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Seattle, Wash., Nov. 3. -(U.VP.)
Republican candidates von hands
down in Kins county, and the state
of Washington, : partially complete
returns proyed ': conclusively early
this morning.' . : ;-'
The soldier bonus ;bill Is adopted by
a comfortable majority. - The Carlyon
130,000,000 road bond measure, is beaten.
Throughout the state, Senator War
ren G. Hording piled up a long- lead, be
ginning with the first precinct returns.
Hard iny polled 76,411 in 688 precincts out
of the 2378 in the state; Cox, 26,330;
Chrtstenaen (Farmer-Labor), 19,770.
In King county, 203 precincts gave Hard
ins 84,479, Cox 10,083, Chrlatensen
Governor Louis iPV Hart will continue
as chief 'executive of the state for an
other four years. In 658 precincts in
the state, Hart has 65,523, Bridges
(Farmer-Labor) 3U14, Black 13,965.
For United States senator, 6X1 pre
cincts in the State give Jones 69,045, Cot
terill .17,610, France 22,853. Jn King
county 202 precincts gave Jones 32,857,
Cotterill 8616, France 16,711.
Jones Is reported to have swept the
state with a big plurality, running ahead
of the ticket in some counties. - :
All five Republican congressmen ap
parently' &ave been returned to office,
by the heavy Republican vote through
out the state. .
Congressman John ' F. Miller "won in.
the First congressional district, compris
ing Seattle and Kitsap county.
'Second congressional district: Three
precincts out "of 142 gave. Lindley H.
Hadlev 84)1 William Ttnnpk 584.
Third congressional district: : Fifty
six precincts out of E59 gave Albert
Johnson. "(Republican incumbent) 3062,
Flshburne 695, Bone 1130. : -
Fourth district: Thirty-five out of
453 precincts give Summers, Republican,
1395s Miller, 345; Hill, 189. ...
Fifth district: One hundred and six
precincts out of 622 gave Webster, Re
publican, 6477; Fleming, 3947.
Kennewick. Wash., Nov. 3. Eighteen-
precincts out 01 at in tsenion county give
Harding 882, Cox 465 ; senator, Jones
(Rep.) 850, Cotterill (Dem.) 295, France
( Farm-Labor) 600 ; congressman. Sum
mers (Rep.) 869, Miller (Dem.) 254 ; gov
ernor. Hart (Rep.) 824; Black (Dem.)
243, Bridges (Farm-Labor) 684 ; road bill
referendum No. for 257, against 1094 ;
referendum No. 2, soldiers' bonus over
whelmingly carried. .',
Vancouver, Wash., . Nov.. 3. Nineteen
precincts complete out of 65 in the city
give Harding 1814. Cox 888; Jones 1391.
Cotterell 543. Hart 1371, - Black 477,
Bridges 701, Simpson 1094, Blair 1031.
Johnson 819, Thompson 1109, Bennett
1162; Sterling 812, Paul 1166, Davey 706,
Carson 859, Christy 608.
Dayton, Wash., 'Nov. 3.--Twenty-two
precincts in Columbia county show the
following, returns :.. Harding, 1058 ; Cdx,
663 ; Watklns. 10; Debs, 28; Co. (La
bor), 3 ; Chrlstensen, 35. For senator:
Jones. 1068 r Cotterill,' 446 ; France, 67.
Kor governor : Hart. 1166 ; Black, 316 ;
Bridges, 143; Burgess, 1. For lieuten
ant governor : Coyle, 1199 ; Bohlke, 406 ;
Bowles, 81. Secretary tof state,: Hinkle,
1043; Hassard. 43Q;.HarUn. 79. Attor
ney general: Thompson, 1051; Hanna,
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. : featurinq
441 ; Phillips. 71. Superintendents Pres
ton, 1057 s Montgomery. 472.1 Yen take,
52. State treasurer : Babcock, 1021 ; Gib
son. 605; Pease. 68. State auditor:
Clausen,. 1115; Adair, 7U Commissioner
public lands: Savidge, 1072; Schooley,
847; Smyth. 70. Insurance commissioner:
Fishback. 1056 ; Murphy, 620 ; Macklem,
74. State highways: Tea, 418; no, 849.
Soldiers' bonus : Tes. 658 ; no, 611 Land
reclamation: Tea, 394; no, 644. Salary
increase: Tes. 158; no, 863. i ,
P,omeroy, .Wash, Nov. 3. Complete
unofficial returns from Garfield county
give Harding 865,, Cox 865, Debs S, Chris
tensen 69; senator, Jones 818, Cotterill
302, France 211 ; congressman. Summers.
890. Miller 293, Hill 103; governor. Hart
840, Black 277. Bridges 165; state high
way, for 139, against 170; bonus, for 408,
against 57; lain) reclamation,' for 196,
against 670 salary increase, for 117,
against , 669; lieutenant governor; Coyle
834, Bohlke 31V Bowles .109 ; secretary
of state, Hinkle 826, Hazard 324, Harlin
97 ; attorney y: general. Thompson 817,
Hanna 330, Phillips 92; public Instruc
tion, Preston 844, Montgomery , 309,
Ventxke ,78; state treasurer, Babcock
850, Gibson 337, Pease 93 ; auditor, Clau
sen 842, Adair 93 ; commissioner of pub
lic lands, Savidge' . 858, SchooleyY 296,
Smythe 92; insurance . commissioner,
FlBhback 854. Murphy 312, Macklem 85.
Aberdeen. Wash., Nov, , 8. Complete
returns from scattering country PM
cincts, one complete In Aberdeen, in
complete from Hoquiam and from Mon
tesano, this morning indicated the en
tire Republican ticket had been elected
in Grays Harbor county, i That the
county had given a big majority for
Senator Harding for. president and -for
Governor Louis F, Hart and the full
Republican state ticket was certain. In
dications were that Senator Harding and
Governor Hart had carried the county by
nearly 2 to 1. !,
Reports from all parts indicated 'the
heaviest - vote in the history of the
county. .As a result of the extremely
heavy vote, the large number of candi
dates and the four referendum being
voted ; upon, returns from all precincts
were slow in coming in. Only 13 of the
smaller county precincts had been ce
ported complete. The closest race it
appeared from the returns In hand, was
for sheriff. : '
! Aberdeen, Wash., Nov. 3i This city
will give a plurality for Harding of
more than, 1000.. Grays Harbor county,
from precincts so far reported, will give
Harding 3000 plurality. Entire Repub
lican ticket, national, state and county,
will receive substantial i pluralities.
Farmer-Labor ticket Is not indicating.
trengtn expected in isolated places. ,
White Salmon, Wash, Nov. 3. Com
plete returns from six precincts In
Klickitat county give Cox 191, Harding
226 r Jones 219, Cotterill 148; Summers
220.. Miller 126 ; Hart 239, Bridges 134,
Black 109 ; Coyles 222, Bohelke 109 ; state
representative. Miller 270, McKercher
149 ; county commissioner. Wyers 260.
Lusk 164; road -bond measure, yes 53.
no 235. The soldiers' bonus measure car
ried by a good majority.
" ' LEWIS ; ,:
ChehaUs, Wash, Nov. 8. Twenty-nine
out of 79 precincts in Lewis, county give
iari iee. images 10J7. Black .243.
Harding carries county by about two
to one. ' Senator Jones and Congressman
Johnson carried county by the same
ratio. The entire Republican ticket has
a majority in the county. The contest
between Swofford, Republican, and Scol-
lara, Democrat, for state senator is
.close, with Swofford J leading by 125
votes in i u precincts. A close race is
on between , Reynolds, for judge, and
wans, nis opponent, with Reynolds lead
ing by 60 votes in 30 ; precincts. Pre
cincts not in are counted as strong for
Reynolds.' The soldier bonus referendum
carried the county with a big majority.
Other measures failed to carry. "The
Farmer-Labor ticket voted straight.- in
cluding Elmer Smith.
. Morton, Wash., Nov. 8. Every pre
cinct in Eastern Lewis county literally
snowed the third party under with the
possible exception of one not yet heard
from which is very small. ! Republican
candidates won over radicals, 1 to L
Figures Indicate entire ticket on both
referendums carried big as did the con
demnation amendment, while the amend
ment to increase state officials', salaries
lost by two votes. i '
South Bend. Wash., Nov.! 8. Incom
plete returns Indicate that Hart for gov
ernor, as well as the balance of the Re
publican ticket,, will carry: In Pacific
county by a heavy majority; The Carl
yon bill is doubtful. The soldiers' bonus
bill will carry by a heavy majority. The
two proposed amendments will not carry.
The contest for county sheriff is a close
one and it Is likely that Chester, Demo
crat, will win over McDonald, Repub
Olytnpla, Wash.. Nov. 3. Thurston
county's incomplete vote gives Harding
1127, Cox 845, Chrlatensen 496; Jones
1091, Cotterill 230. France 679 ; highway
bond, for 964, against 763 ; soldiers'
bonus, for 1057, against 490. -;.
Takima, Wash., Nov. 8. Fifty-nine
ont 'or precincts' in Takima county
give: Harding. 8001; Cox, 2693 ; Chrls
tensen, 2104. Hart for governor is lead
ing Bridges, Farmer-Labor, by about
1000 less than the head of the national
ticket. The Farmer-Labor party has, on
returns so far reported, carried i-only
three small' rural precinfcts ; others, are
running 3 and 4 to 1 Republican.! Re
publican county ' ticket safe with prob
able exception of Bear for sheriff, who
is closely pressed by Crosno, Demo
cratic nominee.
Kennewick, Wash., Nov. 3 Incomplete
returns on five precincts In i Benton
county give Harding 103, Cox 55, Jones
100, Cotterill 60, France 30, Summers 99,
Miller 45, Governor Hart-106, Black 32,
Bridges 62 ; for road bill 8. against 30 ;
soldiers' bonus, for 14. against 10. If vote
proportion is maintained It would show
a slight gain for Cox over Wilson In 1916.
Spokane, Wash, Nov. 8. Returns from
20 out of 28 'Columbia county precincts
give Harding lt3. Cox' 560, Chrlstensen
38; Hart 1166, Black 316, Bridges 134;
Jones 1630. Cotterill 446 ; for Carlyou 469,
against 883; for bonus 779, against J586;
for domain 386. again 98; for Increase
116, against 71. Returns from 24 out of
57 Chelan county precincts give Harding
1365. Cox 623; Hart 1310. Black 465,
Bridges 425 ; Jonas 1347, Cotterill, blank :
for Carlyon 915, against 626; for bonus
996, against 858. , . i
Stevenson, Wslf. Nov. 3. Six pre
cincts In. Skajnaia county give Harding
319, Cox 197, Chrlstensen 171 ; for sen
ator, Jones 320, CotteriU 170. France 168;
foi congressman, Johnson 392, Flshburne
150; for governor, Hart 320, Black 108.
Bridges 156 1 entire county Republican
ticket was elected
. By Raymond Clapper ' ?
Marion, Ohio, Nov. 8. (U. P.)
Warren O. Harding awoke today to
find himself elected president of the
United States by the largest .major
ity ever given any presidential can
didate. : .'''::- - ;
- He Is the seventh native Ohioan to be
elected president, all Republicans.
The Hardingi will rest today. . Tomor
row night Marion will stage its 'big:
celebration in honor .of the - senator's
election. . w.-.,. - -
President-elect Harding and his wife
expect to leave Marion- Friday or Satur
day for Point Jsabel. Texas, only six
miles from the. Mexican'' border, for a
two- weeks' rest.: 1 . - 1 , ' .
After two weeks at Point Isabel, It is
likely that Senator Harding -will take a
cruise in Central American waters, prob
ably Inspecting- the Panama canal.
(Continued From Fait One)
798. The votes stood at 6 o'clock this
morning. Harding, 11.219 Cox. 8698.
United States Senator John F. Nugent,
Democrat, though i making a strenuous
fight to retain his toga,1 went down to
defeat with early imorning returns giv
ing former Governor Frank R. Gooding,
Republican, 14,668; Nugent. 11,857.
Throughout the night Harding led Cox
two to one, Following receipt of re
turns from the first 17 : precincts last
night. State Democratic Chairman James
P. Pope conceded Idaho to Harding. The
returns then gave Cox, 740; Harding,
1592. - .".
Governor Davis Is leading in his fight
for reelection the latest returns showing
Davis. Republican 10,002 ; Walters, Dem
ocrat, 4412. i " - ' '
Chicago. Nov. 3. (L N. S.) The size
of the plurality given Senator .Harding
and all Republican , national and state
candidates in Illinois remains the only
question to be settled today. Every Re
publican candidate on national and
state tickets has; been elected, returns
available this morning make certain.
Senator Harding's plurality, Republi
can leaders stated early today, will reach
700,000 in the state. Returns from 1943
precincts out of 5730 give Harding 423,
612 and Cox 156.012.
William B. McKinley, Republican, has
overwhelmingly defeated Peter A. Wal
ter, Democrat, for the United States sen
ate. - With returns available for 1639
precincts McKinley has 313,066 and Wal
ter 128,345. ' i '
Election of Len Small! Republican, as
governor by a plurality of approximately
half a million seems assured. Small's
vote from 1639 precincts is 324,263 tp
177,225 for James Hamilton Lewis, Demo
crat. ' Downstate points have given
Smalt an indicated plurality of 350,000.
while his estimated plurality in Chicago
is 130,000. . (
. i - o . ' f; IOVTA '
' Des Moines, Iowa, Nov. 3. (IX P.)
From president on down to minor state
offices i Iowa has gone t Republican by
overwhelming majorities, returns tabu
lated from more than one fourth of the
state's :Zii precincts today showed. In
90S precincts out of the state's total of
2348 Harding received 238,615 and Cox
82,705. . 'J..
For United States senator 748 precincts
gave Cummins, Republican, 164,920 ; Por
ter, DemocratrH8,889.
For governor, 738 precincts gave Ken
dall, Republican, 3.50,894 ; Herring, Demo
crat, 86,074. j
On the basis of returns, Harding's ma
jority In Iowa twill be approximately
400.000 ; Cummlhs' majority will - be
around 200.000 and Kendall's will be
about 150,000, political authorities were
predicting. ' I . '
These same- returns showed Iowa's
delegation of 11 Republican members to
the house of representatives' elected by
safe margins. f V '
St; LoulS, Mo;, Nov. 3. (I. N. S.)
Normally staunch Democratic strong
holds, swinging to the Republican ticket
have sent Missouri into the list of Re
publican states for the third time since
the Civil war.
Returns- received up until, 2 o'clock
this afternoon Indicated a plurality for
President-elect Harding of 60,000 In the
city of St. Louis, with a total plurality
of 75,000 in the- state of Missouri, and
that! the entire Republican state ticket
had apparently carried overwhelmingly.
' Fifteen hundred and six precincts of a
total of 3810 in (the state, including 576
of the 600 St; Louis precincts, gave
Harding 419,854 1 Cox 335,717. For Unit
ed States senator, 2188 precincts gave
Spencer (Republican) 410,188 ; Long
(Democrat), 338,368. For governor 1486
precincts' gave Hyde (Republican), 422,
713 ; Atkinson (Democrat), 325,619.
The Republicans claimed also to have
elected an overwhelming majority to the
Missouri legislature and to have swept
their candidates into all state offices.
Missouri - swuag Into the . Republican
column in 1904,? when Roosevelt carried
the state, but even then the governor
ship went to Folk, Democrat; In 1908
Taft carried the state and Hadley, also
Republican, woa the governorship, but
the remainder of the state offices went
to Democrats, i .
I ' j :- - --MOKTA.fA ;
Helena, MonU,. Nov. 3. (I. N. a)
President-Eleet (Warren G. Harding ia
leading in Montana with 14,018 votes, to
7786 for Cox, in 155 precincts out of
1483 in the state, v , -
Interest in Montana now centers In the
race for governor and in the congres-,
sional contest. Dixon R), in the guber
natorial contest, shows from the same
number of precincts 13,204 and Wheeler
(D),,7234. Forty five precincts out of
4711 in I the First congressional district
give Watson (D) 2334, McCormick (R)
3662, and in the Second district McCus
ker (D) 2345, Rlddick (R) 6220.
Twenty-three f out of 48 precincts In
Tellowstone county this morning gave
Harding 2687. Cox 1226. Ten precincts
in Carbon county give Harding 523, Cox
266. Eight precincts in Musselshell
county give Harding 932, Cox 437. Nine
out; pf 35 precincts in Gallatin county
give Harding 813, Cox 643. which In
cludes the four precincts ia Boseman
and is about one fifth of the estimated
vote In the county. ,
The ninth complete precinct In this
city shows Harding 282, Cox 129. Thlr
ty-even complete precincts from, Sil
verbow' county give Harding 1736, Cox
120L ;-" - ...-
Butte returns show Dixon (R) 3206,
Wheeler (DJ 8533 In the race for gov
ernor, an apparent reversal of results
obtaining la the rural districts. : .v
Fargo, N. D.J Nov. 3.. U. P.) Non
partisan league headquarters today
claimed the reelection of Lynn J. Frasitr
for-governor for the third term. The
vote tabulated early today. gs.v J? M.
O'Connor a lead of 18,000,, but few'of the
rural precincts, where Non-partisans are
strongest, had been heard from., .
Reno, Nov. 3.L N.' &) Indications
today were that not only baa Senator
Harding carried Nevada but the Repub
licans have won the senatorial contest.
The latest compilation from all over the
state today gave Harding, 4572; Cox.
2910. The figures on the senatorial rtce
stood : Oddie, Republican, 2718 ; Hender
son, Democrat, 3309, and Martin, Inde
pendent, 1259.
Cleveland. Ohio. Nov. 3. (IT. P.)
With more than one half of the vote In.
Senator Harding's majority over Gov
ernor Cox in their home state war esti
mated today at more than 300,000.
The vote in 3460 of the 7269 precincts
showed. Harding, 529,736; Cox. 356.
647. These returns showed Cox a pos
sible winner In only six counties.
Harry L. Davis, Republican, apparent
ly;, will have a majority-for governor
over . Vic Donahey of at least 100,000,
Returns from 2382 precincts gays Dai is
190,381, Donahey 246,920. Frank S. Wil
lis, Republican candidate for senator,
was elected over W. A. Julian by pos
sibly 200,000. . -
The only Democrat of the 22 congress
men who appeared certain of election
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Nashville, Tenn.,'Nov. 3. (I. N. S.)
Tennessee, for the first time since 1863,
when Grant received its electoral "vote
over Seymour, has gone Republican In a
national election. ,-:..;
The -Solid South" at iast has been
broken by the cohorts of Republicanism,
for Senator Warren G. Harding, ac
cording to incomplete but fairly accu
rate returns, has carried the state over
Governor James M. Cox by. between
5000 and 10,000 votes. ; .
Governor A H, ' Roberts also was
overcome in - the Republican landslide,
and Colonel Alf. Taylor's majority over
him will be 10,000 votes or more. .v ..
' Not content with capturing the state
nationally : and electing Colonel Taylor
governor, .' the Republicans have also
seised two additional seats In congress
from Tennessee. '
' -, UTAH j ' ' .
Salt Lake, Utah, Nov.' 3 (L N. S.)
Abk overwhelming victoryifor the entire
Republican national and state tickets in
Utah is apparent from early returns.
Indications are Harding's majority will
exceed 15,000. Senator Reed Smoot (R.)
Is running with Harding. Don B. Col
ton ; (R.) has been elected to congress
from the first district and E. O. Leath
erwood from the ,- Second.' - Charles RV
Mabey (R.) was elected governor. The
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.Cheyenne, Wyo., Nov. 8. (L N. S.)
A plurality of between 11,000 and 12,000
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cated for the Harding-Coolldge tickelJay
returns today from 800 of 625 precincts
In Wyoming.
. Frank D. Mondell , (R.). floor leader
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torial, contest In Tuesday's election.
( Continued Vrom Pur On)
GeorgiaTom- Watson, Democrat
Idaho F. R. Gooding. Republican.
Illinois William B. McKinley, Repub
lican. Indiana James E. Watson, Republi-
Iowa A. B. Cummins, Republican.
Kansas Charles Curtis, Republican.
Kentucky J. C. W. Beckham. Demo
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New York James W. Wadsworth Jr.,
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North Carolina Lee S. Overman,
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North Dakota E. F. Ladd. Repub
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Ohio Frank B. Willis, Republican.
Oklahoma Scott Ferris, Democrat
'Oregon RJ: N. Stanfleld, RepubUcan.
Pennsylvania Boles Penrose, Repub
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South Carolina Ellison D. Smith,
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South. Dakotav-Peter Norbeck. Repub
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Utah Reed Smoot, Republican.
Vermont W. T, Dillingham. Bepub-
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Washington Wesley L. - Jones. Re
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