The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, November 04, 1921, Page 4, Image 4

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, - -
At a rrsater a vara- sp4 than oaa-
Mnrw yalns optrata, two livestock spa
tial burrlad on their way to Peruana
from Spokana Thursday nlfht In tha an
nual rivalry batwaan tha Oreron-Wash-
Inrto Rallread'A Navlfatloo company
and spokana, Poraan4 4t SaatUa rail
way, with tha North Bank train ehack
Inr la first. Tfca animate wera being
ruabea to the ahow Vhlch will b opened
at t :i9 Saturday morning" at .North
Each yaay eince the bednnln( of the
raclflo International Livaatock expoel-
ratlng down opposite tank of tha Co-r
lambla rlvr have striven to teat the
rem paling Una In brlngta livestock from
tha Western Royal livaatock show at
Kpokane. Last year tha 8. P- a won
and corn pa tl Hon waa keen this year,
a, r. a ft. WI58 ' t,
- Tha North Bank apodal -rumbled
through to the North Portland llveatock
chutes In "10 hours and 15 mlnutea, or
an average of 6.15 anile aa hour. In
cluding atopa The average passenger
train time between tha two polnta ia 11
hour and- 40 tnlnutea The O-W.
brought ita train through In 10 hour end
H minutes, or an average of 83 81 mllea
air hour for a long distance down the
Columbia "river tha tralna ran abreast
of .each other. The tralna aarlved at
North Portland, shortly before midnight.
Ueneral Manager O. M. Plummer will
peraonally throw open the gate of the
big 10 acre pavilion as the Initial cere-
mony of the exposition.
SThe opening day has been made "Pub-
'lie Schools and College Day." with free
- admission to all boya and girls of school
, Stock Judging contests by students
, from the state agricultural colleges of
ilregon, Washington, Idaho and Cali
fornia, will be a feature of the day'a
Tha 8000 pure-brrd cattle, horses,
aheep, swine snd goats entered In com
petition for the 175.000 In cash premiums
' to ba awarded will bo on view and there,
wl ba an Impromptu program of rid
ing stunts and practice Jumps by some
' of the lidera who will figure tn the bril
liant series of six night horse shows
nd three matinees to be given next
' week, beginning Monday night,
' Btotjdcnmeyrr's band will be On the
ground early and will play throughout
; the afternoon from the bandstand in the
. Xolateln breedera who will be In Port
land to attend tha raclflo International
livestock exposition will banquet next
Thursday evening In the Portland hotel.
Prank C. Lowden, ex-govemor of Illi
nois and president of the National As
' soctaUon of llolsteln breeders, will be
tha principal speaker.
Women Dancers Who
Are Admitted Free
To Hall Escape Tax
Eetail Jewelers
'Chaff at DelEtyx; :
Lifting Tax Load
Resolution protesting against the da?
lav of tha federal government la .fak
irs tha S par cant tax, from Jewelry and
advocating aa Increased Incoarta tai to
shaka ip tha differential to tha trees
tmr deoartment. were adopted Thursday
at a meeting of Portland retail Jewelers
with, tha Oregon Retail Jewelers' asso
ciation, , " ;.! .
: ComnlaJnt vu made br local Jewel
ers present at tha meeting that federal
taxes era being removed froin other
Unea of merchandise while no. relief -la
offered the Jewelry trade. F, A- lieit
kemper presided at the meeting i and
about 75 retail dealers participated la
the discussion. , -
We have succeeded in leasing our store! i Good work so far!)
.... t
" U :
By B. L. Clark
The producer of any article of com'
merce, unless be kaa a monopoly, natur
ally seeks the widest possible outlet or
market The grower of livestock once
delivered his - cattle, hogs and aheep
dressed. Today he markets them alive
by hundreds of thousands in the great
distributing centers and livestock mar-
keta of tha country,
' To do this successfully he has found
it necessary to employ a market agent
who can serve a large number of pro
ducers. This market agent is known
as a commission merchant, and he has
come to occupy a very Important poal
tlon In the marketing of the livestock
of the country. In his care rests the
proper distribution of receipts the: fur
nishing of Information as to 'markets.
supply, demand and price.
That this work is done well and that
producers have successfully handled this
end of their marketing is borne out by
the fact that commissions paid for sell
lng livestock are the lowest paid for the
same service ln disposing of anything
they have to sell. For example, j the
charge for selling a car of choice steers
at North Portland is 118.75 and a ear of
hogs. I12.B0. This includes, everything,
letters, circulars, telegrams and tele
phone. The commission for selling a
car of Oregon egg la New York is; $150
to $200, and while the cost of handling
Plana are under way tor the erection
of a three-story, brick-faced concrete
bunding on a tract located oa the west
side of Ninth street, between Oak and
Bunnride, owned fcy t lt Fitxpatriok.
Tha nronosed building would have a
frontage of M feet oa Ninth street, 113
feet' on Oak street and 12 feet on Burn-aide,-
. . .
The Portlands Telegram proposes to
lease 50x50 feet of ground floor apace in
the new building, together with a 14-foot
basement and portions of the second and
third floors, aa a new home tor its pub
lication offices. The paper now has of
fices in the Pittock -block. Architects
plans tor the building are being prepared
by Houghtaling tc. Dougan.
Work will begin immea lately oa tne
erection of a two-story mill constructed
building. 50x100 feet in dimensions at the
southeast corner of Thirteen tn and Etarit
streets. - The property ia owned by
Charles A. Burckhardg and the building
has been leased to a printing concern.
. -
$7000 in Diamonds
Are Stolen; Thief
Misses Costly Fur
Diamonds valued at 87000 were stolen
from the apartment of Mr. and Mrs. A.
C Boucher, 20 Grand avenue, some
time during the last few days, accord
ing to a report made to the police Thurs
day night. Boucher is a cafe proprietor
and operator of a traveling carnival.
Entrance was gained by the use or a
passkey. The lock was pried from
trunk where the Jewelry was stored. The
burglars overlooked a 81200 minK lur
caoeewhich was hanging In sight The
loot included several rings, earrings.
pins and necklaces.
'The burglars entered while the family
was away from home from the morn
ing of November 2 until the night of
November 3.
Mrs. Boucher reports that the loss is
covered by insurance.
Kalama, Wash.. Nov. 4. Rally day in
the Methodist Sunday school and fellow
shin in the church was observed last
when tne ennren niEiory was
livaatock has thus' been enormously re- I read, revealing that the Methodists have
duced by many snippers using tha same held forth In Kalama for 60 years, hav
agent, it Is BtUl further reduced by va
rious associatiens which ship livestock
cooperatively and thus place the central
market at the, doty of every purchaser.
To a very email degree does the tma
dleman enter into livestock-marketing,
The commission man., aa the producers
agent, sells direct to the killer and so
efficient are modern peeking and killing
methods In handling by-products that
stock sold alive actually nets more than
when dressed and sold direct It is
doubtful If there be any product of
American farmers today that goes more
directly and more efficiently into con
sumption and with less profit taking
along the way than livestock.
Mamie, who goes to the dance unac
companied and gets In free, can now
spend her "war" tat for chewing gum.
And Joala'a beau, with whom she goes
to the public ball, requires 10 cents J
for tha evening's entertainment
Under tha old tax regulations at Vance
halls where men were charged 81 and
women ware admitted free, both paid a
It cent tax, But the department of In
ternal revenue has discovered that where
no admission la charged tio tax can be
asaeased. So, under the new ruling,
woman admitted free to.danoei will pot
be required to pay a tax. '
The tax for women who pay an ad-
mlaalon haa been reduced, A 25 cent
' admission ticket for women will call for
a t cant tax Instead of 5 ceate. Men's
tsx remain! unchanged. " ' ' .
Stanford Alumni to
Give Dinner Dance
Stanford university alumni win attend
a dinner dance in the Benson hotel on
the evening of November 19, the day of
the 8tanford-Urrfverslty of California
football game. Former Stanford singers
and stunt performers will participate In
the prnrram-. Frank Branch Riley will
be toastmaster. - - y
". Pasco, ?"Waak, lTOVi 4. A get-together
meeting will be held at tha Congrega
tional church UUa evening. A dinner
will be served at. :S0. Dr. O. H. Holmes
ef WalU 'Walla-and Rav. Mr. Giunore
of' tXayteh wDT apeak.
lng In that time had three different
church buildings. Fire and storm de
stroyed two of these. Rev. J. T. Mc
Queen, superintendent of Alaskan mis
sions of Juneau, Alaska, lectured.
Three Specials in
Sheet Music
Popular Music
4 for $1.00
Indtfding such numbers a
Louisiana Bright Eyes
Swanee Down Yonder
When My Baby Smiles -'
at Me
Semi-Classical Folios
and Books, T6c
McKinley Edition
the copy, 3c
Bominaixi Values.
and Lion Quality
i -
Buying clothes by hit or miss method
doesn't pay these days. When you pay
from $35 to $Z5 for a winter overcoat
you don't waijt anyJguess work about
quality. That's why more men than
ever before buy lion Quality and Kup
penheimer Good Clothes.
Men'sandYoungMen s
Models Newest Styles at
1 '
J "See nine big, windows
Overcoats Morrison and
Grades to $75 M
', Clothes, for Men' and Boys
S. & H. Stamps. Morrison Cor. Fourth
i .
M 111
nt i in i nil . i uu i
a i mi i mi; vx jvAi .
turn wamw mwxVAnmiAwnm
mm- mmxm
i i ii i Hi iiiYii ii i n ni j
M ill I J " !k vrSOSss UlHnl ml 1 l-U
i m nil i LLxr . uiv i.rrninui wi
i "
J StoreOpen
I 9 A. M to 6 P. M,
Until 8 P. M .
' ' '
II .. , ! iii l ll
If; i
I kYout taste Jor "the best" 4 'SJ' 1
I co ffet tvill always be sat- ' I 1
I I Isfiedwith Gotten West -S.4rgsr
II Cofeti no mattef what
II I the hour of the day. ' . 1
. II , r -
. Closset & Deters 8
Jl Varatna Fackad Portlsa g ; , ." ' , '
3 I
Are Positively Sacrificing Every Dollar's Worth of Goods to f
We want every man who reads clothing sales advertising
to match the goods rather than, the prices. We are not
only demoralizing all chance of securing any profit,
since we dropped the ax across every tag inUhe house,r
but, we are deliberately sacrificing the best merchan
dise for men's wear this side of the Rockies.
KIRSCHBAUM ALL-WOOL Clothes Are as Durable and
Smart as the Tailors Can Make Them.
New, this season's, Overcoats
and Suits, worth
$25 and $30
New, this season's. Overcoats
and Suits, worth
$35 and $40
Niw, this season's. Overcoats
and Suits, worth
$45 and $50
New, this season's, Overcoats
and Suits, worth
$55 and $60
Phegley & Cavender
If you have something in your office which can and will
)rk all the time, why not make use of it?
The telephone is your best aid. It is at your service 24
hours in the day, 365 flays in the year. All over the state
a network of telephone lines spreads, linking every city,
village and hamlet with the centers of trade. More and
more the city is bound to the country the market to the
production fidd bringing Oregon products for Oregon's
use v .
Make your telephone work. You can talk as easily
across the state as you can across the city. If business
slackens as winter comes on extend your trade territory.
Use the long-distance telephone as your salesman. You
will be pleased with results obtained.
Ask . for Pacific Long Distance or dial 2 1 1 from auto
matic telephones. . .
The Pacific Telephone and
Telegraph' Gompmiy