The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, July 27, 1921, Page 11, Image 11

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July 26
Portland. Joiv 21 to 11.
Ibwoitk Leagus Institute,
io ax.
Oregon Baptist young people's assembly, Oo
tambia City. Jul; 29 to August 8.
Baptist stata coarsOtiea. t.wwbia City. Aog
nat 8 to 10.
National Association tw
Portlind. August.
Stat Dental (octet. Portland,
yers wee, rorusna. August 1 to a.
UMat Had Mam.
Ha. August 22,
Pacific German Mathodht
State Christian Endeavor summer conference.
Columbia City, must 29 to September 5.
None west eonterenc uthr cb
Portland. September 7.
Lena Conntj Mr,
Claciamaa Countj Fair. Canby.
Northwest Hay and Grata
September 19 to 24.
Fair. Grashaav, SepUm-
oer i to 23.
Columbia Countj Fair. St.
11 to 21.
Oraesa State Fair,
Una County Fair, Albany, October 1 to 8.
Wasco County rate. Tha Dalles, October 4
Oregon Methodist eonTerence, Foreat Grore.
October 1.
gott County Fate. Dallas. October 8 to 8.
Hoyal Arcanum, grand council. Portland. Oc
tober 11. " "
Kaigata Templar, grand commandery. La
Grande, (Vtnha 11
National Grange ' meeting. Portland,
bar 8 to 11
Pacific International Livestock
Foraand, November 21 to 2d.
BisrTcan Historical association. Pscfflo
Branca, Portland. November za ana is.
uregon oar association, rorusoa.
Portland and vicinity: Thursday fate; north
westerly winds.
Oregon and Washington: Thursday fair;
moderate westerly winds.
Low pressure prevails over the Southwest and
from the northern Dlaina states eastward to the
upper lake region. Klsewhere the pressure is
moderate! hieh. Precipitation has occurred over
most of Western Canada, reacmng soainwara
into Montana, the Dakota, and Minnesota. Local
rains are reported from Arizona and Tennes
see. The temperature is generally above normal
east of the Rocky mountains and below normal
on the Pacific slope. The greatest excess is in
Illinois and the greatest deficiency is in Wash
ington and Nevada.
Relative humidity at Portland'. Noon jester
day. 57 per cent; 5 p.m. yesterday, 48 per
cent; 3 a. m. today. 88 per cent.
Precipitation since January 1: Total. 24.06
inches; normal. 25.10 inches; deficiency, 1.04
M. L.
SCRIPTIOJfS W Be a rotas; away for the s a mer.
or on yoar Taeatloa. hare The Joar
Bal follow job St the regalar rata, or
the following agent will maply yo
at oar rearalar etty rates:
day City. Or- Bars. a. 9. Ossssa
or., j. c. was) avian.
Carl B.
Or.. Hot
Blsnianiu Beach. Or..
Nahcetu. Wash., Trondasn
Maa-Kah-Rks, Or.. . C. A
HSfiaMvn, or., nsnajem I
NetarU, Or. , Ban. M. F
Newport. Or., M. 8. Hunt.
Oeaan Park. Wash.. O Soros H. I
Otter Week, Or- T. N. Horntna.
Pacific CIU, Or- E. L. Walters
Rocsawsy, or- J. B. L.
fail k
Chlrvook , Mfgtth, ItflssW bC lAtsagwi
OslaiwBIa Beach. Or- W. B. B II 1 1 It,
B). O. BBSS.
Btetvin Gtene.
Hat Laka
h, Wash., Btrauhal as Co.
Beach. Or- awn. a. I. Huston.
South Beach. Or.. H. D
Tillamook, Or- Clayton Mar,
Twin Banks. Or, D. J. Van
Wal lews Lake , Or- Wal lew a
wlthaK Barings. Or- B. O. Rowan.
streets at 9 :55 p. m. Tuesday by
three masked men who took $20. One
of the men carried a revolver, he said.
They were described as being- about 20
yefars old, medium weight, and all three
wore slouch hats. '
Mill Beiaaata Attract Maay me spe
cial offering- of mill remnants, blankets
and robes slightly damaged In manufac
ture at the Portland Woolen mills Is at
tracting many to the mills in St. Johns.
The bargains and great reductions made
by the mills make the trip well worth
while. Take St. Johns car to Baltimore
street. The plant - occupies five city
blocks at St. Johns with entrance at
Crawford and Baltimore streets. Sales
room open from It. n. to S p. m. Adv.
Baker, Or.
Boise, Idaho ........
Boston, Mass.
Buffalo, N. Y
Calgary. Alberta ....
Chicago. 111.
Denver, Colo. ......
Des Moines, Iowa ....
Fresno. Cel.
GalTeaton, Texas ....
Helena, Mont.
Honolulu, T. H
Huron. S. D
Juneau. Alaska
Kansas City. Mo
Loo Angeles, Cal
Mar-hfieki. Or. .....
Medford. Or.
Memphis, Tenn. ....
New Orleans, La
New York. N. Y
Nome, Alaska
North Head, Wash...
North Platte. Neb
Oklahoma City, Ok la . .
Phoenix, Aria.
Pittsburg, Pa.
Pocatello, Idaho
Portland, Or.
Prince. Albert, Sask . . .
Roseburg, Or.
Roswell, N. M
Sacramento, Cal. . . . .
St.- Louis, Mo .......
St. Paul. Minn ...
Halt Lake City. Utah . .
San Diego, Cal
San Francisco, Cal. . .
Seattle, Wash
Sheridan. Wyo. ......
Sitka. Alaska ......" Wash.
Tanana, Alaska .
Tatoosh Island, Wash.
Tonopah, Nov
Vsldei. Alaska
Vancouver, B. C
WsSla Walla, Wash. . .
Washington, D. C
Yakima. Wash. . . . . . ,
il U H
U li if
"80 50 T
86 58 0
02 74 0
78 74 0
92 78 0
86 62 0
90 78 0
98 62 0
74 54 0
84 0
86 68 .06
66 16
88 74 0
80 62 0
66 50 0
88 50 0
90 76 0
86 76 0
88 72 0
88 0
58 52 0
92 64 0
86 70 0
94 74 .16
88 70 0
82 56 0
74 56 0
64 52 0
82 50 0
90 66 0
88 56 0
90 76 0
90 70 .18
84 66 0
72 64 0
60 50 0
68 50 0
82 48 0
56 14
82 54 0
76 0
58 52 0
92 60 0
60 0.
68 58 0
82 60 0
92 72 I 0
86 54J 0
Shepard's Auto Bas r.rnes Portland
St Helens division Leave Portland 6 :45,
8 :30 a. m., 10 a. m., 1 p. m. and 4 p. m.,
7 o'clock daily and 11 :15 p. m. Saturday.
Sunday and holidays. Leave St. Helens
7:30 a. m., 10:55 a. m., 1:15 p. m., 1:45
p. m., 5:15 p. m. and 9:45 p. m. daily
and 6:15 p. m. Saturday, Sunday and
holidays. Buses leave St. Charles hotel.
204 Morrison street Telephone Marshall
4381. Adv.
Shepard's Aato Baa Lines Portland
Astoria-Seaside division Leave Portland
at 6 :45 a. m.. 8 :30 a. m., 10 a. m.. 1 p. m..
4:15 p. m. and 7 p. m. Leaving Astoria
7 : 15 a. m.. 8 :15 a. m., 10 a. m., 1 :30 p. m.,
2:45 p. m. and 6:15 p. m. Direct connec
tions at Astoria to and from Seaside and
Clatsop Beach points. Buses leave St.
Charles hotel, 204 Morrison street Tele
phone Marshall 4381. Adv.
Ore go a Products Show Arrangements
for an Oregon products exhibition at
Bend in September are under way and,
according to D. C Freeman, manager of
the Associated Industries of Oregon, the
event will be the most successful of its
kind ever held. Freeman left for Bend
Tuesday night to assist in plans for the
Shepard's Aato Bat Lines Multnomah
Falls division. Leave Portland 9:30 a.
m., 11 a. m 2:45 p. m.. 4:30 p. m. and
p. m. daily. Leave Multnomah Falls
r:15 a. m.. 11:15 a. m.. 12:55 p. m., 4 p.
m. and 6:10 p. m. daily. Buses leave St
Charles hotel. 204 Morrison street Tele
phone Marshall 4381. Adv.
r. YoBBgsoB to Speak Dr. William
Wallace Youngson. who recently returned
from the Far North, will speak to the
Progressive Business Men's club at the
Benson hotel Thursday noon on "Alas
ka." H. F. Cbafin, department manager
of the Pacific Stationery Printing com
pany, will preside.
Steadier Iralda for Astoria, Ji.oo and
tax; Seaside $1.60; round trip S3. 00, in
cluding tax. Passengers only. Leaves
Portland Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday,
9 a. m., Alder street dock. Main 8323.
Leaves Astoria Monday, Wednesday,
Friday, 9 a. m. Adv.
Bankers to Attend Meeting- Two of
Portland's bankers, A. L. Mills, presi
dent of the U. 8. National bank, and
Edward Cookingham. vice president of
Ladd TUton bank, left Tuesday to at
tend a conference of the advisory coun
cil, of Use federal reserve board at San
Shepard's Aato Bas Llaea Portland
Hood River division Leave Portland
9 :30 a. m. , 11 a. m.. 2 45 p. m. and 4 :30
p. m. daily. Leave Hood River 8 :J0 a.
m., 11 a. m., 2 :20 p. m. and 4 :S0 p. m.
dally. Buses leave St Charles hotel. 204
Morrison at Telephone Mar. 4381. Adv.
Tie only proper limber ta call is East
3088 when you require ' the Salvation
Army truck to call for your waste ma
tertat Help as to help others by your
help Address 24 Union ave. Major
John Bree. district officer. Adv.
Steamer Georglaaa Five and one
half hours to Astoria. Special excur
sion to Astoria and way points. 91. Down
trio on Tuesday. Thursday. Saturday.
Leave Portland 8 a. m . Alder street
dock Adv.
Portland Tillamook Cadillac stage,
Hoyt hotel, daily at 8 :15 a, m. and 2 p.
m. Special arrangements made for fish
ing parties. Adv.
Steamer Cadlae Astoria to Portland.
Special excursion, up trip ft. Leave As
toria daily except Sunday and Monday.
9 a. m. Passengers only. O-W. R. N.
company dock. Aav.
Portland-New Bert" Baa Leave Fourth
and Aider dally. 1 :30, 9 .30. 11 a. m , and
L 2 :10. 4 :15, 6 :3t, 6 :10 p. m. ; saiuraay
and Sunday, 11 p. m. Phone Main wi.
X-Ray Service Free Tired, aching feet
can be relieved ; consult mjt.
Vnivht Ssns Pa Morrison, near Broad-
wav Art V
Portland-Salem Stage Leaves Seward
hotel. Tenth and Alder, every hour from
7 a. m. to 7 p. m. Fare, 11.7b- Aav.
RHektwnod Ststa-e leave Lenta Junction
2 :30 daily except Wednesday. Friday, for
Loop road construction camps- Adv.
Salem-Mill City Stage Connect O. El
trains No. 5 and 9 for Mill City. Joseph
Ham man, Salem, Prop. Adv.
8. t H. Green Stamps far Cask Hoi
Fuel Co. Main 353. 560-7.1. Adv.
Safety Boxes le Daily, 184 Oak. Adv.
Frank Payne Canght
Soon After Escape
From Penitentiary
Salem. Or., Jury 27. Frank Payne, It,
an inmate of the state penitentiary, who
made hi aacapB Tuesday afternoon,
waa captured by guards in a hobo camp,
about midway between Marion and Tur
ner, between and o'clock Tuesday
evening He offered no resistance.
A track walker, who had been asked
by Payne to boy a fountain pen carried
by tha convict immediately notified of
ficials and several guards were dis
patched to Marion. Hoboes in that vicin
ity had seen the arrival of the officer
and had warned Payne, but the escaped
man waa discovered a few minutes later,
hiding behind a log located a short dis
tance from the railroad track.
Payne had not discarded his prison
garb, and the red numbers, boldly show
ing him to be a convict made him easily
Payne escaped about 2 o clock Tues
day after be had forged a note which
gained him permission to visit the state
highway garage. He had been working
in a gang; at the prison brickyard and
was not a trusty.
shop The
by David Tteaat.
not yet been
Motorcycle Rider
Is Hurt in Crash
With Automobile
Harry Fontaine, a mechanic at Linn
ton, suffered injuries to his left lag
Tuesday night when a motorcycle he
waa riding on the Linn ton road, col
lided with an automobile driven by Tony
Helbach. 211 Stanton street He waa
taken to the Good Samaritan hospital
Helbach said he turned out to pass
another car going In the same direc
tion when be saw Fontaine approach
ing at high speed. He applied his brakes
and had nearly brought his car
stop when Fontaine crashed into hi
to a
Alsea River Lumber
Company Goes Into
Hands of Receiver
Eugene. July M The Alsea River
Lumber company, a coescern capitalised
at 1 1.506. 00. waa granted a receivership
in Judge Q. F. SBlpwortn a court Here
Tuesday. Heavy Fisher was appointed
Tha firm owas about ISOO.iao to var
ious creditor and has a number of
suits oa Its hands. It is understood
that the receivership waa a friendly ene.
ao that the company would be able to
The assets are said to be about 31
eaa, cona4tirag of a large sawmill at
Glenbrook. railroad, equipment, stand
ing timber In the Alsea river Batata and
that territory . which is in Deavtani county
The offices of the company, which is
about two years old. are in JBugBBW- K.
B. Kingman la M am riant
X. T.. capital, I
ta be behiad the
Mr. and Mrs. John Nygron, tat Jef
ferson street, were fined tll td each by
Municipal Judge Russiiiaii oa i bones
of being drank and diaoraeriy. Neigb-
to tha
talk aad quarreling
arrive several bottles
have been thrown
ara aJkw-
from a window.
UnoMgh BThBah ij was found to Introahaggj
Fire Destroys Two-
Buildings at Pe Ell
Pe Mk Wash.. July 27. (U. P.) Two
building were completely destroyed aad
telephone and light wires are: down for
some distance as a resultfijf-4.he blaze
which early this morning wTflfcinated in
an old building; uaed as a "blacksmith
the picnic sandwich!
Take thin cut slices of bread and spread
first with mustard and then with Biuhill,
Bluhlll Green Chile Chi
Only 65 Days
Till October!
Have you arranged for your Gasco Furnace?
The Fall Raat. already making itself fait.
't wait until wa ana
display at the Gaa Co.. A
Forest Grove. JLuly 27. Twenty-one
business and professional men have
sisrned for the return of Chautauqua In
1922. with Hiss Manche Langiey, presi
dent of the committee. J. L- Van Kirk,
vice president, and M. R. Johnson treas
urer. This year's assembly was largely
If You WiU Come Into
My Store for Five
. Minutes
We can tell you how to end forever
any ordinary foot troubles you may
have. Breaking down arches, cal
louses, bunions, corns, cramps in
toes, or foot and limbs, and swollen
feet can be relieved instantly.
152 4th St.. Bat. Alder and Morrison
'Afternoon report of preceding day.
Vladivostok- Mall Uncertain Because
of the unsettled conditions in Siberia,
the postal service has announced that
no letters for Vladivostok will be sub
ject to indemnity ll lose rosunasur
John M. Jones received word from "Wash- 1
ington that the Vladivostok postomce
would not guarantee the delivery of any
Jvaa14 h, Thr. Men R Hill. 187
Russell street, reported to the police that
he was held up at ureetey ana xtrynni
Arm Your Going to Europe?
Or the Orient?
Or Around the World?
Why not get experienced and accu
rate information from one who baa
traveled extensively tor tha benefit
of his patrons?
Sacaxe Steamship Reservations aad
Tickets From
FBOB Marsball Wt
We Are Going to Save Ton
Money aa Sugar, Too.
, 1 ssva
Grocers far Fnrtv Tr.
yOLTLL say
"No better
than it's made at
the Imperial Lunchrooms."
A full slice of Swift's Premium Ham
crowded between the halves of a soft, light
bun, cooked the very same day in our
own electrical bake-shop, and generously
spread with Maid O' Clover butter.
That's an Imperial Lunchroom's cold
ham sandwich.
It's a luxury at a plain-food cost.
Try One Today
. Three Convenient Locations
291 Washington St
Near Fifth
liberty Theatre BWg.
"For your convenience we never close.
Washington St
at West Park
Take a 20 Pay Life Policy
With Uo
Assets Over IUN.IM.N
Your Home Society far St Years
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