The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, March 27, 1921, Page 30, Image 30

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kw ColambU tiwf 50 ft from
- mmvb iMivD f v cm n
twttosn Mad. 40 eerse dyked, balance not sub-
n wmiow, sine creeB, O-room ROOM,
mime, barn, chicken boos and ether building.
1 enisled with piece: T urn, SO bogs. 69 IMU,
fod team, harees. complete Mb of machinery.
Half mile to school. Wlr fanning. Good stock
or dairy ranch, wiiit Iota of outranra. Price t42
Per foe everything; $6000 cash. Might
iiuit amauar isrm or cry property to
919.909. f
High-Class Farm
a A 1 m ImmImI a ( 1 - -,
Potleeid, oa fin macedamixed highway. All eaa
ww swumaa; x acre aaaer cultivation, bal
ance to timber; a acre family orchard; 3 block,
. tokolj 2 mOe from Oregon City. Good
good barn, granary, smoke bouse, etc Included
. cows, a nogs, iu
chickens, 600 besbela osta, 100 buahela wheat,
49 sack potatoes. Vary complete Use of
mac binary. Ualuding interest in Mlf-binder. This
la ly 40 minute from Portland courthouse
Price $ 12.000; $5000 cash. Might eonaider
assss on unmn v"f r tins, witn
up to ivv.
Well-Located Good Farm
10 eras. 10 milaa fmm M,t nf rr,rtT.l
11 mile from city limits; cast of Oregon Cfty
awoianoa roaa, aula to school; rail and
. wire fences, 3 good walla. 2 H acre garden and
fruit Good 8-roora double constructed house,
bare, chicken house, garage. Included with
- place: 1 team, 8 cows, wagon, barrow, harness,
plow, cultivator, cream separator, aeed and feed;
acrea in clover, a acasa in wheat, balance
. being plowed for oata; 18 acrea under cultivation,
1I can be cultivated; balance in good mature
aad very eaay clearing; 81800 cash, balance
,$60 tear for 2 years and mortgage 6 per cent.
. 30 ores, 22 milea from Portland sear the
Columbia river highway; 7 acre under cultiva
tion, lw acres can be cultivated. Spring. Gravel
road by place; 1 mile te school, 2 hk milea to
town; 79 bearing fruit tree. 8-room ceiled
noose, chicken bowse, barn; SO cords of wood
cut. 10O to cut. Included with place: Cow,
- chickens, pig and lota of tools. Price $3200;
half casta, balaacs at 8 per cent Inspected
by Brooks.
Near Columbia River
-SO acrea, located 1 mile from good town with
. high school; T aoree under cultivation, IS acres
eaa be cultivated, lota of pasture, some timber;
good road, 1 mil from highway, 44 milea from
Portland; 60 bearing fruit trees, every variety;
. large amount of berries; 5-rsom house, barn 26x
20. chicken house and other buildings. In
cluded with place: 3 cows. 2 calves, 1 hone,
- 83 chickens, cream separator and complete line
of machinery, 6 tone hay, lota of wood. Price
for tt j tiling $4000; $1800 cash, ?-nc-i
$800 year.
' 20 acre, located 1 14 miles from Oregon City,
alii to School, en main macadamised high
way; woven wire fencing, band all under eultiva--tion,
dark loam soil. Good attractive 7-room
buagalaw. barn and other buildings; the barn will
accommodate 86 head of milch cows. Good
bearing family orchard. A very favorably located
place; $2000 cash balance $500 year 8 per
gent The place is now in crop, oata. vetch
and wheat.
Only $500 Cash . ;
2 acres, Va mil from railroad aUtiott and
graveled road; all can be cultivated, -when
cleared, 6 acres under cultivation; lota of good
timber. Creek and spring. Good black loam
aoii. 4 -room house, barn, ssrsce. chicken boose;
89 miles northeast Portland, good county road.
Price $2300: 8600 cash, balance 8200 year
0 per cent. Consider Portland house, weak aide,
rooms, up to 86000; assume, or pay dif
ference in cash. Jobn Ferguson, Gerlinger bldg.
40 acm, 75 milea east Portland, 2 miles
tram good railroad town; 10 acre ready for
plow, ait eaa be cultivated, when cleared. 4
acres timber, spring; telephone line and mail
routo by door. Kntire place fenced with woven
wire. Good productive land. . House, barn,
e hick en bouse. Included with place: Good
bona, S brood sows, chiekena and small farming
tools. price $1600 for everything. Tula is
. rcUno.uiahmen and must be cash. Brooks.
' 40 acrea, SO miles southeast Portland. 7 miles
from town, 1 mile to school, good macadamised
road I acrea under cultivation, 8 acres more
ready to plow. Bearing orchard. 6-room house,
barn, good chicken bouse. Price 88000, in
cluding 3 cows. 8 heifers, 8 calves, 12 shsep.
lambs, 80. chickens. Also 40 acrea of leased
, land in crop and two-thirds included: with this
plae and all the stock; 81500 cash, balance
$ years 6 per oent,
North off HilEsbbro .'
70 acres. 8 V milea from North Plains. 28 acres
under cultivation and in crop. 60 acres . can
be cultivated ; some good timber: 4 springs and
creek: mil to school; 8-room house, barn,
machine shed, chicken house; acre bearing
orchard. Included with place: 8 cows, 3 horses,
4 6 chickens, wagon, harrow, plow, cultivator,
rake, mower, barneaa. etc. Also the crop. Prioe
$4800. on easy terms. Inspected by afalon.
30 acres, -located 2 miles east KUlsboro. K
mile from Ore two, on Oregon Electric. 1 mil to
high and grade school. U mil from Portiand
UiUsbero road; 13 acres under cultivation, bal
aao in creek pas tuns. Home creek bottom land.
. tbst will grow edery and onions; spring and
ereek. Thia is near the Orenoo Nursery, where
there Is lota of work. Prioe $3850; $700
ash, bale no $200 year 0 per cent.
40 acrea, on Padflo highway, that Is macadam
ised and will be paved; over 1000 cords of fir
timber; 2ft acres slashed. 35 acres can be culti
vated; 4 milea to town, 1 milea to school.
Fin spring, . water can be piped to house;
8 -room house, bam. woodshed, chicken house
Price $80O0; $1600 eaah, balance 6 equal
annual permeate 6 per oent. la Lewis county,
Consider Portland
. House . -- ,:,
BS acrea sooth west of Monmouth, Oregon.
Polk county; 25 acres under cultivation, all
eaa b cultivated; good road; tVi seres fruit;
7-room house, garaae. chicks a house aad shed
barn; miles to town, station and schooi Price
84600 clear. Consider Portland house to $3000
and giv eaay terms oa balance. 7
'Very Small Payment
Down .
" W bav four 40-acr tracts, on a graveled
Toad. 27 milea southeast of Portland. 5 milea
from good town: 25 acres under cultivation,
ell can be cultivated; bouse, barn, chicken bouse;
building good; ltt milea to school. Price
$50 per acre. Also two 40-acr tracts of
bottom land for $100 pet acre; $260 Cash,
balanc per esnL
Only S1000 Cash
Joining; City Limits
TO acres, mil from electric station, good
macadamised road, mil from Columbia river
highway; 7 acres ready to plow, 65 acres can
be farmed when cleared, now in timber, 1 acre
rebard: 5-room bouse, barn 40x60, chicken
bouse 12x20; timber easy to get out; $1000
eaah. balance easy terms at 6 per cent .
On Paved Highway
28 acrea, 11 milea from city limits' of Port
land, beat of river bottom land; 26 acres under
cultivation, all eaa be cultivated; creek through
Plaoe; 4-room house, barn, chicken house. Also
80 sores Joining this. Will sell on or both
places. Both offered at real bargain,
.- Over 18 acre south of Reedrllle, 18 acres
wader cultivation, all can be cultivated: ereea
oa plae. wire fences, bearing orchard; nice
lying land, very productive; 4-room bouse, earn,
- chick ea boos. Price $4750, including' 1 team,
1 cow, chickens aad machinery. Larg eaah
payment. Good macadamised road by jtlane.
Over BOO small plaoe bear Portland,
Get eur eateuaive classified list.
v $40 Per. Acre
am ss a muss i iv. in i us sown ox siotaua, oa
straveled road. About 30 acrea in cultivation,
more not hard to clear, living water, old bouse
and barn. Thia could be made a good ranch with
fcttl work. Think of it- land today for that
prion. What do von think of Itl Da son u
like making aa investment for years f f
enougq ina to mane a good start, that la all
e 1 eared f K. Y. Elliot m Son, 7th aad slain
' " 11 lio.Oo'o'feEWfetS ieO a. WITS "
Machinery, etc. Machin worked fields. 8 room
beuse. rood outbids.. 10 miles from Vancouver,
oa feveu rosa; sacniice as z,uvv.
Henry Bldg.
80 acrea, 16 in eultivation, ahaeks. unlimited
outrange, 4 running springs, county road through
piaoa, 1 H mil from station and schooi. I must
sell. $1000 cash. Would allow $400 on good
earn or uuvroieb a.-2o, Journal.
i 74 Acre Farm
Buildings Al. i
VfUl tea city i .
residence up to $S00O-
m part payment.
Price for qntck .
Sale $14,600.
It'a near Hillabora,
Good road. ' . .
Price! $14,500
Neilan & Parkhill
ta and Btarr sta.
Tour Last Opportunity la Central Alberta
and Saskatchewan are rich park lands -open
prairie ready for the plow. Interspersed with
trees, which afford excellent abetter for stock.
Her grain growing, dairying nd livestock rais
ing are being carried oa aucceatfully. , The
country is ideal for ' raized farming. ' The
Canadian Pacific railway is offering a large area
of these fertile lands in Uoydminster and Battle
ford districts, Thia fertile land 'will become
the borne ef thousands of propereus farmers.
On similar land Seager Wheeler grows the
world's pris wheat. Near Uoydminster the
world's prii oata hav eea grown, and batter
of the highest quality n nude. A man can
soon become independent on a farm in thia dis
trict. Them lends can be bought now at aa
average of about $18 per acre. Ton pay down
10. no further payment ef principal until
end of fourth year, then 10 snnusl payments.
Interest is M. E. THORNTON, 8upt of
Colonisation Canadian Pacifie Railway, 120
Ninth eve. B., Calaary. ATbrta.
55 1 Acres . -
Trade for House and Lot
This U 4 miles of the town Of Mol!!. moat
all good, tillable land.' Thia is all brush land,
some easily cleared. ' Boad divides the land.
It - would make 1 a fine platting tract to sell
off in cheap homes in 1 0-acre places.- One
could double on H by doing that. Some tim
ber on place, i Lies a few hundred feet from
Milk creek, on good road. Price 30 per acre.
Will trade' for houe aud lot at the same value.
Must bo clear. - Want place in Portland. E. P.
Elliott A Bob, 7th and Main rt., Oregon City. Or.
2(00 Acres
There lias been about 25 acreS iu cultiva
tion, more not hard ,to clear. Some buildirata
but not much. Liring water, some good Um
ber. This is a Tine place for stock or a Untiy
ranch for walnuts, grain, in fact, anything you
want to grow. It Is . 8 milea of tile town of
Molalla. Or. Can drive to the place with car.
This is the making of a good ranch. W ill take
$1200 down, balance at 0 per cent. K. P.
Elliott at Bon. 7th i and Main sta.. Oregon
City. Or. '
Here we have an ideal 80 A. of which 63 A.
n under cultivation, baL pasture. 1 A. logan
berries, 800 strawberries, A. apples, cher
ries and pears, fin 10 room plastered houe,
running water, bath and 2 toilets, barn 48x52.
ben house 14x18, hoghous 20x20, sngin bouse
and garage, full set of farm implements, 8 horses,
6 cows, hogs, crop partly in. This is one of
the best valley farms and will show extra good
value at only $10,000; $5000 cash.
' i . r". U. KUUI
201-8-6-7 Bmrrl of Trade b!dg.
The liest buy doe to Portland. 23 acrea, of
which 21 acre Us la the famous Tualatin
onion flats, worth at least - $790 per acre;
6-room ; house in first claaa condition, barn
42x48.i paved road, aome ereo in now. family
orchard, 1 acre timber, 7 tone hs in barn ;
an exceptional bargain, at only $8000, balf
cash. i
201-3-5-7 Board of Trade Bid.
SO ACRES, in tiled and In first-clam eoa
, dition, very good buildinrsa, close to
paved hignway and , electric line, right at
Cornelius, only 22 , milea from the city.
If looking for a good place, that ia worth
more than we are asking, you should see
this 20 acres; i lot.of personal property
goes with it. Pries 17600. Will make
284 Oak st, i Broadway 848.: '
$12.50 i'Klt AGUE
InchlidiBg 225 bead of cattle.- lots of horses.
a fin set ef machinery, also wagon aad har
ases. , 6200 acres completely fenced. River
through place, has water right to irrigate 550
ma. lxHs of bottom land. Near Prinevill on
highway. Cash down $25,000. balance to suit,
or will take in part ia income property. This
is aa administrator sale. Owner died suddenly,
left wife and 5 small children. Personally in
spected; for full iiiformstion see
806 Ry. Bn. Bldg.
SJ ACRES $8500
78 acrea. of which 85 acres are nnder rJow:
80 bearing fruit trees, also berries for family
use; enot sou; 6-room plastered house, large
barn, new silo, full set farm implements, cream
separator, etc.; 10 cows. 1 heifer, bull, team,
bogs and chickens; 80 acres planted in oats and
vetch; 8 cords wood sswed and split; price. In
cluding everything, only $8500; with $3000
' F. L.1 EDDY.
201-8-5-7 Board of Trade BWg.
:::r - - farm ? -rr
107 'seres, 1 ',4 mi. from Davton on main
graveled road leading to Salem. 70 a. in culti
vation. 6 or 7 rm, house, large barn, swell fenced,
good pasture, living water, family orchard, best
o' soil, i no gravel or rock. Extraordinary offer
for quick cats at $133 per acre, easy terras.
O B. Ripper. 010-11 McKay bklg.. 8d and
Stark. Main 6229. ' .
HERB ia that little ranch you are looking for.
a aerea, alt cleared, all Improved, all - an
cultivation, including 6 room fine house, store
room, finest of chioksn bouse and chicken run:
large barn; 1 good horse, 1 fine cow, 87 chick
en, au farming tools. 1 M scras in strawberries,
1 acre in clover, fin orchard: good roads, close
to carliaa, 8 mile from Afilwauki. $5500,
$3000 cash, baL 6 per cent.
: Phone Milwaukie 19. " -
In the prun Mctioa of Clark county: night
teres cleared, balance timber and pasture;
eight-room two-story house, bam. garage and
dairy, family orchard, small fruits. 2 good wells;
plae well fenced; team of horses, on cow, two
yearling heifers, farming tools, wagon, cream
separator, some household furniture; only eight
mile from Vancouver. Wash,, on good road;
must sell ranch on account of IU health. Price
$3750. Box 214. R. 5. Vancouver, Wash.
I PAID, over $14,00 for this place 4 months
ago but have got to go back east and will
make big es orifice for quick sal. 48 acres. 43
in cultivation, 5 acre pasture, about 8 H aerea
in prunes, peaches, pears, cherries, etc. t room
bouse, cow barn and hay bam, prun dryer,
granary, woodshed and chicken houses. About
15 miles from Portland. $4000 will handle.
If you want a good farm cheap, now is the time
to get one. See owner st room 14, 167 11th st-.
rw-Twrr-TT iwcnron and lamnui.
' , . u win i- u
OA i . , -. , , , .. .
" mm iawi wusin au miles oi
Portland; R. R. and county, road through prop
erty; stores and school handy; good soil, plenty
water; employment in lociring camp near by.
Price from $500 to $1300 per tract; terms
on any tract only $23 down and $10 per mo.
- . t.nmnvuivw ff i,mv-
" - - vvarsJl.
namper oi uommeroe.
40-30 acres in nop, remainder easily cleared,
only slightly roiling, school oa plaoe, high school
a mil, good road, 1 acre prunes, family
orehard, bearing; 6-room house, larg bam,
rural mail, telephone, binder, mower, rake,
hore, wagon, etc Price $5000. $2000 cash,
balance easy terms. 85 miles from Portlsad.
... .v... iijtxwm, t, rr:.
WHEAT FARM. 160 acres, 60 acres been eulti-
- raut nooae, oarn. ow It. Well near
house, 9 miles from R. R. station and town,
center of wheat country: excellent land. Going
to reside here so will sacrifice for $1200. Will
Jf..t.fK " l H Jypent, Land located
v rim, general oeuvery.
63 AK kUuA. cioae in. 8 room honst bam. etc..
stock and machinery, ckwe to carlin. Low
ii'x',T .t'rms- Might consider small grocery.
. aa aw Bwaa. CaValCU, KOOQ Pflll
sM"' nf' mexhauatibl weU. larg ut-
w - asay tierper. Bed-
2vtSEJ?1' for fruit and caickeeZ
- AU enmreu. a a miles from
Portland. For sale or trade. Writ for Eric.
and terms. HX-322. Journal. 7 pnc
160 ACRKi, some improveioebta. miles
rm town; good for dairy or atnrk dm
8'U' P" . ..I-boue for
. .j. .ofa --r,-r. PO Hi. IStn gt.
m cheap; stock, impiemenu!
Writ Mm. H. Schmitt. Eik City. OrT
14lHxceptional Buy
20 A- of th best sosm soil, IT f
acres ia eultWatiea, arxceUrn water. .
, - fenced and esuea-feneed. 1 acre of ;
'Ralian prune in full bearing, as- '
sorted family orchard. amaU f ruita and . .
hemes . end shrubbery of sll kinds.
5-room bungalow, barn and ill sects. :
,. ssry outbuildings. Exception!. liy well
sheltered, naturally adapted to Italian '
prasves, loganberriea, potatoes, corn,
cats and clover. Good air and soil
drainage. In highly-improved district;
8 miles from Vancouver: half a mil
frosB paved highway. Prio,$3230.
; 45UnusuaI Farm -Bargain"
40 acres, most all tillable. 20 sere
in high state cultivation, more easily
cleared, rich loam soil, fin lot ef tim- j
- ber on backside of placs, fenced and
- cross-fenced, watt red by a fine spring
and rmall stream J 4 acres of orchard,
of which 175 tree are Italian prunes.
T room boos, barn, chickflt house.
- bog boose and lot. atorv room; 1 mile -from
small town oa main county road
L. tkwVI. Mltlwl Mmmnnit, with . mil ' r
' rnial sitTaiitaees ; 8 miles from eleo- . Oj
trio line, 11 miles from Vancouver ea
good automobile road. Prtc $6300;
149 Business Man's.
; Suburban Home
2tf acres of th very best fruit and
berry soil, aU iu cultivation, fenced
and cross-fenced, mostly woven wire;
10 seres in commercial orchard. 3 i
acres beta 'Italian prunes, 8 Urge
English walnuts, 6 large cherry trees,
quinces,', loganberries, strawberries: 8- t
room modem houw with , fireplace.
, full basement, city water, new -dairy -. -bam
with concrete " basement, apple
bouse, Turkish bath house, chicken ' .
house and park, one registered Jersey
cow, good farm horse, harness, wagon,
se para tor. spray outfit, gas engine,
roller, 2 plows, 2 harrows. 2 culti- .
vators, new scraper. 4 new ateplad
ders, about 8000 apple boxes, cider
; press, pruning outfit. 4 stands bees,
box press and all necessary small tools
to run aa up-to-date farm, including
household furniture, . kitchen range.
heater, dining table, center table,
rockers, dining chain, 3 brass beds, '
springs nd mattraea, sewing machine,
drawers, couch, rugs, blinds, linoleum,
in fact everything complete. - Just out
side oity limits of Vancouver. Ret
buy in Clarke county. Price SI 4. 000.
H cash. Will accept aome exchange, -
Registered Holstein
Dairy and Stock Farm
66 A. find class land, most all till
able, 20 acres bigfa state cultivation.
20 asms more very easily clew red.
ine spriug creek through place, abun-
danc of timber for domestic use, 2
acres bearing Italian prunes, family
fircliard of assorted fruits irfwfull tear
ing, small fruits and berries of all
kinds. Good 7-room bouse, with bath,
large dairy bam, fully equipped with
modern conveniences. All. ntcesssry
outbuildings. 14 bead Holstein cat
tie, most all registered, best strain In
U. a, all in good condition;. 3 or 4
bead wer purchased at faney price
short tins ago. v Large farm t-am,
harnesses, wagon, buggy, .chiekena.
hogs, full set farm machinery, com
plete ia every, respect, tow numerous to
mention; separator, milk cans, dairy,,
pulleys blocks and track for batcher- "
ing; crop most aD sown; asm feed
and seed new tn hand; one mile from
. paved Pacific highway adjoining high
ly improved farms, overlooking Colum
bia river and surrounding country.
Thia farm ia ready to go oa to aad is
a money maker from the first day. - '
Pries for short time, $10,300; $7000
eaah. balanca to suit.
Thompson, Swan & Lee
3rd and Main Bts., Vancouver. Wash.
820 acres, 240 in cultivation. 800 acres vary
rich viTer bottom land, all fenced and cross
fenced: 8-room house and basement; large barn
70x100, and other outbuildings; close to trading
point and railroad station. If you want a larg
farm you cannot beat this en in th WUlamett
valley. Price $40,000. half eaah.
30 aexrs, 27 in cultivation, 3 acres In pas
ture: family orchard, some berries; B-room -nous,
garage, barn and fruit house; good spring and
well water: located 1 mi- fmm town and good
schools. Price $8300. $4500 cash, remainder
good terms.
M acrea, all cleared. rf kinds of fruit, pesn,
cherries, spples, lossnberries. strawberries and
blackcaps; 8-room house, good eonditioa: good
bam and chicken bouse; 1 horse and wsgrtn, all
farm implement! located 2 mils from Ntwberg.
Price $8500, soma terms.
--- VV have a number of other good buys, both
small and large, located in all parts of th valley.
Let us tell you aboift them. ,
Call or phon Morris hotel, room 420, from
10 to 5. "
141 ACRES. 90 a. in cultivation, mostly
ia crop, 20 a. to clover, fin stand, bal
ance land in timber and pasture, all tillable,
wood can be cut and loaded at siding at '
place; good set of buildings, well arranged
and neatly Painted, fine grove at buildings, ;
nice grass yards and lawn; 80 miles from,'
Portland, near school, church. " store, and
electric station. This farm has been owned '
and operated by one family for over 80
years; never offered for sale before. Com
plete line of stock and equipment, all in
fin condition, with feed and seed included. '
Price $160 per act. Will consider acre :
tract near Portland aa part payment. If -you
want a fine country borne and good
paying farm let me show you this on.
Oscar Qerhauser
Marshall 8824.
640 acres,' about 180 under cultivation, good
part of which is creek bottom; fin trout stream
through th place; larg 8 room house with full
cement basement; spring water piped to house,
with bath and other convenience ; 8 bams aad
other outbuildings: with place go about 50 bead
of stock ; some 3-year-old steem, 13 milk cows,
balance 1 and S-yeer-oMs: 8 horses; all kinds of
machinery and tools, including small thresher
with gas engine to run same; there is nothing
lacking on th plae to mak It convenient and
bandy; located in thickly settled community,
about 60 miles from Portlsad; graveled road
right to the place; price for s re ry thins ia only
$35 per acre; $10,000 eaah aad long tim oa
th balance.
815 Northwestern Bank bldg.
' 84 ACRES $7400' ' i h '
. 84 acrea with 26 aerea under plow, berries
of all buds, 100 fruit trees, assorted; red shot
soil: V, mil to electric station; gravel road; 2
room good house new, bam 60x50, 2 chicken
houses, mower, plows, cultivators, all email tools,
team, 2 cows, 180 hens; in fact, a fin going
small farm dose ia; price only $7400, $3500
' " r. U. EDDY. ." !n . i
BITTER, LOW 8 k CO.. '
.201-8-5-7 Board of Trad Bldg. -
14 acrea, 7 a, cleared, 3 room house, spring
water, rolling land; no rock or gravel; balance
7 a. in stumps, part of, them are pulled; straw
berrita, loganberries, blackcaps, all kinds of fruit,
trapes, etc.; all kinds tools, hay, feed cutter,
power saw. back, lot potatoes; near New berg. 22
miles to Portland; mail and milk route. Prioe
$2600. the very best terms if wanted. :
Phone Black 190.
W. T. tJWIS. Mgr., Newberg, Or
' In the
!amoi!s Tiiatetliii Valky
83 acres. 88 acres In cultiratitn. 1 8 acres
fa timber, balance open pasture. AH A-l aoiL
Good buBdings. Fruit, spring brook, "d-i
road, in school district 16 miles southwest of
Portland. At a bargain and easy terms. . B.
MadUcn. 216 7th St.. Oregon CiTr.
Chicken and berry- ranch, WinlocJt, Wash., 10
minutes' walk from station : 8-room nous, bam,
henhouse, orchard, new and old, over 1 acre ia
berries, 1 cow, 115 chiekena, incubator, brooder,
alt tools, farm tmpTemente and furniture, $ S OvO.
Will eonaider small house and lot outside of
Portland as part payment. Writ to W. H.,
Box 344 Winloe-k Wash., or can Tabor 812.
For 820 acres, mostly all wheat land, 120
acre ia a fin stand of wheat, good water, good
fences, fair buildings. In Morrow county. Own
er is widow and- cannot farm ik Will take part
payment in city property. Farm is clear of all
incumbrances. ..
806 Ry. Ex. Rldg.
40 -'Acres $800
$1 far Portland; ereek. aaimproved. $200
cash. Claude Cole, 426 Lumbermen bids.
FIVE 9 month" old pullets, all laying, $0.
K. 28th st. N. Rose City car.
The Oregon Journal, Portland, Or.v
,'- Gentlemen: I ran the enclosed advertisement In your paper today
with the result the chickens were Bold the first thing: thia morning.
However, I do not consider this unusual, as when I was in the chicken
business at 2080 East Stark street I ran hundreds of advertisements in
your paper and others, but always had the best results from The Journal.
Tours truly,
v Three prizes this week for best letter; read
, announcement on another page of this section.
Good Farm Buys
'. ' No. 246
29 acres. All good deep soil; 19
acres nnder high state of cultivation ;
- good well; strawberries, raspberries,
etc : good 4 room .house, large barn,
granary, hog house, chicken bouse and
" all necessary outbuildings. Personal '
property Consists of 4 cows, good team.
S- yearling, heifers, some chickens,
mower, rake, harrow, disc, plow, cul
tivator, cream separator and all small
tools; good quantity of seed oats and
potatoes. Located 12 mile from Van-,
couver, on good road. Price $5500,
83000 cash. Balance an very easy
terms. . .
No. 286
80 acres. All level and fine soil.
SO seres of which is rear" beaverdam ;
about 30 acrea in cultivation, several
' acres timber, balance pasture; plae is
all well fenced and cross fenced; nice
6 room bungalow, almost new; very
: large modern Lowden barn, silo, dairy
house, hoc house, etc. Personal proti-
' erty consists of fine large young team,
wagon, harness, 8 good cowa. 7 heifers,
8 hoes, chickens, hsy. ensilage, plows,
' harrows, cultivators, cream separator
and all small tools; located near a
small town and 12 miles from Van
couver. This is a real bargain. Price
88500, terms.
The R. S. Thompson Co.
410 Washington Street,
Vancouver, Wash.
Phone 251
If Yon See It Ton Will Buy It
08 acres of land '4 miles from Newberg, 25
miles from Portland, near good school; good
farm house of 6 rooms with bit wide porch;
good fruit bouse, double walls, bnck floor; good
big bam with rope, track, fork; with patent
stanchions for 8 cows; stalls for 4 horses, etc;
also an old barn. . doesn't leak ; also big hop
house, hog bouse, chicken sod smokehouse; good
big granary, . garage; no rock or gravel on this
farm; nice big V acre strawberries; lot other
berries and (rapes; orchard full bearing', cherries,
apples, pears, prunes, about 20 soft shell walnuts
some 18 inches diameter; nice running stream of
water full of fish, runs through all the pastors
fields; place well fenced, cross fenced; milk and
mail route;' finest neighborhood : level and roll
ing bind; about 12 acres fine timber; about half
of place ia crops sown last fall. With place goes
7 cows, dandy good ones: good team of horses
7 and 8 years old, and harness; 2 brood sows,
2 shaata, 55 sheep, 75 chickens; full set fsrm im
plements; 100 sacks potatoes: lot of other stuff.
Price $17,500, $7500 of this can run up to
18 yean; would tak smaller plae up to $8000
if satisfactory.
Phone Black 100
. W T. LEWIS, Mgr.. Newberg, Or.
5 Acres Near City
All culUvsted. - .
Good bouse and outbuildings.
Price $5500. "
We hav several
Other piece from
8 to 20 acres.
AQ within, 12 miles
Of center of Portland.
Neilan & Parkhill
' 6th and Stark ate.
FORTY ACRES 15 miles from Portland.
on paved road, 82 acres in cultivation,
"balanc pasture, all tillable, crops in ex
cept garden and potatoes, up and looking
fine, good six room bouse, well arranged,
with- fireplace; big bam and other out
buildings ; a fin assorted family orchard
and berries: pleasing aurroundings; a fine
plan that will pleas anyone looking for a
future home: all personal property included, '
together with feed and seed, priced right at
: $12,500; do not overlook this,
Oscar Gerhauser
Marshall 8324.
Ctifcip farms: itfeT 1,06s: At fBfeiS:
120 acres rich shot loam soil, part in culti
vation, nic new bungalow.' 2 barns, fine water,
250 prune, apple and cherry trees, 5000 Straw
berry plants, mail route and onr $50 an acre.
40 acres ef rich shot and loam soil, in Wash'
ington county, part in cultivation, balanc in
pastura and timber; nice family orchard of pears,
cherries, -apples and prunes; nic 4 room cot
tage, ham. chicken and hoghotuea, and with this
goes 2 cows, 2 heifers, 1 horse, 80 chickens,
sll farm implements, and the growing crop oa
the Place, for only $4000. I hav many other
farms for 850 to $150 an acre.
J. B- HOLBBOOK 214-215 Panama bldg.
45 aerea, 8 mile from Kstacada, 10 miles
from Hoff; Dew 5 room house, larg fireplace,
specially constructed cooler, coed wall, pump on
porch,- linoleum, woodshed, . small barn, chicken
bouse and runway, fences, family orchard started,
berries. H acre second year clover. ' 10 sacks
seed potatoes, new cultivator and garden tools go
in price. " 6 acres cleared. 10 acres wood and
stumpage, 25 acres timber which owner wish
to keep with tim limit for removal and pay
ment of taxes until removed. Price $2500,
with $800 eaah and terms. Phone Woodlawa
6128 Sunday and evenings.
9 ACKlua $510 7,
$25 cash is an you need to locate on thia 9
acre tract. Located 20 miles from Portland, to
rapidly growing district 1 mile from R, B.
station, faces road; school and store bandy. Good
soil, easy clearing. Kvery opportunity given pur
chaser to mak good. Price $510. Terms $25
Cash down, $10 monthly.
lft Chamber of Commerce
Close to Vancouver, Wash. 6 room bouse;
larg new dairy barn, cost $4000; aUo; old bam,
good eonditioa; 80 acres alfalfa. Pric only
$100 per acre. $12,000 cash, balanc mort-
405 Panama bldg., 8d and Alder sta.
OWNER KlkTIKES Wants Quick action, highly
developed diversified farm; best farm of the
kind in Oregon; brought 10 per cent on $75,000
investment, with 1920 low price for farm
products; close to Portland, on paved highway ;
$85,000, terms.
Mr. Colt, 526 Chamber of -Commerce, N,
Between 3d ana etn on rttarc.
r Located between Portland and Oregon City;
good gravel road through th place; 22 acres In
high state of cultivation; 4 roam bouse, bars
and autbuOdincs, small orchard for family use;
owner ha red need the price to $4800; balf eaah.
815 North western Bank bldg.
20 ACRES, all in cultivation, mostly in ' crop;
fin soil, family orchard, good 6 room house,
good barn, outbuildings, farm machinery; on
macadam road, 2 4 miles from town. This ia a
bargain at. $8500, $1500 down, easy terms oa
bal. H. MendenhaH. 150 First st. Tourist hotel.
6 ACKK farm, just outaide city, on Columbia
bird, $6000. Terms, r B, W. Cary, 1219
V. W. Bank bldg. Reeideviee. Main 1377.
BECAUSE of aicknesa must sell equipped dairy
ranch. Possession, low pnee, easy terms; great
opportunity. A-323, Journal.
She also got splen
did results from
her Journal
Want Ad.
Portland, Or., March 20, 192L.
MRS. FRANK ROWLEY, 154 E. 28th St, K.
75 Acres, Stock and ,
equipment, $&3,!
60 acrea in cultivation, . 15 acres
good pasture with extra fpta flowing
spring; fenced with wdven wile; good
6 room house, fair bam. silo snd utlicr
buildings. 3 hones. 7 cows, 2 heifers.
J calves, 1 bull, wagon, buggy, mower,
rake, dixc, harrow, roller, 2 plows, po
tato digger, cream separator aud other
tools. $6000 cash, tuuaac long tim
at 6 per cent. " ..
: 40 Acres$S700
28 acres in cultivation. 12 acres
good 'pasture, all good laud, no roctt
or gravel. 5 room houae, good bam,
plenty of fine water, orchard and
small fruit. Ou good road, one mile
from school. S miles It. R. station.
$3000 cub, balanc 3tt years at 6
per cent.
We have farms sit 'sizes snd prices
- grain, alfalfa, stock or dairy. Why
not try us f
. . . j ...... .
Atkinson Porter
705 Mam st, Vancouver. -
. 29 acres, half in cultivation, old bond
ings, on good road, 1 H miles from city
limits, half mile from Minnehaha school:
pneo $7000, $2000 cash, balance terms to
suit. - , - -
20 acres, 8 or 6 ia cultivatioa: 6 room
plastered bouse, basement, water in house,
bam 1 horse, 2 cows, farm implements and
small tools, lota of wood, soma cedar; price
$4000. $2000 cash, balance easy terms;
about miles from city, half mile from
12 acres,. aU in cultivation: 6 room
boose, good barn, chicken house, good well;
1 acrea in strawberries; most of land lie
level, good soil; Shi mile from Vancouver,
dose to school; pric $6000, some terms.
5 acres, all in cultivation, 2 acres straw
berries; ' 5 room modem house, electric
lights, water system: dandy location, close
to carline, in Minnehaha district. A bar
gain at $6500.
W. W Wilson Co.-
' - 505 Washington Street, .
Vancouver, Wash,
72 acres east of Gresham. Or., 4 mils ea
best of road, about 80 acres ia cultivation,
balance easily cleared; fen&d, croasfenced; run
ning water on back of farm; all good level land;
good 7 room house, fair bam; good orchard:
direct milk route to Portland. Goes with this
farm: Team, wagon, harness. S cowa, brood
sow, ehca ens. grain, hay, all farming tools.
Tak possession at one. Pric $11,000, $2500
down, km tim on balance. 6 nef cent.
5 acrea, 4 H cleared; good 6 room house.
new earn; good orcnard. well; close to Horing.
Or. This ia swell place. Price $2400, V cash,
40 acres, 16 cleared, balance easy clearing;
fenced, cross fenced ; 8 acrea seeded to oats,
vetch: good barn, orchard. Can give vou good
hous to live In, 3 miles south fiandy; best of
land, fine for stock and berries. Pnc $2700,
$1000 down.
80 acres east ef Sandy. Or. Best of soil,
88 acres in cultivation; good bam; fins house;
good orchard: living water: Sk croo roes with
this farm. Take possession at once. Price
souuu, Bzsou oowa, long tim on balance, a
per cent. These places are close to Ml Hood
loop road; all lies good on main roads, mak
route, mail route, telephone.
80 acres, 40 acrea in cultivation, 7 room
plastered house, barn, silo, other buildings, 1 0
cows, 6 heifers, 1 thoroughbred Holstein bull,
8 bones, implements, bay, seed, ate, .. $5000
cash or trade, balance easy. ,
SO acres, 21 in aultlvatloo, 4 room house,
bam and other buildings, cows, team, farm
implements. $3250 cash or trade, balanca eaay.
48 acres. 42 in cultivation, crops In, team
and implements. $4000 cash or trad, balance
easy.. ' ,. .r
14 acres, aU in cultivation; house, barn, other
winnings, a mi. of uuisboro. . sooo.
22 acre, 7 acrea cleared, near Bes, on high
way, bo buildings. $3600, terms, or trade, .
W. W. 8AB1N .
760 Bothwtck. WoocHsww 1402.
Consisting of 160 acres, 6 miles south of
Lebanon, on rural mail route, 25 acre in cul
tivation, 40 acres mora easily cleared, balance
fin pasture, lots of ou traces. Bat good 7
bouse, new hip roof barn, ecat $1200, and
iota oc otner tmiinings; good springs and well.
Thia farm is one of the beat improved stock
and farm proDositions in this section : buildina-s
eould not b replaced for $3000, 1 34 milea to
scnoot. rnca 4UUU, 93200 eaah wiU handle.
For sale by
68 ACRES. 80 miles' from Portland, near.
small towns, B, R. station at corner of farm,
near school, church and store; -56 acres
under cultivation, aome berries and . family
orchard; fair set of buildings, two good
wells- This is on of th choic buys at th
ririce; no -better soil in Oregon; carries
ederal loan at 8 per cent. Can be as
sumed $3000 cash payment, balanc easy
terms. .-,,-.-,;,,.-: : i--: -: ..
t Oscar Gerhauser
. -'Marshall 8324. . '
140 acres. X hour from Portland; fine loam
soil; 80 acres fat - cultivation, 20 saor almost
ready; en fine trout, salmon and smelt stream:
8 room house, 2 barns, 100 -ton silo, larg
apple house, prune dryer, other buildings; prun
orchard, apple orchard and other fruit. 28
head Jerseys, reg. bull; herd of fnUblood Duroe
hogs; full equipment farm tools; team: bus;
sheep, turkeys, chickens; boat, 810.000 takes it.
If you are tired of wind, mud, rook or hills,
write for psrticulara.
. SWEET BRIAR FARM. Woodland, Wash.
Modem equipped sanitary barn. S dwellings,
complete equipment for dairy and farm opera
tion, including factor aad threshing machine.
880 acrea; railroad station. Beautiful home, oan
show splendid income. Come, mak me prove
this. Consider asm Portland property. , Mr. Colt,
526 Chamber of Corn me roe. -
CANADIAN FARM -LANDS Last great block
of Canadian Pacifie Railway . eoaapany's re
serve lands. Remarkably cheap, oa long snd
easy terms. Te 111 Weeks rs excursion party leaves
Portland for Calgary. Alberta oa Saturday, April
2. Reduced railway rates. For farther parti
culars e fwnedisB Pscala Railway company.
208 Railway Exchange bldg, I P. Thornton,
district ntJ.'w.ntative. ' .
80 acres. 25 In cultivation, bottom, land,
$3000 under value; $800 in stock and equip
ment; 6 room house, large barn; near Macks
burg. Price for one week. -$7000. $1000
cash. C. A. Kooepple, th aad Main Sta.,
Oregon. City, Or,
Ideal"- Farm Horns . .
; - No. 23T
20 acres. aU Mi very finest ef soO.
15 acres. in high state of cultivatioa
and crop, balanc timber arid pasture
tall fenced with wevea Wire); large
orchard of assorted fruits, part bearing
and part young trees; strawberries,
JoganUerries, grapes and blackberries; .
new 4-room bungalow, very fin larg
, barn, brooder house, mating pen, lay-
, ing house 108 feet long, laving boos
40 feet long, windmill, tank, etc.,
'water piped to buildings. Personal
property consists of 600 Hnganised
- purebred White Leghorn hens. 8 ' pure
bred Vvhfte Orpingtons, extra fin 4-year-old
Jersey cow, 8 hogs. Ford de
livery car (just overhauled ) . bay.
straw, corn, scratch and laying mashes, ,
" 1 H tons potatoes and seed potatoes,
sulkey plow, cultivator, 2 brooder
, stoves, four 800-candlepower lanterns,
one S00-candlpower gasoline lamp,
alt kinds of small tooln, rugs, - stoves,
tables, dishes, chairs, curtains, etc
The buildings sre all new and with
the personal property are worth mor
than the pric asked for th enure
. plaoe. . I .oca ted only 7 milea from
.. Vancouver. IS mile from Portland. ..
. with all convenience. Owner 1 forced
to sell, and in order to do so at once
will sacrifice for $0250. Good terms.
The R.S. Thompson' Co.
10 ACRES, all : cleared, first-class land.
lie well, good well, good 5-rocaa house,
bam. good lsrge chH-a-en house. Rood or
' chard onegood road. 40 rods to store, post
oftic and raiyoad station; 2 eows, 1 horse.
1 pig, t4 chiekena; household goods; pnc
$4000; terms. 1 t
20 acres S miles from Vancouver, -6 in$)
cultivation, 6-room house, bam and chick
en house; aome timber; on paved road;
good cow. some nigs; price $$200; terms.
, ' R. C. Oshurn v
112 Washington St..
. Vancouver, Wash,. , . Phone 176.-
FARM FOR SALE, containing hub acrea For
particulars apply to J. H. Messett. rtwan. j
180 acres. aU under cultivation. 85
to- 4 0 acres in fine stand of alfalfa:
. large dairy bam will bold 100 Jtaad
cattle. 200 tone hay: good-7-room
bouse, good dairy house, 4-room house
for tenant, rent $200 per month.
Personal property for sal consists of
80 head of th finest Holstein cattl
in th Northwest 20 head are pure
breds, balance are very high grades.
Thia ia undoubtedly the finest herd of
cattle in the state 6 bead horses, full
line farm machinery. Price $19,000;
$9000 cash, balance $40O per month.
If yon are looking for a money maker,
here ia your- opportunity. can cut
over 200 ton of alfalfa each year.
H150 Acres
About 6 Oacres under cultivation,
balance good pasture; running water, .
fair buildings; $600 per year.
, .. 95 Acres
60 acre of uplsnd, 85 bottom land, -practically
all under cultivation; large .
, new modern dairy barn; modern, dairy,
small house but will build new house:
will give 8 to 5 -year lease, $150 per
month; is located six miles from Van
couver, just off of paved highway.
Personal property for aabj consist of
83 cowa, 8 heif era, . 4 yearlings, new
Cleveland tractor, manure . spreader,
cultivators, ensilage cutter and blower,
plows, disc, harrow, gasolin engine, :
- cream separator, milk cooler, all milk
Utensils. , Pric $11,500; $6000 cash.
. - . .436 Acres
Rent $100 Per Month
. ' 436 acres, about half in cultivation T"
or in open pastor, good dairy bam.
- milk house, 6-room house, water pitied
from large spring; long leaee, $100 '
. . per month; 40 head cows, 14 2-year- . .
old heifers, 3 yearlings, 12 calves, 1
registered bull, 3 head horses, prac
tically new tractor with plows and disc, -ensilage
cutter and blower, silo,
- - Sharpies milking machine, gasoline en-
fine, gasoline woodsaw, silo, wagons,
harnesses, separator, all milk utensils.
Price $12,500; can arrange good'
terms. .
20" Acres
20 acres on paved highway 2 miles
from Itidgefield, large dairy barn, fair
houe, family orchard. This is prac
tically all under cultivation, 8 acres
seeded in oata and vetch; $250 per
- Tear. - . .. 7 , -v:'";.
' See Mr. Blair, with
Thompson,- Swan '& Lee
8d and Main Sta, Vancouver. Wash.
40 seres with 22 under plow, family orchard,
only 7 miles from Portland: 5-room house, barn,
farm implements, team and water system, con
sisting of engine, pump and pipe; for garden this
la Meal; price $1500, inclutimg 1 year's rent.
40 acres with 28 under nlow. 21 acres in crop.
family orctiaxd. berries, 4-room house, large bam,
will bold 30 eows: all farm machinery, hsy, team
ana crop gauu; rent $39 per month. ,
68 seres with 65 acrea nnder plow, family or
chard, berriee, " 7-room bouse, running spring
water in all buildings; garage, barn, several
chicken nouses; rent $400 per year.
70 acres with 55 under plow, 5-room honse.
barn. - farming implement I ur mailed: 2 cows.
calf, - team, honsehokl furniture and crop to
buy at only $000; 10 acres prunes on shares;
rent - years, 300 per year.
A M A , 1 -me, T ,YTY WT .
' 240 acres with 40 acres under Plow, fsmfly
t M A M 1 V 1 l.Tfl
orcnaru, o-roora fianerca uuuwi vsij wav,
hop house, etc.; tent $400 per year.
'as armcst rvvv COUNTY
888 acres, 12S acre under plow, family or
ehard, 6-room bouse, bam 60x60, 8-year lease.
tivu per year.
200 acres plow land, fair buildings, plenty
or running water, 100 head cattle lor saw; a to
8 ar leas. $800 per r- ' . .
We have many other. . Call and see us be
fore leasing. . . ,'
201-3-6-7 Board of Trad Bldg.
75 acres In cultivation, 20 acre seeded. 13
more plowed, 6 room bouse, barn, chicken bouse,
granary, - woodshed, personal property, drill,
mower, rake. plow, harrow, team, wagon, soma
fnmtture. 1921 rent and personal property for
$800. .
A. U. 11UV1A.-M'.
620 Msln st. - Orwrmt City, Or.
lli miles from Clatakanie, Or., good dairy
proposltaoo; large house, bam and silo: good
growing crop of fall cats; larg acreage, black
berries. Beat eaah ia advance or for sal ou
easy term.
asy serwa. KINGSLET,
Phon Monday Columbia 167. tannton. Or.
TEN ACREd, 12 miles out, five cleared, three
pasture. Three room aback and other build
ing. Rent can be paid clearing land. M. I
Swift 204 Msdwon. -v . - . -
FIVE acres, all in cultivation, small house; 4
chick sa bouses, close to Powell Valley road
and sta. 659 Upshur St. Ant. ZB-'.
200 ACRES en Sauviea island; erop in, 22 cows,
hine7-r S1B.00 am. M: Vaa Bns-
klrk. Linnton, Or. ' '
X ACRES, Courtney eta., Oregon City car,
- blocks east carline. All cultivated : fruit,
grapes. 3 room furnished house. G. II. Charters
120 ACRE ranch for rent, $100, A. W. S-,
Sherwood. Or.. R. 4. " .
SMALL, farm and orchard, 80 miles from Port
land. H-802. Journal.
60 ACRES near Bend and Redmond, A-l water
- right, cleared, good reads, daily maiL near
school, fenced. - buildings. Bargain. $3000.
Write R. D. Wood worth, Vancouver. Wash.
CHOICE irrigated land, under new govt, project.
juow altitude. Abundant water. Heavy yields.
Eaay terms, Geo. Howard, owner. 1115 N. W.
Bank hMr. M. 8981.
IRRIGATED lands for sale; email tract to rent,
805 Abiagtoa bldg,, uia.
'An excwotianal offer in a - f irst-elas dairy
ranch oa the Ochoeo comprising 160 acres of
fine band under -the Ochoco ditch. ' Good bniki-
ings. Closer to town and railroad. - Telephone
Rural mail. . Power line. Coed roads, 1 he
place now has head of good cows, all milking;
1 heifer. 8 calves, 8 brood sows, registered Jer
sey bull. 2 yearrs old.' Abo full line of. farm
machinery, aa follows UoCnrtnick binder, new
mower and 'rake, harrow, sulkey plow, js-incn
walking plow, drill ; 2 wagons, 6 horses, 5 stta
Larness,- all of which goes with ths place, and
at remarkable' price of $100 per acre, $3000
eaah and th balance at $1600 per year. To-
tlurus of this year crop goes to the purchaser,
as it is too late to tak over th place and th
owner has good renter oa the fsrm. For fur
ther information, write or eall 806 S. W. Beak
Mdg. Phone Main 4416.
W are subdividine one of the very beft farmt
in Crook Cov Have - en 80 acre tract with
splendid buildings. The other three ere of 40
acres each and all in fine state of cultivation;
and for farmers who can move onto the land at splendid terms of payment will be given.
email - payment down and long tim on th
balance. - Thia farm i close to good school on
telephone and rural mail line. W hav photos
of this plae in. our office and will be glsd to
show earn aad give all information possible.
Call, write, or nhone Mala 4416. N. W. Bank
Wile Room 8O6. -
SOIL rich and productive, alfalfa, grain snd
th land of th big corn, bluegrasa, Sudan
pass, dairying, diversified farming, stock rais
ing, abundance of water for irrigation. Price
of -lands 870 to $123 per acre. Write th
John liardwick Realty Co., Vale, Oregon.
16 acres; 15 to cultivation, near Vancouver, rent
iio. nuow r, j uno. nenry niog.
There are hundreds of homesteads still open
for entry: if you served 19 months or more in
the army you can get title after 1 months
nniurace, ewe
E. W. HELM. 816 Board of Trad bldg. ;
v.S!ft ,if,narflv tmnrA ... T T
depot and schcolhous, adjoining land,- Must be
sold. Apply C. B. Da we, 610 N. Third St.
100 ACRE homestead relinquishment, splendid
cnance tor ex-eouiier. j. i. HmitUson
Landox." Or.
HOMESTEAD 160 acres proved up on. Writ
route i. oox is, AirMmnvllle, r.
160 A. TIMBER in 6, 9, Sileu. I am forced
to sell at big sacrifice. Sick and out ef -work.
6.600,000 -feet, and 200- a. near, sold. Mak
me an oner. B.-zui. Journal.
7.5lfil.(Mio FEET of fir timber in Donelss
county; land lies sloping to nver; idea for
togging; aauuu; wiu consider trade. Uet par
Ticniara. wmte 41.1. I'latt bldsr.
FOIt RAtfLl llO SCM linK.. ..:M' ln..,! I.
Lincoln county, Or. Address C. - Howland,
jr-vi, mmier street, n cattle, w asn
SMALL logging, milling or cordwood propoai-
non; us rn roaa; near yortianq. tut na nde rs.
ONE 11 -room house, one 6-room and one &
mom house. '1 vacant lot, at Front and Car-
rurners, iooun. 806 Russell. v
Half - Crap Pays For This
No Cash, .Will Exchange
Half section in Alberta, Canada's fin
est wheat, growing district; good house,
fair bam, fenced and cross fenced, 4
miles from town; I will seed 100 acres to '
wheat, my expense, which means a good
crop will cnsAe a big payment oa land
without additional expense on your part;
will accept trade aa payment ou. part,
balance Vm crop; a chance to get to the
top in a couple of years: you need not '
live there, as you can rent it on shares J
it will pay for itself. What have you
to trad on this; must act quickly; will'
assume,, ,
Phone Main 7684 '
All concrete canals and laterals,' abundance of
water, 35 acres in alfalfa (cut 8 crop a year) ,
' mile from Columbia river highway, radroad
and - town, 165 milea east of Portland; price
uuuu; exenanre lor aout fortiana borne,
oee dsai tusnei at
' 8 Chamber of Commerce Bldg. '
PRUNE orchard. 0 acrea, 6-year-old
trees, one of the finest and beet kept
orchards in Willamette valley. 1 H milua
from . town, all ready for this yeer'e
crop, no buildings to pay for, build what
you- want Trade for Portland properly
or what have you? Will assume.
418 Railway Exchange bldg.
. Phon Main 7534. .
Two good income residence. $75 month.
u cuy ot Aoeroeen, wsso.
One is O-room house, rhodem. halh. nanti-r.
paved street, sidewalk and paid. for. This it
4-story nous, lot OVI19V. -
- - -' . " . uwuov miwcl H "PI 1IU III, USUI,
pantry, garage, bam, basement, 1 -story, lot
tilii:'. sll city improvements rn and pant for.
Price is $7000. No agents. For further par-
ucuiars, write to - -
' - ' Aberdeen, Wash, . : .,
. 014 Wen First St '
FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE 80 acre farm, in
Rogue River valley, 2 miles from station, 1 1
miles from - Grants Pass: cood roads, almost
level; 40 acres under cultivation, balance good
soil if cleared ef timber; good well on kitchen
porch, 2 spring! ; 8 room modem -hous ; 1 sere
in producing - Malaga grapes, soma small fruits,
and all growing crops ; 3 cows, 8 heifers, 1
horse, tools, about 60 laying hens. AU for
65600. Rural phone. What hav you? Louis
r.. wiison, ateriin, ur.' b
VVII..L exchange one of finest dairy farms in
Oregon for city property up to 60 per cent of
purchase price, balance long tim at 6 per cent
Interest; close to thriving city; modern nous ana
barn, mm S 18. 000. - Prira 876.000. Ixiumned
with pure bred cattle. Will sell with farm If
desired. LX-Z89, Journal.
I.Y1R SALE or will take in Portland bouse on
my 80 acre. 25 in cnL, 2 acre prunes snd
strawberries, 18 wnat; suacx, nui taints; 1 mite
south Salem, rock road. John juinagraa, u.
Aurora, Or,
WILL EXCHANGE for Portland rswkience or
suburban.: Su. aerea, au In cultivation, near
Telle? town. - 40 acrea irrigated lend Southern
Idaho. 80 acrea irrigated lead Southern Idaho,
Phone WoMliwn Il4.
OVVNfcR will sell 50x100 with 8 room bouse,
gas and water; clean and coxy. Lots of fruit,
berries aad garden. All for $860. Will accept
anything -worth $150 a first payment balanc
your terms. What have ;wl H-628. Jon ma I.
WILL EXCHANGE for Oregon farm lands or
orchards. 820 acres beat wheat land, all till
able; 240 acres cultivated, U0 fallowed; good
buildings: 1 mils to schooL 4 to town. Kdw. W.
Jones, Jenner, Alport. . snsas
kjU SALE -On account of death of owner
will trad well eataeusoea - transfer basin-we
for modem house to city. . Evening, call Ta
bor 6088. ' - - : . . ' - i i.
CHOICE close in acreage and lots to trsde for
good equity in improved city property ; eon-
eider flat or auartmeuts. wounson. zes starg
st Main 5429
CUT THIS OUT I Large bouse, cor. 100x1 OA
Hawthorn at 3 2d: consider an to or other
property In part: terms. Best deal in town.
Imuire ftnj Hswtnome. aiarsnaii zZ7
TRADK 1 0 acres apple Jaud, mile to station"
. Join fin orchard; free of debt For one
or more acre near ' city. Assume. . Stratton,-
AMnrton bldg.
87 ACRES near Siium, Waali.. 2 Vs acre
cultivated : free and clear. For bouse - and
assnme. Stratton, 217 Abmeinn.
TO TRADE Good lota in Maohfield, clear, to
trad for lata model Tjodg ear in A-l con
dition.- Address C. F. Meier Jr.. Jefferson. Or.
TRADE acre, timbered, for Ford touring or
delivery. Write or call 23 Stafford at. Port-
tana, ur.
HAVE ail kinds of exchanges. What hate youf
See Drake, with BUMXELI, 4c BUMMELL,
274 Stark st, ' . - - - '
ALAMEDA LOTS To exchange for, auto,
Drake, with BUMMELL at BUMMELL, '274
"tars: st
FARM land to trade for lots. I Hake, wit
KUMMtM BtMMr.lJj, ZT4 BtarK St.
FOR TRADE $10OW euuity ia 6 room house
tor email car, raoor azi. r
FOR SALE er trade, aatock famw Call Marsh,
21,9 arcer a:ov. -
2 LOTS oa 41at are., near b2d su 0. .E.,
lor sate or errnangw. auto, iw-4n. -
ItiN truck to exchang for equity suiailjioua.
ha VK small bungalow, $2000, to exchange for
improved Seres ge. close In. Msfhs II 2482.
ORCHARD, town tot aud house in Three Pines,
trr., tor ett.v property. Mwner. Heilw. 1241.
TO EXCHANGE 10 acres, on 4bUt ats., for
house of equal value. Tabor 437,
614-620 Swetland .Hide , T :
Corner Washington and Fifth.
Phones. Marshall 1263 and 8US9,
Beautiful country home on paved high- ,
... Way, right at poetoff ice, church, school si
- and railroad station; U5 acres, 20 acres
in high state . of cultivation: running
water on place, spring water piped into
. all buildings, hydra ul to ram . with la rye
. storsgs tank; some furniture, ail small -tools,
about 200 chickens go with the
place. In exchange, would take a aire
bungalow in Portland or Vancouver, up '
to $4000; balance on cany terms.. Price
' $10,500.
' 232 acres in Yamhill county, 145 acre
in cnltitation,, balance in rolling pasture,
about 60 per cent cleared; 100 acrea of - -bottom
land, all cultivated; about SO -acres
of hops, contracted for five years
: - at 25 oent a pound. Should net 45000 ,
a year; 6-mnia house, good bam and
new outbuildings; 8 milea from paved .
- highway and railroad. Prifl $2.00ti. .
Encumbrance $W000, due in 4 years at
. 7 per cent Will exchange equity for
merchandise up to $15,000, $3000 sod
- assume mortgage.
DISK .-Lot 60x100 on Grand avenue.
- 9-room modem house, double garage;
. 2-Story, bouse, close in; 2-story
S-roora house, close in. Equities amount
ing to $13,000. Would trad tor 1 .
merchandiiie stock. -
014-530 Swetland Bid..
Comer Washington and Fifth.
Phones, . Marshall 1265 and 8989.
(Ask for Weils or Daly)
-v. - TIP
EXCHANGE ... ...
80 acres, 4 miles from good valley
town, 1 rail from station on Ornaon
Klectric, H mile to scIhjoI. on hard sur
face rpad; entire 80 tinder cultivation;
7-room bouse with bath, fireplace, hot
and cold water, etc. ; good barn, granary,
chicken houses, blacksmith shop, garage,
80-ton silo; tally stocked snd equipped;
50 acres in crop; this is an up-to-date
Price $13,500
want. $2300 Cash, Balanc Improved
I'roperty. -
. MAIN 2233. -
' 80 ACRES, stocked and eduipped ;
4 good buildings, good comity road;
10 uifle Vancouver; valued at $10,
000. Will tak $4000 iu caty ptoperty.
1680 acres, 1400 acre In culti
vation, 400 acres wheat, 240 acr
barley. Fair buildings. Can irritate
640 acre of this plaoe. Value $100,
00(1, Will trade for city int-oui prop-.
' erty. .
110 acres, rj good wheat land,
good buildings, near .Onternlle.
Wash, Value HO.OOFt. Will trade f-r
city property or acreage near Port
land. .. . ..
Atlinisoi. Porter
70S Main at, Vattcouur.
1 5 acre in cultivation, balance pasture and
timber, family orchard, berries, 4-nom house,
barn, garage, 'chicken house, granary, cow, 2
heifers, 2 dos. chickens; ranch watered by aprlng
and creek; on rural runts; will exchange fur
borne tip to $3500; price $4200. See SAM
HEW'EY at ,
8 Chamber of Oimmerce Bldg , Main 20
5 cows, 2 heifers, good team, 8 bow. 50 '
chickens, wagon, harness, mower, rake, harrow,
new dragsaw, separator, incubator, smsll tool,,
new 5-rooia house, barn, chicken bouse, wood
shed, spring, creek. 16 seres in cultivation (most
ly in clover) , some timber snd pasture, sll grtod .
soil, no rock. 00 miles from Portland, near ,
Pscifio highway; price $5000;-exchange for
home up to $4000. See SAM MBiVKV al
. ... . J. L. HARTMAN CO..
8 Chamber of f Vimmere Bide.
ICE CREAM, soft drinks, clears and card room;
parlors oa 1 3f h street, Kelt wood.
Drug store doing good buaipeas In 1h right
location; will sett for leas than invoice, owner
wishing to retire.
All kinds of property for sals, trade or ex
Sellwnod Bank Hide. Phone JMIwrwwl fl3a.
TO EXCHANGE for Portland prrirty, -Jit scrsn,
7 acrea Italian prone, l years old; hearing
family orehard. 4 miles Roburg; mII hmi-w.
lsnd clear and fence!, no Incumbrances. - Will
censider 2 imnroved lots as first payment
Bell." Sfl0. T-7"i3. Jonmal
04O ACRUS for rxchange city property; houee.
barn, outbuildings. 100 cultivated, balanc
pasture, 8,000,000 aaw timber, ilOOO snnu of
oak wood, 12 tons nay, macmnery; in per
acr. 685 H Williams sf. Esst 3595. t. L.
HnagHn. - - '
i'OR SALE Or trail fur acreage, ' a. re in
city limits. C-room bouse, soma berriea and
young fruit trees, new chicken bouse that wiU
accommodate 450 chickens. Phone Automatic
629-69 before 1 Sunday, er after 8 p. m. Sun
day or week dsys
IF VOU want to exchange your tnrtiun"i rci-
dencs protierty for unnncuiuhertid J 60 acres,
with estimated 3,600.000 feet of timber, ia
Washington Co.." dr.. phone Sell wood 2:110. or
write K-297, Journal,
820 acrea. highly improved, close town, cream
ery, equipped, running creek, fruit, tres, shrub,
bery. Cash price $30 acre. Claud Cole, 424
t.itmerwiens bldg.
EXCHANGE for Portland bungalow, 6 acre
orehard. 4 acres prunes. 1 acre apples. 3
room house. Bear ear. Bear Vancouver, Wash,
Owner, 804 E. Morrison, weefc dsya. Kast n'24..
FOR SALE or trade. 6 room bouse, 50x200
lot.' with barn, for 5 -acre or mors under
cultivation, cn, good road, out of city. No
gravel. No dealers. Ant 629-15.
FOR SALE or will trade fur vacant real mute
ia er near Portland or anything of value I
eaa use 1 ton track, 6 passenger car snd H toa
track. 805 W. Glicar).
7-ROOM all' modern house on lot 100101),
close to car snd paved street. Fruit, Trad
for acreage near Portland. Rice A Tate, 107
Ne. Jevey. V1. 67.
HA VK 10 acres, all undor cuitivauun. nine
v from Woodbura: best berry soil. What hsv
you to tredt City property preferred. K-HOJ,
Journal. I
WILL TRADE 120 acres in Polk ' count y for
business property on east side, near trackage.
Phone Tabor zusu evenings.
VAN TO K-WiiAS'Gfc Small i.rm or rl y
proferty. rer ;iaricwisr. piirme Ant. w44-H.
-CIT 4ncome prmrty: exchange for faire. Ni
Cflmmiwnnfl, 4 2n 1 imnerm-ns- rilfTg.
115 A. 96 under plow, 2 d barns, larg v
hows, soring water, near Sheridan. $10r) tier
Mil ll,.l,l I 11,1 I 1
acre: will take Portland property to $5000.
f 159V caen, oui. to suit. :
wiLrijLR r. Jji ytj, Henry blda.
ACHE, small bouse. 8 blocks from crl;n;
: cement sldewslks, 80 foot st A nso fr.r
rs-h, or will trsde for good used ear or delivtry.
RO Vninn av. .v.
MO life it N butuislow witli buiil in elleitu, wita.
62x110 ft. lot in Salem. Will sell reason-
,t i.y . no -TB . r- f i ti I., n . nnir nun ,
IN MOLALLA, a well located store building snd
lot. clear of incumbrance, for city or suburbsn
T?ia8gideac for about $2000.
.. . r u l 1 .r 1. 1.. . , n tt 1.14.
6 ROOM steem heated flat for rent, furniture
for sale: 61350. 6 nun. to P. O.: 3 moms
rrrrtefl, which eoTeeS rent, of flat. Ant. 5?4-4.
Two lota in St Johns, nesr car. paved street
an -Ksvt or isoor o& fw.
FOR SALE or exchange,, lO.sre, crsu:xrr
lanl at Tun, Ressh. Vt'uh lnotiir Ul n 1
St. Main 64 H. .
ClfANGE. MAKB OiiKR. UdUilFiiSl. it
BOAD 8. E. OWNiat