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Oregon Shrine
r-jRlnning Hop
All Fools'Eve
- -"j. .
-. y Alfred J Crldge
A DANCING end card pmrty will b
t given by Oregon Shrine No. 1. Order
M'nite fchrine of. Jerusalem, in the Ma
'sonlo temple, Monday evening. March 31.
This,! the first party to be given -this
year, and a very enjoyable, evening is
anticipated, Ir. charge. of the arrange
; menta are , Miss Nellie McKinley. Mrs.
Alice Coweli, Mrs. ' Eleanor Feldman.
Angus A. Graham. ; Mr. and Mra. T. J.
Ilendenhaii, Mr, and Mra. Marvin Hedge,
Mr. and Mra. Dilg; Mr.: and Mra. O. J.
Krown. Mrs. , Carrie" Rogers and P.' I
"Lerch: ' - ' .-
X The hostesses will be Mrs. Delia Hous
V ion Mrs. M. II. Young. Mra. , Myrtle
feese. Mrs0, & Cutlen-MrsvV. C. Blr-fc-y
and Mra.-I M.- 8now. j
H Mrs.. Birney la worthy matron of Rose
Ei ty chapter, Order Eastern Star, and
rV 8now occupied the ."same , position
1th, Sunnyside chapter, (V A. E.
"'"phe White Shrine is a social and fra
ternal order within the Order Eastern
(Star, and Oregon shrine has a large
membership not only In Portland, but in
Various parts of Oregon. , . ,. ,
'-Its membership is composed of. both
. men and women, and -Us field -of activ
ities embraces the whole field of the civ
v Mixed world as far as Masonic and East-
ern Star influence reaches.' ....
. . - - . r
Roecoe " P. Hurst 'and' Allan - R. Joy
will represent Portland lodge of Moose,
at the - coming: supreme lodge session
- which will be held at .Mooseheart,
Illinois, on . June 22. In conjunction
with the supreme session there will be
a Peace: and Victory celebration held
there . by . five j cities of the-; Mate in
union,',- President Wilson and Vice
rresldentfarshall ' are expected to at
tend, The supreme sessiorf of the Moose
. will be Its 21st.- and will legislate for
the welfare of eo.000 members and 1800
, lodges In the United .States and Canada.
The educational institution and train
ing school for its orphan children estab
lished In Mooseheart. is attracting the
attention ot educators everywhere. Tole
do University of Ohio. Is establishing
a " training school - patterned closely
after the Mooseheart methods. Gover
nor Capper of Kansas,-'advocating the
, ways of Mooseheart as adopted to public
Institutions where the training of child
ren and youths is in progress . or con
templated. The Mooseheart educators
believe in teaching the youth the know
ledge and use of tools and of agricul
ture, and at the same time ; instill in
their minds a thorough knowledge of
democracy and self government by prac
tical applications in their own regulation.
Children are taught at an early age to
govern themselves ;indivldually and In
groups, -and finally' In maaaif The dls-'-
oovery of vocational aptitudes of each
child is one of the special features of the
Mooseheart methods." and the develop
ment of Individual Initiative; is encour-
- aged.
The Columbia Legionaires. Loyal
Order of Moose, will be the guests of the
legionairea and give the work -of the
i legion to a class of candidates in Van
couver "Friday night, March 21; The f am
ous. Portland. MooBe band will head the
delegation from this city. K. G. Morrow,
north moose, -will preside at the cere
monial. He will be assisted by a staff
of prominent Officers of the Columbia
legion including P. C. Bellinger of Cor
vallis, south moose ; F. S. Foster of Mc
Minnville. east moose; C. A. Gohn' of
Vancouver, west Moose; W.C H. Smith,
guide; S. K. Dye. costodian ; George. C.
Cates, argus : Lew 'Knowlton. herder; E.
; F. Freyermuth, treasurer. A special car
will be chartered and It Is expected that
a large number of Moose f ex , wearers,
will be. in attendance.: ' i -. .-t'J- .-
- E. P. Martin, deputy head consul of
the Woodmen of, the. World for the
; Northwest, has received notice of a' spe
cial dispensation issued by Head Consul
I. I. Boak of Denver by which &ny hon
orably discharged soldier or sailor of the
. Ignited States or Canadian service may
apply for -membership An the .Woodmen
of the. World without payingiany in
itiation; fee whatever, and even- his phy
sician'? examination fee will be free.;
This 4s done-to -encourage the returned
soldiers to assume the responsibilities of
lifts the easier; It Is expected that many
i of lthe- newly-weds -will take up- this
offer,,. ' . - . - -
Marguerite, Royal Neighbors of
fAmerica, will celebrate its twentieth an
: nlvernary nex? Toesaay evening, March
. IS.. Entertainment will be under direc
tion of the past oracles of the camp. On
the program is a wedding, several musi
cal and literary-numbers and dancing.
A well attended card and dancing party
was given Monday evening by Service
circle No. S50, Neighbors of Woodcraft.
More than 100 couples enjoyed dancing
until .13 o'clock, i Excellent , music was a
feature of the evening's amusement.
'Thirty tables of 500 gave r card; players
: opportunity to enjoy a social hour. . An
other party will be given March' 24.
, . ' -.
' - in the membership campaign, now in
. progrexir among the 11 circles, Neigh
bors of .Woodcraft, in the city, t Mount
Hood circle has already added nearly 40
XT too thin, year dress
maker or tailor caa sup.
k ply the deficiencies, bet
the ererfat carry a berdee
they caa not "conceal.
There Is bet ene alternative,
red ace I To do so It is leeter 1
eceasmrr te ge n ftor starvatieaj
' dlctiagaedexBaertiTeexareisiar. -:
There is aow a safe. Bete. easy. .
'Pleaaaatway. Jvst take ene little
- hartalese' Mara-ot Prescrtptieei
' Tablet' after each sseal and at
! ked tirae aad yeell literally see
. your fat vaouh. Bach tablet c
tates ae exact ooee et um
harmlew Ingredieets that
-the oriel sal Manaoia preacriptioB)
capable rfr redociag the everfat
body at the rate of two. three, er
or pounda a week witheet the
slighteat iU effecta. Aak year
4 rarit ftar Mar-aala Trreacrivtiesi .
f Tablet, er send to the Maraaola
' Co.vt Garfield Building. Detroit
Mich.; and too will, receive for
TSe a fall ease enegga te start
yon well ea year way te happt
, t ry it- , . s- .
MRS. EDITH BIRNEY, worthy matron Rose City chapter,
Order Eastern Star (left) and Mrs. Gertrude I. Snow,
worthy matron of Sunnyside chapter, O. E. S. . (right).
Below, M. B, Code, director of Moose lodge No. 291. - I
J 4 fi ' II'
y .-.x , .SIT 5':ovx:V ' ::.:. v.- W v.:v'-:
V'ir : I xWy v 4
II ' 4 7r.
. 1 . " . I ' AfCrm '.
members to ; the roll. Every meeting
"brings out several applications for mem
bership,' the largest number being. 11. A
number of neighbors are busy among:
their- friends, and they will feel disap
pointed If at th end of the campaign
they have not fully lot) new members
as the result of their efforts. , '
Officers and dignitaries, members and
camp followers of the Dramatic Orde
Knights of Khoraasan, Knights of Py
thias, under the auspices of Abd-Uh-1-Atef
Temple No. 117,-will gather at The
Dalies next' Saturday to hold stae, set
and ceremonial session by virtue -of the
Isaidit of the royal vizier, Martin C,
Larsen. The royal vizier will be sup
ported by - Harold E. Sell wood, grand
emir ; "Happy" : Harry Hunter, shiek ;
I S. Finseth, mahedl; Fred Johnson,
sahib, and. other satraps 'of the temple.
The brigands of forty scourges of the
desert under Captain'Herbert A. Groo
cock will see, that the class of 47 neo
phytes will tread the hot sands strictly
according to the traditions of the Temple.
W. H. J. Clark, royal prince and master
of ceremonies, will supervise the pre
sentation before the throne. There will
be a special car for the Temple votaries
leave Portland Saturday morning. AU
who desire special and specific informa
tion should address the royal scribe of
the . Temple, Thad L. Graves, at the
K. of . P. castle. Eleventh and Alder
The United Artisans have decided to
postpone the building of a headquarters
office structure on Third- and Columbia
streets, until 1920. The starting of the
United .Artisans suburban home build
ing will be In June. - Its exact location
is not being made known ,yet.- The
order now. has . its supreme offices in
the Beck building. It is finding a de
mand for' Its educational endowment
policies which pay 1720 for the higher
education of a beneficiary at the age
of 18. Its new 20 year life certificates
are constituting about one half of its
new business and- .are .proving '-very
popular." Most of its surplus funds are
invested in Portland industries and
properties. i
' ;
On last Wednesday night Ivanhoe
Homestead. Brotherhood of American
;Yepmen; held aVard party and dance at
the Maaonic temple. The prizes at 500
Were won by Mrs. El fa Mathie, ladies
first prize ; Mrs. Mae Sanders, ladies'
second prize; A. 3. Ahrendt, gentlemen's
first prize, and V. Buckholz, gentlemen's
second prize. The next card party and
dance to be given by Ivanhoe Homestead
will be on March 24J ' This is, a change
from Wednesday night to Monday night
and from that date the meetings will be
held on Monday nights.
. m m m
Grand Master Prank ; W. Settlemier
was received by the Masons of Sea
side upon his official vlsltthere Fri
day evening. ' ' Saturday the Astoria
Masons received him with honors. Mon
day night his own lodge at Woodburn
will receive him as Grand Master. Tues
day . night ' he will - visit the Masonic
lodge at Albany ; Wednesday he will
be received in - Eugene ; Thursday in
Roseburg ; Friday in Cottage Grove and
Saturday in Salem. In a few days the
Grand Master will begin a tour of east
ern. Oregon.
The visit Of Grand Master Frank W.
Settlemier to the Eugene Masonic lodge
Wednesday night is to be made the occa
sion of the assemblage of a large num
ber of prominent members of the fra
ternity. He .will be accompanied from
Portland by Junior, Grand Warden
Frank S. BaillieTand Grand Secretary
James F. Robinson. Brother Robinson
was formerly a resident of Eugene and
any important Masonic function there
always attracts him.
. A new lodge of" the Ancient, Free and
Accepted Masons is to be established in
Springfield, Lane county, on the evening
of March 20 under authority of - the
grand lodge. Junior Grand Warden
Frank S. Baillie wil lact as Grand Mas
ter. He will be accompanied and assisted
by J. F. Robinson, grand secretary- A
large number of members from Eugene
and other towns in that part of the
state will attend, ; .
The Neighbors" of Woodcraft of Van
couver have ! begun active work In the
membership 'campaign which will close
May 1. with a large class initiation.
The Vancouver circle has invited the
general campaign committee to be pres
ent at the meeting April 4. A large
number of members of the 11 city clrclee
will go to Vancouver, leaving the city
on the train passing Fifth and Wash
ington streets not later than .7 o'clock.
Luncheon will , be served by Vancouver
Reports from au'parts of the juris
diction.: Neighbors of Woodcraft, indi
cate a large Increase in membership
during the campaign which will clone
in a series of large class initiations early
In May and June, or as soon as weather
conditions are ideal In each of the nine
.states.- In all the large cities the circles
are active and show splendid results al
ready, via many of the smaller places
the circles promise' to double their mem
bership, i '.; ' ,; .: . ; :
.j A new lodge; of tlie Ancient, Free and
Accepted Masons ia to be established the
latter part ef this month in the Vernon
or Alberta district of the city.. It will
be. known 1 as Alberta lodge, and ar
rangements have all been completed ex
cept the actual date. '
M-ontavilla Circle No. 400 Neighbors of
Woodcraft will entertain the general
campaign . ; committee Friday evening,
March 21. Luncheon will be served and
a literary and musical program will be
rendered following the regular lodge se-
.v in, illlll, -11,11 f '-1 i-
sion.- Members' of the order are invited
to be present' and participate with the
committee in -considering plans for the
finish of the membership campaign. The
committee will leave the city at 7 o'clock
taking the MV ear at Third and Morri
son streets.
The Acacia club,' the membership of
which is restricted to Master- Masons,
is in a condition satisfactory to its mem
bers and has a neat surplus in its
treasury. It has a suite of comfortable
club rooms in the Central building at
Tenth and -Alder streets, and has done
a great deal of hospitable work during
the war In entertaining without charge
hundreds of visiting brother Masons. Its
newly elected officers are A. H. Mc
Gowan, president ; Frederick M." Demp
sey, vice president; C. Wiegand.
treasurer; A H. Trego, secretary; S.
Fraser, assistant secretary and manager.
One of the most important social af
fairs of the season .. will be the com
plimentary, grand ball to be given by Gul
Reazee Grotto on :-Thursday -evening at
Cotillion hall. , It was intended to have
given this ball last January, but its
postponement was ' necessita ted on ac
count of the influenza epidemic. Some
special features have been arranged for
and it -Is expected that the large hall
will be crowded to capacity.
Mount,. Hood Circle Neighbors of
Woodcraft will nominate delegates to
the district convention at its meeting
next Tuesday evening in the N. of W.1
hall. The circle obligated a large num
ber of candidates., last Tuesday and
the hustlers for applications are sure to
have a goodly number of cards filled out
on the' clerk's desk at the coming meet
ing, j
The Martha Washington Social club
of the Order Eastern Star is making
preparations for a Victory patty at the
Masonic Temple auditorium Thursday
evening, March 27. Some special features
are being arranged. One of them will
he the carrying in the grand march of
the colors of the Allied nations by uni
formed soldiers of the different armies.
Portland Star Homestead, Brotherhood
of American Yeomen, has arranged to
secure the Moose : large hall Thursday
night for a fraternal card party and
dance. Friends and all members of the
order are welcome. -Arrangements will
be made shortly for the reception of
W. R. Shirley, chairman of the supreme
board of directors, who is outlining a
visit to the Pacific. Coast.
Oregon circle. Neighbors of Woodcraft,
has made arrangements to hold one of
its pleasant card parties Wednesday eve
ning,' at its hall-on Russell and Rodney
avenue. Dancing will follow : the card
playing. Musical numbers will be on
the program. Everyone is welcome to
the hospitality of the. circle. t , .
Portland tent of the Maccabees is hav
ing a rush of new . business ' and next
Thursday night must devote the entire
evening to a class of 15 candidates.-or
mora, who desire to attain the distinc
tions given by a full membership in
the order.
Kirkpatrick Council, Knights and La
dies of Security, haa purchased a lot
on Fourth sxreet between Madison and
Jefferson streets upon which a head
quarters and office building will shortly
be constructed, ! ,
Odd FelTows in Eugene will be hosts
to a number of sister lodges in Lane
county on April 26 to celebrate the cen
tennial of Odd Fellowship in the United
States. .
Members : of the Ancient Order of
The Perfect
Bit e 'ArraL L- ICotee
Opera Singer, Takes Off?
tf r,bs. by IrlBklB- Tea
Prepared from Javanese
-. . . Herba. -:
so rHtros-50T n. -junior
to health:
Boiled and used same as
ordinary Tea. '
Also In Tabloid Form, j , r
-Seed-, te Stamp for . (
Fage Booklet --.
Thla Firm Haa "o Areata , '-
Arral's Tika Tea Co.,
Dept 85, Room 411. ' -500
Fifth Ave New York ew.
yilhjalmur Stefansson to Tell; of
His Five Years' Experience in
Far North at Jhe Auditorium.
Interesting Incidents of Noted
Traveler Are Related by Those
' Who Knew Him ffears' Ago. t
"My Five Year's in the , Arctic." by
Vllhjalmur - Stefansson, the famous Arc
tic -explorer, illustrated , with lantern
slides, to. be given Tuesday . evening,
March : 18. at ' 8 d5, at'The Auditorium,
is attracting great attention -throughout
the state, every .mail bringing inquiries
cencerning ' seats. One, of the most in
teresting of these Inquiries came from
Mrs. J. E. Knight of McMinnville, who
ask that eight Beats be reserved for her.
adding :
"I want very much to meet Mr. Stef
ansson, as my son has been a member of
his party and is one of the' immortal
five who were on the Ice floe for nearly
a year, having been left in the -Arctic
by Steffanson when he came out."
At least two . ! Port landers were school
mates of the. celebrated explorer,-; Mrs.
A.' Kennedy, who went to school with
him in - North' Dakota, knS.. who recalls
many of his boyish prank and displays
with much pride a" picture -of Stefansson
surrounded by a group of school boys.
He - is- a - born leader and began life by
being .the boss of his. crowd on' all oc
casions. - Bardi G. Skulason, a Portland
attorney, recalls his ; boyhood associa
tion with Stefansson,' whom he still
calls his name , . of school - days,
Billy." -
Wan Great Kid ',
"Billy was a great kid. He went to
school to me for a year, and that was
enough for me, and I am sure his pro
fessors in college will bear me out when
I say that he was utterly lawless and
Irrepressible. As a result he was 'fired'
from. the University of North Dakota in
his junior year and finished at the Uni
versity of Iowa, later taking post-graduate
work at Harvard. He is a man of
tremendous physical as well as men
tal powers, of almost unthinkable endur
ance and a determination that was ex
emplified as monumental when he got
the Canadian government to finance him
on his second expedition. He is absolutely-self-made,
having been born of
poor, Icelandic parentage ; though inher
ently grounded in a taste for and appre
ciation for literature and science, his
father being an unusually . finely read
man. It is 10 years since I have seen
him. and I am anticipating the meeting
next week with great pleasure."
That - the call of the north land of
ice and snow is quite as strong as the
call of the desert - is ehown in Ste
fansson's determination to explore the
Arctic regions while yet -a. boy. Ste-
fansson'a parents were bora 1n Iceland,
near AkureyrU on the northern coast.
within rowing distance of the Arctic
circle. They, were schooled in the old
Icelandic Sagas of Eric the Red. whose
son Lief had planted -a colony to the
west on the coast of America nearly
five 'years . before the time of Colum
bus. '
Loyal to Uncle Sam
A vear or two before Vilhjabnur's
birth-' his parents emigrated to America
and settled in Manitoba; on Lake Win
nepeg. " Here Vilhjamur was born.' No
vember 3, 1877, to be cradled in hard
ship. .In 1880-81 a famine swept -over
Manitoba and took off their neighbors
by the scores. His -brother and sister
died of malnutrition.- From Infancy he
was inured to starvation and to intense
cold. , -
In 1881 the family crossed the line
into North Dakota and ever since Stef
ansson has been loyal to Uncle Sam. His
determination and fondness ' for books
carried him through school and college.
His first expedition to-! the. "Arctic was
in 1906 and in 1908 he returned. He has
tramped 10,000 miles. On the ice of
northern Canada in regions i heretofore
marked uninhabited. Stefansson discov
ered hundreds of Eskimos who had
never seen a white man before and they
welcomed this discoverer as one of their
own, as they were of white skin and fair
of hair and so were called 'white Eski
mos. Frank Branch Riley, formerly . presi
dent t the Mazamas. and a great ad
mirer of Stefansson's. has been chosen
to introduce the distinguished explorer.
Members of the committee responsible
for the reception and entertainment of
Stefansson during his stay in the city
cqnsist Of : Honorary chairman. Gov
ernor Ben Olcott; chairman. Rev. E. V.
O'Hara. Rabbi Jonah B. Wise. Bishop
Walter Taylor Sumner, ' Dr. John H.
Boyd, Homer C. Campbell, Frank
Branch Riley, Bardi G. Scbulason, H. J.
Langoe. Rev. Wilhelm Petterson, Presi
dent William T. Foster, Mrs. O. Ji
Frankel, Mrs. A. Bernstein, Mrs. For
rest S. Fisher, Mrs. William C. Alvord,
Miss Henrietta E Faling, Mrs. J. C.
Costello, Miss Harriet Thayer, Mrs. C.
B. Simmons.
Tickets may now be secured at the
Sherman Clay company.
United Workmen are making arrange
ments to receive Will M. Narvis of
Muscatine, Iowa, supreme master work
man, on the evening of April 4. . The
A- O. TJ. W. Sheiks, a ceremonial body
within- the order, will receive him and
initiatate a class of candidates at K. of
P. ball. A banquet will follow.
Columbia legion of the Loyal Order
of Moose will give a ball at Moose
temple Monday night. It will be its
first annual masquerade ' and a great
deal of effort has been given, to - its
presentation. There will be eight val
uable prizes. Its floor space is ample
for the accommodation of a large num
ber. ?'- " - '.'..-' ''.-' - .
Industry lodge, A. O. TJ.; W will give
a social dance at K.: of .P.. hall, next
Friday -night. To those ' who "iave en
joyed the social a fairs of this livery
fraternal organization before, no more
need be said... All members and friends
are invited. ' " . "- ' -
, . . '- . '. . - .
East Gate lodge. A. F. and A. M.. will
give the ' entered apprentice degree to
three brothers Monday.- night at East
Eightieth and Glisan streets. E. P.
Mertx. master of the lodge, says it is the
first time such an occurrence has been
known in the history of Masonry in tbiaj
city. A- larae attendance is extwt - 1
- The general committee of the L O. O.
F. has regular meetings every Monday
evening at the I. O. O. F. temple. First
and Alder streets, and is preparing for
the centennial celebration of the order
at The Auditorium on the night of March
t. ' jr&'4
' x, A.
's- t A
'"' 'I - -i ' J2s
" r- - ' ' . . ' r'dF v ' f ' r ' '
Scenes in the Arctic regions explore d by Vilhjalmur Stefansson. Xbovt
Eskimo women on the trail. Below sled with improvised sail.
26. Three delegates f ronj every lodge in"
the city are - actively cooperating with
Grand Warden A- H. Johnson to make
its success a Certainty. Andrew ' Ker-
ewusungot Annual ractory Clearance dale oanos
124 Pianos and Player Pianos Out of 300 Clearance Pianos i Now on Sale
again, shows our service and appreciation to Portland and coast piano buyers for their assistance
in making the Schwan Piano Go. the largest and most successful piano store in the city. ;
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Original Sale
Price. Price.
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Conover, PoUabed Uak. . 4bU : Z4D
HaUett & Davis, Pol Wal 450 Z45
Story & Clark, Gold. Oak 425- 265
Schilling & Sons, Fan. Wl 475 ; 290
Davis & Sons, Large Mah. 425 Z9U
KimUU, Large Oak . . . . . 500 , 295
Steger & Sona, Mia. Oak 650 395
Steger & Son., WL Up.Gr 750 415
. . LOT 2 V.V .
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Bradford Piano Co.; Small
Mahogany and Oak -5375 $ZSU
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Mahogany and Oak. . , 425 - 295
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hogany and Oak. .... 425 295
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Xaeefaetarers r
Coast Ulstribetors,
111 Foarth Street -.
it Waahlagto .-,;
To :rJi -:-
it r "v: -
. - -t
-J - .A
mode is chairman of the publicity com
mittee. The committee on program Is
J. P. Coxon. Mrs. H. Circle and E. P.
4 Davis & Son, Gold. Oak
and Mahogany . . ... .$425 $315
3 MendenhalL G o 1 d n
Oak and Mahogany ... 425 315
2 Davis & Sons, M. and O 450 335
5 Mendenhall, WL and O 450 335
6 Thompson, Mah. and O 450 335
17 Thompson, WI, M, O 475 355
1 Thompson, Pol. Mah.. . 500 345
2 Singer, Golden Oak. .. 500 365
8 Thompson, M, WL Oak 500 395
4 Singer, M., W. and Oak 500 395
1 Reed & Sons, Pol. Oak 500 395
2 Reed & Son., Dull Mah.- 500 415
1 Reed & Son., Large Ma 625 435
3 Steger & Sons, Small M ; 625 435
2 Steger & Sons, Large M 650 435
3 Reed & Sons, Mah, Wal 650 465
1 Steger & Sona, Large M 650 465
1 Steger & Sons, Mission 650 485
, Local Mkt. Sale
Price. Vrice.
3 MendenhalL Mah., WaL v
. nut and Oak $650 $485
Code New Head
Of Local Lodge
Order of Moose
PORTLAND Lodge ot Moose No, 291
Wednesday evening elected, the fol
lowing officers. ----M,.-' B. " Code, .dictator;
C E. Munro. vice dictator: S." K. Dye,
prelate : L. F. Knowlton, secretary ; . W.
H. C. Smith, treasurer : Dr. J. D. Du
back, trustee ; B.. P. ' Hurst nd j A. ' R.
Joy delegate and alternate to the su
preme lodge. The Incomljag dlctatortis
a well known young building contractor
and business man who ha been active
in the fraternal work of the lodge for
a number of years. ; ... I. F. Knowlton has
been widely known In this city as ticket
agent for the S. P. and S. at Fifth and
Stark streets. When. the consolidation
of ticket offices was ordered by the
federal administration he 'was made
cashier at the Union Ticket office aad
audits' immense . sums in that' line of
.work, for six different Railroad, s His
activities with the Moose have been as
commander of its Uniformed degree team
for a number of years. ' v
VL X ' . ,-'' ..':'::.,.'-::'
Portland lodge of the Fraternal Broth
erhood will give a Swastika dance Wed
nesday evening at Neighbors of Wood
craft hall. Tenth and Taylor streets., The
patrons and patronesses are Mr. and
Mrs. R. Webb. Mr. and Mrs. 'R, D, Ladd
Mr. and Mra Fred Damon.1 'The com-j
mittee in charge of arrangements is Mrsj
-Minnie Hansen. Edwin Rethlefsen and
R. D. I,add. Portland lodge Is forging
ahead and has some attractive enter-'
tainments on its program for the re
mainder of the season. '
. . . ..
J. W. Sherwood, state " commander of
the Maccabees, has another -new local
tent in process of formation "somewhere
in Oregon." He will not tell where the
new .tent is located but it will be organ
ised within a very few days. This Will
make the"' fourth, new tent in Oregon
Since January X.-. Another thing that
makes the state commander smile is the
way the new applications are rolling in
from all over the state. More than 100
new members were added to the roll in
February. - .'. '
St. Johns "circle. Neighbors of Wood--craft,
entertained nearly 100 members of
the'' 10 organizations in the city Tuesday
evening, at K. of P. hall. St ; Johns. An
Interesting program of music; recitations
and -talks occupied the time -for nearly
two hours. At the close of the entertain
THIS $450.00 LOCAL VALUE PIANO $335.00
tif!. 25 CASH, f 1O B10NTULY
25 to 50 Lower Prices Stand Out Like a House on Fire4
Models and Used Pianos
2 Thompson, Ma, Fm. O.$750 $495
5 Thompson, Ma, WL, O. 750
1 Singer, Pol. Mah. . . . . . 850
lSinger, PoL Walnut . . . 900
2 Reed & Son. PoL WaL
and Mah . . ....... 900 675
2 Steger & Son., Ma., O H50 795
Perry Wood. ; . . . . ; . .$1750 $695
i . .LOT 4
Original Sale
Price. Price.
Kimball Chapel Organ t. $100 $ 25
Burdette Parlor Organ ,.125
Cable & Newton Sq. Pian. 250
Knabe' A Gable Square . . 350
Dnrand Co. Parlor Organ 125
facific Queen Parlor Org. 165
Emerson Square Piano. . 350
CoIUrd & Collard, Uprt.. 250
R Bord Co., Upright . . 275
Storey & Camp, Lar. .Up 300
Hallett & Davis, Upright 350
KneiaeL Fumed Oak , . . . 375
; 45
, 48
ment a delicious luncheon was served.
The St, Johns neighbors are taking up
the work of the membership campaign,..,,
which will close May 1, with a large
class initiation. A committee is busy
soliciting applications, and, the member
ship of the circle is Joining in splendidljV
Among those who went from the city for
the Jubilee -at St. Johns were, the rot
lowing: Astra circle Clara Edmunds,
Catherine St i tee, SadtoGtU. Anna Rosen,
John Stltea, Fletis Gardner. Oregon cir
cleDora Jacobson, Sarah W- Weston,
Ella Jorgensen, Mary E.fiteepy. - Caro
line; Amunsen. .Royal circle Margaret
Wertheimer. Martha Morgan, Eva Parke.
Gracla M., Sundeleaf. Anna Chapln, Fred .
Wertheimer.. Service circle Carol Hem
nielgarn, . Jessie; Ltttell. Hase! Fleish
man. Dona McDanlcls, Dicey E. Ulchen,
Nannie M. Perdue,' Isabella Harris, Anna
Cox, Lillian Johnson, Jennie J.'Eitelman,
America J. Tltjen. Annie Sutherland, A.
H." Harris. Mount Hood circle J. IV
Jones, "G. A." Jacobson, Mrs. Prptltman.
Multnomah circle Ora M. Allen. Mrs.
Josephine Bell of Boise, Idaho; and. Mm
A- M. Barrett and Miss Myrtle Schmld t -Cascade
Locks, Or., were among ttiore
present. ' - I '
5.': KilU 30,000 Jaekrabbltfi
i jetmbre. Kas., March IS (t. N. S.)
Twenty thousand a.ckrabbits were killed
in a. three-day "rabbit drive" by farmers
of Hodgemen county. They were brought
here and sold at an average of 15 cents
each to buyers, and shippers. ; .
For Rough, Wrinkled,
i 1 Freckled, Pimpled Skin
'.As March winds, Tying dust and dirt,
are ant to iniure any complexion, thin
Information will he of special value right
. . . , -
now, it you nave any cbuiitoui uieiu
ishi don't uue paint, powder or anything
else to cover it up. Too often thia only
cmnhaclzen the defect; Hewi'leH, it'
fwuch eauier to remove, the disfigurement
with ordinary mercollxea wax. Applied
nightly, the wax will gradually, remove
freckles, pimples,' moth patches? sallow
nesa, red or yellow blotches or--ony aur
face eruption. Tide's affected cuticle Is
absorbed, a little ichi day, until the
clear soft, youthful' and beautiful skin,
beneath is brought wholly : to view.,
Aak the druggist for onebunce of mer
oollzed wax- and use this like you use
cold cream. Remove in morning with
soap and water. Many who have tried
this simple, - harmless treatment report"
astonishing results. -
; If bothered with wrinkle or furrows,
a wash' lotion made by dissolving an
ounce of powdered saxolite In a half
pint of witch hasel will prove wonder
fully effective., Adv. ,
Thomp.on, Largo Oak. .$500 2C0
i Thompson. Dull Walnut,
500 34!
- Singer, Dull Mahogany, .
.Steger, Pol. Mahogany. .
500 3G5
625 325
: , .. LOT S
The Equity Goes to Yoe
Kneiael, PoL Mahogany . $375 C2C n.
Thompson, Dull Mah..
Kneiael, Fumed Oak ... .
Thompson, Large Oak . .
Thompson, Polished Mah
Thompson, Polished Mah
Singer, Golden Oak ....
Steger A. Sons, PoL Mah.
21 J
34 ri
4 SO
Steger & Sons, PoL Mah. 625- 3SJ
The Equity Goes to You
Thompson, Polished Mah.$750$455
Thompson, Fumed Oak. . 750 4S0
Steinway & Sons, Parlor
Gmnd .. . .... .i.. .$1100
n i ins
1W Y Pi.Arrt.
MJ,..,.. " "
.-t.. 1000 lC.,
i : -
f WAn vt"",
liA .1 ? h V
MANY Mil l in ;
i i:r c Ai i iv-