The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, November 30, 1920, Page 12, Image 12

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; ChUdren's Wear
The Infants' Store on the second floor offers these nine big val
ues for Opportunity Dollar Day... . ,
Sand Man Sleepers $1
Natural color soft knit sleepers in double seat styles with feet
Sizes .1 to 7 years. Regularly 1.25 to 1.75.
Flannelette Skirts $1
Striped outing flannel skirts with bands and ruffled bottoms.
Sizes 8 to 14 years. s
Caps and Hoods $1
A clearaway of infants and children's wool knit caps and hoods
in white and colors. Machine and hand knit caps and hoods with
dainty trimming.
Two Leggings for $1
Colored knit wool leggings mostly in red.
Two Pairs Stockings $1
Infants' white lisle hose with crochet tops and embroidered flow
ers in colors. Sizes 4 to 4a only. Regularly 1 and t.25 pair. ,
Light Cut Glassware
400 pieces of light cut glassware in pretty fuchsia cutting illus
trated. In the lot are sugars and creamers, marmalade jars and
plates, 1 0-inch vases, 9-inch plates, 5-inch handled nappies. Reg
ularly 1.50.
Your Dollar!
Two Pairs Booties $1
Infants' booties with white, pink or blue trimming,
with curved knee. Regularly 85c pair.
Long length
Infants' Creepers $1
Japanese crepe creepers in colors with white trimming. Sizes 6
months to 2 years. .
Infants' Caps $1
White corduroy and chinchilla caps in several different styles.
Sizes 2 to 4 years. Regularly JM.98 to 2.98.
Meier & Frank's: Infants' Shop, Second Floor.
Children's Hats $1
A broken assortment of felt and vetour hats in sizes 2 to 8 years.
jOriginal values range up to 4.95.
Meier & Frank's: Third Floor.
Marmalade Jar, Plate and Spoon
. $1
Thin blown cut glass marmalade jars with plate and spoon. Reg
ularly 2.
Cut Glass Vases $1
Eight and one-half inches high. Cut glass Colonial vases with
neat floral cutting. Regularly 2.
Candy Jars $1
Candy jars in the one-half pound size. Several colors. Regu
larly 1.50. Meier Sc. Frank's: Basement.
THAT the dollar is rapidly regaining its pristine visor must be plain
that a dollar will buy. Standard merchandise of the most diverse;!
& Frank departments. Opportunity to secure what one wants for
who can should shop early. -r
Printed Georgette
39-inch printed georgette in floral patterns
on white grounds. Also plain georgette
in flesh, tan, gray, taupe, blue, brown,
white, pink, navy and other shades,
-JTeler & Frank's : Main Floor.
$i Opportunities Downstairs
MenY Work Shirt.
Men's full cut blue chambray work
shlrtn. Turn-down collars. Double
stitched seams. Hlzes 14 to 17.
Men's Undershirts
Samples of men undershirts. Heavy
-ribbed, in ecru and white, wool mixed K I
In natural color, heavy fleeced Rar
ments in tan only. Some are slightly soiled
from handling. Sizes '36 to 44. Values range
to 12.50 in the lot. ,
Men's Overalls
A' limited quantity of men's white
overalls. In painter style with bib.
Some are slightly soiled. Sizes 34 to 42.
Originally priced from $1.69 to $2.50.
4 Pairs Sox
Men's lisle finished sox In black, white rft-f
irray and cordovan. Re-enforced heels Jn I
and toes. Subject to Blight imperfec
ttons. Sizes 9Vs to 11. Regular 35c grade.
12 Handkerchiefs
Men's cotton handkerchiefs 18 Inches
square with -inch hemstitched hem. JJS I
Specially" priced.
150 odd pairs of boys' knickerbockers. G"t
mostly corduroy, some gray wool mixed Jh I
casslmeres and some all wool khaki.
Broken sizes from 4 to 10 years. Originally
Boys' Blouses
A limited quantity of boys' cotton
flannel oxford blouses. Full cut Mil- I
Itary collars. Sizes 7, 8, 9 and 11 only. w
Formerly priced at $1.79, while any remain $1.
Shoes and Oxfords
- A clearaway of odds and ends 400
pairs - of women's, misses' and chil
dren's shoes and oxfords. Some are
slightly damaged. An exceptional bargain
if your size is In the lot. Values range from
12 to $8. No C. O. D.'s. mail orders or
exchanges ; at this extremely low price of $1.
Women's Aprons
A limited quantity or bungalow or (f-fl
house dress aprons made of good stand- h I
ard percale. Plain and fncy colors. V
neck and collar styles. Full cut. All regular
lises. Regularly $1.49.
2 Kitchen Aprons
Women's kitchen aprons of good' .
auality ginghams or lljrht percales. I
With and without bibs. Regularly 98c
- each, now two for $1.
Women's Waists
Women's wash waists made of good (J-f
auality voiles and batistes. Long and JS I
; short sleeve styles. Prettily trimmed
with lace and embroidery. Regularly $1.9S
4 Vests, Pants
Women's medium weight cotton vests (J-!
and pants. A clearaway of several JK I
broken lota. Mostly regular sizes. Very w
special at 4 garments for $1.
2 Corset Covers
Women's knit corset covers in high
long sleeve style. Extra sizes
Women's Vests
Women's good fall weight fleeced (T-
vests. Low neck sleeveless style fin- I
ished with band top. Also included are
ankle length tights of same weight. Regular
and extra sizes. Very special at $1 each.
c vs8irii.ii u anus
An assortment of 100 ostrich bands in
a variety of styles. The colors are
black, white, brown, navy, sand and
Copenhagen. Values to $2.49, now special at $1.
Children's Dresses
A clearaway of odd lots of children's (T-f
fine gingham dresses. Many pretty h I
styles to choose from. Mostly In sizes
2 to 6 years. Originally $1.9S, while any re
main $1.
2 Pairs Bloomers
Children's good heavy grade black
sateen bloomers. Sizes 2 to 12 years. h I
Just the thing for school and play. w--Regularly
65c, now 2 for $1.
4 Pairs Bloomers
Children's knit bloomers with elastic
at waist and knee. Flesh color only. I
6 Yards Outing
The genuine Amoskeag and other
standard outing flannels in plain white h I
and fancy colors. Our reg. 25c quality.
4 4 Yards Pa jama Cloth
36-inch flannel pajama cloth In pretty
stripe effects. Also may be used for N
kimonos and house dresses. Almost
half the former price, at 4 yards $1.
6 Yards Muslin
A good quality of unbleac! ed muslin,
useful for many household purposes. JS I
Full yard wide. Very special at 6 yards
for $1. .
Dozen Table Napkins
Good heavy mercerized cotton table (T
napkins in size 18x18 inches. Regular- I
ly $1.98. While an-y of a limited quan
tity remain, dozen' $1. .
Emmerich Pillows
200 genuine Emmerich pillows filled
with good clean feathers and covered
with art ticking. . Sizes 19x26 inches.
Regularly $1.49.
Cotton Batts
300 good full size stitched cotton batts. rtk-f
Weight 3 pounds. J)J
Soft and fluffy.
Regularly $1.25.
Sizes 2 to 10 years.
4 pairs for $1
Specially priced at
4 Pairs Hose
"Seconds" of children's fine and heavy (J-
ribbed black cotton hose. All regular H I
sizes. Special at 4 pairs for $1. .
3 Underwaists
Children's knit underwaists of the (T-f
well-known "Bear" brand. A 1 1 first IK I
quality. Button taped with garter loops. l-a-Sizes
3 to 12 years.
Table Damask
72-lttch heavy mercerized table damask (ft-fl
Regularly )
In several pretty designs
Children's Gowns
Children's night gowns made of good (h-f
outing flannel In plain white and pink Jh I
and blue stripe effects. Sizes 4 to 12
years. Regularly- $1.49.
2 Vests, Pants
Children's extra heavy cotton fleeced
neck and long sleeves, the pants are
vests and pants. The vests have high
3 Pairs Hose
Women's black cotton fleeced ribbed (T-f
top hose. Also in plain llsles and cot- JN I
tons. Wide garter tops. All regular
sises and some extra sizes. -- Regularly EOc
pair. .
Sale of Tarns
" Attractive tarns made of duvetyn and (
velveteen. Three pretty styles to choose JS I
from. Colors, include black, brown, red,
sand and navy. , Values range to $3.49. Only
r200 In the lot.
2 Pairs Hose
Women's heavy silk fiber hose in
black, white, gray and fancy colors. IS I
Also some heather mixtures In the lot
Originally priced at 98c pair, ;
Women's Gowns
Women's muslin gowns in slip-on (T-f
style, trimmed with a narrow heading 3S I
of lace. Run with ribbon tape. Reg- u-'
ular sixes. Formerly priced at $1.49.
Women's Chemise
Women's good quality nainsook (T-
chemise trimmed with embroidery, or- JS I
gandis and lace, yery special at $1 each.
Women's outing flannel -petticoats in n-e
blue or pink striped, effects. Good IS I
length, full cut petticoats.
Union 'Suits
Women's heavy cotton fleeced union rt-
suits. High neck, long sleeves and low )S I
neck, sleeveless, ankle length style. TL'-t-Regular
and extra sixes. Formerly priced
ankle length. Sizes 6 to 10 years.
Corset Waists
Misses' H. fc W. corset-Waists made (J-fl
of good coutil. Button or clasp fasten- HI
ing. 2 hose supporters and side buttons "
for undergarments. Shoulder strap style. All
regular sizes.
Infants' Sweaters
A limited quantity of infants' wool
jackets and sweaters In white -and pink JN I
and blue combinations. Some are sub- w
ject to slight Imperfections, some slightly
soiled from handling. Very special at $1. -
Children's Slippers
Children's felt slippers trimmed with
red or gray plush. Some misses' sises JN I
in the lot. While any of a limited num
ber remain, pair $1.
Georgette Crepe
3000 yards of standard quality georg- (J"
ette crepe 39 and 40 inches wide. A. IN I
wide assortment of wanted colors. In
eluding black, navy, white, flesh, old rose,
apricot, etc Less than half the early "Season
price at $1 yard. .
4 Yards Ginghams
S2-lnch standard dress ginghams in a (Ai
variety of check and plaid patterns. J) I
Also desirable plain colors. Earlier sea
son values were 10c and 60c. - 15
6 Yards Challie
36-inch cotton challie In an assortment (t-
of pretty patterns and colorings.. Mill I
lengths of 2 to S yards in a , piece.
Unexcelled for comfort coverings. Specially
priced at yards for $1.
3 Pillow Cases
1200 pillow cases made of good heavy (J-
muslin. Wide hems, plain and hem- JK I
stitched. Size 45x36 inches. Regular 60c W-M-and
65c each grade.
Bed Spreads
A limited quantity of good heavy
weight bed spreads. . Single size, suit
able for cots, cribs and single beds.
Some have slight imperfections or are soiled
from handling. Regularly $1.98 to $2.98, while
any remain $1 each.
6 Yards Toweling
Thousands of yards of mixed towel- (T-f
Ing. including crash, cotton hucks, twill JK I
pnd glass toweling. Some is part linen.
Early season grades were 25c and 29c yard,
now in lots of 6 yards for $1.
2 Bath Towels
50 dozen extra large heavy double fT-1
thread Turkish bath towels. Formerly JS I
priced at 79c each. Limit, of 6 to a cua- xl,-a-tomer
at this low price of 2 for $1.
7 Towels
An immense assortment of miscella- (T -f
neons towels, including Turkish towels S I
in plain white and others with colored
borders. All sizes. Some are subject to slight
imperfections. Our regular 25c to 35c each
$1.50 Suitings
Hundreds of yards of good serviceable
materials in dark and medium colors
checks, plaids and stripes. 40 inches
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
$2.50-$2.98 Boudoir Caps
Less than half price for these boudoir
caps made of dainty nets combined with
ribbons, laces, silk and satin flowers, also
satin crepe de chine caps with tucked
chiffon, ribbons and lace.
Meier Sc. Frank's : Third Floor.
$2.00 Silk Sandals
Exactly hall price for these crepe de
chine sandals finished with silk roses. Old
rose, blue and pink.
Meier Sc. Frank's : Third Floor.
Women's Cape Gloves
Washable cape gloves in one-clasp style
with Paris point and embroidered backs.
P. K. and P. X. M. sewn. Mode, beaver,
tan, gray, black and brown. Not every
size in each color.
Meier & Frank's : Main Floor.
3 Hanks Yarn
Rainbow yarn in black and mixed col
ors. Meier Sc. Frank's: Second Floor.
Metal Bag Tops
For shopping bags. Many set with stones.
Silver finish bag tops. Values to $2.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Fudge Aprons
Belted styles stamped for embroidery on
white crash. Complete with cottons to
Meier Sc Frank's: Second Floor.
3 Tea Towels
Stamped for embroidery on red or blue
striped toweling.
Meier & Frank's: Second Floor.
Stamped Centers
36-inch centers stamped for embroidery
on white art cloth. Edges are hemstitched
ready to crochet. Regularly $1.85.
Meier ft Frank's: Second Floor.
Curtains, Pair
1000 pairs of hemstitched marquisette
curtains in white ar.d ecru. 214 yards
long. Regularly $1.98.
Curtains, Each
Sample curtains made of high grade
French voiles' and marquisettes, pret
tily trimmed with heavy lace medal
lions. Single curtains that would sell in
regularly as high as $8 pair, special
at $1
3 Yards Ribbon
Plain and fancy colored ribbons in all 1-
the wanted shades. Suitable for hair- 2K I
bows and gift making.
y to 6 inches
Women's Hand Bags
Women's genuine leather black hand (T-S
bags with substantial handles. Nicely 2S I
lined. Fitted with mirror. About half W-L
price at It each.
Serving Trays
A limited quantity of mahogany fin
ish glass bottom serving trays. Sire JS I
11x17 inches. While any remain, 1 each.
. 3 Boxes Stationery
Fancy holiday boxes of stationery con- (T-
talning 24 sheets of paper and 24 en- JH I
velopes in pretty colors. Very special
at 3 boxe4 for $1. ,
18 Rolls Toilet Paper
Large bulky rolls of crepe toilet paper.
Limit of 18 rolls to a customer. Special 2fl I
Lower Price Store,
Basement Balcony.
price $1.
Meier & Frank's
$1 :
5 Cant Cube Pineapple
Singapore cube pineapple in flat cans that
average 24 to 26 cubes to the can. Regularly
25c can. Five to a customer.
Rolled Oats and Corn Meal
Freshly milled rolled oats and new Nebras
ka milled corn meal. Both in No. 9 cotton
sacks. One sack of each for $1.
3V2 Pounds Freshly Roasted Coffee
Our Challenge blend coffee with excellent
strength and flavor. Ground as ordered.
2 Pounds of Tree Tea
A well-known blend of Ceylon and India
tree tea that sells regularly at 65c pound. "
1 Broom, 4 Cakes Soap
One Gem broom and four bars of Easy Day
naptha soapboth for a dollar. '
Meier Frank's: Ninth Floor.
General clearaway of women's hats in velvet and combinations. Mostly
close-fitting effects in black and colors. Come early for best selection.
Meier Sc. Frank's: Foulh Floor.
' $2.50 CORSETS
Discontinued models of American Lady corsets in medium and low
bust styles with average skirt length. Sizes 20 to 3Q. No exchanges
or credits. ' Meier Sc Frank's: Third Floor.
White Shetland wool sleeveless Spencers. 60 only.
Meier & Frank's:
Third Floor.
Two-piece outing flannel pajamas in colored stripes, some plain white.
Limited number. -
Meier & Frank's: Third Floor.
Durabte black sateen office aprons. - Limited number.
Meier Frank's: Third FloorCy
11.69, $1.75 values. Hand-made filet lace collars in roll sty
are combined with plain and tucked net and are suitable for
one-piece dresses, blouses and suits,
Meier Sc Frank's: Main .Floor.
25 dependable quality hair switches regularly priced to $5.
Meier & Frank's: Fifth Floor.
Regularly 1 5c each. Large and cap shape.
Also 35c gray hair nets in fringe shape, four for f i.
Meier & -Frank s : Fifth Floor.
Astringent, Acne, whitening "tissue and motor facial creams. Reg
ularly 1.25. ,
Meier & Frank's : Fifth Floor.
Women's imported and domestic handkerchiefs, handloom embroid
ered in a variety of designs. 3 'or 6 styles in a box.
No phone or C. O. D. orders, none exchanged.
Women's an J misses' box handkerchiefs, hand-loom embroidered on
fine lawn or mull. 3 styles. .
No phone or C. O. D. orders, none exchanged.
Men's initial lawn handkerchiefs, also some derai-Iinen handkerchiefs
Several styles of letters. Regularly 3Sc each.
Main Floor.
le. These (tti
wear with . JL
S 1
No phone or C. O. D. orders, none exchanged.
. Meier Sc. Frank's:
Just a limited supply of our regular 90c home-made chocolates packed-
in 2-pound boxes at ft cox. Limit of one box to a customer
-Meier Sc Frank's: Main and Ninth Floors.
Good silver plated sets consisting of knife, fork and spoon. Put up
in neat boxes. . Meier ft .
11.25 loose leaf photo, albums containing 50 leaves and a 40c film
negative album which will hold 50 negatives. 1.65 value for 1.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor.
Voile and scrim In white and ecru. 36 Inches wide,
Cut from repps, damasks, etc.
Regularly 45c
Meier St Frank's: Seventh Floor.
Seventh Floor,
Limited number.
Meier it Frank's: