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Thirteen Afiny.CampJtff.Bft Sold
.'-'to the Highest -Bidderspl
' ; : on April 15.; ;-t v":
.Washington, March Zt. (I. N.rS.)
Bids will be opened on April 16- for toe
IS camps and cantonments which the
covernment decided to sell, the war
dnnartment announced 'Tuesday In
making public the conditions that will
govern the sale. No bid will be received
for lees than an entire camp, including
all buildings, with the exception of those
erected by the Y. M. C A and similar
agencies, and of the, base hospitals. v
The bids will be opened and awards
made - within 0 days and possession
jrtven in not less than five months. The
bids must be accompanied br cash or
certified check for 20 per cent or me
amount bid, and also by a 925,000 bond
as an evidence of food faith. The re
maining 80 per cent Is to be, paid when
the contract is signed. .
In the case of Camps Beauregard end
Sheridan, the bids of the national guard
will be given first preference. The other
camps to be sold are Bowie, Colt, Han
cock. Kendrick, Logan. Polk. Sevier,
Jackson, Shelby, Wadsworth- and
Wheeler. " ., : '
Jt ...i-.: "sssssMis
Army Recruiting
Has Been Eesumed
About The Dalles
': ;
Jj The Dalles, March 2. Sergeant E. X
yrench, , recruiting officer from Port
1 and, is here enlisting men ' for -all
branches off the army. Sergeant French
was in charge of the station here from
March, 1917V until September, 1918, and
states that the local recruiting station
will probably be resumed In the near
future, serving 10 counties of Eastern
Death Claims" Young Man
- The Dalles, March 2. Curtis Fosnot,
aged 21 years, died hfere Monday. His
father, Lewis Fosnot, died three weeks
ago. The young man Is survived by
his mother, . Mrs. Kitty Fosnot, three
sisters,' Mfsses Kva and Adella and Mrs.
Joseph Re, and two brothers, Wesley
and Howard Fosnot, all residents of this
citj The fimeral was held Tuesday
i." , rV Sheephtrder to Dead
The Dalles, March . 2. Ferdinand
"Matthews, a sheepherder who had lived
' In this county for many years, died here
Monday. He was born In France 82
years ago and came to this country' as
J a young mtn. ' .
Anti-Hun Language
r Bill ' Passes House
Sacramento, Cal., March 28. (VI P.)
After a two; hour fight In the senate
.Tuesday, Senator Sample's anti-German
language bill was adopted, 29 to 7. Sen-
ator Jones, San Jose, led the battle In
J; favor of teaching German in California
f. schools, offering an amendment under
J which such instruction would be per
j mitted In colleges. The amendment was
' h lost. 20 to it
AS' i
" 1 I
ry -
, r ; j I
4 4 t.
A London woman, lit the immense crowd before Westminster Abbey at the time of the wedding of Princess
Patricia to Commander Ramsay, used a trench periscope brought from France by .her husband. When
this ingenious woman took along the periscope to make certain of se eing, despite the size of the crowd,
a new use " Was discovered for this great war Invention. This picture may furnish a hint to the many
thousandsthroughouti the country who are . preparing ; for the home coming of their heroes.
Column Tested as
Shell -Shock Cure
New York, March 26. While multi
tudes were cheering the parade through
the whole extent of Fifth avenue Tues
day, physicians of the Messiah Home
hospital In the Bronx were carrying out
an experiment with about 100 troopers
suffering' from shell shock and nervous
collapse. The patients were in .the
grandstand at One Hundredth street and
Fifth avenue.
The physicians were hopeful that the
parade, with its regular , marching ca
dence, the sight of soldiers in full bat
tle equipment, the military music and
other features would assist' la reviving
the normal mental processes of some of
the war victims. . .
The experiment. It was hoped, would
prove, an advance In tsycho-therareau-
tics as applied to shell shock and nerv
ous cases.
Kermit Roosevelt
Bapk From Prance
Iowa House Passes
Suffrage Measure
Des Moines, Iowa, March 26. (I. N.
8.) Woman suffrage was approved by
the lower house of the Iowa legislature
: Tuesday only one member dimumttn
t The measure must 'now be passed by the
1 submitted to the people.
; Tlu:ee Naval Airmen
ii Are Believed Dead
Kew Ydrk. March 26.--(I. N. &)-!ar-
taln, Mrs. Roosevelt and, their
two sons, Kermit, Jr., and Willard, were
among the passengers who arrived here
(.Tuesday aboard the liner Georsre WasV
Ulngton from France Captain Roose-
toi wwii i. Bverseu iwo years ago ana
joined m the British army, serving
year in Mesopotamia and Palestine be
fore joining the American army. He re
ceived several decorations.
Baltimore, Md., March 26. (I. N. 8.1
Three airmen from the naval air station
f at Hampton Roads, Va., ars believed to
I, have been lost in the Chesapeake bay
f , Sunday, when their airplane met with
cunicuruaa in heavy weather.
47 Rue Blanche, Paris
npELL the pfeople
JL of the United
States, if you will, that
they are following the
iiuarier i century ex
perience of the French
people in relying upon
Consecration of Rev. J. F. Mc
' Grath as Prelate for See of
Baker. Brilliant. Affair. ;
Objections to Road
Work Are Removed
Washington, March 26. (WASHING
Acting Forester Potter has written to
Senator McNary that he sees no reason
why two approved projects on the Med-
rord ana Klamath Falls road eannot
be undertaken this season, and .says
autnority. nas been ; granted to amend
the Jackson county section to include
roads outside the forest buondarles.
Stamford, Conn- March 26. ft. m s
Homer & Cummings, chairman of the
Democratic naUonaJ' committee, wan
iiurmnaiea M ine next DemocraUe candi
date foi oresident nr fiA i TnitAji ts..
fat a banquet in his honor here Monday
um auspices oi local Demo
crats. The nomination was made by for-
Hitwi amies uistrict Attorney
Uvus . ispeuacy or Hartford. It
05 tneir feet cheering,
to relieve ptin,: Here we
have prescribed this prep
aration quite constantly to
relieve headaches, the nain
of neuralgia, rheumatism j
uwusgu ur sciauca, : or
muscular pain of all kinds.
' Bourne is alsd most ef
fective; as your physician
will tell you, in check
ing colds and
dt M- CUitS
I Thos. Leeming & Co,
AMiricmn AgnU. tftm Yri v
President Wilson
Navigates Steamer
New Tork, March -2.( ix p.) offi
cers ot the steamer George 'Washing
ton, which arrived here Tuesday from
uresi, saier Fresident . Wilson was In
charge of the Ship for half a day on
in voyage over in mid-Atlantic, direct
ing her from the bridge. When asked
what kind of a navigator the chief ex
ecutive proved to be the off loers pointed
with pride to the fact that the George
jr tusumgion zauea to hit a rock.
Cummings Groomed
For 1920 Nominee
Japan IReducing
; Its Siberian Army
Washington, iMarch 26 L. N. S )
?bt.Sngn of Span's Siberian force
is 6M00, the state department revealed
Tuesday afternoon, foUowing the publi
cation of foreign dispatches that the
number had been reduced to 100.000 by
the withdrawal of 60,000. Tha number
..6m.u, , wm' i,uvu, witnorawals amounting-
to 18.000.
California Senator
Argues Case in Court
Washington, March 26. (I N?L
Senator Hiram Johnson of California appeared-as
chief, counsel for the city of
San Francisco when .arguments were be
H1 "Preroe, court of the United
States. Tuesday afternoon on the right
of the city Ho construct its nwn
car lines parallel to those of the exist-
uiB imes ownea ana operated by the
United Railroads of Ban PratulsM. ; a .
appeal was taken by the streetcar com
pany. ,
18, SUP-
AlUUIlfc IlilOrUZ. in TnA rTaiiaamia
iivoeu w u an extinct volcano, is again
1 UirLiuil J MIH lirRr w ittim In ....
dreds-of years.
Seattle, March : 2. Rev. Joseph V.
McGrath. rector of St. Patricks pariah,
Tacoma,. Tuesday was consecrated
bishop or the Roman Catholic church for
the see of Baker, Or. Rt. Rev. L J.
O'Dea, bishop of Seattle, acted aa cqn
secrator, assisted by Rt. Rev. John'P.
Carroll and Rt. Rev. Mathlas C. Lenlhan.
Rev. Joseph Delannoy of Vancouver,
Wash., waa master of ceremonies. : Most
Rev. Archbishop Alexander Christie of
the diocese of Oregon City delivered
the occasional sermon.
; Never in the history of St. James
cathedral has such a throng of people
congregated. The consecration started
at 9 o'clock In the morning, but an hour
before that time the great edifice-was
filled, and when the ceremony , started
hundreds, were unable to gala admission.
In attendance were two archbishops, six
bishops and more than. 100 priests. .
Following the consecration an infor
mal reception, waa held at .Catheral hall,
followed by a banquet to the clergy.
Bishop McGrath waa - presented with
$2000 in cash by the priests of the Seat
tle diocese and with a solid gold crozler,
costing 600.
House Insurrections
Wane in Washington
Washingtonr March 26. (U. P.) R
nlars on both the Democratic and Re
publican sides of the house today were
confident they will defeat Insurgents
when the time comes for organisation
of the next congress. Adherents of
Champ Clark, after a canvass of the
Democratic side of the next house, today
declared that the faction which is fight
ing Clark for Democratic leader, win
have only 28 votes out of nearly 200.
when the Democratic caucus la held.
Insurgents claim 71.
Forty .British J naval. : and military
prisoners captured in northern Russia
are at present captives in Moscow.
Important to All Women !
Readers of This Paper
Thousands upon thousands of .women
have kidney or L ladder trouble and
never suspect It. t
women's complaints often prove to
be nothing- else but. kidney trouble. ; or
tne .result or kidney or : bladder disease.
If the kidneys art not in, a healthy
condition,, they may cause the other or
gans to , become diseased.
Tou may - suffer pain : in the back.
neaaacne ana . loss or - ambition;
Poor health makes you nervous. irri
table and "way ; be despondent ; it
maxea any one so a . - - ; :.
But hundreds of women claim that
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, by restoring
neaitn to tne xtaneys, proved to be Juet
the ' remedy.: needed to overcome such
Many send for a samole bottle to see
what SwampiRoot. ; the : rreat kidnev.
liver and bladder medicine will do for
tnem. By enclosing ten; cents to i Dr.
xvuiiier s v-o., xsingnampton, ri. you
may receive sample size bottle br pin
eel Post. Tou can purchase medium
and large size bottle . at all 'drug
Eat Tablet!
Dyspepsia Gone
Pape's Diapepsin instantly re-
liye( sour, gassy or
acid stomachs
When meals hit back and Vnnr mum.
ach is sour, add, gassy, or you feel full
and bloated. When you have heavy
lumps of pain' or headache from Indi
gestion. Here Is instant relief 1 -
Just as eoon aa -von Mf a. hlt nr
tWO Of PaDe'a DUtWIMln III. thai fvanan.
sla, indigestion and stomach distress
ends. These pleasant, harmless - tab
leta of , Pape's DUpepsia never fall to
make upset stomachs feel fina at hum.
and they .cost very little at drug
stores Adv. V -
Australian Tariff
Laws to Be Revised
Melbourne, March 26. A revision of
the tariff laws of Australia Is planned
for the near future, acting Prime Min
ister Watt announced today. The modi
fications will be directed toward the de
velopment, of the industries of the com
monweath and will be alon the follow
ing lines: The necessity of preserving
the industries brought into existence
during the war, the encouragement of
projected new industries, and the exten
sion and diversification of existing enterprises.
Prineville Pastor
Central la, March 26. The congrega
tion of" the First Christian church has
voted to . extend a call to Rev. J. II.
Gervin, pastor of the Christian church
at PrinevlUer Or.
'' ' "' 1 "' "" -'-' " "-
More Than 300 Persons Present
at Bi'g Get-Together. Event
PrecededJ)Y Suppei '
St Helens, .March ' 26. The Warren
grange was host Saturday "night to the
members of the St. Helens Chamber ol
Commerce and their wives, and to fellow
grangers from several granges in the
southern part of the county. More than
200 visitors were present.' Music, speeches
and a general get-together meeting were
features of the ' evening. The women
of the grange served supper. Warren
grange is one of the largest in Columbia
county. , .
Work Begun on Schoolhouse
St Helens,. March 26. Work has be
gun on the new 638.000 schoolhouse here.
The contractors have a force of men
tearing down the remnants of the old
structure, and this week will begin lay
ing the foundation for the new building,
which 4s expected to be completed in the
early fall.
w : City Nominations Made
- St Helens. March 26. At the city cau
cus held last week, the following nomina
tions were made for city officers : Coun
cilman. Robert Dixon, C. D White, C. I
Wheeler and James O'Connor : water
commissioner, W. A. Levi and A J. Kel
ly. The city election Is to be held April
7. Some dissatisfaction exists as to the
nominees, and It Is probable that inde
pendent candidates will be nominated by
petition. . ;
Berger Gets Time
. Extension in Court
; Chicago. March 26. (IT. P.V Federal
Judge Landls Tuesday granted an exten
sion of 20 days to Victor TJT Berger. con
victed Milwaukee Socialist leader, aria
four others convicted with him, in which
to present their statements of errors in
the trial to Judge Alschuler of the court
of appeals. ; " '
r '
Disabled Troopship
Proceeding to Port
Boston,. March 26. (L N. S.) Owners
of the steamer Melrose, minus its rudder
900 miles east of Bermuda, with Amer
ican troops aboard, received a wireless
message from Captain Roe tad of the
Melrose that he had rigged a Jury rud
der and was proceeding to Newport
News, Va. . . -.
$500,000 TO
THE California Barrel company
as pareaased between IS aad
-14t acres of land la Vaacoarer wits
frontage oa the Colamfela river as
a site for Its new cooperage alaat.
which, when completed, will repre
sent aa tavestasat ot aboat
M, aad- ultimate employmeat of
aboat IMS men. This laformatloa
was Siven oat Taeiday by C. l
KoiUr, vice president of the com
paay. . . . '
Mr. Xoster w'oald not state -whea
eeastractloa will be begsa. bat eald
.preparaUtfa of plans is nader way
in charge of Tart H. Harkwart,
caief engineer of the eemaaay. .
-It is expected that whea trade
eoaditloat beeeme normal agala
there will be a great demand . for
cooperage la Asia aad Earope for
shipment of Oi, said Mr. Xestsr.
Gets Month in Jail
For Tampering With
Another's Motor Car
. Frank, Delaney knew little or nothing
about automobiles until Tuesday in
municipal . court, when Judge Ross
man gave him 30 days in jail, during
which time he can study much. Delaney
tried to 'start an automobile the other
day after Jack Hlmmelfort, driver of a
for hire car, had stdpped near Tenth
and .Davis streets to pick up a passen
ger. After some manipulation of this
lever and that, Delaney managed to get
the car started and it crashed into a
truck 25 feet away, damaging lamps
and fenders.
Delaney. who is colored, was given the
20 day sentence under the new state, law
that makes it criminal to tamper with
other people's automobiles.
Scout Young Camp
Has Annual Feast
Scout Toung camp, Spanish-American
War Veterans, held its annual banquet
at the Commercial club Tuesday night
and was addressed bv Dr. X. V. Mvde
Of HUlsboro, Acting Mayor C. A. Blgelow, '
Adjutant General J. :U:May, J. it Upvf
ton and others, Edward Rommel, com
mander of Scout Young camp, gave the
address of welcome. ' Medals were pre
sented to 10 past commanders of the
camp. Harvey Wells presided. Captain
Nellie Cooper, commander of the auxil
iary, Manila Guards of the 'Spaniah-
PAmerlcan war of McMinnvllle, waa one
of the guests of honor. A reunion of
Companies A, O and H of the old Sec
ond Oregon was one of the features of
the gathering before the banquet '
Rainfall During February Heavy
but Farmers Now Are Working
- Fields in Fine Weather.
Klamath Palls, March 26. The Ice in
Upper Klamath lake, north of this city,
has gone out to such an extent that
boats are again in operation for the
summer. - -. v '
. Klamath county was visited with an
abundance -of moisture during February
and early in March, but the weather
has cleared off and spring appears to be
opening up here. Many farmers are al- his new post
ready in their fields. Ranchers' say
that the prospects for Klamath county
for a good agricultural year this sea
son are better than for 10 years pact,
especially so for the dry land farmers.
Many farmers have purchased tractors.
Good Roads Work Started :
Klamath. Palls, March ?. Work has
started on the good roads program o
Klamath county. Most of tht highways
have been dragged thoroughly and re
pair work to existing- highways wilt
start within a few days: According to
Supervisor Tom Dixon, all j-epair work
necessary will be done thoroughly before
any new work Is started, it ia expected
that new road building will start within
a few weeks.
Ambassador Wallace
Will Sail Next Week
i Washington. March 26. (U. P.) Am
bassador Hugh Q Wallace plans to sail
for Franc next week to take charge of
Constipated Children 'Gladly TalrG -
CaKfornia Syrup of Figow
For the Liver and Bowels
Tell your druggist . you want fenulna
Ca1iforn1a Syrup of Figs." Full Mirections
and dose for; babies and children of ll ages
rho are constipated, bilious, feverish, tongue- '
ipoated,. or full of cold, are plainly printed on
the bottle. Look for the name "California'
tnd accept no other "Fig Syrup '
The house of Bush & Lane enjoys a peculiar distinc
tion in so far as it pertains to the manufacturing of
pianos, and player pianos of the highest possible grade;
We have found a great deal of satisfaction and pride
in being able to state in our advertisements that a
second-hand Bush & Lane piano orplayer piano is not
to be found in the second-hand columns by other
dealers. We have maintained that Bush & Lane
Pianos give lasting satisfaction that they are never
traded, in the hope of securing something better, and
in view ol this we have repeatedly stated that every
piano of every make and style (excepting the Bush &
Lane) is to be found advertised at ridiculously low
prices by some competitive, house. We have in our
possession some3 7,000 piano advertisements clipped
from every conceivable paper from all over the United
States and in which are to be-found' pianos of every
character of f ered for sale second-hand and at very low
prices. Yet in all these advertisements we fail to find
a single Bush & Lane Piano offered for sale second
hand. Consequently we state Bush & Lane Pianos
give entire and lasting satisfaction BUT
In Monday's Oregonian we find our competitor adver
tising certain used pianos for sale, among which is
listed a ' . '
Bush &JLane Player Piano cAimostNew) Lesser; QuaKty $650
: We at first thought our 6ft repeated assertion was
being challengedrbut upon investigation we find tttat
the player piano in question was an old-style Bush &
prices it at 650 cash ( 2gl: TiOS. -S oid ) we cannot
but feel thankful and highly elated that pur competi
tor's conscious regard and appreciation in securing in
Lane, Player No. 33297, containing an oldimodel I this way so fine, an instrument, and, as a result, we
player action, and which was sold on August 25, 1914,
; to a prominent Portland citizen. VVe also discovered
jthat ourxompetitor had actually gone but in the opep
'market for thd purpose of purchasing a Bush & Lane
Player Piano, and which he now offers for sale at :
: $650. cash, rtad this piano been taken in trade 'as;
. part payment iipon some other'piancv which; is the
usual and customary way that a dealer has of secur
ing used pianos, we would have felt differently toward
the matter. -But when a dealer purchases one outright
-one that is five years old and puts it in his stock and
respectfully refer anyone desirous of securing a Bush
& Lane Player Piano of sterling merit (notwithstand
ing.that it is an old model and a discontinued style)'
;to our worthy compeitor However; we wish to state
: that -the modern Bush & Lane Cecilian Player Piano
;is;vastlycsuperior to the old style rubber tube, wood
and leather player action as used in player pianos five
years ago. The Cecilian Player action as made by us,
and embodied in the Bush & Lane Pianos, are of the
very , latest and most-modern construction possible.
We respectfully invite' you to inspect these players be
fore deciding to purchase a player.
Manufacturers of Stand ard Guaranteed Pianos