the Ml gold camps.
Ing to the weekly an apology which It was
ordered to publish. The libel suit was
ifiitinind after the weeaiy auc.ea
Los Angeles, Cat, Jan. 14. (U. P-
Falling to fix the guilt or Innocence of
Colonel Leader, branding him as "ton- Arthur a Burch after 80 hours ddlbera-
postor sna stating ne n
in the BrlUsh army. Mrs. Leader said.
Salem, Jan. 14. In an open letter to
the people of Oregon today. Governor j
Olcott, asks that Sunday, January 22,
be observed as Taw and Order" Sun
day at all meeting places and In the
, "The idea of this day," the governor I
. . " . ! explained, "is- to bring more strongly
commonwealths the sacredneen of our
constitution and. our laws and parti cu-1
larly of our federal Constitution. I
trust our people will pause on that day
lane enough to give due consideration
to the value and meaning ef oar Institu
Wool Grower
Pass 2.
St&aiieki Hot
Pase . ,
Orecoa Gtj'a Grand Old Man Couapeat Secbeo
1. Pace 6.
, Caecfcimaii
1. Paco 10
Report- of Recent $15,000,000
Hammond Deal Revived; Party
to Inspect Mill-Site. v
Eailway Equipment
Certificates Sold!
Washington, Jan. 14. (I. N. S- The
War Finance corporation announced to
dar additional amies of railway equip
ment trust certificates totalling $12.
SMOO. The total amount of certifi
cates sold by the government to date Is
Hon. the jury in the Kennedy murder
trial was ordered to cease debate and
retire at 10 o'clock tonight.
The Jurors were locked in quarters re
served for them at a local hotel.
They, were notified by Judge Sidney Morm Broa. Ma
Portland Tooth Arreated Section 1, Fac 10.
Water, Bights Sought Section 1. Page 11.
Giffiam County te Aid 'Highway Section 1
Pace 11.
Bojr Baca Bear Section 1. Pace 11.
Cooperation an Highway law Asked Sectioa 1
Paca 13. 1
Latneld College Gains Section 1, Page 13
CeaaetiT AwociaUoo : to Meet Section
Pace 3.
Todd Cue to Be Tried Becnoa 1. Pag .
Payment Section 1. Page I
i' tope 'and -wests. 'Oetaartnc tnax ne
oflerlng the goveramanc more sau-
, . a- v.
Postmaster Qeneral Accepts High-
Salaried Position; Successor
:u Discussed. "
Boys 8L Francis Section
-Section 1,
at -t H H H t
Splendor to Mark His Burial
N. Keeve tnai ne wouia receive a ver-1 tjt. 1,,
diet irom tnem at any ume tomorrow, i . 3.
He had previously refused a request to 1 Ctnreh Federation Qeets SecreUry
discharge the Jury. A hopeless dead-1 Pace S.
lock, however, was forecast. The count I Hardware Mea to Meet Section 1. Page -
was ssid to stand 11 to 1 for conviction. I loo Company Salt Dismissed Section 1. Page 6.
Burch is accused as the Perpetrator 1 Knltaomah Chn Team Defeated Section 1.-
of the "death trap" murder at Beverly I Pace e.
Glen, which cost the life of John Bolton I "Clean-op" Week Set Section 1. Page .
Kennedv. I Work of Late Artist oa Exhibit Section 1.
Mrs. Eva DeMott, one of the 10 women I coatsnmity Cheat Woraera Ttainhw Section 1,
Jurors, was said to be tne one who was I pM, g
holding out Mrs. PeMott throughout I hnproronenU to Be Postponed Section 1.
the trial, by her questions, evinced sym- i p g.
P thy for Burch. - 1 Ltbrarf Staff Chanced Section 1. Page 8.
Interest in the reported sale of prop
erty of the Hammond Lumber eompany
In Oregon and California to the Long-
Bell Lumber company of Kansas City
for $15,000,000 was stimulated Saturday
by the announcement that R. A. Long,
aeoomsanled bp a party ef officials of
the Long-Bell eompany. would arrive
(N1 HAft AAA a. n il nere- eany nunoay norum.
S 1.8 00.0 00 tO Get h0 th6 made at the
Hi XU J WjV J J V f A J vi hotel jj ( 'was reported that
Lone and his associates were en their
ay to Kelso. Waah to Inspect went
aider way on a new lumber mm and
V By atayniend Ctopptf
' - TJaitad Pre Staff
Washington, Jan. 14. Will H. Hays
tonight announced his. Intention to re
sign an postmaster general and become
the Judge Landls of the motion picture
Hays probably win leave -tne cabinet
on or before March 4. His. resignation
will . formally be handed to the presi
dent, who has agreed to accept It as
be executes his contract.
An the details ef Hays new lob have
.. . m I flflt BMB Mil !!! DU L D. 171 uutuij WU
Chicago. Jan. 14. TJ. P.) Mrs. Edith townstte on tne norm nana ot i - - -- lmnnrtD. Muri-a whlrh
Rockefeller MoCormick. former wife of tombln river at the nontn 01 ine uow- --TJT ' . .Ln,,,.
i .Mrs. McCormick Pays
, $1,800,000 to Get
Old Family Mansion s
Aaarmatrr of P. S. O. Section 1, Pace 10.
Story of Oregon to Be Told Sectioa 1. Paca 10.
Honolulu. T. II, Jan. 14. fO. P.V
Thousands are gathering here today, tor
.the funeral ef Frtnee Knhlo Kalanl
anaole, ' delegate te congress from Ha-
V When rrinceKnhio Is buried here to
rn orrew the last of Hawaii an royalty
will be tn Its grave,
A great stote funeral eomprlstng en
edd mixture ef the 'old end the new;
Che democreUe and the aristocratic :
paa-anlan and Christian rites, with the
end note ef Hawaiian romance fast
dying dominating It all, will mark the
. burial ef the link between moearehlal
Hawaii of the old ind Hawaii ef to
day. .
High navy, armyasd ervQ offlciaU
will attend Sunday's ' oat emool ea rwb
, hi ng elbows with the natives who re
' knembered Kuhle as the gay prince who
belpwd make the (rye4 paJaoe end the
t royal notei pieces onunioia gaiety.
.'' rourteea , high chiefs among, the na-
tlvea will set as pegbearere.
Since the death of Kuhlo a week ago
the body has been lying In state at
Kawalahae church, surrounded by the
symbols of ancient and royal splendor.
Priceless feather -kahin and -laou
sticks" to drive away evil spirits, and
feather cloaks of resplendent colors sur
round the casket which lies on a cloth
ef royal purple on , a background of red
and yellow.:
Watchers keep guard day and night
over the casket, changing hourly.
AH day today n constant stream of
people mostly native Hawallans
passed through the etjUrch. chanting and
walling the last tribute or a dying race
to Its last-leader of royal blood.
At midnight ' tonight n great torch
light proceastoir will remove the body
from the church to the throne room of
the royal palace, la accordance with the
eld custom last performed when Queen
Lntukolanl died some five years ago..
It wCl remain at the palace tutu re
moved to the mausolemm. there to rest
with the ether royal dead of Hawaii,
Sectioa 4. Page 8.
oalneat Mewa
Real Batata and Baudinc Section S, Page
Markets Section S. Pace It.
Finance Sectioa 3, Page 12.
MarhM Sectios 1, Page IS.
Section , Pagas 1-4.
Oa the rtnar SMe
The Week is Society Sectioa e. Pages
UdmI Oab attain Beettoa 4. Page .
The little defendant nervously paced
his cell throughout the afternoon; His
round face was frequently wreathed in
smiles, however, and aside from , show
ing himself to be under, tension, he did
not appear apprenensive. .
His father, Rev. William X Burch,
heavy-eyed from sleepless nights, re
mained close to Arthur. -
Madalynne Obenchaln plainly showed
the strain which the Burch crisis Is re
flecting upon her. She is under indict
ment with Burch tn connection with the
same murder.
According to the state's theory as re-1 The Realm of Msalo Section S. Page 3.
la ted to the Burch Jury. Mrs. Obenchaln 1 Trauma! Sectioa . page 1
led her sweetheart. Bel ton Kennedy.
whoee love she feared she was losing. I In ForUaod
Into a trap , at lonely Beverly Glen.
where Burch shot him from ambush.
The murder was committed between
9 o'clock and midnight August S, 1I2L
on a night or steps leaning rrora tne
Beverly canyon road -to Kennedy's sum
mer house in the glen.
Mrs. Obenchaln said that she and
Kennedy were mounting the steps when
two phantom-like figures clothed in
ran anoeared without warnine. shot
Kennedy through the head and faded I
back into the dark.
At p. re. the Jury -went to dinner.
Deliberations wlU be resumed at T :S4
HitnM VfrV-tnf-V tutad of the Inter-1 UtA.
national Harvester company, today pur-1 The Long-Bell company nee large
rhtmri th 1 -ale. Yornt home. The nm I boldlnxn of timber tn the CowUts vSJley
Involved was said to have amounted to I and toe mill .under way near iune win
1 tnn AAA I have a dallv canacttv OI LOogLUoe seea.
...vwuu, - , . t
Mrs. McCormick. It Is said, win con-ITne company aiau iww-w mw-
.v. . vhnd trw tM I matotv SOOO acres ox lane xor a lowneiia
teaching of synthetic psychology. ("JL.T1 we!r f m '"i "T"
the Columbia. Proposed dockage
harbor faciUUes tor the new plant
enhanced by the purchase last week of
a large area of tldolandg from the state
of Waahrnrton.
Reported sale of the Hsmtnand hold
ings In Oregon and cauiornia ts
LonoBen company. , published en J
narr X. were denied at that time by etfi-
14 m. P I The I dais of the two oompeniee. It U under-
all the producers and distributors will
be asked to follow.
Hays salary will Jump from the $12.
000 mark of . cabinet officer, to ap-
nravlmatalv $147,000.
. TtUS Will leave jum m on manna wnvn
taxes ana outer eipeneoe etr paw
about $100,000. His contract
Italy, France and
f i e t v e
Britain itecognize
Obregon, Is Report
la to run
Wobd AlcoM Fomid '
In Seized .Iiiqnor; :
Mens' Bonds liaised;
. - , -; V "V .. ,
Dkacevery by government ehrTSlsto
Saturday of traces or wood sjconot in .
Uqvor eemed from Anton Morris and
Mike Borith eeneea Aana.m wauw
States Attorney rVgel to tocreane their .
ban to $1000 each, Morris, proprietor'
of a north end soft drinn stano. rnr
nlshed his bond. Sortth. who is alleged '
to have aeen an agest lor Morns, ooom -not
furnish bond.
Aooordtng to federal agents wno rao- ;
ed tne place, and who say they have ,
(rarchaaed Uquor Sortth enmea -a, .notue .
In his hip pocket ..that he produced ,
henever Morris encored n customer.
Butchers' Walkout; -
Is OfficiaUy Off
New Terk. Jan. 14V TJ. P- The six '
New Terk meat pecking firme agatoet
which a strike was caned Deoember 10
have been notified, by the district council
of the smalra meted American Meal
Cottars A B nickers that the , walewet
has been, officially declared eff. ft wes .
announced here tonight,
workers were sffeited
TP..I.U t Tarn
u... ,ku tMiirki Kill hfamaih- atota . that engineers of the -Long-Bell
tJI - onnv that RlUaln. 1 OnnnMIT ! nCBUUT ! ubvs uu..
vreauanuviM euu vutw wmmir
mood mills and timber tracts la Oregon
and California and persistent
from apparently an then tic sources Indi
cate aa early consummation ef the sale.
j The Long-Ben Lumber company le
one of the strongest factors In the South-!
em pine lumber industry and the rapid
exnennuoa oa umoaw . an ubbi ovauwe
states has forced the concern to
new sources of supply In. the Northwest.
Theft orbVB Ttirs
France and Italy - had recognised the
i Obregon government of Mexico.
Manuel C Telle, secretary or the em-
I bassy, however, said that be haa as yet
received nothing official Cram tne .Mex
ican foreign office. . ,
Sectios ?. Paget 4-T.
8. Pagas 1-4.
Poatex. by Bueai Beettoa T. Pase l.
I-Tbo Peaoa. hy Bay
ties . Page J. " "
I Ring Lantnert Letlar Setkw e. :
I Sonthern Parliament
Approves Treaty
Government Seeks to'
Eecover $7,5000,000
. Paaw .
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By Hnyden Talbot
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salary of $11 .a .week would not cover.
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young men sned .tears as taey
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thatr mother Xa. Oe - seen a
tbtog, and one upbraided the govern
ment for paying such smaa ealariee. -
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straiur was asked.
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can te help ber eat eC this.- declared
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A. Wg siilieawiUle was standing- to
front ed the tiny bowse, from which a
weS greawad young woman had gvttea
eat and had goae erooad te
deer Jaws, before Tne Journal
tanve arrived. g '. - ? ;
. 'HER OWN I-W AY." , an Ensasins Romanes -
Av CHAPTER! . A . DAY':.- - in .Th'e JoCTiiai -Begmnmg-TOMORROW'