The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, October 31, 1920, Page 7, Image 7

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Other Meier & Frank Advertisement Will Be Found on Pag 7, Thi$ Section
on Fashionable Attire for November Events
Extraordinary concessions have been made on many dresses and suits
in trie Fashion Salons at Meier Frank's. No wonder women are talking
about them. It is so unusual, so gratifyingly unusual, to be able to get
just the gown one wants at prices away below what one expected to pay.
Jt really means three dresses for the usual price of two in many casts.
Street and Afternoon Dresses
That Were 55 to $75
Now Priced
That Were $40 to $50
Now Priced
Dresses sold down to one or two of a kind. Dresses in which we do not have all sizes.
Dresses of which we have only one or two colors.- Almost any of the season's fashionable
styles can be confidently expected to be in the assemblage.
There are long and short sleeves. There are dresses of satin, crepe meteor, morocco
crepe and tricotine.
Please let this serve as' your personal invitation to discover for yourself whether there
are not models which you-wish to add to your winter wardrobe.
All sizes for women are represented, although perhaps not in each dress.
All Our Women's Suits
Formerly Above $100
Suits that were $115 .... now $ 76.65
Suits that were $125 now $ 83.35
Suits that were $135 .... now $ 90.00
Suits that were $185 .... now $123.35
Suits that were $275 . . . . now $183.35
Suits that were $295 now $196.65
These are only a few representative re
ductions. Many, many others.
Suits of veMyne, duvetyn, duvet de
laine, peachbloom, boulevard velveteen
and other beautiful materials trimmed
with nutria, mole, skunk, seal-dyed musk-
rat, Australian opossum and other furs.
Short and longef coats. Practically
any fashionable color.
Many of these suits are only one of a
kind, but there are plenty of jll sizes in
the collection at one-third less. ', ' ' ; ';
Meier & Frank's : Fashion Salons. Fourth Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
THE National Safety Council
All Wool Coatings Reduced
Customers tell us that this is the largest and best collection of winter wool coatings in the
city. They will be delighted to find that every yard of our wool coatings has been reduced
in price.. .v, . "
Designs, weights and colors for women's, misses', girls', children's and boys' coats In-
uuucu aic iicdinci mixtures, opnvias, siyeiiuues ana iweeas.
$6 Coatings, now, $4.95
$7 Coatings, now $5.95
$8 Coatings, now $6.95
$10 Co&tings, now $7:95
. .' ' Meier c Frank's : Dreas Goods Swtlon. Cteeoad Floor. (Mall Orders FiUed.)
Opening November With
Silk Underwear and
Silk Stocking Sales
With the approach of the Jiolidays many a woman is busy
seeking for gfts. We recommend these combined sales as a
treasure-trove of welcome presents for any intimate feminine
Women's Silk Vests $3.19
Pink glove silk vests with stin ribbon shoulder straps amd reinforced
under the arms. Brand new, nicely made and In atl sizes.
, Silk Camisoles $1.95
Pink or white glove silk camisoles with ribbon shoulder straps tud
embroidered of lace trimmings. Any size t.9S.
Women's, Silk Knickers $4.29
Pink rIovc silk knickers are just the right length and they are properly
reinforced; elastic at knees and waist. Very popular style.
Silk Stockings $2.95
Full-fashioned all pure-thread silk stockings featured by us In the past
as the best 4 silk stocking made. Deep garter hems. Black, white,
navy, gray, rose, covert, maize, pink, African brown and other desired
shades. Some are sub-standards.
Extra Size Silk Stockings $1.45
Our regular $2 grade of these black silk stockings with mock seams
and seamless feet. They have lisle tops, heels and toes.
Meier & Frank's : Hosiery Shop, Main Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
Advance Showing of
I Spring 1921
Dress Voiles
Pretty things for dancing frocks, house dresses and
tunic blouses here well ahead of time for the gratification
of women who like to wear the new things first.
Silk and cotton crepe de chine
with Persian designs in rich som
ber colors is 36 Inches wide at
11.25 ard.
Voile printed In new reorgette
patterns includes a lovely rose
pattern with crackle background.
38 inches wide, 1 1.25 yard.
Voile with satin stripes and plaids at It. So yard can be bad in
copper, taupe, navy and Copenhagen combinations or in pale blue,
peach, nile, rose and orchid for evening frocks. 38 inches wide.
Always the New Things First '
at Meier dk Frank's
Meier Frank's : Second Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
November Sale
Fine Peplum Blouses
At One-Fourth Less
They Were $14 to $40
Now $10.50 to $30
List of DOLL SHOW Winners
on Page 7
November opens with hundreds of plans for luncheons,
teas, theaters. Such blouses as these marry quite perfectly
with stunning suits and form fetching costumes of a com
pleteness impossible with waistline models.
Made of georgette, satin, duvet de laine, Rodier crepe from Paris
and other fabrics.
Wide variety of styles and prices. Choose any of them at J4 less.
Suit Blouses $11.00
Joan of Arc wool jersey smocks with chenille embroidery mostly in
taupe, brown, french blue, navy, gray and rust. Just right to wear
with wool jersey and other suits.
Dress blouses are of ivory white georgette with hand-made filet lace
(rimmed ruffles qr jabots.
Hipline and waistline blouses are also to be had in georgette combined
with taffeta or all georgette at 111.
Tricolette Blouses $4.95
Tricolette has become wonderfully popular for every season in the
J ear and it seems particularly appropriate for winter. These "specials"
ave long sleeves and are embroidered in bright colors. Rust, rose,
navy and. Copenhagen. ',;
Meier fc Frank's : Blouse Shop, Fourth Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
A Fifth Avenue Importer's
Complete Line of
Offered at Less Than
Regular Wholesale
: n
$25 $35 $42.50
Hats which a Frenchwoman would wear to the races to -a tea at the Ritz
Carlton to a dinner dance at Ciro's hats which are so recherche that one
almost never sees them west of fans and New York.
To escape the competition of New York shops one of the cleverest
Fifth Avenue importers gave us first choice of his models to sell at
LESS than his Regular wholesale prices. ,
Naturally we did not hesitate and now the hats are here.
Exquisitely , dashinffpictucesque individually distinguished. .
Gray Squirrel Mole
Dyed Squirrel Monkey
Near Seal (Dyed Coney)
Splendidly combined with gold and silver brocades, ostrich feathers and
coque, panne velvet and metal braids, transparent net and delicate lace,
Large hats- and not so large and soft ones that pull down over the
coiffure and become on with the silhouette of the head,
So many delightful ones that it is a joy to see them-to try them on to
have the pleasant knowledge that one has them for one's very own.
All the savings are very large-because each hat is now less than the
importer's regular wholesale rates. Please remember that there is only one
hat of each kind. . ......
-rMler Frank's : MUllntry Ualona, fourth Floor.
Extra Special Sale of .
Women's Fur Coats
and Coatees
'-r "
UXURIOUSLY beautiful furs fashioned by expert furriers and of par
ticularly good pelts. Men wishing to give their wives the most beautiful
of all gifts are invited to see the n. There is only one coat of each kind.
The Price Reductions Quoted Are From
Our Own Rerular Stocks
COAT of real sealskin from
iUaska, 40 inches long, orig
inally $1350, now $885.
COAT of Hudson seal, 40
inches long, with extra large
.natural gray squirrel col
lar, originally $975, now
COAT of n a t u r a 1 gray
squirrel , sport style, 30
inches long, originally. $650,
now $395..
COATEE of Hudson seal
with large mink collar, orig-1
"inally $65d, now $383.
' ' """ . . j
COATEE of Kdl ( n a k y
dyed squirrel, originally; $425
now .sgwtf j:il-j:i
DOLMAN wrap of Hud
son seal (ded muskrat), 50'
inchesftlbng with 26-inch cape.
originally $1 150, ( now $745.
COAT of marmot, 49
inches long with 2-2-inch
capeT originally $375, now
$245. '
COAT, of natural muskrat,
36 inches Jong, originally,
$325, now $198.
COATEE of -mole with er
mine collar and cuffs, orig-.
inally $375;now;$195.?ff
rffOATropony skin, 34"
;incnci; long with Australian
opossum ;B .collar i and cuffs,
originallyZSSnow. $188.
-MeW Frank' : Far, SJoiw, Fourth Floor. IMall OnMrs Find.)
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