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Smaller Colleges Are Threatening Position of Big Three,, as Resiilt of Qpeh Play
Show Steady
; Grid Decline
Open Game Threatening Position
Held for Years by Harvard,
, Yale and Princeton.
' 1 , By Cenrjr U. Farrcll
WEW YORK, Oct. 80. (U. P.)
Xl Decline of the "Bis Three" ss a
national football power becomes
more and more pronounced with
.each succeeding: year. .
Since the "open rme" found Us way
Into the books and became adopted gen
erally by colleges all over the nation,
Yale Harvard and Princeton have been
finding their places on the ' football
' heights taken by small colleges unheard
Of a decade back.
This revolution has reached such a
point that the "Big Three" In recent
yean can almost be Ignored when it
comes to picking the Eastern champions
or the national leaders.
The policy of considering their own
"family games" as the only ones worth
while and branding the other contests
of the schedule as merely practice for
the big games has led to the decline in
the power of the "Big Three."
It has led to other lamentable results.
Tale picked Boston college last year
as a "set up" and lost 5 to 3. The Ells
did the same thing this year and again
lost 21 to 13.
Harvard picked Holy Crois this year
as a "trial horse" and just escaped with
a S to 0 victory.
The policy of filling the schedule with
''set ups" has caused the critics to ignore
an undefeated season and give the cred
It to other colleges that fight through
a hard schedule.
Harvard was undefeated last season.
But Syracuse, Colgate, Dartmouth, Penn
and Pittsburg got far more credit e
cause they went through a schedule that
looked like something.
The West Ignores the "Big Three" eiv
tlrely, and rightfully, too. Yale, Har
- vard and Princeton demand almost lm
possible conditions for the "honor" of
appearing on their schedule.
The West goes an the assumption that
Western football is Just as good as
Eastern football and there Is no need to
come East to show their form. And the
West Is right.
The waning; prestige of the "old
power" has been more than marked this
Cornell, Dartmouth. Pennsylvania and
Columbia are planning the organization
of a "Big Four" that will go its way
regardless of the "Big Three."
Nothing definite has been done about
" this move but eteps probably will be
taken before next season's schedule is
made up.
Bowing has long ago passed away
from the dictatorship of the "Big Three."
The Intercollegiate Rowing association,
as it is now constituted consists of Cor
nell, Penn and Columbia. Syracuse Is
an informal and participating member
although not represented on the board.
The "Big Three" is Invited annually to
- participate.
Yale listened to the criticism about
, weak schedules and took on five hard
games this year as against three last
.' . year.
Harvard, however, clung to the same
' Old policy.
Princeton, the most popular of the trio
; With outside teams, picked a hard
schedule last year and lost two games
' to Colgate and West Virginia.
, But the Tigers learned good lessons in
those reverses and came back strong,
. tying Harvard and defeating Yale.
- From a spectacular and traditional
: Standpoint the ''Big: Three" battles will
continue to be the classics of tbe season
but Unless the teams Improve they will
cease to cause tbe slightest ripple when
It comes to deciding the championship.
: fTTHE annual football game between
X University of California and Leland
'" fitanfleld university Is scheduled for No
4 vembsr 20, at Berkeley.
Should soccer players be paid bonuses,
la a vexed question In England. League
. players receive $10 for a victory and 5
. . for a drawn tame In addition to their
.. wages.
Hugo Besdek baa signed to coach
Pennsylvania state athletic squads for
the next seven years.
Springfield (Mass.) Chamber of Com-
- mere la after a Thanksgiving day foot
ball game between Syracuse and George
town university elevens.
As all-Chinese soccer team, made up
of college players, has joined the Beth-
. lenem (Paw) ana district league,
v Dorrtll Pratti New York Yankee sec
ond baseman. Is an assistant football
coach at University of Michigan.
Ths Derby county soccer team of Engr
land recently signed Tewfik Abdullah, a
, young Egyptian, to play for them. He is
aa inside right.
Several Athletes
Paid Their Fares
' Among the American Olympic athletic
teams which paid their own expenses to
' the Antwerp festival were Rugby foot
' ball, fencing, cycling, trapshooting. The
-U. 8. Navy bore the expenses of its
. representatives, while the expenses of the
... rldinr. tug-of-war and shooting teams
recruited from tha army were defrayed
by the government. The cost of sending
th United States teams to Antwerp and
. Brussels was J148.563.ll.
Wrestling Champ
Seeks Longevity
Lines Like Saint
(By Um service)
Iroadea, Oct. 11. Geo nr. Haekea
sekmldt, oaee the world's champion
wret tier, is aow wrestling with a asw
bread et theology.
Sariag tbe war Hack, who Is a
Rasslaa, was Uteraea la Oermaay,
aad seesples his time is readisg
Xaat, Sehopeshaser and Xietssehs.
.2Tow he Is evolrtag a theory of his
wa that by Uadlag a saintly Ufa
as will lire forever.
Chicago National star,
who his been named to
succeed Fred M i t c h e 1 1 as
manager of the Cubs. Even
was manager of the Cubs in
m I
Many Turn Out for
Wrestling Class 'at
0. A. C. This Year
Oregon Agricultural College, Corval
lls. Or., Oct 30. With three lettermen
in wrestling. Captain "Elt" Palmer, Her
man Glossop and Sam Armstrong, as
a nucleus around which to build up a
wrestling team, Coach O. E. Rathbrun
hopes to make a favorable showing In
that branch of sports this year. Wrest
ling classes contain from 150 to 200
men, and it is expected that men of
varsity caliber will be uncovered.
Rathbrun succeeJs "Jim" Arbuthnot
aa wrestling coach at O. A. C this year.
The new coach has had considerable ex
perience in the wrestling game, having
coached a team last year at the Uni
versity of Indiana which was rated as
one of the strongest in the Middle West.
One of his most notable victories was
over the Ames wrestling squad which
pre-season dope hailed as champions.
Most of the mat .aspirants are out
getting a little daily exercise, but no
real training and Instruction will begin
until the football season is finished.
New Golf Rules of U. S. G. A.
Reinstatement Provisions
BECAUSE of the misunderstanding as
to the the interpretation of the new
rules adopted by the United States Golf
association, they are here reproduced:
The following definition of the stymie
rule was adopted :
Definition When both balls are on the
fiutting green, and the opponent's ball
les In any position which the player re
gards as Interfering with the line on
which he wishes to play, the opponent is
said to have laid the player a "stymie."
Stymie If the opponent lay the player
a stymie, the player may remove the op
ponent's ball ; the opponent shall then
be deemed to have holed In his next
Note If a player, laying within the
boundaries of the putting green lay him
self a stymie, the rule does not apply. '
me rouowing amendment to the rules
of golf were adopted :
Match Dlav chanced to read aa fol
lows :
A ball may be lifted from anv nlaee
on the course under penalty of stroke
ana a i stance. ir a player lift a ball In
accordance with this rule, he shall play
his next stroke as nearly as possible at
the spot from which the ball was played.
If the ball so lifted was played from
the teeing ground, the player may tee a
ball for his next stroke ; in every other
case the ball must be dropped.
Medal play changed to read same as
match play, rule above. The penalty for
a breach of these rules shall be the loss
of the hole in match play and disqualifi
cation in stroke competition.
If a ball be lost except in water, cas
ual or out of bounds, the player shall re
turn as nearly as possible to the spot
from which the ball was played and drop
another ball, with a penalty of one
stroke. If the lost ball be played from
the teeing ground, the player may tee a
ball for; his next stroke.
Note A provisional ball may be
If a ball lie out of bounds, the player
shall play his next stroke as nearly aa
possime at uie spot rrom wntcn the bail
which is out of bounds was played under
penalty of stroke and distance. If the
ball was played out of bounds from the
teeing grounds, the player may tee a ball
for his next stroke ; in every other case
the ball shall be dropped.
1 The penalty for a breach of this
rule shall be the loss of the hole in
match play and disqualification in stroke
If it is doubtful that a ball be out of
bounds the player who played it is not
entitled to presume that it is out of
bounds until he has made a search of
rive minutes for it. Meanwhile his op
ponent may make a search of five min
utes for the ball within bounds, and If
the ball Is not found within that time,
the player who struck the ball shall be
given the benefit of the doubt and the
Dau snail be considered out or bounds."
I In the case of a ball out of bounds.
permission Is given for clubs to alter
mis oy a locai ruie, zor aistanoe only.
Tha following definition as to amateur
and professional golfers was adopted:
SECTION T Professional e (Initios
A professional golfer Is one who, after
Tiger Pflot
Won Trio of
' .K . . - i
f - -snssr I ' 'at - A -ar
Itacesin A.JL.
Hugfiey Jennings Steps Out to
Allow Younger Leader to As
sume Charge of Tigers.
TVTEW YORK, Oct 10. (L N. S.)
Hughle Jennings has passed on
as manager of the Tigers.
After 14 yean ho has told Detroit
good-bye, and his going marks finis
to a long and honorable career with
one ball club.
Old "Ee Yah" bears a splendid reputa
tion in baseball. His honesty and his con
scientious methods are among his great
est assets, and while he has been unsuc
cessful In piloting the Tigers to a cham
pionship since 1909, when he won his
third consecutive pennant for Detroit,
he has always ranked as one of the
most competent and aggressive man
agers in the game.
Jennings teams of recent years have
generally finished well up in the pen
nant races, but they have always been
lacking in one great big essential thins;
pitching strength. Baseball men who
have watched Jennings and his Tigers
year after year are unable to agree on
the reason for this. Some say that Jen
nings simply hasn't the knack of hand
ling pitchers. Others tell us that he
either doesn't know a good young pitcher
or that he Is Just unlucky.
When he handed Owner Frank Navin
his resignation as manager Jennings
pointed .out that he believed the Tigers
need complete rebuilding, and as he has
been unsuccessful as a penant-wlnnlng
manager since 1909 he simply figured
that someone else should have a "crack"
at Detroit's managerial whip.
Jennings was among the greatest
shortstops of the old days. He played
short for the champion Baltimore Orioles
away back in the '90s and he also starred
as a first baseman. He joined the Balti
more club in 1893, coming to the Orioles
along with Harry Taylor, from Louis
ville. In 1894, 1895 and 1898 Hughle was the
shortstop for the champion Baltimore
teams and in 1899 and 1900 played first
base for the champion Brooklyn In
1907 he was appointed manager of the
Tigers and promptly stepped in and won
the American league pennant. He re
peated this performance in 1908 and 1909.
"With Ty Cobb, who is believed to be
slated to succeed Jennings, Claude Ross-
man, Sam Crawford, (jnariey u iary,
George Mullln. Bill Donovan, George Mo
rtally, Jim Delehanty, Ownle Bush,
George Wlllet, Eddie Summers and oth
ers, Jennings had as great a fighting ag
gregation of players as has ever been
gotten together yes. as great as the
newly crowned world's champion Indians
In fighting spirit, and a greater team In
actual strength.
The passing of Jennings as manager of
the Tigers does not necessarily mean
that he is going to pass from the base
ball spotlight He is very liable to be
found managing some other American
or even a National league club next sea
son, as there will be plenty of changes
made In managerial ranks.
John May Oppose Bill
John Ho remans, the famous Belgian
balkline billiard player, may be William
Hoppe's next opponent in a champion
ship match. Horemans, who is expected
in the country 'In the near future, sprang
into International prominence last season
through a series of matches with Ixuis
Cure, the noted French expert
attaining the age of 18 years, has
a c:arriea ciuds xor nire.
(b) Received anv consideration, either
directly or Indirectly, for playing or for
teacning tne rime, or for Dlavlnr in a
match or tournament
(c) Played for money prize In any
Note: The U. S. G. A. executive com
mittee shall have the right of declaring
lnetiginie to compete in the onen tour
naments under its jurisdiction anyone
who, in its opinion, has acted In a man
ner detrimental to the, best interests or
to tne spirit of the game.
An amateur srolfer is one who after
attaining the age of IS years, has not
ia i:arnea ciuds I or nire.
(b) Received any consideration, either
directly or Indirectly, for playing or for
teaching the game, or for playing in a
match or tournament
Note: The U. S. O. A. executive com
mittee shall have the right of declaring
meugioie to .compete in any amateur
tournament under its jurisdiction any
amateur who. in its opinion, has received
any consideration because of his skill
at the game, or who has acted In a man
ner detrimental to the best interests or
to the spirit of the game.
Tne committee rules that the follow.
ing constitute a forfeiture of amateur
standing :
1. Iending one's name or likeness for
the advertisement or sale of anything
except as a dealer, manufacturer or In
ventor thereof in the usual course of
2. Permitting one's name to be adver
tised or published for pay as the author
of books or articles on golf of which one
Is not actually the author.
The following resolution in regard to
reinstatement was adopted :
The professional holds an advantage
over the amateur by reason of having
devoted himself to the game as his pro
fession. He does not lose his advantage
merely by deciding bo longer to earn
money by playing or teaching golf.
Every application for ' reinstatement
shall be considered on its own merits, as
It Is Impossible to lay down hard and
fast rules that would be Just in ail
In considering applications for rein
statement the following principles shall
be observed:
1. A player may not be reinstated
more than once.
2. Any applicant for reinstatement
must have acted so as to come within
the definition of an amateur golfer for
a period of three consecutive years Im
mediately preceding the date of appli
cation. . A player who has acted for five
years or more so as not to come within
the definition of an amateur golfer shall
not be eligible for reinstatement
Any club can elect professionals to Its
membership, and this does not affect
either the status of those professionals or
'the amateur status of other members.
The weight of the ball shall not be
greater than l.! ounces and the sise not
less then 1.62 inches In diameter. The
rules of golf committee aad the execu
tive committee of the United States Golf
association will take whatever steps they
think necessary to limit the power of
the ball with regard to distance should
any ball of greater power be introduced.
This limitation to become effective as of
the date of Msy 1. 1
Famous Shooter
May Be Manager
Of' Local Club
O. IT. Fori, eae of the leading ama
Uar trsptsooters la California aad
sapcrlBteBlest ef the Olysiple etnk
traps, feas mate
application for
' I T - , f
clib. K actios
has been taken
a rord's appli
cation as yet fey
the directors ef
It likely that his
I anllfiMti will
be voted oa dar
lag the first
week la December.
Portland tra pints are aaxloss to
stake Portland tas headquarters of
Paclfie eoait trapshootlsg circles.
Shonld Ford be named saperlatead
eat of the PorUaad elab It Is likely
that the Pacific eoait sobs tonrnty
will be held here, provided the eoatt
territory aot divided by the
American Trapshooters' asseelatloa.
Foxd Is a great booster of the
trap game. He has met with great
success in staging tourneys la San
Jose and San Francisco, baildisg the
kiag of sports to a high standard.
ft m
r J
Former Price Cut Price
Ford, 1917, 5-passenger ..$ 350 $ 300
Mitchell, 1916, 7-passenger .... 700 500
Briscoe, 1916, 5-passenger 500 350
Briscoe, 1918 , 700 550
Overland, Model 80 350 225
Overland, Model 75 550 475
Mitchell, 1917, 5-passenger ... 750 650
Overland, Model ,85 700 560
Mitchell, 1918, 3-passenger 850 700
Mitchell, 1917, 5-passenger. . . . 900 750
Oakland, 1918, 5-passenger. . . 850 700
Oakland, 1919, 5-passenger. . . 1000 875
Our Used Cars Are Different
If you will compare our used car stock with others you
will note a vast difference. Our cars are of a higher
grade than the average. Most of them have been over
hauled in our own shops; worn parts have been replaced,
and when you get the car you are sure of value received
for the money invested. Look them over. . You will
surely see something you want and at a price that will
make it good business for you to buy at once.
Dobie's Loss Mourned at "W"
hi ft H hi ft ft
New Coach for 1921 Certain
, By George Berts
TTAND writing on the walls in Seattle
indicate that the University ef
Washington will have a new football
coach for the 1921 season.
Expressions heard on the Sun-Dodger
campus last week-end bring out the fact
that Leonard Allison, who succeeded
Claude Hunt as athletic director, is
through. Allison, it Is said, has another
position lined up for next year.
Washington is still mourning the loss
of Qilmour Dobie. Though the tall Scot
has been away for a period of three
years, it Is still crying for his return. It
appears as though Washington cannot
forget Dobie, for it was he who put
Washington in the position it occupies
in the coast football circles today.
There Is a feeling at Washington that
no coach can ever gain the success with
teams that Dobie accomplished. That is
logical. Dobie was a great coach, and
it is doubtful If another mentor would
be able to duplicate his record.
The feeling toward Dobie, It is said,
caused Hunt to resign his position be
fore his contract terminated. It is
handicapping Coach Allison In his work
this year, and it may eventually result
in his dismissal.
Rumors were heard that Washington
intends to bring out a high class east
It is good policy in the automobile business to enter the spring selling season with, as
small a stock of used cars as possible. This permits us to make better trades, on new
cars, enabling us to get a larger volume of new car business than we would otherwise
secure. For this reason we are prompted to reduce our stock of used cars at this time.
To do so quickly and have it over with, we have cut our prices to a -point that is bound
to move our stock. The sale will last two weeks and, of course, the man who buys
early will get the best ch6ice. Every car bears a red tag and both former and cut price
listed. The saving is plainly shown and in every case it is a very substantial one.
Reasonable terms if desired, with no brokerage charges.
We handle our own notes.
Sale Starts Tuesday, November 2, at 8 A. M.
Open Sundays and Evenings During This Sale
ern coach for Its 1M1 eleven. Whether
negotialons have been opened already
Is not known, but It Is generally eon
ceded on the campus that there will be
a new man next year.
The fact that "Wee" Coyle rushed to
the aid of his alma mater before the
gams with the Oregon Aggies indicated
that Allison was being supported by a
weak foundation. Dobie's style of line
smashes predominated In the' Aggie
game, and from now on Washington is
expected to travel at a high rate of
There is plenty of material at Wash
ington. The "bear" stories about the
number of letter men on other confer
ence teams were spread broadcast but
Washington has just as many veterans
aa have the other aggregations.
Though the Coast football season has
lust reached Its halfway mark, a num
ber of long rung for touchdowns have
already been registered. The longest
run of the present season was made by
AdamsV one of the crack players of the
University of Montana team, who scored
on Washington after a 10-yard dash.
Berry, a team mate, ran SO yards for a
touchdown in the same game.
Neal of Idaho and Eckxnan of Wash-
Used Car Sale
Here is the list look" it over:
SEVERAL, tracks holding franchises in
the grand circuit thla year may be
missing from the big light harness classic
next year.
Horse racing In Canada may hereafter
be under government control.
Man-o'-War will winter at Mr. Riddle's
stable in Berlin, Md.
ington have each scored on SO yards'
run and Dailey of Washington and
Brown of Oregon have registered scores
on 40-yard runs. California players have
made numerous long gains. .
When the coaches of the Pacific coast
conference assemble at the close of the
football season to make recommenda
tions to the conference meeting in San
Francisco in December, some action
toward the selection of officials for the
1S21 games will be discussed. Consid
erable trouble has been experienced this
season In agreeing upon officials for the
various games.
There Is a lot of unnecessary squab
bling over the selection of officials.
There Is no reason why officials foe
games cannot be selected months ahead
of the contests. Alternate officials
should also be named in case df. Illness
or Injuries.
Former Price
Club Roadster.. ... . . .$1050
1918, 5 -passenger..-.. 1000
1918, 5-passenger. 900
1917, Roadster . . .C. ., 750
1917, 5-passenger.. . 1000
1919, 5-passenger. . . . 1250
1919, Roadster : 1400
1918, 5-passenger.. . ei 1050
1918, 5-passehger. . . 1200
1919, 5-passenger.. . .: 1500
1919, 5-passenger. . . 1550
1919, 5-passenger... 1200
1919, 5-passenger.... 1400
Broadway at
H.Bezdek Signs f
For Seven Years
With Penn. State
Hsgo Besdek, former TJalvertlty ef
Oregon football eoaek, has signed a
seveaysar eoatraet with the Peas
ylvaala State
college. This U
tbs longest eon
tract recorded
in football aa
Seven yean la
long time and
a lot may has
pea Sariag that
period Trevloit
to this eoa
traet, P e re y
H a a gh tea's
flveysar eon
traet with Harvard was the longest,
and as ess will deay that HasghToa
was glad to salt when the eoatraet
Bssdek has made a woaderfal me
ord at Peaa State darlag, the tws
years ha has been there. This sea.
son, kit team has aeea rotig treat
gaas aad Is already being considered
a eoateader for the Eastern eoQegtata
ehamploathlp. Bssdek first sprang
law sromiBssee vfeea bis I9H ore
goa team defeated the University ef
Feaaiyivaala squad la ths "Pasadena la 117. ,
"!; "--k
-" f 0
Cut Price
$ 850
Everett Street