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Winter Program
Of Festivities Is
-Well Under Way
v' - Bjr Helen Hatealsoa
SOCIETY has Indulged In all sorts of
entertaining frivolities during the
put week and the winter's program of
. festivity seems at last to be in full
wing. The charity ball, given by the
Junior league early In the week ab
sorbed the attention of hundreds of
Portland folk who lent their patronage
.to the worthy cause of philanthropy
With enthusiasm. Halloween parties at
, homes and in town and country clubs
have filled the evening hours for the
'latter part of the week. The first per
formance of the Portland Symphony or
chestra brought forth a brilliant as
sembly of society folk and music lovers
.'Wednesday evening and the opening of
the season for the Drama- league with
two performances at the Little theatre
occupied more serious minded for the
' last two evenings of the week.
. ' r-
-i Mr. and Mrs. Donald Spenoer were
y guests', of honor at an informal dinner
f given Monday evening at the Hotel
, Portland by James Irvine of Ban Fran
cisco. Covers were placed for 10, In
' eluding: Mr. and Mrs. Preston Smith,
Mrs. Thomas Q. Halley, Miss Elisabeth
Halley, ' Miss Genevieve Thompson,
Clarence Bishop, Chauneey Bishop, Mr.
and Mrs. Spencer and the host.
Mrs. Orange M. Clark was hostess for
- a luncheon Wednesday honoring Mrs.
I C. Gllman, who will leave the city
soon to join her . husband In Seattle,
where they will make their home this
Judge GiiKtave Anderson and Mrs.
Anderson, who was Mrs. Anna ShlUock
before their recent rArrlage, spent sev
eral days at the Hotel Portland after
returning from their wedding trip. They
have gone to Baker to make their home.
Portland friends are extending a wel
come to Miss Lillian Tingle who has
recently returned from the Orient Miss
Tingle was a dinner guest at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Nicholson Friday
The many friends of Miss Madge
Cramer, who has been seriously 111 with
diphtheria and has been quarantined at
her home in Sixth street, will be glad
to know, that she Is rapidly recovering.
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. L. MacOregor are
spending a short time in San Francisco
visiting friends. They left Monday eve
ning and are expected to return about
Wednesday of this week.
Mrs. Holt C. Wilson and Mrs. Howard
L. MAther left Thursday evening for
Kan Francisco, where they will Bail No
vember 3 for the Hawaiian Islands to
spend the winter.
Interesting visitors m Portland during
the past week were Mr. and Mrs. Al
phonse Lemieux and their son. Maurice.
RS. EDWIN JOHNSON Jr. (Harriet Griffith); a charm
ing young bride, who was entertained at a tea Saturday.
Mrs. Paul E. Terry (Ruth Plummet), who left last week
for her new home in Bowling Green, Ky.
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Kappa Psr Host
On Saturday for
Halloween Party
RAPPA PSI fraternity of the North
Pacific Dental college was host for
one of the interesting Halloween parties
of the season Saturday evening at their
club hooks near the college. The rooms
were elaborately decorated in Halloween
favors and music and dancing and Hal
loween fames were the diversion of the
evening. The pledges to the fraternity
were costumed as bell boys and acted
in the capacity throughout the evening
serving the guests In endless unnecessary
and amusing duties. About 60 young
people enjoyed the affair.
Miss Ellyn Newbegin and her finance,
Ernest Crichton. were guests of honor at
one of the parties made up for Friday
evening at the University club dinner
dance. Additional guests Included Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Buswell. .Mr. and Mrs.
Robert McMurray, Miss Erma Kelthley,
Miss Myrtle Smith., Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas H. Williams, Albert Bryson,
Franklin K. Korrell and Miss Katherine
Corbln. '
An enjoyable affair of Sunday after
noon was the benefit tea given for the
Old Men's Hebrew Fraternal home which
Is to be opened In the near future at
Third and College streets. Mrs. 8. Levitt
opened her home for the affair and more
than 0O guests "called during the after
noon. The hostess was assisted by
group of charming young women and
during the afternoon Miss Margaret
Masonek sang a group of selections. Miss
Masonek recently came to Portland from
Milwaukie, Wis. She Is a gifted singer
and added much to the entertainment of
the' guests.. She was accompanied by
Mrs. Nathan D. Sanford (Fannie cSettle-
man), a bride of last year.
The Board of Relief of the Order of
Eastern Star win give a benefit ball at
Multnomah hotel November 19 for which
extensive arrangements have been made.
Mrs. Mae Mettler, worthy matron of
Sunnyslde Chapter Is chairman of the
committee on arrangements tor the af
fair., The entire mesxantne floor of
the - hotel has been engaged for the
occasion. -
Mrs. S. Tonkon f Chicago, who has
recently come to PorUand to make her
home, was the guest of honor Monday
at a tea for which Mrs. 8. Nemiro was
hostess. Durnig the afternoon Mrs.
M inch a Pels sang a number of selections.
About 35 guests called during the after
noon. Mrs. Tonkon was again honored
at a bridge luncheon Friday for which
Mrs. David A. Pepp was hostess.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Portland Women's union will be held at
2 :30 p. m. Monday at the Martha Wash
ington, klO Tenth (street. All members
are requested to be present.
Ainiial:Ball yls
Given Thursday
By Multn
"f ULTNOMAH CLUB In festive array
ITJL" offered a brilliant scene Thursday
evening . at . Its , annual . costume ball.
Quests came masked ana the array of
characters represented touched every
walk of life from, the backwoods to the
court of Spain. There were astonish
ingly young children to be out so late
at night in the throng of dancers, there
were gawky farm boys and their sisters,
"Sis Hopklnses'; there were Puritan
maids and Red Cross nurses.- geisha
girls and grand dames. Chinese girls In
bob-tailed jackets, and Pierrot from
story book land. Happy Hooligan danced
with a fluffy sprite from the Follies
and Tama Tama girls and boys frolicked
with stately courtiers and gypsy maids
danced with convicts. Even Jack-in-the-box
seemed to have escaped for the
evening and a "licensed bootlegger"
carrying a suspicious looking flask In
his hip pocket was followed with equally
suspicious eyes throughout the evening.
The clubhouse was unusually well
decorated with jack o' lanterns, corn
stalks and orange and black streamers.
Also a varl-oolored spotlight played
upon the dancers throughout the eve
nisjr. The orchestra presented, except
for their excellent music, a splendid re
production of the good old clown band.
Prises were awarded for the best
character costumes as follows : , R. K.
8tevens as a country constable, first
prise; Miss Xsabelle Pease, as a Red
Cross nurse, first prise: Miss Esther
Ollemiller and Leslie French received
the prise for. the best double character
costumes, representing a country couple,
A delightful feature of the early eve
ning was a song given by Miss Lldyard.
who. dressed as "Springtime." sang the
song of that name. Jerry Ryan, later
in the evening gave a Yiddish character
Mrs. David Holmes Blakelock was
hostess for a delightful dinner party
Saturday evening given in honor of
Blanche A. Roark. Covers were laid
for 12 An original Indian summer Idea
was carried out In decorations and serv
ice. Those present wtre Mr. and - Mrs.
t. Greene, Mr. and Mrs. p. Boardman.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Wlnsterley, Mrs. Netla
Rodtrlr, Miss Blanche Roark, Miss Win
nle Nee, Mr. C. N. Montgomery and
George 8. Strong.
Mra W. H. Wehrung of Portland left
the city last Saturday for Long Beach.
Cel.. where she will be She guest of her
daughter,-Mra Roy II. B. Nelson for a
few weeks.
Miss Ruby Page Ferguson and her
fiance, Anthony Kuwer, have been the
inspiration for several Informal affairs
In PorUand since the announcement of
their engagement a abort time ago. Mon- '
day evening they were guests of honor
at a dinner for which Miss Veil Winner
wss hostess at the Hotel Portland. The '
table was most attractive in Its -deoor-y
aUons of pink carnations and Pink '
candles and dainty place cards. Guests
Included Miss Ferguson, Mr. Sower, Mr. .
and Mrs. J. H, Mackenste. Judge and
Mrs. William N. Gatena, Mr. and Mrs..
Frank - - Branch - Riley. Lud wig -U
Pokorney and Dean Collins. . Following'
the dinner the party attended the
Orpheum. Later In the week Mra. Harris
Piatt Allen was hostess for a dinner at
her home in Trinity Place apartments
honoring Miss Ferguson and Mr Euwer
and the members of their bridal party. '
Among -those honoring Mrs. Anna C
Shlllock. whose rrnt mom,.. t..4
Gustav Anderson. Of Baker, at the home w
oi me orme s sister, Mrs. A. E. Doy
lerf Irvlngton, was a delightful event,
are Mra J. L. Bowman. Mrs. Wilson,
wife of Dr. George Wilson, and Mr.
Earl Caton of this city, who entertained-. -Informally
in honor of Mra Andersoa
before her marriage. .
Mrs George Brown was hostess to the
members of the Fortnightly club and
their husbands at a dinner party Satur
day evening. Covers were laid for It
Mrs. James A. Dougherty wss honored
Monday at a tea pr which Mra Polly
T. Lombard was hostess. Mrs. Lombard
left the city Wednesday for California
Spend the Winter months. (
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wi,(-iniii(itajaZ7' " -s(L ?a S?
Mrs. Tisdale and
Her Sister Are
Hostesses at Tea
Of Montreal, who visited Mrs. Margaret
Hill at the PorUand hotel. Miss Shirley
Hill was married last year to Louis
Lemieux and they have since made their
home in London. Mr. and Mrs. Lemieux
are on their way to California and will
f spend a short time In the South, return
ing to their home by way of New Or
leana During their stay In the city
they have been extensively entertained
,by Mra Hill, who planned several motor
jaunts out Columbia river highway with
a luncheon at Crown Point chalet and a
dinner at Forest Hall during the early
part of the week. John Trent, British
consul, was host for a luncheon in their
honor Saturday at, the University club.
Dr. and Mra C J. Smith entertained
them Friday at luncheon at the Port
land hotel and they were also entertained
by C. Henri Labbe, French consul.
Mrs. R. Whitney Holman and here
daughter. Miss Carolyn, were hostesses
.for a Halloween party Friday evening
at their home. The guests Included
about SO of the young folk of the
school set and the affair was a costume
masquerade, given in honor of Miss
Naomi Mader. The evening was spent
in Haloween games and dancing.
An lnterestine visitor at . ,nm. -
S. F. Downey during the past week was
Miss Gertrude Dwire, who is associated
with the national community service of
New York city. Miss Dwlre is on her
way from a visit with her uncle. J. C
Murpby. attorney general of Alaska.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Vogan and Judge
and Mrs. E. V. Littlefield were hosts
for a smart dancing party at the Benson
hotel Thursday evening, their guests in
cluding more than 100 friends.
Honorable George Fowlds and Miss A.
Fowlds of Auckland, New Zealand, re
turned last week from Cleveland, Ohio,
and are guests at the Hotel Portland.
1TORE than 100 guests called during
i-'X the tea. bmin t ik.
Trvlngton home of Mrs. Charles Henry
usnaie and iwr sister. Miss Florence
Johnson. Saturday afternoon, to meet
Mrs. Adraln Mirlmn K v.
parture for California, and to greet
wirs. tawtn Johnson Jr. (Harriet Grlf
f!th). a recent bride.
For the occasion the rooms were
acKea in autumn blossoms, combined
with roeee and ehrv-nntimtina
the tea table was especially attractive
in ua appointments. At tne tea hour,
those who presided at the tea urns
and cut the ices were "Mrs. Ralph E.
Williams. Mrs. Joseph E. Wiley. Mrs.
David Clay and Mra Arthur M. Meara
Assisting about the rooms were Mrs.
John Latourette. Mra Herbert Barbur,
Mra August von Roosendael and Miss
Elizabeth Peacock.
Mrs. Theodore B. Wilcox left the city
Thursday evening for California where
she will be a guest at the home of her
sister. Miss Stevens, in San Diego, for
a short time.
Mrs. Gustav von Egloffsteln. who has
been visiting In the East for several
weeks, has returned to Portland.
" "Si
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