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ohzgo:i daily -jou:;::au p outlaid, fiuday, july i:f
Small, 'Allied Ay;:;Writ';:Bev;'- Could, Easily , Crasir
olshevisis of
Cut Food Is Short as Well as
t Munitions , and Allies Could
Quickly End Sway of the Reds.
i. .: s :'' '.'-1 ' ..... . '
Opposition to --Bolshevism i Very
" Bitter, but. Not Wetted Into
t Force Able I to "Take Action.
(Edward Bins win' Budapest -. whsa th
mei rtTolution fcrok oat and u tha only
eonaapmidaat who hu rer bea able to stake
timet filina from that city cincxi Uwa. Ha hu
i'it arrivvd In Tirana whei k to Ira from ttaa
Itucfariaa censor.) -, .. ' - - . t .- :
- X';':Byflttward Bine; -
fCoprriHtl0lV6r the United Pros).
Vienna July 15. (Delayed.)
Bolshevik .Hungary, ' like a wounded
lion at bay, stands ready to battle the
Whole world in defense of the soviet
government. ' '
Yet a small allied army especially
If It Includes American and British'
troops, could crush the lied army
with ease., -
After personally wltnesslns the
whole course of the revolution In
Budapest, X am able to state this with
authority. . '
, The food situation' throughout Hun
gary is critical.' Budapest Is virtually
ItarVing. - .The country 1 torn by in
ternal 'dissensions. ; Bela Kun is con
fronted wUh the ? problem ot raising
an rmr from ' a people - whose morale
U at ' its lowest .ebb,, and equlpplngvtt
With arms and munitions that are
practically non-existent, f '
v-Should the expected : allied offensive
fail to materialise there Is one ' other
factor that could hrlng about the Bol
shevik! downfall, concerted attack ' by
the diversified , anti-soviet elements.
Nurses 4f. the American expeditionary forces photographed on the deck of a ferry which was to carry
' them from the dock at Brest to a home'gbing liner lying in the harbor. The departing nurses were given
i royal Bend-off.; Army bands" played a loud farewell and thousands ? of . doughboy cheered them on
' their way. - i . ? " ' '
, The Red , jurmy is prepared to fight
the Houmanlans ' ana cseens ana
probably could wage a successful war
fare against v them but It has ne
stomach for battling its brothers in
the White army."
At' present the White forces are scab
tered and without competent, leaders
or a definite . objective. - Entire di
visions of the i Red forces, however,
have served formal notice that .they
will, refuse to tight the White army.
A number of workmen' battalions were
disarmed and returned to the factories
because of this . defiance. :;'-'-. a
An allied offensive undoubtedly would
result ; in an, immediate crisis In the
1 leva the order which has so far -been
maintained by ; the Beds in Budapest
would . continue.'; But - if "vthe White
. army were to attack It Is certain the
streets would run red with blood, since
there are .-tens of thousands of bitter
anti-Bolsheviks : In the capital 4 who
would welcome 'such - n. signal , for a
counter revolt- - These same persons
pould be counted upon to resist an
allied offensive because of racial pride.
There is a strong political movement
against - the Soviets under 2 way al
ready, ' fostered by the powerful trade
itnlona. At the .same, time, -the Bed
-ieaders are- growing more-and more
vadicaL -" There" are - at least 400 politi
cal prisoners -now In -Budapest Jails.
: The railway trainmen, postal and i tele-
graph , employes plan a -fusion .which
would greatly strengthen' their opposi
tion to the Soviets. t -
- The bourgeolse, as a whole, have
been cowed by the Bolshevlkl. Every
man of that class between 18 and 46
has been ordered mobilised and pressed
Into service with the Jted army. Many
of them are now engaged in erecting
powerful ' defenses around Budapest; in
preparation for - a last ' stand - defense
of the . capital, should this , be neces
sary. ;K -yy.'r:, - '
: General . Boehm, commander in chief
of . the Red army,, has . resigned. . fill
health" - was the reason ' assigned. It
is likely, however, that the real 'cause
Was the dissensions in the ' country,
as well .as -: the antagonism between
Boehm and the so-called ; "terror
troops," who i have run to extremes
in punishing alleged Violations ff Bol
shevik laws and have embarrassed ' the
soviet government. - - -
Boehm has been succeeded by Gen
eral Tandler. former - commahder . of
the fifth army corps. Boehm is ex
pected to leave' soon for Switzerland.
Boehm . also opposed the! offensive
against -' the Roumanians, - which . is
planned to -start In o f ew daya -. ;
. The few comparative moderates left
in the soviet , government -. are rapidly
withdrawing.' Boehm was one of these.
The policy of the Soviets is now rapid
ly turning to the extreme left. There
have been frequent cases of sabotage
In the railway service, as well as in
the public service, , because of resent
ment of the employes against this at
titude ox the Reds. -.,.; ,
: In the belief of the: member of
the former. Hungarian government new
exiled In 8 witserland. - "occupation of
Budapest . by American '.-and British
forces as a strategia base In conform
ity with the Conditions of the armis
tice would not ' meet . with, real oppo
sition from the Bolshevlkl and would
render an offensive unnecessary. But
this is problematical." ..-:,:
But there, appears, however,, .to be
an actual need for allied occun&tion
rof Vienna since the Bolshevlkl are
reported to be planning another coup
here foi July 21., v . -
VT'-'V' ' ' - 1 1 11 ' - " x
c tbnS Grwm- Stamps foreaah. Hoi
man Fuel Co., Mam 853, A-336S-. Block
wood shortr slabwood. Rock Springs
and Utah coat : "SawdusL--Adv. .
Bulgarians' Plan
May Sound Great,
But It Won't Work
Paris, inly 13 L N. a) The Bul
garian peace delegation, headed by pre
mier Theodorof, ;whlch Is now en route
to. Paris, is bringing the most amaslng
propeeals for territorial agrandlaement
yet submitted to 'the peace conference:
. Premier Theodorof proposes--that Bui-,
garla deprive her neighbors of territory
as follOWS::' :--. ,,-:- : s
From Rouraanla, part of , Dobrudja
ceded by Bulgaria : under the treaty of
1913 after the second Balkan war.
From 3 ugo-Slavia, - part - of , Serbian
Macedonia. i"---- :--
From Greece, part of Greek Macedonia.
Not content with trying to grab the
land of her late enemies, Bulgaria also
has designs on her former ally, Turkey,
and . Premier Theodorof proposes that
part of Turkish Thrace be annexed.
Noiseles's Engines
: For Planes, Eeport
Amsterdam, July 18. ft. N. S.) A gas
turbine for airplanes, which is silent
when in operation, has been invented in
Germany and Is being secretly manu
factured -by the Krupps at aen, acpord
tog to report received here today. The
- new engine is said, to make air flights
cneaper., ui ,. i
- t ;' i i' :i-', ; '
Erstwhile Kaiser May
Live in German' State
- Ijondon, July 18. William Hohensol
lern, former kaiser of Germany, will re
turn to one of the German states and
live there , under police surveillance, ac
cording to an Exchange Telegraph dis
patch from Milan Thursday,- Quoting an
obscure newspaper.
- An inventor - has . deslsmed an antiw
mobile., spark plug wlth a ventilating
chamber surrounding the shoulder - to
permit clrculatlbn of - air ; and ; lessen
breakage by overheating. -
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Berlin Conciliatory
Eegarding Killing of
French Sergeant
- Berlin. July 18(1. N. S.J Follow
ing as meeting . tit , the war ministry
to discuss " ; the,, killing of Sergeant
Mannheim,' of the French military .mission,-
announcement was made by - war
office officials ;that a conciliatory note
would be sent to Paris In reply to the
French -'representations demanding a
heavy fine for the crime. " ...
The mayor of : Berlin has been held
blameless by the government, but the
chief of police, Herf Ernst, has been
summoned to Weimar for examination
by the cabinet. The Berlin police are
said to be working 'hard to find the
murderer.' : ; .- - . ,- -. ;
Officials of the war office, in dis
cussing the Incident, "regretted' the
challenging - attitude taken " by
French government in Its note.
Marshal Foch in
London to Attend
Peace Celebration
London, July 18. !. N. S.) Marshal
Foch, generalissimo of the allied armies,
arrived from France today to take part
In the peace celebration tomorrow. Great
crowds cheered the famous - soldier - as
he was driven to the Carlton hotel.
Held Marshal Halgand scores of other
notables greeted the marshal at the rail
ay station and extended formal wel
come. . , ,
A guard of honor composed of. Irish
troops accompanied the marshal while
bands played ' the national anthem, the
Marseillaise and the march of the men
of Harlech. - - - . -
Report ; Gives Last
Words of Czarina
As She Falls Dead
. Berlin. July 18. Proof nnnfthro rr Vi
death of the Russian czarina is said to
ne , contained in a. secret official report
in the archives . at Moscow. -
t The former empress was shot several
times. After- the first shot she said:
, "Miracles still happen : I am alive vet."
At the next shot ehe dropped, mortally
wounaea. .
The czar was shot several times. His
body was taken to the Kremlin In a
wooden box and there burned in a stove.
Hohenzollern's Fate
Soon 'to Be Decided
Paris, July 18. The peace conference
commission on war responsibility met
today. It Is expected that a final - de
cision regarding the fate of the former
kaiser will be t made known In a few
days. It Is probaple that a formal re
ply to the messages of - Dr. von , Beth-mann-Holweg,
former German chancel-
anil XPaA V,Mift1'viii T7f.k..M
v . UlllMVllUIUSf.
lormer uerman- cniei or stair, - will be
delivered within a short time. Both had
sought to exculpate theex-kalser. :
Soviets Insist They Did Not Re
: fuse Offers of Food and Medi-
I cine, but Political Conditions.
They Would Accept Humanitarian
Feature "and Are Willing to
Negotiate Political Questions.
; By Ieae Don Xevlae -Special
Cable to The Joarnal sad Tbe Chicago
",. Caflx News, -. - - -
tOoprnsht,iei. bjr Cbieaca BaOr News Co.)
Stockholm, Sweden, July 18. The pro
posal of Xr. Fridtjof Kansen for feeding
Russia- has been revived and President
Wilson is expected to act upon it in the
near future. Magnus Swansoiu first assistant-
to Herbert C Hoover, visited
Christian! a, Korway, last week to con
fer with Dr. Naneen.
It appeared that the soviet govern
ment did not reject the original ( off er
Of food and medicine for soviet Russia.
Tchicherln, commissioner of foreign af
fairs, announced that the proposal of
Dr. ffahsen, accompanied by a letter
from Premier Lloyd George. President
Wilson and Premier Glemenceau, dated
April 17, reached Moscow only on May 4,
His statement reads: - - - V .
"From the latest American wireless
sent from, Lyons-, we, learned . that - the
allied governments refused to transmit
the proposal to us by radio. Finally
we . received i it -through the German
government upon the request ot the Nor
wegian legation at Berlin. On May 7,
the soviet government declared - itself
ready to accept the purely humanitar
ian part of the original 'Hansen' offer,
regretting that the allies appended a
political condition the cessation of mili
tary operations by the soviet army. .; .
The soviet government is ready even
now to enter the negotiations for - the
purpose of ending hloodshed. - It replied
affirmatively to the proposal of a con
ference at Princes island, which was re
jected by its enemies, the counter revo
lutionary movements which are receiv
ing: entente aid. The allies, although
officially declaring their opposition to
Intervention, actually carry on an unre
strained interventionist policy. On . ac
count of this the cessation of military
operations presents a political problem
or tae nrst magnitude which tbe soviet
government is willing to discuss with
the - parties actually waging warfare
against us, that Is, the entente govern
ments or their empowered representa
"Being-. therefore ever-- ready to nego
tiate with the allies, the soviet govern
ment : at the same time ardently wel
comed the original proposal of Dr. Kan-1
Soldier Meets His First Love
Wedding Held In Luxemburg
By Jaares B. Weed -Special
Oabb to Tba Journal sad Tbe Cbleaco
Daily Km -(Coorrisbt,
1810, by Chicago Daily N.wa Col)
Paris. July 18. When Sergeant Leon
ard Pf ef fer ot Lake Forest HL, or
derly to Brigadier General Frank Par
ker, commanding the First infantry bri
gade, entered, the village of Luxemburg
in November, he was coming home. He
was born in the village of Luxgrund and
visited relatives whom he had not seen
since as a small boy ha left, home and
came to - America.
"Eventually he returned to France and
served for a time In the foreign le
gion, afterwards enlisting n the Araert j
can army. - Among the reunions in his
native village was that with Frauleln
Marie Lutty, a playmate from his school
days. Marie had been waiting' for sev
eral years for that return and that -Is
why Pf ef fer secured leave last Week and
went to Luxemburg. -'
Now there is another war bride com
ing to Lake Forest when the First di
vision is mustered out. -
sen to supply food to Russia, which pre
sented purely a humanitarian and not a
political scheme, and Invited him to in
dicate the place and time for m meeting
of his representatives with those of so
viet Russia to consider - the questions
arising Out ot his proposal. The differ
ence drawn in our answer between the
proposal of Br. Nansen ' and the more
general political questions which we, can
discuss only with the interested govern
ments, was immediately interpreted in
allied ruling circles as a rejection n
our part of Dr. Nansen's proposal.
"The American wireless message from
Lyons on May 14 announced that the
answer of the soviet' government meant
the end ef the Nansen plan and that the
fate of Russia now rested with Admiral
Kolchak. On May 15 the American wire
less , declared that the refusal of the so
viet government to suspend military op
erations blocked the plan for supplying
food to Russia. ; These declarations of
the Amertcanwwireless roust be regard
ed as made f learly In bad faith since
the Russian government never refused to
end the bloodshed, saying mors t$an once
that It offered to enter negotiations con
cerning the question and reiterating this
again in the answer to Nansen. The dis
honest declarations of the American
wireless proved once roexe that the al
lied governments have no friendly, hu
manitarian intentions toward the toll
ing masses of soviet Russia and seek
only the destruction of the Russian rev
olution, disguising their. purpose under
hypocritical would-be humanitarian announcements.'
Goal Famine Feared
- Washington, July 18. A winter coal
famine threatens sections of this coun
try,' because consumers will not lay In
stocks now, Representative MacGregor
Thursday testified before the house rules
will Buy
a big package of
weighing oyer a; pound, net.
What are you paying for
fMOTal Aid' pnly to '
Be Lent by America
. . , . r . -
Paris, July18 The United States win
give only "moral aid If the peace con
ference decides to take military action
against the Hungarian : Reds and in
crease the military measures In Russia,
according to American delegates today.
It would -be - limited to furnishing sup.
plies it is believed. Greece's 'claims In
Asia Minor were presented to the con
ference by M. Venixelos. the Greek pre
mier on Wednesday afternoon.
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