The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, November 03, 1920, Page 13, Image 13

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i -.
Ran Fr&n Cisco, Nov! 3.(L N". S.)'
California voters yesterday .em
phatically 'registered their approval
of . legislation j against alien land
ownership in the stat-. )
The amendment aimed at the Japan
ewv which will , prohibit them from
ownlur or holding- land in the state, car
ried -by at ieaat three to one. The vote
in San Francisco was about four to, one
In favor of the measure. Some vupstate
countien. In which feellnff agafnst the
Japanette waa - -especially strong, ' went
mIx to one for the law.
The Harris prohibition -act modeled
after tho Volstead enforcement meas
ure, which would have given state offi
cials power to enforce prohibition, was
defeated. The vote available is "three
to one against the 'measure, but rural
districts will cut this 'ratio down prob
ably. . Return's indicate, however, that
the voters have registered emphatically
'.against the measure. ; .
' ' - Washington, Nov- 3. (U. P.) Secre
tary of State Colby 'today refused to
comment on -the adoption of the Califor-
- nla law prohibiting all land-holding by
Japanese. .
The passage of the law was said to
be significant; however, in that it makes
the protest of Japan a definite, issue be
jween the two countries, the protest hav
ing been" made originally months ago
when the California measure was only
x proposed. Since then Ambassador Shide
hara and the state department have been
. negotiating to settle Japan's protest and
' the negotiations are believed to be near-
; ing a conclusion.
(Continued From One)
a trooper in full uniform half asleep on
a bench ' near the baggage room. He
wears an ammunition belt and' revolver.
Me la on duty. A few feet aWay on a
baggage truck is a white pine box and
raping it is an American flag. .
. Hundreds of American boys- are com-
' lng home from France that way. Theii
, votes . were east on the battlefields of
France.- It' twotyears this month since
the ' guns stopped roaring in the' Ar-
gonne. Botlusldes in the political cam.
palprn have talked either of the League
of Rations ata provocative or preventive
of war. The election result is a mixed
verdict on domestic and international
affairs. .
:Tet tho writer cannot help thinking to
day, of the" scene at the railroad station
at night the lonely remains of a boy
that has given up his life for the na
tion. -It seemed but a feeble aftermath
of the cry that went up during the war
to stop war forever. Boys are coming
back from the other side with beautiful
flags draped' about them.- Soldiers escort
, them to the hundreds of Villages where
ther heart-broken parent welcome even
'at this late date some faint reminder
of rtheir sons heroism. These silent vot
ers are received into the soil of the land
thf y sought- to defend.
And yet. In the great presidential elec
tion, where party bitterness and the
friction of the contest has prevailed, the
thought has. unquestionably been of Is
sues and subjects far afield from the
sacrifice these troopers have .made. The
effort to stop war- has gotten little en
couragement from America in the last
two years, ;
Had the fatalities been as great In the
American army as they were in the
French, the people of the United 'States
might have felt more deeply the wounds
. of war. There might have been more
demand for constructive ideas on the
prevention ' of war.-1 The campaign Jias
unfortunately -"'centered '! on domestic
grievances. 1 Such scant attention as was
given to the. greatest of , all jprobSems,
world peace, waa concentrated ion violent
criticism of the one plan , offered, and
thus many 'people have been led to for
get the original objects and principles
of the whole thing. ;
The new president of the United States
will have, great responsibility, lie de
serves sympathy as much as congratula
tion. For the thousands of boys who
are ; returning home In the white pine
boxes come as mute reminders of Amer
ican duty still undone. ; It may be !"The"
league or "A" league, but It will be
pome kind of League of Nations, some
thing that will fulfill the pledges made
when America entered the war, and that
responsibility which the new president
will face. '. - '
Such is the underlying psychology of
this election day and when the parades
of triumph and the, happy plaudits of
victory have died down there will come
stronger and stronger the spirit of these
silent voters to demand:' a real contribu
tion from America to world peace.
(Continued Prom Paxa Om)
figures of the Republican majorities
and pluralities to the women's vote.
The Republicans succeeded lnt turn
ing back i into , the Republican 1 column
every Northern and "Western state which
Woodrow j, Wilson carried over Charles
E. Hughes In 1916. Four years ago 'the
Central and Far West elected Wilson.
Yesterday "those same , states rolled up
Impressive majorities for Harding.
Fourteen states which in 1916 were car
ried by 'vyilBon and which Harding car
ried. yesterday were California, Colorado,
Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska,
Maryland; Nevada. New Hampshire,
North Dakota, Utah, Washington and
Wyoming. Even in the Southern states
"the Democratic majorities showed, in
many cases, heavy declines from 1916.
Where Texas four years, ago gave Wil
son a handsome majority of 221,515, it
was generally -estimated ' today that
Cox' majority' will be many, thousands
less. Republicans even -had strong hopes
today of electing their men In . several
congressional fights.- Other Southern
states showed like decreases. '
.. The 13 states which Governor Cox ap
peared today to have certainly carried
are : Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Geor
gia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Car
olina, Oklahoma. Kentucky, South Car
olina, Texas and Virginia. ,
Republican national headquarters here
were literally flooded with telegrams to
day and some of these would not con
cede the Democrats the so-called border
states of Kentucky and Oklahoma "until
the. last vote was counted. On the face
of the returns, however, they appeared to
be safely in the Democratic column.
One of the unusual features of the
election wan that Judge Nathan L. Mil
ler, .Republican candidate for governor
of New York, ran nearly a million vote
behind the Republican -national ticket
and yet was elected by a substantial plu
rality. ' '!'
"Al." Smith, Tammany Hall's favorite
son, polled nearly a million more votes
in New York than Cox and yet was de
feated.' Miller's plurality .was estimated
today between 60.000 and 80,000.
While definite figures were not avail-;
able today, it appeared that' the Social
ist popular vote is going to be consider
able, as compared with former -years. In
New York city alone Eugene y. Debs,
the- prisoner-candidate, rolled up nearly
150.000 votes, j
Figures on the Farmer-Labor ticket,
headed i by Parley P. Chrlstensen . of
Utah, were not available this forenoon.
The figures on other minor parties are
not believed to be impressive, j"
Accused of Robbing TJ.. S. '
James Murphy and Charles Todd must
answer the charge of stealing govern
ment property frpm Oregon; Agricul
tural college, consisting of steel tape
and rifles, compasses and other, articles
which they are alleged to have taken
from the armory, into which ; they are
said to have broken. Todd has been ar
rested in Washington and Murphy is in
jail at Corvalli.s.
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