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American Davis Cup Tennis Team to Play Tonight Battlers in Top Condition for Bout
World's Net
Champion to
Play To
PORTLAND followers of tennis will
have an opportunity of witnessing
a match of more than national, promi
nence itonlght when William T, Tilden
II of Philadelphia meets William H.
Johnston of San Francisco In the fea
ture number of the Davis cup team ex
hibitions In the Pacific International
Exposition pavilion in North Portland.
The first set i Is scheduled to start
promptly at 8 o'clock; '
Tilden. who Is world's singles cham
pion, t and Johnston started a ' singles'
match during the exhibltona in Berkeley
last week, but jafter the first set had
been played, it ! was necessary to call
off hostilities because of a heavy rain.
At that time Tilden took the set 9-7,
but only after a hard struggle.
Samuel Hardy; captain of the quartet.
and Watson M. Washburn, both or r.ew
York, and the other members of the
United States Davis cup team, j will be
seen pitted against each other! In the
uinrlea while in the doubles the two
.will compete against Johnston and Til
den. . i 4 ...
The party, Arrived in Portland this
morning from San Francisco and were
met at the train by Walter A. Goss.
vectlonat delegate of the United States
Lawn Tennla association, who is large
ly responsible! for the exhibitions in the
Northwest The! famous racket wlelders
will remain in Portland, until Thursday
night and then will depart for Seattle,
where they wKU play several sets.
The four stars, accompanied by Wal
ler A. Goss,! visited the Washington;
Jefferson and Lincoln high schools Wed
nesday morning. They will be taken
over the Columbia highway either Wed
nesday or. Thursday afternoon. If the
present weatherjkeeps up It may be that
they will warm iip on the outdoor courts
of the. Multnomah j Amateur Athletic
club Thursday. !
Tilden and Johnston are' eager to. re
sume their match In the singles. The
two have met JO times since they be
gan playing tennis and although Tilden
has the greatest number of wins to his
credit, each set has been stubbornly
fought to a finish.
Captain Iliardiy stated that he and
Washburn would appear against Tilden
and Johnstofn fco that Portland fans
' could see the ti-o men who will repre-sent-the
United (States In the Davis cup
doubles competition olaytng their usual
game. The quartpfwill sail from Van
couver, B. Cyfpr Australia next week,
but before leaving the mainland, they
will stage exhibitions In Seattle and Vancouver,.-according
to present plans.
The matches tonight will start prompt
ly at 8 o'clock and will be held regard
less of the weather, Inasmuch as the
clay courts are! Indoors. The advance
seat sale would indicate that the largest
crowd that ever witnessed a tennis ltch
In the Pacific Northwest will be oiffiand
to see the world's champion and John
ston, who Is ' a former . Oregon state
singles champion, along with Hardy
and Washburn, iin action.
To reach the I pavilion take the .Mis
111 iuio imuu
slsslppl avenue streetcar and transfer
h Vminn mr. rrn Kenton car
stops directly Ifl front of the. pavilion ,
in North Portland. The building is the
same one that was used last year, and
witl be used next week for the annua
night horse show. ,
LEGE. Corvallls, Nov. 10. The Ag
gie rooks are primed for their contest
with the frosh of the University of Ore
gon Thursday, j Since the indifferent
showing made "by the team last Satur
day in the game against the Multnomah
guard the men! have been receiving a
grueling workout against the varsity in
preparation for ithe big game of the rook
year. i -
Coach "Bob"jIIager was" disappointed
with the showing made last week In
spite of h fact that the rooks won,
but he expected great things of his men
this week in the game which is at once
the last and most important game of
the year. " ' j
The same lineup as used last Satur
, day will start against Oregon. This
means that the backfield will be com
posed of Tousey at full, Jessup and
Gill halves and Garber quarter. In the
line Simon wilt play left end, he haw
ing proved a rock on defense in his first
trial at that position last week. Other
positions will be filled by Boise and
Shields, tackles; Gibson and Taggart,
guards: Powell, center, and Loughrey,
right end. " i
A complete becond backfield will be
taken on the tfrlp. Payne will be full,
Garety and Haggadorn halves and Scott
quarter. Other subs Include Loop, Por
terfield, Flnchi Bearss, Wallock and
others. i- . j . .
"Bob" Stamm. varsity yell king, will
accompany the team and will lead the
large group of rooters who plan to at
tend the game.
Featuring the Sensational
Middleweight f
in a Return Match
Itony ,
'V-;: ::-! ,':.'' v-::V:,'.:.-
I Other Red-Hot Preliminaries
Tickets on Sale NOW
at Heilig Theatre Only
PRINCETON, N. J.. Nov. 10. Frank
Murrey of the Princeton , football
team backfield is putting in a lot of
work practicing dropkicks In anticipa
tion of the game with Yale Saturday.
Coach Roper has eased up in work for
the Tigers.
Providence, R. I. Reports that Har
vard will send in a substitute eleven
against Brown on Saturday caused
much unfavorable comment here today.
Followers of the Brown team declared
the reported action of- Harvard was not
fair, as it would lessen any value vic
tory might have.
Cambridge, Mass. There is talk of a
playoff of the Harvard-Princeton tie
game, but Coach Fishy said today a
post season battle with the Tigers was
Syracuse, N. T. Coach Meehan Is put
ting his Syracuse varsity eleven through
a vigorous course of drilling prepara
tion for the Maryland game here Satur
day. - ;
4 .
Pittsburg. Pa. Pitt's team is badly
crippled. . Only part of the squad was
able to go on the field for practice.
"Pop" Warner Is wrathy because his
new signal system has not been mas
tered Glaring defects of some players
were ordered corrected.
'Minneapolis. Eddie Ruben, star full
back of the Minnesota squad, is said to
day : to have terr school to engage in
business with his brother. His loss is a
severe blow to the Gophera He had
one mofe year to play. v.
Urbana. Illinois warriors are in ex
cellent condition for the game with Wis
consin Saturday. The squad will leave
tomorrow night for Chicago . and will
proceed to Madison Friday. i
'Chicago. Coach Stagg's list of crip
ples was further augmented last night
when Jerry Neff, halfback, was injured
during scrimmage. Hinkle, Halliday
and Rouse are expected to be in condi
tion to play Michigan Saturday.
Bloomlngton, 111. Coach Steihm is
drilling his men in defensive play to
withstand the assaults of Notre Dame,
The Hoosier line is being counted on to
stop the rushes of the Irish backs.
' Iowa City, Iowa. Coach Jones re
garded Minnesota as one of the hardest
propositions his team has had to face
this year l and is driving the Hawkeye
squad to the limit. The first string men
stopped : the freshmen, using Minnesota
plays handily.
Ann Arbor, : Mich. Jack Dunn, quar
terback, and Capon, end, may not be
able to start against Chicago Saturday.
Both were injured In the game with
Ohio. Banks will be at quarter ' and
Conn is expected to start in Capon's
place. I
Whitman to Play Santa Clara
. Walla Walla. Wash.. Nov. 10.-7Gradu-ate
Manager Vincent Borleske of Whit
man has wired the management of the
Santa Clara university eleven accept
ance of their offer to play the mission
aries here for a guarantee of $2250, and
,. . , -T , .
. ""s"' cmu i. ao uuie
" " 1 a
" .
Minors Hold
Upper Hand
In Ball War
By J. F. Seaman - v,
United Press Staff Correspondent
TZ'ANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 10. (U. P.)
Minor league officials were to de
cide today whether to undertake the job
of possible peacemakers for warring
major baseball factions. '
John A. Heydler, president of the new
National league, arrived j here un
expectedly today to actively enter the
fight for minor league approval of the
Lasker plan. Heydler said he would
make any reasonable effort again to
bring about peace in baseball, but that
as a representative of the "greatest
organization ever ' engaged in baseball,"
he would protect the interests of his
club owners.
He said he would not appear before
the minor league meeting today but will,
however, direct presentation of the new
National case to minor magnates.
The National Association ! of Profes
sional Baseball Clubs in annual conven
tion here was nominated for the task
of attempting to end a threatened base
bail war on the eve of Armistice day
by representatives of Ban Johnson and
his loyal five American league club
owners. Their selection, however, de
pends on the proposal to be submitted
today by representatives of the 12-club
George W. Miller, attorney for the
American league, accepting an Invita
tion to present Johnson's views of base-'
ball reorganization before ; the minor
league meeting, asked that a committee
be appointed to meet committees from
major leagues, in an effort to make
"You may be the peacemakers, the
voice that will restore sanity in heads of
baseball officials,", Miller said. "We
still want peace and not war and we
hope there will be no battle."
Miller's Bentiment against another war
in baseball was echoed by American
and National leagues alike. ;
The minors were to hearfthe National
league phase of the squabble today.
The National leaguers also will plead
for baseball peace, Garry Herrmann
said. They will ask the National asso
ciation, however, to join with them if
conciliation of ideas of the major groups
finally proves impossible. He was ex
pected to offer the inducement of the
choice of one of the three members of
the civilian tribunal for control of base
ball affairs.'
Minor leaguers agreed to receive Rep
resentatives of the big leagues after? an
unsuccessful attempt to vote against
siding with ;either group.
The stand was taken, however, that
the fight would not be permitted to
smirch thei harmony of the smaller
leagues and unless the majors' differ
ences are settled, the minors probably
will not affiliate with either faction.
The Dalles, Or., high school football
team will play the crack Everett, Wash.,
high school aggregation at Everett
Thursday afternoon. Not a single touch
down has been registered against the
Everett high team this season.
SU, 0&L cfeotG, Iiu'lt, CffA-tfksb IvrHL
JiWiq pudfodj OjXaUMj dw -&vv
d8x$&fol, -fficwor ffiWu avuka-
' J
hi ' 1 i i 1
a 1 1 t a i a rfi t
! i -
AWxdfriL Jmx pert Oam.
InUrtcnoiaUie League Standing
Won. ixnU
. 8M
Benson . . .
Franklin .
Jefferson .
.. 6
.. 5
.. 5
-.. 4
.. 2
. . 1
LrLincoln .
James John 1
THERE were only a few spectators
on hand to witness the thrilling Ben
son Tech-High School of Commerce foot
ball game on Multnomah field Tuesday
afternoon. The Mechanics won out, 34
to 13, but only after sensational runs,
intercepted forward passes, blocked
kicks, onside punts and everything .else
known to football. ,
The East Siders started scoring in the
first quarter when Maloney made tvo
touchdowns, his second after a 40 yard
sprint around end. Fall is kicked one
goal and the half ended with the count
13 to 0. In the third quarter a couple
of Commerce misplays placed Benson in
a position to score and Fullback Sher
ried crossed the line, Fallis kicking goal.
Coach Cook's proteges then took heart!
They received the kickoff, Marcus
Schneiderman returning it 12 yards. Mix
Grider then made 15 yards on an end
run from a fake punt formation. While
this was going on Johnny Guasco was
hiking away off toward the sidelines
and on the next play Captain Grider shot
a long forward pass to the halfback who
completed the distance to the goal line,
The pass and run netted 73 yards. Grider
kicked goal.
Barber of Benson picked up a blocked
punt and went 30 yards for a touchdown
and Fallls again delivered with a goal
kick. To make things more even. Com
merce again received the kickoff and by a
series of forward passes made yardage
three times In a row. Captain Grider
then took the ball on a fake punt' for
mation and ran 50 yards around end for
a touchdown, but he was so winded, he
couldn't kick the goal.
The final touchdown was made by
Courtney of Benson when he Intercepted
a forward pass and ran 50 yards. He
was downed on the 20 yard line and
again on the 10 yard mark, but each time
he broke away from the tackier. Three
Benson and both of the Bookkeepers' j
touchdowns came in the third quarter. .
The teams battled to a scoreless tie in j
the final stanza. i
The work of Maurice Kieling, Marcus j
Schneiderman, "Buzzy" Adams started
on the line for Commerce, wnlle Captain
Grider, Matin and Guasco featured when
it came to running with t bad. Fallis,
Maloney, Barber and Peters starred for
Benson (34) Commerce 13)
Courtney I. Kit . Matin
Fallis .I.TR. ... ; Valprado
Taylor 1XJR... naris
Hasten " Copple
McCoy R;L O'Donnell
firejg R1T....M. Schneiderman
Barber REL, Adams
Peters Q t'c) (irider
Bell I.HR Uuasco
Maloney (c) RHL. Kieling
Sherrid F Keppinser
Benson .'.13 O 21 0 34
Commerce O O 13 013
Substitutes Benson: Fyoik for Sherred.
Lennox for Courtney. Fairman for Malonev.
Commerce: Bonadeur for Copple, Kepptnger for
iftiixuu, uunaa lor neppinser.
Officials Grorer Francis, referee; Bill Hol
den, umpire; Sergeant baris, marine corps, head
linesman; A. H. Burton and O. W. AUiey, tim
ers. - jui&iiAx, xuntds JUMjb to
cu3c( Q6K Act silafa
uwu& cu W AmxAv oaj
Am a . . I ! " "
.1 . M
5&dvnC ficrtu.'fr GowjJU
- '
'Kid' Palmer
Is Favorite
Over Darcy
iT"ID" PALMER, the Italian middle--"V;
weight who shaded Jimmy Darcy
a week ago at Mtlwaukie, has been In
stalled favorite over the Portland bat
tler In their return engagement at the
Heilig theatre tonight.
There will be little difference in the
weights of the two ringmen tonight.
Just before they step Jnto the ring they
will be weighed. Darcy tipped the beam
at 59V4 pounds after his workout Mon
day, which brings out the fact that he
will weigh around that figure tonight.
The bout promises to be just as sensa
tional; as was the one at MUwaukie.
Both boj;s are on edge for the contest.
Palmer finished his training Tuesday
afternoon with a light workout at the
Olympic gymnasium. He sparred a
couple of rounds with Miller, an eastern
Johnny Fisk, who has made a big im
pression with the Portland fans by his
aggressiveness, is said to be in better
condition than at any time since he came
to Portland. Flsk tackles Jack Davis,
the Oakland, battler, in the eight-round
semi-windup tonight and is anxious to
win the verdict so that he can demand
a match with Joe Gorman.
The other bouts on the card tonight
Six rounds Al Grunan, Los Angeles,
vs. Willie St Clair.
Six rounds George Eagles vs. Muff
Four rounds Roy Sutherland vs.
Frankie Crites.
Expected in Coast
Baseball Scandal
Los Angeles, Nov. 10. (U. P.) A
blanket indictment naming five persons
In connection with the: Pacific Coast
league scandal was reported to be under
consideration by the grand jury here
which is scheduled to hold its final ses
sion tomorrow.
Rumor has it that those against whom
the indictment is to be directed are a
baseball player; a beach resort pro
prietor and three men ivell known in
coast baseball circles.
Attorney Griffith Jones, counsel for
"Babe" Borton, discharged Vernon play
er, today reiterated his denial that Bor
ton had been involved with any gamblers
In connection with the "throwing" of the
1919 championship.
"If Borton is indicted we'll go into
court and air this whole thing," he de
it was reported new subpenas were
being:- prepared summoning additional
witnesses for the jury's final session.
The St Johns Bachelors club will or
ganize a basketball team which will be
ready to meet all comers within the
next two or three weeks. Manager
Bugbee has had his athletes working
out several times and what he wants
now is a few practice games. He can
be reached by telephoning Columbia 678.
, ,
T OS ANGELES. Nov. 10. CU. P.
JL Just one real blow was struck In
the main event bout here last night, but
that main smash, a right that landed
flush on the jaw of Harvey Thorpe,
Kansas City, and put him on the can
vas for the count of nine in the second
round, won the decision for Bert Colima.
TUfl crafty Kansas City . veterankept
,well covered afterward and there
mainder of the tussle was uninteresting.
Chet Neff. Seattle, won from Duke Mor
ris. George Drew was given the ver
dict over Gene Watson. Young Papke
and Sailor Kramer furnished the real
mill. It was called a drawy Danny
Edwards. Oakland negro, polished off
Tommy Chappel. Leo Houck and Eddie
Burke traveled to a good draw.
New York. Nov. 10. (U. P.) Mike
O'Dowd earned the right to a return bout
with Johnny Wilson, middleweight cham
pion, last night when he won the de
cision from Jeff Smith in .a IS round
bout In Madison Square Garden. The
judges disagreed but the decision was
given the former champion by the
referee. . ... ;
Worchester. Mass.. Nov. 10. Frankie
Mason, flyweight champion of the Unit
ed States, was outpointed by Young
Montreal in a 10-round bout Tuesday
Seattle, Wash.. Nov. 10. Steve Dalton,
San Francisco welterweight, and Frankie
Denny of Oakland, boxed a four-round
draw here last night. Dalton was the
aggressor until the final round when
Denny rallied. Bert Forbes and Bobby
Harper also fought a draw.
THE NORTH Portland Athletic club
football team walloped the Kenll
worth Park Juniors 19 to 0 on the Reed
college grounds Sunday. Arrangements
have been made whereby the winners
will meet the Duniway park eleven next
Thursday for the 1920 championship of
the West Side.
Failure to kick the goal after a touch
down cost the Highland football team a
7 to 6 defeat at the hands of the Colum
bia University Juniors Sunday on the
Columbia campus. Both squads reg
istered their touchdowns in the second
quarter, Haller kicking goal for the
a package
(g a package
Oregon Team
Has Another
e Star
Nov. 10 Whn th Oreeon football
team faces the .University of Washing
ton eleven here Saturday Ed Ward, the
regular left guard, will be out of the
lineup. Ward sustained a broken collar
bone in a scrimmage practice a couple of
days ago and will be out of the game for
the remainder of the season, fctrachan
has been given Ward's berjh..
Coach Huntington put his players
through a long hard practice Tuesday,
the squad turning into the showers after
After the workout' Huntington said. "I
want to say that the spirit shown by
the players will help in the game with
Washington. If the Sun-Dodgers win,
they will know that they have been In
a battle. Bill Hayward, the veteran
athletic director, declared that although
Oregon will not have its full; strength
Saturday, Washington will know that If
has been in a football battle.
Arrangements are being made to take
care of a huge crowd. A special section
has been reserved for Washington
Coach Allison and his Washington ag
gregation will arrive in Eugene Satur
day morning.
Players "Pull Hard"
For Baseball Wat
Los Angeles, Nov. 10. With visions pf
ironclad contracts calling for tens of
thousands of dollars a season before
them, major league ball players winter
ing in Los Angeles are "pulling hard"
for open warfare between the opposing
major league factions. In the event of
a battle for players, it is believed the
big leaguers will not respect the reserve
"Bobby" Meusel, the J25.000 player of
the New York Americans, says he will
sign with the club giving him the most
money. He has one offer from the
Franklin club In the Oil league for
S9000 a season.
"Speck" Meadows, star pitcher for the
Philadelphia league club, says his con
tract expired last season. Unless he
gets his price from the Phillies he will
consider the terms of other clubs.
Flavor Lasts
a. a.
So Does the Pricel
Washington to
Play Jefferson,
Armistice Day
The sonnal Washington hUrh-Jef.
fortoa high football gam, billed for
Thsrsday (Armistice day) afternoon
os Maltnomah fielK will start
promptly at tit o'clock a a reiolt
of a eoafereare between Hepkln Jenk.
!, principal of Jeffemon, and Hugh
J. Boyd, principal of Washington.
There will be no school on that day
aad for that reason the two Initlta
Hons involved agreed t start the
match earlier than usual. At present
the Wahlngtons are leading the Port,
land Interscholattle league with six
wins and no defeats and the eleven
f said to be one of the strongest ever
developed in the leagae. Became of
the championship calibre of. the af
fair a record crowd eipreted to
attend. RroTer Francis will referee.
BUI Holden will nmplre and .Marine
Sergeant H. C. Davis will be Dead
If 5-ou're not a Flor de Baltimore
smoker, get next to yourself and se
what you've missed. Adv.
Saturday, Novi 13
M War
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