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Ite All Here and If s All True
THE WEATHER T0blht'aa4 ttaadag,
unsettled; probably rains ttuaulay.
- Maximum texnperatoree) Krtday :
Portland 1 - Nw Orleans ... 74
Botae ..." Nf Tort aj
It's All Here and It's All Trite
nvn and woman are reporting tha various e
phase of the Pacific International Live
stock Show -for The Journal. That la
Journal service again. ! .
. Loa Angeles .... SI BT, Paul ....
VOL. XX. NO. 208.
Intend m Sacaaa Clm Matter (
at PortntTJea. Portland, Orccoa
In discussion
Of disarmament
And ways to
Halt war costs
-By David Lawrence
iraorrlabt. UII. a The Journal)
t In Dim, th -dllk and iut nt a mrrm of p
lMl fewnnrr. lamma) YVaahiniton rnrTMPODd-
ertt, tU th erui o( the whnl situation and
prUcU tlx mm af the ennlrtanr. J
Washington. Nov. I. After all the
formalities and ceremonies are out of
the way and the armament conference
get down to brass tacka, the United
Slate government, tf It desires to as
sume the leadership, must answer for
Itself these questions:
Whet, nhall be the purpose of the
United States navy In the future? Shall
It be large enough simply to relieve
distressed Americans In various parts of
Central and South America? ir so.
then a few ships ar sufficient.
Shall the navy be big enough to de
fend th Atlantic and Pacific coast
from any enemy whataoever? Then It
nmat b as large a the greatext navy
namely th Brttiah.
Shall the American navy be as large
aa that of any other power except Greet
Britain? Shall It always be greater
than that of Japan? The answer Is the
maintenance then of a navy as big aa
our present eatabltahment and the con
Unuance of the present coat.
In other words., what in the foreign
policy of America to be, aggressive or
defensive, world-wide or purely na
Obviously It would be cheaper If
America and Great Britain could agree
to act together In the future aa they did
in th European wan The combined
strength of the two navies would be
able to overcome any potential foe. But
an Alliance with one nation la consid
ered dangerous. It iily lead to the
growth of other alliance to offset the
first. So a general combination of alt
naval powers bound tourther to preserve
th peace would be the cheapest propo
sition that could be made, that Is, an
association of nation. Voodrow Wilson
thought reduction of armament expense
would fellow universal adoption ot the
League of Nations. His formula has
been rejected for the time being by the
United States. Prealdent Harding haa
another formula.' lens rigid than Mr.
Wilson' but having for Its object Inter
national cooperation aa; expressed In the
republican national platform of 1920.
Namely, agreement among nations to
reduce armament and preserve, peace,
ir America decide (hat each nation
ought to he permitted 60 fulfil! Its aspi
rations along natlonall llnea, then the
demand of the American navy will be
far a position the equal of any other
nearly -. 4 - v". .-'
If America decides to pool her strength
with the other, our nfval expert! will
b compelled to propose radical reduc
tions on avrrv aide.' Of course, nothing
would be done till al nation would
agree. The good faith of each power
Excuse for
neing j
Children, Admitted Free of Charge
on First Day,7Swarm Through
10-Acre Pavilion and View the
Many Blue Ribbon Exhibits.
With a squealing, bellowing, baaing
and neighing the snobbish entries at tfie
Pacific International Livestock expoai
tlon emerged from their, boudoirs and
massage chambers for the grand open.
lng at 1 :30 ' o'clock this morning,
anointed and sachetted to vulgar ex
Here was a dazzling sow hoofs filed
and burnished, nose powdered, tail be
ribboned and with a luxurious marcele
wave in her auburn brlalles.
"Am I not beautiful?" she 'softly
grunted aa she gracefully sidestepped i a
scattering of soiled straw.
And here was Mer Majesty, a cow.
although she la not known by such peas
ant parlance primped and glorious atd
Hated In a catalogue under six dlgni
fled umw. For, Is she not the cham
pion butterfat producer and descendant
of a long line of title holding dames?!
Beefsteaks and pork chops were en
parade, potential, as yet. In the form of
fat cattle and pigs, fodder stuffed beau
ties whose very plumpness means ; a
certitude of the butcher knife. The auc
tion block will claim these choice cham
Many a time carH was punched late
this morning as "the result of raffle
Jams on nearly all of the bridges. Con
ditions were worst on the Hawthorne
bridge, where only one way street car
traffic was possible. Workmen were
unable to complete the work overnight
of connecting the outbound track with
the new inbound track on the east ap
proach to the bridge, and as a result all
traffic had to be routed over tbe tem
porary single track through private
Streetcar dispatchers allowed a group
of cars across the bridge to the west
side, and then held up all east side traf.
fie until they returned. The plan of the
bridge contractor ,1s to have Inbound
traffic continue the use of the tempor
ary track, and to have outbound traf
flc switched over to' the new inbound
track where it joins the east end of the
As a result of the jam on Hawthorne
bridge traffic conditions were made
more intense on Morrison brtdj?e. Two
river steamers added to confusion at 8
o'clock by going through the draw.
Burnside bridge traffic was at
standstill for more than 15 minutes,
and similar delays were occasioned at
the Steel and-Broadway bridges by the
Japanese steamer Kaian Mara, which
came upstream about 7 -.30 o'clock and
docked at the foot of East Pine street.
This delay caused a blockade back to
Grand avenue on East Burnside street.
'Sanity or Insanity, Life or Death?
They Ask Failure of Coming
Conference Will Mean Victory
for Germany, Appeal' Declares.
Morn ing Sky
Gleams With
- - -
Rare Glory
By Bob Sways
The skies were literally aflame with
astronomic glory .this morning. Not
for hundreds of years win certain of
the phenomena now being witnessed be
repeated, say the experts. Numerous
wary watchers report that the clouds
broke Ions enough before sunrise to re
veal the heavenly glories.
Venus,' Jupiter, Saturn and Mars were
pendant almost in a line in the east
Venus, approaching its full phase, was
as brilliant as a ' miniature sun. The
belted Jupiter stood over her. scarcely
less scintillant. Saturn, pale and
ominous, the ancients planet of - ill
omen, hung over Jupiter, and above Sat-
'leader of, Serya-Kai
. party, who is likely suc
cessor to the assassinated Pre
mier Hara. Saionjt is one -of
the three genros, or triumvi
rate of feudalistic militarism,
in Japan. . . t r
Transition of Premiership, How
ever, Expected to Cause Much
Uncertainty; Assassin Says He
Slew for His Country's Sake.
By Clartice Dabose
(Copyright. 1921. bj United Pnas)
Tokio, Nov. 5. Continuance in power
In Japan of the Selya-Kal party, of
which the dead premier, Hara. was a
member, seemed probable today. Despite
the customary resignation of the cabinet
on account of the death of its active
head, announcement that Count Uchida
would continue in office, after the cabi
net's resignation, as temporary premier.
indicated continued strength of the
K. UchJda; representing the Tamashita
TCfvn ICfliuhn was In PnrtlanH fiahir1v
Such specimens nd many more wei-e mornlna. conferrine with nort nffMala
ail asnembied when the doors were and also with Local Agent Thierlng of
opened. , i the Gillespie Steamship company, who
1 oaay was cnuaren s day, with rnee will handle carsso for the Yamasliita
sdmtssion ror all school children. Mapy company.
nunareaa or boys and girls swarmed "The Yamashita Kiaen Kaiaha has
through the 10-acre pavilion, seeing Che completed all arraneeme,ats for a com-
blue ribbon livestock exhibits, which plete monthly service direct to Australia
ne rami irora aw over me caciuc siope 1 rrom roruana ana also a monthly serv
ant! iniermountain country, also rrom ice direct to Japan." said Uchida. "This
several points In the East and Middle will give the company a sailine every
West, to compete for the $75.000 In cash 1 two weeks, sending one south and one
west alternately.
By Carl D. Groat
Washington. Nov. 6. (U. P.) Mil
lions of club women the nation over will urn glowed the fiery orb of Mars, sym-
be urged the next few days to stir public bol of blood and war. Some observers
opinion to its depths in support of the say they were lucky enough to catch
arms limitation conference. glimpses of two of Jupiter's satellites
A circular with this appeal, asking throu. m,u
whether the natinn want "war op lnrouBn Smau glasses.
mace: sanitv or Insanitv. life of death " The stars were not to be outdone by
has been forwarded to the organizations e planets, and many of the winter
of the General Federation of Women's constellaUdns gleamed like jewels in
clubs by President ' Mrs. Thomas G. various sections of the skies. Arcturus,
Winter, Minneapolis, who is also a mem- described as the racehorse of the
ber of the conference advisory council, heavens because of his terrific speed
This nifnior oob-incv th. .tnha 4n tnt I tVirniich sniu snnn like a plohe of ! . ...
" ,r J, 6 J" I 7, , r. , . ' " I Selya-Jval party. Uchida has been a
irnn. wh.r. th. wm.n .. tk. Und Pollux, the heavenly twins, and leader in that party. Formal appoint
approval of the White House and state J Capella, a giant sun of unimaginable 1 menl 01 new premier wm oe maae
department. 1 distance, were nearly overneao. rro- """-
Mrs. Winter is no Utopian dreamer. 1 cyon, another name familiar to glean- I SO CHANGE YS POLICY
hl:e tola the united press in an inter-iers or we neavens, stooa a dii soutn 011 "Japan's foreign and national policies
view today that 6he hopes for progress, 1 the zenith. But the western and south-I r,nnot k. -handed rmmf ttm.
but does not believe armaments can be western skies were the areas that -wove I cjaxea jn a statement today the first
Krpiwi cumpieieiy. iu imsi, sue laura, speiis ior , me eyes, sinus, gmai ul I he has made since becoming premier
X avutova &ic ujiiik liaiu w Mr I glii.IlU5 , U1C rCU AlUCUWau. UIC vrjOLttl - prOtem.
wnoie conierence oy saying taey win Hke Rlrel and the mighty Betelgeuse, nf .11 rn T
demand complete disarmament. ; I don't which figured so prominently in Edl- D0iiUcs. however exDressed fear of a
" XT " "--"-raaBreccni. questionnaire, ero au ou-j serious internal poIiUcal crlsla
k , "A v m rare urlulancy- They insist, iiowever. that it will be only
" " " ils. Many or tne ceiesuai snienaor mone j.-.., .-in
aii. . . uii '"--o Ln;)iuuuuMij me . n r Arm i t t ri v Tnrniisrn rnp ruiiins uiiLii r ... i : i . i i .
f..f,r if thl. onnfop.r,A. .: ' " uwiiiau twnuica .i nwms or aoroma.
i alter tunnats
"If we lose our moral sense and adopt
tne idea or utter f rightfulness for a
new war touching even non-combatants
then Germany has been victorious by
putting across her philosophy a philo-
stphy of terror which we at the outset
of the war held intolerable," . .she de
(Concluded en Page Two, Column Eight X
r s
This will be the first
direct Australian, service established by
a Japanese line that will link Portland
with the Antipodes."
Vessels in the Tamashita service will
come direct from Japan and make Pu
get Sound a port of call before clearing.
Due November SO, the steamship Yeiko-
ku Maru will be due for loading to Aus
tralia. Inbound she Is bringing 450 .tons
of tea ahef 915 tons of general. ,
A full cargo awaits the vessel at Port
land and eh will get away before-the
. 9 Ik. M..n(k
Chicago, Nov. 5. (L N. S.) Antocie 1 " ,rrr,. '": v.,. . .,,
S-!-0' .Lf .071fn, Un.,U1f Pieced with the outlook at Portland
newanarvar was ahot risait tnAav In ih i .
. 7 1 for business.
Co., by one of two unidentified assas
would be pieogra 10 me eyes of Miss Marie Pulane, 19, an em
He will make this city
his headquarters and spend some time
at Seattle.
lha new treaty or convention. A viola
tlon of the treaty would be a matter
. for common concern pnd conaultatlon.
Mr. Wilson's league wia interpreted as
(Cotvrlwlrd on Pasa To. 'himn Unl
NLA: A. ft
ploye of the office.
"Mr. Basetlc had come in as usual
I to get . the mail." the girl said. "Two
men followed him. Then they began
The place was riddled with bullets.
The editor was shot through the head.
The assailants fled.
Shotgun squads immediately
- McNary, Stanfield
Ask Quicker Aid for
Livestock Interests
Youth Accused of
Double Murder Is
Gaining New Hope
wasningxon, jov. added to the list of those prominently
series, of amendments to the pending . .,m. .
tax bill, offered by Senator La Foliette. " " vTrZ Z TL 7..
Prince Yamagata and other leaders
were reported today hurrying to Toklo
for a conference.
The Japanese press was unanimous ia
Us declaration that the natior has suf
fers an irreparable loss in the death of
Premier Hara. Some papers declare
that his death has suddenly rendered
the future Uncertain. -
Resignations of members of Hara'a
cabinet were cent to the emperor today,
Baron Mobuski Makino today was
Wisconsin, w ..urn c os"- elgrn m m later and was s member of the
Albany. Or., Nov. 5. Pete JBeebe, ac-1 wealthy individuals and corporations I (Conceded on Pase Two. Cotaaia Six)
cusea oi muraering jonn fainter ana I was adopted by the eenate today by a
his son, William Painter, on their farm I vote of 38 to 11. ,- - '
near ijacornb, October 19, appears to I xbte amendment offered iy U Fot
have taken renewed hope. Fellow pris- ieue reanirea holders of'Ux exeWPt
oners say .he laHleeping soundly nights. I curlUea. t6. list their holdings at the
Self confidence, completely gpne when 1 Ume theyike -their income lax re-
he waav brought to Albany to face the J turns. Republicans Joined with Demo
charges, has reappeared. I crats in supporting the amendment, the
Beebe haa ben told that h will he I first of a series offered by La Foliette.
riven a. fair trial. Hl simnio mind. - By the amendment the collector of In-
blighted by 17 years of blindness and ternal revenue would be also required to
lack of opportunity for development, is make a full report to congress of all tax
reacting 10 arlvanrea marlA hv hi at- exempt securities reported by their
tornev. Gala S. HUL His nrotestations holders.
of innocence conttnuue unabated. He La FoUette then Introduced an amend
njvnn nnnnrnn
Se- IUI1 V Mill. I M KKbMVu
L,y, t
a a-. , J: . : w if
I 1 l
f ir -A
J I 1
(; -A
1 1 . '. . , .... j
TIGER. 1 0-3
Princeton Comes Out of Football
Classic Victorious Over Crim
son Squad for First Jime
.Since the Big Contest of 1911.
g&idiho am.h ix Tmr
At Portland Multnomah vs. Oon
saga. At Seattle Stanford vs. Washing
ton. At rullman Oregon vs. Washing
ton Stat. s
At Uugene Oregon Krosh va
Chemawa. !
At Corvallla O. A- C. Itooks va
Mount Angel.
At etalem Willamette v. Pacific.
At Voire Montana vh. Idaho.
Washington. Nov. 5. (WASHING-
scouring the south side for the slayers. Senators McNary and Stanfield person-
The police could ascribe no motive for I ally , appealed to members of the war
the killing. Basetic was 42 years did. (finance corporation yesterday to expe
dite loans in aid of the livestock inter
ests of the Pacific Northwest, pointing
out that the section has received prac
tically no relief, although 'money has
been poured into the South and Middle
The Oregon senators were promised
that action would be taken soon, which
it is expected will assist the carrying
of livestock. It was stated that ap
proval has been given to a $250,000 loan
Detroit, Nov. 5. (I. N. S.) Four auto
bandits staged, three daring payroll
has faUed to show any sign of remorse ment to require the treasury depart- robberies here today and escaped with
proceedlngT Ws was dented Ty a vote of-35 to e Coal
. , , . . . . . ... i iji r oiieiie siaiea uiai it was ma pur- i awuw iw, uio
: . . I nose to force holders of tax exemnt ae- I nrfr f Tit4nar . r..n tviuui
ness. Not one has yet gone to see mm - , . . i. u V.,i . "v"v-
at the county jail. They have exhibited :,,!ie1?.,?1ta" !"JiB"IJ,1.H G4nroth. carrying the payroll of
no interest in the progress of the case. mo aieonc panery service company
" j i was reiievea oi aauu.
Both prosecution and defense are Tusy
His amendment involved all holders J
British Delegates
To Arms Parley;
Sail for America!
London. Nov. 5. (I. N. S.) The "star'
nflnutnaTAf.T Invrl ntrDa u-a a a Kcanl
when the Cunard liner Aquitania sailed 0,r,0and Ca"l n cTn.y
for New York today. There was a dis.
Stanfield says that all cattle loan
tlhgutshed group on board, including companies in the Northwest will re
Lord Riddell. official cress renresenta- quire bsibubcc.
tlve 'of the British delegation to the I Stanfield also saw the comptroller of
Washington conference : Sir LlewM'yn currency with reference to the or
gran nation or. a new national bank at
Smith, chief of the board of trade; Colo
nel Herbert Bartholomew, director of
I military Intelligence ; Captain Chamier,
representing the British air ministry ;
Miss Kate Manlcon, delegate to -Jthe
Washington from the Inter
national Women's conference at Geneva,
pay the lndenthlty installment due; in
Still smarting under the 21 to 0 de
fat handed them last year, the Mult
nm.h Amateur Athletic club football Princess Bibesco. daughter of for
... t ik. - n I m, r Premier Asquith and wife of the
a;rra..v.i -... i Rournall,un enTcy to the United Statea
aa lven this afternoon at 3:0I Nw international complications re
o'rlock on th "Winged M" gridiron with I volvlng about the Inability ot Germany
. .termination to reverse thJ20 scoae. I to meet her next indemnity payment in
v .r. hrlrhi for- a virtorv for fld are threatened in F.urcpe wfcile
.i..Kn.. v.n thAurh Coach Phil- Washington conference is under way
v . ' v. th. f It is reported that Germany has al-
rrwa .M.k . ,,. vr.,. ready unofflcially notified the allies
the contest. Fhtlbroofc know the Notre . ' . ., v. .i-ki- . .
nan,- trl of n,ywhlch will be Gon- nat n ' b..W !? et ld t0
iiii main line of attack and h haa
been endeavoring to hold down hla play
r from becoming oyer confident
Headed by Ous Doflas. former Notre
Dan e'sr. th Gonsagans arrived in
Portland early Frldy morning and ap-
Teard to b In tlp-op shape for the
hardt kind of a struggl. Th ' yight-
Ing Itlahm.en" ar nofj confident of being
rtarnd victorious again this neasoii.
but they claim than Multnomah will
know It has been ia a football gam
when time, la called. ;
Th club' backfleld will be lined up as
follows this afternoon : Smith at quar
terback : Steers and Workman at half
backs, and Butler fullback. ' This la
practically th asm combination that
turned the Olympic club team of San
Francisco back.
rnflbrook haa a reliable banch of sec
ond string player he canlcall upon If
necessary. Th absence ot atrong sub
stitutes has been on of the weak parts
of th club teams of th past several
season . '
'-. Sam Polan will referee the contest
and Vincent Borleskj of Portland will
umptra In the place eff Plowdea Stott.
Th line-upa:
Vale to take over the assets of the two
banks that failed. Negotiations are pro
ceeding favorably, he said. The view
is taken that neither bank was actually
. i ; w . - i i ......
nehi, Wn'r3rubliV which f ed-al. state and. municipal bond, ,LL1S018 CESTRAL MAIL CAR
changes the situation already developed, f"0. 8,mllar rorm OI exempt ecur- ROBBED OF ABOUT litN
Carbondale. I1L. Nov. 5. IV. P.) Almier Lloyd George to secure an adjust
London, Nov.
By Jaek Teleek
(UurDaUenal Xm Scrrkea Sparta Edit) .
Palmer Stadium. Princeton, N.
Nov. 5. Princeton gloried in victory taw
Bight. For th first time sine 111 th
plucky Tigers of Old Nassau defeated
Harvard on the gridiron, winning by a
score of 10 to S.
Princeton's victory was a brilliant and
well-earned one and It came In the final
quarter In one of the hardest fought
game- that haa ever been staged be-
tween member of th Big Thre. For
three periods the Tigers fought tha big
Crimson team from Cambridge to a ' .
standstill, neither side being able to
The final Quarter was well along when -
Harvard drew first 'blood, thanks to a
beautiful dropklrk by George Owne. who
booted the pigskin between the Orange,
and Black -troalposta from Princeton"
15 yard line. Gloom spree d over the
Tiger stands, but not for long. Shortly
after the next klrkoff GUroy took a '
forward pass from Lourle near mldfield
and ran through the big red team for.
a touchdown that put the Tigers ahead.
Keck kicked the goal, making the score
7 to t in favor of Bill Roper's proteges,'
With only a few minutes more to
play. Captain Stanley Keck of the Tigers
booted a goal from placement from th
40 yard line and Princeton's trtumpb
was complete.
The line-up : . i
PMaoatoai Pas. Harvard.
SnlTelr L. E. ......... alaeaalwr
Kaek (C.) LT Kjm (C.I
Upacmnb U O HMe
WituiBer C Tton
Marsaa O Brawn
Hmaxr R T UM
MUaaeo B K Cn4rr
Lnrt Q B BaaO
UUray L H .....'
Uamt7 .....a H Cetmra .
Unn Y B rats
BWfM VT. C CravaU. gavtoajara.
- t'mptiw Al Sham. Talc. .,
r irtd Jadca H. V. Wtrmt. Tal.
Head Ilaaia U. K. Uart. Daifaulh,
" First Quarter Captain Keck ot
Princeton won th too and ehoa to re
ceive th kick, defending th north goal.
Lourle received ta kick-off and re
turned to th 40-yard line. Princeton
forced to Bunt.- Alter an axenang -
of kicks Btinaon recovered a fumbl for
Princeton en Harvard's 40-yard una.
Cleave mad five yard throegb Ua tin
and then a forwara paae, Cleavea I
Lourra, gae th Tigers first down.
From th J 4 -yard lin Lourt mad a
perfect pass to 8tlnoon en . Harvard" a
goal line, bat Stinson bumped Into a coT
poet and fumbted. robbing the Tigers of
a touchdown. Harvard put the ball tn
play on her xo-yard line and Owen ntsa
three yards through center. Cobura
added five more.
Fltu punted to mldfield. but Umpire
a i ceavi
i iLoui
1 I turn
J 1 was
5. (L N. &) Miahael
Co Ulna, commander-in-chief of ' the Irish A1 Sharp called an offside play on
Republican army,- and Gavan Duffy,
Sinn Fein envoy to Rome, two of the
members of the Sinn Fein delegation to
the Irish peace conference, left for Dub
lin today to consult with Kamonn de
Valera. It Is understood the confer
ence will relate to the attempts of Pre-
Princetoo aad penalised th Tigers five
Buell made five yards through center
and FltU made It first down on a fake
tCoeehaaWd. ea Pace Taa, CUhuaa Tbaw)
Soft Drink Vender
Beats Off Bandit
The country is entitled to know who mail rr on rvntri v o .v
lt&F!LeLf.t.C0- h' looted between Carbondale and Cen- ,ir- (, ,tA
tralta today. It was the second time In I .
two weeks that a car had been robbed. I " Monday-
There was no meeting today of the
try's burden of taxes and who is escap
ing them," said La Foliette.
A "moral" agreement for the passage Ui r . ,
v . a. a , .r Th car was unguarded. Postal author-
A Tl ri VQ TTOCJ Hi a Md CJ Vl bill by Monday night
OUU WUl V JK JJ.1U WtAiUU. I day by Republican and Democratic sen
Even Senator La Foliette (TL, Wis.)
l. 1. , j , i xne ta.r was unxuaraeu.
Km Z ."n:Vr ?Pr fXJitie. had not checked the amount of tha Wah conference Joint committee.
In sDite of a severe blow 6h the head
from a maul handle in the hands of 1 ?-n.d. Senator Reed (D., Mo.), two of the
n l oui s most "irreconcilable
. .i . . ii'.. . i Din 8 most irreeoneiiania - nnnnnntu
prietorof a soft drink store at.Twelfth " V f .um a(C 8Ulna ln ... ZiZWt . .
1 .ft im. .i o-le wr of a final vote on the measure I Body company aa robbed of $4000 pay-
: r.;""v"LTZ S on Monday. roil by two armed bandits today.
ticu niui tiir; i j oiva iiiiauj ujuiv
loss, but it was thourht to tw under I Blr James Walg. premier or tne un
15000 I lonlst government of Ulster, arrived
rrom uenast tms aitemoon ana im
Daylight now streams through tb
Uoyd I heart of Elk Rock, th giant ftVonolita
wawme-e nvn uui 1 meoiaieiy weni to
v A., " - --- . . ... . . . . . ... M-a
Louis, Mo., Nov. 5. (TJ. P.) The I ueorge s country nome at tnequers ior i which Juts into in west ski of in v u-
a conference.
Citizenship -Tests
Pass 11 Out of 24
.Bend, Nov. 5. Despite opportunities
for education, many applicants who pre
sented themselves In circuit court Fri
day asking American citizenship, were
"amaslngly Ignorant. Examiner Baum
gartner declared. (Jut of 24 exarftlned.
1 1 were eccr-piea u citizens, id peti
tions were continued, and threaj wre
refused. New Americans taking It he
oath before Judge Duffy are: Harry !W.
Gant. Paul F. Rledei, R. j. McCamn,
rhristian Hexburg. Joseph Hillbacker,
Fat Barry. Dan, Breen. Julius Trapp.
W. M. Wilson, E. Wlenecke, Archibald
McDonald. " j
Kvrl .,
t whaita
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Disarmament Ideas
Cordially Asked by
Secretary of State
The state department keenly desires j
to facilitate all persons who are en
gaged in giving accurate information
for the guidance or public opinion on
the armament conference, according to
a letter Secretary of State Hughes wrote
to Christian, Merriman, chairman of the
National Council for Limitation of ar
mament, a, copy of which was received
by Levi T. Pennington, president of
Pacific college.
Hughes' letter in part:
"You may be assured that the state
department welcomes the aid of public
spirited citizens in furthering the ob
jects of the conference on the limitation
of armament and keenly desires to fa
cilitate all who are engaged in the ef
fort to give accurate Information as to
the plans of your organisation to com
ment upon them, and certainly, I do not
wish to be put la the position of criti
cising an attempt, as you put it. to di
rect public Interest intelligently.
him away. Wagner had just returned
from the bank with a quantity of
to be used im cashing pay checks
workmen in that neighborhood. The
robber entered the tore and struck
Wagner with the maul handle, demand-
: i : ii-. i , ... .-w..
S Tv6 r t . .Corvallis. Nov. 6. Labor unions of
man and tussled with him. giving him a Corval)i8 nave a thori2ed , ofcl
publication to be Issued for the purpose
turbance that the assailant lost his nerve of advancing the cause of labor. Those
aim iiea. uglier wu nut aenuuaij i i eh.ree of the nvmiMr .rin k-
CorvaUis Unions to minois Commission
issue napor raper Suspends Proposed
Utility Kate Boost
injured. He said the robber had been
watching the place all morning.
Springfield, riL, Nov. 5 I. N. a)
In a sweeping order issued by the 1111-
lamette river seven miles above Port-
Land, engineers of the Hauser Construe-
tlon company having reported today that
th Southern Pacific tunnel bore waJ
"broken through" at 5:49 o'clock thhl
Although the debris in th center of
the bore prevents accurate measure
ments the engineers believe that th bore
cornea together from each aide of th
By throwing his overcoat Into the face I rock with a variance of two Inch a.
of Patrolman Wright Friday night. ! .Zl
pickpocket who was being chased by the frn pacific company and It was
policeman, gained time enough to es-1 estimated that the cost of construction
Thief Hurls Coat at
Pursuing Policeman
And Makes Getaway
Northwest Soldiers
To Feast on 10,000
Tl J n m 1 I pointed to select a centra;
rounds oi lurKey h"1"8 f gnjn-
Ring Lardner at
The Arms Conference !
RING LARDNER is going gun- i
ninr for nomn and vanitv mt I
tha arms conference. Ha will Tt
armed with words to shoot fiin
holes In ceremonial red tape. 1
Hi- observations will be in
cluded in eight articles to be pub
lleehed In Th Journal, beginning
Sunday, November 13. 1
Replanted Forest
Trees Doing Well
, Replanted areas on the old Cigpus
burn on the Rainier national forest In
Washington are running more than 90
per cent Successful, says J. E. Kummel,
forest examiner in charge of planting
work of tbe United Stages forest service,
who haa Just returned from an Inspec
tion.: - Nine hundred acres have been
planted and th work will be continued
next year.
Ten thousand pounds of turkey will
be purchased by the army to feed the
soldiers in Oregon. Washington and
Montana, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Bids were advertised this morning by
the quartermaster office in Portland for
1 0.000 pounds of turkey, 130,000 pounds
beef, 261,000- pounds potatoes, 1.000
pounds onions, 2000 pounds bacon, 4000
pounds ham,- 15,000 pounds butter. 8000
pounds coffee and numerous other mis
cellaneous items representing from $60,-
000 to J.0,000 in expenditure. ; .
Copies of the circular may be obtained
from Captain Vere Painter in the Post
office building. All bids will be cpened
November 14.
?k k0? f edIt0r' and Henry M noie Commerce Commission today, pro- cape. Patrolman Wright began to chase would be approximately 2i.000. The
XT " k!,- "rVj'ZlZZ ., , m , Pot a increased rate schedules for tele- the man when a woman screamed and " .
members of the Typographical union, phone and electric service ln hundreds ..... v . . . ... . the contract.
Lehnert is pftsident of the Central of conWnitie? In D? w. c"'d fr he,P at N,IM't'nth nd G1Un Work of clearing tn preparation for
Labor council. Work on the circulation nently suspended or cancelled and an- etreets. where the thief snatched her the bore was started June I and drill
has started but it is not yet decided nulled. puree. As Wright gained on the thief. Instruments were act to work at each
whether the publication will be monthly The applications of the companies. firtt the purse was discarded and then Pnd of the tunnel July 2. The total,
or weekly. A committee has been ap- however, were not set aside in the order an'overcoat hurled into the policeman's length of the tunnel is 1420 feet and the
pom tea to select a centra) location for and the commission will fix rates at a I raoe- BT lne um vvrignt naa gotten total length was negotiated in 1ZS flaye
nis gau again uie uiier naa oiuppeerva i o that an average of slightly .better.
m tne crowo. ine woman, wnoae purse i than 11 feet a day was made In the prog
was snatched, refused to give the police nn cf tn4 bore.
' later date.
Football Results
her name.
At Kew Eim Tale 28. aUirlasd O.
At Pnllmaa W. 8. C accoad eleven SO,
Levis and Clark Tlirh. Spokane, .
At Montreal Sjnunue IS. MaciU 0.
At New Tack Colombia 7. Cornell 41.
At Charieatoe Wt Virginia 0, Waabiar
toe and le O.
At liaiajatta Pardna 3. Nertkircatera 0.
At Viest Point Kotre Daase 28, Aamx S.
At Pittabarc PHtslmnt 0. Nebraska lO.
At AntiapoBa NaTy S. Bocknrll 0.
At Philadelphia Peaa 6. Lafayette 38.
Peon State 2. Caraefia Tech 7.
At BoatOBV-Marirtu . IWnn eollefa 14.
At Bimincbam. All Vandarbilt 1. Ala-
Cirarn Tech. 7. State O.
At Clevelawi Waatani Beaerr t. Ohio
Korthem 0. '
At Alnaace, omo Mount I moo o. t aae s.
At Betntehen. Pa. Laaich . atahlenbers 0
At Stats CoOese Pean Stat 0. Cameaia.
Tech. 7.
W- - 1 At ftbjiMu WAWjr . OaeTttn 7.
Albany. Or.. Nov. 5. G. W. Humnhrev. I At Annaooiia Nitt . fteckseB 0.
ti, veteran newspaperman, .died at his " Balumor. Jofcai Hopkina 14. Havae-
home at Jefferson Friday. Wfth hia tSCMr.takw c, ohie 0.
parents he crossed the plains in 18S5, At Mtnaeasatav Iowa T. HuiscmU .
settling on a SO acre farm at Mount At OklahoaBs City Oklahoma 7. Kaaaaa 0.
Tabor. Portland. Mr. Humphrey at- : M tVJ'? e ' sSShba,
tended schools in Portland and , Albany. koS rT -
and entered the newsoaner. business in at itbM ru nMik T. Tininaa a. -
Albany. He later went to Portland and I Laooaatar rankiin and aUnhall T. tHek-
.. n i t. ,i a. . 1 iaaaa 7. ......
c"- : uruapu newspa- vr wMka--rnw 5. rordaam t.
Veteran Editor of
Jefferson Passes
pers. In 1892 he returned to Albany and
then. went to Jefferson, where he be
came owner ot the Jefferson . Review.
He retired two years ago. Mrs. Hum
phrey and two sons survive- .
At TSoatoo Marietta 0, Boatoa CoTJera T.
At Sew Yoik Colnaibta O. ConeU t. '
At Priaeatoa Pnncatoa 0. Hanard 0.
At Ihildelpn Kena . L rayott 2.
' At St. l,eia afinwri 0, Watluastea .
k' . - 4 - - -:
At PittsJrari Netrraaka 7. ' FUtabeni 0.
At Waahiastoe. Pa. VTaahingtoa aad Jaffer-
n zi. nasODUBter 7.
At West Point Army 0. Kotra Dama 14.
At Chieaxo Chieaao 0. Ohio 0
At Minaaapolav loara 14, Miiroaaota A.
At L PaTette Pnrdna 0. North aeattrn 0.
At Alliance Case 7. Afoant Unioa 0.
At Akrue Aron 0. Mnakiaraai S
At ALUnta GeOorsfa Tech 14, Cleaaaoa 0.
At Troy BcoaeflacT T, Hobatt S.
At HanUtoa Cotcate 31. Kurbeatvr 0.
At Athena. G. Geortia 14. Tirrinia 0.
At Minnaapoaa Iowa 2A, Mlnneaota 0.
At St. Lmai Waabinftoa O. IUbmoxI
Student Admits His
Guilt; Involves 20
.Others in Affair
Charges involving shout 20 Benson
Polytechnic students were being- inves
tigated today by the district attorney's
office and officials of the court of do-
leallc relations following the arrest of
The tunnel will be ready for opera
tion within another month and then
tha west side electric trains will no
longer have to operate over the trestle
swung around the face of tbe rock. Kev- -
eral accidents have occurred on th '
. treatl. In the past because of falling
rocks from the face of the huge rock. '
Morvich Wins Year's .
Richest Eace Stake
Baltimore. Ml. Nov. k 1 N.
Morvich. 'Benjamin Block's X-rear-oid."
At ChaiWoo wPt Tirsuua 7. Waahinr-1 Robert Fairman on a charge of contrlb- wof pjmllco feature, lb licbeet
Beairva 0. Okie
to and tea S.
At Clevelaad Weatara
Xeitbern .
At ' WaahinKtoa. Fa. WaahiBatea aad 2at.
At State CoDccaCanwcia TV . state T.
At Betaiebera Lebiza 0. HuUenbeTs O.
At Craarlordsrilla. lad. V.abah 14. Mim-
kla . ,
At Anaapeia Nary . BaekneD 0.
At Atlanta Geortia Tees. B, Clansae .
' At Atkeaa, Ga. JorTa 14, Tirfiaia .
At Kew Raves Tale 11. Maryland 0.
At Montreal Syracuse . MaciU .
At Bitwi MarteUa . Boatoe Cot T.
At New Xark CeteaaMa , CerseU 14.
At rrbana Ilaooia 0, DePsew .
At Philadalpeia Peeav . La Fayette .
At Wast Point Army 0. Note TJaaa SI.
At State coUc Pma state 21. raraeisia
Tora. 7.
. At CHease Okie . Chkaje
At Pttlbar JlUtmrx O. Meeraaha T.
- At lafiJTtta Paraaa a.-Kenkeanum
uting to the delinquency of a 15-year-old
Fairman pleaded guilty and Judg
Kanzler of th court of domestic rela
tions continued his case for sentence.
Fair-man's admissions led to th wider
tQtimatum Issued .
To Coal Miners
Pittstrurg. Kan., Nor. 5. (L N.-S-)
Alexander Howat's striking ooalmlners
In the Kansas district must retsra to
work, by November H or be expelled
from th United Klneworkers, accordlcg
racing stake of the 1)21 radng
at th Plmlico racetrack. Tbe race was
Over a mil course and .waa worth ap
proximately IS0.000 to tbe winder. It
was - Moreich s eleventh victory this
year. Lucky Hour was second aac
Runantell third.
Rains and Clouds -.Forecast
for Week
Washington. 'Nov. I. TJ. P.V Tore-1
east (or period. November 7 te 11. ta
clustve: Paciflc coast a-tatea Generally
fair weather, normal temperature, ex
cept . for considerable cloontness
'rains la tbe north coast, v
j .
i ; - .-. .. .- - ' i. ' -, ' ... . e