The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, November 03, 1920, Page 3, Image 3

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KNOCKOUT STATES (rS? 3n H1 5 ? --fe "::r;;:
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London, Nov. 3. (I. N. S.)
"America intends to let the rest of
the world sink or swim as It may'
said the Star in commenting today
upon the result of the election itiiw
United States. It continued :
"The United States is . tired of war.
Europe, the "Versailles treaty. President
' Wilson and all that President Wilson
represents. All German and Irish ene
mies of England represented the League
of Nations as an English dodge to 'en
trap the United States. And so partici
pation of the great republic in thepaci
flcatlon of the world is greatly delayed."
The caption on the Star's editorial
.was: j-
''America First , A '.
The Globe declared that the election
of Senator Harding Is a serious setback
to the supporters of the League of Na
tions. The Globe brands the league as
"a fine but futile conception." It adds :
"Without America the league has no
authority at all." , ; r
The Globe welcomed the ' defeat of
Governor Cox because, it declared. Cox
was 'pledged to Interfere in Irish affairs
in a way that England could not and
would not have brooked.
; .
I City Returns
iComplete returns from 122 precincts In
tthe city of Portland give : - Mayor
Baker, first 8928. second 708, third 328 ;
Gordon, first 8278, second 1443, third,
448; Richards, first 1177, second 914.
.third 803 ; Kellaher, first 1512, second 903.
third 642-. j '
City -commissioner (two to be elected)
Mann, 7084. Barbur 10,189, Perkins
. 4572, Zlegter 1749.
. Zoning ordinance Yes 80.577, no 7157
Additional Judge Yes 4477, no 8730.
Five-year light contract Yes 14.003, no
6917. : . '
Civil service ratification Yes 7588. no
501.. v. .
Three-mill tax Yes 8188, no B895
Portdock consolidation Yes 7248. no
6810; . ; ,. ;; . .
Prcgress payments Yes 1557; no 4153.
Reading from left to right, top rorv George L. Baker, mayor ol Portland; A. L. Barbor, cdty commissioner; 'John M. Mann, city commissioner; Hiram' V. Welch, Multnomah
t ; county assessor; John J. Lewis, Multnomah county treasurer; Thomas M. Hnrlburt, Mil -omah county sheriff; Charles S. Rudeen, Mnltnomah county commissioner; George
W. Joseph, state senator; George M Brown, justice supreme court; K. .K. Knbll, representative Multnomah county;! Joseph W. , Bcveridge, Multnomah county clerk; Ed Gloss,
j qonetable Multnomah county; Jacob Kanzler, Judge domestic relations; Martin W. Hawkins, district judge; Richard piech, district Judge; Dr. Karl Smith, coroner Multnomah .
bounty . Second row-MTbomas A. McBride, justice supreme court; John McCourt, circuit judge; Fred Bnchtcl,' public service, commissioner; Robert S. Farrell, state senator;
- C. C Hindman, erpresentativc; Harvey Wells,' representative; O. K. Richards, representative; W. C North, representative; Sam A. Kozer, secretary of state ; W. R. McDonald,
representative; Barge XL Leonard, representative; C. N. McArthur, congressman Third district; W. J. Flynn, representative; V.V C. Alderson, county superintendent schools; Gus
C. Moser, state senator; Wilson T.. Home, state senator. Bottom row E. C. McFarland, representative; L. T. Harris, Justice supreme court; C. L. Hawley, dairy and food
commissioner; O. W.tHosford, representative; Henry L. Benson, justice supreme court; Walter H. Evans, district attorney; Henry J. Bean, Justice supreme court; J. D. Lee, rep
resentative; Franklin S. Korell, representative; Herbert Gordon, tepresentatlve, '. '"i '''S V; - ' ; "
Milk price modification which ap
parently benefit the distributors and
the grocers . at", the expense of . the
producer without corresponding re
duction to the consumer, were put
in force by the Portland milk com
mission as of Monday, following ac
tion taken last Friday. ,; vl ' !
The- fact that the- action had been
taken' was confirmed-this morning by
Dr. Jonah B. Vise,; acting chairman of
the commission. He stated that while
action ! modifying the price paid by. con
sumers has not been taken, it is in pros
pect. ; ;'
Producers have been receiving , 83.85
a hundred pounds for milk ; the new
price which the producer will receive is
$3,65 ai hundred pounds, a reduction of
30 cents a hundred, pounds. '
Included in the commission's order is
a reduction In the payment for milk by
hotels - and restaurants from 50 to 45
cents a gallon.' j
Also a reduction in the price paid by
stores from UM to 13 cents a quart. In-
r ,' K-:N O X? j ;1
HI .
.H A. T
for that
election bet
men s furnisher and hatter
exclusive but. not expensive
331 Washington street 1
near broadway . j
Multnomah County Vote
Complete returns from 153 precincts in
Multnomah county give : .
President Harding 12,165; Cox 7,403.
Watkins 223, Debs 1031; William Cox
145. .
United States senator Chamberlain
9087, Hayes 479, Slaughter 671, Stanfield
9672 Svenson 226.
Representative in congress Johns 950,
Lovejoy 8441, McArthur 10,246.
Secretary of state Koser 1541, Sears
1542, Upton 1350.
Supreme court Justice, four to be elect
ed Bean 15.132, Benson 14,578, Harris
14,397. McBride 14,798.
Supreme court justice, one to be elect
edBrown 6099. V
Attorney general Bailey 1842, Coshow
394, Johnson 627, Van Winkle 2555.
Food commissioner Hawley 14,176 ;
Von Behren 2143.;
Public service commissioner Bennett
5322, Bushtel 10,851. Newman 1608.
Circuit Judge McCourt 20,232.
State senator, five to be selected Far
rell 14.629; Hume 14.610; Joseph 14.943.
Moser 13,283, Staples 14,581. Lundburg
6815. n. I '
Joint representative McDonald 10,292.
: Multnomah county representatives, 12
to be selected Gordon. 12,220, Hindman
13,088, Hosford 13,185Korell 13,332,
Kubli 13,026, Lee 13,509, Leonard 13,546,
Lynn 13,398, McFarland 14,i2, North
13,321. Richards 12.828, , WelU X13.288,
Murray 6337. .
District attorney Evans 12,716, Jef
frey 6603. ;
County Commissioner Rudeen 15.777.
Sheriff Hurlbtfrt 14,505, Simmons
ounty clerk Beveridge 16.584.
County, treasure: Lewis 18.221.
3ounty asBeesor Welch 16,075.
County school superintendent Aider
son 16,3336. :
County surveyor Bonser 15,641.
. County coronet- Smith 15,894.
District Judge Dept. 1, Bell 15,712 ;
Dept 2, Delch 15,320 ; Dept 3, Hawkins
Domestic relations court Kanxler 15,
329. ' :
v Constable, Portland district 'Gloss
12.056. Willis 4273; Multnomah district.
Squires 1133. '
Compulsory voting Yes 6417, no 11,
6387. no 11.280. 1 1
' Interest rate bill Yes 2859, no 14,528,
Roosevelt bird refuge Yes 8636,' no
8720. . ... ' : ' i
Divided legislative segelon Ye 6079;
no 8835. , , . ! '
Market commission Yes 5283, no 10,
891. ' : '.. ' . x ' .i.
Ten Days Tell
IF you. feel off color and
suspect coffee is the cause,
a change to
will prove things out
"There's a Reason
ere. .sing the margin by this fraction.
- The price paid by the consumer will
continue to be 14V6 cents a quart as pre
viously ordered by the commission.
The action was taken by Dr. Wise,
the Rev.' Oswald Taylor and A. L. Tetu,
constituting a majority of the milk com
mission; W. L. Brewster, chairman of
the ; commission, and , Colonel Walter
Whitcomb, a member, were still out of
the city.
"We will undoubtedly accept the rec
ommendation, but' it creates a serious
situation for us, as the dairymen were
not! receiving the cost of production un
der! the formers price, and a reduction
just at the end of the grass1 season and i
the: beginning of winter will hit us very
hard," said Albert Hall, "manager of the
Oregon Dairmen's Cooperative league,
thei members of which supply the greater
part of the milk consumed In Portland.
The demoralization of the fresh milk
business is due to a ; very considerable
degree to the lack of export business in
canned milk and the extreme prices in
effect which have forced consumers to
purchase smaller supplies.
Most of the canned milk plants have
been closed' so far as that product is
concerned and limited supplies are' be-1
ing taken by the Carnation Milk Prod
ucts company at 32 per 100 pounds at its
plant. The Nestles Food company is
said to have reduced ita buying price to
J2.9O02.95 per. 100 pounds.
The supply of canned milk available
for the market today la said to be the
heaviest on record. '
A, M. Work, manager of the Portland
Damascus Cregpraery company, declared
today that there will be no lowering of
price to consumers for "at least 80 days
and maybe the first of the year." He
seemed to feel, however, that a drop is
ultimately Inevitable
!The new price fixed by the commis
sion was merely an equitable adjust
ment," he declared. "The wholesale
price was out of line with the retail
price, "and the commission recognized
that an adjustment had to be made."
3 Bombs Planted -In
Flooring Near
Ranking Building
Three bombs, which may be highly
explosive in character, were found
shortly after midnight this morning
In the doorway of , the Jennings Fur
niture company store and but a few
feet from the First National bank.
The discovery was made by John' Bat
son, night-watchman of the store, while
he was making his regular rounds of the
building. They were turned over to
Inspector Rhinebart and Van Valken
berg oC the city detective bureau.
Father Quain Kept
5 Abroad by Illness
Aberdeen, Wash , Nov. 3. Father
Thomas Quain of St Marys Catholic
church, who went to Ireland in June to
visit relatives, is ill with fever and a
nervous attack, Physicians announce
that his recovery will be slow, and that
ha may be compelled to remain abroad
until spring. ' . - i, .
Parochial Schools .
1 Victor in Michigan
Detroit, Nov. 1. L N. &) The con
stitutional amendment to abolish pa
rochial schools in Michigan has been
decisively defeated, -according to returns
today. The vote was almost 2 to 1
against the measure. 1064 precincts glv-
' '
Without al doubt the most startling development in the art of
motion pictures. This powerful drama, by Basil Kins, of the
unseen world deals with life after death. The season's sensation.
Their Creed '
No Godno'sinno future life! nothing but the survival
of the fittest and every man for himself I" .
. All Tommyrot James Rittenshaw
Harvey Bre'ck , Richard Desborough