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Leased Wire News Flashes
; rrA&nrsQTOX-a. n. B.y xt
torney General Palmer followed up
his Instructions to district attorneys
to watcb for violators of tbe law on
election day with wired instructions
as to the extent of the corrupt prac
tices act.
Republicans See Lead of 49 In
creased by 20; farmer-Laor
" Party Counts 'an 30 Seats.
, By J. F. Bon man
Chicago. Oct. 30. (U. P.) The
quadrennial scramble for congres
sional seats neared the finish to
night with both major parties claim
lug they would have decisive major
ities in the lower house as a result
Of Tuesday's vote
With 43J representatives to he se
lected, the makeuD of the Incoming
houiM -mimm rtrmi del-Mi Important be-
cauae of tax problems, reconstruction
legislation, soldiers' bonus and other
domestic ? issues & pending.
Republican headquarters here today
confidently predicted their present ma
jority of 49 In tlie house would be
swelled 'by 20 additional representatives.-
Democrats declared their number
would be Increased from 191 to a .ma
jority or at leaat 30.
New rifts in the Democratic . "Solid
South" were counted on by Victor
Heintx, regional chairman of the Re
publican national committee, to give
the Republicans '30 additional repre
sentatives this year, while 19 scat
tered districts were figured for the re
mainder. ' i A. J. Sabbath, regional director of the
. Democratic congressional headquarters
here, expected gains in Indiana. Iowa,
Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North
Dakota, Illinois. Oklahoma and South
Dakota to net the Democrats 40 addi
tional seats fh the lower house.
' Party leaders conceded 28 districts
in IS states Were doubtful. These seats
are: Minnesota 2, New Jersey 4, New
Mexico i. New York . Ohio 2. Pennsyl
vania 1. Tennessee 1. Utah 2, West Vir
ainla 1 and Wisconsin 2. They also are
fiirhtlna- for the seats of Victor Berger,
Wisconsin, Socialist; Oscar Keller and
W. I Carrs, Minnesota, Independents,
and C H. Randall, Collfornla, Prohibi
Socialist headauarters predicted the
reelection of Victor Berger in Wisconsin,
where Republicans and Democrats have
combined in support of W. H. Stafford.
Republicans and Democrats have com
bined In four New York districts against
. Meyer London, C. W. Erwln, Algernon
Lee and Morris Hlllquit, Socialist can
didates. A similar fight is on in one
Pennsylvania district with John M. Mor
rln favored by the old parties against
A. R. Jerllng, 'Socialist
Th Farmef-Labor party, the only
Other ticket in the congressional field,
expected to land 30 seats In their first
effort in a national campaign.
They expect victories in Washington,
Kevado, Montana, Colorado, Idaho and
Jowa. 4t
Plags at Half Mast 1
Sunday, Nov. 14
By iTnited New.
Washington, Oct SO. Old Glory will
be flown at half mast at all military
posts, naval stations and on vessels and
government buildings on Sunday, No
vember' 14. in Commemoration of the
signing of the armistice, according to
an executive order Just issued by Secre
tary of War Baker.
WICHITA 1. N. S.) Tom
Slaughter, notorious bank bandit,
murderer and horsethlef of the
West, is In jail today together with
two accomplices, following an at
tempt to rob a bank at CedarvlUe,
Kan., Thursday afternoon. A re
ward of $35,000 was hanging over
Slaughter's head.
SEATTLE. (U. P. Pre-Hal-loweenpr
s reported 'to the po
lice today Included the theft, of two
barrels of - cider and 65 pies from
the Delta Delta Delta sorority house
in the university district.
eral Felix Dlas arrived here today
and was greeted by his wife.- for
merly 'ftenorita Isabel Alcole of Mex
ico City. It was their first meeting
since 1916. ;
VERA CRCZ U. P.) A general
strike called at the instigation of
dock workers paralysed business
here today. The strikers hoped to
be Joined by all Mexican workers.
DEXTER. Til P.) Footbairs
first victim in Denver this season
Is Charles M. Hanklns. IS. high
whool player. Hanklns is dead to
day following five days' illness that
baffled local physicians.
killed his wife. Jessie, and then put
a bullet Into his own head. Ander
son is not expected to live. .
Rice, .patent attorney, filed a dam
age ault against Secretary of War
Baker and a number of officials of
the war department, seeking dam
ages of mora than 1102,000.000,
SEW YORK. (U. P.) The Amer
ican Railway association, composed
of presidents of principal railroads,
refused to ask the United' States
railroad board to appoint a national
wage adjustment board.
Rockcns Are Congratulated
Mr. and Mrs. Totals A. Rjw'lrftn ar
receiving congratulations on the arrival
of a daughter Saturday.
Wireless to ilashl
Election Returns
(Br Batons! Serrios) ' -. v
Chicago, Oct 10. The wireless will be
used for the first time Tuesday night to
assemble and distribute returns from a
presidential lection. The Hamilton
club of Chicago announced tonight 50,000
amateur wireless operators throughout
the United States have been instructed to
collect returns and flash them to a pow
erful wireless plant installed by the club
here. The Chicago -wireless will flash
the news to receiving stations through
out the country.
Reports from residence sections
throughout the city show that Herbert
Gordon is the favorite candidate of the
voters. Paid advertisement Gordon-for-Mayor
club: Ralph Coan. pres.; C
C. Stout secy.) x
SEW TOItK-d. N. S.) Wall
street election odds today centered
around 10 to 1 in favor of Senator
Charles Anderson, an employe of the
East Bay Water company, shot and
Better Eyesight
the Worker
DON'T merely say,
"Cottage Cheese"
"Red Rock
that's the right name
for the best that's
You'll Like i
"Red Rock"
taught In eight three-hour
lessons. Ladlea 13. gen
tlemen $5, at De Honey's
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Twenty-third and Wash
ington. Beginners' classes
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able partners and prac-
tir Nn.' aTnhn.fl!
Separate hall and extra teachers - for
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lic dance iiaiijr There is no other school
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Portland people to dance. Phone Main
7656. Private lessons all hours.
The defnand for shorter hours, better working
conditions and greater comforts among workers
is almost universal. Conditions are demanded
that make life vorth the living.
There is no one thing that will contribute more
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contented than better eyesight. Every worker
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Leading Clothier
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Tks tW4t Frk Cuarantswa
Witk ETery Chang. ! Market
Showing of the New'
for Women
At Prices Decidedly
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VVe are showing an
unsurpassed collection
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Sport Hose. Warm,
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and service able to
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Plain and Drop Stitch
Sport Hose at
$1.79 Pair
A , "s t a n d a rd quality
seamless wool Sport
Hose made with rein
forced heel and toe both
plain and dropstitch styles
in green and brown
heather mixtures. All
Wool Sport Hose
at $230 Pair
Dropstitch ; wool Sport
Hose made seamless and
shown in popular mix
tures in blue orange, blue
red, brown, brown green,
gold and green, etc. all
New Heather Sport'
Hose at $135 Pair
Another splendid line
of wool Sport Hose in
the popular green, brown,
blue, orange and red mix
tures all sizes. A first
class stocking at a very
low price.
Wool Sport Hose
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Fine worsted Sport
Hose of high grade wor
sted yarns shown in gold,
blue, orange, brown, red,
green heather, etc. Any
size you wish.
. Women's Fine
Worsted Sport Hose
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Both ribbed and drop
stitch Worsted Hose
shown in all sizes in all
good colorings oxford,
navy, white, green and
brown mixtures excep
tional values at this spe
cial price.
Two Leading Lines of
Men's Wool and
Worsted Mixed
Reduced to
A Positive Saving of
85c a Suit
Firt A fine wool
mixed Union Suit of
good heavy winter
weight shown in high
neck, long sleeve styles
in ankle length and
with closed crotch. All
sizes 34 to 46,
T Seconi A splendid
all - the - year - around
weight in fine worsted
mixed Union Suits,
shown in long sleeve
styles with closed
crotch and in all sizes
34 to 46.
Choice From Either of
These Perfect Fitting
Union Suits at $345
Principal Portland Agents Bnttartck
Patterns AH Uvs New Style Ar
HasVi. AH Sissw .
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fcaaomr ad Quality v Combined for
; Biff or Basinets and ' BeUor "Values
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Sale of Handsome Suits
About 30 of the latest stvle
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ment each one of . different
si- a
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Regular Prices r
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$59.50 to
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Outing Flannels at
35c Yard
36-inch standard quality
White Outing Flannels.
Nainsook Long Cloth
at 39c Yard
36-Inch fine nainsook finish
Longcloth of perfect quality.
Bleached Bath Towels, 1 8 by 36 inches, OQp
hemmed reduced to, each Os7!
Japanese Lunch Cloths, 60 by 60 inches, Qr
pretty designsreduced to, each tJ)Xe7tl
Outing Flannels at
25c Yard
Both Strip and Check Out.
In Flannels in light and dark
.pattern. . - . .
I on' i
Reduced Prides on All Men's
Phoenix Silk Hose
25c tor Longcloth and Swiss Embroidery Skirting.
19c for all sorts dfsirabl' Laces for holiday sewing.
Goetz Taffetas Now
$230 Yard
No other Silks of such fine
quality and weight can be found
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rect colors are here.
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The Famous High Grade
Goetz Dress Satins
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Come to this flfle ancl you'll have selection from a wonderfully attractive assortment
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