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OntM hxtar ScbmI iMniektfcm
tenUaa. Salem, .t.a 1 u IT.
iMVil Mistararal aatnrtallriB rrtfW
larsnrB. rarttaad. Kewmbe J end"
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.aw ti(KHi4 enaat. aeeMBpaaM by nct Tain
ht that arum ta atnev oaatrleta that ara bo
H aeftned areas of pw piaanire. th barometer
hawtg relatively h ia eer moat oC the eenir,
tth bisaaat media la Nerala. Preetpitallaa
haa uiiad ta aarUi . Pacific enaat UUa aad
tUnllnc eastward to waalara Montana, tt
la aomea hat warmer ha trta apuer Miauori ralley.
t aomapandlndy eonler la tha ippt l.aae
recta; riaeweer. anl ahSM cnaaaae m ena-
pervtwra vara rarinrted. ,
Ukiet.e hamMHr at Portland: Nana yaatar-
uay. 71 par caat; a p. m. reaterdaj, 1't V
cewli a a. ai. toitai. VX par eeoL
fTeeipHatiaa ain-a January 1 : Total; SO 25
trrKee; surma. IS.St 1 Be barn: deficiency, 2.04
tr.lea. ' i
tilaJl and delaltir: . Monday unsettled.
pn hahty raia; aoatbaejttarlj, winds.
.: ffeiivlar fait tut, unetd weM
rmrUna. probably rain west puftion; lifhl to
a cxl-rare aaatarly wirulv
WmMbm: Hnnday lair east, unsettled w
rnbaMy with rata wet portion; eorjtr eaat
inrtiua tonlcht; Uant l avKkertts easterly winds.
Raker, Or .
HrtM. Idaho
lUMtan. Maaa.
Iiuffaln, . T
t'alcary. Alberta . . .
rhleaan. Dl j.
Fa-arer. Colo.
Iaa Uolnes. Iowa ,
Kreano. Cal
(.aleaatun. Ttfa . . . .
rVtena. Mont.
Honolulu. T. H.
Huron. 8. D
'Juneau. Alaaka . . . .
Kaneae City. MA . . .
Ijm Anclee, Cel. . . .
Manhftrld. r
Wed ford, Or
Memphia. Tenn
v.w Olenna. La. . . .
New Tort. N T
North Heed. Wa-h. .
North 1'laU. Neb .
Mala no ma 'IU. Ukla.
Ihoitnti, Aria. ....
Ilttoburf. I'a.
Portland. Or.
I'rlnra Ruiwrt. B
Kiiaariurt. Or
Ilnaaall. N. it
Narramimto, CaL
Mt, ImIi, Mn
M. I'atil. Minn.
Salt lata City. I tab
Man l'o. t'aJ. . . . .
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Mwrtilan. Wo
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Nriokan. WaAh. , . .
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A4 2 0
8A . . 0
74 4 0
8 70 0
A3 "48 .06
70 84 0
73 53 0
74 58 0
53 44 0
56 53 .12
70 33 0
83 4 4 0
88 4A 0
56 88 0
A3 S3 .04
56 43 .70
53 48 .OS
80 S3 0
80 50 0
70 46 0
4 8 30 0
I AA 4 4 0
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58 54 .18
70 30 O
3 44 0
56 50 .02
64 50 0
58 46 .12
54 50 .ai
60 48 0
52 44 0
aophicU society. 301 Central baUdias.
Sunday at S p. m. by the Rev. Chart e
Hampton. . .
T. X. C. A. War Worker All wen
and womea who served at home or ovcr
eaa in the uniformed Y. M. C. A. d urine
the World war period are expected to re
port at the local T. M. C. A. auditorium
at 12 o'clock sharp, November 11. in full
uniform, ready to participate in . the
Armistice day parade. Such is -the offi
cial announcement made today by Dr.
J. E. Anderson, president of the Bed
Triangle association of Oregon. This
applies to all such in this state and; In
or near Vancouver, Wash.
Saaaard'a as to Has uae Portland
SI Helens-Astoria division : Leave Port
land llp.nL.7 :30 a. m., 10 a. m, 1 p. rn
t :1J p. m. Leave Astoria 7 :1S a. mJ 10
a. m, 1 :30 p. m I :J0 p. m.. 6 :15 nv.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Busees
leave St Charles hotel. 204 Morrison
street Telephone Marshall 438L Adv.
Dab la I Service at the College The
annual session at North Pacific college
haa begun. Patrons and friends desir
ing dental service may now ' receive
prompt a tent ion. East 6th and Oregon
streets. Adv.
Woedlaws Association to Meet To-
ala;bt Wood lawn Improvement associa
tion will meet this evening at 8 o'clock
at Woodlawn school. A full attend
a nee Is desired. ,
Fortlana'-Brewfeer; 1 Leave Fourth
and Aider daily, t. 9 .30, 11 a. m.. and 1,
2:30, 4:15. 6 :30. 6 :10 p. m. ; Saturday
and Sunday 11:15 p. m. Phone Main
3314. Adv.
- Big Daarr, Labor temple. Fourth and
Jefferson streets, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday, this week. Good floor,
good music and a good time. Look for
next week's announcements. Adv. 4
J. W. Teal leaving- Taylor street dock
Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday. .
m. ; leaving Dalles Wednesday, Friday,
Sunday, 7 a. m. Fare, (1. Main 806.
Fortlsnd Tillamook Cadillac Stage.
Hoyt hotel, daily at 8:15 a. m. and 2 p.
m. Special arrangements made for fish
ing parties. Adv.
Salem-Mllli City Stage Connects i O.
E. trains N'os. 5 and 9 for Mil! City,
Joseph. Hamman, Salem. Prop. Adv.
Feet Hart! see our foot specialist.
X-ray services free. Knight Shoe com
pany. Morrison near Broadway. Adv.
Str. America St. Helens via'Columtoia
river, 2 :30 p. m. dally ; 11 -.30 a. m. Sun
day. Alder st dock. Main 8323. AdT.
Portland-Salera Stage Leaves Seward
hotel. Tenth and Alder, every hour from
a. m. to 7 p. m. Fare, $1.50. Adv.;
Dr. Marie Eqnl has resumed practice.
Lafayette building, 313 Washington
street. Adv.
S. H. Grcaa nvManpa Tor Cash Hoi-
man Fuel Co.. Main 353, 160-21. Adv.
held at 8t Tmukv Salea. Bisbop Stunner baa
beca imited to preach tha rmitmnial aenaea
tad will aiao offer apadal pnjea for tint cao
feKnea oa diannainent . '
Semeca at St. Ktcnbana Fro-Cathedral. Hnn
day. Brill eosBmenea aritb holy coBUBBoioa at
7 ai a. m. ail aeniuea will be in eharca of -Uk
dean. Tha BratbeTbood of St. Andrew wiB Bond
jts BMBthly eorporata communion at T:4S a na.
Miai Dapboa Henderson will lead the yoong
people' meetins t 6:30 p. n.
"" tnaarmaaent or Bankroptcr will bo Dr. A.
A Morriaon'a tbeme Bonday mornins at Trinity
Epiaeopal cbarea. The yonna peopie will civa a
mnaieal Brofran in tbe parish booaa 8 an day at
7 p. at. A rictory party will be riven by tue
choir and youns people' society on Thnrtday
Special meetines are beine held each
nieht at the First Free Methodist csiurch.
East Ninth and Mill streets. Walter
Klotsbach. evangelist, will preach each
nignt until November? .3.
n. aa. rrport nf prKTillni day.
Alatnal Clab Formed The University
of fhlrasro Alumni club of Portland was
formed Friday night, at a dinner at the
Ifnlveraity club. Vlrirll A. Orurrv was
alerted pienldent Other officers are:
Mra Kdward U Clarke, vice president;
Joseph Demtnery, secretary-treasurer ;
Mlaa 1 Burgena and Dr. F. K Griffin,
members of tN eecutlve commutes
paaker were nr. Hdward O. Slsson of
Haed college., who was a member of the
flrat graduating rlaaa of the university
and Municipal Judge George Ross man
About 2i portions wore present
The Bible conference at the Swedish
tabernacle will close Sundav with three
services.- Rev. Rudolph Peterson of
Everett. Wash., will Dreach at 11 a, m.
and 7:30 d. m. Dr. B. -B. Sutcliffe of
the Moody Bible institute staff will
Dreach at the English service at 3 D. m.
The revival campaign of Rev. Gustaf
F. Johnson was. a marked success. Over
50 people of au ages came forward for
prayer and many conversions, were re
corded. The church has been refreshed
and will continue the revival meetings
at its Sunday and week day services.
A missionary service under the leader
ship' of the Rev. F. O. George, quarterly
meeting superintendent will be con
ducted Sunday morning at the First
Friends church. Letters will be read
and reports given from the mission
fields. President Levi T. Bennington of
Pacific college will give an address at
night on the disarmament Question.
Music by the Sunday school orchestra.
Members of the Carson Heights M. E
church. Eighth and Hume streets, will
dedicate their new building Sunday
afternoon at 3 o'clock. Dr. W. W.
Youngson will give the dedication talk
and Bishop W. O. Shepard will give a
special address.
The building was taken orer from the Eraa
selical church and haa been remodeled at a cost
of SI 700. The building which the church
formerly used has been sold for a dwelling.
The Rer. George Smith Brown, a student at
Kimball School of Theology, is the pastor. The
Rer. Mr. Blikinsop. associated with the pastor
at school, will furnish special music William
Pinke is chairman of the finance committee
and G. 'E. ffipsword of the building committee.
The Sunday school under ' the superin tendency
of Horace Mann Propst. has been organized into
nine graded classes. The Ladies' Aid society.
of which Mrs. George S. Brown is president, is
planning a bazaar for December 2. The Will
ing Workers' Sunday school class gave a suc
cessful entertainment last week.
Council of Churches
To Meet at Forums
Ella worth Reentering Miss
Gladys Ellsworth. 21-year-old daughter
of Mr. and Mra. J. C. Ellsworth, 215
Haaelfern place, - Is i recovering in St.
Vincents hospital from injuries suffered
In an automobile accident Wednesday
night on tlie- Greabam road. Mlw Ells
worth was. In an automobile driven by
Jack J. PheUn, a North Pacific Dental
collrga student. Vhcme home is In Ev
erett. Wash. The car altldded and turned
ovrr. I'hrlan was uninjured.
Hbeaard'i Alto Rat Lines Portland-Aatorla-SeaaJde
division Leave Port
land 7:30 a. m.. 10 :00 a. m.. 1 :00 p m,
4:15 p. m. Leaving Astoria 7:15 a. m
1:15 a. m.. 10:00 a. m., 1:30 p. m.. 2:45
p. m. and 6 :15 p. m. Direct connections
at Astoria to and , from Seaside and
Clatsop Beach points. Busses leave St
cnaries hotel. 304 Morrison street Tele
phone Marshall 4181 Adv.
ftrapetralt Rat Cat Rates on grape
fruit movlDg from F!orid;i to North Pa
cific coant points wVll be reduced from
12.79'i to $2.2H. ccordlng to notice
reeclved by the local freight office of
tha Union Pacific from II. M. Adams.
vice president in charg of traffic. This
lower rate was proposed by the trans
continental lines some, time ago, lut the
Houtbern lines refused to concur. Ad
ami haa Just Obtained the approval of
the Southern lines and the new tariffs
will be published as! soon an possible.
Shesara's Ana Bat tlaea Multnomah
Falln division. Leave Portland 9:30 a.
m., 11 a. ra., 2 :45 p. in. : 4 :S0 p. m. dally.
Leave Multnomah Falls 7 :15 a. m.. 11:15
a. m., 12 .55 p. m.. 4 p. m. and :10 p. m.
dally. Busses leave St Charles hotel.
204 Morrison street Telephone Marshall
' 4311. Adv.
Salary aad Boa as Paid A civil service
examination for position of messenger
boy for the public health service will be
held Jn Portland December 3. A salary
of $600 and bonus is paid. Further In
formation may be obtained from the
civil service commission. Fostofflce
Shepard'i Aato Bat 1,1a Portland
Mood Hlver division. Leave Portland
9:30 a, m . 11 a. m . 2:45 p m. and 4:30
p. m. dally, Leave Hood River 9 :30 a.
m.. 11 a. m., 3 :20 p m. and 4 :30 p. ra.
dally. Bussea leave St Charles hotel. 204
Morrison st Telephone Mar. 438L Adv.
frets Clab to Elect Members of the
Portland Press rlub will ballot Monday
on officers and directors for the coming
year. The polls will be open until 7
p. m. James CasaeQ Is the only nomi
nee for president.
Talk oa Dreams "The Mystery of
Dreams" will be the subject of a lec
ture at tha rooms of the Portland Theo-
The Portland council of churches
through its department of social
and Industrial betterment announces
a program for a public forum
lo be held on Sunday evening
at 8 o'clock in room A of the
Central library. The subjects for No
vember deal with the conference on the
limitation of armaments. November 6
President Richard F. Scholi of Reed,
college will speak on "The Limitation of
Armament ; November 14 -Dr. Edward
O. Slsson .of Reed college wlH speak on
"The Educational Ideals of Peace" ; No
vember 20 Dr. J. O. Miller of the Uni
versity of Oregon will speak on "The
Economic Aspects of the Limitation of
Armament," and on November 27 Rabbi
Jonah B. Wise will speak on "The Value
of Open Diplomacy." The forum is open
to the genera) public. The audience Is
invited to ask questions after the ad
Evangelist Dickson
Preaches Closing
Sermon on Sunday
Evangrtist Louis K. Dickson, who for
number of years has been holding-
special services in Portland, will preach
nis closing ermon bunday nitrht In
Women of Woodcraft hall. Tenth and
rsyior streets. His subject will be.
"Hugging Hell's Hatches." A special
musical program has been arranged for
this service under the direction of Prof.
1. C. Colcord, who has directed the music
in the Dickson meetings.
Dickson is leaving Portland in re
sponse to an urgent call from Los An--geles,
Cal.. to engage in evangelistic
work in that city. He .s planning to
leave in about a week.
Since the spring of 1917 Dickson has
been pastor of the Central Seventh-day
Adventist church, of this city and has
engaged in special evangelistic work be
side his regular pastoral duties. The
past year and especially the past sum
mer season's work has been the most
successful since hisarrival in the city.
Surrounding himaelf with a number of
Bible teachers and singers, he has seen
many converts led to membership in his
church as well as the other six congre
gations or tne bevenin-aay Adventists
in foruano.
a It is with much reluctance, he says,
that he has decided to leave Portland.
but owing to the need and the urencV
of -the call which has come to him he
feels that the time has come when he
should make the change. He leaves be
hind htm a host of friends.
Rer. Ralph c. McAfee, executive secretary
of the Portland Council of Churches, will occupy
the pulpit of the First Methodist church Sun
day morning. He will speak on "War, Peace,
and the Church." In the evening Dr. Edward
O. Swson of Reed college, chairman of thr-
department of international justice and goodwill
of the Portland Council of Churches, will de
liver an address on "The Whirlwind and the
ti hmau Voice." Special music at both
Mrviees by the large choral choir. The annual
father and sons banquet sponsored by the
Men s club, will be held Kriday at 6:30. The
principal addre-3 for the fathers wul be deliv
ered by E. T. Gruwell, followed by a short
address by Edward I Clark. . After this
number of the smm will soeak. A ttiiiru-iI nm.
gram will be rendered nnder the direction of
Dr. Roy A. Prudden. One or two interesting
bluuus win ue Biageo. Tickets 00 cents.
The music at Centenary Wilbur is attracting
attention. Much favorable comment Is heard
concerning J. M. Muir's 15-minute organ re
cital, preceding the eveninz servic. v.vt Sn..
day will be Disarmament Sunday, "and in the
luuimua it. iixriea juacuaugney will speak.
in me morning the quartet will sing "The
Lc-t Sheep" (Schneider) f and Maldwin E. Evans
will sing Bach's "A Prayer." In the evening
the chorus will sing "At Evening Ere the Sun
Was Set". (Turner), and Mrs. 3. t fi, n
ng Dvoraks "Hear My Prayer, O Lord."
Members crowded the church auditorium
Wednesday night for the reception to the new
The weekday church school for primary and
junior children at Centenary-Wilbur Methodist
Kpiscopal church began last Wednesday. Chil
dren from the first three grades begin work
shortly after 2:30 p. m. and those up to the
seventh grade at 3:45.
Fifty-two men and boys attended tbe first annual
iatner-and-son banauet irivn in i.n.nin xt.k
ist church last night. Women teachers in the Sun
day school served the dinner. The principal address
? ETen Jy ,U V- Jenk". chief of police.
The ipworth League cabinet Is preparing a se
ries of meetings for "W'in-My-Chum" week
November 13 to 20. An appropriate "Peace
Sunday sermon will be given Sunday morning
dj mo pastor. tev. w. . Byars. At night
uis oc-vuuu wnoon in me series on uunstan fun
damentals will be D reached. Th cr.rH. !i
babies and their mothers will enjoy a party in
uib unurcn next xuesaay irom 2 to 4 o dock
Mij Gertrude Espey and Mrs. Ernest W. Peter
son are arranging the prosram
Sunday nighj will be travel night at fipworth
Methodist church. Principal S. U. Downs nf
the Blliott school, who- spent the" summer in
-ew ieaiann and Australia, wul give an illus- 1
trated lecture.
'The Sew Heaven and the New Earth" will
be discussed Sunday morning at flinton-Kelly
Memorial Methodist church by Rev. E. 8. Mace,
pastor. The three divisions of the Sunday
school will meet at 9:4 5 a. m. and Miss Marian
inomson wiu lead tne fcpworth League. The
pastor will preach at the W estmomlnnrl rharui
at night.
Rev. Gostav A. Storaker will.nreaeh XnmW
at 1 1 a. m. and 8 p. m. at the Vancouver Ave
nue Norwegian-Danish Methodist Episcopal church.
The evening services will be in English.
The special evaoaelistie services will be con
tinued tonight, SurEiay and all next week at the
Montavilla Methodist church, under the auspices
oi ivtt. nootn nrymer, evangelist. He will
preach Sunday at 11 a. m., 3 and 7:30. p. m..
and daily at 7:30 p. m. , Mrs. Brymer is as
sisting with the music. A number of . persons
have gone forward for prayer.
The Sunnyaide Methodist church has Pre
pared a great disarmament service for Sunday
morning. A vote on this question will be
taken at both services. Dr. T. H. Gallas-her is
i!itTft- Lilian?-'1
Future of World Is
Dr. Eliot's Topic
. The approaching conference in Wash
ington will be made the occasion of a
sermon on "The Future of the World "
by William O. Eliot Jr., Sunday at 10:30
a. m. at the Church of Ou.r Father
(Unitarian). At 4 p m. a public musi-
cale and "get acquainted social" will be
had. The choir, consisting of Mitylehe
Fraker Stites. Mrs. Herman J. Hucke. J.
Koss Fargo and Walter Hardwick. will
Bin. Ralph W. Hoyt and Mrs. Hardwick
acting as accompanists. On Monday
at 6:30 p. m. the local chapter of the
Laymen's league will give a church sun-
per in honor of CarUWetherell, the newly
appointed field secretary for the Pacific
coajtt. On Friday, Armistice day, a
brief service in commemoration of the
unknown dead will be held, beginning at
flv minutes before the noon hour. This
meeting: win be without sectarian Im
port and the public Is respectfully in
Continued Prom Page Eighteen),
preaching a t series'' a popular aeraxm en I
Uad.- SoBdav nirbt'a anbiect -win be "Dad s
Daughter.- Oa Monday nignt the "lads and
dads" wiH sit down to a splendid banauet. A
full program of artechca aad stoats by the boys
and men will be given. .
Central Methodic e&mrea. ta dad to BwlroaMi
back Dr. and Mra. A. B. Mara-an, who aa
joct returned farm the East Dr. Maektaa will
preach at both aerviccs Sunday. Weekday tissues
are held Thursday at MHt for Jaaior and 7 .30
lor adoita. Two baaaptire groapa ara eatng or
ganised for the seventh and cighta. graAa girla.
AKnt t340 waa anharribed Tuesday nicbt
by leading Portland Itcthodista at a ateeting at
the tint Metnodiat eboica oa tne
obligation whieh tha church nmaabed to aanma
to aiateh nart of tha interest OB a donation of
soo.uuu tram the jsocaeieuer ioonaaooB ior
W illajnrtls nniveratty. The. followinc commit
tee waa appointed to cooperate with tha trustees
oi the una vera ty: J . w. uay. ccainnan; . si.
Ellison, C. W. Miller, L. D. Mafcoae, R. Y.
Hanke, a V. Badiey, 1. C Abbett. C B
Caridi and T. E. Elliott "
A service Xit prayer and dedication
will be held at 10:30 a. m. Amistice day
tn the auditorium of the First Preaby
terian church. Dr. H. L. Bowman will
preach' an appropriate peace Sunday
morning and the Rev. N. K. Tully will
speak at nignx.
' The anthems, "Incline Thine Ear" (Bimmel)
and "How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place'
(Brahms) will be given by tha quartet ia 'the
morning -and Half red Young will siag "Even,
in Prayer" aa an offerxry during the evening
service. The Men's club will meet Tuesday at
8 p. m., when William D. Wheelwright will give
a lecture on "America arid tha Orient." This
will be followed by a get-acquainted boor and
refreshments. Wednesday at 7:45 - a. m. tha
class studying "The Kingdom aad tha Nations'
will meet in the church with tbe Bey. Mr. Tully
as leader. - Women of tbe cnurca are invited.
Tbe older young people wul conduct a vesper
service at 4 o'clock Sunday. A special musical
program na Deea arranged.
Westminster 'Presbyterian church win loin tha
many other churches in centering its thought
on the disarmament conference. Sundav morn
ing Dr. Pence will speak on "Tha vision of a
Wariest World." Friday at 0 a. m. tha people
of this church will meet for prayer fen memory
of the soldier dead and for tha success of the
conference at Washington. Tha srteeial mnaic
for the day: Morning Anthemt "Lord. Thou
art God (j. tamer) ; otferatory, Andanta eon
moto (Felix Mendelssohn) : baritone solo and
chorus, , Battle Hymn of tbe Republic. Even
ing Anthem, O Saving victim (Rossini)
offertory, "Andante EspressiDo" G. Sham
ban) ; quartet, "O That Thou Hadst Hearkened
(Arthur Sullivan). Monday at 3 p. m. there
will be a mass meeting for the women of tha
congregation. Mrs. Charles Williams, executive
secretary of the women t foreign board of tbe
facitic Northwest district, wul be the
Dr. Walter Henry Nuxent of the Central
Presbyterian church wul speak tomorrow morn
fag on '.'The Vision of a Wariest World." Tbe
entire service wul have in mind the Washington
conference on toe limitation oi armament. The
annual praise and thank offering meeting of the
woman society wui oe neia on Monday after
noon at 2:80 o'clock. Dr. Adelaide Woods ni
of India will speak, Mrs. J. R. McConniek will
read, and Mrs. L. M. Lelaad will sing. Tea
will be served.
The Rev. E. B. B. Hollensted has been te
emed to supply the pulpit of Calvary Presby-
uan cnurch on Sunday. The former pastor,
the Rev. L. B. Quick, left during the past week
to take charge of the First Presbyterian church
at Roseburg.
Tomorrow will be Peace Sunday and social
visitation day at the Rose City Park Presbyter
ian church. The pastor, the Rer Donald W.
M. MacCluer. will preach moraine and eve
ning. In the afternoon about 75 teams of men
and women will visit tha families of the com
mumty and invite them to attend tfce church
and Sunday school. At night .the pastor will
give the first sermon in a series on "The Mys
tery of Religion.
Last Monday afternoon the beginners' depart
ment of Piedmont Presbyterian Sunday school
htic a Halloween paxy. Thirty-two children
and their mothers attended. Mist Vfclet Robb,
superintendent, was in charge. Next Friday
from 3 to 5 p. m. will be bundle day at the
church. The church will collect material for
the use of the salvage commission of the un
employment bureau.
Miss Martha' Pohnert of Los Angeles, who is
on furlough from her mission work in China,
will give a missionary lecture Wednesday at 8
p. m., m calvary Presbyterian church.
Sunday night the Arleta lodge, L Oi O. P..
No. 216. and the Mountain View Rebekah
lodge, 196, will attend tha services at Mil
lard Avenue Presbyterian church. Special music
will be furnished. In the morning Dr. Henry
vtnue, pastor, wai preach.
The disarmament question will be stressed
Sunday morning at Kenilworth Presbyterian
cburch by the Rev. L. K. Grimes, pastor. At
the morning service members whose names have
been received by the session during the month
will be welcomed publicly.
Disarmament Sunday wiu be observed tomor
row at Miepah Presbyterian church by the Rev.
D. A. Thompson, pastor. The men's club gave
a Halloween party in the church last Tuesday.
Invitations were sent out on shingles, as the
church was recently reshi ogled. A pleasant
evening was spent.
On Monday the Rev. Ward W. MacHenry,
pastor of the Mount Tabor Presbyterian church.
will leave for Atlantic City, N. J., to represent
th'e Oregon synod in the national meeting of
tht, committee, which apportions the benevo-
lecces of the church. After the meeting he
will .visit the old family home in Philadelphia
and eat Thanksgiving dinner at home for the
first time in 27 years. A visit will also be paid
to Princeton seminary. On the three Sunday
morning9 the pastor is absent his puhit will
be supplied as follows, by the Rev. Bondinot
Seeley, the Rev. Ralph C. McAfee and Dr.
I'hilip A. Parsons. The three Sunday night
.V a
EK3LIG Broadway at Tartar Mi
Of liza. SUA; Mttlnte unreal.
BARB Meeitm at aOsveirtk.
coaanaav na "Bixsdjaa." Mi Haa a v
atatarday. Snaday. at 3 JO; eaiaas at SO.
LTRIO Broadway at Morrhoa. trrio Maaaeal
VBBiaay eeaapaay ta Ta tttn tat saw
Pbxjta." Ma Unas anils K I a av. ataaiaaa
f aad .
PAXTAG t3 Braadway at AI
amadevillB aad Bbaaanaa taaaana. a
aad avaaina Proarraaa chaagat Maaday asV
LOEWS HIPFOPBOMg Bieadeaj at Tatabftt.
taraeOrjB Aeaeraaaa Harrav vaaoaviua
Arwraaoa aad aw Mm
COLTMBIA Birth at BUra. Na rTasrt ta
"Oae AraMaa Might.- 11 a. B. ta 11 a b.
LIBERTY Broadway at Btark. Aaita Btaart
ia -tbb ibvbbmb rear. 11 a as. ia as
P. bl
BJVOU Waabingtaat at Park. -Bill" Bart la
-Tha Three War ru4. 11 a. aa. to
11 p. aa.
THB ACDrPORirM Third gad Clay. "Eaat
Lyna. z. 4. I aad SAO p. av
aUyESTIC---Wahnstoa at Park. KatbertBa
MaeDonald 1b "Her Social Talaa." 11 a a
ta 11 p. av
PEOLES Waat Park at Alder. Eana rargaaoa
ta "foothgtua." llLawllaa
8TABV Waahuarteai at Para. Naaiaaova ta "Tha
Ked Laaten' Ha.ta.tBllB.Ba.
CIRCUE Poasrth near Waahingloa. Hoot Cfb-
aon ia "Action." I a a i a ciock the
following aaorniaa.
of tha momlnx wfU be riven by Tlev.
H. H. OHffU of tha First . ChrlaUan
church. Dr. -Flaher will preawnt the
plana that ara being made for the 1915
expoarlUoa aad explain bow the Portlandl
churches may cooperat. W. D. Wheel
wright will rive an address on Tua- -armaroent"
after which Dr. H. L. Bow
man will present the official reaolution
of tha ministerial aaaocistlon la tavor
of cUaarmament.
The Favoured Silhouettes for Everting Are Presented With Exceptional
The two extremes of choice that the present mode perm its, especially notable
Ln evening frocks, are cleverly typified in these charming costumes which might
nave . been inspired by the early Spanish and Oreek outlines. For the crisp nesa
of taffeta or the weight of velvet is the quaintly basqued and crinolined frock
at the left which is true to detail even to the tiny sleeve bands and diminutive
waist-line. The widening skirt is emphasized by upward curvipg ruffles of gold
lace. The simple dignity of ancient Athens seems Indeed a part of the crepe
frock at the right which hag the always pleasing surplice lines in tbe bodice and
the new uneven hem-line and soft hip draperies. Metal tissue dowers decorate
each shoulder aiad trim the low-placed, crushed girdle.
(Copyright' 1921. by The Vogue Co.. New York)
Christian Endeavors
Conducting Classes
The Multnomah County Christian En
deavor union ia conducting weekly
classes at churches ln four sections of
the tJty for the benefit of the young
people who desire to become better ac
quainted with Christian Kndeavor work.
These classea meet on Monday at 7 :45
o'clock ln the Kern Park Christian
church, and on Wednesday evenings ln
room G at tbe First Presbyterian
church, at Central Presbyterian and
Piedmont Presbyterian churchea. Tbe
instructors Miss Viola Ogden. Miss
Alma Rehwalt, Walter Huntington and
John Grlmahaw are experienced lead
ers of Christian Kndeavor. The classes
are open to everyone.
programs include a mismonary pageant, gradua
tion exercises of the mission study achooi, and
an illustrated lecture by Professor Wiley. To
morrow Disarmament Sunday wul be observed.
TJITITED bbetherw
The Rev. J. E. Fry of Astoria, 111., will
occupy the pulpit for Dr. B. J. Clark at
the First United Brethren church on
Sunday morning.,
In the evening the Woman't Missionary asso
ciation will have charge of the program and the
louowmg will give addresses: Miss Eunice Mit
chell, Mra T. C. Verginius and Bishop William
U. Wa&hinger. Special music has been arranged.
The new United Presbyterian church
edificeat Multnomah station will be
dedicated Sunday. Three special serv
ices are announced by the Rev. David
Steele Sharp, pastor. The dedication
sermon at 11 a. m. will be given bv Dr.
M. E. Dunn of the synod of the Colum
bia. At a community rally at 3 n. m.
the principal speaker will be Dr. H. L,
Bowman, pastor of the First Presby
terian church. Tbe pastor win preacn
at night
The church t program ior next we x: iw
day night, open house and musical program;
Wednesday, platform meeting, city pastors to
tpeak and city choirs to furnish special music:
Friday, preparatory service: Dr. Byron t. -iarm
of the First United Brethren church will speak.
nri an nrmnrtnnitv ta lain the ehnrcb will be
given; Sunday, November IS, aacrament of the
Lord s supper and members receivea.
The avnod of the Columbia oi tne cuiiea
Presbyterian church met in Boise, Idaho, re
cently. The quota of over S3.000.000 on. tbe
first year of a five-year program waa shorn to
be overpaid by at least S 100.000. The cburch
gave over S6.000.000 for all purposes daring
the past year, an average of over S40 per mem
ber. Synod endorsed the publication of a
monthly church paper devoted to newt of tha
churches in tha synod only. A commission with
power to act waa appointed to carry out tha tn
atructions of tha general assembly relaUve to the
establishment of a college in the Northwest. It
is not the purpose to establish a struggling in
stitution, but to begin the work with not leas
than Sl.000.000 endowment. Thirty-three
ministers and seven elders were in attendance.
Ministerial Body
Program Is Named
The monthly business meeting of the
Portland Ministerial association will
convene at the T. M. C. A. Monday at
10:30 O'clock. The executive committee
will meet at 10 o'clock. The mediation
50e sv 25c
Every CatM 8kem! 6
S4 aad Clay, rhoae Mala lis.
Today Tonight
Continuous, 2 to 11
7 Reels. First Run
Lloyd Comedy
Pathe Review
We arc offering, for a short time only, Tientsin Rugs
made to our order at the factories in China ; best quality,,
all Chinese designs. A rare, opportunity to secure a
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141-11 10 THEATRE
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Rev. Gdy Fitch Phelps
A slang phrase with lots of meaning.
The Swindler Is
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Reaping a rich harvest from
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Don't be a "mark" Have big
scheme in vea tie; a ted by
this Bureau
3fo Charge for
of thePbrttmdAd Club
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Plumbing Fixtures That
No feature of your home contributes
more to year around satisfaction than mod
ern sanitary plumbing-. You cannot afford
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Marcus Show
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it, i u i r. m.
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By Jack Lalt
EYE'S Floor, $3 : Balcony; ILS0, 11.
lie; uaiiery, toc
jfioor. si; Balcony, ji, 77c; Gal
lery, we.
DeHoneys Grand Opening
14th at Waialartoa
Thursday evening. Nov.
10. Bee Mra. and Mr. Da
Honey rive exhibitions tn
the latest ballroom and
classic dancea. IJewley'a "
mammoth orchestra.
Ladlea Ibc, gentlemen Sac
Dancing every Thursday
evening. Hard time prize '
rag-tag party November
17. Don't mlm our open
Beginners' claaaea start
at Murlark hall, rid at
Washlnarton. Mondav an.
nlng. Advanced clnaa Tuesday evening.
( to 11:30. Beginners' class starts at
Cotillion hall Wedneaway evening at 7
sharp. Private leasona all hours at Cotil
lion hall. Aj eances guaranteed In
eight lesaona. Ladiea II. gentlemen I.
Plenty of practice. Learn from teachers
who can dance and teach, dancing.
can be rented for all occasions. Phone
Broadway 8092.
to the tune of
"Vic Meyer SjmcopaterV
Pretty Girls Clever Dsselsg
Visit our ahowrooms and let us help you in making your selection
from our complete display of fixtures of tbe latest design.
The M. L. Kline Co.
80-82-84-86 Front Street
Mass Meetieg
Benefit Russian Famine Relief
SUNDAY, NOV. 6, 8 P. M.
At Columbia Hall, 2nd and Oak Sts.
. Notice t Send All Commsalcatlons to SSI L amber Exchange Bldg.
that with sure and certain hope the
church looks forward to a great impetus
on this Pacific coast slope. All over the
country special gifts will be offered to
form the core of a building fund.
Churches and colleges so nuilt will bear
a special stone telling of the birthday
A larx. rrevp of laymen and alerty tnet
tkia wan and formed aa crcanisatinn to handle
tha eot-of-wort problem among charrhmsn. C.
X. Hacsins and many of tha Uj leaders offered
ta coopvraU with the ehnrch in tryinc to place
eaaarnna tnen. Tna Bar. Thomas Jenkins pr
saoad aad anpaaled for tba pracoeal anpport of
Kntaeopal foik. Bishop Walter Taylor Sumner
aoiead the traaa of tha meeUnr in promisinc
faOaat mifwjon to tha mayor aad bis committee.
At the Binceaan e(irea Joba W. LeUaby, to.
tlaaarial aecr4ary. will kaeo a card index oi
tmntoym and mea aaeklB work.
. Oa Smada tnoraukj apaual terncet via b
Big Dance
and Country Fair
Given by Samaritan Social Club ;
"EVER THINK" Series No. 5
Your clerk or steno ever, make a mistake? Or your
partner? Or you? ;
If you made one mistake in 100 and were right
99 times, would you feel some pride in your ac
curacy? Ever think that the Meter-men read about 70,000 meters
each month and the clerical force figures and mails out over
70,000 bills a month or about Two Thousand Seven Hun
dred Bills Per Day ? a .
If. in spite of all efforts, a clerical mistake should occur,
those in charge are only too happy to rectify it, but did
it ever occur to you, even jf the error were not 'detected,
that th next reading of the meter-should rectify it?
Ever, think of that I
ticket omcr
HRfe? NOY. 10-11-12
special price hat. sat.
F." Ray Cemitork and 31 orris Gest
Pre seat
How to Beemre Tickets Kow
Address letters, check, postoffloe
money orders to Hetllg Theatre.
Add IS Per Ceat War Tax. Include
seU-addreased stamped envelope.
EVE'S Flbor. $3; Balcony, first 6
rows S2.&0. next 4 rows SZ. last 13
rows IL&0 ; Gallery, reserved and
admission. L SATURDAY MAT.
Floor. S2.S0; Balcony, first rows
12. last 17 rows SL0; Gallery, re
served and admission, SL
Bex Offlee Sale If ext Hoaday
aaasasf STOCK COMPANY Jfla.
EOttoc v. Hosairrs
St PlsaaS tar One Taar at
The See. ia Thaatra. SL V.
ConUnuoualy. 1 P. E to U p.
Portland's Motion Picture Star
and a Realar. 8u per-Prod actloa
The Big Laugh Show-
r 'The Girl and the Photo"
ii if iiih n mLJiiiir: riirTT