The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, November 25, 1920, Page 11, Image 11

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Trarclen to all point of the United Bute or
.aHroad aiimild take idnttttit of xprtaic6 in
formation and aerric. offarml throufb Tlx Ore
gon Journal Information md Travel Bureau in
Itmona.1 charge of Uonef B. Bmith. . Railroad
tv-keta and steamship bookings arranged. For
eign ctchang iaauad. Information given regard
lug pawpoita,
Flrnt Annual Oregon HtaU Com Show, Port
land. November 11 to February 27, 1921.'
Oregon State Horticulture! aocietjr, annual
fneeting, Eugene, iMcember 2, 8 and 4.
Oregon and South Idaho Educational onion.
Oregon 8taU Hotel Men, Eugene, December
Wentera Winter ihoir Oregon Poultry and
Pet Stork aaaociation. The Auditorium, Port
land, December 13 to 18.
Butt Teacher,' association, Portland, Decem
ber. T. P. A. itaU aaaocia Hon, Portland,, Decam-
Retail Hardwire and Implement dealers, Port
land. Januarr 25 to 28.
Oregon Betail Merchant," aaaociation. alanb
field. Kebrnary,
Pacific Coaat Society of Ortbodoniata, Febru
ary IS to 18.
Brotherhood of American Yeomen, stats con
clara, Eugene, April, 1921.
A. O. U. W.. grand lodge. April, third Toes
day. ' ,
L" . . ... k -4 .
May 22 to 23.
Milium Order of tha Loyal Legion, Portland,
May 10.
Enithu of Columbus, aUta council, Portland,
May a (J.
State DenUI aociety, 1921;,
Portland and Vicinity Toonifut and Fri
i'ej rain, aoutliweaterly wind.
Orrroii Tonight and Friday rain west, cloudy
oa t (ortion, mixierato- aoutliwertorly winds
Hi hington Tonight and Jf"riday rain, mod
ems aoutLwnterly wind.
Abilene Kan
('.alter. Or.
Ilarkrrrille, Cal
Wlllnga. Mont-
r.oiw, Idaho .,
llo Van, Maw .
Ituffalo, X. T -.
I'algary. Albert . . . , .
Chicago, . 111. !
Ioner, t'nlo.' .......
Ie Moinea, Iowa
Hitch Harbor, A lak ,
Kasln, Alaoka -
1 rtraontun. Alberta . .
J.uroka. CaL
;nlre inn. Texaa ...:
Havre. HonU .......
Helena. M mt
Honolulu, T. IL
Huron, NV l.
Juntau. Ala-ka ......
Kali -pelf, Mont. .... .
Kamloop. B. ...,,
Kon a Citr. Mo. . . . .
KnoniUe. Tenn. .. , . ,
I in Angolex, Cal. ..,
'Mar htleld. Or. . . .
lltfdford. Or.
Mrmi'lin, Tenn. .....
Miwoula, Mont. ....
Modena. Mont .
New Orleans. fca
New York. N. Y, . ,
Nome. AU ka
North Head. Wa-h. ..
North PlkUe. Neb. . . ,
fiklahoma City, Oala.
1'hornix. j Aria. ......
I'ittrburg, Pa. ......
PocatHlo. Idaho . . . . ,
Prinro Albert, B. C.
Prince Rupert. B. C.
Red Bluff, Cal. . . .
' Roeburg, Or. .....
lioawell, B. C
Sacramento, Cal. ...
Nr. U.ui, Mo.
Ht. Paul, Minn. .. .
Salt 1-ake City. CUh
Nan Itiego, Cal. ....
Nan' Kraiioic(, Cal. .
Seattle,. Wash
Shrridan. . Wyo. . .
Sitka. Ala ka . .
Spokane, Wash.
Nwift Curr-nt.l
Tcoma, Wa.ll.
Timiu Pin ,
Tnnana. AlaHra
latoaah I-lan1,
Tnimnah V.
Triangle I-land,' B. C
Valdea, Ala'ka ...
Vancourer B. C- ..
Victoria. B. C
Walla Walla. Wah.
Wa hington. D. C. .
' WillWon, Mont. . . .
Winnrmncca. Man...
Winnipeg, Man. .. ,
' Yakima. WaMi. . . .
B. O.
- j o
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11 ' t"
si h n
62 3 0
4 0
32 28 .10
50 1' 0
44 32 0
3H 44 .04
an 30 .24
2 1 0
42 84 0
50 30
SH 32 0
82 .. 0
-IB .. O
3li 18 0
BH 60 O
60 42 0
64 A4 O
48 22 0
4 28 0
80 .. .0 !
32 20 0 j
SH , . .04
42 30 0
48 40 0
40 82 0
84 38 0
82 82 0
54 48 .10
48 . . 0
60 36 0
46 24 0
48 24 0
74 50 0
46 32 0
- 8 . . 0
B0 48 .28
52 24 0
50 38 0
72 44 0
42 40 .12
! 46 2S O "
30 20 0
I 44 8H .78
, 60 H8 o :
, 52 44 0
, 68 80 0
,66 42 0
, 48 36 0
. 34 30 O
. 44 34 O
, 0 64 0
. 80 52 0
, 48 44 .12
. 46 22 "
.48 0
.40 86 O
46 1H 0
. 48 44 .04
70 48
- 4 . . 0
48 46 1.26
44 32
46 38 .68
18 . . 0
44 43 1.22
44 .32
40 36 O
52 44 0
34 20 0
. 40 22 O
.28 14 0
.44 30 0
payment in the sum of $168.70 for time
lost, because of an accident while em
ployed in the street cleaninsr depart
ment Potten's claim was introduced by
Commissioner Blgelow DeCicco's claim
was presented by Commissioner Bigelow.
supported by City Physician . Fred : J.
SJeigler and Dr. Frank S. Poet, : j
Teachers Tensre taw A debate on:
the tenure law for teachers is the sub
ject announced for the fneeting of the
Oregon Civic league to be held Saturday
In the Benson hotel. W. A., Dickson, a
school principal, will speak on behalf of
the amended proposition - advocated by
School Director . Shull . and John C.
Veatch will advocate sustaining the
present law. After the debate the ques
tion will b thrown open for discussion, j
An additional feature will be an ad
dress by Mrs. Saidie Orr Dunbar, on
"The Public Health Program of the Ore-J
gon Tuberculosis Association."
Protest Is Referred A communication
from the Housewives' council opposing
the increased rates applied for by the
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph company
and the Portland Gas & Coke company
w as read before the city council Wednes
day. The communication was jeterrerl
to the city attorney for consideration. A
copy of the telephone company's petition
recently filed with the state public serv
ice commission was also referred -to the
city attorney and department of public
works. '
j Drive Starts March 7 The Portland
community chest will inaugurate its first
annual drive for funds, March 7, to con
tinue over three days. The city council
has fixed the date of the drive on the pe
tition of Milton R. Klepper, executive
secretary of the organization formed to
center all drives in one in order to elim
inate the frequently occurring cam
paigns for philanthropic contributions , in
the city.
Illinois Man 8pea-rP. O. Riley, an
Illinois superintendent of public schools,
and past president of the Kankakee
Rotary club, was the guest of Inter
national Rotary club at the luncheon of
the club at the Benson. Tuesday. Riley
Is a well known and popular, speaker.
He and Mrs. Riley have apartments at
the Nortonia, where they will spend the
Ron Down by Ah to Frank Lauck, 35,
91 Morris street, was perhaps seriously
injured when run down on the Broad
way bridge Wednesday evening by an
automobile driven by R. T. Copley, 984
Knott street. He stepped off the side
walk in front of the car just at the
turn, according to the report made to
police. He was taken to St. Vincents
Shepard's Aato Bag I.inea Portland
Hood River division: Leave Portland
9 :30 a. m., 10 :30 a. m., it :45 p. m. Arr
rive Hood River. 12:30 p. m., 2 p. m 6
p. m. Busses leave St Charles hotel.
Front and Morrison. ' Phone Marshall
4381. Adv.
Specializing Drs. Hartley, Kiesendahl
and Marshall specialize In performing
dental operations painlessly and harm
lessly by their nerve-blocking method.
They also give special attention to artis
tic artificial teeth. 307 Journal bujld-i
ihg. Adv. ,
Cob Bear Captured A bear cub about
four months old has been captured in
the vicinity of Kelly Butte by Joseph
Klrkley, who lives at Powell Valley
road and One Hundredth street. The
cub is now on exhibition at Kirkley's
Salem-MIU City Stage I.lno Connects
O. E. train Is'o. 5 Salem, arrive Mill
City 1 p. m. Also connects O. E. train
No. S Salem, arrive Mill City 7 p. m.
Joseph Hamman, proprietor, Salem.
Phone 44. Adv. ,
Creston Community Danre Crest on
Parent-Teacher association will give a
community dance to grown-ups Satur
day night, November 27. Good music
will be provided.
Portland-Newberg Bosses leave Fourth
and Alder dally, 8:30, 9:30, 11 a. m.. and
1, 2:30, 4:15, 5:30. 6:30 p. m. ; Saturday
and Sunday. 11 p. m. Phone Main 3314.
AV1II Honor Benson In recognition of
the long service of Simon Benson as a
member of the state highway commis
sion the board of directors of the. Cham
ber of Commerce at .its lesular meeting
Wednesday decided that some honor
should be shown him. The matter was
referred to the presidents' council for
recommendation.. Benson resigned ' from
the state body a few days ago..
Claim Timed Down The claim for
$275 , damages filed by the Ausplund
Drug company for damages to a show
window by an automobile tVuck while
hauUng -snow for the city last winter
has oeen denied by the city council. The
council holds that ' the owner of - the
truck was responsible for the accident
carries liability Insurance and Is the
proper one to adjust the matter. .
Speaking - Clasa Meets The public
speaking class of the Oregon Institute ;
of Technology of the T. M. C. A. held a !
banquet at the Benson hotel Tuesday .
night Speeches were given under the !
direction of W. O. - Harrington, toast
master. The program included a solo i
by Paul Grandie and a reading by Mrs.
Arnold Cohen. - " -
Steamer Iralda for St Helens and
Rainier, daily at 2 :30 p. m., foot of
Alder street Sundays, St. Helena only.
1:30 p. m. Adv. '
Fire In Tailor Shop An overheated
electric iron started a blaze in the tailor
shop of Warner Peterson at 313 Wash
ington street at 4 :30 this morning. Dam
ages were estimated at about $40. . ,
Reckless Driving ' Charged A war
rant charging reckless driving, was is
sued Wednesday for Roy Smith as the
result of a collision between his ' ma
chine' and an automobile driven- by J. K.
Deegan,. 12 East Thirty-ninth street, at
Twenty-seventh and - East Belmont
Wednesday, Smith suffered a few
minor cuts and bruises which were treat
ed In the emergency hospital. He went
home, later. . , '
Grates to Dlsens Taxes The history
of taxation In Portland will be dis
cussed at a meeting of the Portland City
club in the crystal room of the Benson
hotel Friday noon by Slgel Grutxe, chief
deputy city auditor. Grutze has been In
close touch with local taxation problems
for the past 20 years. Total valuation
of taxable property in Multnomah coun
ty, according to. the 1919 assessment was
$336,619,600. compared with a valuation
of $39,595,525 in 1890, when Grutxe en
tered the employ of the city. Valuation
of property in the city Is $312,671,785,
and the tax levy for 1920 Is 36.8 mills, in
tended to raise a total of $11,506,321.68.
Patients of Dr. Hari Can! will be
taken care of at room 6. Lafayette bldg.,
113 Wash, st Main 3928. Adv.
Dr. Edith L Phillip, correct glasses,
450-451 mttock blk. Biwr. 1305. Adv.
Oski Skating Rink special band mu
sic 'Thanksgiving eve. Adv. , - '
Doll Hospital, 464 Washington street
Broadway 4462. Adv.
an! Mrs, D. F. Clarke, Portland; Miss
Frances Brown. Mrs. Jabe Conley and
Mrs. L. H. Russell, LaGrande. ,
Hot Lake Arrivals
Hot Lake. Nov. 25. Arrivals at- Hot
Lake san-Uorium Monday were : Mollie
Durgan. Baker ; Mrs. James Briggs,
North Powder ; R. C. Berry, Joseph ; Mr.
Soft Drink Vendor Fined
Milin Stankovich, soft drink vendor,
was found guilty by a jury Wednesday
evening In Federal Judge Wolverton's
court of 'violating the national prohibition-
law by selling fermented grape
Juice which contained 6.2 per cent alco
hol. He will be sentenced Friday after
noon. In ' addition .to any- penalty the
court may impose the revenge office
claims Stankovich owes them $2043.30 In
special taxes.
One Thousand OnfeHalf Pen ad Pack
ages to Be Given Away by The
Joarnal Tomorrow.
One thousand -pound packages of
the well-known Nu-Ray-A tea. blended
by Closset & Devers of Portland will
be given free to Sunday Journal "Dime-
a-i.ine" want aavertisers tomorrow.
Bach person who comes to The Journal
or any of The Journal ."Dinse-a-Lrne"
want ad service stations' and inserts a
want ad for the big Sunday Journal
and pays for it at time of insertion
will get a package of this delicious tea
for a present The size of your adver
tisement doesn't matter, so long as it
is brought in tomorrow and runs Sun
day, November 28, and is paid for at
time 5 of insertion. Don't miss this.
Comet early tomorrow morning. Adv.
S..A H. Green Stamps for cash. Hol
man Fuel Co.. Main 353. 560-21. Adv.
II I t .... an 1 1 1 t. 4-Kbm-t- 3m I . II
II ps&aittaaar II II
J f-, . e
V s 'I " The Incomparable Star
. YA?ji JS ;
V'f,?' 'V r S" And the Greatest Horse Race
VL ,7 ' I . tver Kun
Jil Wii kV KeatesandOur IDAH LIDYARD j
SpJ 3 "V V$tk& Mighty Organ Soprano
Paeth Qnlts Forestry W. J. Paeth.
forest examiner, who for a year has
been connected with the Oregon national
forest, and whose booklet on the Mount
Hood region' has just been published, tendered his resignation-to the for
est service It is understood that Paeth
Intends to return to his old home in
"Illinois. He was recently ordered
transferred to the Colville national for
est In Eastern-' Washington. Paeth Is
now with a party on the old Barlow
road laying out public camp grounds
and summer homesites. No date was
specified in hlq resignation.
Bnreaa Heads Organize Heads of the
various brands 'of the United States de
partment of agriculture in Portland met
at the forest service Tuesday afternoon
and effected an organization to discuss
mutual problems and exchange Ideas.
Ilstrict Forester George Cecil was ap
pointed chairman of the organisation.
Luncheons will be held the first Wednes
day of each month at a place .yet un
decided. Among the bureaus represented
are the forest service. Bureau of public
roads, and biological Burvey.
Shepherd's An to Ivus !, Fortland
SL Helens division Leave Portland, 7 :30
a. m.. 10 a. m., 1:30 p. m., 4 p. m. : ar
rive St Helens, 9 a. m., 11 :30 a. m..
3 p. 5 :30 p. m. Leave St Helens.
7:30 a. m.. 10 a. m., 1:30 p. m.. 6:30
p. m.: arrive Portland. . 9 a. m.. 11:30
a. m.. 8 p. m.. 7 p. m. Saturday and
Sunday, leave St Helens 6 p. m. : leave
Portland 11:15 L m. Busses leave St.
Charles hotel. Front and Morrison.
Phone Marshall 4381. Aav.
Illley Will Be Speaker Frank Branch
Kitey will be the principal speaker and
Mayor Baker chairman, of the day at a
meeting of the Portland Realty board
in the grill room of the Portland hotel
Friday noon. Riley is scheduled to
west to the East" during a series of
lr-clurca recently delivered at Chicago,
New York, Washington, and other east
ern cities. : Amusement features on the
program will be furnished by the Title
& Trust trio. -
Shepbard's Asto Bet Lines Portland
Multnomah Falls division Leave Port
, land, 9:30 a. m.. 10:30 a. m 4 p. m.;
arrive Multnomah, 11:15 a. m.. 12:15 p.
m.. S :45 p. m. Leave Multnomah. 7 :45
a. m.. 1 p. m., 4:15 p. m. ; arrive Port
land. 9 :30 a. m.; 2 :45 p m., 6 p. m. Sat-
- urday and Sunday, leave Multnomah,
6 p m. ; leave Portland. 11:15 p.' m.
Buses leave St Charles hotel. Front and
Morrison. Phone Marshall 4381. Adv.
Coming to Town Tonight! Tou can
leave your '"Dime a Line" Journal want
ad for tomorrow's Journal at The Jour
nal want ad service, station In the Owl
lrug Co.'s store - at Broadway and
Washington street. Open each evening,
except Sunday, until 10 o'clock. Adv.
Snephard's Aato Bns Lines Portland.
. Astoria and Seaside division Leave
Portland 10 aw m.. 1 :30 p. m. arrive
Astoria 4 Pl 7 p. m. Leave Astoria.
10 a. m., 1:30 p. m.; arrive Portland,
4 a m.. 7 p m. Busses leave St Charles
hotel. Front - and Morrison. Telephone
Marshall 4381. Adv.
Pyorrhea fsderstood, X-ray and nerve
hlocklng make sure, safe and econom
1 ical treatments possible. Drs. Smith,
Ioner & Stevenson, 310 Bush 4 Lane
building. Adv. t. ' -
. Claims Are Allowed The city council authorised the payment of $W0 to
J.ake Potten for time lost from work
lue to an accident while working for the
- c'ty. Louis DeCicco was also allowed
Reduce the High Cost of Living
By Purchasing at Woodard, Clarke & Co.
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Present This Coupon
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20 Extra 20
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choice at exactly one-half regular selling
prices. ', r
.Special PreHoliday Sale of
' Friday at $2.95
These dainty. Undergarments are now reduced in
price to a figure that means a splendid saving for those
who take advantage. You have choice from 9 styles
in M-thread Crepe de Chine Envelope 1 Chemise 5
styles of Satin, Silk Crepe and Pongee Silk Knickers-
all high grade garments 'and all on sale at $2.95.
Handsome Fashionable
And Young Ladies
In Friday's Sale at $30.00
Broken Lines of This Season' Models Sell- v
ing Regularly to Almost Twice This Figure
One of the best opportunities of the season to
secure a fashionable Suit in Tricotine, Serge,
Velour and other popular fabrics. It is a closing
out of broken lines regardless of worth or former
selling figures. Included are all sizes from 16 to
42. Iri different styles. ,
Pretty 54 Inch
In Friday's U "I " Q
Saledt.... fDL.LV
A special pre-holiday showing and sale of Col
ored Bead Chains especially desirable for gift pur-'
poses as well as for personal use. ,They come in
54 inch and you hare choice from many different
styles at one , price. Fridsy Only at $1.19.
All Our Best Standard Qual- OCT
ity Outing Flannel at, Yard tdOlu
Plain colors, stripe, cnecic ana puias. .
2 Pound. Cotton and
Wool . Mixed v Batts at
Made in One Piece 72x90 Inches
in Price
To $3. IS
Purchase for Personal Use or For Gift Purposes at This
Union Made
Reduced to
$3 AS Garm't
Here they are in an extensive variety of beautiful patterns and neat colorings
especially selected for holiday purchasing and at a reduced price. Fine high-grade,
.custom made Golf Shirts of standard quality and make, coat style with double soft euffs
and starched jieck band, ail sizes 14 to 17. Purchase at ' Pay Only $3.15.
Men's Australian Worsted Miked Shirts and Drawers
Satisfying Underwear satisfying In fit, quality, low pricing and, last but not
least, the Union LabeL Seasonable weight Shirts in sizes 04 to 36. Drawers In
sizes 30 to 46. A very fine Australian worsted mixed exceedingly durable Under
wear. Reduced for this sale to $3.85 a garment. . . ..,
Our Store
Opens at
9 A.M.
vi -;"
The Most in Value The Best in Quality
Store Closes
at 5:30 P.M.
at 6 P. M. .