The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, April 01, 1919, Page 9, Image 9

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Travalan to all points at the fort ad State
r abroad abeuld taaa adrantaa of aaaariasead'
Infornauoa ana aerrica aftcred thrones Taa
orf joarnai Travel . la panaaal eberca
f Itormj H. Bauta. Kajklroad ticaeta and
etaamaoip booking arranged. Poretfa, azebaaca
auraeo. uiorasauon ciraa rata Ming paatporu.
rorUaad and Vieinfty Tonight and Wednea
da fatr; ranahla winda."
OrrcAa and Wahln-ioi -ToaiaM and Wednaa-
dar lau; ceaua tttada. aaoauy aoatbarv. . ,
Small arraa of low pieanr ra ahowa iif
tha North atlaatio aUUa and to tha aitrara
Hotttbwsat. lrar tba remainder tna eaomry
tha rree-nr is high, tha Biahaet raadinc brin
in tha Mfaauaelppi aaUey and M tha Jiorth ra
cific Caut. fmHpttatioa ha baea eon fined to
a few widely actattcrad nation auti swat ot tna
mmats bar brn -email. Tha weather B raurh
colder tra Uw Kaatera and Moatbern etatca aad
fc. tnrllr ralaler ta the Wart. Fraaanta ten
peratara raaetiaa aontavard to Tannaaaaa.. and.
wrnWr tenpararora a IV ported from tha fewer
lake raatoo. Tae temperature a bekrw normal
e'er the eaatmt half of the country aad above
normal over tba weatern half-.
t Jf
-I ll f
Maker, Or. , .............. S3 I 8
Hofce. Jdabo 2 40 O
Ronton. Mar. ............ 42 2ft O
Calgary. Alt. ............. S ,04
ChfciagOi - HI. --. . -t-h ...... . 8 29
IWnrer. Colo. ........... . ftft 44 O
I M Moines, Iowa .......... 4 S3 O
(ialreaton. Teiaa . ........... TO- 2 O
Helena. Mont. ............. 8 40 O
Koaolubi, T. H. ......... . 80 .... O
Huron. M D. ............. 4ft 84 0
Kama City. Mo. .......... '4ft St 0
KnoXTtlte, Tenn. ........... 4ft SO O
1m An tela. Cat .......... TO 60 O
Manhfield. Or. ...... . 4 8
New Orlean. la. . 78 48 , 0
Near York. N. . . . . . . . i . 8 23 ,i
Nome, Alaska ........... . J 4 0
North Head. Wah. .,.-... 64 4ft O
North Matte. Neb. ......... 4 ft 42 0
Oklahoma t:tty. Okla. 2 40 0
l"hoenlx. Xri. ........... . aft 62 f O
Mttxbnt-c, Pa. S2 20 O
1'orUand, Or. ...... ...... ftft . 48 0
Itoaebara. Or. . . . . . i . I . . . . 70 42 O
St Iuia. Mo. t, .......... 4 82 O.
. Paul. Mlna. .......... . 89 2S O
Salt I-aka Ctty. CUh 89 40 O
Raa Iko. Cal. ...... ..... . 60 S3 O
ait rraneiaoo. Cat ....... . ft B0 O
8ante. Waib. 84 4 0
Kpokant. WMb ...,.... BO 9 0
Tampa. Fto. ........... j . , . . . . 6ft O
.Vaneouer. B. C. ......... 04 4 rO
-tVali. Walla. Wuh. ........ e 4"' o
Vaxhtaatna. t. C ....... r. 4 2- O
Yakrme. Waah. TO 40 H O
Afternoo n report ol prcccditif rUj.
- . On - Sals 'at
partner wttot Jmml
sflMvaowaveT' WIH Zeetare Rer.- Robert
1. Olor. foreira eecretrr of ahw
Chrlst-laa e.nt Mlaalonary allUnea, who
wm for about 20 years a missionary In
China and Ijas In his missionary work
visited Tibot. India, Japan. Anara, Tl.lU
Ippines, South America and the West
Indies, will give a missionary address
In tbo Gospel Tabornacle. Kast Ninth end
Clajr streeta, Tuesday evening- at 7:45
o'clock. On Wednesday evening-. 3r.
Glover wUl givft sv stereopticon lecture
on "A Visit to Our South American
N'elchbors." -v:; .
Tbo Powers Karnltare eompaay win
dow exhibiting: th prixe winnirlff post
ers of this recent Powers design con
test. Is one of the most Interesting dis
plays, artistically a peaking-, that has ever
been shown In Portland. The first priao
winner of 50, was Amy Harland. 8803
69th are S. E. ; second prixe, f SO, Alice
Mtllla-an. 381 E. 43d st. ; third prize, 115,
Thomas A. Fertuaon, Teon bldg. ; fourth
prise $0, Paul C. Belt, 204 Occident st
Tho posters are now, being r shown at
Powers'. Advy. , '..
' Xetter Carriers to Meet The principal
question before the letter carriers of
Portland at their monthly meeting: to
night in the Masonic Temple will be
'whether Multnomah branch No. 82. Na
tional -Letter Carriers, shall.- affiliate
with the- Civil Service association of
this ctty, which Is a part of the forces
of organised labor . In Oregon. , Father
0Hara will speak to an open meeting
of the branch after Its business session
la Closed. ' . -i . ;:. ; . - -'. .
rirteea Gallons of Sakt Seised T.
Mori, a Japanese, proprietor of a room
ing house at 95 North Fifth street, was
arrested Monday-afternoon by Officers
McCullough and Moore, of tho war
emergency squad, en a charge of violat
ing the prohibition law. Fifteen gallons
of aaki, a Japanese whiskey, which the
officers allege . Mori was dispensing by
tha drink .to roomers, was seized as evi
dence. .He secured his release on $250
bail. . .
Lawresee Wood Henteneed I&wrence
Wood, an alleged drrrg addict, arrested
by Inspectbr Tackaberry, drew a co-day
sentence in the municipal court, Monday,
on a charge of vagrancy. ; Wood was
caught with a forged prescription for
morphine, in his pocket. ( Joe Reyegp
petty prowler, who waa convicted of
larceny, waa also given a 60-day sen
tence. ., "
fiasors Hoasd Safety blades re-sharpened,
man orders mied promptly. Port
land Cutlery Co.. 8 6th. near Stark. Ad.
v Wedseaday-Prlaters' DaT" Wednes
day will be "Printers Day at theiweek
ly luncheon of the PortUnd Ad club at
- , '4 - at the . - - '
Auditorium, Wednesday, April 2, 7:30 P. M.
Miss Bryant was, in Russia from the fall of the Czar to the rise of
the Bolshevikl. She appeared recently as a witness before the special
senate committee Investigating the spread: of Bolshevism in the
United States. ; . , . , '..
For 200 years GOLD MEDAL Haar
lem Oil has enabled suffering human
ity to withstand attacks ol kidney,
- Uer, bladder and stomach troubles
and all diseases connected with the
urinary organs, and to build tip and
restore to health organs weakened by
disease. These most important organs
most be watched, because they filter
and purify the blood: unless they do
tteir work you are doomed.
7ear!ssaY sleeplessness, nervous
ness. desponder.j, backache, tomach
trouble, pains in the loins and lower
abdomen, gravel, rheumatism, sciatita
srd lumbso sll warn you of 'trouble
nia your kHaeys. . GOLD MEDAL
Lsirlea Oil Capsules are the temedy
." Icr sale anJ euaranteed by
the Benson hotel. Harry Stuff of Los
Angeles, originator ox- the national cim
paign for selling printing, wilt be the
chief speaker. Albert Houghton will
sing and other printers wi'l contribute
informal talks. F. W. Chausse will be
1 e a tktrictk- CIt Proposed
A Leatherneck social club, its member
ship to be composed of discharged men
from the navy and marines, has been
proposed by Frank Pelikan, formerly
of the marine corps. Mr. Pelikan de
sire such men to telephone hira or call
at room 3 Y. M. C a. for the purpose
of arranging a meeting when tho or
ganisation can be effected and officers
elected. Mr. Pelikan was discharged at
Quantico, Vai February 18.y ; f
: Examination Is Aaaoaaee A forest
and field . clerk examination . has been
announced by the United States Civil
Service commission, to be held in Port
land. April 19. Entrance salary la $1100
or $1200 a, year. Age limits are It to 40
for forest clerks and 18 or over for field
clerks. The examination is open to both
men and women. - Blanks- and informa
tion may be obtained from the civil
service examiners, postofflce. ; 4
' Wants to Get It Over With Antonio
Romero of San Francisco, who arrived
in Portland with two suit cases contain
ing four and a half gallons of whiskey,
told Ieputy United States Marshal Mass
this morning1 that he desired .to plead
guilty aad get back: to his honest Job in
California. He will be arraigned ip, the
federal court this af temootu
!i SeateBced for Yagraaer Lawrence
Wood, 25 years old. Who admitted to Mu
nicipal Judge Roanaan Monday aft tr
noon that ho had not worked for many
anon tha, was sentenced -to serve 60 days
on the charge of vagrancy.: Jack Ton y,
also charged with - vagrancy, was re
leased on his promise that he would seek
employment immediately. stf. !;rr
iMSlaahed With Knife After a discus
sion over the price to be paid for a job
Of window .cleaning, Sam Blackman, pro
prietor Vf a ! store at 613 First street,
was attacked by a negro window clean
er, and cut about the face with a pocket
anife.""He was taken to the emergency
hospital, where hi wounds were dressed.
No tiaco waa found of his assailant.
I Switchman; Arrested E. A. Crooder, a
switchman employed in the local railroad
yards, waff arrested Monday afternoon
by Officer McCullough ' of' the. war
emergency squad.' on a. charge of vio
lating; the prohibition law.- Crouder se
cured hi release on $250 bail. :
j Brltlsb Bed Crost Soeletj Private
Peat'a lecture. Persons who purchased
tickets from Meier : As Frank, company
eatn have their- money ' rftndet ty re
tjurainar tfclaaita to K. XC Baxter, aetcre-
tary of the society, 1301 Spalding buUd-
- Torr.y Ijeetara Peitaeaei Ty. Ttmrry
Torrey-s fotirt W lecture trx hte eerfes on
"Growth aun4 XenreloiHneiit." wtktcb wr.
to have been gtven tonight in the audi
torium of the University club, has been
postponed till next Tuesday night in the
Ntmt placeat I o'clock. , ' ';
Slxty-flfth f tterast to Meet Veter
ans of the 5th artillery Will hold their
second weekly' meeting ' in room 201 of
tho courthouse Wednesday night at $
o'clock. The adoption of the constitution
and by-laws will be the Important fea
ture of the meeting, v j-;t -v
Fraak Shepherd's laterartaaTHaes
Hood River auto leaves St rXJbariea ho
tel. Front and Morrison, Portland, ev
ery morning at 9:30 direct to Hood
River. Small packages carried. Phones
Marshall 4381, A-3611. Adv.
State Chemist to Speak A, 8. Wells,
state chemist, will address the cadets of
Hill Military academy Wednesday morning-
at o'clock. Mr. Wells, , who is a
food expert, will tell , howvs. chemists
helped win the war.
Tlolets tie Per Baaea Cut flowers at
Cheapest prices. Potted plants and ferns,
perennials. Jrvington Park Floral Co.,
Fourth and YamhiU. Open evenings and
Sundays. Adv. f,'!"
Eat Bradley 's Pies They're: fine !
At leading;"; restaurants " and grocers.
Bradley's Cocoanut cream Pies, U-um t
What's best? Bradley's mince Pies. Adv.
- Steamer Jessie ' Barcias for Camas,
Washougal and way landings, dally ex
cept Sunday, leaves Alder street dock at
t pT m. Adv. 1 ; .
Steamer Iralda for St. Helens and Rai
nier, daily at 8 :30 p. m foot of Alder
street. Sunday. St. Helens only, 1:30 p.
m-rAdv., ;., i.vt "v.-;.. t
hectare on Irelasd Rosa Desmond
will give an illustrated lecture on Ire
land at 8 o'clock tonight at the Men's
Resort. - r,- 4 -- "j
TToae Better Newark fire and auto
mobile insurance. ' Exile Burkitt, 213
Selling building. Phone Main 1800. Adv.
Jlld yea kaow the W. R. Grace Steam
ship company use 6$ Noiseless Typewrit
ers, -"Well, they- do." Adv. . . i
Dr. Calder, Chiropodist, removed to
S wetland bldg., 6th and Wash. Room
711. Adv. ,
' Hadley A Silver, tailors, make depend
able clothes.; 100 Sixth st, corner Stark.
- Tosr hair est to suit you at the Mar
ket barber shop, 187 4th at Yamhill. Adv.
Sr. C. G. Basin retaraed. 1120 Selling
ouiiamg. AdV. . - V . v
Dr. A. C. MeDaalel, Hee. bldg. Adv.
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The healing oil soaks into the- cells and
liwng of the kidneys and drives out
the poisons. New life and iealth will
surely follow. When your normal vigor
has been restored continue treatment
for a while to keep yourself tn condi
tion and prevent a return of the dis
ease. Pn't wsit nntil you are Incapable of
frhtang. Start takinr GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsules today. Tour
druggist will cheerfully refund your
money if yon are not satisfied with
result a Rnr Ke m e -v. s
Imported GOLD MEDAL and actptno
unuiBtii. xii icree sises. ' ealad
packages. At all drug stores.
The Owl Cruz Co. Adv. f
. -
- - Ilarry C .Kendall Returns
Harry C. Kendall has returned to
Portland to become associated with. the
Lumbermens Trust company. Mr. Ken
dall waa formerly traffic engineer -for
the Portland Railway, Light &. Power
company ! during the extensive routing
of canines in 1113 and 1914. Ha went to
Denver with F. W.' HIM when the latter
assumbed the management of the Den
ver properties three years ago. For the
past year Mr. Kendall has been con
nected wth the Emergency Fleet cor
poration in the negotiation with public
utility companies for increased facilities
and later, as district engineer' of - the
Delaware river district. , Mr. Kendall la
a graduate of Massachusetts Institute
of Technology and was at one time com
mercial engineer with the WeeUmghouse
Klectric & Manufacturing company.
Prior to coming to Portland in 1912 to
make a traffic survey of the city. Mr.
Kendall was engaged in commercial en
gineering work with the Illinois trac
tion system and waa Instructor tn elec
tric railway engineering at the Uni
versity of Illinois. j ;
Roy O. Vates In Clly
. Rr O. Tates, formerly oresident of
the Multnomah hotel company, is vis
iting at the hotel from San 1 Uatm:
Cal. Mr. Tates, who has Just recently
been discharged r from Uncle j Sara's
service, won the war : while with the
California Grlxxlies, the , kaiser resign
ing when e saw him coming, j ,He is
now vegetating-after the strenuous life
mat army service involved. B vege
tating Mr. Yates doesn't mean farm
ing. Someone, since -he returned.
started the rumor that : he .was going
to enter tne California agricultural col
lege in preparation for an arricultural
career, but this Mr. Yates denies. By
vegetating, ? he means "lying on the
shelf," so to speak, or leading a super
hobo existence."''''' ...!"
: Immigration laspeelor Returns
"There la no great likelihood of the
Japanese who aro going into California,
especially the Imperial valley, from Mex
ico, coming to the Northwest," said Im
migration Inspector It. P. Bonham, who
arrived in Portland Monday from a trip
to Mexico and Southern California. Mn
Bonham went to Mexico in charge of a
party escorting deported Mexicans. Poor
of them were arrested in Oregon. "Moat
of the Japanese who are entering tho
United States byway of Mexico will not
so very far. north. They are In a. great
part farmers, and will stay on California
iamr iat t-hlr atttempt to evade brant
arravtion offieerav Theaa who aeelc lh
cities will go to civic centers in Call-
trtr .
i Near Shaaahaa Onnera Arrive
Ptiu JL. Ilttr. JOMpre Ditter
and - Marry XHtter, who tiave been en
gaged in the mercantile business at
Yakima, and who recently bought out
Shanahan's store In Portland, have-arrived
in the city to Uke over their
new business. They are staying at the
Portland.?; -.----V -
Going to Have, a War Garden
"I am going to raise a war garden
down In my back yard In San Fran
cisco says W. I. Winn, who is stay
ing at the Multnomah; "a war garden
for the war that is coming on at Dan
sig. A I am going to have two rows of
radishes, - three rows of peas, some
onions and beans these four vege
tables and no more. - And furthermore,
I expect to be absolutely Immune from
war profiteering. -
a . - !
' Benson News Stand Leased -,
The Benson hotel has leased out its
news stand to the Gunst people. .Miss
Clara Jeffries, one of the clerks, will
return to her former employment; at the
Rainbow hotel, at Great Falls. Mont,
and Mrs. Ray Clark will be located
John Olin Secures License for
24 Years Without His Final
Papers; Is Turned Down.
W. Ti Lord, attorney of this city, is
preparing a case wherein he expects to
attack the constitutionality of bouse bin
No. 447; recently passed by the legisla
ture, providing that no one but full Citi
zens of the United States would be able
to obtain license for the operation of
stationary fishing gear. .
This controversy arises because. John
Olin, ah alien, has -been refused licenses
for nine set net locations on the Colum
bia liver by the Oregon fish and game
commission because his. application
showed he was not a citizen. His papers
were taken out nearly a score of years
ago and are invalidated because of failure
to apply for second papers inside of
seven years. "
Olin had been operating his fishing
appliances -for 24 years, having taken
out licenses' on his , first papers. i ;
Many applicants have - been refused
licenses, to fish on the strength of this
ruling, which declares their papers in
valid after seven years. Kvery day
soma alien is turned down because his
first papers antedate the . seven-year
limit. .A great number of aliens have
taken out their first papers only to gain
the privilege of fishing. Some of them
have admitted as much when their appli
cations were turned .down at the com
mission headquarters. - i
Arrested on Larceny Cbame
Ilirshall Champ, whom the police ac
cuse or rooDing the residence of Fred
J. Zeiner several dava aarrt. waa arrnteH
at -463H East Burnside street Monday
arxernoon Dy inspectors coieman, Morak.
Tichenor and Mallett, and is being held
at the city Jail for investigation. 1 A
watch, said to have been stolen from
the residence, was recovered by J the
police. . Champ will be formally charged
with larceny from a dweUing.
Wood's Quick
A Busy Restaurant
t FOR '
Busy Business Men
Quick Satisfactory Service
Popular Prices
Sixth end Stark
somewhere by the management, Tha
ounsi people expect to put in - men
clerics. "-..
I i - At the Hotels ...
Dr. William X.' Keller of Fort Steila
coora has arrived at the Multnomah to
hold consultation with local , physicians.
.. William 8. Foster of the federal trade
commission at Washington. D. C, ' ar
rived at the Portland this morning to
confer with local officials on govern
ment matters.
"yd : E. j Mulkey. timberman - from Co
Quille. is a guest at tho New Perkins.
v Mr. and -Mrs. B. F. Benson of Oiynv
pla are ht the Portland. Mr. Benson is
a member of tho Washington legtalature.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kttelson. who were
married f Monday, are - staying at tho
Multnomah. Mr. Ettelson is a traveling
salesman- for . M. , Seller. ' ... : t ; " ; ,. ? ;
i Mr. and Mra. Roland . Oliver of Pen
dleton are guests at the Seward. Mr.
Oliver la a wheat grower. . - ,
-' Mr. and Mrs. George E. Dorcas of Sac
ramento, .Cal.. are Visiting at the Im
perial. Mr. Iorcas was formerly in the
hop growing business near Portland. ?
F. S. Huffman, western representa
tive of an eastern portrait company, is
spending a few days at the Oregon.-.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wise of Astoria are
guests at the Benson. Mr. Wise la In
the mercantile business. j
Mrs. Mattie F. Beatty, first vice presi
dent of the State Federation of Wom
en's Clubs, returned ' Monday evening to
Salem, after attending the Victory loan
conference and conferring on recreation
al matters. ,
. H. V.t Welgle of Astoria Is a guest
at the Carlton i
Lewis, Doster of the Atkins Saw com
pany at Seattle is staying at the Fort
land. .
Mrs. J3. P. Ash and daughter from
Stevenson are visiting at the New Per
kins. ' j
F. M, Rothrock, who specializes in
shorthorns on his big stock farm ear
Spokane, is staying at the Portland
while attending the sale at the stockyards..-.!.;--:-.-
. -
; Dr. Roy McDaniela has retdmed to the
city to resume practice, after being dis
charged from army service at Camp
Lewis. Dr. McDaniela was a first lien
tenant in charge of special work on the
orthopedic board. ; i,.
R. F. Chase of Fargo, N. D., la at the
Cornelius on his return home from Cali
fornia, where he has been spending the
winter. J: - . j;. .-',:
:: B". .O.i TreadaoM. attorney from Ban
don, is a. anieat at tbe Imperial, . ..
; RVJUr A R9f ,rs, -pr9pHC9F 9t ,U,
Mood River lodge. Us visiting at the
Benson; . ,
1. . -tv ri of . Gaatoa Sal ' reaiatered
at the Carlton- ....,...
I 'Charles A. Murray, who Is connected
With the railroads at Tacoma.' la atavintr
at the Portland.- ;,'- - ri s - :
O. Wr Loomis, who Is In the Insurance
business at Seattle, Is a guest at the
A.' C, Dixon of Eugene, manager of
the Booth-Kelly Lumber -company, is
staying at the ImperiaL ' ';
Charles L. Hall, who owns the tele
phone lines at Marshfield, Is visiting at
the Benson. - : i ,
Mrs. s. K. Pease of Eugene ta visiting
at the Carlton. y
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wlsenstlne of Eu
gene, who . were married Monday, are
Cruests atjthe For. ind. ' , ,
W. .J. Eccles, who Is in the lumber
business at Baker, is a guest at the
ImperiaL - . ... , ,
WC dn cleanin? z and nrctin (n.
one-half "what others chatty, i Brins
your clothe we clean them- you
-.aft aa . . v
can ior mem taat s the xeasonl
Men' SuiU Pressed, 35c
Men's Suits French Dry or
Steam Cleaned $1 , ,
We Use the Hoff-Man
Sanitary System
Ta Be Well Dressed Is to
i Be Well Pressed .
Unique Tailoring Co.,
104 Fourth Street, Between Wash-
ington and Stark i
What's the Matter With
. There Is a Correction
Every Foot Ailment
Have yon pain In the heel, tn tho arch, in th toes? Or do they Just hurt all
5veT" .W have all the necessary appliances to put your feet in normal con
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Specialist in charge. . v ... ,- ....... ,
Finiier'n Foot Corroff- Plf-nrn
"'"'r '-. " - -.' :;r" A ;,"--.. 'v.v-j: t 5 -i f .
'j '.- -.: - -. . ..i . ' . . : V;.,-'"'
Persistent Prowler. Gains ' Access
to Residence on Curtis Street ;
After Many Attempts. ;
Burglars displayed renewed activity
overnight,, according to reports filed with
the police this morning. The most per
ajstent of those i reported tackled tbe
home of A. Kelson, 1433 Curtis avenue.
From alt appearances his first efforts
to gain entrance waa at the pantry win
dow,, which he broke. The window
was "too small' to; admit his body.' so he
next tackled the rear door. In Which he
broke the glass, hut couldn't reach , the
lock. He then threw ! a large rock
through the kitchen window, unlocked
the same and gained entrance. The Nel
sons lost several pieces of Jewelry - and
silverware, valued at $38. i
I As E. ' R." t Blrdemeyer 1 of 37 East
Eighty-seventh street .. approached his
home Sunday night he noticed the elec
tric light Was burning; in the ; kitchen.
He calmly walked to the back door to
investigate, but as he peered 'through the
windqw he looked Into the muxsle of a
revolver. - The burglar ordered Birds
meyer to" throw up his hands and coma
into the house, the intruder then fleeing
through an open field. B He Secured . a
small amount of Jewelry. - : -' ?
Between; Friday and Sunday thieves
broke a basement window in the Fern
wood school and, after gaining entrance,
ransacked the principal's office and stole
two small purses, containing a few pen
nies. It ' is thought the burglars were
trying to get the $50 made in a recent
candy sale, but the principal had taken
this money from the school, : ?
Thieves broke the padlock on the
garage of W. ;M. Tower, 409 East
Charleston street, and stole tire and
spotlight from the automobile. il i
Angust Schultz, 372)9 First street, re
ported his room entered by- thieves,-who
stole a $50 liberty bond, watch and
check bock. , E. E. Watson of Whitwood
court complained of the theft of an au-
tomobiia tiro and Jack from his machine.
New Curtain Materials
at 35c Yard
An unlimited assortment of
styles in Madras, Scrims, Mar
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cream and ecru. All crisp, new
Eoods attractiYtly undervaJuecL; :
New 36-Inch Percales ;
flit 25c Yard!
: Both light and dark colored
-patterns in an extended variety
a ' standard quality Percales espe
cially low priced. ' '
It Is
4 sFour Great Undervalued Lots of '. :
at $129. at 138; at $249, at $39
Samples and Regular Stock Lines in ?. & Henderson. Merito and
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i , ! J-iU a U alXeaWV' - '
! Heavy pink coutii dancing models '
white brocades, coutils and repp, in aver-
Uage and stout models. Worth double this.
Ses to 36. ;
Lot 2 at $1S8
: White and pink coutils and brocades
samples in several dozens of models. A
very desirable assortment .that will be sure
to please you. Sizes to 36. ; ; a 1 ,
Store Opens
at 8:30 A. M.
at 9 A. M.
Your Feet?
saPBasaPBHaaaiasBMai'--B I
Are they
Do they
tire eaaily?
Major Hamilton to"..'
Lecture at 'Y.M.'
' Major Jack Hamilton will lecture on
his experiences in the war at the T. M.
C. A. auditorium this evening at 7:30
o'clock. Major Hamilton enjoys tbe
unique distinction of having nerved un
der three different flags in the world
war. He was the first American to Join
tho French army, later transferring to
the British forces. After being severely
wetmded and recovering he again trans
ferred, this, time to service under. his
own ; flasr the American this country
having by that time -entered the war.
His lecture is replete with interesting
anecdotes and thrilling episodes, not tha
least thrilling of which Is the story of his
rescue of a French gtrl who later became
Mrs. Hamilton. The lecture la open to
the public. j
War Trophy Train ;
Attracts Crowds
Iloseburg, April 1. The war trophy
train arrived- in this city at S o'clock
Monday" evening-and waa. visited by n
large throng . of ; busy spectators ' from
all . sections of the - county. Those in
charge reported great crowds at every
stop in tbe southern part of the county.
Robert E. Smith, the manager, esti
mated that fully 8000 people visited the
train -. while it stopped ; in , this city.
The party was Joined here by Bertram
Bates, who will act as secretary to the
management : during the rest of the
tour.: Mr. Bates has : recently been
discharged from army service after
having spent several months overseas.
Flighty Milk Truck
Butts Through Wall
The steering gear disarranged, a fight
delivery car, owned by the Fernwood
dairy and driven by Fred WBoox, left
the street at East Sixth and Washing
ton streets Monday afternoon, climbed
the curb, butted its way through the
wall of a frame building- and landed in
a basement mX 4X5 East Waanina-ton
street. . Wilcox escaped injury, but the
car is a total wreck,; while the side
of .the building resembles a section of
war torn Franco....-. -
3 Special Offerings in Pleached Sheets
72x90 '. (Jj- 81x90 t- TO
Inches at p J.4awO Inches at ij) J. TlO
81x99 Inches at $1.60
1 All extra well made from fine round thread sheeting. ;Tbey come'
in one piece and neatly hemmed ready ta use. t -
! Pillow Cases at 2Sc
z Made from remnants of good, heavy sheeting of standard quality.
They come 42x36 inches and finished with neat hem.
Embroidered Scarfs at Half 38c . and 63c Each
A closing out sale of a fine lot of Japanese embroidered, hem
stitched and drawn work Scarfs at Half Price.
Joy to Possess-and Yet Economical
For years women have sought for improvements that would make
silk underwear as truly an . economy as it is a joy to possess.
The new Alarvelfit features give you a new idea of how well silk
underwear can fit and wear. -.-. j - i s i J :
THE NEW SILK KNTCKER There are no seams to rip or pull
In the Kayser MarveJfjt . "Italian" Silk Knicker. It Is made with
a. bias gore which stretches with every step, s .
: THE NEW SILK UNION SUIT- The . Kayser Marvelfit Italian
Silk, Union Suit is . the one perfect-fltting union suit that will not
gap or bind. The patented flaps remain closed, whether the wearer
is standing or sitting.
You can obtain the Mirvel
fit features only in the genu
ine Kayser Italian Silk Union
Suits, Vests and Knickers.
m eacn. -
Lot 3 at $2.69 u
This is a truly remarkable showing of
aozens ot Deautirui models. included are
the celebrated Rengo Belt with elastic back
ana front, aizes to 36. - -f
Lot 4 at $339 ;
Samples and stock models of the best
grade we carry rich brocades, toutils,
batistes and satins in scores of models.
The best of the good ones. Sires to 36.
The Most in Value The Best in
- - - -
M - ' - g
Baaaaea-saMBBBaBaSBBBa I saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawaaa
black adult
casket, : hears,
boa, 2 autos,
mbalmina ; and
refined . sorvica
for ...e
Funeral if desired for Z0, StO, 16.
Higher priced funerals In proportion.
Wo manufacture caskets. , ,
Lady Assistant "
Beautiful Funeral Chapel
Main test In dependant Faseral directors A
WsIarto at Mia M Bftweea tth s4 flat 8ta Weat fM
f"j7?rt Osr $'i raaeral also laela.1e rorI;iI embaimlaj' lor thismta
l.Jl.jvte eired to any rart cl tie V". i i'.gteu . :
Woman Resident
Of Shedd District
. For 30 Years Dies
-; , c i . , .
Albany, April 1. Mrs.' Martha J.
Aliens a ; resident ; f - the 1 vicinity of
Shedd for 89 years.' died Saturday at
the age of tl years. Mra: Allen was
born in Ohio on August M. 1837. and
came to . Xlnn county In 1889. She is
survived by two children. 11. t Allen,
with whom- she - made - her home," and
Mrs. K McCrmiekv Funeral servlcea
were conducted by Rev. J. Stanley Van
Winkle at the . family home , Monday.
Spina Hart in Accident
Albany April 1. W. Morse, an
employe of the Cameron Oregon Silo
Manufacturing ; company, 1-ecelved an
injury Monday,' which may cripple him
for life. ; A heavy lathe tipped i over,
striking hira on the back and severely
bruising his spine, : While he was able
to move his body below the injury, it Is
feared complications may cause perma
nent Injury.
Albany Gathers Clothes
Albany. April 1. Today is ' : old
Jilt A N T people
Hnt and save
and wear shabby
clothes while
they're young and
by the time they
have accumulated a
few dollars they re
too old to find any
enjoyment. in life.
. Tha hincat of all
mistakes is to try
to save money at
the expense of your
AeaaviaBl m nnasirw
ance. Oood ciotneo give you an entre
Into good society and open up . many
opportunities, both social and business.
No matter whether you have the
money now or not. go to Cherry's smart
ahop for men and women today, choose
all the clothes you need and pay tor
them by the month.
Cherry's, 8-r Washington . ftreet,
Pittock Block. Adv.
Principal Portland Agents.
, '
Store Closes
at 5:30 P. M.
at 6 P. M.
- ia.
t i -1. A
: 1 1
elothea' day in Unn county. J. M.
HawhJuji" is manarer .of the drfve lo
secure, eight .tons of old clothes lcr th
sufferers In the war district. .
il Lurxn
ano caraTsaiA
S2S Watklnftm SV aar . Slrth
Choice Roasts : Steaks Chops
Fish, Oysters" Etci, le,
20c, 25c. -Select
Eggs 15c. Many Ereak-
., fast Specials. ; ; j
Hot Cakes, Waffles and all short
. orders, - any . time. - . .
3est of Everything at :
Moderate Prices
ITreat Sue
cesaf ully. and
For A b o u t
Half the Usual
Zfaeaaa ot XBjreJ Ear.
ana i:n roar-
Lum..Hmt; and
All female
5 tmoi del .
Mood Ar
K t u areeei
na V,
akrul lotrlo tra
ment ajiven. Plies,
uoitre and Kheuma
tism quickir r t
lieved. Complete gen i
eral practice. i
1 have all the' modern equipment nee
essary to insure you first-class medical
I save you about 0 per cent, t
Phystelaq aad Snrra f
. irtTTItTi a wr va w a a s f liTir a atr - tSfVa "
Ua A.a.a ITAOJllelUiUA 'CfaVaM
Hoifil A 21. to 8 T. Jf.
OFFICK FHOIfB.. ........ ..MAl.V fif.g
11E81DEKCK PHONE.... ...KAST 6361
Reliable Dentistry
Wa (Mraataa ear etk for IS
year. Wa wiS azaartna eoerr tawUt
traa and tell yon hut vbat taaf
raqalra aad what 1 r0 ecaa :
td r linn..,.. t, 0 see us
OaS Orrana...... .SS.SO-SS.00
aeoataln Cawna. . .SS.eO-SS.00
fait aa, f tu far., , . .aa.eo
Palntaa Kttracttan.. ....... SOa
SUaar. rU4teea. ........ .. .SO
' 1 ate aur aanaaai aUaaOaa la
an awfk, .jS-r;;;;::;,
Da B. W. KKWTO!, Pmo, j
Opes Sfiaiasa tlatii 10 I
Boston Painlesa Den tuts
. aeaaea ta an St On Waantnetan S4, -
p.iOr to
Sand Me f iv .
"Out of Bed I
Three Times!''
li the victim of kidney disorders and
bladder irritation la compelled to arise
even eaee in the night, there Is a con
dition which should be promptly cor
rected. If arising- more than once im
mediate attention is tbe part of wisdom.
are peculiarly fitted to promptly relieve
soreness and achina in the kidney re
gions. They allay; inflammation, restore
normal secretion and correct the alk a-
stop the source -f Irritation, f'n au-i
annoyance. There are thousar d nt
benefited users of Balmwort i-iidney
Tablets and all -rood, conar! irjtlous
drusirtsts recommend and aei: them.
Price. SLC0 per tube. ' - i
ccnnrcT .Tncr. .. -
I .
i n in mi aim l 1 1 i I
Pure, Clean, Fresh 1 1
Bread. H
Dr. fcMUs