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Goodfellowshlp Between East and
West Is Pledged Across festal
Board at BensonHotel.
Assurances Are Given.of Continu
ation of Amicable Trade Rela
: tion Between City and Japan.
East hailed west with a trip of food
f.ikywnhlD and a promise for the future
at noon today, when a large number of
nrominent touslneaa and professional
men assembled at the Benson hotel as
H ucwo t wie lum-iiwii v
new consular representative In Portland
of the Japanese government.
Over a bountiful board Portland
Dledtred her Interest in Japan and re
ceived the assurance of the new consul
that hia full rtersonal enernr in Portland
.will be directed toward the maintenance
of the amicable relations that have been
established here in a business and social
way , by his predecessors and toward
increasing, in any possible manner, the
bonds between Portland and the orient.
Following a brief tribute to Portland
and to the nations, Consul Sugimura
concluded with a toast to the health of
President Wilson.
Adjutant General Beebe presided at
the informal affair. W. D. B. Dodson.
executive secretary of the Chamber of
Commerce, represented commercial inter
ests in a brief address or welcome to tne
new consul and outlined Portland's ef-fm-ta
at aecurinir her share of the trade
'coming from and going to the orient.
- C A. Blgelow, acting mayor, spoke on
behalf of the city, and Bishop Walter
Taylor Sumner of the Episcopal church
delivered a splendid tribute to the Japa
nese, their efforts to take a place of
credit in the community and their suc
cess at such efforts. He asked that the
bond' of interest between the two na
tions be strengthened through approach-
ing peace, suggesting that by means of
the Lieague of Nations, "the best assur
ance of future peace that has petn pro
posed," such interest obtain.
Consnl Addresses Gathering
- Mr. Sugimura said:
"My lirst and most manifest duty to
day Is to thank you for the honor of
: your presence which I greatly appre-
ciate. .
"In my country It is customary for
f the host, after a word of greeting, to
' apologize, for the frugality of his board,
and to beg his guests to make the best
of what there is, accepting bis welcome
In the spirit in which It Is extended.
;Thls comes In more or less fittingly in
Japan, because there the host says it
on Bitting down to luncheon. But this
remark will obviously be absurd here.
Yet so strong is the force of habit, I
cannot help feeling that I am amiss
a unless I say something to the same ef-
ift- f'X us compromise the' matter. then.1
by saying, gentlemen, the east hails
"the . west and knows that when east
Vmeets went, the two will always under
stand each other. ,
. "Ever since1 1 entered the service of
our foreign office, it has been my cease
, less desire to visit this country, no
widely known for her Jove of freedom
and humanity. When therefore I was
asked to come to represent Japan at
this hospitable city, I felt honestly that
my lifelong dream had at last come
true. Accordingly I accepted the pro
posed appointment without second
thought, and must thank my stars that
I thus find myself among you here to
, day. Particularly I consider it a great
privilege that I should be sent here at
this most eventful period, when all na
tions freed at last from the menace of
aggression and barbarism, are looking
5 forward to the great work of recon-
structlon and to the full enjoyment of
eternal peace.
Selatioas Most Cordial
"The most chivalrous, and disinter
ested efforts put forward by this coun
try for the vindication of the cause of
humanity and justice have at length
been crowned with glorious victory- -
:Jt Is therefore no wonder that this
land of Stars and Stripes, the United
Staties of America, should loom bo large
In the eyes of the whole world. We are
fA t'r ' ; ' ' '.m: A
Y tit
.--JMt. tmM tmk i
Corporal George Clare Alden
Corporal George Clare Alden of Com
pany C. 344th tank battalion,; 304th brl,
grade, one of the 10 per cent of men who
survived the battle of Cheppy, France, in
October, arrived in New York Monday
with Major Brett and is now stationed
at Camp -Mills, according to word re
ceived in 'Portland.
Corporal Alden was formerly a carrier
for The Journal. He enlisted in March,
1914. and left Portland with Battery B,
from which he was transferred to the
tank service. He was- with Captain
Math X English, who was killed in ac
tion at . Cheppy.
Corporal Alden is a son of Captain
and Mrs. C. M. Alden. Mrs. Alden is
president of Battery A auxiliary.
The fury of the tank men was roused
when, . after some severe and. gallant
fighting. Captain English fell in action.
Then it was that the survivors of the
344th went into the fray in earnest, in
flictlng terrible punishment upon the
enemy but at frightful cost. : That their
efforts saved the day, however, proved
a satisfaction to the "tomcats" that
somehow softened the disaster that really
befell them.
Deputy Revenue Collectors
Visit All Sections of Ore
gon in Short Time.
now cooperating In the great work of
reconstruction as we have cooperated in
arms, and I am happy to note that the
relations between ' our two countries
have never been more cordial and
friendly than at present.
VBelievlng firmly, as I do, that a
clear understanding between nations Is
the best guarantee of durable peace, it
is my proud ambition to contribute what
little I can to further the development
of these amicable relations between the
United States and Japan. A new era of
trade between the United States and
Japan must certainly be a marked ac
complishment" of this reconstruction
period. ' !
"It is high time for Portland to real
Ice that there ta a great future for her
and that she must reach for the Oriental
trade, and rival both Seattle and San
Francisco in, establishing) commercial
relations with Japan, at once. I wi$h
to invite you, the business land profes
sional men, of Portland, to i study more
carefully the resources and conditions
of Japan, just as we are studying your
transportation facilities - both by land
and water.
Treed Oregoa Prodacta ;
"We need your plumber, ;your wheat,
your hides, your fruits, your metals,
just as much as you. need our silk, tea.
sulphur, camphor, potteries, vegetable
oils, hardwood and so forth. Let me
assure you of my hearty; cooperation
with your public spirited cltisens in es
tablishing as soon as possible trade re
lations that will be of great mutual
benefit. I am determined to employ
all my energies-In this direction, and
for the fulfillment of my mission I en
tirely rely upon . your sympathy and
your assistance. : j
"Alt my predecessors, I particularly
Mr. Kumasaki and Mr, Akamatu, car
ried heme very bright impressions of
their sojourn in this city, and I remem
ber most vividly the very i warm .terms
In which they repeatedly referred to
various , tokens of courtesy and .hospi
tality which they '. received at. your
hands. I venture, therefore, to . ask
that you should henceforth count me as
one of you. 'and accord to me all the
assistance in . your power, which - It has
been the privilege of my predecessors
to enjoy during their stewardship of our
consulate In this city." . . j , .' ,
Fifty-Nine Years
of active business experitnee i the
Northwest has this baik had. Start
ing as a small pioneer institution it
has developed with the growth of the
community, and has met the finan
cial needs of the people of this sec-
tion- v - ' r;- -
Today Ladd & Tilton Bank is a modern barking
institution, with many specialized departments of
service, and connections at home and abroad. Its
officers and directors ,s are we!l-kno n citis-ens,
prominent in civic affairs. !
.J;.,-f;;' "-. '- : i - -' t --..'''"'
W. M. Ladd ......... I . : Chairman of .the Board
Edward Cookingham President '
Isaac D. Hunt ...................... . ... Vice President
Walter M. Cook . . . . iCashier
R. S. Howard ...................... .Assistant Cashier '
Thomas H. West Assistant Cashier
Samuel L. Eddy ...Assistant Cashier
Cameron Squires ..Assistant Cashier
. . . : .'
W. M. Ladd Edward Cookintham .
. . Raymond B. Wilcox . Isaac D. Hunt!t .
v Frederic E Pratt - Harold 1. Pratt h .
" . . : Cameron Squires . - ; -
' Washington and Third . '
-1 - i
- Twenty depuUes A from " the office of
Milton A. Miller, collector of internal
revenue. ; will visit practically every
center in Oregon within a short time to
aid tobacco dealers and others In the
details of their profits or Income taxes.
Tobacco dealers have taken - inventory
on their stocks and the - deputies will
check- up on these for the purposes of
taxation. ' ' 5
Collector Miner has outlined the fol
lowing' Itinerary for the depuUes who
will work from his of f ice : '
Columbia county Astoria, George K.
Shaw and. E. K. Montague, March 24 to
29, Inclusive: St. Helens, George K.
Shaw and K. E. Montague, March, 31
to April 4, inclusive.
Washington county Hillsboro, George
K. Shaw and EL K. Montague. AprU 4
and 6. inclusive ; Forest Grove. George
,1c. Shaw and E. E. Montague, April 7
and S, inclusive.-
Marlon county Salem, John Collins
and H. D. Barber, March 24 to 29. in
clusive ; Sllverton. John J. Collins. April
10 to 12. inclusive.
Yamhill county McMlnnvine. J. M.
Rodgers, March 24 to 28, inclusive.
L,inn county Albaky. H. D. Barber,
March 81 to April 3, inclusive ; Lebanon,
H. X. Barber, April 4 and 6.
Lincoln county Newport, John J. Col
lins, March 31 to April 2, inclusive:
Toledo, John J. Collins, AprU 3 to April
6. inclusive, '
Benton tsounty Corvallis, H. D. Bar
ber. April 7 to 9, inclusive.
Polk county Dallas, H. D. Barber.
April 10 to 12. Inclusive : Independence,
John J Collins, April 7 to 9, inclusive, t
Lane count y Eugene, George G.
Hewitt and T. L. Williams, March 24 to
29. inclusive; Junction City, George G.
Hewitt, April 7 to 9. inclusive; Cottage
Grove. George G. Hewitt. April 10 to 12,
Coos county Marshfield. T. L. Wil
liams and George G. Hewitt, March 31
Williams, April 7 to 9, inclusive ; Ban- 1
don, T. L. Williams, April 10 to lz, in
clusive. .. .i
Douglas county Roseburg. G. ft.
Harper and G. V. Wlmberley. March 84
to 26. Inclusive.
Josephine county Grants Pass, G. Tt.
Harper and 43. V. Wlmberley, March 27
to 29, inclusive.
Jackson county Medford, G. R. Har
per and G. V. Wlmberley, March 31 to
April 2. inclusive: Ashland, G. R. Har
per and G. V. Wlmberley, April 3 to 6,
Klamath county Klamath Falls, G.
R. Harper and G. V. Wlmberley, April
7 to 9. inclusive.
Hood River county-r-Hood River, E.C.
Ensminger and J. M. Booth, March 24
to 26. inclusive. '
Wasco county The Dalles, E. C. Ens
minger and J. M. Booth. March 27 to
April 1. inclusive; Shaniko, E. C. Ens
minger and J. M. Booth, April 10 to 12,
. Deschutes county Bend, E. C. Ens
minger and J. M. Booth; April 2 to 5,
Jefferson county Madras. E. C. Ens
minger and J. M. Booth, April 7 and 8.
Sherman county Wasco, C. A. Ruff.
March 24 to 29; Moro, C. A. Ruff,
March 31 to April .2. inclusive.
Gilliam county Condon, C. A. Ruff,
April 8 and 9.
Wheeler county Fossil. C. A. Ruff,
April 10 and. 11. " -.
. Morrow c. jnty Heppner, C. A. Ruff,
April 2 to 5, inclusive.
Baker county Baker, H. M. Maloney
and J. H. Hogg, March 31 to April b,
inclusive. .
Umatilla county Pendleton, Miller,
Chamberlain. Lawlor, March 24 to 29,
inclusive : Athens,. Miller, Chamberlain,
Lawlor, March 31 to April 1, inclusive:
Milton. Miller, Chamberlalrft Lawlor,
April 2 and 3.
Union county La Grande. J. H. Hogg
and H. M. Maloney March 24 to 29, in
clusive ; Elgin, H. M. Maloney, April 7
and 8. ,
Wallowa county Enterprise, H. M.
Maloney. April 9 and 10; Joseph, H. M.
Maloney, April 11 and J2-
Malheur county Ontario, H. O. Payne
and J. H. Hog. April 7 to 9, Inclusive ;
Vale. H. O. T'ayne and J. H. Hogg,
April 10 and IX. i .
Forest Service to
Be Prepared 'for
Fire Emergencies
Emergency fire tool and equipment
sufficient for supplying 500 men, to be
distributed when needed from a room
in the Clay 8. Morse building, is the lat
est step of the forest service in its fire
protective movement.
While it Is not intended that Portland
shall become the distributing center-for
tha entire district, experience has shown
the wisdom of having on hand fire sup
plies subject to call.
Last summer a rush order came- from
Spokane for fire equipment and it took
a large number of forest service men
until after midnight gathering together
the material. The new distributing cen
ter will anticipate future emergencies.
Axes, shovels, mattocks, packing sad
dles all the tools necessary; in fighting
forest fires are being collected tor future-use.
;. '
Three Brownsville
s Home
Service in France
Brownsville. March 19. Three Browns
ville boys are at home after long
absences In France. Frank Hultx. Wyatt
Tindal and Byron Thompson. Hultx,
after nine months at th front, -was
put out of commission by German gas.
He was Bnt back, to America and has
been recuperating at Carop Lewia - He
was Installing and repairing communica
tion lines In the rear, and was under fire
for weeks at a .time. : i"
: Tindal was at the ! front or many
months and the constant noise of cannon
ading caused a temporary paralysis of
facial muscles. Thompson was a' mem
ber of the old Third Oregon. While 4n
Ptcardy he was engaged in clerical
duties with . the - 162d. , Thompson . was
one of the first' Oregon boys to learn
to speak the' French, language well.
Wholesale Arrests f
Made in. Turkey
Constantinople, March If, (Delayed.)
U. P.) The Turkish government has
arrested all former ministers - belonging
to the union progress party with the ex
ception of Djaved Bey, who Is lit hiding,'
it was announced. . Among those arrested
was Prince Said Halim Pasha, former
grand vizier. ;
n ArtT. Accused, of Being- Flighty f 'i
Paris, March 19. (I.. N. S.) Rene
Fronck. . a leading "ace"' i among -the
Frenchmen; was .sued ' for 'breach of
- '
Victrolas and Records
Lipman, Wolfe & Co. are the only Port
;land department store carrying Victor Vic-i
trolas and Victor Records exclusively. Giv-
ing all our.time to the Victor we naturally
procure better selection. Come in tomorrow
and hear the new records on new machines
in sound-proof rooms on the Seventh Floor.
TVip SthrR Ts Radiant WitVi New for Snrina
And Special Sales Offer Added Attractions
Two Big Specials In
Two more items in the series of special sales
that is making this department ; the talk of
all Portland women.
35-Inch New Plaid
Louisine Taffeta
7 SO yards of this beautiful and serviceable
silk in the very newest plaids and color combi
nations. A beautiful assortment of patterns for
spring frocks and skirts. Silk that is worth
much, much more ordinarily.
Gros de Londre Silk
Taffeta Special $ 1 .65
36-lncb silk of fine, heavy quality one of
the season's most popular. Here in navy blue
and midnight at this very special price Thurs
day. , Second Floor, Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
La Parisienne
A beautiful new design in com po
sition xivory toilet ware. . Exquis
itely designed, very simple, depend-
ing entirely upon its grace of Una
for effect. Patterned after a sim
ple Sterling pattern that was moat
All pieces, with the comb, brush
and mirror in regulation sise and
sizes for misses' use. See these ex
quisite pieces. ,
Street Floor, Lipman, Wolfe ft Co.
A. Sale of 1900 Women's Fine Irish
HI a ttk dl Hi e r c hi i e s
15c 6 for 75c
Another extraordinary handkerchief sale. These are of
the finest, sheerest quality, exquisitely hand embroidered
in corner designs.
Some are all white wiA dots
and wreathes and spray de
signs. Some have colored ertj
broidery with white hems and
others have colored hems and
stripes with embroidery to
By all odds"the best handkerchief "buy" we've seen in
many a long day. It will pay you to lay in handkerchiefs
by the dozen.
Street Floor, Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
-i-A new note is shown in the
lace edges of some, with dainty
bits of hand embroidered work,
in colors in the corners.
Soores of exquisite designs, all
of them novel and handmade.
A Special Sale
Wash Satin
Camisoles 95 c
Many styles in these popular'washable satin
camisoles some of them trimmed with deep
lace yokes, others with dainty lace trimmings
a.nd others .beautifully .embroidered in pink and
blue coloc combinations. V , Some with shoulder'
straps and others in corset cover styles.
' They're -Widerful camisoles at this low price
you'll like them.
andCrepe de Chine
Envelope Chemise
: , $1.95
A remarkably low price for these, dainty en-;
velope' chemise.' 'Some have lace - yokes and1
some trimming of lace with lace shoulder straps.
Others-have -ribbon shoulder straps and are in'
tailored .style. Very special at SI, 95.
Fourth Floor, Lipman, Wolfe & Co
New Models in Silk
Serge Jersey Georgette
there's infinite variety in
these frocks, in style and ma
terial alike. All the styles
are of the very newest and
many new features are intro
duced. There are pretty coat
frocks, frocks entirely of
Georgette .beautifully
embroidered and made
.over silk slips, frocks
with Georgette waist,
beaded and taffeta skirts.
There are the popular
white Jersey -frocks and col
ored jersey, mandarin, style
frocks and plain frocks with
straight tunics.
And as for colors,
practically all the most
in demand spring shades
are represented.
Third Floor,
& Co.
Lipman, Wolfe
New Scrim and
50o60c Yd.
The prettiest -new scrims and
marquisettes to be made into
fresh curtains for your spring
time windows. A good variety
in white, cream and ecru, with
plain or fancy borders. 36 and
40 inches wide.
Fifth Floor,
Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
Consult fdrs. Stoddard
about your interior
decorating problems for
Spring refurbishing.
Heavy Velton Drapery
Cloth Special 98c
A special sale of this handsome drapery material in beau
tiful designs and colorings and patterns. There are lovely
verdure, floral, Oriental and conventional designs on back
grounds of black, gray, cream! blue, etc.
. If there were not slight imperfections . in this
. cloth it would cost you just twice the amount.
The imperfections, however, will not impair the
. . beauty bf quality. -
Fifth Floor, Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
New Silk
Special $4.45
Beautiful petti
coats, s o m e all
taffeta, some with
taffeta flounce
and lersey tops,
and in atl the
wanted colors.
Solid black or
navy blue and
beautiful two
tone and .change
able, effects, rose
and gold, emer
ald and blue, vio
let and cerise,
grey and red,
green and cerise,
"blue and violet,
With beautiful
deep pleated and
ruffled flounces,
all with fitted
Third Floor,
That Note of Chic of
Individuality in Hats
That quality' in" millinery that all women admire and wish
for, yet find so difficult to put into, words, characterizes these
. new spring hats from the', foremost millinery creators of this
country. -'
Such tn o d e 1 s as the
popular Mitzi sailor, the
smart Watteau shape,
the f lower hat and
charming tailored and
' dressy creations.
-Won't you come in1 and try on a few of -these bats? Every
day women tell us we have the prettiest hats in all Portland.
Priced $18.00 to $35.00
Third Floor, Lipman, Wolfe & Co. '.
Such names as Bendel,
Warshatier, Gage, Joseph
and others equally, well
known assure you of the
absolutely c o rre'ct
spring, style. :
Stamped Dresser Scarfs
Special; 85c
Beautiful dresser scarfs of white Indian Head, hemstitched
and stamped with the daintiest patterns to be embroidered.
All the stitches indicated are simple.
Stamped Luncheon Sets Special 95c
13-piece luncheon sets of pure linen, to be embroidered in out
line, French knot and lazy dazy stitches. Setof center, plate and'
tumbler doilies. 18 '
Fifth Floor, Lipman, Wolfe & Co.'
Rugs ' A t Uriu sua IS a v ings
As we have told you before, our rug buyer happened to be In New, York at
the crucial moment this spring the time when the market "broke" temporarily
' on rugs, v For that reason -we are enabled to offer you substantial savings on ,
ever wanted floor coverings." For in stance - '
Seamless Tapestry Brussels '
' - 9x12 Rugs, Special, S2485
Good quality rugs in neat small" allover
patterns. Color 'combinations of - tan and
: brown, rose and blue. . For living-and din
ing rooms. -
Axminster Rags, Size 9x12
Very Special at $34.40
Standard qualify rugs in. Oriental con
vention and design. All in desirable colors
and : combinations. Rugs worth consider
ably more. , .".
Fifth Floor, Lipman, Wolfe & Co,
Hundreds of GOOD
Shirts-$1.50 and $2
Only the prices are low quality has been strictly main
tained. (Fact is, they are the best shirts at either $1.50 or
$3 that have come your way in many, many, months.)
Generously cut- not hastily or casually up
to Lipman, Wolfe & Co. standard in all details.
Fine corded madras, woven stripes, percates, jacquard ef
fects, new patterns-7-aIl sizes, naturally. Stock up.
, , : 1 Street Floor. .
promise Tuesday. ,