The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, March 24, 1921, Page 24, Image 24

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Th&1Qjjaltty'StoX& Ol PORTLAND
.tin i ins. Ilia m,.
THE PEACE NEGOTIATIONS" by Robert Lansing, a Book of World-Wide Importance Out Tomorrow, $3 Fifth Floor
-- t -
' i- -
sr Friday Siarpri
OUR 1624TB FRIDAY SURPRISE Emphasizes Easter Requirements
106 Fine New Easter Dresses
Crepes de Chine
Taffeta and
Special $9.50
j Newest models . . . Twenty-five differ
ent styles. Navy, copen, gray, brown, tan
and black. No phone orders, C O. D.s or
approvals. Come early!
New Jersey Sports s
Coats $9.50
Tuxedo models of ultra-serviceable jersey in
wanted shades of navy, brown, light and dark
tan, copen and red. ?
Meier & Frank's : Fourth Floor.
Special $9.50
nrHE EASTER SALE OF HANDKERCHIEFS for women, children and men enters on its
' second day with tens of thousands of crisp new linen and cotton handkerchiefs for every mem
ber of the family at remarkably low prices. .
SPECIAL NOTE: Our entire stock of men's and women's silk handkerchiefs are radically
reduced in this Easter sale, Main Floor. ,
New Crepe de Chine and Georgette Blouses
Wonderfully Fine
Regular $10.00
women need only teel the qualities of the materials, observe the smartness and diversity of the models . . . and. the
350 lovely new Easter blouses will fly away. Dressy and tailored styles-: High and low necks. Embellished with lace
and embroidery, some have collars of pin tucks and tucked fronts to match: . . i
Gray Bisque i;
Meier & Frank's : Fourth Floor.
2 Days' Sale Friday and Saturday
.;:?. v , m - ituajr auu uaiuiuajr
6000 Men's New Easter Ties
$1.65 I
-- - . -
A Big Special Purchase
Ties Made to Sell for
$2.50, $3, $3.50, $4
1X7 IS H WE could tell the story of this purchase but space won't permit. Read
XT it in the! thousands of wonderful ties here in this 2 days' sale at the lowest
price in years for the qualities. Neckwear of eminent distinction-the product
of famous Swiss, French, English and American looms from leading craftsmen.
Hundreds of hand-made, scarfs. Patterns reproduce virtually every accepted
design. Colors as varied as the wearer's taste. All with slip-easy bands. See
Morrison windows. ,
The "Speedster" at 69c
is a high-powered scarf that sets the pace for snappy neckwear in its v price class. An
instant hit with the Broadwayites and all smart dressers. Two-tone diagonal and cross
stripes. The popular new small knot variety. Slip-easy bands. , . .
': " ' I 1 , ' ,'
-Meier A Frank's s Main Floor.
. I
25c Percales 19c
36 inch percales in light colors. - r -M'-m-
v i Meter A Frank's:, Second Floor.
35c Nainsook 25c
36 inch plain white nainsook.
. i Meier & Frank's : Second Floor.
$2.25 Lunch Cloths S1.75
54x60 inch mercerized hemmed lunch cloths, i
j Meier A Frank's : Second Floor.
$1.50 ! Bath Towels 98c V
20x40 inch bath towels with fancy colored borders in pink,
blue and yellow. - " Meier . Frank's t- Second Floor.
$5.00 Blankets, Pair $3.50
Heavy cotton blankets in assorted color plaids. Double
bed size. ; Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
25c-45c Curtaining 19c
800 yards of marquisette, voile, scrim and swiss. Some
short lengths, othefs in larger quantities. j
50c-7pc Curtaining 27c
400 yards of marquisette, voile and nets. Short lots.
$1;60-$1.95 Curtaining 95c
250 yards of filet! nets. Short lots.
j - Meier Frank's : SeVenUi Floor.
White Outing 29c
36 inch medium weight white outing for night gowns and
sheets for babies' beds.
Striped Outing 25c
36 inch stripecl outing in pink and blue for pajamas and
night gowns. Meier & Frank s : Second Floor.
2 Days' Sale of
French Kid and Lambskin '
Gloves Pair $2.73
Remarkably good values
at the price,"these gloves arc
just the thing for Easter oc
casions. :
2-cIasp style with heavily
embroidered ba4ks.
Wanted shades! of, white,
. bown, beaver, mode and gray.
. All sizes. !
Long White Kid Gloves $2.73
Another big special for Easter. Long white glace kid gloves
in all-white and white with black stitched backs. Sizes bi
to 74.
Meier ft Frank's: Main Floor.
For Easter!
ed Hats
Suitable for Easter wear. Just 60
new trimmed hats in large and small
shapes. All the popular colors. Some
, with sipper-combinations. Come early.
Meier Frank's: Fourth Floor.
Coffee 95c
M. & F. CoKe, specially roasted
and blende4 for us, 3 OA
lbs. 95c lb. ..... .... 0l,
Buttr, Royal Banquet, QFp
freshly churned, roll itiV
ruutaa Haddi, fresh, medium
size, no deliveries, i OK
the lb.
California Sardinos, several varie
ties, large oval cans, A Q
3 cm$
Solid Tomatos, Oregon , Pack,
No. 2 cans, dozen QK
$1.35, three cans.. . JJKs
Blue Ros Rice, full heads, OfZn
13 lbs. $1, three Ibs . AOl,
Familr Flour, Fischer's! Pride of
Waldo Hills, 49-lb. gO AC
sacks ........... 0VU
Macaroni, American Beau-OK
ty, No. 8 carton v 3 for
CampbalTs Soups, many varie
ties, dozen $1.45. OKp
kmjj cans ...,..... Ww
BaUior OysUrs, latest pack. 5
oz. cans, doz. $2.10. CCa
three cans', . . . ...
Hot Cross Buns Doz. 25c
The Daylight Bakery on : the
Ninth Floor will bake tomorrow
hundreds of dozens of delicious
quality Hot Cross Buns at 25c
dozen. Order early to prevent
disappointment.- ;i
v Meier ft Frank's : Ninth Floor.
Friday Surprises Downstairs
House Dresses $1.93
Formerly $2.98 to $4.49. Women's
dark blue and rrajr house d reuses in
high neck, tons;, sleeves and low.
neck, elbow sleeves style.
':- :-...!; ' , ' .,
Sweaters $5.98
A special purchase accounts for
this offer of fiber silk sweaters In
attractive pastel shades. .Desirable
. tuxedo style. .
Bloomers $9c
Formerly 9c. Good quality
women's reinforced muslin bloom
ers. In flesh and white. Elastic at
waist and knees.
Chemise 59c
Women's flesh batiste chemise
prettily trimmed with lace and rib
bon. Regular and V neck styles. .
Petticoats $1
Regularly $1.29." Women's white
. muslin petticoats trimmed with lace
; and embroidery flounces.
Night Gowns $1
- Reirularly $1.29. Women's rood
quality white muslin night gowns in
Wins- sleeves, V and round ' neck
styles. Embroidery and lace
- Hose 25c' .r -;
Seconds. Women's mock seam
cotton hose with double heels and
toes. Blacky and cordovan.
Union Suits 25c
Formerly 39c suit. Women's Iffht
weight white cotton union suits in
regular top, .sleeveless, cuff and
open knee styles. All sixes. ,-;
Union Suits 59c
, Women's white cotton union suits
in regular top, sleeveless, open lace
knee style. Regular and extra sixes.
Vests 25c V
Seconds of women's flesh and
white Swiss ribbed cotton vests in
regular and bodice top styles. Reg
ular and extra sires. ,
Vests 15c
Formerly 25c Women's white
Bwisa ribbed cotton vests In sleeve,
less, regular top style. All sizes.
Knit Pants 10c :
Regularly 25c. Children's .white
cotton k,nft pants La band top. open
lace knee style. .
Shirt 79c
Seconds of - our regular $1.25
grade. Men's combination stripe
percale shirts in military and turn
down collar styles. Sizes 14 V4 to 17.
Caps 59c
Regularly ?9c each. ! 459 men's
wool and wool mixed cans in mostly
dark colors. Sizes to 7.
2 Pairs Hose 25c
.Formerly 19c pa". 1000 pairs
men's medium weight black .cotton
hose with elastic tops, double heels
and toes. Sizes 9Vi to 11.
Shirts, Drawers 39c '
7 Seconds of government garments,
including light ribbed mesh and bal
brlggan shirts and drawers in blue,
pink, ecru And white. The shirts
are slipon and button styles, the
drawers knee and . ankle lengths.
All sixes In the lot..
Union Suits 59c
Seconds of boys checked and
striped nainsook union suits In ath
letic style. Sixes 6 to IS years.
Knickers $1.19
Formerly $1.9$ pair. 250 pairs
boys' wool 'nixed knickers in dark
gray, plain and small stripes. Full
cut, 2 buttons at knees. Sizes 7 to
1 years.
Meier Frank's :
Basement Balcony.