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Davis . Army
Oregon Teams Defeated
Gorman ReadV to Meet
Loses to INotre Dame
r ,. : ' ': "i i
Stanford "U"
. .. . .
Beats Oregon
Alto, Cal., Oct 80. (U. P.) The
Stanford unl varsity footbay team
cam Into its own today.
It reversed the dope, startled the
xperts and sent itself into a wild
delirium of Joy by beating the Uni
versity of Oregon In a hard-fought
fame, 10 to 0.
Oregon came south figured a win.
ner, but tonight it was forced to ad
mit defeat.
Stanford scored In the last half,
after the first half of the game had
been a scoreless deadlock.
Tb eaunaaary toBmi:
Stanford (IS)
lHtMM .......
Position- Oregon 0
,,,,LI Brown
, . . .Ui Mguu
...XT... B. Uslls
Right n Leali
Pfenning k r onieiaa
hn , HO Ward
Aaama BK Howard
B SbUadcrmsa Q Beinhart
Vlk- Cpt) I.H Hill
fenpletaa HH . . . . Steam (Cent)
Fetric K Kln
Stanford 0 0 7 S 10
Onto , 0 0 0 0 0
ToucMov WUcos.
CnI . treat tsncMen Teaepletoa.
Goal from field Tempirton.-
Bnbetitntta Onmn: Jacobberatr tor Bara-
har. Cbapraaa for Hill. Stanford: Lery for
Dmihl HeUer for Dcgroot. Woollome for
Patrick. Campbell tor Wilcox. Aroett tor
Campbell. K. gblaaderraan for Adama
Officiala Car (Washington State), refer;
Corbel (University of Waahincton) , umpire;
Bunt lBtliana), bca4 Uaeamaa.
Brains Are Helpless
- Pullman. Wash.. Oct. SO. (U. P.)
The Washing-ton State college Cougars
clawed the Montana Bruins 31 to 0
todav. After being held- to a 8 to 0
score for two periods, W. S. C opened
up the third period with a series of
spectacular end runs and forward
passes. In which Moran, Jenne, Skadan
and Loomls featured. During the pe
riod the Cougars pushed the pigskin
over the line three times, and aa often
kicked goal, making the score at the
end of the period 24 to 0.
Early in the period Moran got
away to a 60-yard run for a touch
down, and the Montana team seemed
to be thrown into disorder, for the
next three scores were the result of
fumbles, of which the Cougars took
advantage. The play, of the Cougars
In this period was exceptionally fast
In the fourth period, a pass, Skadan
to Loomis, and a 15-yard run by
Loom is, put the ball over for the final
Idaho Defeats Whitman
.Walla Walla. Wash.. Oct 0. U. P.)
After being scored against three times
in the first half. Whitman college grid
ders this afternoon held University of
Idaho scoreless In ths second period, and
sent the ball across for a touchdown
early In the third quarter and several
times threatened "the Moscovltes' goal
line. The final seore was: t Idaho, 21;
Whitman. 7. -:
It was th.yracusevforward paauto-.
gather with the breaks ef the gam
which gave the visitors their three tal
lies In the first two periods, two in the
first quarter and one in the second.
Intercepting a forward pass on Whit
man's 25-yard line, they succeeded in
making slight .gains through the line and
sent the ball over with a perfect forward
pass, after seven minutes of play.
It was practically a duplication of
these plays which gave them their sec
ond touchdown in the first period. Con
tinual gains around the ends, together
with short forward passes, accounted for
the- third touchdown.
Jefferson lxees to Salem
v"'-"t University. Salem, Oct
. (Special) Salem High defeated the
. . BChool of Portland by a
. n score this afternoon on the
fiweetland field. The game was inter
eau'K mroughuut and was marked by
the line plunges of the Salem eleven. In
which Socolofsky especially featured.
The visitors were unsuccessful in a line
offensive and used passes with some
Cream of Chicken Corn Soup or
Chicken Broth in Cup
Cdery Pine Olirea
Head Lettuce Roquefort Dressinf or
s Shrimp Salad
1 choice or
E Leg of Spring Lamb, Mint Sauce
s Roast Prime Ribs Au Jus
3 Roast Domestic Duck, Jelly
I - Roast Leg of Veal, Dressing
- Roast Young Chicken, Giblet Sauce
Baked or Mashed Potatoes
I Stringless Beans Creamed Cauliflower
Lima Beans Buttered Asparagus on Toast
- Rolls or Bread and Butter
a French Pastry Pudding; Ice Cream or Choice af Pic
Te Coffee Hot Chocolate Milk
I H azelwood Plate Dinner 75c
Cream of Chicken Corn Soup
S Choice of Salmon, Halibut or
? Chicken Fricasset with Noodles or
Kotst Veal with' Dressinr
Saugless Beans, Creamed Cauliflower
5 Mashed or Baked Potatoes
i Chowe of Pie. Pudding or Ice Cream
Tea Coffee Milk or Buttermilk
J Hazelwood Vegetable Dinner 40c
5 " Baked Sweet Potatoes
Creamed Cauliflower umt Beans
1 ' Aparajn$ on Toast
I Bread and Butter
ia coffee r M0k
' C coNrrrrinKnor tsEszmnxr
f 388 Washington St.
California won the tost and chose to
receive, selecting the north goal with
the advantage of a stiff breese.
Captain Rose, for the O. A C.
kicked off IE yards to Latham, first down
on California 47-yard line. 'Nisbett punt
ed 40 yards to O. A. C. 10-yard line, Mc
Kenna downed in his tracks. McKenna
punted 35 yards to O. A. C 40-yard line.
Sprott made I yards through center and
repeated for 2 more through left tackle.
Toomey made 2 yards through center.
O. A C. penalised yards for offside.
First down on O. A C. 10-yard line.
Toomey made S yards through center on
a criss-cross. Toomey circled left end for
21 yards and was downed by McKenna
on I-yard line, but Toomey fumbled the
ball, McKenna recovering for O. A C.
on his own $-yard line, McKensa punt
ed 28 yards to Toomey, who returned
the ball 10 Tarda Woods Injured, time
out for O. A. O. First down on O. A. C.
22-yard line. - -
Toomey gained 4 yards jpn right end
run. oToomey repeated with' a yards
around right end. Toomey made 4 more
on a center smash first down on O. A. C
berger, who was downed in his tracks on
O. A. C. 35-yard line. Kasberger was
thrown by Nlsbett for S-yard losa For
ward pass, McKenna to Woods, netted
7 yards, ball on California's 43-yard line.
Fourth down.
McKenna punted 30 yards to Toomey
In mtdfield. wh'o fumbled. Rose for O.
A- C. recovering the ball on California
47-yard Una O. A. C. ball first down.
HodJer no gain, McKenna no gain. Fop
ward pass. Woods to Rose, fumbled and
Incomplete. On - fourth down McKenna
punted 31 yards to Toomey, who was
downed by Rose on California's 19-yard
Una Nlsbett punted 40 yards to Kaa
berger, who downed in tracks on O. A.
C. 35-yard line. Kasberger was thrown
by Nlsbett for 5-yard loss. Forward
paasr McKenna to Woods, netted 7 yards,
ball on California's 43-yard Una Fourth
McKenna punted 33 yards to Toomey
on California's 10 yard line. Toomey
downed in tracks. Nisbett punted 50
yards to McKenna. who fumbled but
recovered ball on O. A. C. 32 yard line.
Kasberger, no gain. McKenna hit cen
ter for 3 yarda MeKenna made 1 yard
through same place. On fourth down
McKenna punted 31 yards to Toomey
on California 37 yard line. Rose throw
ing him in hla tracks, Sprott gained 3
yards through center. Nlsbett punted 48
yards to McKenna who was downed by
Berkey on O. A. C. 13-yard Una. Mc
Kenna punted 30 yards to Toomey who
was' downed by Kasberger on O. A C.
40 yard line.
O. A C. penalised 6 yards on first
down for off aide. '
First down on O. A. C. 36 yard line.
Toomey gained 4 yards around right end.
Nlsbett plunged 1 yard through right
taekle. Forward pass,' Sprott to Berkey,
netted S yarda First down on O. A. C.
21 yard Una Time out for O. A. C. Hod
ler injured.
t HoMer taken out Sommers replaces
him. Nlsbett fumbled and Crenmer for
California recovered ball on O. A C.
20 yard line.'' '
End first Quarter. California 0, O.
A C. 0.-
Forward pass, sprott; . to Erb, gained
three yards. Fourth down ; ball on O.
A OU,yndlfn- ttcJPlet forward
past gavfr ball toO, A C. tip- their,, li.
yard tine. McKenrta punted' 60 yards
to Toomey. who ran ball back to Cali
fornia 48 yard line.
Toomey hit right tackle for - seven
yards. Sprott hit Center for first down.
Ball on O. A. C. 48 yard Una Sprott
hit left tackle for three yards. Toomey
went around right end for four yarda
On a criss-cross Toomey went around
right end for 15 yards. First down on
O. A. C. 26 yard Una
O. A. C. penalized five yards on first
down. First down on O. A C. 21-yard
line. Sprott went through center for
ten yards. First down on O. A. C. -11-yard
line. Toomey made two yards
through left tackle and O. A. C. penal
ized five yards for off side. First down
on O. A. C. six yard line. Sprott went
around left end for six yards and a
touch down. Toomey kicked goat Score,
California 7. O. A. C. 0.
Rose kicked off 60 yarda to Sprott
who ran bail back 20 yards to Califor
nia's 80-yard Una Sprott gained one yard
around left end. Toomey went through
right tackle for four yards. Sprott hit
1 -V-
Off tackle for sewn yards. First down
on California's 42-yard line Toomey no
gain. California penalised five yards for
off side. Sprott dove three yards through
center. A cries cross Sprott to
Toomey gained seyea yayd around left
end. Sprott went around right end for
three yarda Fourth down on O. A. C.
4-yard Una, Sprott held fee ne gain.
O. A. G ball on their 49-yard line.
The Aggies tried forward pass, but it
was Incomplete.. Another long forward
pass incomplete.
Forward pass. Rose to Kasberger. net
ted 8 yarda Forward pass, Kasberger
to McKenna. netted 1 yard. California's
ball on their own 40-yard line. First
down there, Sprott ne gain. Toomey hit
center for S yarda California penalized
6 yards for offside. Forward, pass,
Sprott to Berkey, gained 7 yarda "Nls
bett punted 38 yards, ball falling dead
on O- A. C 19-yard line. First down
for O. A. C. Kasberger lost 1 yard
through center. McKenna punted 34
yards to Sprott who returned t yards.
Firqt down on California 48-yard line.
Sprott made three yards through cen
ter. Sprott six yards off left tackle.
Nisbett made two through center for
first down on 0.f A. rC. 42-yard Una
Toomey thrown for one yard losa Cali
fornia penalised IS yarda for holding.
First down on California's 45-yard line.
Twanty-sia yards to galq. Sprott circled
left end for nine yards. Toomey three
through center. ' Sprott gained four
around right end. Nisbett punted 35
yards to O. A C. five yard line, ball fall
ing dead. Tims was called, ending the
half. Score end flret half, California 7,
Aggies 0.
Nisbett kicked off 40 yards to Kas
berger of the Aggies, who returned ball
21 yarda First down, on O. A G. 40
yard Una
Woods no gain. MeKenna made 2
yards through center, Kasberger made 2
yardih through center. McKenna punted
41 yards to Toomey, who returned 9 yards.
First down on California's 29-yard Una
Sprott made half yard on long right end
run. Nisbett punted 35 yards to Kas
berger, who was downed on O. A C. 81
yard line. MeKenna no gain. Sommers
no gain. A forward pasa, McKenna to
Rose, netted 15 yards, but was ruled
incompleted and the bail was brought
McKenna punted 40 yarda to Toomey,
who ran ball back 12 yards. First down
on California's 41-yard line. Sprott ran
around left end for 15 yards. First
down on O. A. C 44-yard line. Toomey
hit canter for 9 yarda Both sides off
si da Sprott was thrown for 2 yards
loss by Sommers. Toomey went through
center for 7 yards. First down en O.
A. C. 29-yard line. Sprott gained half
yard through left tackle. .
Nlsbett went through center for ro
yarda Toomey made half yard through
center. Stewart Intercepted a forward
pass on O. A. C.'s 28-yard Una First
down for O. A. C- McKenna fumbled but
recovered. No gain, McKenna punted
40. yards to Toomey who returned 10
yards to midfield.
Nlsbett punted 40 yards out of bounds.
First down on O. A. C's 10-yard Une.
McKenna punted 33 yards to Toomey
who fumbled but recovered, carrying the
ball out of bound. California's ball on
O. A C's Sfr-rard Una. Eorott wan
'hFfcXMO(..Stj9. g-aln.' J0sbstt
hit 4f I tackle for three yards.: Forward
pass incomplete. O. A. C.'s baU on their
32-yard iine. Woods lost one yard
through center. Woods tumbled, Mc
Kenna recovered ball for four yards
California penalised five yarda for off
slda First down on O. A C.'s 32-yard
line. Sommers went off tackle for eight
yarda McKenna went through center
for four yards. O, A. C. penalised 15
yards for holding.
McKenna on a criss-cross went around
right end for 14 yarda Kasberger made
first down through center. First down
on O. A. C. 45-yard Una O. A. C pen
alized IS yarda for holding. Forward
pass Incomplete. McKenna made ( yards
on fake punt formation. McCart goes
in for Clarke on a long forward pasa on
a fake. McFadden took the bail and
ran 60 yards and was downed on Cali
fornia 12-yard line by Sprott after he
had eluded entire California team. Mc
Kenna lost on a line plunge, being hurled
back by Sprott. Forward pass incom
plete. Forward pass, McKenna to Stew
art, netted 5 yarda First down on Cali
fornia's 15-yard Una O. A. C ball; end
third quarter. Score California 7, O. A.
C. o.
McKenna no gain. Forward pass
Kasberger. Wood gained 11 yards. Ball
on California's 6-yard line. O. A. C.
first down. California was off side and
was penalized three yarda Harold Mc
Kenna replaced Woods. Ball on Cali
S ifornia's 1-yard line.
unroia nicnenna went over tor a
tcujhdown. Andy Crowell kicked goat
Score, California 7, O. A C 7.
Hose kicked off 37 yards to Muller,
no return. Ball on California's 34-yard
line, first down. Niebett punted 43
yards to McKenna. no return. BaU on
O. A C 29-yard Una
Sommers made 1 yard thnfugh center.
Hug-hie MeKenna made 8 yards through
center, but O. A. C. penalised 15 yards
for holding. Harold McKenna no gain.
Kasberger no gain. MeKenna punted
35 yards to Erb no return. Ball on
O. A C. 42-yard "ne. first down.
Sprott went through center for 2 yarda
A criss-cross Sprott to Toomey gained
1 yard. A triple pass Toomey to
Muller gained IS yarda BaU on O. A.
22-yard Una Sprott plunged through
.enter for 5 yarda. Morrison goes In
for Nlsbett Toomey was thrown for
; yards loss by Clark. On a criss
croea Toomey went around left end for
7 yarda First down on O. A C 9-yard
Una Hall goes in for Berkey for Cali
fornia. . Toomey made two yards through cen
ter. Morrison gained two yarda through
-nter. Sprott made one yard through
center, Kasberger making a wonderful
tackle from behind. Toomey dropped a
place kick from the 17-yard Una, Score.
California 10, u. A. U. 7,
Deeds went in for Sprott Toomey
Automotive School
AUTOMOBILE COURSE Laboratory tad shop training and .practical
repair features. Best of equipment tn all departments. One high
trade Instructor to every twelve students. Special courses: Igni
tion. Startlnf and lighting. Power Plant. Storage Battery, Chassis.
TRACTOR Special training on Farm Tractors j practical overhauhng
and repair in addition to theory.
MAOnNE-TltAJNING for Omited number of students on lithe, drill
press, miller, shaper.
VULCANTZINCr Rertlr and retreading of all kinds of casings. Prac
tical shop training. (
. INVESTIGATE before deciding. CHp this ad, aad bring or send to
Gorman Will
Have Tough
Ring Battle
Br George Bert
TCTEDNESDAY night's boxing card
" at Mllwaukle will afford the
Portland fistic followers an oppor
tunity to see some of their old favor
ites in action.
Joe Gorman, who probably has more
individual followers than any other
boxer in Portland at the present time,
will tangle in a 10-round bout with
Jack Davis of Oakland. CaL This will
be Gorman's first appearance in Port
land since his last sensational 10-round
battle with "Young" 'Brown.
Since meeting Brown, Gorman has had
seven battles, winning four of them aad
getting an even break in the other
three- He fought Earl Baird twloa. the
first being a 10-round draw at Salem
and ths second bout resulting in Gor
man gettfng the verdict in four rounds
In San Francisco. He fought Macarlo
Florea, the Manila battler, twice and
gained decisions over Harry Pelsinger
and Rud Ridley. One of the draw bat
tles was with Morgan Jones on the
nige.1 following the second Florea con
tent. Davis, Gorman's opponent is a will
ing mixer and possesses a stiff right
hand punch. Gorman will testify to
both facts, for last February the Oak
land battler put Joe on the floor for sev
eral seconds.
Davis Is hopeful of beating Gorman.
Davis is scheduled to arrive today to
start training for the contest
The Portland fans arc due to see a
real fighting machine in "Kid" Palmer.
according to his manager. Palmer, who
can make the weUerweight limit has
agreed to take on Jimmy Darcy, an old
favorite here, to show the fans what be
carries in his arms and ehouWera
Palmer has kayos to his credit over
Young George and Bert Collma, the
best raiddleweigbts in Los Angelea He
also beat "Speed-ball" Hayden in Ari
zona. The Ole Anderson-Leo Cross contest
should be an appetizer for the other 10
round clashes. Anderson is Improving
with' every battle and he may be forced
to step to beat' Cross, who will make
his first appearance here in several
yeara v4
Manager Moore of the Milwaukie
arena hopes to be able to give the fans
better from now on. When the arena
was first opened five -minute ear service
was given, but later was cut down when
the patronage fell off. Now it is ex
pected to give 15-minute service from
1:30 to S o'clock on the evenings of
A change in smoker nights is also
being contemplated by Moore. The next
smoker will be staged either Monday
night, November 15, or Tuesday nigh
November 18.
Tiekets for Wednesday's smoker will
be placed oh sale Monday at SUller'a
and Rich's.
, ,.,.,. i . - r.iy-;..ii .y.ta .. t- -
kicked off 60 yards over the goal Una
O. A. C's baU on their 20-yard line.
First down.
Forward pass Kasberger to Rose net
ted seven yarda Incomplete forward
pasa Forward pass McKenna to Kas
berger netted 11 yarda Forward pass
incomplete. Ball on O. A C.'s 40-yard
line. Another forward pasa incomplete.
Forward pass, McKenna to Sommers
netted 11 yards. First down In mid
field. Forward pass Incomplete. Erb
Intercepted a forward pass. California's
ball In midfield. First down, Toomey
two yards through center. California
penalized five yards off side. Morri
son punted to McKenna who fumbled
the ball. Hall for California recovered
ball on O. A. C.'s 5-yard line.
Toomey hit center for 1 yard. On
criss-cross Toomey held for no gain.
Morrison bucked center 2 yards, ball
on O. A. C.'s 1-foot line. Morrison went
over for touchdown by inches. Toomey.
kicked goal..
Score: California, 17: O. A C 7.
Hayden went in for Stewart, Daigh
went in for Rosa Johnston for Clarke.
Morrison kicked off over goal line. O.
A. C.'s ball on their 20:yard line, first
down there.
Hayden failed to gain. Forward pass
Forward pass Incomplete. McKenna
kicked 30 yards to Toomey, who ran
back 7 yarda Ball on O. A C's 44
yard llna First down.
Time is called, ending the gama
Conzagsv Is Coming
GONZAGA COLLEGE football players
of Spokane will invade Portland
for the first time next Saturday after
noon to tangle with the Multnomah
Amateur Athletic club team. The Gon-
zagana are being coached by Mike Dor
iaa, former Notre Danie football star.
who, several years ago, was mentioned
as all-American quarterback.
Sam Dolan of O. A C. will referee
the contest while Ed "Slip" Madlgan,
coach of the Columbia university eleven
of the Portland Inter schoL&stio league,
will be the umpire. The game will be
called at 2:30 o'clock on Multnomah
Casualties Are Reported
Marshfteld. Oct 30 North Bend high
school football team defeated Coquille at
North Bend this afternoon by a 62 to 0
score. Wayland Ball com of the winners
had his nose broken, while Lloyd Haynea
of Coquille had one of his ribs broken.
Cornell Runners Win
Ithaca, N. T. Oct 10. (L N. S
Cornell defeated Harvard, over a six-
mile cross country course here this
Davis Cup
Team Here
November 10
MEMBERS of the United States
Davis Cup tennis team will be
featured In several exhibition matches
in the Pacific International Exposi
tion pavilion In North Portland on
the sight of Wednesday, November
This was the announcement made by
Walter A. Goes, sectional delegate of
the United States Lawn Temiis associ
ation, Saturday after having spent con
siderable time and trouble on telegraph
mesaagea and long- distance calla The
men originally were' billed for appear
ance in Portland November t, but a
change of plans was forced on the loeal
committee and now comes definite word
that it will be November 10.
Chairman Goes Is highly elated over
the fact that the world's champion,
William Tilden II. will be seen here,
for it was for a time believed that the
tall Philadelphlan would not appear in
any more exhibitions in this country
until alter the pavla cup competition
in Australia.
The American team la due to arrive
In San Francisco this week and will
depart for the Rose city In time to be
here early Wednesday morning. Novem
ber 10, the original sailing data The
departure from the continent wss set
for November 13, and word was received
here yesterday that It would be two
days later still before the Niagara would
be ready to leave for the Antipodes. .
Tacoma will have the pleasure of play
ing host to the four great players. Wil
liam Tilden II. William Johnston. Sam
uel Hardy and Watson Washburn, as
will the Seattle enthusiasts. The night
show in Portland will be a big thing,
according to the present plana of the
committee In charge. Arrangements are
being made to handle the largest crowd
ever attending an event In the Pacific
International Livestock pavilion.
The final challenge matches for the
Davis cup will be held In New Zealand
late in December. The Americana won
their right to challenge for the famous
trophy by virtue ef going through the
challenge round without losing a match.
France was defeated first and then Eng
land's best went down to defeat
TRden won the alnglea championship
of London and later went to Wimbleton.
England, tournament where the men's
singles honors of the world, were con
tested for. He want through with fly
ing colors and It was the first time an
American had ever been able to win
the event.
Sam Hardy, a veteran of the oourts
for more than 25 years, is captain of
the team and Is in full charge of the
playing of the distinguished visitors.
A.s B. McAlpln. president of the Port
land Lawn Tennis association, may call
8 meeting of the organization this week
to arrange for some of the details of
bringing the players to Portland. To
Walter A. Goes goes -the honor of having
the. men atop -ffrla the Northwest to
play any matches.
Chicago in Big
CHICAGO. Oct 20. (U. P.)HCb
cago was eliminated "big ten"
champion' eentender when it
beaten by Ohio, 7 to 6, here today.
The Ohio victory came in the last few
minutes of play when a Maroon wln
seemed almost certain.
Chicago made Its score In the first
five minutes of play when Fullback
Palmer picked up Cott's fumble and
raced 60 yards over a elear field for a
touchdown. Jackson failed at goal.
From then on the Maroons played a
tight game. Although Pete SUuch
eomb and H. Workman got away for nu
merous gains, the Stagg men held In
the pinches and apparently had the
game cinched when a weak punt by
Clark on the 15 yard line bounded
across the field. Myers. Ohio's end;
picked up the ball and carried It to the
Maroon 29 yard line before he was
stopped. , The Ohioans, with but little
time left played fast and despite Chi
cago's violent efforts, worked the ball
scroes for a touchdown, S. Taylor mak
ing the score. Quarterback Workman
kicked goal.
SUncbcomb and Workman starred for
Ohio. Both made numerous spectacular
gains. Workman's punting averaged
about 60 yarda
nilnolf Breaks Jinx
Urbana, 111., Oct SO. (U. P.) Minne
sota was defeated for the first time In
Its history on an Illinois football field
today when Coach Zuppke's squad won
from the Northerners by a score ef
17 to 7. Both of the Illinois touch
downs came as the result of long for
ward passes, Walquist to Carney. Ralph
Fletchers easy field goal in the final
period brought the total count up to 17.
The Gophers only score came In the
third period. Ecksberg carried Rubens'
long forward pasa over and then kicked
George A. Anderson,
To Leave Portland
George A. Anderson, one of the meet
popular and beat known members of the
Multnomah Amateur Athletic club, will
leave Portland within the next few days
to become manager of the A. G. Spald
ing A Bros, interests in Western Can
ada,' with headquarters in Vancouver. B.
C. The three provinces, British Colum
bia, Saskatchewan and Alberta, will be
under his direct supervision as far as
the sporting goods world is concerned.
Anderson has been affiliated with the
A G. Spalding k Bros, for the last seven
years, all of which time, with the excep
tion of the la?t eight months which were
pent with the ' San Francisco and Se
attle branches, being with the Portland
store. He always has been Interested In
amateur athletics and was the official
referee of the Pacific coast conference
basketball games fore last two yeara
He is, well versed on football and offi
ciated at many of the big college games
of recent yeara
Kirschbaum Clothes Included
overcoats 02.00
overcoats $36.00
overcoats $40.00
oAnd please bear in mind that the original prices
were markea upon an)
Additional Sports
;In ; Section Six
Sport features and news will
be found on pages 4, 5 and 6
of section six.. " Some of the
feature art gathered bv a
corps of experts including
Henry h. Farrellof the Unit
ed Press and Jack Vieock of
the International News.
At Wait releWfotre Dam 97; Anmr IT.
At -Ithaoa Cora 24: Mete ft.
At SwartSior gwartkaaora 0: Fiaaaha
aad IfanhaU e. . .
At Cambria- fTanud 14) Virginia 0.
At New Ha - rata 21; OolsaU T.
At Princeton frtnaaloa
10; Watt Tir-
Btaie 8.
At Worcester Holy Crow 8; arraeoae 0.
At Philadelphia Pann Stata 2: Paan. T.
At New York Columbia 20; Williams 14.
At Pittabnrg PfcUburg lfarttt 0.
At Amhemt Amhrrat 88; Hamilton 7.
At Lrwiaborc Bucknell 81: 81 ' Bonaraa
tur 0. ,
At Sooth BeUtleba takigk 8) OereagU
Tsell. S.
At Hano-rcr Dartmouth ti ; Tufta T.
At AanapoUa Mary 47; Western Reaatve 0.
At Haiti oi ore Georgetown 28; Johns llop
glna T,
At Chapel HID TJnlTrit of Atarrlaad IS;
T'nfnoity of North Carolina O.
At AUaala Georgia Tech. 94; Center 0.
At KaahTtlb VaadcrbUt 30; Kaotaeky ft.
At BireniDfham Knwiut 0; Alabaata 31.
At Charlotte Dtridaoa 27 ; Citeda) IS.
At Waeo Soothweatcra 7; Bayiur 0.
At Howrtoa Taxaa 21; Bice 0.
At Fort Worth T. C. V, 8 PluUht 0.
At Pallaa 8. M U. 38; Trinity t.
At Tttiaa aUadaU 14; North waaura Mor
aul 7.
At rMrolV Carenuty ef Detroit 81; rerd
hara 0.
At Aaa Arbor Michigan 21; Tulaaa ft.
wamera Htatas Twhm 0 ; Paraona .
At lt Moiuas uraia 7; UTisDnl 7.
At Ikibuqua yornail aoUaga 7; Ualteniti
ef Dubuque 19.
Chicago 8; Ohio State T.
RUaoU 17; Minn-oU 7.
VVabaih 14; Ptutiaa It.
towa State 24; Waahlnftea) 7.
Nerthwaatera T; India aa JO.
At Dearer Wyoming 14; Colorado Mines 7.
At Colorado Springs Colorado coUega 7; Col
orado IT. T.
At Iaeaa, Utah Colorado Aggiaa 21; TJteh
Aggie 0.
paeirio coast
At Lea Angele Cnltarmitr of
California 7 1 Pomona O.
At Corraja--fJnlTlty ef California 17;
Ores us Aggi TV
At Palo Alto Stanford BniTarsltr 18; TJai
renitj of Oregon 0.
At Walla Walla UoiTenitr of Idahe 21.
Whitman College 7.
At Palo- Alto Cnl-rarartr of Soothers Cali
fornia Preahmea 8ft; Stanford FreahmeB O.
At Pullman Washington State oullcg 81;
rjaiveraitf ef ateetaaa 0.
At SaJrm lm high 14, Jeffaisoa high of
ForUead 0,
afansger-Coacb Fred McKeown of the
Multnomah Guards football squad com
pleted' arrangements with Manager
Harry Dorman of the Multnomah Ama
teur Athletic club eleven to have the
two teams hold scrimmage on Multno
mah field this "morning at 8 :0 o'clock.
All Multnomah Guard athletes are re
quested to be on hand promptly on
time and all will be given a chance to
show what they can do in a practice
game against the Winged "M" contin
gent Car
Men !
To satisfy the public demand for
lower clothing prices, even at a
sacrifice of all profit and a very
substantial sum besides
$55 suits and overcoats
$6o suits and overcxats
$65 suits and overcoats
exceptionally Close oasts.
Game Is Wbii
By Notre Diune .
By aTock Veiock . .
WEST POINT. N. Y., Oct. S0.(l. -
N. B.) Notre Dame scored
brilliant victory over the Army here $'
thia afternoon In" the seventh annual. "l
game between the two teams. Theaw"
count was 27 to 17, in favor of Notre
Dame. - - r y:'J'
A crowd of nearly 8000 enthualasUe - "
football fans witnessed the contest. Left
Halfback Glpp and Mohardt. his running
mate In the backfleW, starred for the in
vadera Fullback Wynn also contributed . ; .
to Notre Dame's victory. The army was
superior to the Tisltora in the first half. . y ,
and led by the score of 17 to 14, In the
last half, however, Coach Rockne'e X)lue
and Gold eleven took the aggressive and
kept the ball In army territory a great
part of the time. Notre Dame has now
won five games to Army's two.
Yalo 21, Colgate 1
New Haven. Conn., Oct. 80. Tale de
feated Colgate SI to 7 In a hard fought
game here today, using mostly second 7 .
string men against the Maroons. Colgate
threw a scare Into the Blue team In the
third quarter, earning a clean-out touch- - :
down. The Klis got away to an eaiy
lead of It points in the opening quarter.
After that period Colgate fought bard.
traveling rough-shod through the Blue
Une at timea, Webster. Colgate' left
halfback, and Swentor at fullback were
the stars of the Maroon eleven. Webstar ,
reeled off gains totaling 130 yarda in '
the dosen or more times he carried the '
halL I. 1
Long rtuu Brings Win
Palmer tjtadium, Princeton, N. J.. Oct. .-' .
80. (I. N. S.) A last minute sprint of 1
43 yards by Garrity gave Princeton S
close victory over West Virginia unl f
verslty football team here thts afternoon,
10 to 8. Each team had scored a goat r -'
from the field when Oarrtly Intercepted
a West Virginia forward pass In ' the
fourth quarter on West Virginia's 41
yard line anddashed across for a touch- ; -down.
Murrey kicked the goat John-
son saved the Mountaineers from a shut
out when he booted' a field goal over the .
cross bar from the 15-yard line. Murrey
kicked Princeton's field goal, also a drop
kick, from the 18-yard line.
Crimson Victorious f- :
(By rtilwrael Serriee)
Cambridge, Mass.. Oct 30. Harvard
had an easy scrimmage of it today,
defeating the University of VlrfThia bv
the score of 24 to 0. The Crlmsoti used
a substitute lineup against the South
erners. Virginia had a particularly ef- i
fectlve forward pasa, but could m&kt
no headway, against the Harvard Urn ' "
In the danger sona r,
Owing to his stand against the' estrs
3-mlII levy, saddling approximately
8800,000 onto them, trio taxpayer
throughout Portland are turning to
Herbert Gordon aa the only candidate
who carrlead them out of thfuflnanctal
wilderness. Reports from all points, ex
cepting the north end. indicate this.
(Paid advertisement Oordon-for-Mayor
club ! Ralph Coan, pres. ; C C. Stout,
127 -Broadway:
tk gad Taylor Streets