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Tacoma Metal Trades Council
Gets Word,, Eastern Confer- ,
ence Deadlocked. "V'"-
l -J ' . f, " .
tacoma,, March 28 OiP.)-Tlw tele
.arrsrro ftrom'Tacoma jnetal, trades del
gates at Washing-ton, D.'C.,- reporting a
deadlock 'in tha' wags" seals)' conference
.between: shipyard owner and worker,
and also a letter from tha delegates giy
. Ing an account of :ther meetings, -were
read at the tnaetlng; of the Metal Trades
council here Jaat night. "4 .
i The telegram edid V yStill f n confer
ence with guilders. Have aa yet pained
- very little advantage over? present con
. dttiona. - Ieadioeked on union shop. No
Increase , In sight. ' Internationals 'are
giving1 support to soma extent.- Results
doubtful; may change any time."..
The Tacoma shipyard unions will com
plete their vote tomorrow night" in the
i Pacific , coast referendum on a coast
1 wide strike April 1 in case the original
demands are not granted. 4 .-
The strike vote haa carried in organi
sations outside Tacoma and Seattle, ac
cording to reports received by the Ta
coma council, with the vote standing 60
unions for and 17 against the strike,
with eight not voting:.
'Reports received trom the "Washington,
P. ' C, conference 1 nd icated . that the
workers have been offered a continuance
of the Macy scale until October 1. a 44
"hour week . and a Pacific coast confer
ence In August to determine wages and
conditions after that, date; if the men
will endeavor, to speed up.
The delegates still expressed hope that
some agreement may -e reached at the
conference, ,,, . , , f . . f .
William Graves,
Shipyard Worker, .
; j ;v: -Dies-After :Fall
- ' , ... .. . -.
William Graves, who fell from a scaf
fold; at the, Northwest Steele company
shortly' after mid night,' "died at 6 o'clock
this: morning in he Good 'Samaritan
hcspitaL Ills skull was fractured.
Graves lived at SI West Alberta street.
He leaves a wife and child..
F. W. Gilllhand, who fell from a scat.
fold at the Northwest Steel, company
about 9 :30 o'clock Thursday evening,
is la a precarious conditio: His skull
wan fractured -and he was taken to the
Good Samaritan hospital. , He Uvea at
4S19 Sixty-third street-Southeast.
; Charles Ducette, 76 years old, a night
watchman. Is n a serious condition as
the result of a fall from a window at
Fifteenth and Irving streets Thursday
night, ills home is at 500 Magnolia
street.' ; . . ; ;.
Kenneth Robinson. 434 Clay street, an
auditor, cut off one of his thumbs this
morning wl.en he was chopping kindling.
He was taken to the Good Samaritan
hospital. .
Several houses In a Spanish towne are
built of meerschaum, a coarse variety of
which is mined in the neighborhood.
f S MrM.t
- f ' U
!" .V " , v , ; jt -
pr v - V-.- i
If - -p
4 J'5
5 -.
lit l tey;ig
Mrs. Edna Jean Darcy
Mrs. Elna Jean Darcy is dead after
a sudden Illness resulting in heart
failure. Mrs. Darcy was born In' Scot
land December 5, 187S. She came to
-Woman Walking-
iiong Distance
To: See Mother
Albany, March: 28 "I'm - going
home to mother,'" " was ' the reply
given- by a middle-aged' '.poorly
dressed vomavf to.. Chief of-.' Police
Catlin Thursday morning. The
woman. Was ' carrying a smair suit
case and a 'bundle' and. was talking
dowrt the railroad tracks. She stated
that she ptarted from .Tacoma . and
that 1 her mother Jived ;in Bakers
fieldV'Cal..' V -v ' -., --'' i"
the .United States 'atfthe'.Age of ' three
years ajrd-wlived f lit Oregon for practi
cally the remainder6f. vher Jife. On
July .251834, .she' was v married te' F.
J," ; Darcy She 'Is: survived "by- her hus
bandr a daughter, Mrs. George CX Hen
derson,' and two sons. Lynn J. Darcy
and Francis J. Darcy Jr., All of whom
reside In Portland. Mrs. Darcy was
active in Red Cross work and Was
chairman of the East Morrison Red
Cross unit . She had many friends in
Portland. . ; ,-c.. . .-"
1 Funeral f ?Irs. ' Boise Held '
Salem,' . March. 28. The funeral ofij
day at the home-' of her daughter, Mrs.
J. H. Lauterman, was held this afternoon-
from the Lauterman home, with
Rev. W. C ,'Kantner, pastor, of fthe
First Congregational church, conducting
the services." Interment was made in
the family plat in the I. O. O. F. ceme
tery. :' . .i.
i i . .
- - -.. -- . -
End of Campaign Indefinitely
Postponed Until Isolated Dis-;:
tricts Can Turn in Reports'. f&
Indefinitely prolonging the Chamber
of Commerce membership drive until
road conditions In Eastern and Central
Oregon permit returns to come in from
the isolated districts. members of the
membership committee reported - Thurs
day afternoon that 27 counties have
reported their quotas filled and $37,000
of the $50,000 sought from memberships
has been registered. ,
Particular amounts of ; memberships
in each county were not placed by the
state organization but "the quota was
set at so much money from each dis
trict represented by memberships at
a minimum of $5. Some larger con
cerns who have . joined this organiza
tion, have contributed as much as $100
bo that it is figured by the directors
that the actual number of memberships
ranges between: 5000 and 6000.
At 'The Dalle April sVsV big
meeting Is being organized by Judge
J. p. Rorick. John . I Ether idge and
C. C. Chapman - of ' this city will oe
the principal speakers. The drive in
this district. has been held up by local
drives which have been occupying "the
minds of the prospective members in
Wasco county.
County chairmefVc of the- state drive
will convene in. Portland thl evening
and dlaousa the phases of the drive in
their particular districts.
' Business men have . taken hold of
the drive at Albany. Lane county, and
are forming a county commercial body.
Reports -come- from - UmaUlla saying
that the 1 high school took 1 charge of
the J drive . in tat district with the
result that the town doubled its quota.
One 'of the features of the drive was
the receipt of check: from the Ladles'
Aid Commercial ' club of Gold Beach,
of which Nellie M. Littler is president.
They t expressed the . belief that the
women should also take an interest
In state matters. ' i-
Hines Promises to -P
Consider Plea - of :
V Producers; of .Ties
l Eugene; March 28. In answer to a let
ter from Senator George E. Chamberlain
in behalf of the Oregon Tie association,
Walter D. Hines. director of thft federal
railroad administration, has written that
be will give the request the fullest con
sideration "commensurate with, the best
interests of the service. -y 'i :" -
: Senator Chamberlain "was" asked ' by
the Eugene Chamber of Commerce to
use his influence with the administra
tion in the ma:ter of securing a less
rigid Inspection system ,in the purchase
of ties. As the matter now stands, the
tie maufacturers are being fast put' out
of business by the policy of the admin
istration and the need of prompt action
was urged .by the chamber. - ,
Japanese Said to Be Carrying oh
- Campaign of Torture Against
. - Korean Rebels., :
Washington, March 28. .Korea's
struggle to throw ' off - the Japanese
yoke has led to wholesale massacre and
bloodshed and ' the Imprisonment of
thousands ; martial law L has been de
clared throughout the Islands and the
uprising has become general. .
' This Information was conveyed In a
cable dispatch sent from Shanghai to
day to Koreans who have recently ar
rived here - to take tap Hihe : cause of
Korean independence. The message
stated:.- W .." ;. .;
"Rising everywhere. The whole of
Korea under martial law. Japanese
army is firtng on the people. Eleven
thousand arrested. Numbers tortured
and massacred. A thousand v men,
women and children speared. Schools,
ehurches and shops destroyed by Japaw
nese laborers. Strike movement is grow
ing. Missionaries offering resistance.
Uprising in Manchuria and Siberia.'
Demands : absolute - Independence from
Japan.":. . " .
The message was signed by S3 officers
of the Independence union, which in
cludes leaders of the Christian churchy,
Heaven Worshippers, Buddhist -students
and merchants.
Koreans have been prevented from
leaving Korea for the United Stated,
another message said. Those who have
attempted , to leave Korea for the pur
pose of spreading the movement of
Korean independence are taken off ves
sels by Japanese policemen when they
reach Yokohama,
To save time In dictating business let
ters, a series of standard sentences and
phrases, numbered and card indexed, had
been devised. . v
Why Druggists Recommend
For many years druggists have watched
with much interest the, remarkable rec
ord maintained by Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the great, kidney, liver and bladder
..It is a physician's prescription.
Swamp-Root is a strengthening medi
cine. It helps the kidneys, liver and
bladder do the work nature intended
they should do.
Swamp-Root has stood the test of
years. It is sold by all druggists' on its
merit and it should help you. No other
kidney medicine has so many friends.
Be sure to get Swamp-Root and start
treatment at once.,'
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer Ac Co., Binghamton, N. Y for a
sample bottle. When writing be sore
and mention The Oregon Journal. A1v.
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4 4
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AS '
i r ui
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Naty Preach
- a ii
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