The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, November 24, 1921, Page 11, Image 11

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    THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1821.
tlatlaatal Omasa mutimt, Itoftlaad, 5oti
bM U b II.
Aaaartras HWtartral aaMrtaMon. FaHfie Coast
braiwh. .fortUxt, Ktwabtr 15 a ad 2f .
WHlaia.Ua Valla Oldvr -Br' entltmn
(T. M. C A.). CorvaltU. itmalM IS la IT.
Onoa Bar naoekiOon. PtwUand, D-punbar.
Imtl Kmmntiam Orwe ChrUtias Cadaster
L'lttoa. Balrra. t'abraarr IS to 1.
rortUad aa4 VWaUr rrUiay rain
aaat.rly wir.a
tb aad WaahtasW Friday rata wat
portion, rala ar anew Mat porttoa; airaaf aowlh-
aaaUrlf gatea,
Haaar, Or.
Htllinca, Moat . . ,
ilia. . . .
H.if'alo. N. T. . .
ChU-aaa. Ill . . . ,
Iww, Colo. . . . ,
low Muiaaa, Iowa ,
Kdaviatun, Albart
l nw, CaL . . . . ,
(aiTOTUm, Tataa
tra. Mont.
. Kaaolniv. T. II. ....
' Jqnaaa. AUaka
kaiuaa City. Mot . . . .
It Aol, C'al. .
Manhfu-lii. Or.
Matlford. Or.
MMtht. Tann. ....
Saw OrUana, I .A. , . .
Sim Tort. N. Y
Nnaw. Alaoka . . . .
Nwtli Waoli
OalaJioaaa l.'IW. Ok la.
I'honU. Aria
PlHarmrf. Pa. ......
fWalallo, lilaao ....
Partland. Ur
Roaatmr. Ur
R.iwll. N. M
Maraiiiii .'al
Inita. Mn
K. I'aai. Mina.
Halt l-aa (.'it J, I tah . .
Man Itt-tfn, ('aj.
Man Cran lwo, Cal . .
!atU. Wa.h
Haai. W aah
wlft ( Alaska
Talixiah H.rxi. YVaah.
Tonnh. N . , . . .
ViIiIm. Aaka
Vinraaitr B. C. . . . .
Walla Walla. Waaa. . .
Wanhliirlin, I). C. . . .
Wllli.ton. N. U
Yakima, uh
a a
iS a o
eg - a o
SO 24 .18
24 24 .44
41 14 .01
44 ! 0
24 22 U
- a -12 0
II It 0
74 4N 0
14 - a 0
I 74 04
1 0
92 2 .01
I 44 .. 0
IK HI .-18
44 8.1 0
-74 42 .02
74 44 0
42 31 .02
.... 0
40 4 4 .54
70 40 0
40 44 0
52 M .14
44 34 0
54 44 .04
48 30 . Ol
74 42 0
no 44 it
.12 84 .22
24 14 0
Ml 3 4 .04
64 A4 0
44 .10 0"
44 42 .24
40 32 .02
4 -14 0
44 as o
14 .... o
40 34 .
48 2H .08
44 44 0
24-6 0
80 20 0
A'tarnxa ratisrt of pracading day.
rhrlatlaa F.adaaror Rally Friday the
lntrmrr!iat .Christian Kndeavor Union
of the county will hold ita flrat rally of
th year. About 250 high school en-tlr-ftvorera
are expected to attend. The
rally mill be at the Flmt Presbyterian
rhurch at 7:45 p. m. Clarence Mlasln-helnu-r.
prenlrlent. and Alberta firtUey,
vic president, will preside. MisaUUdys
Pennington, necretary, will call the rail,
to which the societies will respond lth
yell and society song's. A banner' will
be awarded to the society having the
bent attendance. Miss I'ark Sawyer
will ntng, accompanied by Miss Helen
rarrinh. Kach noclety president will
give a one-minute speech on a topic
pertaining to Christian Endeavor, and
Itsv. Ralph McAfee will apeak from the
topic "Iooklng In and Looking Up." The
rally la under the direction of Silas Wal
lace, second vice president.
Harvest Home Festival The annual
harvHut home festival of the Portland
Metho!lt ' KplscopHl lh-aconess Home
will be held Friday night at the First
Methodist rhurch Sunday school -temple.
All the Kpworth league societies of the
city are arranging attractive booths, and
at the close of the festival the food,
rlothlng and other useful articles in the
booths will be given to the deaconesses
to una In their work with the poor and
needy of. the city.
Hbopard'i Aate ns'i Llae Portland
Aatorta-Hoaslde dlviaon Leaves Port
land 7:10 a. m., 10:00 a. m., 1:00 p. m.,
4:U p. m. Lesving Kstorla, 7:16 a. m ,
11 a. tn.. 10:00 a. 4i . 1:30 p. tn.. S:4J
p. m. and 4:14 p. m. I Direct connections
at. Astoria to and from Seaside sid
Clatsop beach tmlntal Busses leave St
Charles hotel. 204 MorVlson street. Tele
phone Marnjall 431.4-Adv.
i. 5. Teal entng Taylor street dock
Tuemlay. Thursday aid Saturday. 6 a.
m. ; leaving. Dalles Wednesday, Friday,
Sunday. 7 '& m. Fafe, $1. (Telephone
Main 0fl5. Adv.
lavallds aad others Interested in dla
tetkj fcKxla are advised that a complete
line of Ch. Hemlebert's of Paris, France.
pelehralcMl Plabetlc and Dlatetlc Food
Products have been received direct
frofii the Importers by Woodard, Clark
A Co. Inscriptive booklet mailed frM on
application Woodard, Clark t Co,
"Wood-Lark" bolldlpg. Portland, Ore
gon. Adv. '
XlMlssary to Bpeak Mixs Anna C.
Johnson, a missionary from the Philip
pines, will speak at the East Bide Bap
tist church Friday evening; at 7 :45.
City Cls Kseaker Ralph H. Luts of
the history department of Stanford uni
versity, will speak at the Portland City
club luncheon Friday noon in the Ben
son hotel. The members will also hear a
report of the club's 1825 exposition committee.
Wonas Is Arretted Elizabeth Gray.
telephone operator, was arrested by Ser
geant Oelaner's squad at 75 Park street
Wednesday night on a charge of viola
tion of the prohibition laws. Twenty
quarts of whiskey were confiscated by
the police. The house is said to be rent
ed to Victor Anderson, who was released
on 500 ball, according to the police. The
woman was released on $100 ball.
hi t pert It Mate Marion Cluster,
who was arrested on the sixth floor of
the Buchanan building Wednesday
night as a robber suspect is a mute, ac
cording to a report made by the police.
Efforts to make Cluster talk, hear,
read, or show that he understood, were
futile. A charge of trespassing was
placed against him.
Pearl Xeeklaee Stoles A pearl neck
lace and several other articles of jew
elry were stolen from the home of S. H.
Shapiro. 538 East Twentieth street.
Wednesday night while the family was
away from home. The burglars entered
by breaking the lock on the kitchen
Shepard't Aato Bat Line Portland-
St Helena-Astoria division : Leave Port
land 12 p. m.. 7 :30 a. m . 10 a. m.. 1 p. m..
4:15 p.' m. Leave Astoria 7:15 a. tn.. 10
a. m., 1 :30 p. m., 3 :30 p. m., 6 :15 p. m.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Busses
leave St Charles hotel, 204 Morrison
street. Telephone Marshall 4381. Adv.
Held for Larceny Albert Olson, alias
A. L. Dawson, was arrested by ln-
snectors Hall and Welch Wednesday aft-
et noon at 23J Front street, where they
say he was trying to sell a bicycle while
in a drunken condition. Later the bi
cycle was reported by a Western union
messenger as stolen. Olsen Is being; held
on a charge ot-larceny.
Kbepard'i Aato Bas Line Multnomah
Falls division. Leave Portland. 9:30
m., 11 a. m., 2:45 p. m., 4:30 p. m. daily.
Leave Multnomah Falls 7 :15 a. m.. 11 :15
a. m., 12 :5o p. m., 4 p. m. and 6 :10 p. m.
daily. Busses leave St Charles hotel,
204 Morrison street Telephone Marshall
4381. Adv.
Rodent Control Bulletin Ira N.
Oabrlelson,. in charge of rodent control
work of th United States biological sur
vey, is the author of a bulletin just
published by the extension service of
Oregon Agricultural college on "Con
trolling rodent and other small animal
peals in Oregon."
Shepard's Ante But Lines Portland
Hood River division. Leave Portland
9 :30 a. m., 11 a. m.. 2 :45 p. m. and 4 -.30
p.. m. dally. Leave Hood River :30 a.
m., 11 a. m., 2 :20 p. m. and 4 :30 p. m.
dally. Busses leave St Charles hotel. 204
Morrison st Telephone Mar. 43S1. Adv.
Pr Jordan to Speak Dr. David Starr
Jordan will speak at Temple Beth Israel
at the 11 o'clock Sunday morning as
sembly. The service will be in charge
of. Stanford men. The public Is invited
to attend.
Single Tax League to Meet The Ore
gon Single Tax league will meet at 8
o'clock Saturday evening in room A, Cen
tral library. A program of music has
been arranged.
Hotel Beaton will serve Thanksgiving
dinner irom 11 a. m. until 9 p. m.
Music from to 8 In grill and Crystal
room. Usual price, 81.25 per plate. Adv.
Portlaad-Xewoerg Bas Leave Fourth
and Alder dally, 8. 9:30, 11 a. m and 1,
.2 :30, 4 :15, S :30, 8 :30 p. m. Saturday and
Sunday. 11 :15 p. m. Main 3314. Adv.
The China Ian, 153 Broadway, will
serve its special Thanksgiving dinner
Thursday from 11 a. m. to 9 p. m. at
11.00 per plate. Adv.
Portland Tillamook Cadillac Stage
tioyi noiei, daily at 8:lo a. m. and 2 p.
m. Special arrangements made for fish
ing parties. Adv.
Feet Hartt See our foot specialist
X-ray service free. Knight -Shoe com
pany, Morrison near Broadway. Adv.
Areated of Carrying Ann A charge
of carrying concealed weapons was
placed against Nick Karavonis Wednes
day night after he had been arrested
at Fourth and Ankeny streets by In
spectors; Price and Drennen. Kara
vonis had in his possession a .38 cal
iber revolver.
Str. Asa erlea 8t Helena via. Columbia
river, 2 :30 p. m. daily ; 11 :S0 s. Son
day. Alder st. dock. Main 8323. Adv.
Pertlaad-Salem Stags .Leaves Seward
hotel. Tenth and Alder, every bom from
7 a. m. to 7 p. m- Fare, 11.50- Adv.
Salem-Mills City Stage Connects O.
E. trains Noe. 5 and for. Mill City.
Joseph Hamman. Salem. Prop Adv.
Br. Balsa A. Feats a, returned. Jour
nal bldg. Main 4083. Adv.
Br. Karl EaL Lafayette building,
31JH Washington street Adv.
Courtroom Looks
Like Cigar Store at
Testerman Trial
Children With
Parents' Reported
In Highway Snow
I believe there are stfll families, some
of them with children, snowbound on
the Columbia highway. declared Otto
H. Hunt of Walla, Walla, whose car
Is stalled at Multnomah Falls and
who got out himself on the last train
to Portland Saturday night.
F. A, Brown of Wena tehee, whose
car Is at Eagle creek; V. A. Johnson
of Spokane, whose car is at Multnomah
falls, and F. L. Allen, bound for Cali
fornia, whose car is at Eagle creek,
agreed with Hunt
The two men who deserted their cars
at Eagle creek said there were 40 other
cars lined up In the snow. Families had
crawled out and built fires tn the snow.
seeking what protection they could 'find
by the roadside.
Even Saturday night, said Hunt, there
was a telephone call- at Multnomah falls
from Chanticleer Inn. asking- permission
to use supplies from a Haselwood truck
for families who were marooned. The
children were the greatest sufferers,
the call said.
There were four cars at MultnomVh
falls, while nearly a dosen more could
be seen up and down the highway. '
They believed that an estimate of 158
stalled cars was optimistic.
q We Are Agents rot the
Botterick Patterns and
th Delineator All New
E Styles Ara Now Showing.
The Store That Undersells
Because It Sells, for Cash
q Tk T4JW Feetwr. 4
tke ktterkk Pattams Zl
b Prwvic ti Grttl
C. B. Testerman, Albina' grocer and
alleged "fence' for Casey and Burns, is
being tried in Federal Judge Wolverton's
court on a charge df having property
In his possession stolen in interstate
Testerman is alleged to have purchased
much of the tobacco which Burns and
Casey are alleged to have Btolen from
freight cars in the Albina yards.
A small wagon load of cigars, cigar
ettes- and tobacco taken from Tester-
man's store and identified as property
stolen from boxcars, was exhibited by
the government in court Wednesday.
The exhibits took up so much of the
courtroom that there was hardly room
to walk. As a result the courtroom had
a distinctly strong tobacco odor.
Deputy Sheriffs Schirmer and Beck
man identified the government's exhibit
of tobacco as the identical packages
they had seized in a raid on Tester-man's
store on Russell street in lower Albina.
William Ziegenbald and D. W. Palmer,
expressmen, stated they took the same
trunk which the government produced
full of tobacco, from Burns' and Casey's
room to Testerman's store.
Assistant United States Attorney John
Veatch promised the Jury in his opening
argument that the government would
produce evidence to show that 'Tester
man received much of the tobacco stolen
from boxcars In 12 robberies. Trial of
the case probably will last two days.
Ernest Miller, who was indicted four
years ago by the federal grand Jury on
a charge of sending his wife an im
proper letter through the mails, was re'
turned to Portland on a delayed train
Wednesday for trial by Deputy United
States Marshal Harry A. Mclntyre of
Denver. Miller was arrested a few days
ago In Denver. He is in the county jail
In default of $1500 bonds.
fEarn 6
and fhore while
you save
"Helen, there's no reason you can't
do it, too. You know, I simply read
his ad in the paper for a private sec
retary. I'd been out of work so long
that my clothes were terribly shabby,'
and I hated even to apply for a job.
Of course, money was a total
stranger to me. What did I do but
go down to Cherry's at 349 Morrison
and get a classy tailored suit and
some fluffy blouses and the dearest
hat and apply for a position. He was
impressed with my appearance, gave
me the job, and I am going to take
a small part out of my wages each
month to pay for my clothes
. "I hav told each of my friends
about it and I have got a real vote
of thanks from them all. They now
occupy the entire second floor at
Park and Morrison. Entrance 349
Morrison. Take elevator." Adv.
Kalams, Wash., Nov. 14. L. P. Dunn
Jr. and Lillian Sparks, both of Port
land, were issued a marriage license
here Wednesday by Auditor Ray Davis.
aVativK. Hfm ftartann nnwiaaawaaaai
DEC. 1
Mail orders now to Apollo Club, Ab-
ington bldg. Prices : Floor, $2 ; Dress
Circle. 81.50 ; Balcony, center 31.
sides 50c. - So Tax
A Good, Old-Fashioned Value-Giving Sale
1 1098th Bargain Friday
" at aft 4 w . W . arWaai an B
An twent ot utmost Importance to lnritty Choppers
The Second Shipment of Our Out-of-the-Ordinary Purchase of
Women's Outing Flannel Gowns
Just received in time jorJFriday's sale and again- we f
offer you your choice from scores of popular styles in
Amoskeag, Scotch and By low Outing Flannels
At $1.00 and at $1.39 Each
Prices Less Than the Usual Wholesale Cost!
IAsk us about -our easy
payment plan used by i
A Roseburg Mechanic
to pay for high-grade
bonds, thereby earning, I
while saving, the highest I
current income available H
the same as if he paid H
in full at the time of H
I purchase. I
B Take a year to pay. I
8 Smith
H anouMD rvaon CAMP I
H Lunairar4sBviUMNe I
rirrn arae Stabk CO. J
ML wav S7e ww R
rrldsy or f4als-'- November tl
20 EXTRA 20 I
with first tl purchase and S
eeenle atsmpa with the
balance of purchase.
FdiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniii, ,,
Two Days of Special Prices
Take Your Trading Stamps They're
Dolls Reduced
We have only a few of the fa
mous "Marami" Dolls left, they
have moving eyes and wig, at
on'v $4.98
Many Other Dolls at Greatly
Reduced Prices
Ladies' Handbags
Large assortment of L a d i e s'
Handbags; values to 14.50, now
reduced to $7.50
$9.00 Handbags special. .$5.00
4.oo Handbags special. . $1175
Fountain Pens and Eversharp Pencils
Our holiday line of Fountain Pens and Eversharp
Pencils Is comrlete. We sell the following well
known fountain pens:
Waterman'. Conklin'a Sheaf fer's Moore's
Engraved Greeting Cards
See our beautiful assortment of Greeting Cards We
advise early selection.
Two-Day Candy Specials
Sugar-coated Almonds, per 'pound
Assorted Chocolates, light and dark, lb.
Ajrtea -jeny Beans, per pound 19c.
Pollyanna Kisses, per pound 39
Creamed Almonds, per pound 39c
Rubber Glove Special
11.00 Rubber Gloves, sites 7S and 8& 69c
Hot Water Bags
2.00 Two-Quart Seamless Hot Water Bottle, re
duced to TT l to
J oo Combination Hot Water Bottle and Fountain
Syringe; special $2.29
Fountain Syringes
12.00 Fountain Syringe (seamless); special. .$1.39
Star Electric Toaster
This Toaster Is reversible, turns the t6ast Jr A A
without touching, complete with cord 3DeUll-
Palm Beach Bath Shower
The Kenney Needle Bath Shower, fits any tub, no
curtains needed. The 20 Palm Beach CI C AA
model, special at dlOaUU
Electric Heating Pads
They lire a necessity tn illness, a comfort in health
nd always a most acceptable fift, size QfT Qp
I J by 27 Inches, priced ..! 4 eaU
Ingersoll Watches All Kinds
We have a complete line of plain, radiolite and wrist
watches. The 'Yankee,, priced rjg
jf -in am a H
All Discontinued' Numbers.
Pyralin Ivory
Buy Now for Christmas Gifts
Powder Boxes Buffers Hat Brushes
Hair Receivers Soap Boxes Clothes Brushes
Whisk Brooms Manicure Scissors Military Brushes
Glove Boxes Combs Hair Brushes
Jewel Boxes Picture Frames Blotting Pads
Mirrors Manicure Sets Guticle Knives
Trays pin Cushions Salve Boxes
Our entire line of all Electric Heaters now
Alder Street at West Park ,
One of the things to be
thankful for is our remark
ably low prices on high
grade shoes.
112 Fourth St. Next to Hibernia Bank
I y . I. I. v
&DoItNow! c
fjb TT IS not a bit too early ! Start today ,
W- I making out your list of friends to rW
O whom yu want to send Christmas &
l fjjf Greetings and come in and see our
Cash I ZtiSF splendid assortment nf r
an uuu owiwtt "S)J
the ones you want while our stocks are tfp?
fresh and the choice wide. .
Hundreds of Useful Gifts 5j
II Printing Engraving O
r? Na
The Gasco Furnace
with thermostatic control
J "-Almost Human5'
j 44 iMtaDed Last Month
This purchase consists of a close-out of short lines, samples and surplus stock of the famous
"Sleepy Hollow" towns and most women know what this hifh standard stands for features that no
other manufacturer ever attempts.
Full double lockstitch, flat felled seams. Width at hip Just as wide as at sweep. Repilar shirt pit
tern guaranteed to fit, with regular extra sewed shirt placket All gowns are trimmed with nercerlxed
selected wash braids and four No. 1 oversize pearl buttons. The tailored features alone are enough to
put the garment in a class by Itself add extra good length, well worked buttonholes and you have U all
but the cloth. Well, this feature is not neglected. ,
All gowns are made of good striped or white genuine Amoskeag, Scotch and Bylow outing flannel.
These are trade named of standard qualities known to everybody. In reality these are phenomenally
good garments at ridiculously low prices.
Lot 1 at $1.00 Lot 2 at $139
Will Especially Appeal to the
the Prudent Housekeeper
A Wondsrfal Bargain in
AH Wool Plaid
at $10 Pair
Great big fine All-Wool
Blankets that, will wear a life
time the kind that particular
housekeepers will be proud to
They come 68x80 inches
and are of AVi pounds weight
they are shown in pretty
Scotch plaids and are in Fri
day's sale at SI 0 a pair.
Cfoat Half-Pric Sal Japaaa
Lunch Cloths
Napkins to Match
For personal use or for gift pur
pose you'll find this to be a most
unusual opportunity to purchase
these dainty lunch cloths and nap
kins at half-price.
They are slightly imperfect tn the
printing, but otherwise are perfect.
CloUu 45x45-tack. stow at $1.75
Clotlas S4xS4-ncA, raw at $2.13
ClotKs 60x6O-tsicK stow at S2.63
Napldas, 14zl-lak, at 12.00 Dos.
Friday Commercial Wool Batts 1-3 Off
To the woman who would make her own comforters this is indeed an exceptional opportunity to
secure the required Batts for filling the reduction for Friday's sale is one-third off from former prices.
You have choice from fine cotton and wool mixed Batts with or without cheesecloth covering an are
shown in one-piece and full size 72 by 84 inches. QoMtlt.y somewhat limited, so don't delay your
2 Pound Uncovered Batts in Friday's Sale at $1.67
2 Pound Covered Batts in Friday's Sale at $27
3 Pound Covered Batts in Friday's Sale at $333
Women's Fashionable Oxfords, Pumps and Shoes I
Pre-Holiday Showing
Sale of Men's
Four-in-Hanpl Ties
at 69c
Fine Brocaded Satin Four-in-Hand Ties In Urge
open-end shape and slip-easy band. They come In
a large assortment of very bright patterns and col
orings. Don't fall to see them.
Men's Flannelette
Pajamas at $1.69
An important price reduction now prevails on
men's four-button front. V-neck style Flannelette
Pajamas. Neat'patterns and all sizes.
All of Standard Male and All
In Psrfoct-Fittinf Models
In our basement our only Shoe Section we
have arranged this great underpriced sale of
Women's Fashionable Shoes, Pumps and Oxfords
broken lines in standard makes and perfect fitting
models in both black and brown leathers. They
come with French or military heels heavy or
light soles. All sizes in the assortment, but not in
each style. Choice Friday at $3.85.
Unsurpassed Style and Unmatchable Values in
A Closing Oat of Some
40 Desirable
Dress Skirts
Less than the price of the mA
rials alone is all that you pay at
this closing out sale of broken lines
of rJress Skirts only one or two
of a style or color. Most all are
in dark shades. Come early for
first choice.
Women's and Misses'
Coats at $29.75
Fur or Self Collar Models in
N ormandy-V elour and Rivola Cloths
Fortunate, indeed, is the woman or young lady who has
waited until now to purchase a handsome Winter Coat, for this
sale offers unmatchable values in unsurpassed styles.
You have choice from fur and self collar models In Normandy,
Velour and Rivola Cloths. AH are well tailored and well fin
ished throughout and full lined. They come in shades of
brown, navy, reindeer and soryento blue all sizes 17 to 44 In
Fridays Sal at $29.75. 7
Women's Knit Underwear
and Hosiery
Standard Quality, Seasonable Weight Garments
Women's Wool Mixed Union Suits $1.98
Perfect fitting Wool Mixed Union Suits of seasonable weight and neatly
finished. They come in high neck, long sleeve styles, tn ankle length ta
sizes 34, 36, 38, 42 and 44. Friday only at ta above special price.
Women's Wool Sport Hose at 98c Pair
They are fashionable, warm, durable and underpriced. They are
made with seamless leg and foot, reinforced heel and toe, and are shown
in plain and dropstitch styles in brown and green leather effects. Sizes
S'A to. 10 Yt. PrarcLaae at Frldar'a Sale, pay eJy 98c pair.
Women's Fleeced Cotton Union Suits 49c I
For the woman who prefers cotton, these fine fleeced Union $iu will
prove most satisfactory. They come ia high neck, long sleeve, styles tn
ankle length and fit perfectly. Sizes 34, 36 and 3S only. An eaceptioaaj
aloe at Friday's Sale Price.
'.iiininniiiiinniiniiiiiniuiiiiiniinminniiiiiMiiniimiiiiii! niiinininritTiininniintiwnnnirrnniiiiiiuiiiririiiuurjririr-