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Some of these days a boxer will be
In shape and when he. does he will
win the championship.
Among the things vhich take the joy out of life may be classed the ! oclock yhistle
- Tk Bolskcvlk atevemeat appear ta
have Germaay dowa. and yet the Gar
Din probably merer beard ef baseball.
i 10
Portland Leaguers Show Sturdily
in Game With Marylanders
: and Win,, 4 to 0.
' By R. A. Croala
CROCKETT. Cal., March 24. Pitchers
Lukanovlc and Cooper were too much
for Blankenshlp's Maryland bowlers of
Oakland, and held them to two hits, a
double ' off each. McCredle's regulars
made 14 hits off southpaw Artie Ben
ham, of which I1 Barker, garnered
three, and they were good for a 4 to 0
win.- Some good fielding toward the
end . of the game held down the count.
.-: Harl Macgert. who played center for
the, Bowlers, had a tough day of It, as
the- Beavers were raining everything
front singles to triples Into his territory
and they, were all going safe in the first
Inning. Cox ' tripled and scored on
Mitchell's error of Hitter's ground ball
for the first run.
v - Unarm rf Maka Trials
Tri the second Inning, with one down,
Bog&rt tripled over ' Maggert's head.
Kuller followed with a two base hit to
left, -Blue came on with a jingle de
fender and Fuller was caught at -the
Hate by Maggert. Blue ,cme "n on
the throwin and scored when Farmer
did a short fly to center. - Farmer
moved along when Maggert tried to head
Blue at the Hale, and Big Jack tallied
on Walker's single to center.
The victory was not without Its cost,
for in the sixth inning Maggert in slid
ing, back, after being caught off by a
throw from Baker, spiked Blue in the
foot. The Injury is not serious and he
will be back on the field In a day or so.
Duck Mitchell finished up at' first base.
Hlttlag Features Game
of Bogart. Cox, Fuller, Baker, Walker
and Blue.
. ' AB. R. H. PO. A. E
Valine. t 4 O O I 2 O
Hollander. r 3 O O 4 4 1
MsgMrt. ef ..... 3 O 1 O 1 0
titakia, 2b ; 4 . O ,1 t O O
B?on. lb 2 O O O
O'Brieii, c . ..... 3 O O B 4 O
II. Mitchell. 8b. . . 3 O U 11 1
srcmni, n v u w u
Benham. p 3 O 0 12 0
, ,ToUl 26 0 2 24 14 2
AB. K. H. PO. A. K
liosart. 3b 4 12 0 1 O
fuller, n 4 0 2 O 5 ft
Wn, lb 3 1 1 0 O 0
Parmer, cf 3 1 1 0 O 0
Walker, If ....4 O J ft ft
Vx, rf 4 1 1 2 O
Hitter. 2b 2 ft 1 1 1 ft
taker, c 4 ft 3 8 3 O
I.nkanRTie. p .... I ft-1 O I ft
1 Mitchell, 2b... 2 ft O K A O
Ccoper, p 1 O 0 0 2 0
. ToUH 32 4 14 27 13 0
Maryland .... 0 O O O 0 ft 0 ft O ft
HiU ft l ft ft o o o a i o
Portland . O O ft 1 3 ft 0 A 4
. Hit 0 0 a 1 5 2 2 2 14
- ' St'MMARY
Twt-h hiti GUkin, Maggart, Raker, Ful
ler. Thrt-baM hit. Cox. Rnnrt. Rtnl.n
baWalker, Ritter. lkrabla rlar Blue
(wnawl-W) , Benham to Beeeon. Base on
.A""" Lnkanovlo 2. Cooper 3. Benham 2.
Hit Off I,uanoTic 1. Runa None in 'We
ltininca. Stmrk out By 6. Cooper
2, Benham 2. Umpire Connors.
Searles Winner in
Anto Sweepstakes
. At Ascot Speedway
" Los Angeles, March 24. Roscoe
Searles, driving a TJoamer car, won the
150-mile all-star $50,000 sweepstakes at
Ascot speedway Sunday in 2 hours, 7
minutes and 2 seconds, finishing 60
yards in front of Kddie Hearn in a
Chevrolet special. Kddie Pullen in a
Hudson special was third, and Cliff
Durant Chevrolet special, winner of the
Santa Monica road race, finished fourth.
Searles drove a remarkable race. Al
though forced to the pits three times,
he 'made up the lost time cleverly and
had the race well in. hand at the finish.
Preceding the main event, Ralph De
Palmajeent his .big Packard motor
around the track in a try at the record
but 46 seconds for the mile was the
best he could do.
Walker, late of the Detroit
.,, ..Americans, ,who will play
right field of the P o r t land
Beavers in the Coast league
pennant race.
er&nx y;VjF"y fey
W$W? 4 44
LOS ANGELES, 'March 24. -(U. P.)
Pete Lapan. who caught for Los An
geles last season until he entered the
army,- Joined the Angels Sunday. Lapan
was discharged Crom the army at the
Presidio last week. Lapan and Walter
Boles will do the Angel backstopping this
Jacksonville. Fla., March 24. (I. N.
S.) Frank Kane, the outfielder drafted
from Providence by the Yankees two
years ago, is expected to make a strong
bid for a regular berth. Kane went into
the army before he could report to he
Tanks but was better than a .300 hitter
with Providence. The Dodgers are also
working out here.
Santa Clara, Cal.. March 24. (U. P.)
The San Francisco Seals defeated Ire
land's Independents, H to 6, in the main-
event of a two-game program here yesterday.
Gainesville, . Fla - March 24. (I. N.
S.) The -Giants started active training
here today. All players ' but Benny
Kauff and Jim Thorpe were on hand.
Both are expected to arrive by tonight.
Los Angeles. March 24. (U. P.) Bill
Essick's trained Tigers swelled with
pride today. They won the first extra
Inning game of the season here yester
day when they heat an all star team 3
to 2 in 13 innings.
American League Bosses Will
Keep Eye on Connie Mack;
Reds Bear Watching. ,
rVTEW YORK. March 24. (I.
With a majority of major
By Jack Vetoek
clubs inaugurating spring training in
Dixie today, the baseball experts are
casting about for entrants that may fig
ure as dark horses in the coming cam
paign. Several teams in both major leagues
may be figured in this class, but two
teams, one in each circuit, are being re
garded as -most likely" to furnish sur
prises. Tets to Return
One of these teams will be piloted by
the veteran Connie Mack.
The Athletics, with the capable players
of last eeason back in harness, and such
performers as Witt. Grover and Bates,
back from the service, show possibilities
that are difficult to measure. Mack's
outfield will be considerably strength
ened through .the addition of Bobby
noth. secured in the deal with Cleveland,
and Fred Thomas, from Boston, may as
sist the leader of the once great Ath
letics in reestablishing his name as a
Teams like the Red Sox. White Sox,
Cleveland Indians and Yankees -know
Just about what to expect from one an
other. But the Athletics are an un
known quantity and hard to figure.
In the National league rival managers
will keep a weather eye on Pat Moran,
who inaugurates his regime as the man
ager of the Cincinnati Reds.
May Sign Herzog
Moran's success when he took hold of
the Phillies is still fresh in the memories
of his brother managers. At Cincinnati
"Sir Patrick" will step in with a club
that has great natural hitting ability,
and it is understood that he will call in
Qscar Dugey as his assistant. Moran's
one great problem is the filling of the
shortstop position, and it is predicted
that he, will sign Buck Herzog for this
important Job.
Intermountain States to Send
Committee East to Dicker for
Willard-Dempsey Fight.
Pocatello, Idaho, March 24. (U. P.)
Determined to leave nothing undone In
their effort to have Tex Rickard stage
the . Willard-Dempsey fight here as a
20-round affair on July 4, business men
of the intermountain states will send a
committee to New York to! see the pro
moter. While there they'lwill attempt
to close the deal for the fight.
Two hundred business men are ex
pected here Wednesday to discuss the
project with J. Robb Brady, who is
seeking the fight for Idaho. At a
luncheon a committee of five will be
named to go to New York. Boise, Salt
Lake, Wallace. Twin -Falls. Idaho Falls,
Ogden, Rexburg and other Idaho and
Utah towns will be represented. .
In preparation for the bout, as well
as for other big championship matches.
J. Robb Brady today incorporated the
Pocatello Athletic club, the" first club
organized in the Gem state under the
new state boxing law permitting 20
round bouts. Brady Is president and
O. P. Barber is secretary.
Mnroous Want Ball Games
The Piedmont Maroons baseball team,
which has been organised again by Dick
Morris, is ready to arrange dates for
out-of-town contests. The team is com
posed of some of the best semi-pro.
players in the city. For dates write Mor
ris, 50 KJUingsworth avenue.
Suits Made
: $37:501
To Order
.OO Values
Your response to our announcement last week in which we of
fered to make up suits in value up to $48 at $37.50, in order to
keep our shop force busy, was really splendid, and we t h a n k
you. While we sold enough suits to keep the entire crew on at
full timewe have decided to continue the sale another week
in order to be able to give employment to a number of splendid
workmen who asked us for work, which they say was not to
be had elsewhere.
The assortment of 'cloths comprises cassimeres, tweeds, wor
Jrj steds and cheviots,! in the latest spring colorings.
The workmanship and fit of every suit is fully guaranteed.
If you want to take advantage of this cut
fsaww Muiuu iiut care 10 pay me en
time amount at once, we will gladly take
a small deposit and make delivery of the
suit when it pleases you in ; one week
or in ten for that matter.
What Does This
Baby Think When
Papa Takes Him?
- Crockett, CaL, March Si. George
Peaalagtoa has to carry the baby
roaad qslte a bit, owlyg to the hilly
eeaditloas la Crockett, a sd the old
left arm bears all the bardes. George
doesa't care for the left arm, as that
member Is aot the. one that hays
hoes for the ' baby. George never
carried a baby around before, bat he
has an idea that he wealda't he able
to throw a ball If .he carried the It.
poander oa the right arm. And the
fnasy part of the whole paateager
itaatloa Is that the baby doesn't
know It.
SOME excellent scores were registered
in Sunday's practice event on the
Portland Gun club traps at- Jenne sta
tion. Mark Rickard of Corvallis and J.
A. Troeh of Vancouver, Wash., led the
field of 24 with scores of 49 out of 50
targets. Dr. C. F. Cathey, Blaine Troeh.
Charles Leith, C. J. Hamilton and Frank
Riehl, the Tacoma professionals, each
hung up marks of 48. The scores:
C. B. Crestor. . .
J. S. frane -.
Mm. E. E. Young. . .
C 3. Hamilton
J. Reid
Ir. C. V. Cathey
1 1
T. C. Riehl 14
20 Total
19 4 5
20 44
17 r42
19 48
1 43
19 48
2 48
19 46
17 39
20 4 8
19 45
19 48
15 31
20 47
17 46
16 4 5
20 49
19 49
20 48
19 46
19 45
14 37
17 43
18 44
Ed Morris 11
H. B. New land 8
3. Blaine Troeh 15
E. H. Keller 13
V. M. Troeh : 15
R. Thompson ....... 5
F. Van Atta 13
K. H. Peteraon 14
A. A. Hoorer ........ 15
Mark Richard 15
J. A. Troeh 15
I'liaa. lith 14
W. S. Short 13
K. II. Riches II
tE. Long 12
A. K Zachriason .... 12
lr. If. K. Shoot 14
T 20-gaug. gun. .
Spokane, Wash., March 2.4. Smashing
124 out of 125 targets, the Yakima Gun
club registered the highest total in Sun
day's matches of the Northwest Tele
graphic Trapshooting league.
The scores :
4'akima (against Lewiston) France
25. McDonald 25. Steffen 25, Shuk 25,
Campbell 24. Total 124.
Lewiston A. R. Johnson 25, Charles
Hahn 25. Guy Chiesman 24. U. A. Drum
23, Tip Hamblin 23. Total 120.
Spokane (against S e a 1 1 1 e) Hugh
Fleming 24. W. Reuger 24, C. Richard
23, Fred Blosser 22.' W. Markham 22.
Total 115.
Seattle Matt Grossman 24, F. TJlve
stead 23, J. H. Hopkins 23. R. S. Searle
23. W. H. Carstens 22. Total 115.
Pendleton (against Bellingham D. C.
Bowman 24, Colble 24. Spangle 23, J. H.
Stillman 22, L. Matlock 22. Total 115.
Bellingham George Miller 25, Arnold
Rathman 25, W. P. Anderson 24. Joe
Garllck 24, Kd Brackney 24. Total 122.
Wallace-Kellogg (against Boise)
Scott 25, Mackey 24, Flohr 23, Morrow
22, Ruebke 21. Total 115,
Boise Grice 25, Stewart 24. Kesiter
24, Stafford 24. Humphreys 23. Total 120.
Results of the Inland Empire matches :
Kellogg 123. Waltsburg 11U
Colfax-Palouse 125, Wallace 115.
St. Johns 113, Garfield 113.
Orovllle 125, Sunnyside 119.
Odessa 114, Spokane No. 2 104.
Los Angeles, March 24. (U. P.) H.
R. Everdlng of Portland will take to the
northern .city the Los Angeles Gun
club's visitors' trophy. He won it here
yesterday by breaking 44 out of 50
birds in the handicap shoot. He also
won the "miss and out" event.
14,, ..
Brownsville Woolen Mill Store
Mfll to Man Clothiers, Third and Morrison
MEW YORK; March 24. (I. N. S.)
Under the auspices of the Boxers'
Loyalty league, an imposing array of
talent will exhibit here tonight at Mad
ison Square Garden and the Eighth bat
tery armory for the entertainment of the
doughboys of the Twenty-seventh divi
sion, who are to parade here tomorrow.
Jack Brltton, world's welterweight
champion ; Willie Ritchie. Benny Volger.
Jimmle Duffy and other stars will box
at the Eighth battery armory. At Mad
ison Square Garden Frankie Bums.
George Chaney, Clay Turner. Frankie
Callahan. Phil Bloom, Joe JeaneUe and
Harry Wills are scheduled to appear.
San Francisco, March 24. (U. P.)
Alex Trambitas, Portland lightweight,
has hopes of showing his wares 'at the
big army hero benefit to be staged Fri
day night. His offer to participate as a
curtain raiser to his California campaign
was accepted, and the benefit heads are
looking for a likely looking opponent for
Portland, has postponed this match in
order to participate In the benefit. He
will again meet "KO" Kruvosky. '
Tacoma. Wash.. March 24. (U. P.)
Heinle Schuman, ex-"devil dog" and Pa
cific coast lightweight champion, will
meet George Ingle, holder of the Cana
dian title, in the first half of the double
main event of the Eagles' smoker Thurs
day night, April 3. They are two of the
best lightweights on the coast.
San Francisco, March 24. (U. P.) .
The question as to whether or not Willie
Jackson, New York" boxer, purposely fell
down in his several bouts here, in order
to make a grand cleaning with Frankie
Farren, is raised here today. Jackson
knocked Farren cold" last Friday night,
winning "$2800 in wagers, it is reported.
Jackson's manager. Doc Bagley, declares
the rumors are all wrong.
Teams Are
Ready for Third
Contest of Series
- Seattle. March 24. CL N. ; S.) With
the games even. Lea Canadiens and the
Seattle Mets -will resume their fight
for the world's hockey -championship
tonight In the third game of the series.
Contested under Western rules, to
night's game will find the Seattle team
fighting to repeat their victory of
Wednesday and the Montreal team
just as determined to . win what is ex
pected to be one of the bitterest
games of the series. Les Canadiens
are seeing visions of the Stanley cup
as a result of . their victory of 4 to 2
Saturday night and they are going onto
the Ice tonight with their hearts set
en beating ;.. the . home team at their
own game. - g
. ill &
$ ill A
pf ir " " i.
III t - z.?r
The Rosebud basketball quintet which will play Arlela for the 125-pound
championship of the city Tuesday night on the. Y. M. C A. floor. The
players, from left to right, are: Above Welder, guard; Vigdoff, guard;
Carrack, center. Below Weinstein, guard; Kanter, center, and Isen
stein, forward.- Insert Abe Popick, roach.
Crockett Training
Camp Shortstops
By B. A. Cronln
Crockett, Cal., March 24. Few young
catchers with a Portland ball club have
shown the ability .of Wirts, the youngs
ster who was with St. Marys college
for three years and then went to Spo
kane last spring, later finishing ou(
the season in the Portland shipyards.
We'll lay a hat to a doughnut that
Wirts will make good as a catcher. He
has action behind the plate and he can
hit the ball well. He is more advanced
than Dorman, but boys, this rangy San
Francisco youngster is going to be
heard from. A year in Texas or the
Central association will do Dorman a
world of good. Wirts may open the
season with the Beavers, if Koehler is
unable to get out of the army, and it
looks now as if he will give his more
experienced rival quite a battle for the
job of understudy' to Del Baker.
Some of the northern bays5 who get
their drinking water from the sriow-ctad
hills of Oregon . and Washington, the
purest water in the wide world, find it
difficult to drink the alkali aqua of
California. The water here is more
alkaline in structure than that of the
eastern or. central Oregon country-
Frank Walker takes as wicked a cut
at the ball of any medium plied fellow
that we've seen. He looks as if he
might hit a good deal to left field, but
his drives are going to be long wherever
they go. Walker is yonng but he has
a natural finish to his work in the out
field, having the knack of starting with
the ball, which makes his ground cover
ing look large.
There is no more conscientious work
er in camp than Rapp and the little left
hander who saw so much service in the
New York State league is going to
make a bid for the job of leading left
handed pitcher. There is one thing
that Rapp knows, and that is how to
pitch. His easy delivery makes It pos
sible for him to work more often than
the ordinary ball player.
We have a little smoke bet on with
Art Ritter. Art thinks that Seattle will
have a bigger opening day crowd than
Portland. Art, we might add, is very
young and he has a lot to learn about
the psychology of baseball crowds.
Given a nice warm day and at dry field
in each northern city, we are ready to
smoke all summer on our misguided
friends who think as does the youthful
Mr. Ritter, the well-known foul chaser.
One of the San Francisco papers as
serted that Bill Rodgers and the Raw
Meat boys from Sacramento say the
reason the Senators were billed for one
week in the Rose City was to relieve
Walter McCredie of a lot of kidding at
the hands of his ex -employes, who
carry all the howls of the wood, and
plain in their rooting. We were talking
the northerner. Battling Ortega, who to reslle'" un V rer day and
was scheduled to meet George Shade ofTthe Prexy 8ays that Judgre McCredle's
schedule calls for two i visits to Port
land by the Sacramento outfit, which
would seem to put the kibosh on the
Sacramento wail. As a matter of fact,
the Portland gang believes that it could
win the pennant and never lose a ball
game after Decoration day, if it had to
play Sacramento all season.
We were talking to Jack Roche, the
old Portland catcher, at St. Marys col
lege last Wednesday and ' Jaek offers
the statement that Del Howard will
have a better ball club this year than
he has . had since his tenure at tfie
transbay metropolis. Jack himself is
in good condition and the Oakland fans
are banking on him developing into one
of the best first Backers in the circuit.
Roche can hit and they say he is not so
clumsy on his feet - as some of the
critics imagine.
Tha Portland ball club is closer to the
center ef things this year than eves be
fore, thanks to the invitation of the
Crockett Boosters. 'Every time the club
makes a trip it runs into some Coast
league ball players, and the line orr the
strength of the clubs fs better than, be
fore. Within a line of, say,-75 miles,
we have four clubs "at work Salt Lake
at Pittsburg, Pertland at Crockett.. Oak
land at home and San Francisco at
Santa Clara. The easy jumps are : ap
preciated by the scribes who make the
turn of the camps. - Heretofore only
The Journal has covered all of he bay
district camps, but most of the boys
are making the rounds this spring.
League Heelings Are Planned
Albany, March 24. - S. M. Garland,
chairman of the Linn county committee
of the League to Enforce Peace, is ar
ranging for. a series of meetings in this
county at which prominent speakers will
emphasize the desirability of the league.
Dr. John H. Boyd and B. Frank Irvine,
both of Portland, are said to be' avail
able for the meetings. -.,,- , i
Beaver Yannigans
Win Contest From
Crack Alamedans
Alameda. Cal.. March 24. A squad of
Portland ball playets came here Sun
day - from Crockett and defeated
the Haltondlers. 4 to 3, in 10 innings.
Harry Morton started for the winners
and retired after the sixth with the
score 3 and 3. Lay . finished and gets
credit for the win: Morton hit a homer
in the third. In the fifth for Portland,
Wirts - made safe on monger's error.
Walters singled. Dorman sacrificed and
both scored on Boldts hit to short- Lay
walked, Boldt singled and the runners
advanced on Kud's error, and Walters
scored on Stolofe's single in the tenth:
AB. R. H.
Boldt. If. ... .
Htolofe, a. ,
Penner, 2b.
Oldham, rf.
Corn. Sb. .
Wirts, cf.
Walters, lb.
Itorman, e.
Morton, p. .
Lay, p.
Totals . .
. 4
. 5
. 5
. 3
. 4
. 4
. 8
. 3
. 0
, 4
4 10 SO 10
Rankhead. cf. ... 2
Heiatvr. 3b. 4
(iadsden. If 4
Kami, lb-p 4
AB. . R. H. PO.
Kiltrallen, c.
tonser, as.
PaTia. rf. .
Kudu, rf. . .
Chas. 2b.
Pniiett, p. .
Laird, lb. .
Total . .
Portland . .
Halttra Didiers
. 2
. 3
. 3
. 1
0 .
3 10 80 16 2
001020000 1 4
101021201 2 10
O02100000 0 3
004210011 1 10
Three rum. 7 hita. 27 at bat., off Morton In
liix inning; 3 runs, 7 hita, 25 at bat, off
Pruiett in eight inninca. Credit victory to Lay;
chares defeat to Danzis. Homeruna Uadaon,
Morton. - Two bane bit Rankhead. Sacrifice
hita Dorman. Heteter. Stolofe. Sacrifice fly
Rankhead. First baae on called balli Off
Pruiett 1. off Danaic 1. off Lay 1. off Morton
2. Struck out By Pruiett 8. by Danzia 1. by
Morton . by Lar s. Hit by pttcner nana-
head by Morton. Double play Chaae to Confer
to Danzig. Time ol game Z noura. umpire
Mssen and Baumgarten.
TOLEDO, March 24. U. P.)
Five-man teams found the pins hard
to topple in the A. B. C. tourney here
last night and none of the 32 teams could
break into the leaders' list. Two doubles
teams forced their way Into the first 10.
The team of Schwoegler and Karthfeiser
of Madison, Wis., went into second place
with. 1255. Hess and Fetzlet. Chicago,
with 1227, took sixth place. J. Shaw,
another Chicago roller, with. 664, took
the sixth spot in the singles. : Hess. Chi'
cago, with 1909, took third place in the
all events.
The . G. M. Standifer Construction
company bowling quintet of Vancouver,
Wash., left Saturday night for Van
couver, B. C, to participate in the
eighth annual tournament of the North
western International Bowling associa
tion. The team will roll its match in
the tourney Thursday night. A special
match will be rolled against one of
the Seattle teams Tuesday night. The
members of the team are: Marty Fla
vin, Voltl Jones, Carl Merrick, Elmer
House and Walter Woods.
Ob-the Portland llr:
Special Match ,
l,t. 2d. 3d. Tot. Ae.
De Haven
Knot .. .
Rtea ....
Tnpp .
Franklin .
Totals .
Mel Tin . .
Hinder .
Hedberc .
bib Day
. . 184
.. 1T0
,. 1ST
,. 174
f4 .
S B21 45 2835-
lit. 2d. Sd.
188 !
160 140 '
......170 187
18 17
174. 173
467 .
827 851 868 2546
Atlas vs. Ray McCarroII
Rose City Motorcycle
Wed., March 26
, : P. M. - -Prices
46e, $16, 116.
Tickets oa Sale at si Rick's aad
Sot Stiller , . - ,
Frank' Goes Out
: Calling but 'He
Can't Eat 'em
Crockett, Cal, March !4 Fraak
Bap gets a let ef Joy oat of life, bat
he does It la the good eld fathloaed
way. The veteran soathpaw can play
a good game of bridge, a alee game
ef billiard! aad he take loag
hikes, bat the climax Is la the sport
of fishing. Fraak has bad the treaty
eaatlag rod eat several times and he
has eaaght a lot of eatflsh from the
dock, which the eeok cooks for the
cook, Mr. Bapp earlag aot a rap for
the cats oatslde of eatehlag them.
!new mark
Ray Creviston of Marion, !nd.r
Sets World's Mark in Base
Line Road Race.
Vagabond Gets Over Trail
Great Shape; Leadbetter
Finishes Second.
After much herd riding through bog,
over a stretch of burnt logs and some
difficult Jumps, including an In and
out water Jump. Harry M. Kerr on, rid
ing Vagabond, won the open paper
chase staged Saturday by the Portland
Hunt club in honor of Eugene K. Op-
penhelmer. A stag dinner follower at
the clubhouse.
. Charles H. Leadbetter, riding Lord
Lawrence, finished second and. was the
only other rider who followed Kerron
on the main trail. A mile from the
finish Lord Lawrence somersaulted at
a jump and although badly shaken up.
Mr. Leadbetter remounted and finished
the race. The main contingent of riders
after having' various trials and tribula
tions,' were led home by Claude V. Bow
man,, who won the white ribbon.
James Nicol and ' his son, Douglas,
laid' the trial, which was an unusually
hard one. full of hazardous going and
very much of a sporting proposition.
Walter A.. . Gruetter deserves much
credit for the dinner party in the club
house. Oliver B. Huston acted as the
toastmaster, and he was a good one.
William C Kavanaugh was an excel
lent assistant. ,
Those riding through and in attend
ance at the dinner follow : Natt McDou
gal, M. F. H. ; Howard C. Charlton,
l-.ugene K. Oppenheimer, George S. Stan
ley, Dr. J.. N. Coghlan, Ambrose M.
Cronln, John Davidson, Walter A. Gruet
ter, William A. Healy, Wilbur Hender
son, Oliver B. Huston, William C. Kav
anaugh. Harry M. Kerron. Charles H.
Leadbetter, Claude V. Bowman. Charles
Marias, M. G. Montrezia, Philip Neu,
James Nicol, Rex Parelius William U.
Sanderson, Harold Sooysmlth, Joseph E.
Wiley.. ,
The next club events will be the mu
sical ride to be given by all the drill
ing senior members at the Portland Rid
ing academy on Friday evening, and the
closed paper chase to be held on Satur
day afternoon by the Juniors.
COVERING five miles in three minutes
fifteen and two fifths seconds, Ray
Creviston of Marion, Indiana, riding an
Indian, set what is believed to be a
world's record In the Ray Barkhurst
straightaway motorcycle race staged
Sunday on the Base Line road before
over 20,000 people. The best previous
record on file here Is three minutes and
twenty one .seconds, made at Palm
Beach, Fla., In 1914.
Crevlston's speed was approximately
92.1 miles per hour. K. L. White of
Portland made the second best time and
the fastest made by one of the local en
trants.. His time was 3:26 2-5. White
was mounted m a Harley-Davldson.
Creviston won $225 in cash and the J.
Chandler Kgan trophy.
The officials of the meet checked the
team very carefully and a world'a record
will be applied for, as the meet was
sanctioned by the Federation of Amer
ican Motorcyclists. '
- There was not a single accident during
the race. A number of riders were
forced out of the event on account of
trouble with their machines. V. C. Short,
riding Carl Rose's machine, had a tire
blow out at the railway, crossing. r Vn
Altnow was forced to quit because his
motor went bad. Newman was put out
on account of magneto trouble.
The results :
Relay No. -I Ed Bcrreth. Excelsiors
.1 h I 2n ' I if i j - t lit itu r ii MftrK h. nil
tie. 4:02 3-5.
Relay No. 2 B. W. Rice, Indian,
S :5 3-5. ...
Relay No. 3 Bob Perry. Harley-Davldson.
3 :47.
. Relay No. 4 V. C. Short. Excelsior
(did not finish); Mickey McDonald, In
dian. 3:44. ,
Relay No. 5 E. L. White, Harley-Davldson,
false start; Melral Bacon, Harley-Davldson,
Relay No. C Ray Creviston, Indian,
Marlon. 'Ind.. 3 :15 2-5 ; Ed Berreth, Cy
clone,' false start.
Relay No. 7 Dustln Farnum, Indian,
3 :43 3-5 ; Ed Berreth, Cyclone, 4 :15 1-5.
Relay No. 8 E. L. White, Harley-Davldson,
3 :26 2-5.
Preliminaries of
Mat Card Announced
Preliminary events of ' the Atlas-Me-Carroll
wrestling bout, to be held
Wednesday night In the' Rose City Mo
torcycle club rooms. Tenth and Stark
streets, were anaounced as follows :
George Robinson vs. Billy Nichols, 158
pounds, and Steve Weyand and Nick
Miller, 175 pounds. Ray McCarroll Is
training hard for the bout, and Is confi
dent of giving Atlas a tough match.
EJ ' i lH I
The Most
Precious Thing
in the world is self-respect.
Whatever increases it is good; whatever
lessens it is bad. That is self-evident.
The hobo, the man always in debt, the man
dependent on others, possesses little self-'
respect. ..,.': ;,' -' - " : .-X '
But the man who has a bank account will
admit that hi respect for himself increases
with each addition to his , balance. Self
respect is a by-product of Saving.
This bank, nearly three fecore years old,
solicits cither savings or; checking accounts.
Oldest in the Northwest
Washington and Third
Its your, own fault(4
buys s junnurm
'Your own horse
aense ought to tell
you what is the best
value when a small
chewof Real Grave
ly tastes so good,
and lasts so much
longer than a big
chew of ordinary.
plug." ;
Good taste, smaller ehew, '
loager life is what makes Gea
oiae Gravely eott less to ehew
thau ordinary plug.
Genuine Gravely
ft hltt 00 tUwiut Pl't
eyion prano
j ' : Plug packed in poucru