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. .. ,' . . : . : : i ' TT - -, ..- - i 1
' i. ' ' ;'(' .
PeYalera Resigns Following Rat
ification of Treaty Between
treat Britain and Sinn Fein.
' Wild Scenes of Rejoicing Spread!
Over Emerald hie as the News
Is Flashed From Parliament
to rr.orLE or Ireland
Th Anclo-Irteti trAty, u fx-gotl-U4
In London, h&a tf main pro
TUtnna follows:
rirat4Ubllabinit of n Irtah
W Htt with ft dominion t&tua.
EaoorvV A rprMntAUve of th
rrown will b appointed to th post
f , tmnwr rnral la mjuvner
BlmllM to Canada.
Thr T). fre aUt'f aJlgi&nr
oath aha II ho to tha tm atate, the
klnc and tha amplra.
' k'our Ta fro atnta, haU liuumt
portion of tba puLllo debt and war
imd1 itura.
Th rural nary 'hall baT ao
to Ua Irian porta. .
Mr rkarto M. MeCaaa
- TalUd fr Haft CnpWfodnt .
XtitUii. Jan. I Tha Sinn Fala parlla
aan ton le Tit mad oeriaia Qi atab
Uahtooai of aa Irlah fraa state by p
prortatr tha poaoa treaty with Graat
Hrltaln r vota of II to 17.
Caavwn d VaWrs, wha had foairht to
th laat ajrainat. tha traatjv taimadlataly
announced hla roalicaaUoa " from tha
prldrx-y at tha Xrteb, rtpublla
Tha Daifs Vota tun a tha culmlna
ilon of a blttar political fight which
split tha , Blna Fain Into two hoatlla
cam pa. It waa not until tha laat mln
ta that tha battla waa woo. Up until
lata thla rvcnlnr many frianda of tha
,traty conceded Ita defeat
To Arthur Griffith and MlchaaV Col
li na. who turned asalnat their former
ehleC. t Valera and lad tha fight for
tha coirtpect, goaa moat of tha credit
- for tha victory.
cftirrrrn flats b taleba
Attacklna Xa Valara during tha de
bata. Orlftilh charged ha formerly had
demanded only (freedom from aggres
sion. Griffith denounced tha "damnable
, ferpoeracy of those members of the Dall
who navs taken oath after oath to the
. SngUah king but who 'now alur our
ratted Vtmm)
The Sinn Fain orgaalsation, which
concluded the pact with Great Bri
tain, was farmed In 1905 for the pur
pose of boycotting all things English
In Ireland.
Arthur Griffith Blener of the pres
ent treaty, was one of the prime
movers in the organization of Sinn
Tha body waa named Sinn Fein
(Shin Fane), which means ourselves
alone," to emphasise the boycott.
The society began lis work by en
couraging the -use Of the Gaelic
tongue lnstoad of the English 1au-
Among the first English things
boycotted were the - toast to the
kino's healOu and the playing of the
prltish national anthem.
Ratification of the treaty tonight
practically brought to an end tha
fight for Irish freedom that baa been
waged for more, than 704 years, pnly
formal ratification of the treaty by
the British parliament Is necessary
before work is begun on setting up
the new Irish free state.
The British parliament baa al
ready unanimously approved the
Friendship between the English and
Irish people craned at the time of
tha invasion of Ireland, credited to
Strongbow, heir to the earldom ' of
Pembroke, and a liege of Henry the
Second. This conquest occurred. In
the twelfth century.
Henry II despatched ' a foroe of
Anglo-Norman troops, under Diarmld
McMurragh, to occupy Dublin. That
city and several other Irish towns
were taken. After this, victory,
Strongbow and . one of .the lieuten
ants of McMurragh, married; the
leader's daughter. He assumed the
throne of Lelnster at his father-in-law's
death in 157L
Henry then went to Ireland and
established DubHn as the -seat of
government The castle has been
headquarters of the British ever
Hugh de Lacey was appointed the
first governor.
Tha first revolution In Ireland
waa In 1798. It 'was almost entirely
directed by Protestants, of whom
was . Lord EM ward FlUgerald. si
plcturewiua Irish leader.
Root Resolution Formally Signed
" and Accepted as a Part of
Universal International Law
Bonus Law to
Be Asked at
This Session
President and Party Chiefs De
cide Matter at Political Con
fab at the White House.
All Nations Invited to Observe
Agreement, Which Is to Bind
'Both Conscience and Practice,'
Washington. Jan. 7. CtJ. P.) The
Root resolution, banning the-use of
gast as adopted by the arms con
ference, follows:
The use in war,-of asphyxiating.
poisonous, .or Other gases, and all
analogous liquids, materials or de
vices, having been .duly condemned
oy use general opinion oi the civil
ised world, and a prohibition of such
use having been declared in treaties.
in which a majority of the civilized
powers are parties:
Now, to the end that this prohibi
tion shall be universally accepted as
a part of international law, binding
alike the conscience and practice of
nations, the signatory powers declare
their assent to sueH prohibition,
agree to be bound 'thereby between
themselves, and Invite-all other civilized-
nations to adhere thereto.
i By Carl . Groat
' I United Prese Staff Comspondont j
Washington, Jan. t. The arms con-'
fere nee today, by unanimous vote of the
five great powers, banned the use of
poison gas as a weapon of modern 'war
fare. .
By Raymond Clapper
United treat Staff Correspondent
Washington. Jan. 7. (U. P.) A sol
dier bonus law will be enacted before
adjournment of the present session of
congress, according to a decision
reached by a White House conference
tonie-ht between President Harding and
administration leaders in and out of
As .head of the Republican parry,
President Harding assembled his most
influential advisers in the cabinet and
congress around the White House dinner
table tonight to discuss ways ana means
for Insuring victory at the polls next
Several months of treacherous saiBng
are ahead for congress and President
Harding's purpose for calling In the
leaders of both houses tonight was to
Dolnt out some dangerous rocks that
must be avoided. -
Those present included tha bouse and
senate steering committees.
The soldier bonus and the foreign debt
funding bills are the two measures giv
ing the president most concern, it was
said. ' - :. '
Unusual political significance -was
given to the dinner by the presence of
John T. Adams. Republican national
chairman, and the president's two politi
cal advisers in the cabinet Attorney
General Daugberty and Secretary of
War Weeks.
Senators attending were: Lodge,
Curtis' of Kansas; Watson, Indiana ;
McC umber. North Dakota and Brande
gee of Conneticut
Representatives invited were : Speaker
Gillette, Massachuseta ; Mondell. Wyom
ing; Madden, Illinois; Fordney, Michi
gan ; Anderson, Minnesota; Darrow,
Pennsylvania and Saunders of Indiana,
SENATOR TRUMAN NEWBERRY of Michigan, who will
appear in his own behalf before the senate Monday in an
attempt to establish his right to a seat in that body, which
is assailed because of the excessive expenditure of funds.
Six Potential Congressmen, Gub
ernatorial, State and County
Nominees Wilt Be -Voted On.
Two Justices of Supreme Bench
and 16 Circuit fudges Will Be
Named; 3 County Vacancies.
One after- another the representatives
of France, Great ; Britain -and Japaa
Robert limmetc- Protestant in tte armament limitation com-
of tha best loved, heroes of Ireland. 'Hs jiftlttee and "gave benstBa?prcef of Jb
Dancing in Public
Schools .to Brine
. ; Protest at Meeting tt a t
organised the revolt of 1798. The pre
mature explosions pt one of his arms
(CoatimMd ea Pace Fear. Cohunn Two)
News Index
Today's Sunday Journal Is
in Eight Sections.
KdltarieJ v
SactioB S. Paca S.
Oregon voters, both Republican and J
Democratic, are coming nearer day by
day to the open season for candidates
that gladsome time of spring when so
many of their fellow citizens hear the j
call of official ambition which, for the
most of them, will end with tha primary
election of Mar 19.
Already various energetic Individuals
are beginning to polish up, or plane
down, the platforms upon which they
Intend to stand while telling the mora
or less listening electorate what Is . to
be done for it or to it according as the
election might swing the one way or the
other. Before many weeks have passed
the ambitious of these ardent individu-!
als will burst forth Into the full bloom of
official announcements, and the cam
paign will be on tn full swing.
Oregon, on May 19 next is to nomi
nate six potential congressmen, two
from each district to head tha state
tickets of the two major parties. Down
in the-First district W. C Hawley, in?
cumbent Is to be a candidate to sue-I
ceed himself. So far there Is no rumor
of a democratic opponent In the field.
nor of any Republican who plans to
Jousj with him tor-the Republican nom-
the second aistnct jnicb; j.
be- a- candidate to succeed
jjq, opposition -p f arvln
in war Third cismct or jauitno-
rx-"::. v.v -.:::.....::::.": f -;-v .... ; - f
i x i j.
v '
. '-" - ' m
s t.
If j ;
icn in
Will Not Be Allowed to Merely
Defend Himself With Prepared
Speech; Must Answer Questions
Considered Doubtful That Sena
torial Croesus Can Wipe Away
" Stigma of Moneybag Campaign
malt county, however, C' VS. , lioArthur
F oral an
Baitta Aikad to Explain Section 1, Page 2.
LaToneUi Twxm risht Section 1. Fmca 2
la hxthe' pnbUofcooJs-W. Port
resolution ct Koot, oarrtng forever the I land will brut? protests Monday from
... . InMvTnlnant totrman anraftovlTia Kafr.a tha
weapons tne vvoria war wrought J-" ePs meeune at he may not be so fortunately -placed. He.
benerernSons. ? MTIO so f ar as known. wUl seek renoxninatlon
oeutgerent nations. . I Announcements to this effect have haea 1 and reelection. He is almost certain, to
nrovii tn tha rSISr.tSI IJtr mailed every Methodist clergyman In have opposition In tne primaries, though
proval to the resolution yesterday. the cltv with the reauest that it be la- who wiU enter the lists against him is
Aivtne nations oi the worhrwfu he serted in the r weekly "bullettn or an- not yet clear. And. U he passea the
asked to subscribe to this principle and j tounced from the pulpit today. I initial test he will very probably have
thus ; definitely establish ir as a cardi- I Kverv nastor haa been reouestMl tn I m,M.t thnnch who this
Complete nal point of international law. Meanri attend and also to appoint one or more I San i. nnt -vat dCnlta.
wnueiue coniereoce is movmg rapioiy laymen rrom his congregation as dele-1 xmons the possible candidates for the
toward an adjustment The treatyf pro- gates. - Sponsors of the ' movement eay J Republican congressional nomination in
viding for the limitation of naval ar- I they have the i promise -of js. prominent 1 te Third district is Maurice E. Crum-
mamenc ana suDmanne wanare proo-1 uicujuuiai wwao -u preaem tae mai-i -g-kg, deputy district attorney. Crum-
auiy wiu dc reaay iuoaaay ior suo- f wiiuguig uu
t -1
.-v.a -a
mission' to the conference and after its
apprOTal will, be proclaimed to the world
I In a plenary session.
BopreBM Coart Eaeenea Award la Botada Case I MAT SETTLE SHA5TT36
Killed in Geara of
nacker. who has practiced law in Port'
land since -1912, was one of the authors
tOonchided oa Pace Fire. Column One)
IQnwIitM an rea Font, Comma Owe)
BeoUoa I. Pace 2.
LaaUaarmeB Attack Tariff Section 1, Pica S.
Saccate for Damoerata Predict Section 1,1
Pac t.
Executive Secretary of Portland
; Council of Churches Accepts
k Kansas City Call.
Artmekla raraa Trial Setl on 1. Fata 2.
I School Boy KOtod ta WIsht Section 1. Page 8.
Ttlecrephio flaib Seotioa 1. Paca Z.
is Otwoehtai Starts Near Biot Seocon 1,
Pace 3.
Voters Dent Go to PoDa Section 1. Pace 4.
Orunllrtattoa of Schooie Section 1. Pace 0.
Mai PaUMcaaa Win Section 1. Pace, 6.
Stasa Driver la Settees Condition Section 1.
The Iter. Ralph C aleAfoe has resigned
ale poaitlon as executive secretary of
the Portland Council of Churches, and
has accepted a call to a similar -poet tton
In Kansas .City, Kan. Tha resignation
waa Submitted Friday, at a meeting of
the executive council of the council In
the T. M. C A-. but was not accepted.
A committee waa appointed to Investl
rate the matter and report to tha execu-
i live committee at a special meeting
ealleel for ft o'clock Monday afternoon.
Tba Bams of a possible successor to the
rv. Mr. VeAfae could not be learned
Saturday night
The Hat. Mr. McAfee haa to date been
.the only executive secretary the Portland
Council of Churches has bad. He took
'ser the work a ban It opened in Au-a-uat.
11. two aad one-half year airoi
Sine that time under hie leadership
tha work haa grown to such proportion
that- It baa attracted nation wide at-
. tatiUon. When the Kansas City coun
4tT rarantlv annllad ta ttor R Onlld.
atlonal aecretary of tha eommlttee onl frtr ?PU" ' ?
Pace ft.
ntltoa of Stats to Mast Seotioa 1. Pate .
Uaao DesHMrasi Talk Horaibtook Seeoon 1,
Put 7.
Dimatlo Chante la Phone Numbera Section 1,
Pats S.
War to B Ufacsd on Kareotio BrO Section 1
Pate 10.
Gtrt Sake Wtth Bias and Turn u Section 1
Pats 2.
Aato Hka fltraetcar Seetioa 1. Pass 2. ad Slayer Cisea 10 Team Section 1.
Pass 4. f
Jtcajoa Day Boaered Section 1. Pas B.
SdU Oparafav Sentaaeed Sectloa 1, Pace 8.
"I'acie Joha" lacaosj Seetioa I, Pass 7.
Ccnanuuty Cheat Colonels Meet Seotioa 1.
Pats S. '
Plana tor Ant? Cams Aaaoameed SactioB 1.
Pars 19.
Cntoe Ptetfta Orders Cart Section 1. Pats 10.
Wtta earn Sasuaoaal for T odd-Trial Soctioo 1.
Mini Maniary Ball Wede Seotioa 1. Pace 6.
lltnvt Profeesor t Tk4t Wart Section 1
Pane .
Vtolftfearie)Oeset RCaTw
Seetioa S. Paee 12.
Siilnm Hewi ,
. Kaal Katato aad Baikiiat Seetioa S. Pats 1.
The Shantung question may be set
tled at any time through the good of-
( Concluded on Page Two, Column Ose)
Grain for Russian!
Relief Not to Go
! By Way of Oregon
Astoria, Jan. 7. All of the grain pur
chased with the (20.000,000 congress has
appropriated for famine relief in Russia
will be shipped to the ports of Wlndau.
Riga and Novorlslik, according to Sen
ators Mcary and Stanfield, who have
wired the Astoria Chamber of ; Com
merce that none of the grain will go
by way of Vladivostok. j
The grain will be bought by the pur-,
chasing commission of the Russian. re
lief administration by , competitive bids.
The Astoria chamber) sought informa
tion in the hope that Oregon grain deal-
Locomotive Crane Willamina Veteran
Heard of Hangings
While in Service
Astoria. Jan. 7. Jerked Into the gears
of one of the locomotive cranes used in
unloading' coal from the,. Norwegian
steamer Hanna Neilaon. Bdward Erick-
eon. . $6, . was .instantly killed -late this
afternoon at the Port of Astoria ter-1 WHlamina. Jan. 1. Among ex-service
minals. Erickson was v tending the I men whose experiences overseas leads
nlggerhead on the crane -when, in
some unexplained way, he -became en
gtea in tne, movmggears. - He is sur-
vtve4 by hia wife and nine children.
V - -
Soldiers Come. From 'Vancouver
to Clash -With Broadway
Dance flail "Gang".
Malady Takes Son of
Astoria Timberman
Prompt nee of boots and fists on the
part of half a dozen uniformed and
plainclothes men from police headquar
ters prevented a battle at Broadway and
Main streets ' Saturday night at 10 JO
between the Broadway dancehall "gang"
and about 30 soldiers from Vancouver
The soldiers came across the river en
masse, drawing canteen checks to pay
their carfare. They came with the
avowed purpose of "cleaning up" on the
gang, which they charged with mal
treating a soldier Friday night
At 10 JO, the soldiers, who had spread
out over the downtown district began
. f i
f'Let Them Come and ' Get , Me,".
Is Diva's Defiant Reply to
Threats of Death.
them to support charges preferred by
Senator Watson of Georgia is F. A. LA
Viotelle, who was a member of Com
pany B, BSth Engineers, In France. He
says that be neard of many soiaiers
being hanged at Is-sur-Tille, where, ac
cording to evidence as reported in dis-1 congregating in front of the dance hall.
patches from Washington, prisoners I The presence of so many soldiers bad
were executed without court martial. larounsed the suspicions of the police.
The Willamina veteran said : I however, and several extra policemen
The war department haa announces 1 were on guard at the door.
that only one soiaier was nangea at i -we know what you are here for." one
Is-sur-Tille. Maybe so, but week: alter I policeman announced. "The Question is
week on Fridays our top sergeant came I are you going to get out peacefully?"
into our Darracas ana toia oi ine scnea- i The soldiers didn't move. They an-
to Vladivostok.
council of churchea of the federal Coun
cil of Churehea of Christ In America, for
a ausTtwn for a aecretary he gave
them . McAfee's naiav . McAfee knew
' aolhlnf of the proposition, nor waa ac
quainted la the alighteat degree with
the work In Kansas City until tha Ofrer
was made.
McAfee came to Portland la Aprft.
Irl. aa reliirtoua work director of the
Portland T. M. C A- after havtna been
ran; to us Work director and student army
training corps supervisor in T. M. C A.
war work Western department with
headquarter at Camp. Lewis.
MeAfee was retlgious work director at
Camp Law la while tha Ute A. M. Ortlley
waa T" secretary there. It was through
Ortrtey that McAfee waa brought to the
Prior ta his war work McAfee waa
vniveraity student pastor at the Univer
sity of Washington, anar prior ta that
; held a similar position at the Univer
sity of Colorado, Boulder. Colo.
i Acceptance of the Kansas City call
' br McAfee Is a distinct Ine to the
Pace Tea, Cuiaaaa ToT
Piaaaoa Seetioa S. Pace lO.
Seotioa t. Paces 1-4. ,
On the Plear tU
Tke Week la Societ? BeoUoa . Pates 1-4.
'i Club A flair Beottun 4, Pain ft.
Tee Raaha ef Maria Seetioa 8. Pate 2.
Paternal Section . Pate T.
aswtteaS Tetsnne Seetioa 4. Pica S.
la Portland Schools Section 2. Pate 4.
Woman Takes Poison
After Domestic Tilt
After swallowing a quantity of poison 1
Saturday night as a climax to a series
o disagreements with her husband, Mrs.
A. H. Smurr. 804 East Broadway, re
covered under the ministrations of a, city
physician. Smurr, whd applied to the
emergency hospital for aid. said he and
his wife had had several quarrels in the
last two months.
Seetioa 2, Pane 5-7.
SeeaHoa S. Paces 1-ft.
"The Psaos By Bay , Bt.nnard Baker Sea
-' km 1, Pare t. ' . -
Bhw Iaudasra Lew Section a. Pate 4.
What Taay Bid at 21 season 2., Pars 4.
Lessons hi Golf Section 2. Pace .
Motor OOinc Srrtasa Section f . Pate 1. -Uaaria
Inteisstiac Seetioa . Pate X.
Beastifal OoM ec Baker (Pictorial) Section 7.
Seetioa t. Pates 1-8.
8eetk 8, Pates l--
Astoria, Jan. 7. A swift attack of
infantile paralysis took, the life of Rob
ert Moores Kinney, 3-year-old son of
t' r uledeckUeparUes- which were to take peared leader They didn't know
just what to da
erator, , noay night. Th chUd was I place In town. "We were all told that
ill but eight hours. Physicians here are I we cooJd go if we wished. I never went
quieting the fears of parents, declaring I for I was on dutv at nieht but many
no reason exists to believe that the easel of the hova who did eo told me about
era wouiu oe aute io maraei some oi i may oe ine lorerunner or an epidemic them.
the cargoes ror trans-lr'aciric shipment
e Must Be Own Savioi
Lloyd George Realizes Fact
Then there was a Gash of slickers as
the police cleared for action, and they
charged. They kicked and cuffed and
struck. The soldiers didn't fight back. The
odds, including the members of the
Broadway "gang." who stood back of
the police, looked too formidable. The
soldiers ran.
The trouble started Monday night A
soldier returned to Vancouver saying he
had been robbed of 120 at a dance in
Portland. Wednesday night four sol
diers attended the Broadway dance. Out
on the street, about 11 o'clock, accord
ing to the soldiers, they were stopped
by a gang from the Broadway and they
were challenged to select a man to fight
with Sammy Gordon, local lightweight
The soldiers said It was Sammy Gordon.
One of the soldiers. Loyd R, Scott ,1s
said to have accepted the invitation end
the other soldiers declare be knocked
Chicago, Jan. 1. (TT. P.) Mary Gar
den wasn't a bit scared tonight by
threats of death made against her, ap
parently by a mentally unbalanced
woman. The directress of the Chics go
Opera company said . so herself.
"If they want to get me they know
where I am." she said, while watching
a performance of "Madame Butterfly"
at the Auditorium theatre. "Let them
come, and get me. Just let them try,'
she shrilled, defiantly, and added her
favorite epithet for the writer "the
While "Our Mary" talked, a private
detective, hired to guard her, walked
up and down outside of her box, two
other plain clothes men, assigned to
watch for her safety by Chief of Police
Charles Fitzmorris, stared at the thea
tre door. Another private guard sat
with her chauffeur In her $12,000 auto
mobile standing at the curb.
Out on Chicago's "gold coast" where
Mary occupies an apartment four detec
tives guarded the four corner of the
block, while a fifth paced a beat la
front of the apartment door.
Misa Garden had a personal confer-
Washington, Jan. 7 -CW ASHING TON
Newberry case approaches) a dramatic .
climax In the senate Tha stage la being;
cleared for the appearance of Newberry
himself, probably on Monday, and upon
the way ha conducts himself, tha re- '
suit Is expected to turn. For Newberry
it will be a trial supreme, a trial both of
nerve aad nerves. He has bean forced :
to speak tn his own behalf, been use
there were too many senator refusing
to vote for him If be read no defense.
He cannot merely read a prepared
speech, which was prepared several day
ago and refuse to answer questions.
That would be aa fatal aa failure te "
speak. H must pass through fire.
As It stands, the result Is doubtful.
Some of tha organ las tloa senators who
have been counted doubtful win be glad
to vote for him to "give him the benefit .
ft ik. Annit " f H-w mmv If ha maVaa a
fair showing. They will not be bard to
satisfy, but there are others who de
mand mora than a perfunctory or even
perfervld geaeral denial. He oruat eat- .
lafy them that be waa aa ignorant about .
that Michigan campaign. feds friend
have oletmeitTbut which the rrtoenc o -copiously
dispute. .,
Tber Is a poaetbtUty that Newberry
will pat oa Vuch a front that lb most
doubtful votes wfU turn la hi favor, but
the Indications are that he cannot do so.
He I not a skillful speaker and be kaa
mod to answer ta tha record. -Tber ke -another
- possibility that be will snak
such na unfavorable Impression that
there will be a stamped away from him.
A fair . estimate ts that neither thing
will happen, but that senators wCl f oi- '
low their predispositions, each senator for
himself, picking mbm reason or pretext, .
as the case may be. for following hia
natural bent on the broad question aa ta -whether
tha Newberry moneybag cam-.
pelgns should be condoned. That, will -
leave the outcome doubtful.
Tber ax other Influence, of course,
such as tha understanding- that President
Harding would Ilk to see Newberry re
main In the senate and the effect opoo
the political future of senators who have
to run for reelection this year. The let
(Concladed oa Pass Tea, Ccrssia Tbrse)
Federal and City Officers Swoop
Down on Section of Chinatown
Near Police Station.
Prime Minister JUoyd George's em
phasis cm the necessity of Europe help
ing itself without depending too much
on - America is looked upon here as a
direct sequel of the Washington con
ference. The British, representatives
Contract Awarded
For $30,000 Garage
- s- " ' I.
Contracts were .let Saturday for the
erection - of a garage 100x100 feet ' In .
dimensions on the west0 side of Four
teenth street between Alder and Wash
ington for A. H. Kerr. - Cost of the there have not failed to keep the prime
minister posted on the Official views of
the American government .and. It Is sig
nificant that in the very first speech
he has mad to the supreme council he
has recognised the practical aspect of
America's position and urged the French
and other continental ; nations to set to
gether on a European plan that will
Fun Wong Hung, TL, was struck down I merit outside' support
ntr &2!LI52 HOOT OTT mS -
Thirty-fifth street The aoddentnoc! ?f ,el1Brtish government was told In
curred at Second and Oak streets. Hung! formally not very Ions ago by Secre-
as taken to the emergency hosoitaL I tary Hoover what seemed to be eseen-
where it was reported his leg- was trac-1 tiIr economic reconstruction apart
lured of course, from tha vital ojoestion of ra
; By David Lewrence
tOepyritnt 1822, by The Journal)
Washington, Jan. 1. Economic reconstruction in Europe cannot come
too Boon' to please the United States government and, while the issuance
of an invitation to America to attend the bi economic conference to be J down nta opponent three times before
held in Genoa, Italy, implies very little at this time, nevertheless opinion I he finally got winded and was pounded
is crystallizing that the real plan for world relief must come out of French 1 Into helplessness by his more experl-
and British diplomacy.
duced military and naval armaments.
Mr. Hoover explained bis views orally
at first and then summarised them In
writing for the British as folows:
structure is estimated at 130.000.
Aged Man Knocked s
Down by Automobile
enced opponent
Friday night there were three soldiers
In the dance halL Just at closing time
they got Into an argument with some
Jewish boys as to the relative yalue of
Jews and sen tiles. One of the soldiers
"Economic recoverv of the ntntM In I came out badly beaten. When they re-
eaatern and anthMutimi inmn imA I turned to Vancouver, the soldiers there
consequently a considerable fraction of I are said to have listened sympathetic-
our own and of world commerce) is de
pendent on each state erecting:
"(1) A balance In taxation and ex
penditure. . ,
,,7(2) Currency" reorganisation and
stabilisation. ,
-W) Wise control of their exports
ana imports.
rj(4) Credits tor reproductive pur
:Tt is hopeless that -private capital wfU
extend credits for exports to these state
u.t iOencloded on Face Six. Catena One)
ally and -sworn vengeance.
Milton B. Macintosh
Violated Mann Act
Swooping down upon drug vendor
of Portland' Chinatown.' federal and'
city officers engineered Saturday night
the second largest nego tinted seizors of
narcotics in the history ef tha Padfla .
coast . Contraband with an estimated , '
wholesale value of $2( J50 was seised. -
Chin Chung- and So Hoo, described by
police aa the two most active and pow-
ence with Chief FlUmorria tonight re-1 "ful operator In contraband drugs on'
gardlng- the threatening letter, revolver I the coast were arrested at Second and -
and box of cartridges which she received, streets, across zrom tn pouo sxa-
Denial was made that she had ever tlon.
received a bomb, but It waa revealed that first step to halt the activities of
she had received many threatening let- narcotic ring In Portland were taken 1 .
ter recently, and has been guarded for month ago. when Patrolmen R. XL Bur
many month a dick and W C Schacfer of the polio
She paid little attention to the other narcotic squad centered their atteoUona
letters, not even reporting them to pub- na Chung and Hoo. These investigator .
lie officials, but It was learned ah told wer reinforced a week ago by a fed-
authoiities of the communications la rrai squad, which Included W. C Mo-
which the writer expressed the "hope of Carthy. Harry Haley, W. V. Morris aad
seeing' ber body floating down the Chi- Brown. t
rrrer soon. SQUAD TO TAKE ALL
One operator nought out the two si-'
leged drug vendors In the north end and,,
posing as a customer, bought cam pies ox
tli druga Then be Informed tha tw '
meet him further p-
buy their whole IM.00 '
worth of druga The two complied, aad
arranged to meet the supposed buyer at '
the Shanghai restaurant.. Second aad
Oak eweeta
Lain Saturday night Chang aad Boo.
appeared and met the officer ta the res
taurant which was crowded. The oper-J.
a tor, satisfied that the two men had
with them the quantity e aarootioa, gave
a signal and police stars flashed through
the room.
Chung and Hoo ar held without ball
tn' the city Jail, charged with violation
of the Harrison act j ',.
Seattle. Jan. . P.) Milton B.
Macintosh, former director of the for
eign trade bureau of the chamber of
commerce, was today fauna guilty on
tbree counts in federal court by a Jury's
verdict of transporting Agnes Campbell
from New York. August 10. 1120. la vio
lation of tba Mann act
Lottie Pickf ord Weds
Mary, Doug There; hsW
Ex-Wife Felicitates
Los Angeles. CaL. Jan. 7. ftT. p.l
Lottie Pickf ord Rupp, sister of Tattle
Mary," - waa married 'to Alan Forrest
Fisher at the First Methodist church of
Hollywood tonight
Those present were Mary. Doug, Jack.
Alice Lake, Mabel Norman d. Al Roeeoe.
Be be Daniels, Chester Conklin. Charles
CanCeld and wife. Harry Cohen and Mrs.
Charlotte Pick! ord mH the mother
of the bride.
- Eddie Sutherland was best man: Mary I "POPE"" ALL HI OH GZADZ
was matron of honor. I Examination of the se!sd aareotSca
A (wedding dinner was served at the disclosed "I ounce of cocaine of Jap- .
Ambassador hotel, after which the couple aMse maaafactare. known as "A-l crys-
left for a honeymoon to aa ua announced taL" and given a wholesale valuation of
destination. t2i.2S0. and IS tin of opium, known as
Ann Little, a picture actress (Mrs. ue "Rooster" brand, made la JaAooa,
Fisher No. 1) sent the foUowing message china, and the best amoklag opium anada. ,
to risher . -I certainly wish you and xb opium I valued at l.0v0 wboisaaJe. .
your new wife all tba happiaea la the ,
ortd. Alan." (OoncSsdad en Pass 7ea, Ccrascarsnr) , .
i :