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Information on
Mallory and Bell
Cases Is Wanted
The reading of the peace, treaty by
Senator odge R-, Mass.). Its chair
man, to the rest of Its members, con
tinued to occupy the attention of the
committee this afternoon. :..,.
publicans, realised wholesale more than
87 cents , per pound. -This is believed
to be the highest price ever recorded In
the market for cherries - at this season
of the yeaf
Federal Officials 1
Arrest Astoria Man
jFor Misusing, Majls
- Edward T. Howell was arrested at
Astoria Thursday on a, complaint filed
by Deputy United States Attorney El
ton Watkins. charging that Howell sent
obscene matter through the United
States ' mail to a California X woman,
Howell was held for the federal grand
Jury by United States Commissioner
Cerney. . , , .
The offense with- which Howell is
charged makes him liable to a fine of
$5000 and five years Imprisonment or
both. - ---- -
"This is a case" of the biter being bit
ten. said Mr. Watkins. when Howell's
arrest was reported to him. : "Howell
recently, complained that Mrs. - Rosa
Smith,, in California, had violated the
postal laws by sending obscene matter
to him. v Investigators 'Questioned the
woman and she delivered to them highly
seasoned letters written by Howell."
Yacht 4n , Distress . ;
' Is Met by' Yaquina
. Coast Guard TEpat
made a trip to Masatlan, Mexico,
It was sold.-. ,'. ......
; After getting his bearings. Car.
Morse hoisted sail and proceedei
his way... , .. v, . ,
.i "''',,
Parcel Post Service
.To fiermany Begun
" ' i ....
Washington. Juy 1 8. International
at parcel post service with . Germany
parcel post service with Germany ws s
resumed Thursday, the poslofflce de
partment announced. - The limit of
weight Is .11 pounds, as before the war.
Hood Eiver Cherries
; Bring Eecord Price
,. . . -.; . .
Hood River, July 18. The Hood River
Apple Growers association has recelv4
telegraphic information . that a : carload
of cherries shipped by .the: association
a. week ago had been, sold in New York
at auction for $6570. A carload contains
about : 17,712 f pounds i and the cherries,
which were Lamberts and Black : Re
Man's Eibs. Are r
1 Broken in Fall
Washington. July 18. (L N S.) A
resolution by Senator Hoke Smith (D.,
Oa.) requesting the state department to
furnish the senate with information re
garding the detention In Korea of Rev.
E. M. Mallory on charges of harboring
criminals, and Her. E, Bell,- charged
with ' involuntary: homicide, was favor
ably reported ; to the senate- thla after
noen by the senate foreign relations
committee. It was Immediately passed.
Newport, July 18. Flying distress sig
nals off Yaquina. bay Thursday.
the pleasure . yacht Sanwan' of San
Diego, eight days out of San, Francisco
and en route to Seattle, was met by the
Taqutna bay coast guard power JtoaU
The Sanwan was In .command of Cap
tain R. D. "Morse, former owner and
master ' of rtHe gasollhe schooner -Ah-waneda.
.which plied between Portland
and Oregon coast 'harbors, , and later
'' Caught in a flywheel at the Warren
Construction company plant' near Rocky
Butte, Henry J. Warkentin, a mechanic,
living at 1287 East Fifteenth street, suf
fered fracture of several ribs Thursday
afternoon. - He is at St. Vincents hos
pital, where bis condition was reported
today to be favorable. rf
Oregon and Washington Embryo
Seely Named Guardian
Oregon Cityj f July 18. Raymond , B.
Seely. has been appointed guardian of
the estate and person, of Raymond Ward
Seely, a minor, who was left property, of
the value of $1000 by a relative. U '..
-Officers Lead Men From "
All Parts of West.
; San Francisco, July It. College men
from Oregon and Waahlnirt6n represent-
ing the Oregon Agricultural college, the
TJnlveraity of Washington, Washington
; State college, and "Wentworth M. A..
In the ; reserve officer training corpe
summer camp at the Presidio, achieved
first honors at the record rifle shooting;
of units of ( the first hattalion' of "the
regiment on the government rifle range
at" Fort Berry last week, according to
official announcement. .
The Oregon-Washington collegians
comprise Company C, one of the 'four
companies of the first battalion," and
vere In competition with R. O. T. C
men from colleges throughout the entire
west, emergingwith both highest coim
pany and highest qualifying scores.
. tne names, official ratings and homes
of those men winning special honors and
their official designations are a follows,
the Tscores being based on a possible
- 150; scores of 110 to 125 rating the men
as marksmen ; scores above 12 rating
them as sharpshooters: -
' '.A. B. CtartstianwH. Moro. O. A. C. ... .
A. 1. SchofteJd, Seattle, Waah.. V. of W. . .
). 8. Bomatead, Taeoma. U. of W..
Karl Nrahaaa. Femdala, CaL, O. A. C. .
' . H. iconmss, Bt. John. Wuh., W. 8. C.
F.-" F. Hnn, CorraJlJa. t. A.' '
N. R ftkvle. Astoria. Wantworth. 1C. 1-
, C. Jasper. I'nllmtn, Waah.. W. 8. O.....
JUlph Culrer, HtUe. Wah.. U. of W. . . .
s T i. Cooke. BelUncham, Wash. U. of W. .
' T. C. Ixjrrtt. Oregon City. O. A C.
T. N. Daridaon. Seattle. ' Waah.. TJ. of W.
Ji. B. Stewart, Seattle. U. of W.... .... .
Floyd WHlert. Corrallia, O. A. a
K. H. Oti; Seattle. V. of W.
V. Ennls. RetU. Wwti., U. of W
W. H. Jjenlimrer, Independence, O. A. C. .
-Thartea Rruaell, Pendleton, O. A. C. ... . .
FlUworth Waterman, CorralHa, O. A C
VT. K. Belt, CorralHa, O. A. O.
' H. E. Oleawn, Port Townaand, W. .8. C
c 11. U Blngler. PortUnd. 0 A. C.
A. F. Allen. Corrallia. O. A- C..
' Williaai Perry, Bt. Helena, O. A. C.
V T. Inman. Rratil. O. A. C. ........
Chart ea Keyaer, Portland, U. A. C...
.. B. Jenner. Seattle, II. of XV.....
Waltar Lynch, Seattle, V. of W
John Kretainser. Seattle. TJ. of W..,.
. iinui, Seattle, U. of W. ....... .
i. I. Peary. Corrallia, O.- A. O. '. . . .
Unruly Prisoner Is
Injured in Battle
' Roseburg, July 18. Not until he had
been beaten' down with the butt of a
revolver .was Joe J.uvich. a Csecho
Slovack, held in connection with the
"recent Scottsburg robbery; subdued
when he started to clean up the county
jail. He attacked 8. A. Cramer, charged
with appropriating ' some of the money
' taken. . John Karis,- charged with part
' In ' the same robbery, called deputy
Bheriffs to stop the fight. The offlcers
were aided '. by Patrolman Finn -of the
J Portland police force and State Officer
j-ank Hopkins., ,,Juvlch wa.aeriously
? cut during the melee. : -
Senate Confirms
; Oregon Postmasters
. Washington, July . 48. U. P.) The
senate nas oonrirmea me xouowmg
postmasters: C. H. Stewart, Albany,
; Or. ; F. Ik Campbell, .Eugene. Or.; H.
P. McLain. Marshfield. Or. ; C. W.
Stewart, T acorn a. -:r .
This Is What Farmer Says of
Tanlac Gains 15 Pounds
HadTSuffered 25 Years.
I a
"Tou.may know that Tanlac is doing.
mo. a. rot 01 gooa . or 1 wouldn't have
come nearly 20 miles to get thesethree
bottles I am buying now.'sald Samuel
Bacon, ..a well knovnand prosperous
farmer who lives at--fioring Or, while
In the Owl Drug Store In Portland the
-other dav.
"I have been trying for twenty-five
yeara ro una a medicine or treat
ment that would overcome my troubles,
; he continued. ,"and Tanlac is the only
, thing' that has ever done me any good
- at all.' Dtfring all these years ; I suf
fered terribly . from, rheumatism In my
back, and there were times when X was
In such bad condition that I couldn't
turn over? In bed, and after sitting down
for a, little while, I could hardly get up
again. ViMy kidneys bothered " me - a
great deal, i too, and I would often have
to get up four or-five times during the
Bight, and the pains In my back were so
severe that i rarely ever got any sleep.
My appetite was very poor, and what
little I did force myself to, eat would
give ine indigestion in the worst way.
I lost a lot in weight and finally got
so weak and rundown that X could hard
ly walk or stand on my feet. '5 i
"Then I heard about Tanlac through
my daughter. who had been greatly bene
fited bytaklng It. In fact, she was so
pleased with -Tanlac that . she bought
; me a bottle of it and told me that- she
thought It was the very thing I heeded.
Well, sir, I began to feel stronger and
. better in every way before I had fin
ished that first bottle. X have takes
. three bottles so far. and I eat so much
"that, I actually get ashamed, of myself
sometimes. What I eat agrees with me,
too, and I never ; have a sign -of In
digestion now. X hav rained 1& mimri.
In weight, and feel like a different man
altogether. ; The ; pains have left my
: back, and my kidneys seem to be In
first' class condition, and X never hava
to get up during the night any more.
, I am also free from rheumatism and. In
. fact. I feel . better In every wayv than
I have for many years. 1 tell you, this
. xanaao 1a a gooa meaicme, ana has done
.me mere good than all the rest of the
medicine put together X'have taken dur
ing the last 25 years, and I think that
la saying a good deal." ,
- Tanlac is sold in Portland by The
" Owl Drug Co. Adv. ' " v
s Couch Hammocks, Lawn Seats, Porch Swing?, 'Settees, Porch Chairs, Rockers, Grass, RugDepaftment Third Floor
We-Give' S. r& ' H. Green Trading Stamps With Purchases Amounting to 10c or More A Direct Cash Saving on the Money Yoii Spend Filled Stanip Books Redeemed on 3d Floor
S oda Fountain and Ice Cream Parlors in the Basement Shoe Shining Parlors in the Basement Manicuring and Hair Dressing Parlorsj Second Floor Tea Room on the Fourth Floor
Keep a record of the interest
ing events and scenes of your
vacation trip. Eastman - kodaks
ii and cameras all styles and sizes
7 . for your choosing 4th Floor.
coolmor ;
The Standard Store of the Notfhwest
a . i - -T .
Reliable Merchandise Reliable Methods
Sdle Extraor dinary Womeii's
I . 1 1 II f aTl S ' ,L, k waaaW
. LINENS . .
it; PAYS .
Linen Handkerchiefs
Regular , 25c Grade at
Main Floor Women's pure lin
en f handkerchiefs' with colored
embroidered initials and H -inch
hems. Priced special at 15c
Tub Waists
Second Floor The most attrac
tive waists we have shown this
season at the price. Stripes, fig
ures and plain colors in organ
dies, voiles, batistes and madras.
Tailored or novelty d0 QQ
styles. Saturday special tD-faieeO
$1.49 to $2.69
Second Floor Won n's and
Misses' Middy Skirts of : white
galatea. Plain and plaited styles
with patch - pockets. Saturday
priced at $1.49. $1.69. $2.69
Middy Blouses
A number of smart new models
Just received. Some have yoke,
others come in regulation
style wit h - laced - front.
Prices $2.50. $2.95. $3.25
In a large selection of this season's
most desirable styles. Garments sell--ing
heretofore at 'far" higher prices.
Many models some with yokes and
coatee, fronts. Made up in serge, bur
ella. velour. homespuns and other ma
terials. Black, red. green, blue, navy,
rlaids and mixtures. A few splendid
coats are included in this sale. P" A
Your choice Saturday at only v) lv
MANS This lot contains many of our
finest ' garments . selling earQer in the
season at 2 or 3 times the sale price.
Dolmans with large full sleeves and
large collars cape coats f in many
smart styles, also regulation capes in
many charming models trimmed with
bands, braids, etc. Wool jersey, ve
lour; gabardine, taffeta,- silk poplin
and serge materials. Sat
urday priced special
Sample Vests, Collars, Sets
Main Floor A great lot of beautiful neck
wear collars, sets and vests manufac
turer's samples -will go on sale Saturday at
lust half price. Organdie, Georgette, pique
and wash materials newest styles. See these.
Ruffled Vestings
In Various Widths
Women are using ; these for making of
fancy vests. Shown in white or cream and
in several different styles. Reasonable prices.
Ruffled Net Flouncings 52.50 to S3.95
Ribbon Remnants at Half Price
SPEaAL Children's Hair Bow
Clasp 500 " of them i onsale Sat
urday. '.These sell in. the' rfj-Tp
ular way at 10C while they, last Jl-
Main Floor Remnants of plain and
fancy ribbons in a big selectior
also a few made-up hairbows -on
sale Saturday at Vt Price.
Model Grocery ,
4th Floor Experienced telephone
clerks at your service 8 a. m. to 6.
English, walnuts Satur-:Opr'
day priced special, pouhd Ovv
Soft .Shell A 1 mo n d s OtfA
priced speciafca "pound
Salad Fruit, very choice.
Saturday special, the can
Preferred Stock. Toma- OtZW
toes. Saturday 2 cans for
-Mab,-the wonder clean
er, Saturday special, a can
i :;
mm 1
Children's Sand Pails
Boys' Bicycles with.
Velocipedes $3.75
esting and inexpensive
Baby."; Carriages
$10 to $55
Chad's Play Wagons
And Beach Toys
" Fourth ; Floorw Children's Cnnter
Wagons priced, $4.00 to SI 1.50
Play Wagons at 50c to $1.50
Kiddie . ICars with ; or without
trailers priced $2.00 to $4.00
Sandy Andey a "very interesting
beach toy Saturday priced $1.50
Sand Wheels.; priced at . $1.50
t ' Child's Shovel Sets 35c to 75c
' Child's Wheelbarrows $1.50-$2
with Shovels moderately priced from! 10c to 50c
best Coaster Brakes -priced, $30.00. to $45.00
to $22.50 Our Toy. Store is filled with inter
things for: the children. .Visit this department-
Khaki Outing
The Garment Store Is ready
to outfit you'.for that f summer
trip to mountain or camp.
Com pie t e stock of khaki
apparel at poputa r prices.
Oatinc Suits $6.95-$22 50
- Outing Coats S5.00 to $12
Outing Skirts $3.25 to $10
Outing Breeches - $2.95-$ 10
Outing Middies $2.25-$7.50
Outing Shirts priced $7.95
Hats and Caps 75c to. $2.25
Second Floor i
Fourth Floor We ' extend a cordial
-v.invitation i to mothers, to visit this
department and see our . attractive
showing of baby carriages, go-carts.
sulkies ' and strollers. Best makes.
Prices range $10.00 to $55.00
' ' ' ' ' . ; m . .' ; --
. Tennis Racquets, .
: iNets; Balls
. Headquarters for Tennis needs
; Racquets. Balls , Nets. etc Also ;
Baseball Gloves, Mitts - and Bats.
For the Camp . .
-Camp stoves, camp, chairs, cook'
ing ..utensils, camp cots no mat-'
.ter what you need it will pay
you to get it's "at this store.
Special $4
Main Floor Saturday the sale " ends. so.
don't -delay t . Men's shoes of excellent
quality; black or tan' calf leather. - Made
on English last with pointed toe partic
ularly well ; liked by the younger men
Neolin or leather soles. These
are from our regular stock and
are standard $6.00 ; and Qf -16.50.
values priced, pr.
3 $15.00
Bathing Suits Special $1
Bargain Circle Main Floor As this lot is somewhat limited we advise you to shop
fas early in the day as possible. One-piece style with drop skirt. Made with V
neck and arm shields. Black with red, green, blue or white trimming. M
Nearly all sizes. Saturday special at -
Sweaters -$5.95
Bargain Circle, 1st Floor Plain f.
weave knit Wool Sweaters the
kind women like best for beach
or camp. Made with roil or
sailor collar, patch pockets and :
belt that fastens in front. Shown
in red. gray, turquoise;'- khaki, 1
orange, rose and purple. These. ,
sweaters are frora'our regular
stock and areexcep- QK J
tional valuesf Soecial 0fO
, -.- . ; -. ..... ' -.J: . . , ,.,..,..
Come to This Store for Extraordinary Values in
Men's Summer Suits
A GREAT MANY MEN make it a prac
tice to buy their summer clothes about
now and wear them throughout the sun
mer and well into the fall. We are now
showing a splendid stock of light and
medium weight suits in several standard
makes- suits that will ' give satisfactory
wear , and look well to the end. Men's
and young men's suits at $25 "P to $50
Men's Union Suits
Main Floor Celebrated P. 0- A. Union .
.Suits in light . weight for warm weather
wear. Are of excellent quality. P" QQ
Regular ft. 75 garments special DJLOa ...
Vassar, . Carter, B. V, D. and other
makes Saturday priced $1.50 to $5.00
Men's Neckwear!
Special 89 c
Main Floor Strictly high-class neckwear'
beautiful - patterns stripes, checks,
Jacquards. etc., in all the wanted color
ings. Medium or wide end styles. CQ
Hundreds to select from. Saturday Ou,i
Boys' $15 to $20 Suits
Shop Early
Oxfords $3.95
Mair Floor Men's Gunmetal Calf
Oxfords with Neolin soles.' ' Made
on - pointed toe English last with
blind eyelets. Saturday QQ QC
priced special, a oair WWwW
Main Floor Many of the suits in
this sale have two pairs of -pants.
All are made of high grade mate
rials and beautifully tailored. Suits
selected from our regular stock on
account of ' broken t QK
sizes, k Priced special tDiXaOtJ
$1.50 to $7.50 .
Linen. -. repp, galatea, gingham,'
chambray and various other wash
materials.' A 1J styles. Sizes 2 to to.
Boys' Pants . '
Blue serge," homespuns arfd nov
elty mixtures. Full cut and full
lined. Prices range $3.50 to $5
SaturdayHalf Price
Dept. Second Floor Royal Society, : Artamo and Wurzburg Stamped
Package Goods odd lines on sale Saturday at V regular prices. In
the sale re Children's Dresses, Rompers, Pillow Tops, Scarfs, Telephone
Masks. Pa am a Cases, Boudoir Gaps and Other articles. A splendid op
portunity to " buy for v vacation sewings. - Shop early1 in the day.
A i ,y 1 -; i
Second Floor Literally hundreds
of them fresh, new. pretty
frocks l ; styles apretljer. than,
most dressmakers .would thlnK
of.; ; ,Af particularly . good showing
of sineham dresses on sale, now J
Ages a to ,6. $1169 io $3.98
Ages t to t. 2Z.38-LZJ5I
Girls' Goats
-At $5
Second Floor Of . good ' quality
r ; plain serge and. of shepherd
: ; j checks, Excellent f .coaff" for
' utility wear. Not all fift
sizes. ;Priced special at 00JU
NIGHT GOWNS of fine nainsook SPECIAL AT ONLY $1.49
.MIDDY. BLOUSES white or colors SPECIAL AT .ONLY $2.39
PETTICOATS of white tub silk SPECIAL AT ONLY' $3.19
Toilet Needs
and Drugs
The following items will be on
sale Saturday only at prices quoted
and we reserve the right to limit
quantity to customers. Shop Early!
Ivory Soap
4 Cakes
Ivory Soap will not ' be sold or.
delivered at above price except
with other purchases made in the
Drug Department and not more
than ''4 cakes to each customer.
Packer's Tar Soap, cake 23c
Woodbury's Faciaj Soap at 23c
Creme Oil Soap, 4 cakes 25c
Cuticura Soap, the cake 23c
Drug Specials
For Saturday
Jergen's B. & A. Lotion at 39c
Java Rice Pow'r. all colors, 45c
Kolyrtos' Tooth Paste, tube 23c
Liquid Arvon the bottle 98c
Massatla ' Talcum Powder 19c
Pebeco Tooth Paste, special 45c"
Pbjllips' Milk of Magnesia 25c
Pears'. Unscented Soap, 2 -35c
Rubifoam for. the Teeth at 29c
Sempre Giovine, special 49c
Squibbs'-Paraffin. $1, 6 bots. $5
CoIgates' Shaving Cream 33c
Santiseptic Lotion in plain or
flesh . color Saturday special 45c
Riveri'S Tal., white or flesh 35c
Putnam's Dry Cleaner 25-50c
Lyons' ; Tooth Powedr ' for 23c
Mulsified Cocoanut Oil at 49c
Mennen's Shaving Cream - 33c
Silk Gloves
; Best Makes
At the Center Circle, Saturday,
we shall feature a special show
in gof Women's Siik Gloves in
Kayser; Portland Maid and other
JweJU Known t makes all styles
and weights,'- at 75c to $1.50
Main 'Floor Women's Caps and
Hats "for motoring ' and outing
wear. " Very newest styles, made
up in 'checks and wash- A(
able materials. Saturday JtOLr
Women's Veils, Sp'l 65c
Main Floor Shetland Mesh
Drape Veils in all the most want
ed colors. Plain and YIC
fancy 'borders, special at UJC
All $15 to $35 HATS
Second Floor Unrestricted choice of any hat 6n' display In the Milli
nery Salons, Saturday; marked heretofore at ft5 up to f3S at ust 'A
regular selling price. This takes in all the beautiful mid-summer; pat
terns and' trimmed hats of. every description. This season's most
favored styles-r-crepe, leghorns, milans. etc. All f 15 to 35 Trimmed
Mats at Vi Price. Shop early and get FIRST CHOICEl ' '
New Sport Hats
Special $5
Second Floor Milan Sailors, Band-Trimmed Leg
horn Hats. Ribbon Crowned and Ribbon Trimmed
Hats some with panama. brims also, smart flow
er trimmed Hats. Many 'of fhese are 'regular 110
and 12 values. Fine for sport and outing wear.
About 200 In the lot. On sale Satur- AfS
day at the special price of only, choice OD.U U
: TIere Are the World's Very. Best Makes in
A , good ; refrigerator . is an in
vestment not a luxury it pro-'
tects the health of the family and
saves food that would otherwise
go to' waste. ' ' .
Automatic Crystal White and
many . other makes here for your
selection "at reasonable prices.- : -:j
Ice Gream
Third Floor We sell the famous
Whtfe Mountain Refrigerators
the triple-motion freezes - the
cream quicker, smoother, ' better.
All sizes-1 quart to .10 pints.
A: H.
'- Special 92c
'Third Floor Extra good quality
Brooms--made rizht here ii
Portland.; Many stores ask
1.5o for brooms of this rr?J?.
Buy them here Saturday ( 1
at the low price of only ' w ,