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FRIDAY, JULY 18, 1019.
Credited . With Being Anxious
-: . Improve Relations Between .
the Two Countries.
1 " Expressing great a d ml r 1 1 o n tor
Aurut Bl Xeeuta, president-elect of
Peru. M- D.,Iertesno Peruvian consul
at Portland, and for more than ?0 .years
a member of the Peruvian diplomatic
. service, outlined this morning-, the career
of his chief. According; to Perteano, the
president, who-was reelected for a four
year terra last May. Is very favorable to
the United States and will do much to
brins; about still better commercial re
lations with this country. .
-"' "Mr. Legula U a-business mtn," said
Mr.' Derteano... He was. while very
young, the general manager of one of
the bigrest insurance companies operat
ing Irv Peru. Bolivia nd Ecuador, and
later was the general representative vof
a big British sugar company. . ,
"He was called Into politics at the time
of the presidency of Manuel Candamo.
- serving as minister of finance. In this
capacity he showed such great ability
and talent that he won a great reputa
tion -which he has held. This Is evi
denced by the recent election in which
he received 150,000 of the 200.000 votes
cast. ; r: . . -
"Mr. Lesula was born In 1883 and edu
cated in .Peru, later going to England.
France .and the United States for travel.
"When president the first term he
always encouraged investment of Ameri
can capital. In Peru. He had many
projects for. 'railroads, moat of which
have beencarried out.
K "He ! also, established a wireless sys
, tern. .He always endeavored to encour
age immigration on a large'scale from
the United 'States. He has organised
scientifically;; the Peruvian finances In
order , to secure a maximum of revenue
with the least taxation. ".."".
"Mr. litpiU'f purpose is now to make
. use of the plans he had a long time ago
- along the line of roadway and highway
work and modern sanitation, and to
introduce irrigation enterprises like
; those, in the state of 'Oregon, which are
considered the best in the United States.
' "We are sure that owing to his busi
ness capacity and .administrative and
executive abilities he will attract for
eign capital to Peru and thus contri
bute to the wealth of the country.
"For some time before going to Peru
for election. Mr., Xeguia was traveling; in
the United States, -staying in New York
and many other cities, studying financial
'. and industrial systems. '
There is no doubt that the new presi
dent wilt be one of stive best Peru has
ever had; due not only to the great ex
perience acquired during the period of
his first presidency, but also to his com
. plete knowledge of the necessities of his
country,. : '
Health Officer to
; Prevent the Sale of
' Contaminated Rags
'- "itags are among; the most effective
transmitters -of all kinds of disease,
City Health Officer Parrish declared
this morning, tn announcing the Institu
tion of a vigorous campaign Saturday
against the sale of rags not sterilised.
- Contagious diseases, including smallpox,
. scarlet - fever and tuberculosis, as well
-as . social diseases, ore spread in this
way, Dr- Parrish maintains.
JRaga are sold by junk dealers for
wiping automobiles and other purposes,
H is explained, and a city ordinance pro
hibta sale without sterilization. Dr. E.
F. Pernot, city bacteriologist, today was
-. examining several rags brought In by
- Inspectors of the health -bureau.- If con--;
laminated, the dealers be prose
cuted,? according to Parrish. He pro-
' poses to put almost the entire force of
Inspectors on the rag hunt '
pi I Jjl
Is - if!
"" - '?' ill
f C 4, ' -.4 A t, '
Rulh , Wininger, new member
of O. A. c starr.
Orefron Asrrlcultural College, Corvallis,
July 18. With practically ao entire new.
staff of instructors, special stress will i
be placed on physical education for
women at the college next school year.
Miss Edna Agnes Cocks, head of- the de
partment ofi physical education "fori
women In the University of Southern j
California, will be in charge of this work ;
at - the college, succeeding Mtss Aiaoei
Lee, With her wlU come Miss Macy
Isabella? Bovee, head of the department
of s physical , education In the, Fresno
State Normal school, and Miss Ruth
Wininger, a graduate of the University
of Bouthem California. - ? - .
Miss Cocks has taught in the Kansas
City schools for six years and the Uni
versity of Southern California for 12
years. '
Miss Bovee is a graduate of the Chau
tauqua School of Physical Education of
New York,, was physical education di
rector of the Battle Creek sanitarium
from 1908'to 1911 and served as assist
ant "superintendent of playgrounds and
Physical director of the Y. W. C. A. In
Fresno. She is teaching this summer in
the University of Southern (California
summer school. Miss Wininger has had
much experience in teaching and
' ;
Mrs. Nellie K. Beers :
Called1 by Death in
City on Wednesday
Mrs. Nellie Katherine Beers died at
her home, 1089 East Taylor street.
Wednesday, at the age of 47 years. She
was a native of New Jersey and had re
sided in Portland for the past 14 years.
Mrs." Beersis survived by her husband,
V. H. Beers, and one eon, Frank J.
Beers, both of this city. Funeral serv
ices will be held Saturday at 2 p. m. in
the chapel of Breeze & Snook, Thirty
fifth and Belmont streets. Final services
will be in Rose City cemetery.
' Rutherford Kuter - t '
'.The funeral of -Rutherford lei Kuter,
who died in .this city July 16 at the age
of 41. will be held Monday. July 21, at
the chapel of J. P. Finley & Son. at 2 :30
p.! m. Mr.' Kuter-was employed by the
Knight Shoe company for thd past eight
years. He is survived by his widow,
Mrs. Julia C. 'Kuten and a daughter,
Misa Jane Elisabeth Kuter of this city.
He was a brother of Mrs. Frank M. Cur
ran, Albert and George Kuter of Aurora,
III. ; Henry Kuter ot Freeport, 111., and
Edwin Kuter of Los Angeles, Cal.
Youngsters Saved
: Prom Train Sent to
Training Schpol
. "Castlerock, Wash., , July 18. Vernon
' and Ellsworth Tanner of Vader, aged
respectively 10 and S years., were taken
,to the training school at ChehaUs. They
ran : away from home and were trying
to make their way to relatives in Port
land. They picked up a handcar near
: Olequa and had gotten, it partly on the
track when the section boss found them
and Jerked the handcar from the rails
as a train passed by. The boys took to
the woods but were caught.
The boys said they were compelled
to live . on potatoes at home, as their
parents have seven children, and were
nearly starved. .
Lad Is Bound Over
;0n Stealing Charge
"' .William McCarthy. 18, waived exami
nation in the municipal court Thursday
on a charge of Btealinir an automo
bile belonging to V. E. Robinson. 1436
Michigan avenue, and waa held to the
grand Jury by Judge Rossman under $500
bonda McCarthy waa arrested Wednes-
day night by the., owner of the machine,
after an exciting chase through the busi
ness district during the' theatre hour.
McCarthy had requested Miss C Smith
and Theodore Horton to ride with him.
They said they did not know the ma
chine was stolen until the chase began.
McCarthy pleaded guilty.
Mrs. llattie Kelly Fleming
Mrs. Mattie -Kelly Fleming, 40 years
of age, was found dead in, bed at her
home at 564 Fourth street ealy Thurs
day evening by her husband, Augustus
Fleming. .Deputy Coroner- Goetsch pro
nounced death due to natural causes.
Mrs. Fleming recently suffered a stroke
of ' apoplexy.' , it is r thotght she died
Thursdhy when attacked a second time.
Mr. Fleming and a brother and sister,
Joijn and . Margaret Kelly, survive.
Funeral arrangements are In charge of
McEntee and Eiler. -
. Albert, Render J.:,
Albert Rander. a 'resident of Goble.
died Thursday at the Uood Samaritan
hospital at the age of 33. He was a na
tive of Kiilama, Wash., and had resided
In Goble nearly all his life. : Mr. Randet
is survived ,' by a widow and intanl
daughter, his mother, Mrs. Kate Rander,
and fonr sisters and pne brother. Funeral
services will be held in Kalama, Waun..
saturaay atjie u. m. -
Prisoners Will Be
Kept From Inmates
Workmen ,were today, putting a stes
baf partition across the emergency hos
pital at police headquarters so that sick
prisoners can be separated from per
sona brought in from the, street. ! The
change is being made in accordance with
the suggestions recently made by the
cltisens' jury who investigated the death
of Eugene Tuck,' who contracted pneu
monia in the jail. ' . '
Assistant Professor
Of Mining Named
"Oregon. Agricultural College, Corvallis,
July -18. R, ; E. Wilcox, who has had
broad experience in mining and in met
allurgical work In ; Idaho, : Montana,
British Columbia and Northern' Alaska,
and is ' now In charge of the develop
ment of. copper properties in Southeast
ern ; Alaska, . has been appointed assist
ant -professor of mining in the school of
mines of the college.
- - - m '
' Corned Beef,-12 1-2c
' At Frank Smith's. 228 Alder street.
1 jmb Bhoulders. 15c, boiling beef, 12C
Spring lamb lejrs and chops. 25c. i
- Frank L Smith's beefsteak, lac...
. Koast beef and roast veal, -15c.
Veal cutlets, 20c. Liver. 10c
Freh meat for chicken fM. .'.-.'-.
Coffee, ,,, & Special 4 rrt
" Roast, ; lb. ... e V. , . . HtO C
SUver Leaf Lard, 1 0-Ib. - net
i i weight pail S4. the S-lb.
' net weight pail fl0 AK
for , .:.3.eUD
Hawaiian Sliced Pineapple, No.
- 2 cans, dozen $2.75, OQ
can.' ;v. i i-.- w . . . . . '
t Chinook Salmon, McGowan's,
No; I flat cans, doren S4.25.
. n 37c. No. cans, OQ-
dozen $2.70. can.. . -iOt
Royal ' Baking Powder, QQ W
' t 2-ot. can. . OiC
Royal Whita Soap, box of 100
bars $5.90,1 tea A
" 5 :-v -Meier & Frank s : Ninth Floor,
fft; i ft ;y f iMatt Orders Filled.) .
'THe Quality Sta.b or- Posttlamb
Sale of Women's Fine
ilk Dresses
Regular Values Range
'As High as $15.00
100 Dresses in the Lot
: All this season's newest and most
wanted styles are included fn these silk
dresses taken from regular stock and re
priced for immediate disposal. Fine silk
taffeta and pop Hii dresses, also combina
tions of jreor jtette-and-taff eta. Hijfh
waistline and bolero effects, some . with,,
embroidered vests. AH the popular sum-!
mer colors are -shown. Nearly all regu
lar sizes. In some instances only one or
two of -a kind.
100 Tub Frocks at $4.95
attractive new wash frocks in
in new foulard effects." ginghams
plain shades. Light, medium and
ular values range to $10.
Union Suits 49c
Women's light weight cotton
union, suits in low-neck, sleeve
less, knee length style for sum
mer wear. Lace trimmed. All
sizes." Very specially; priced at
suit' 40c. T
variety of styles. Pretty voiles
in plaids and tinenes in pleasing
dark colors. Broken sizes. Reg-
Silk Hose 69c
Women's slightly1 imperfect
pure silk stockings .? with rein- '
forced lisle hels; toes and
tops. Cordovan, k brown, taupe,
field mouse and .black. Sizes
SVz to 10. :
Women's Knit Bloomers 50c
Women's serviceable cotton knit bloomers ih' pink" and white
Made with elastic waist and knee. Light weight garments in all
regular and extra sizes, t
Children's Dresses $4.8
Pretty white organdie ani voile dresses in high waistline and;
bolero styles. Round or square necks. Short sleeves. Gathered
skirts with ruffles and lace insertions Sizes 6 to 14-years. Excel
lent values at $4.98.
Sale Wash Dresses $1.98
Misses gingham, linene and chambray wash dresses in an almost
? endless variety of patterns and Colorings. . Collars and cuffs are,
in contrasting shades or of white pique and linene. Belted styles
with embroidery trimming. Sizes 13 to 17 years. t :
Sale Bathing Suits
For . Men and Women
Regularly $4.98 at
At this low price we have a large as
sortment of knit bathing suits for men's
and women's wear. . We have every con
ceivable color and combination. One-piece
style. AH sizes, " j : ? :
Men's and boys' k sport shirts in fine
percales and other shirtings.
Union Suits 59c
.... , .. ., , - . .
- Men's and boys! athletic or light weight
jersey ribbed union suits in knee length,
elbow sleeve style. . .
Belts Special 25c
Men's and boys' good leather belts in
black and tan.. All sizes.. Limite'd num
ber at this low. price 25c.
3 'Wash Ties 50c
- Men's serviceable mercerized silk wash
ties in plain white and fancy effects in all
the wanted colors.- -
Children's "Mary Janes"
Children's patent colt one-strap Mary
Jane slippers with hand-turned .leather'
i soles. Sizes 2 to 5, pair. 1.19. . Sizes
! to 8, pair. $1.49. , .
Women's White Shoes $3.65'
Women's white kid shoes with Cuban heels, button style. Also
& inch top white canvas shoes with military heels, lace styii. Sizes
2A to 8. . ' '
-Sale of Tennis Shoes Pr. 79c
.' A clearaway of. meo'si .women's and "children's tennis shoes' and
oxfords at ?9c pair .while any remain. : Broken lots. - -: y. - ,
Many dood Unadvertised Specialsv
Meter ft Frank's? Lower Price Store, Basement Balcony.
Tna QjiALrry Sto TOfr o pokixamo
r Records;
- The August' numbers - are on sale. AI
Jolson sings Tl Say She, Does." Other
good - popular song and dance selections.
Let us play them for you. . -
- - MIer ft Frank's: Sixth Floor.
TatakS4a4- "" mG ' S)Sf
iimMMarva ; . '
Vacation and a
To get the fullest enjoyment from one's
vacation a kodak Is indispensable. ' We
have kodaks and ameras in all styles and
sizes. . " - - :
l ' Meier ft Frank's: Main Floor.
v Center Aisle Sale , '
New Package
Goods ife " :
Were $1.00 - $3.00 i
Now 50c - $1.50. ,
A very special lof of; "Royal
Society" and "Artamo"- package
goods including c h i 1 d r e n'
dresses. ,w o m e n's I underwear,
novelties, laundry b a g s,, .etc.
i Each package is complete 'with
cottons to embroider. Limited
number at half price.
Meier ft Frank's : Second Floor.
New Veils
We have Just received a good
assortment of Hindoo" veils
with, taffeta and grossrain bor
ders. Navy, taupe, . brown and
black. Each 1.75 and 2.75.,,
Remnants 19c .
Short 'lengths of ! veilings in'
plain and fancy ' meshes. , Black,
white, brown and novelty col
ored designs. , Lengths range
from U to t yard. .EACH 19c.
Meier ft Frank's : Main Floor.
Rose City" Taffeta
A Center Aisle-Bargain,4 Square
sale of children's hair bows made
of the well-known "Rose City"
taffeta ribbons, i ; Each -bow con
tains 1 M yards of ribbon that is
5 X inches: wide. ' Pink, white,
sky. Copen. rhaize and other
wanted colors. While any of
300 bows remain, each 59c.
: Meier ft' Frank's : Main Floor.
Among recent arrivals in our
Neckwear Shop, are:
. . Collars and Sets ..
Organdy with finish of white
and cream -Val.. laces and .tucks.
Plain organdy sets. Pique col
lars and sets. t Collars, are in
flat and roll styles. Priced $ 1.75
!. to :; Jf 2,7.5. r j ;-- ?t i.
' ' Filet Collars ".
Good imitations of real hand
made lace collars. For dresses
and suits. $1.59, Jt. 79. and
Jtt.95. . :
Marabou Capes
These dress y light-weight
"wraps are shown in natural and
black. Silk ..lined- 5.95 and
$7.59 are the low prices. ;
.Marabou capes fn. plain styles
and v with ostrich trimming are
shown in natural, black and. seal.
Silk lined. JMJ.95.
Meier ft Frank's : Main Floor.
The Playroom
will be open for the kiddies to
morrow with its FREE shoot-the-chutes.
merry - go - roundj and
teeter-totter.; Special tomorrow
in Toytown;
Garden Set 39c
Children's three-piece garden
sets consisting, of rake, hoe. and
shovel. .Varnished handles.
" Meier ft Frank's : Fifth Floor.
Toiletries .
Santiseptic Lotion 45c. .
Vivaudou Cream , of Almonds
65c and 35c. i - 1
. Hind's Honey and Almond
Cream jfU'rtO and 49c. . - '
Melba Hand Lotion 2Sc
Jergen's Benzoin . and Almond
Lotion. 43d -
Orchard White 3 Sc. " "
Witch Hazel, pint bottle 40c. 1
Glycerine Rose .Water. 6-oz.r
bottle 25c.
- T Meier ft Frank's: Main Floor.
.j The Store for Men proclaims, its readiness to outfit Portland men and young
men with summer": clothes and furnishings of reliable quality, in the correct
styles, at prices thatalways lower here because of merchandising mastery
are even more advantageously priced for the July Sales. .
New Columbia
Shirts $1.95
Men familiar with the sterling qualities of
Columbia shirts (here exclusively), or any
"good ; judge of values 'ho lays his .'eyes on
- these shirts for the first time will want sev
eral at 51.95. And well any man may, for
every shirt is worth substantially more than
our special sale price.
For Good
tA insure the widest possible distribution of
exceptional' shirt values we include several
dred shirts of another fine make
Woven and? corded madras, crepe, crystal
SATIN STRIPES. Soft-cuff styles for
wear. Lots of good-looking striped patterns,
these in threes at 5.75, or. each t.95.
DA iJlljN -wi .The Store for Men is headquarters for. bathing suits. We
T - 1 have corrlplete new stocks for men and boys. . All reliable
CTTTnrC! 1 makes Tincludine Tantzen). Plain shades and a host of com-
binations. Men's, $1.65 to $10. Boys', 98c to $5.
A Lot of Men Want
r . -
.Straw Hats
but for one reason or another have not selected their sum
mer headwear yet. To all of these we say : Come to The
Store for Men tomorrow or any day. Pick your straw or
Panama from the famous makes assembled here in such
large assortments. If you want skilled advice courteously
given, call on our expert salesmen. When you're satis
fied that yon have tl'e kind and style you want, ask your
self if it is a bisr value at the price. We think you'll say-
as hundreds of Portland men and young men have said
Uiat this : is THE-' STORE FOR HATS as . it is for
every kind of -furnishings. r.-
' Featured lilies are Knox and Blum & Koch straws at $4 and IS.
other grades priced -to Sio.v Genuine South. American Panamas
are featured at $5, other grades priced to 120. Milans, Leghorns,
Porto Ricins. Balibuntals..BaJiluks all kinds are here. .
Special at; $2.45
t- v. I '
l. Italian
the price
and Toy o Jananese'Panamas
, These hava all the style
I -We have ntany styles and
. ' !:.. : rr
Hit' TR.'
pmff tit fl
that bear such- a close resemblance to the genuine South
and will give' all the service a man could want. And consider
-all -sizes. -.-
Meier & Frank's : The Store for Men. Main Floor. (Mall Orders Killed.)
Youths and
' Young Men
who do not ordinarily, find clothes possessing the
quality and dean-cut style they want sharply re
duced in price will appreciate the opportunity
offered in this sale of . .
$30;00 Suits
The saving, as you can see, is worth while- it
ranges from iG.25 to $11.25. The clothes conform
in every way to what the discriminating young
man wants. They are taken from our regular
stocks of Sfl.'H) and $30,00 suits and reduced to
$18.75 for this sale. . , .
Exactly 100 of These Suits
Sizes 32 to 38 Only
Carefully selected fabrics. Finely tailored gar
ments in form-fitting two and three-button mod
els with or without WAIST-SEAMS.- Quarter,
half or full lined. Plenty of snappy patterns and
colorings as well, as the more conservative kinds.
Remarkable values at $18.75 .
v Men's and Young Men's
Suits $29.85
These' suits are of. such standard , makes as
Adler-Rochester, Society Brand and Louis Holtz.
Extreme English, conservative, semi - conserva
tive and? WAiST-SEAM. models in the newest
plain shades, stripes and mixtures. Sizes Z1 to
48, including suits for stouts a n:l shorts;.
Meier A Frank's i The Store for Men. Third floor.