The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, November 04, 1921, Page 11, Image 11

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    FRIDAY. NOVEMBER ,4. 182L.
comuo mm
Katfaeal Oimh Has. rDeOftsd. i
-h s i is ... -
MM latarwattaatal ItrajtStSj
Otwfna hMhf Scaeal aaanrfaoae lUSll eee
J rUa. U, mab 16 to 17.
Aeaarleae Hlatarteal HMctiUn. Peetflo Oeast
. rM-k. rertWad. Xoaaaabar I aaS St.
i Oraeae Bat uwltUN. rarUand. Dwiwi,
a bow saaraanoa Oib CnriaUaa
tsiaa. Seana. raSrsary 11 to lft.
I ws-lrua-a vnwa-r. i a
rntOtM m4 TlelaJty Baturdar rsia;
Mtnorir Virata, .
r and Waafatoctan SatanU rata
SrahaMy mia Mt pafftioa; frank to atruna
natnany gal an the mint. stodarale Booth
arts v-tads la Interior.
A stora af jaKWrata anars la appammtl
antral eft Ua BrltM) Cota labia anaat. asd
the araaaare ta eiaaparaUrat low (n the
lake rina aaatwars to New Rntlaad: it
sthar fttatrtrta ralaUaatr . hab vnmmn pra
aaUa. PrialnltaHMi ka - il alma tha
f rartftn Coaat aa far anarth a. ManhflekL Or..
and B(Dt ralna aaa lallaa la the aan Lata
rraio. Tha aaaLbrr m aaran oa tha Pa,
' . - "V. w Ml KiV1 " .
At i .1. - ' m!
. lay. Maitmaia tratratrararMi of 83 and 94
aVrrara vara raosrtMl jraataHa mm Saa Darajo
ad l.aa ftnaalaa, Cal.. raapactlaaly.
HnaUwar atnrai varntnsa war arsarad at
T a. m. fnr all Wuainftoa aaaoorta aad tha
aaaath af tha CahimMa rtwf. Btona vast af
v to' atroat aAtuhwrai htftlnt to aaartaaaaat gala
aa in .wvniniim tvaxa umr aiaa wwim
Ralatlve humldlta at Portland: Nooa jaa
tarda. SI par rant;. p. aa. jtaatarday. 11
par aaat: 6 a. a, todar, 98 par cant .
WipiuOin ainra Jaaoary 1: Total. 80.31
for ; ami, 88.08 toa-Haa; WWmr?, 1 T
-I- - -
4 I s 6"
4d 42 e
4 .01
M 11 0
0 44 ,14
Tl 42 0
5 4 0
K 54 0
74 2 0
62 40 0
t ....
4 41
4 0
2 4 .St
60 SI 0
6 4 0
74 6) 0
60 88 0
4 04
8 54 .02
74 82 Q
72 60 0
88 48 0
48 88
8 84 0
64 44 0
! 62 4 1.02
64 44 0
78 84 0
72 4 0
6 44
64 44 0
8 42 0
J 0
74 58 0
4 42 0
704 2
62 0
64 18 0
12 .... 0
54 60 .24
48 0
28 0
52 44 0
64 40 0
60 43 0
68 84 0
BaSar. Or
Knatna. Maaa.
rmrrain, N. T
. fmlcary. AIU
(htnuta, 111.
, X-mrrt. Colo.
. ! afuliMM. Iowa . . .
TraMM. Cai.
ialaaatoa. Taiaa . . .
rltana, Mont.
Itnnolula. T. IL ...
Hnrna. . &
" Kaaaaa ntr. Ma. ...
In Anaalaa, CaL ...
MaMhflald. Or.
MMtfiwd, Or
"dafapWa. Taia.
ym (Maaaa. La. . .
c Nra Tart. !. . ...
Mnma. Aava
, frh fla.L Wh. . .
i North Ptattat, Nah. . .
. Oklahrana 1'ltr. Okla. '
rhnaali. ArU.
rittabarf. fa.
roraUllis fclahe
pHrUaad. Or.
- Friar ttupart. B. C.
Hnaatmrf . Or
Bnaa.ll. W. ta
Sacra rarnlo. CaL
St. Ink Mat.
a St. Paul. Mlaa.
Salt lata Ot. Utah
San DMfn Cal . . . .
San V'rmrv-Uon, Cal. , .
Snttta. Wwh.
Shartdaa, Wja
SlOia. AlaOia
Spnaana. Waah. ....
'.i Tinana, Alaaka . . .
TaUh laiand. Wiaa.
Tonnfia. Naa. ,
' 'Valdaa. Alaa
' Vcje"a. B. C.
V0 WaTla. Waah. .
v WaahinftMt. TV 0. .
v.wl. ir.iK
i ll.t.ww wwt "f praradlnt day.
ff 1 1 1 . -
Te Talk et Iowa Bird "Nests and
r.M . Inara Rlrds" Will bS the SUb-
- . .a tiinatrataxl lecture by Ira N.
'1 Uebrtelson before the Oregon Audubon
society Saturday night at I o'clock In
t, t ihrarv halL For several years Mr.
s Gabrlelson has been conductln Inves
tigations in the East and Middle West
' on the economic vaiue oi wtrua
farmat and Is at present with the United
fcutei biological surVey In Oregon as
" ' Art h termlnatlon of rodent
" ---.. in r.ahrlelson will give a second
. lecture In February. enUUed. "Close-Up
f Studies Of Bird Life.
Xahbl WUe Leetare Rabbi wise's
sertnon at Temple Beth Israel tonight
. .i s .in h on -Progress In Piety.
Saturday morning services at 10 :30. At
ih. Kundav rnornlnc assembly at 111
Rabbi Wise will Bpeak on "Guy Fawkes
1 n takinr as his subject the Gun-
' powder-Plot and Including a discussion
, of disarmament In the face of historical
r.i. at rellsloua. racial, economic and
V social nreiudicea. All men and women
ar elcome.
" Trails Clsb te Meet The Trails club
of Oregon will meet at Broadway and
Taylor street at 9 :30 a. m. Sunday, to
i .k. a atreetrar for North Portland to
; vir tha atnrk show. Lunch will be
. , nnrrhaaad on the sround.. In the aft-
ernooo the trip will continue down the
... roiumhia river to the lighthouse snd
will return by way of Willamette river
' r, inhna. a. Thouvenel will be
Ta niaraai ParsBUI TtespoBtlblllty
The regular meeting of the Oregon Civic
leasue will be held at the Benson hotel
aturdav at 1 o'clock. Dr. J. S. Land
ers, president of the Oregon Normal
school. wll speak on the subject of "Pa
rental Responsibility and Juvenile De-
llnouency." There will also be discus
sion hv public officials. Phone Main
431 for reservation
Bart's A ate Bs Uses Portland
Astoria-Seaside division Leave Port
land 7 :20 a. m., 10 -.00 a. nv, 1 :M p.
1:11 a m. Leaving Astoria 7 :15 a.
1:11 a. m.. 10:00 a. m.. 1 :30 p. ra
n. m. and 1:11 p. m. Direct connections
at Astoria to and from Seaside
a-Maiaon Reach nolnts. Busses leave
Charles hotel. 204 Morrison street Tele
phone Marshall 43IL Adv.
S. P. Mes Bare ea Ter--F. L. Burck- I
halter, assistant general manager of the
Southern Pacific In charge of the Ore
gon lines, accompanied by W. F. Kirk
bride, engineer of maintenance of way
snd construction, and W. M. Jeekie, as
sistant engineer of maintenance of 'way
and construction, arrived Thursday for
a short tour of this district
Babel Krseger ta Speak At Congre
ration Ahaval Sholom, Park and
streets, at I o'clock tonight Rabbi Krue
ger will deliver an address on the sub-
laet "Bywords That are Las words.
The Junior congregation will meet Sat
urday at 10 a. m, ' '
C. B. M array Goes to Jan More
was addad to C B. Murray's string
trouble Thursday when Assistant United
States Attorney Thomas Magiitre filed
a criminal Information against him In
i gavaKeSBSSSaaaafla
Jerrv Reed's Orchestra .
13 to 1 :3d. t to 7 :30, 9 :30 to 12 :30
Asierleaa sad CSIaase Dltaes
Sarvlee Sspresie
11 A. H to I A. at
Try Oar Laaea er Blsaer
. Wast DSTI
11 A. M. to I P. M.
PrlreS 30c, ISc. 40o to 75
lneludas Soup, Vegetable
snd Beverage
B serial Sssdsy Chicken BIsssr tie
11 a. M. to s K. 64.
sTsfresklag Fesstshi Brisks
dental &dt
Vsiklsrtos and Broadway
.isttalra. . .
Um ledajfal.coort, ItegiwT.TioUtion of
th nikmaJ prohibltlm Ur, Uurttfi
counsel enter ad m plea, of not rullty for
his itcfit. Th troveminent IIesi thft
on October 21 Murray told til toil eating
liquor. Murray had been fined 3a in
the federal court on At: rust t for ia
aim liar violation. A week aro the city
conncil refoaed to contlnuo - Murray
IlceraM for hla Russell street soft drink
establishment.' Last Saturday the (O
days expired ta wAlch he was gtren to
pay the f2 fine. Unable to raise the
money Murray has gone to jail. j
Te Glre Heallsr IeaieaftrmtiBa The
8ociety for 8preadlnr the Knowledre of
True Prayer, as orranlsed by F. L.
lUwion, London healer and teacbar,
arlll be (in noonday meetinsrs November
7 In room SOU Fliedner buildintT. where
healtth talVa and free demonstrations In
heatlns; will be given.
Skepare't A ate frsr LIset-eMultnomah
Falls division. LesTe Portland t:30
ttu 11 at m, t M p. m. ; 4 -.30 p. m. daily.
Lea re Multnomah Falls 7 :1S a. m.. 11 ;1
a. nv 11 M p. ntu, 4 p. m. end :10 p. m.
daily. Basses leave SL Charles hotel.
Zo4 Morrison street. Telephone Marshall
41 IL AdY.
Shepard's Ante "Ltaaa Portland
St. Helena-Aatorla division : Leave Port
land 13 p. tali 7 U0 a. nv, 10 a. m.. 1 p. m..
4 :U p. m. , Leave Astoria 715 . nx, 10
a. nv. 1:30 p. nv. S JO p. m. (:li p. m.
Saturday. Sunday and holidays. Busses
leave St, Charles hotel, 204 .Morrison
street,. Telephone Marshall 4S8L Adv.
Bhepard's Aato Bas Llsea Portland-
Hood River division. Leave Portland
1 :10 a. m., 11 a. m, 2 :45 p. m. and 4 00
p. m. dally. Leave Hood River 0:301a.
rru 11 a. ra 3:20 p. m. and 4:30 p. m.
dally. Busses leave St Charles hotel, 204
Morrison st Telephone Mar. 43SL Adv.
Deatal Service at the College The
annual session st North Pacific college
has berun. Patrons and friends desir
ing; dental service may now race live
prompt atention. East 6th and, Oregon
streets, Adv. -t i .
PertIaaKewtMrr Leave Fourth
and Alder dally, I, 9 :30, 11 a. m. and! L
2:30, 4:15, 6:30, ( :I0 p. at. ; Saturday
and Sunday 11:15 p. m. Phone Mala
3114. Adv.
Blf Da see, Labor temple. Fourth and
Jefferson streets, Wednesday. Thursday
and Saturday, this week. Good floor.
good music and a good time. Look Cor
next week's announcements. Adv,
' 'Four et Coaatry's Greatest Joaraallita
and five other big numbers on Portland
Lyceum course. Season tickets, Meier A
Frank s today. Adv.
rortlssd Ttnameok CsdHIae Stage,
Hoy t hotel, daily at 8 :15 a. m. and 2 p.
m. Special arrangements made for flab
Ing parties. -Adv. -
Largest Sole reserved season tickets
In history of Lyceum course. Seats sell
ing Meier Frank's today. Adv.
Lyeeea Coarse seats reserved yester
day totaled 1019.. Get yours at Meier A
Frank's today. Adv,
Oaly Six Says Left before Lyceum
course opens. Get season reserved seats
at Meier A Frank s today, Adv,
Beeeverlag Frogs .Operation Mrs. Ce-
lindle Roberts, mother of Captain Fred
W. Roberts, of the fire mashal'a office
Is recovering from an operation ner
m -
Copyright 1521
Clay i
basis, i
Fifth at Alder
formed Wednesday. . Mm Roberts is. st
ths Sellwood General hospltaL- - ,
"Winter Coming On Burglars Are most
active during this season. Get your valu
ables' and , documents under the protec
tion of a safety deposit box. Ladd A
TUton bank. Adv.
Jasaa-Calas, Let us send you some
new illustrated literature on travel. Dor-
sey B. Smith, manager. Journal Travel
Bureau Adv.
Feet . Hart7 See our foot specialist
X-ray services free. Knight Shoe com
pany, Morrison near Broadway, Adv.
8tr.-America St Helens vis, Columbia
river. 2:10 p. m. daily: 11-30 a. m. Sun-
say. .. juaer at. dock. Mara aazi. Aar.
Fortland-Salera gtare Leaves Seward
hotel. Tenth and Alder, every hour from
7 a. m. to T p. m. Fare. JLSO. Adv.
SsirtraaUst , Chsrrh 'Party A prozres
slve 600 party will be given, under the
Low Price Headquarters on '
0oSoAisiy Goods
2500 pair of reclaimed U. S. Army Shoes, new Off KA
soles and heels, choice-. stJVr
Several thousand pieces of U. S. Wol Underwear, A
garment UUV
Army Shoes, new, $3.80.
$4.40, $50 and $6.00
Chippewa High-tops S6.50
and .$7.50
New Slickers, all lengths, up
from $1.75
Army Raincoats up from $2
New Hip Boots . $4.25
New Knee Boots . . . $3.50
Jfew ! Mackinaws. . . .$8.0O
Tin jHats 50
Army Wool Blankets,
gray .$2.95
Army Wool Blankets, O. D.,
$2.50 to ..$4.25
Army Breeches, O. D. up
from -..$1.50
Army Khaki Breeches up
from . $1.00
Wrap Leggins. , .50t-75c
A List of Just a Few
The largest stock of army goods in Portland Our prices
the lowest. Call and look us over.
Horenstein's Amy Store
200 First, Corner First and,Taylor
. JvW v,
ml Wm
Hart Sdaftner 5c Man
We're not selling "prices"
We're selling the best clothes
a that are made
YOU! appreciate fine quality, fine style
anci expert needlework in clothes;
you understand the economy in good
quality. Then come to . this store for
Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes. We
don't want yu to come on
Sam,l Rosenblatt & Co.
auspices of the Social. club auxiliary of;
the First Spiritualist church. East Sev-;
enth and Hassato streets,-Saturday, at
1 35 o'clock, in the assembly nan. ,
FnisUes to Meet The Filipino asso
ciation, will bold s special meeting Sat
urday at 8:30 p. in. in mte auoiiortum
of the T. M. C A.
Satost.Mmt aty 8Ug-nnocts O.
E. trains - Non, 5 and tor Mill City.
Joseph. Hamman, Salem. Prop. Adv.
Br. If arie Eaml has resumed practice.
Lafayette buildinr, 313 Washington
street Adv. .
.Safety Boxet 1 PaOy. t8i Oskya-AdT.
Hot Lake, Nov. 4. Arrivals at Hot
r iv. Kanatorium Tuesday were: B. F.
uaThitt anil EL B. Tonne. Baker ; Cleta
LaMonte, Union ; Harry Hobst, J. H..
SuUiyan. Georgia spencer. quit
New Wool O. D. Trousers
at .$3.75
Leather Puttees $4.50
and $5.0O
O. D. Wool Shirts, re
claimed, up from. .$1.0O
Campaign Hats $1.0O
New Lee Coveralls. .$2.35
Slipon Sweaters . ." 98
Sweaters, $1.00, $1.75
and $2.00
Leather Faced Gloves. 25
Canvas Gloves, pair...l0i
Army Wool Sox, 25?,
35 and, pair 50
Cotton Sox, 2 pairs 25
Libby's Pork and Beans,
can - 10
Corned Beef, tan 18
Velvet Tobacco, 2 cans 25t
of Oar Many Barglns
any other
Gasco Building
George .jidMr.IjLxil Qar k, . Baker j
Mrs. E.C. Cross, Salem ; John W. Pat
terson. Baker ; J. M. Foster. La Grande ;
Mrs. G. L Bergevin, Gibbon ; J. W. Hale.
Ash wood: Roy A. Baker. Hot Lake.
r 4 '
YV71WING at bridge is
VV a resJ winning when
the hostess presents a box
of Vogans.Tan Jar as first
prize. ? ;
Each piece different in
shape and flavor a won
derful melangSof .light and
dark richest chocolate
fresh country cream ground
roasted almonds and the most
delicately flavored fruits.
' Tan Jar" is the candy success
of the year I Everywhere you
turn, the vivid tangerine-hued
box Is in evidence.
Let Tan Tar bring good luck
to vour bridge party. You will
find it at nearly all better stores,
t a.
. vooAn candy company
Tornand and Spokane
Big Dance and Country Fair
Given by Samaritan Social Club
' fj ' 1 '.j- j ' ' - -
J 2S5Ssaa " " ' ''"
if Hill jk WVAl,
i ?c m & (mm Jim
latfs Safraifa'aaaaaas at
saassxt af the Stmtm
..North Bend. Nov. 4: All of the men
recently Injured by , the explosion at the
Beaver Hill mine are reported improving-
and on the way to' reoovery.
V I LI V to
mt( aV mm i
ml $mm fmdm, MtmMwmick
380-386 East Morrison f
Everybody Want Good Merchandise at Low Prices
Here U Your Opportunity to Buy High Clais Mer
chandise at the Lowest Prices
For every size, taste and purse,
in the newest styles and warmest
EzcellenUall-wool Jersey Jumoer
Dresses. 36 to 44. Brown, nary
and red. Special
price for two days
$1.69 Silk Specials $1.69
Fancy Printed Silks and Satins
for kimonos and coat or jacket
linings. Values to 12.25.
- .
A very large and varied assort
ment of new models of allovcr
aprons in fast color percales and
Special 89c
Made of fine unbleached Domes
tic and attractive patterns of
27-inch White Outing, - Q
rood duality. Special... JLL
Shoes that sold as high as 12.00
in black and brown kid, high lice.
Some with cloth tops. Sizes
W' aWaVaa,a, a
to 5 y only
Special . . . .
Aw she IssaVsar COTTtX ,
i the Parsed abate ia ,
tafaflOta COTTZX
is (A PssW
Double Red and Green
Timdjng Stamp on AH
9Cath rircham S&hxr-
clay and Monday. f- r ,
Street Cor. Union-Ave.
Just the kind you would .like.
Heavy quality, large size bleached
Bath, ToweL Just an 411-.
excellent towel at 7U
Special Value 75c
70 Inches wide, hirhly mercer
ized Table Damask; good, heavy.
quality, attractive pat
terns. Special r rice.
Bleached . Seamless Sheets.
splendid good muslin, JQ
full 72x90 size. Sp'L OltitV
Another shipment of the popular
American Ladv Corsets. Minv
new models. $1.50 to $7.50
All the new styles In heather
mixed, plain and ribbed. On
sale at $1.00 to $2.50
The public demands good shoes.
also reasonable prices. . In , its
crade. the Thompson- shoe is an-
equaled for wear, style and prico.
Brown and black, in. neat broad
last or ngllsh narrow dress last
Saturday and Qr if
Monday OOeUJi
ftacas aV .
New Tork:
. . . ' 1 1- I . ' 1 . - I . " v ...
i..m ... i .... i ,1 ' " ----- . T. ....... , j. "S - ...J : r . . . - , m ' - . -s T. -: r ' - - L - - " - -