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    'FRIDAY, MARCH 25. 1921.
coming events
Brotherhood ol Americaa Xeoaaea, state mcmr
els'e, Kntrne, April.
InliruUaul Minima Conanac. Portland, 'Arrrfl
to .
A. O. tJ. rT. arand lodae, Portland. April 19.
Foresters of Aaterioa, cnad court, PonJaad.
May 22 and 28. , -
. Bejel and Select Matters, triad eeamcfl. Ka
awBe, April It.
- Madera Woodatea of atactica, state camp.
Bend. Ma 7 JO.
Rebekai at, inmblr, Albany. Tatar IT.
Mibtar Order at th. Loyal Lesion. Portland.
May 10.
Koizhta of Cohiaibaa, aUt eovscfl. Portland.
Ma. 0. .
National Assoriattoa of Baildiac Owners and
If anas era, Jan.
Bom Festival. Jan 8. and 10.
Bute Medical axoeiation, Jan.
A. IT. end A. M.. anad lodge. June 14. .
- Order fcastern 8 tar, (nod chapter. Job
Indian War Veteraoa of North Pacific Co,
June SO. '
Northwest conference of rredoate arnreea, Jane
22 to 11
State letter Carriers' j aaaoelatfcja. Eoaeoa,
Jane a.
avnjgais xemruar, grana rommrin
Grande. October 1. ,
Portland and Vicinity Saturday probakly
rain: amithwesterlv wirius.
Oregon Hatarday fair I except probably rain
northwest portion; strong southwesterly winds
alone the roast.
YVsxrttncton -Aaturdur probably rain west por
tion, fair east portion; cooler tonitfht east por
tion ; . moderate . southwesterly ,' gale . along Um
coast. . . .. -i .- :
liish pressure prevails in the south Atlantic
.ana east uuu mates ana uotif we- facuie coast.
Over the remainder of the country the DresMir.
is low. the point of greatest depression being
apparently jn northern Alberta. Precipitation
baa occurred on tbe north Paritio spe, in parts
of Alberta and Montana, and from the upper
ana rataaie aiustxintipt .rsiiey to tne north At
lantic state. Tlie weatticr . is " considerably
warmer on the north Atlantic coast, in Westera
Texasf and in northern Saskatchewan, and ia
awn coxier in .te.ada. wyominc and Northern
Utah. Tit temivrmtunv is above normal ex
cept in California, Nevada. Utah and Southwest-
ern luano.
. Small craft warning were ordered at . 7 :23
a. m. at all Oregon and, Washington coast itA
Uons except llambfiebl.
Relative humidity at' Portland Noon yester
day, t2 per cent; 5 p. ; m. yesterday, 74 par
cent; a a. m. tortay, rts per cent.
l'recipitatkin since January 1 Total. 19.42
inches; normal, 18.44 inches; excess, 2.99
inches. cuwAitu I
, ;,. ;. -,.) ; - J"'J
STATIONS i --3 ! 15
, ' ' 1 ' St SB t5
-'. .' - ' ; at la
Baker."Or "2 32 0
Boise. Idaho ............. 52 84 .04
Hoitton, Mm J..... 52 46 0
Buffalo. N. Y. i, 56 42 .18
Calgary. Albert ... ..f. ... . 60 26 O
Chicago, III. ............. .14 42 .5i
lienrer. Colo. 63 36 0
les Mninea, Iowa ......... AH 44 .01
Fresno. Cat ............. H 46 0
tiilmtsn, Texaa 76 70 O
Hrlena. Mont. 4H 40 0
Honolulu. T. H- , 72 .... 0
Huron. S. 1. ............. . 58 30
Juneau. Alaska ........... 40 14
Kansas City, Mo, '..J....... 6 64 0
iAt Aneeles, CaL . 76 ' R2 0
Mirxhfield. Or 54 42 .08
Medford. Or. B8 36 0
Memphis. Tenn. 76 fH .42
New Orleans. 1. ......... 80 66 0
New York, N. 1". 60 48 .52
Nome. Abulia 2 .... O,
North. Head, Wash. fSO 40 .18
Nortn I'Utte. Neb. B8 30 0
Oklahoma City. txla. ....... 72 56 0
Phoenix, Aris. 84 62 0
Iittburg. Pa. 62 60 .10
Portland. Or ........ 67 44 .09
Prince Kupert. B. C. 36 35 .50
Krewburg. Or. ......-...... BH 44 .12
Koswell. X. 'M. .: 78 44 0
Hacramento. Cal. 66 46 0
HI. Ixmis, Mo. 66 48 O
St. Paul. Minn 44 86 .06
Halt Ike City, t'tab 34 36 0
Han lhcgo. Cal. ........... 68 62 0
Han rraiM-iaro. Cal. . .... 62 48 0
Heattle, Wash. , 66 40 .06
Hheridan. Wyo. 52 22 0
8itke, Alaoka 42 02
Kpokane. Waah. ' 34 40 0
Tattnoah Island, Wash. ...... 46 42 .14
Tonnpah, r 58 3 0
Triangle Inland. B. C. 40 36 .18
VaJdea. Alaska . 44 .... 0
Vanrouvae, -H. C. , 60 40 .06
Walla Walla. Wash. 58 44 .08
Washington, I. ........ 6H 52 .56
Yakima. Wash. 64 0
'Afternoon report of preceding day.
Cheiihrrd's Anto Bit Line Portland
s'. Helens division Leave Portland
:ov a. m. inonaay oniy , 10 a. m.. I :so
p. m., 4 p. m. ; arrive at St. Helens 9
a, m.. 11:30 a, m - 3 p. m., 6:30 p. m.
Leave-. St. Helens 7:30 a. m., 10 a. m.
(Monday only), 1:30 p. m., 3 p. m, 5:30
p. m. ; arrive Portland 9 a. m., 11 :30
a. m. (Monday only), 3 p. m,. 7 p. m.
Saturday and Sunday, leave St- Helena
n. m. : leave Portland 11 :1S rx m.
Buses leave St. Charles hotel. Front and
Morrison. Phone Marshall 4381. Adv.
Shepherd's Anto Bit imh Portland
Multnomah Falls devlslon Leave Port
land 9:30 a. m 10 :30 a. m 4 o. m..
arrive Multnomah 11 :1S a. rru. 12 :15
p. m.. 6:45 p. m. Leave Multnomah S
a- m.. 12 :50 p. m., 3 :S0 p. nu, arrive Port
land 9 :30 a. m. j ;45 p. rru. 6 p. rru Sat
urday and Sunday leave Multnomah
IX m., leave Portland 11 :15 a. m. - Buses
leave St Charles hotel. Front and Mor
rison streets. Phone Marshall 4381. Ad.
Leader to Be view Trip Members of
the Oregon Civic league are promised a
treat Saturday at the noon luncheon
in the crystal room of the Hotel Ben
son, when Colonel John Leader, who
recently returned from a trip to the
British isles, - will speak on "Recent
Impressions of England and Ireland."
Mrs. Blanche Williams Segersten will
sing. For reservations call Main 421.
Shepherd's Anto Bas XJaes Portland
Astoria and Seaside division Leave
Portland 10 a. rru, 1:30 p. m. ; arrive
Astoria 3:30 p. m., 7 p. rru Leave As
toria 10 a. m., 1 :30 p. m. ; arrive Port
land 3 :30 p. rru. 2 p. rru Buses leave St.
Charles hotel. Front and Morrison. Tele
phone Marshall 4381. Adv.
Astoria Stage Commencing April L
1921. In order to accommodate passen
gers wishing to arrive In Astoria early
in - the evening, the Astoria stage will
leave the St. Charles hotel. Front and
Morrison, at 1 p. rru, instead of 1 :30.
arriving in Astoria at p. nw making
direct, connection for Seaside. Adv.
Shepherd's Aato But l.ina portland
Hood . River devislon Leave Portland
9 :30 a. rru. 2 :45 p. rru ; arrive Hood River
12 :30 p. rru," :00 p. m. ; leave Hood River
9 :30 a. rru, 2 :30 p. rru ; arrive Portland
12:30 p. m, 6:45 p. rru Buses leave St
Charles hotel. Front and Morrison sta,
-Phone Marshall 438L Adv.
The Proper Somber to call is East
3083 when you need the Salvation Army
truck to come for castoff clothing, mag
azines, newspapers, eta Address Xi-zi
Union ave. MaJ. John Bree, district of
ficer, Adv. ; ( '
Portlaid-Xewbeig Bas Leave Fourth
and Alder dally, 8 :30. 9 :30, 11 a. m. and
1, 2:30. 4:15, 6:30. 6:30 p. rru ; Saturday
and Sunday,. 11 p. rru Phone Main 3314,
Adv. - - -
uv.auiri AHiri IT,. TOT jSE. X1C1CU KUU
way landings, dally at 3 :30 p. m-. foot
of Alder street Sundays. St Helens only.
at 11 :3i a- rn. Main 8323. Adr.
Salem-Mlil City Stage Line Oonnects
o. to. rso. a ior Mill city ; connects u.
E. No. 9 (to Stayton only). Jos. Ham
man. 8alem phone 44. Adv.
Spath's Market, operated by Pail R.
Spath, former owner Bay City 'Market,
in old location. Phone Main 804. Adv.
Bird Talk Satarday 'lgbt "Spring
Arrivals From, the South" will be the
NcientiiTC QpHoil Service
Ee EWmiii,it I -1 ...... tn, 7 ' w..
ticnlar caie will reeeirc the indiridnal atten-
wired afoderate charces, 263 tHorrfott,
ai S8S7. oi-tlane!, Oraeon.
ubjVct of an illustrated talk on birds
by W. A. Kllot befor the OreBon Audu
bon noriety next Saturday night In Cen
tral library hall." The meetiiur will be
conducted in the way of a bird etudy
evening'. - The public is Invited.
. U Kav at Qiota Enlisted The full
quota was en listed at the Portland navy
recruitlnar office this morning;. The
number of first enlistments allowed for
a week' Is five under the new orders.
Frank - W. Smith of Boring:. Lester C.
Tall mad are of Grants ' Pass, Charlie
Swoffoji of Vart Buren. Ma, Towney
Lee ? of Mllwaukle. Clarence V. Mcin
tosh of Yamhill and Vigo K. Hanson of
Forest Grove were accepted and will be
sent to training stations, r i
Held jt-Togetker Meetlsf; J. II.
Fitzgerald presided Thursday night at
a. "get-together meeting of Padratc
Pearse council olf the American Asso
ciltion for the Recognition of the Irish
Republic, Inc. in Cramen luUL Many
new names were presented for member
ship. Mrs. CTHallorhan,' . chairman In
charge, announced a. dance In Cramen
hall April 14, , tq which the public would
be invited. r f ' ; ."
ewa paper Baa Oyertsras A large,
privately opera ted automobile bus, car
rying newspapers to Astoria, turned over
In the road near Westport early Thurs
day morning, according to report 'from
passing motorists. The delivery car, it
is said, carried no passengers and dam
age was limited to the machine. The car
was not a Shepard passenger bus, tne
company ' declares. ' '
Pioneer's Daughter la Reeltal Miss
Gladys Johnson, great-granddaughter or
the Rev. William Johnson, pioneer of
1S46, , who settled near Johnson creek,
will be presented by Harold Bayley In
a violin recital i at ' the Lincoln nigh
school auditorium Saturday - night at
8:15. Miss Johnson is the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs.; J. J. Johnson of 2727
Sixty-first street southeast.
Jen 1Mb Service Xamed Services will
be held at the Congregation Novah
Zedeck Talmud Torah, Sixth and IU11
t-treets, tonight at 6 o'clock and Satur
day morning at 9 o'clock. Rev. Abra
ham I. Rosencrants will officiate. All
are welcome to attend the services. Re
ligious school Sunday morning at 10
O'clock. j ;
. E. P. Welch : Father of Twins Twins
have been born to Mr. and Mrs. K. P.
Welch of 66 East Forty-fourth street
north at Emanuel hospital. The father
Is manager of the National Surety com
pany. The mother and babies a boy
and a girl are doing;. welL Another
child is , 6 years ; old.;
' Contractors Sleet The Oregon Motor
Truck Hauling Contractors will meet at
8 o'clock Friday evening in the Builders'
Exchange hall in the Worcester buliding.
Manager Griswold of the Associated
Contractors will speak at the meeting.
Every owner of a "dump" truck, in the
city is urged to attend.
Concert at JMen's Resort The young
women of the First- M. E. church will
give their concluding concert at the
Men's Resort! Saturday at 8 p. m. A
fine musical program has been arranged.
The service will be. open to the public
with a special invitation to all , sailors.
Trans Cl Trip The Trails club trip
March 26-27 will he to Larch mountain.
Iave Union ; depot on 11 p. m. truin
Saturday for ; Multnomah falls, buying
round trip tickets. The return will be
made Sunday from Multnomah falls at
4 :40 p. m. I. P. Wells will be leader.
Will Lectare on Jndalsm The Pres
ent Emergency in' Judaism and the
Means of Meeting It" w411 be Rabbi
Wise's topic tonight at 8 at Temple Beth
Israel. 1 ..; ; ;
Fortlasd-Salem Stag Cadillacs, 12
passenger, leave Journal building S a.
m.. 1 p. rru, 4 p. m. daily. Fare, 91.76.
AdV- v I f- ;- : '.
Safety Boxes; investment bonds; union
vaults. 284 Oak, bet 4th and 5th. Adv.
Private Owner wishes to well : 1920
Franklin car. East 120. Adv.
Sr. W. W. Christie has returned. Adv.
Blockwood, $7.59 Edlefsen's. Adv.
Sound Mountain
Climberslto View
; Mt. Hood Region
To experience for themselves the rug
ged beauties of the Mount Hood region
after hearing its praises . sung by' fel
low -members, six Mountaineers from Se
attle and Tacoma will arrive Saturday
morning to be the guests of . six Port
land Mazamas on a winter snow trip
to Wahtum lake via Eagle creek trail.
Last year another party.-, of . Moun
taineers was similarly entertained by
the Mazamas. Rodney L. Glisan, L. A.
NaMbn and Raymond Conway, who are
arranging the trip, have been enter
tained . by j tbe Mountaineers Beveral
times. 1
The party will arrive at 6:45 a. rru
and will leave at 8 o'clock by automo
bile for Eagle creek. Members of the
party will be : George E. Wright vice
president of the Mountaineers, and his
daughter,: Elisabeth Wright of Seattle ;
Alma Wagen, ' the only woman guide on
Mount Rainier; Katberyn Seabury,
Ruth Anderson and Earl Martin, all of
Tacoma- Other Mazamas entertaining
them Include Ethel Loucks, Mary-Gene
Smith and Harriet Libby.
I - S Custom PAsd
Overstuffed Davenports
S97.50 F
- Better J'nmitare can not be built.
Words can ' not describe the remarkable
values we arc offering. They must be
seen to fully realize the ridiculously large
aavinc that ean be made. .
Chain to Match In Dentin,
r , .
Decorative Workthop
SS-ei-1 ', Miiwaukl St
Dltplay Itocm - . 420 Morgan Blag.
TlckeU - Bese-rratlons
; ." Hotels ':i Railroads
; Steamship Lines : Motor Trips
! ; Toura and Roads. - '
DORSET B. SMITH, lfaaacar
; Main T173 Marshall 1947
Boynton ; Furnaces
Oat Special System of BOYNTON PIPELKSS
' .M FURNACES is .
More Than Score '
Of Forest Sanger
Applicants Pass
Nearly 30 men passed the forest ranger
examination" recently ' held and ' are
eligible for appointment on th. national
forests, according to Shirley Buck, for
est examiner. : -i "t
Following are the men and the for
ests nearest their homes i . i
Oregon :v Ray O. Park, ' McKenzie
Bridge, Cascade forest ; Walter C. Sack
man, McKenzie Bridge. Cascade forest;
Duncan McLean, - Lakevlew, t Fremon
forest; Ben Young. Lakeview Frenwnt
forest; Cecil Ft Bennett Sllvles, Mai
heur forest ; Charles 'Goodknight, Prine
ville, Ochoco forest ; Lee E. Blevlns,
Prineville, Ochoco ; forest ; George C.
Brace, Gibbon, Umatilla, forest; Fred
A 8am, Disston, Urapqua forest ; George
F, Norman, Tiller, : Umpqua. , forest;
Scott Groah, Enterprise, Wallowa forest
Washington : Charles ' M. I vBagnell,
William C McCormick, Norman E. Tay
lor5 and Perry Thompson, all of Re
public, Colville forest ; George R. Wright,
Pateros, t Okanogan forest; Clarence M.
Adams, 'Olympia, Henry J. Oordon,
Quilcene, and Samuel G. Meigs, Seattle,
II Olympic forest; Oliver W. Johnson
Tulallp, and - OrviHe R. Lewis, Vance,
Rainier forest ; Calvin Philips Jr., Se
attle, Snoqualmie forest ; James R. Wal
lace, Bellingham, Claude R. Townsend,
Bellingham, both on Washington forest;
Archie E. Estes of Dryden, Will F. Lcs-
senger. Cashmere, and '- Alfred McDon
ald, Thorpe, all Wenatchee forest.;
Hot Lake Arrivals
Hot Lake, March 25. Arrivals at Hot
Lake sanatorium Tuesday were : - Mr.
:For Easter
16008 Beautiful Iale of
where i
Some- 1 0 In.
Jems S .88
Hayden Qt.
. . . .Caruso 18 In.
, 1.7S
Christ Arose
88403 Hosanna ..
45089 The Palms. .. Werrearath
The tost Chord ..... 1 0 In.
Werrenrath 1 ,0O
35484 Hallelujah t'horna.
Prior's Band 1ln.
, The Hearena Are Tellins. 1.SS
v ...... .tkmwajr'a Band ,
65053 Messiah I Know My
i Bedeemer Li,ea. .Marsh 12 In.
Oh. for the Wins of a 1.BO
Uore... ....... Marsh
16906 Joy to the World ..... .
...Trinity Choir 10 In.
Oh. Come All Ye Faith. .SS
; ful. .... .Trinity Choir .
741 OS Open the Gates of the IS in.
Temple...... William 1.75
6744 Last Chord " i
Col. Steller Qt. lain.
Boly City.. CoL Mixed Qt. 1.ZS
2487 A Lecend . .Paulist i
Choristers of Chicaco 10 In.
r . Sins Te to the Lord..... 1.00
Paul't Chor. of Chicago ;
3466 Agnus Del ...... Paulist
Choristera of Chicaco 1 0 In.
Salre, Regina. .... Paulist 1 .00
Choristers of Chicaco
2 693 Memories of Easter
, Part 1. . .. lOln.
( . .Morrisey and Bt. Qt. .8S
Memories of Kastev Part
2. . Morrisey and St. Qt. '
' 593 On Oalseries Brow. . . . .
..... .Stanley & Barr 10 In.
Throw Out the Life lane .SS
Stanley & Burr
j Bush & Lane I
Piano Go.
"The House of Harmony -
equal! ,
and Mrs. E. G. Halley, Kora Huston and
Mrs. W. M. Floyd. Baker, Mrs. J.- W.
Parsons. Haines ; T. Oyaki. -Walker.
Wah. ; Mrs. A. ( Collum and Mrs. S. I.
Droke, Union : A. S. Shockley, J. L.
Masters and A. Robertson, Baker.
1920 Rainfall Is
Below Normal, Says
II. S. Weather Man
The r most notable feature of . " the
weather durinar 1920. nfatH frvita-arrl T.
Wells, in his annual meteorological re
, .7Sc
Ladies Fudge
Apron, Ruffle
- Trimmed
Union Ave. and
Our Saturday and Monday Specials Feature
New Spring Styles at
Attractive Prices
A Saving Worth While. Our entire stock of well se
lected, attractive styles of new Spring Coats, Jersey
Suits, Jersey Sport Coats, Silk Dresses, Wool Plaid and
Pleated Skirts at a saving of 25 on our regular lower
prices Saturday and Monday only."
New Dress Voiles
Special 58c
40-inch Voiles in splendid assort
ment of color combinations. Very
desirable for smocks, waists and
dresses; regular 75c values. Spe
cial ................... . .58c
Hosiery Special
Women's Silk Lisle Hose of very
fine quality, in black, brown and
New Shipment Ladies
Silk Hose
Cordovan color Fiber Silk Hose,
lisle top, double heel and toes;
regular, $1.00 value. Special 68c.
Black, White, Cordovan and Gray
Heavy Weight Spun Silk Hose
Lisle'garter top, double sole. High
spliced heel and toes. Extra good
value. Special at $2.00. .
Ladies' Bodice Vests
Lisle and silk ribbon, white and
flesh color 35c. 40c, 60c and
75c. ' '
Fast Color Shirts
They come in many pleasing pat
terns that makes the fast color
feature so much more important.
Very full cut and very well made.
Special at $2.50.' :
$25 to $45
In all the dothing world we know of
no house which has gone to such lengths
to meet the public viewpoint as the
Kirschbaum shops. Their whole Spring
output of line clothes is priced without
profitenaiUmg us to oifer values at
25 to $45, which we believe are without
i i , ' . .......
To prove it only
Jl!n ' . "
frv .:-!. mil
A, B. Kirscabaam Company
ley & Ga vender
' ..... .'....! J " ' t
port of ; Portland weather conditions,
"was the- unprecedented brought in Feb
ruary. In that month the total rainfall
was 1 0.18 inches, which is - lees than 3
per cent of the normal amount and less
than If per cent . of the least amount
previously recorded for February."
The?3ear, taken as a whole, accord
ing to the report, had a temperature
slightly above normal, and a precipita
tion slightly below the normal. The an
nual mean temperature was 53 degrees,
the- total precipitation was 41.17 inches.
August 12 presented another record for
the Portland office by developing a tem-
oerature of 98 degrees. ; Snowfall oc
curred In measurable quantities on but
three days and amounted j to 1.6 inches;
but melted almost at once.
The Delineator and
the New Butterick
Fashions at the
' Fashion Counter
East Morrison
Zephyr Ginghams
Our ; regular 5oc Ginghams spe
cial at j..,. ...35c
News Spring Ginghams, 3 inches
wide, attractive plaids, checks and
plain colors. j
New Percales '
Special at 19c
36 inches wide. Percales of an
excellent quality. 1 New Spring
patterns. Former price 39c.
Bleached Muslin
Special at 17c .
Extra fine soft bleached muslin,
full 36 inches wide Selling reg
ularly -at 2 Sc. f j
; Curtain Scrims
Special at 15c .
36 inches wide. Scrims In white
or cream. Hemstitched edge. An
extra good value. Special 15c.
i . -" - - - -
Easter Neckwear
for Men
Stop at the Counted where we ire
showing these Silk and Knit Ties.;
It's quite likely you will see a new
pattern you would like to wear
and the New Wash; Ties that are
now son display will please youj
Silk and Knit Ties $1 and $2.50
Wash Ties. 35c; 3 for:.,;.. 50c
SPRING 192 1
compare !
lp I i j I
e. I-. ' ' "ri X.'-'" - '
- - - j t' 5 ' -WvvC.x:
Hart Schaf fner &Marx clothes
for spring are much lower
You may be able to find cheaper prices, but nowhere
'will you find better values. Remember, that quality
determines whether a price is low or not. A good suit
at $50 is-less:expehsive:than a poor one at $25.
If you-buy any clothes? this spring, be
v !' sure of i the quality you get; we're so '
i ' , - sure of the quality we're giving that we .
say "money back if you aren't satisfied' '
Sam'l Rosenblatt S? Go.
Fifth at Alder' " ' . Gasco Building
New Spring
I I II - VcTatP I . ... -Ba. '
$50 $60 $65
Suits Are In
to dress
up the j . ;
most partic
ular men ;
in Portland.
These beau
tiful new
sure to ,
please - you.
Come UP
STAIRS and see
Trimble and Stetson
, , Spring Hats
uzir :
CsrTri6ht192J Hart Schaffncr & Mara
Gray. White or
H Black Casket
Two Autoa. Uearae. Embalm
ing;. Out Ida Box, Oravw
Marker, Funeral Koticcs, Bear,
era Olovea. Feraonal bervlcea,
, Usa or Cbapt.
Miller &Tracey
Independent Funeral Directors
WAS Tf! AT "T,t
Phonea Mala 2631. (7S-S&,
The Safety Rarer-
Shaving Scr
CatlrwraSoapahavMwhiMMiAae. geei lit!