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HOTOPLAYERS and photoplays at Portland motion pic
ture theatres for the new week :
1. May AUson and "Bull" Montana in "In For 30 Days,"
Nazimova in "Out of the Fog," Liberty. '
Sessue Hayakawa in "Bonds of Honor," Majestic.
Dustin Famum in "A Man in the Open," Peoples.
Harry Carey in "The Fieht for Love." Strand
6. Scene from "The Heart of Humanity," Columbia.
7. Mary Pickford in "Rags," Globe.
8. Mabel Normand in "Mickey," Sunset.
Photo Plays
LIBERTY An Unusual and distinctly
play "Out of the Fog," Is the new
fe&turerat the Liberty, "Naiimova being
the etas of the production.
The action of the play start in a lit
tle fishing village in New England
where Faith, the sister of Job -Coffin,
- known throughout the country for his
narrow and harsh outlook on life, and
his bigoted religious tendencies, falls in
love with a young fisherman. Before
they can be married he Is lost In a storm
and Faith's little daughter Eve Is born
Tork stage by Nazimova and which was
one of the theatrical wonders of the sea
son. The screen adaptation was made
by Albert Capellant and June Mathis
and directed by Mr. Capellanl under the
personal supervision of Maxwell Karger,
director general. The notable players
supporting Nazimova, are Charles. Bry
ant, - Henry Harmon, Nancy Palmer.
ST"? W-.,:Dav T- MorM Koupal.
Charles Smiley. Tom Blake, Hugh Jef
frey and Dorothy Smoller.
A. James Montgomery 'Flagg satirical
comedy is offered on the same program,
with Murtagh at the organ. ,
. - : . " -
QOLUMBIA; The i east of Dorothy
fatherless. , The wrath of Job Coffin is'w..A l....v f,per" ln
- .ft i iuu iu sec
ond week at the Columbia, with special
music, reads like a "Who's Who In
Filmdom." Here are a few of the mem
bers of the personnel :
, William Stowell. star in rnuiT Uni
versal special productions, chief In- sup-
terrible and he dooms the young mother
and her babe to perpetual solitude on
a resolate island lighthouse in the Ca
ribbean seas.
In despair Faith commits suicide and
Eve is left alone with her uncle. Dressed
always In boy's clothes, ; and without Port of Dorothv -phnu "JT
comoanlonshln.. eh rrowa to Wntlful nt fhm. Tnm "tv n . . j
womanhood on lonely 'Ception Shoals.
until romance, and adventure comes to
her when a yacht is ' stranded on the
treacherous shoals In a dense and blind
ing fog. The story Is beautifully told
and superbly acted and the star is seen
in the best and most dramatic role of
her internationally famous career.
"Out of the Fog." is the screen version
of "'Ception Shoals.' the play bv H.
Austin - Adams, "produced on the New
of the Town," "Destiny." and other sen
Miiwimiy Buccessiui reatures.
Walt Whitman, dean ofscreen char
acter performers, featured in numerous
Ince and Triangle pictures. .
Robert Anderson, he of the endearing
smile and "Hearts of the World" fame--the
Monsieur Cfcckoo of the Griffith
film and the Paul In "The Heart of
Humanity." - , 1
Frank Braldwood:
( actor, who has been before the public
on the legitimate stage in support of
Cyril Maude.
George Hackathorn, the popular juve
nile, who has been featured with La sky,
Griffith and Ince.
Little Gloria Joy, the" child star? who
has risen to a prominent position In
filmdom as the result - of her own re
markable histrionic merit.
Margaret Mann. Allen Ho1ubars dis
covery and, according to Director Holu
bar, "the ideal screen mother."
Llody Hughes; the Juvenile, who plays
Jules, and of course. Miss Phillips her
self, whom Henry W. Savage once called
"The Girl Nazimova." She was then
only 16 and since , has developed into
one of the most noted film- luminaries
and justly has been called the "unsur.
passed emotional actress of the cinema."
Miss Phillips plays an exacting and ex
aultlng role in "The Heart of Human
ity" andihas made oT Nanette a charac
ter of significance in screen history.
MAJESTIC Sessue . Harakawa, the
brilliant, and versa Ale Japanese
star, in his new Haworth production.
"Bonds of Honor." at the Majestic this
week, has a dual rote, playing the parts
of twin brothers of distinctly opposing
v Probably no actor on the screen to
day projects Individuality gets inside
Oaks Skating Rink
Every Afternoon and
Ladjei TTlgst Every , Veaday
Talce Cars First and
his character as well as does this Jap
anese star. The reason for this Is the
mentality- of ths actor, allied with
vivia Imagination and facility 01 ex
pression possessed only by the elect of
the drama.
"Playing a role for the silent drama
is more taxing to me than, if I were
playing before an audience personally,"
said Hayakawa, seen while the pro
duction of "Bonds of Honor" was in
- "The reason for this is that X must
visualize my audience, try to feel
something which is. not there. In the
spoken drama the actor has his finger.
figuratively, on the pulse of his audi
ence and plays up to them.
"In pictures the personal element Is
lacking and the actor must put himself
in a subjective mood entirely, his own
nersonal feeling being the criterion of
judgment. This makes tremendous de
mands upon the sincere mind ; his lm
agination must be ever on the alert and
his sense of proportion always properly
On the same bill is a Harold Lloyd
comedy. Paths Weekly, and a "Scenic
of Wonders." E. H. Hunt, organist.
will play a noon concert today.
QTAR "In For Thirty Days," a story
with a refreshingly new plot, in which
the beautiful Metro star, May Allison,
will be seen, is the feature at the Star
ror tne new week. .
The imagination of the beholder is
called upon to follow the young hero
ine, Helen Corning, to a little village
in the sunny south which is many years
behind the times and which still prac
tices the almost obsolete law of hiring
out prisoners, to those who need help,
for the sum. of 20 cents a day.
Touring through the, country in her
speedy car, - the beautiful society girl
finds that the people of this particular
town are bitterly opposed to fast driv
ing, and not knowing their little Idio
syncrasies,: Helen flashes . brightly
through the town.
The village constable, however, ' has
his own views on the subject, an she
if quickly awakened to the rude fact
hat he intends to make -her pay the full
penalty of the law. Thirty days is the
term imposed and no bail will be ac-
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- s - t
P - - -
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f- - ' - S: ' . 1
mm:- u J
r I
Brilliant Sopraao Metropolitan Opera
Balcony..... .. ... $z.eo, fLSt. 1.
GaU, Km, l.aAdm. .......... .JSe
cold cell,
Fate, however, sorry for. the young
beauty, sends . a handsome author in
search of a : handmaiden. The adven
tures from now on move with a sur
prising rapidity which rivals her racing
car and satisfies even her craving for
Speed how she takes her unusual and
humiliating position, and how she con
trives to get. a lot of fun and later
happiness out of the incident, is cleverly
shown and charmingly acted by Miss
Allison. The Associated Press news pic
ture and another short subject on the
same program.
DEOPLES Ever a popular favorite on
- stage and Bcreen. Dustin Famum is
enjoying the good fortune, according to
general report, of being provided in "A
Man In the Open." this week's new of
fering at the Peoples, with what Is prov
ing to be the strongest and most attrac
tive role of his career.
' This offering! closely based in story
on the thrilling novel written by Roger
Pocock and dealing with the adventures
of a son of Maine, who. shipwrecked on
an ocean voyage, falls into the comrade
ship of the sturdy and great-hearted
men of the Northwest, -
Fate, however, plays a shabby trick
on the tenderfoot in permitting him to
fall a victim to the wiles of an adven
turess who beguiles him into marriage
simply to win a wager she has made.
Disillusionment follows for this man of
the sea and land, and he betakes him
self to the virgin woods to lead the life
of A Man in the Open. His stirring ad
ventures in the Northwestern wilds form
the main thread of the story, in which
soon another, and this time, a whole
souled girl, figures and lends fascinating
heart interest to the plcturisation. .
The action of "A Man In the Open" Is
said to be swift and punctuated by pe
riods of gripping suspense, with a start
ling denouement to close .the stery. '
' The play has a strong supporting cast,
and not the least of its features being
some wonderful photography of forest,
mountain and night scenes.
The -Peoples News Pictorial and a
comedy reel are offered on the same
Same Tragic Death
Freeport, Me., March 29. (I. N. s.) .
Mrs. Mary E. Llttlefleld, 75 years old.
was burned to death in a house which
stood on the site of the house in which
her mother lost her life in the same
GLOBE. In Hags," the story of a
girl's rise from the lowest strata
of life to a position of social importance,
through which she finds it possible to
marry the man she loves. Mary Pick
ford, for whom the story was especially
written by Edith Barnard Delano; -finds
a charmingly effective . characterization.
This original photoplay, starring "Little
Mary," is the new week attraction at
the Qlobe.
There ,ls substantial material In "Rags"
on which to build one of those great
("photoplays in which Paramount . has
always . , succeeded in presenting this
popular star. There is melodrama in
some parts of the story, refined by a
touch Of delicacy inseparable from all
of Miss Pickford's impersonations.
"Little Mary" is the crowning glory of
the . subject, and the manner in which
she Illustrates her emergence from the
sordid , world into which her father's
drunkenness places her, is . worthy of
her art. :
On the same program is Charlie Chap
lin in "A Dog's Life."
- . -
CIRCLE. To play the star role and also
direct the picture is a' large order,
but William S. Hart does both mcst
excellently in "Shark Monroe." his latest
Artcraft picture to be produced under
the supervision of Thomas H. Ince,
which, will be shown at the Circle thea
tre i today and tomorrow. The stellar
role is that of Shark Monroe, the cap
tain of "The Gull." a sealing schooner,
and the story tells how Shark comes to
love a beautiful girl from the East, and
how he follows her up the Great White
Trail in Alaska, where he rescues her
from a "buzzard of the North." proves
his courage and wins her love. It is
an unusually thrilling picture, finely
produced and has an exceptionally bril
liant cast of screen players.
Riot Call Caused
By Baby's Arrival
Los Angeles Cal., March 29. "There's
a riot at 315 South Workman street;
send the police quick !" was the tele
phone call that came into East Side sta
tion. Tea patrolmen bundled Into auto
mobiles and were hurried to the address.
A score of railroad men. their' wives and
others looked up in surprise as the cops
bounded into the room. "It's a ; boy,"
said one who had caught the humor of
the situation. v
A story of the honor
of a Japanese royal
familyof a Russian
adventuress and of
the hara-kiri. -
Hayakawa's marvelous
acting in a tiouble in
this picture is the sen
sation of the season.
Program of Concert
Today at 12x30
On Our Super - Wurlitzer
March, w0ver the Top"
"Gloria's Dream," Waltz
jj'. Gottgchalk
Selection, "Madame
Butterfly" .Puccini
Popular Medley, introdue
ing "After All."
Ernest H. Hunt
4 ..''," ; ',-,, I
, h - .' '1ft
H J i V A
. Monday and Tuesday
The most beloved West
ern character on the
Iff :'H-:;; jy
"A Fight
for Love"
"Cheyenne Harry", in
vades the Canadian
Woods. The result . is a
great big outdoor human
interest drama that . will
grip you withthrills and
fill you with chuckles.
Something you will enjoy
Current Events Weekly
Vaudeville Numbers
the Open"
Dustin I 5
. rr mnnT.yy
I 1
i T- WtXT iilTUI0Y I
; . Mary Pickford
" ' '
! I ! 1
I. ii I i
sn rSM r i
"In for Thirty
- rrajtftiiva
"Paid in Full"
r ' StvHnf
Cuoene Pauline