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Tra-alan K -0 the Cnltad BUUJ
r abroad abould Uk. xlniiuw ot a4ariaw-4
InforaaaUos. and aarriea gHwrf tbraucfc Tba
Onion Journal Ttai Bona, is pronal chart
i OoT B. ! SBaith. ; KtUntj tleaeta tai
nnmitiiR booking ferraased. For-t cbaaae
; Imw4. iaionaaUoa iirao reaardUs puwurU ,
- - "' v
Portland and rirdnitr Tenlcbt sod TbaiwUy
fain vartabla wind
Orccon and Waahtaf U ToaiSbt and Tbura-
4x1 (air; light Mltoriy winda.
A, t roach ahap-d area of tow pnaan attend,
frrnn tba WMr Laia rectos to tba Mt Gulf
' coaat,' ad a shallow drtoa to central ta
Nevada. nt tiw rrawindcr the eoantry the
. prrawura U high, th bietumt readings beinc a
Norffc Dakota. ' PrccfDltation haa oeeurred frost
tli Xoekjr Mountain eastward over. tb Plain
atataa and aliaaUiuppl vaUajr to the oppi re
riuo. la moat, cuet tin amounts of precipitation
bar ba tmall. Tb weather Ja noefa colder
orrr mart of th Plain arfion. and la ranch
nMa rKa fata nalnn Ohio valley and
Taanwaa. : Tba tamBaratara is aboTa normal in
the ulmt aoutbw-rt and the atataa caat a we
Miaalarlppi ritar, and t blo normal In other
atcUulU., IOIWaHU ta
o'clock Thursday -night at 'room 675
court house. Over the Top post inc. si
has agreed to Tay the jnuster feeana
the duM for several t months In : ad
vance -for alt oversea men.. Informa
tion regarding ; membership ; may be
-aA fmn,1 jmM wa.-h. health depart
ment, city hall. ; Robert Bowdier. zii
Oregon building, "or coionet v.
North, Morgan building. ' .
lawa r KtMllaar Volnted out
as the man who had sold a suit of clothes
later identified as stolen property.
ward J. Turner. an Itinerant laborer.
Itaker, Or. . .,
Boies, Idaho ...)...,......
Koetoa, Maw. .. .!..... . ...
(Jaloary. Alberta
t'hieaco. Hi. ...
Irar. Colo. .
Iea Moinea. Iimat
rialreaton. Taxaa
llttn. Afoat. . i
Honolulu, T. H,
Huron. H: D.
Kanaaa i:ity. Mo.
!. Ana-rlea, Clj-
Marahf ield, Ur,
lMlfnrd Or.
New Orteaas, Lai
Nw York t;ity
Nome. Alaska
North Head. With,
North I'latte, Nh.
. .1. i i . . . . .
. .
f . .
...... i
( . . .
Ok la...
. Oklahoma t:t
I'boenix. Art.. .
I'ittbont. 'a. .
- l'ortland. Or.
Ht. Inu, Mo. .
St. 'aul. Minn.
Bait Iwke Citr, t'tah .
Han-taieco. CaL
- Han Francisco. CaL
Heattle, Wuh.
Hpokaoc, Waah.
t Tirnna. Fla. .
alla WalU, Vfash. . ....
Washincton,. IJ.
o -0
Umatilla County i Favored ;
Wash., are registered at the Carlton.
.Z::Un Cow Brtt, commission broicer xrom
- rcuuwiuii juaa.-atam-. J San Francisco is to yoruana ouyinjc "v
weather every day until m. few days as;o, i nt. aumuai sorln , supply Ct potatoes
..vaJudraC H. Marsh, who Is staying -and onions. He Is staying; at the Im
at the Seward-; Umatill county Is pros
pero us and everybody Is nappy with the
prospects of a million dollar wheat rop
Marsh is la
aura, the iudce. Judge
m.. -r-,.fi mt TYiira and Oak streets I . ' m Han1 ft
Tuesday evening by Sergeant herwooa i Pactf jc hirhwsy commission, being in-
ana turnea over 10 lnspecw teres ted in , the letting ot a contract
Tichenor for Investigation. Turner had I Drying : in UmaUIla. - county.. -t Ind-
auiposea 01 k sou 01 biww- w - - entally the Judge IS beginning u arouve
berg, a second hand dealer ft" interest In the annual Pendleton round
street, and the suit was Identified Tues- i th wek ,a
dar moroing by Insi)etorfcTichwr as g fcn1 which, he la secre-
rii"' - - I tary. We are going to nave me Dtggen
norted as stolen to the polioe. I , .1 . Juan vudi.
. t MiUi UCOt. O.XVW VIVIi Bm-T a w a ,
Lottery Brawlag Delayed Lee Foo "Twent-three events, every one of them
Chinese merchant with store at Fourth naJ wUd weat 8tuf r wlll continue over
and Kverett streets, fell vtcttm to the ...three-day proffkam."
white man's laws Tuesday night when ,
Sergeant Van Overn and a aetau 01 1 Road Enthusiasts Meet
lollcemen from the war emergency 1 Tbe lobby of the Imperial was filled
quad swooped down n nis -:v this mornlnf With county Judges, county
business Just as It w as alleged . n J m commissioners and road enthusiasts
preparing to publish a. list of the Win- frQm ftU pj. 0f Western Oregon,
nlng numbers in the day s drawing ol Kathered t'attend the nreeUng of the
his lottery game. Foo was booked on paclflc highway commUslon i today,
a charge of malntiUnlng a lottery and Among premHlt are; James Owens
was released on 250 ball. tnd oorge V. Owens of Ashland. J. A.
To Jiieiii Orleatal Trade--What Gardner of Jacksonville. Judge R. W,
Portland should develop in oriental trade Masters of DubUs county. W. H. Gore
will be discussed by Frank: J. O'Conner, cf Medford. Senator W. B. Jones of
general agent, and George J. McCarthy. Lane county. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. 45t.
assistant general agent ot tne ratuw 1 Jonn 0f Sutherland, and daughter, Mrs.
Steamship company before tne trogres-i w j. phlllips of North Bend. Fred A.
sive Business Men's club at the Benson gmuma of Grants Pass, A. B. Carter
perlaL "' . .
Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Conley of Board
man are at the Cornelius. Mr. CosAey
Is a railroad contractor. ... ,, .. ff
f Sam If. Webb, wTio is . a real estaie
Sam li. weDD, wno mm ri , , a Ta. A-J
dealer from Astoria, is. at the Mult- AutOmODlle Saittfimen ASSeit Ufdl-
nance Works Hardship on ,
Property Owners.,
Leslie BuUer,:. attorney from
Rivr ! a. upKt nt the Benson.
Price Recob. who Is connected with
the government Indian service at Ta
vintf at the ImsertAL .
CE Reynolds of Salem Is staying at
the Waahlne-ton. " " !
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Hoerner of Whit-
tier, CaL, are registered at the wor
tonia. -r 7
Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Forsstrom Of Iorta
Powder at the Carlton,
J. JB. aicKinoen, tmoerman
Anrlnarfietd. ta at the Cornelius.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney irronman ana
Mr J. J. Deuch Of SandUBky, Ohio, are
among the tourists snaking the Mult-
nomah their headauartera. -
Mrs. B. Toner, who is In the millinery
bnsiness at Dallas, is at the Imperial, I
1L I Burnass of Ban Francisco ,1s
stavintc at the Washington.
Mrs. t-' E. McKee of Goldendsie Is
res-lstered at Jthe Nortonia.
J F. Kelly of Eugene Is vglsitlng at!
the Carlton.
hotel Thursday noon. Joseph f. jaeger,
former president of I the club, -will In
troduce the speakers.1 Unusual musical
features' will add attraction to the meet
ing, announces E, -W. Pease, chairman
ot the musks committee. ,
Arm Krnken Is Machine Herbert Ad-
dott. 26, who gave his address as Route
handicaps, said "Mrr. Barbur." Th
measure Im largely trial, and tr it
proves burdensome oan .be removed. If
the automobile people who protest wlll
come to tne with their remonstrances
I wilt endavorto adjust the matter to
the satisfaction of all concerned, if ad
justments are necessary." .
Pioneering Ability
Of Boy Scouts to
Be Demonstrated
'Out on the Barnes ' road next Satur
day afternoon 15 first class Boy Scouts
composing the headquarters troop, under
the leadership of Omar Spencer, 1 will
demonstrate their ability to build tem
porary bridges, construct kitchen camps
and temporary headauarters, - for ; the
benefit of Cartwrlght naming, piant
Aftoraooo report of precedins day.
. on Sal at -, : 1
BoaineM Office. Tba JodraaL
11 11 a "
Get Wall free Every day from 19 to
4 p. m. and evenings on Monday,' Wednes
day and Friday, from 7 to 9, and Sun
days from 10 to 12. Thousands of suf
fers who have failed to get relief In
any other way are invited to investigate
chiropractlo methods, which are perma
nently curing hundreds every dsy. The
best of chlrppractlo diagnosticians will
thoroughly examine you. Make a com
plete diagnoeisof your case and direct
treatments without any cost to you what
ever.. Chiropractlo Is the safe, sane,
sure and modern science of curing and
preventing kiisease. , Chiropractlo re
moves the cause health returns. The
above service Is all free to you. Private
treatments may : also be had in college
building by! members of the faculty,
e'.ther lady r men practitioners. Pacific
Chlropractiol college, comer Park and
- Yamhill. Te: phone Ha . ' 1014. Dr.
1-11 lot t. direr of c'inics. Private of
fice-In college building, ' Main 1014. Res
idence. Woodlawa 618 Adv.
Will leeflsre oa Italy Miss Mabel
Sackett, who bas just recently returned
from a tour j of Italy, Greece and North
ern Europej will deliver a lecture on
"Medieval ind Modern Italy ,f in the
auditorium pf the Y.- M. C. A. Thurs
day hlght Jat t :80 'clock- The lec
ture will be Illustrated with colored
stereoptlcon views. Miss Sackett was
a student in the American academy
at Rome ' and has also . studied in Ox
ford university, England. Some special
war pictures will also be shown at this
lecture. Dr. W. W. Willard will lec
ture on "The America of Tomorrow,'
in the "Y? auditorium at the noon
hour Thursday. These lectures are
open to the public.
I)r Bacon to Leetsre Dr. Susan A.
- Bacon, professor of romance languages
. at Reed college, will deliver the last lec
ture in the course of 'illustrated lectures
which she has been giving on "Ancient
Cities In France," at 3 :00 o'clock, Thurs
day afternoon, in room A. Central li
brary,. The subject will be "Caen, the
City of the Conquerer." - --
YetfrVaf Will Meet Officers and en
listed men in the army, navy or marine
corp - who served overseas have , been
invited to attend the regular meeting:
of the ; Veterans of Foreign Wars at
of -Ashland. -Ed Weaver of Myrtle Creek,
J. C. Mrfjeod Of Salem, Denton Burdick
of Redmond. n
- To Attend Conference
Postmaster Frank S. Myers left Tues
day Ifor Washington. D. C. to attend
the conference of postal officials called
Box 658. Portland, was tanen 10 me for a thsee-day session, beginning- aiarcn
Sellwood hospital 1 Tuesday aiternoon, 1 31 At thls conference postal promems
suffering from a broken arm. Addott j wili ba dUcussed, particularly the truck
was employed at the Oregon mills and j service, which will soon be Inaugurated
while at work Tuesday aiternoon "1H I when the postoff ice department taxes
clothing caught in a macnin over the surplus army trucks ana con-
was operating. Before he couia Enulil verts them Into parcel trucks on country
off the power his arm was broken. j routes." The airplane service will be
Frank Sfcesard'i Iaterarbaa Line I considered, as well as the general trans
Columbia highway and St. Helens, two1! portation, distribution and delivery or
round trips daily. Columbia highway J mall. Postmaster Myers each' year he
leaves 10 a. m. for cascade jocks ; p. 1 nas oeen in oxnee nas maoa m inii
m. for Bridal VeiL St. Helens line leaves! Washington to keep In touch with tho
10 a. m. and 4 p. m. cars leave bu i aepartment.
Charles hotel. Front and Morrison. Port
land. Small packages carried. -nones
Marshall 431. A-S611. Adv.
Tn Tla.nee Frldav Wight The local
Council of Workers, Soldiers and Sail
ors has arranged' a dance for Friday
night. March 28. at Apoiio tempie, bw
ond and Morrison streets. A -good at
tendance Is promised by the union men
of the city and also by the many unor
ganised friends and sympathizers of the
Seateaeed te Klae Months Xlne
Medical Officer Visits
Dr. Herbert V. Melllnger of- Chicago j
is visiting his sister. . Mrs. Cora ; A.
Ponnay of this city. Dr. Melllnger was
one of the medlcr.l : staff of the 65th
artillery and was the last medical of
ficer to be mustered out. coming with
th last contingent to Camp Lewis a
few days ago. He was ranked as a
lieutenant and saw active service for
several months on the front in France
with the First battalion. Dr. t MeUln-
local board notlliea or nis wnereaopuuj. 1 -
ELvV4v..r. tuts sentence In the fed- country, it ta hoped by his; friends
eral court Tuesday afternoon by Judge that he will be induced to remain here.
.: . 1 m. I - ,
VVOlverton. oernnavru,. juM-ira uuw-
i,eetsre ea Marriage "Swedenborg's
Analysis of the Masculine and feminine
Mind." first of a series of lectures on
this great philosopher's treatise on mar
riage, will be given this evening by Wil
liam R. Reece at the Central library.
Ileppner to Have Hotel
Heppner is bound to have a hotel.
Since the destruction of the two hotels
of which the town boasted by fire, Hepp
ner has had a largo hotel business, but
no hotel.- So a company Is being organ-
Library hall. I o clock. Questions are 1 . . . , , r a mn nnn
soUdted at the close of the lecture. 8tructur. according to J. W. Beymer.
8aow Lectmre Tealght The Reed col- prominent stock raiser of the community,
toe- extension course In "Modern Eng- when com Dieted the building will be
lish "Poetry.' which ts being given by j leased out , - Heppner is bound to take
Charles Wilbert I Snow, wlll , meet to-1 care of its visitors. Mr. and Mrs. Bey-
ntght at 8 :30 o'clock in room A. Central I rcer are staying at the Imperial.
library." The subject-or Mr. enow w
First Laundryman .
Of Eneene Passes!
Sick Three Weeks
Eugene, .March 28. Nelson Benton
Pritchett. who has resided , in Eugene
since 1883, died at his home in this city
Tuesday after an illness of about three
weeks. Mr. Pitchett came to ; Eugene
from Kansas.
Besides his wife he is survived by
four children Mrs. William G. White,
Mrs. J. O. Burgess and William L.
Pritchett. all of Eugene, and Alva E.
Pritchett, a sergeant in the Forty-fifth
infantry , at Camp Gordon, Us, ; three,
brothers, Robert, Los Angeles; Andrew,
Idaho, and E. Pritchett of Junction City,
lean., and r three sisters, Mrs. Mollie
Montague, Portland ; Mrs. Compton, Los
Angeles, and Mrs. Ida Custer. Los An
geles. " -
Mr. Pritchett established the first
laundry in Eugene.
Sawmill Changes Hands
Eugene, March 26. Peterson & Ic
Cully, -Eugene real estate dealers, have
announced the sale of the J. B. Robert
son sawmill in the Mohawk , valley to
W. H. Effenberger and O. A Effen-
berger, experienced millmen of Oregon
City. The consideration was 20,000.
The purchasers also contracted for 15,
000,000 feet of timber. s
Operation of the mill, which will em
ploy about 25 men, will probably be be
gun within 80 days.
The Effenberger brothers were origi
nally from Tillamook county. For sev
eral years they have been operating suc
cessfully near Oregon City.
-Indignation among automobile sales
men has appeared as a result of the city
beautifying ordinance recently passed
by the council, providing that garages
must be constructed 20 feet back from 1 engineer of the O. M. Standlfer com
the oroDertv line and not more than two i pany, who is Instructing them along
and a half feet above ' tba- . Bojrfaea t lUeado5aSrs troipV' wri ? ort
the ground, unless back of the house 1 xei several, weeks ago and are com
n - ' f posed only of the older scouts. Upon
7 . the completion of the required number
The automobile men maintain that of tMU tney wia asslst-
neorjle of small means are precludea 1 ant scout masters. -
from owning machines because they, do j Mr. Harding, who Is instructing them
m tn laavn tham in the street, and 1 alonar lines 'of. nioneering. was formerly
that the city regulations prevent them-rone of the district engineers of the S
rm hiiiwino- araras-es. They Insist the I P. S, His father is one of the pioneers
garage must occupy so much space there I of Oregon City.
19 no room for the home ana tne vaiuot - .... 1
a 11 i.aAwa1 - - - -. 1 -I"-' rard - at Tbaitl
Commissioner Barbur, the father ol We wish to Press off-
the measure, declares that er than giltt&
decrease the value of property, the law many kind friends for the beautiful
will Increase it as well as that of sur- fiowera sent in exDression of their eym-
rounding property. He states that tne I pathy at the loss of our wire, motner
Railroad literature Will Also
Feature Special Attractions
.of Northwest.
property will be far more sightly and
more room for houses will be possible.
The provision that prohibits garages
above two and a half feet "(above the
surface of .the kill (11 id does not apply.
the commissioner points Out, If the
structure Is erected . back of the house
line. And a garage, standing nearer
than 20 feet . to the ' property line not
onlv obscures the view of residents con
tiguous, but detracts from the beauty of
the city.
The city, however, is wwing to ao
what it can to remove any hardships or
and sister. E. L. Tyler, Marguerite Ty
ler, brothers and sisters.
In response to an appeal of the Cham
ber of Commerce the United States rail
road administration has announced that
Portland will be favored with a special
aa hi tmirtat rate ot one and one
third fare from Chicago, the Twin Cities
and Missouri river points during the
summer of 191S. . m
Tnrtind win also receive advertising
through newspapers and the publication
of tourist literature by ths railroad ad
ttini.tratinn. A booklet now betflg pre-
pared by the admlnistratloh will give
interesting bfts of information regarding
the Northwest, chief among which will
be the. Victory Rose Festival and the
i Dafin tilrhvan. -t
Sidney B. Vincent, publicity agent of
v.3t Portland Chamber cf Commerce, re
ceived a letter Tuesday afternoon from
Gen-it Fort, assistant director general
ratirnnda. in which assuraftce of re
duced ratea and abundant advertising
Of the attractions ot tne onnw
. u, v-ort formerly was general i
passenger agent of the Union Pactf jo
and is laminar vim uw. .wun
to this section of the country. Trt ; -tion
of advertising matter by the r,:;
road administration is vnlcr dircci::
of P. 8. Eustls. chairman of the west
ern passenger traffic committee.
Mr. Fort specifies the Victory Hose
Festival as worthy of advertising by th
railroad administration and of the pat
ronage of tourists. The letter was read
by Mr. Vincent at a meeting of directors
of. the festival at the Portland hotel
Tuesday night. ThiS assistance on the
part of the railroad administration win
prove a factor tn the success or tne res
tive!, in the opinion of the directors.
are nice
and long
in botli
ture will bee "Traditional Poets.'
A Back Perek Capboard at 848 Going
street proved so tempting to a group
of the younger generation Tuesday eve
ning that the mistress of the house is
minus several aars ot rnxuc ana jam.
Back From Honolulu
E. L. Knickerbocker. : who : lives at
Sheridan when he is home, has arrived
at the Cornelius from Honolulu, where
he has been for the last 18 months con
nected with the Alexander Toung es
"otUr wno .Sg-rep tau, that own. most of the-hotels, on
that the boys made a clean sweep, i ; ' !
' Pyerrlea Can Be Cared Decay is J : 0r. McDonald Returning
nreventable soft, crumoiy teem wiu nr. T? n Mnonald tit Portland, who
harden.'" Our knowledge at your service. j ls in military service and stationed at
If your physician or aenusr. ooudu, you I Camp Lewis, will be honorably discharged
may become a Jiving testimony. Smith J Thursday, according to news received
Long Clinic, Bush & Lane Bldg.-Adv. I from the cantonment today. Dr. Mc-
Veterans to Meet Toaight The ' vet
erans of the Sixty-fifth coast artillery
are asked to meet at room 201 court
house this evening to form a veterans'
organization. ; J, ' ;
Eat Bradley's Pier They're fine 1
At leading restaurants and :: grocers.
Bradley's Cocoanut cream Pies., U-um I
What's best? Bradley's mince Pies- Adv.
Aato wiadilleld glass and headlight
repaired promptly at reasonable, prices
at our Front and Morrison at. store. W.
P. Fuller & Co. Adv.
Steamer Jessie BarkJas for Ccmas. I Bellevue hotel in San Francisco.
Musii and Dancing
rrem a T:S0. S:S ta 18:80 s. s.
-rr7 eoRNKR
l . , WaV and
r WASH-?
"Oar-r'a Orlasvv
tal Jazz Ban,
Jsts Band hi (he
NanhtNat : ,
. 41
tSa, 80a. SSa
SSa aa VBa iMlaa.
as ease, vesauhias.
Onr lam dlntna..
m oaaea fj-ar are
mat one flWht s
Jtalra. tbm tba Te
WatioB la perfect. Me
staff i ataaepbere .
eaiutioa our siiitia
. . v - 1 .
AMsniean and ohi
Sarrad at AH Hear
6 Dell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
G3 PllZ AD
Donald will .make his home In Portland
again and resume his practice.
Looking Over lilning Property
W. A. Hayes and R. T. Smith have
returned to the Multnomah from Idaho,
where they have been looking over some
mining property in which they are In
terested. '- '. ';' '
Por.tlanders at San Francisco
William Harris, Mrs. F L. Lowell
and Mrs. F. II. Reineman of Portland
are among the guests registered at the
Washougal and way landings, daily ex
cept Sunday, leaves Alder street dock at
p. m. Adv.
Steamer Iralda for St. Helens and Rai
nier, dally at 2:30 p. nu foot of .Alder
Street. Sunday, St. Helens only, 1:30 p.
m. Adv. - 4
Str. Oaorxiasa will resume Astoria run
March 22, Aider St. Docaf dally, except
Friday, 7 a. m. s Leave Astoria 2 p. m.
Adv. .
Baa jo Dander club will give a danc
ing party at Cotillion hall, Thursday eve
ning, March 27 Adv.
Sone Better Newark fire and .auto
mobile insurance. Exile Burkitt, 212
Selling building. Phone Main 1800. Adv.
Hadley A Silver, tailors, make depend
able clothes. 100 Sixth it, corner Stark.'
Ralreattlsff that you will like. Market
Barber shop, 187 4th. at YamhilL Adv.
MUk Care Office 908 Selling build
ing. Phones Main 6101. East 47. Adv.
Br. Charles T. Chamberlain has re
turned. Journal bldg. Adv.
Waste Young" woman to study ma
ternity nursing. Main 5990. Adv. '
Br. C. K Brows, Er4, Car Mohawk
building. Adv..
G. I Bavessort Both phones. . Long
distance hauling. 144 Front. Adv.
At the Hotels '" . (
- Joe E. Wiles," representative of the
Chevrolet Motor company, from Forest
Q rove, is a guest at the Mul 'nomah.
- H. K, Brooks, lumberman at Bend, is
visiting at the Benson.
W. F. Sommerstrom, shipbuilder from
Columbia . City, is staying at the Wash
ington. ' r.
Judge William T. Daren of Golden-
dale is a guest at the Nortonia.
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Larsen of Cooks
No lover' of real Oriental
Rugs the kind that really
and truly have a meaning
should fail to attend our
now, before Mr. Atiyeh
goes to the Orient. Taker
your choice of .
Squirrel Poisoning in Progress
Eugene, March 26. The poisoning of
digger squirrels Is now proceeding over
Lane county, according to N. 8. Robb,
county agricultural agent. The work Is I
being carried on entirely by communi
ties this year.
Luncheon to. Close
Women's Conference
A . I
The state conference of the women's
Liberty . Loan committee which will be
held Friday and Saturday, will culmin
ate in a- luncheon at the Portland ho
tel at 12:30 Saturday, at which Colonel
John I May and Woodson" Scoggins,
one ot the boys of ..the lost battalion
who has returned to the Nortwest. will
be the speakers. All the chairmen are
expected to be present. The conference
and the luncheon are open to the pub
lic. ' Reservations should be made by
Friday noon, at either Main 7141 or
Marshall 4100.
Mrs. Bushong
i Wishes to Sell Her
Phone East 3017 Between 10 and
. 12 A, M. or 6 and 7:30 P. M.
in our entire exhibit at
20 to 30
Per Cent
Inspect them. Investigate.
Nearly every known kind,
slse, design and color, v
Largest Oriestal Bag Dealers la
the West
Teath aad Alder
J? our tailoring
service for men
and young men
Pure woolen fabrics only, thor
oughly shrunk before-cutting;
designing According to ap
proved fashion types;
faultless workmanship, both, in
the parts that are unseen as
well as in those that are seen ;
suits as low as $10 down,vwith
$5 monthly payments ;
Five per cent discount to those who
have been in the navy or the army.
Five per cent premium allowed on
Liberty bonds exchanged for tailor
ing; satisfaction assured.
Unique Tailoring Co.,
104 Fourth Street
Bet. Washlngtoo and Stark ,
table d'hote break
fasts, from
6 to 12
Table d'hote lunches,
. -11:30 to 2:30
Table d'hote dinners,
from 5:30 to 9.
Prices range from
25c up to $1.
HaaasTS. V
- - ' a
nprenSJortunlUe. await the . man who , is ready J'
for a business position. Bookkeeping and stenographic scnoois run
-throughout the summer. (
fttXtlii'iucr v in the ihV5LU.nlVM'r J
chant . Marine. . Hundreds of students now occupy these poslUons. . ,
College Preparatory School: - .
New term begins April 1L' Accredited. .
(Y. Af. C. A.Vocational Schools offer training in
20 different cities.)
r Come In and see schools, equipment, etc., or address v . " .
n for detaUed information :
Soldier and Sailor
Bradford Clothes
We have a used piano rstandard
make t good tone and action at
It is a good value and carries with
it pur guarantee and written ex
change agreement.
Pianos Victrolae Records'
149 Sixth, Bet. Alder and Morrison
Cheney Phonographs
Coin and Name Are
Given Young Brave
By 'Dokkie, Band
The Dalles, March 26. An Indian pa
poose, whose father was killed in France,
is richer by 850 and has been chris
tened "Dokkle" Johnson, as a result of
the visit here Saturday of. Knights of
Khorrassan from this and neighboring
counties. Members of the D. O. K. K.,
who are called Dokkles for -short, saw
the papoose and its. mother at the local
station. Grand Chancellor Fred John
son of Astoria started a subscription
list and. after he had wrapped the lit
tle. brave In an American flafc-and nade
a speech, the dollars rolled tn so rapidly
that the sum turned over to the mother
totaled more than ISO. She asked that
the generous Knights- name the young
ster. -They named him "Dokkie' after
the order, and "Johnson1 In honor of
the grand chancellor. -.
LET Cherry's, do the waiting .
you needn't suffer tlio
disappointment and humilia
tion of going any longer with
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389-91 Washington BU Pittock block.
Reliable Dentistry
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V-"' DB.B. F. NEW TOM, Prop. -
Opes Kraaiass Usui 10 ,
Boston Painless Dcnti:t:
' a-twee 4th end SUi en Wsatitnaten tl.
Special Dept. for Juniors
Four . Up-to-D4fe Plans Adequate
AsseU Over $1,100,000
Headquarters 608 Beck tUt.
Main 1220 A-1U2
: Or. ajawtaa
Dry " slab wood and Inside . wood.
green stamps for cash.- Holman Fuel
L I A r I T THE searried-walsf models that we
I I l 1 are showing in such abundance
I . I - HVj 1 ii VrL J f f ahric and oattern appeal to the
1 VW ' ' By young man who has served'Sin land . . "
1 I Mf ii or sea: there's an air about them that i - -q
. ifl suits . a young man's. Ideas .of .style , . ? : - f - xn J
u" i -1- l -i . . and smartness. . ' L i - - J
K rrr l l,i vou'il te: aoie to vt quiCKir suuea . i f- i i
$15 $20 $25 $30 n
1 . -II'' -II . J'L... . tiii' - ' I f . - " . 1
II Ml ... 7i4A llliZ? l,l'Lb tjS5-y v 4
I .11 11 285 Washington nortn oiae l WrvnVJJ V 1
Crescent Coffee, 3 lb. ." ......$1.00
Teco Pan Cake Flour, 1 lb. pkg.; 13
Cream of Barley, 1 1-2 lb. pkg V ' '1
Tea, Folger., 1-2 lb. pkg. 20
Mesa Pork and Beans, can. . ... ............ ...
Choice Dried Prune Italian, lb.. ........ . . . . aXaip
RyerooEi & Lincoln
secures for us the largest patronage In the Northwest. Is sufficient -reason
ahould enroll yourself as another of .our satisfied customers. Reason-
Wha vm.
able cnarge ior uxiuw . -vW ;. . .
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Hearst te i F. M. Pkeae M. tt -SS
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IxfcB OikiiJai FoodIJriiik For An Ajres.L ..OTIISHS ro.IMlTATIOIia'
Co., Main 303. A-3353. Adv. -
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