The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, November 30, 1920, Page 13, Image 13

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    Matter where you: shop, shop early
o Farthest at Meier & Frank's
W one who scans the number of things in this double page advertisement
mDracing wamea mings rrom practically every one or trie ou-odd meier
V home and for gifts at a good saving. Some lots limited. Everybody
VGood heavy mercerized table damask in floral designs 70 inches
J tt : i J t i . .
, . Meier & Frank's : Second Floor.
Full bleached hemstitched hand towels in heavy weieht. 18x33
-hes. Regularly 49c each.
. Meier ath rank s: seccma loor.
45x3 6-inch pillow, slips. Regularly 1.30 pair.
- : . Meier & Frank's : Second Floor.
72x90-inch four-pound stitched cotton batts. Regularly 1.50.
Meier & Frank's : Second Floor.
Fine cfuality 36-inch cambric. Regularly 60c yard.
..i,. Meier & Frank's; Second Floor. '
lx25-inch feather pillows covered with art ticking. Regularly $t.50.
... . ; , Meier & Frank's : Second Floor.
15x72-inch comforts in light and dark colors. For single beds or cots.
' Meier & Frank's : Second Floor.
! h S ' 4 YARDS OUTING s
4cy striped and checked outing in light and medium colors. Good,
m weight, 27 inches wide.
Jieicrik r rails a: secona r loor.
Fancy striped outing in medium weight. For all night wear. 36
hes wide.
Meier & Frank s : second noor.
18. 27 and 36-inch lawn, cambric and batiste embroidery flouncing in
Iral, filet and eyelet patterns for baby wear and women's lingerie.
25 to 1.79 values.
: Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
INet top. margot and shadow lace flouncine and bands from, 8 to 36
hes wide. Metal lace novelties in goRPand silver embroidery on net.
o 10 inches wide. Venise edges 3 to 5 inches 1.49 to ft. 98
ues. . . , : .
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
path robe cords and neck cords. in red, Alice, pink, old rose, light
e, gray, brown and combinations. Also black cord girdles with tancy
aded ends. Regularly 2 for 1. Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
BSc Vivomint tooth paste, 35c Miran tooth brush, 40c bone handle
I brush 25c Mavis talcum and a 10c wash cloth. $1.45 value for $1.
J , Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
jReguIarly 2. Florence military brushes at t pair.
Also 1.75 sanitary twisted wire bath brushes, special at 1.
Meier & Frank's : Main Floor.
100 rubber door mats in size 18x30 inches. For porches and kitchens,
gularly 1.50. .
Meier & irann s: seventn Floor.
Extra heavy books made especially to hold the thick Edison records,
gularly 1.50.
JAIso 750 record indexes so that you will know just what records you
Meier & Frank's: Sixth Floor.
$ 1
e and last where you have them.
book worthy of a place in your library. Regularly 1.50.
, Meier & Frank's: Sixth Floor.
Women 's Silk Hose
Two exceptional lots of women's silk
hose. One lot consists of full fashioned silk
stockings' with double lisle tops and soles.
These are "seconds." The other lot consists
of first-quality mock-seam regular silk hose
with seamless feet and lisle tops, heels and
toes. Black, white and a few colors. Broken
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
3 Pair Stockings
Odds .and ends of children's stockings
including lisle and medium and heavy
weight cotton. Black, tan and a few col
ors, but not all sizes in anv one line.
Meier & Frank's : Main Floor.
2 Pair Stockings
i . llBllllllsMi
! '
Children's medium weight ribbed cotton
"Pony" stockings with double knees, fash
ioned feet and elastic legs- Brown in sizes
8 to 10, black in sizes G to 10. Regularly
75c pair.
Meier Sc Frank's: Main Floor.
Women's Wash Waists
Made of white voile and self striped dim
ities, some with lace insets, dainty ruffles
and pleatings also models with tucking,
hemstitching and embroidery. Sizes 36
to 44. Regularly $2. Limited number.
Meier Sc. Frank's: Fourth Floor.
Children's Union Suits
Medium heavy weight mercerized union
suits in high neck, long sleeves, ankle
length, drop-seat style for boys and girls.
Broken sizes 2 to 18 years.
Meier & Frank's : Second Floor.
Bags and Purses
A good selection of twill back velvet
bags as well as leather purses in top and
back strap styles. The purses were regu
larly priced at $1.95.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Crane's Stationery
Crane's fancy gift, stationery. Floral
aud plain boxes in white and tints. One
and two quire boxes. Values to
Nice for gifts,
Meier & Frank's : Main Floor.
Jap Sandals
Extra heavy Japanese sandals in broken
sizes with beautiful knotted flutfv bows to
trim. . The bows arc in most of the srapl
shades. Enough ribbon for winding th
straps. When made up these sandals will
be welcome gifts. Regular! v $1.50.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
yK "If
4000 Yards of Plain
Crepe de Chine
Less Than Half Regular
A most remarkable Opportunity Day special.
4000 yards of standard quality, plain color crepe de
chine at $1 yard while any remainsl
39 and 40 Inches Wide
' This crepe de chine is suitable for waists, underwear and fancy
work. Such wanted shades as flesh, pink, navy, Copenhagen, old
rose, Belgian, American beauty, Jap blue, apricot, Nile, maize, pea
cock, plum, wisteria, gray, taupe, black, etc.
The same quality of crepe de chine sold earlier in the season at
2.50 yard tomorrow only, yard 1.
" Meier Frank's : Center Aisle, Main Floor.
Oppo rtunity D o 11 ar Day
Specials for MEN
Eighteen remarkably good values for men will
be found tomorrow on the Main
and Third Floors
Silk Maid Sox $1
2000 pairs of our famous Silk Maid
sox which have been selling at $1.50
pair. Nearly all the wanted colors.
All sizes.
Wool Mixed Sox $1
Fine quality Onyx wool mixed sox'
in brown, green and navy heather mix
tures. 3 Pairs of Sox $1
Included in this lot are Miller, Gold
Medal and Elco medium weight cot
ton sox in a good assortment of colors.
Nearly every size in each color. Reg
ularly 50c pair.
6 Pairs of Sox $1
Exceptionally good wearing cotton
sox in black, cordovan and navy blue.
Sizes 10 and 10 only
2uc pair.
Shirts and Drawers $1
Chalmers' Balbriggan shirts and
drawers in white and ecru. Short
sleeve .shirts, sizes 34 to 46. Ankle
length drawers, sizes 34 to 50. Regu
larly $1.25 tnd $1.35. .
Shirts and Drawers $1
Chalmers heavy weight ribbed
fleeced cotton. shirts and drawers, reg
ularly pricedat $1.25.
English Wool Sox $1
This lot includes camel's hair wool,
plain white and heather mixtures. The
regular $1.75 to $3 grades.
Nightshirts $1
Durable cotton twill nightshirts irt
sizes 15 to 20, both inclusive.
NighUhirts $1
Warm outing flannel nightshirts in
sizes 15 to 20, both inclusive. Regu
larly priced at $2.50.
Work Gloves $1
Limited number of. real leather
gauntlet work gloves of genuine horse
hide. Will give splendid service. Reg
ularly $2 pair. - '
2 Pairs Gloves $1
Knit gloves in blue, black and brown:
Regularly 75c pair.- 1
Knitted Scarfs $1
100 of these knitted scarfs in black,
white, navy, and green. With frjnged
edges. Regularly $5. Fine for gifts.
5 Collars $1
Any style of our regular 25c Ide or
Arrow collars for tomorrow only, 5
for a dollar. " -
Men's Ties $1
The greatest values in men's silk
ties for years will be found tomorrow
at a dollar. '
2 Pairs Cuff Links $1
Regular $1 pair "Kum-a-Part". cuff
link in many different colors.
Men's Caps $1
180 caps of fine blue serge, worsted
and heather mixtures. Not every size
in each color, but sizes' to 76r'.in
the tot. Regularly $2. '
Meier & Frank'i : The Store for Mr n,
'Main Floor.
Black Oil Pants $1
Just 75 pairs of black oilskin rain
proof pants for men wio work out
doors. Drawstring waists. Regularly
Waiters' Vests $1
Standard waiters' vests of good
quality black , serge in sizes 40, 42, 4 4
and 46 only. Regularly $3. i
Meier &. Frank's :
The Store for Men,
Third Floor.
Boys' Kaynee Blouses
si ;
All taken from regular stock where they have
been priced at $2.
Corded madras and fine count percale blouses
in guaranteed fast colors. Full cut, "well made
blouses with button-through polo collars. Neat
striped patterns. Also included at this price are
some "Boy Blue" blouses in plain colors. Sizes
6 to 16 years inclusive.
Boys' Hats $1
Regular values to $3. A big assortment of
boys' and young men's hats in many styles and
colors, but broken sizes.
Meier & Frank's : The Store for Boys, Third Floor.
All from regular stock.
Sale Women's Slippers
'' .. $1 '
300 pairs of women's two-strap black kid, turn sole house slippers
with medium heels. Also a limited number of felt slippers in broken
sizes. ' v. .
Evening Slippers $1
. About 75 pairs of black and white satin evening slippers discontinued-lines
in broken sizes. Some slightly soiled. :; :i
Children's Shoes $1
100 pairs of children's shoes in sizes 8f to 11 only. Discontinued
lines in broken sizes. Mostly patent leather with c oth or velvet
tops. Many in narrow widths. ;
All sales final no C. O. D.'s exchanges or approvals, i 1 :.
Meier .& Frank's: Shoe Store, Third Floor.
W n f 4.VH I J TTTTTi Tl 1 r-w II
Toy town Offers These 10 Opportunity
Dollar Day Bargains
Nowhere on the Pacific Coast will you find such selections of toys, dolls and games as await you
in Meier & Frank's Toytown on the Fifth Floor. For Opportunity Dollar Day we have arranged the
following big values in toys-for a dollar. Profit by these special prices and at the same time secure
acceptable Christmas gifts for little boys and girls. ; j i
$1.35 Dolls $1
14-inch dolls with comppsition
heads and arms and painted eyes.
; With dresses in assorted colors,
socks and shoes.
$1.25 Roller Chimes $1
Metal roller chimes with 7j4-inch
padded wheels and 3-inch bells. Reg
ularly priced at $1.25.
$1.50 Trains $1
Mechanical trains consisting of lo
t comotive, tender and passenger car
with 4 pieces of track..
$1.35 Destroyer $1
Toy destroyers that look like the
real ones. Winds up by turning a
crank and it really runs in the water.
Paper Soldiers $1
United States, English and French
soldiers in boxes containing from 18
10,22 soldiers, one w'apden cannon,
an 8-inch flagstaff with flag. Regu
larly $1.25.
Ouija Boards $1
These are very popular with
grownups, too. Our regular $1.45 ,
Ouija boards on sale for $1.
Wood Blocks $1
Burnt wood blocks in boxes con-"
taining thirty, lf-inch blocks two
sides embossed with designs and let
ters. Natural woodrfrfocks with let
ters and illustrations on four sides. '
No paint or color ot any kind is used.
Regularly $1.33.
Painting Outfit $1
' Paint sets consisting of 8 cups of
water colors, 2 mixing bowls, 1,
brush, 6 assorted crayons, 6 pictures
to color, 1 color card, 1 pen, 1 pencil
and eraser. Regularly priced $l.5i
..' -1 : - - " - y"- " v" 1. - -
Teddy Bears $1
14-in. Teddy bears of light brown
plusht. With voice. Regularly $1.50'.
Toy Airplanes $1
Push toy airplanesthe wings and ,
propeller move as the toy is pushed
acros9 th'e'floor. Complete with han
dle and flying, insignia on wings.
Regularly $1.50. 1
Meier ft Frank"; Toytown. Fifth Floor.