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- First ' Baseman Blue and Frank Fuller Join the Mackmen at
Crockett Lineup for Regujar-Yannlgan Contest Announced
by Manager McCrediej Athletics Wanted Dorman.
By R. A. Cronin
RQCKETT, Cal., March 15. When the Regulars
play the Yannigans inthe first training camp
game of the season tomorrow, they will have
First Baseman Blue and Shortstop Frank Fuller
on hand to help down the goofs. These
worthies checked in this afternoon on the Over
land limited, having joined forces at Chicago for
the western trip. A little California sunshine
thawed them out after riding three days in the
snow cooled weather of the Middle West and
the Rockies.
Fuller is a blonde with a chin
Evers fashion; a little fellow, . too, but . he has a nice pair of
"shoulders, and they say he can pummel the pill around the orchard,
the first fellow hrank saw was JLJel
him at Detroit in 1916. .
Fuller appear to be signed up for
' the business of ahortstopping for
the Portland club in 1919. and Mc
Credle may make another Peckin
: paugh out of: him. One is tempted
to- say another Hollocher. but Fuller :
" la coming with a lot of . class, ex
perience behind him. while Holly was
fresh from a class C league.
"-Blue, the left handed first base
mam is a medium sised fellow who
. looks, judging from his first work
out, to be fast- on his feet. The
dope on Blue is' that he tea more
promising first baseman than Dres
sen, twho was originally slated to
come from Detroit to Portland, The
former St. Paul Initial Backer will
(have a little om petition from
' -Jump" Walters, but the fact that;
i he has had big minor league experi
L ence. and was. taken by Detroit
would seem to give him the call
over the big Spokane boy. i Both
- Blue - and Fuller are ambidextrous
hitters,, whatever that may mean.
. Also there checked in . today one
. Dick , Cox, late able seaman of
Uncle Sam's navy. Cox .was a
catcher when he was with the Port
land Northwestern league club, but
if George Naisel persists in holding
out.- McCredie is prepared to -shift
-. him to right field and let him dem
onstrate to- the public that he is
'good enough to be a regular Beaver.
Lewi a Tall H trier
Dick looks well. He has been
playing with, the Paeadena club in
th South California Winter league, -and
a fresh chaw of terbacker and a
' shQwer bath will put him in condi-.
tion-"tor the opening game.
- Further additions were Tom Lu
- kanovic. prominent young pitching
7T person from Vancouver, B. C., aged
-18, and Sam Lewis, , who pushes his
pzone .when he stands flat footed.
' Sam brought his 'southern accent
from from Texas and he complained
that the sun was a bit hot this morn
ing. Sam has the ideal build for a '
pitcher, and tlfey say around the
International league that he Is as
fast as a Texas longhorn; fast. In
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: ; kill
Copyright 1919 Hart Schaffaer & Mara ;
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worn soniewhat in the Johnny
Jbaker, who used to team with
this case, meaning powder behind
the ball.
Dick Mitchell Is" pretty tall, but
Dick has to grow a lot before he.
acquires the longitude of Sam. We
Will put the okeh on Sam right now.
Looking better at every practice is
our fellow citizen from Portland, the
well known Oregon Greek letter fra
ternity chicken thief, Arthur Ritter.
Arthur stands up to the plate as
nicely as any right hander you ever
laid your eyes on, and he is bound
to pick up In his hitting, as he has
the natural style. McCredie has had
him hitting fungoes to put strength
into his arms.
Dormaa It Comer
Another nice looking youngster is
Charlie Dorman, the long legged
catcher. This boy cannot be kept
out of the implements of warfare
in batting practice, which display of
energy haa its natural effect on
Manager Mac. Ritter and Dorman
- may not be able to make the club
this year, but therell be a string at
tached to them if they don't. Jimmie
Byrnes, the old catcher, would have
sent Dorman to the Athletics, but
McCredie beat him to it.
Manager Mac received word from
the Judge e today that he couldn't
locate Carroll Jones, the pitcher the
big boss is banking on. -Fuller and
"Blue also express surprise that De
troit; was able' to get Jones of the
American league. However there will
be no letup in the ' endeavor.
Here is the lineup for the Sun
day game: , .
Blue .......
Fuller . . .
Ri tter
Tiormtn X "... .
Fimrr ......
Boldt ,
Lsr, Schwartz.
Position. ..
, s i
,S b. . . , s
. . 2 b. ,
'. Mef."
. . .if
. . . a . . 4 . . . .
.... Walter
. Ci
...... Wirtg
. Morton, Haf f
' RPP. Mot ton
Fisher Joins Reds
Cincinnati, March IB. I. N. S.) Ray
Fisher, veteran pitcher of the New York
American-league, will pitch for the Reds
this season. He cornea to Cincinnati In
the deal which I sent Pitcher Pete
Schneider to the Yankees.
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Saml Rosenblatt
& Go.
ft - -,
Spitball Barred
t at , at n at
Pitcher Traded
Omaha, 37ebv Mareh li. (XT. P.)
Marty O'Toole, . whose sale to the
Pittibarg Pirate for IJ8,0 earned
a sematloa la baseball circles seme
years ago, has beea traded by the
Omaha els to to the Haa Antonio,
Texas league team for Pitcher
Townsead. O'Toole, who Is a spit
bailer, asked for the transfer be
eaase the Moist delivery Is barred
la the Westera Jeagae.
North Pacific International Cham
pionships Awarded; Spokane
to Get Junior Event.
THE North Pacific International Lawn
Tennis association championships
will be staged in conjunction with fhe
Washington state tournament at seatue
during the week of August 11. The in
ternational events have not been held
since 1914 on account of the wap- and
the announcement they will be resumed
this year is expected to create a great
deal of interest. :
It was the plan of W. A. Qoss. section
al delegate of the U. S. N. L. T. A., to
resume the schedule adopted by the as
sociation In 1912 and which was cur
tailed in 1914. Under this arrangement
the International tourney will be held in
lines. A big assortment
models - now awaits you.
$45 and Up
Gas co Bids
Fifth and Alder
-sll. :Mi; - Willie r$r - V jf
- i l :
'"'' :-"
' .'' . , -0
Quintet of players trying out for positions of the 1919 Beavers. - From left
to right they are Jack Walters, former first baseman of Spokane team;
Pilfher Guy Cooper, of Buffalo; Eddie Bogart, of Portland, who is
making a bid for the third sack honors; Earl Corn, Tacoma In
fielder, r and "Lefty" Schwartz, local southpaw hurler. '
Spokane next year and to Portland in
1921. Victoria draws the meet in 1922.
Tacoma in 1923 and Vancouver In 1924.
The Pacific Northwest Junior cham
pionships, the winners of which will be
sent to the national Junior event which
will be staged in August, will be award
ed to Spokane and will be staged dur
ing the .Inland Empire tourney during
the first week of July. Seattle was
awarded this event last year, hut,: in
view of the fact that the international
event has been alloted the Sound city,
Spokane draws the Junior classic. The
early date of the Junior event means
that the district titles tournaments4 will
be staged during June. The dates of the
junior events have not been deter
mined.., '
There is little likelihood of the North
west doubles being staged this year,
according to Ooss. The national doubles,
which will be staged -at Boston during
the week of August 11, come too .early'
for the players in this section. ; F
r - lates Batlfled '
The district championship events have
been ratified as follows : .
Idaho state championships, Lewiston,
June 23-28. . -
Inland Empire championships - Spo
kane, June 30-July 5
Oregon state championships, Portland,
July 14-19. .
British Columbia championships, Van
couver, July 21-26.
British Columbia 'mainland, Victoria,
July 28-AtfguBt 2.
r Washington state championships, Se
attle, August 11. . "
Junior Chase Won
By Jack McDougall
Riding Dainty Misa. Jack McDougall
won the junior paper chase of the Port
land Hunt club, staged Saturday under
the direction of H. M. Kerron. Miss
Catherine Henderson, on Mickey, fin
ished second and Miss Jane Hall, mount
ed on Dot. was third.' . Douglaa Nicol
laid the trial over the same course as
the Washington's birthday open chase
for men was . staged, and- the Juniors
took the Jumps In good form and they
deserve lots of credit for the perform
ance. - There was a large turnout for
the chase.' ' The- winners received blue,
red and white ribbons.
Holy Name Wins Cage Game
The Holy Name basketball quintet de
feated the Holladay team by a score
of 17 to 7 yesterday on the C B. 'B. C
floor. White and Gagnon starred for
the winners and Hunter shone for the
defeated quintet)' . ' "
W. Meleher Loses Life in Santa
Monica Auto Eventj Eddie
Hearne Wins Second Place.
Santa Monica, Cal., March 15. (U. P.)
Cliff Durant, Chevrolet, driving a con
sistent race from start to finish, in
which , he never lost the lead, won the
Santa Monica road race here today.
: His time was 3 hours 4 minutes 45
seconds, the average being 11.26 miles
per hour. , .
- Of the field of 16 cars which' started,
only eight were on the track when Du
rant finished. -W.
Meleher, who substituted for Chris-
tenaon. was killed. Roecoe Sear lea was
put out of the race and narrowly escaped
death. Engine and other mechanical
troubles had disqualified the others. .
Eddie Hearne, Chevrolet, driving a
race that was little lees brilliant than
that of Durant, finished second, a little
more than a lap behind Durant.
Hearne's - time was 3:11:59. Like Du
rant, he had maintained his position in
the race from the opening lap. ,
, Decocq, In a whirlwind finish, came
in third. He had held that position for
most of thecace, although at different
times had been passed , by Elliott and
Teft. , , ... , ,
Hunt Club to Stage
Indoor Ride Friday
: Friday evening March 28, has been
set as the date of a musical ride for the
members of the Portland Hunt . club.
The affair will be held In the Portland
Riding academy and all drilling mem
bers of the club are invited , to partici
pate and to reserve horses as early as
possible. - The musks will be provided
by President Ralph. W. Wilbur.
. Grammar Meeting Monday '
Grammar school representatives . will
-meet Monday afternoon at 3 :20 o'clock
at the Einooln High school to outline
and 'arrange the 1919 baseball and track
schedules. ! The meeting will be held
in loz. - - ,
Uppers for Giibs
V.--. .&.:-, : as as .
War Is to Blame
Chicago, Mareh 11 iV. P.) The
Chicago Cabs will leave Wedaesdajj
for Pasadeaa. ,t The only inlool&JN
for clreemstaBees Is that some deli
cate athletes will be compelled to
oeeapy apper . berths. trader pre
war times sleeping cars were har
tttrad . with - gaarantse that all
lower berths wo aid be oeeapled.
The goverameat, however, compels
the taking of ' all space.
Prof. Mauthe Has Arranged Ex
cellent Program for the Enter
tainment at Auditorium.
DANCING for both audience and par
ticipants ih the annual entertain
ment of the Multnomah Amateur Ath
letic club will be a feature to follow the
exemplification of the club's activities,
which will be presented at , The Audi
torium tiext Saturdays-night.
Every phase of the gymnasium class
activity will be represented in the enter
tainment proper and then after the
finale, the stage will be turned over to
the children of the north and south
wings of The Auditorium will be-glven
over to the grownups on program and
in the audience for dancing -until mid
night. ? S
One Orehectra to Play-i-'V )
William Raab has augmented the club
orchestra to. 60 pieces to give music for
the occasion. During the exhibitions the
orchestra will be supplemented on some
numbers by the organ, at which W. R.
Boons will serve. - . . f '
This entertainment w!11abe the second
given, at The Auditorium under the 'di
rection of Professor O. C. Mauthe, physi
cal director. -
Junior classes will predominate in the
ensemble drills, which wilr Include
marching, calesthenics, reed drill, aes
thetic movements? games i and folk
dances. Seniors : will present tumbling;
parallel bar work. Roman rngs, fencing
and boxing. Eddie O'Connell wilt have
two of his best men In the exhibition
boxing match. "The Chinese Swat." for
laughing purposes only, will be one of
the Junior boys' stunts. v
Big Class la Flag Brill
The largest ladies' class will be that
one presenting a flag drill, with costum
ing to represent the varied allied coun
tries. :
Miss Axa Genevieve Paget has pre
pared and directed a dance, 'The Awak
ening of Spring."- ln which 35 Junior
girls and ladies Will participate. . The
airplane dance by a class of 11 girls win
be another brilliant novelty.
Tickets for the entertainment will be
placed on sale Monday at Sherman
Clay, & Company.- ?
; Frank Baker to Join Yanks ;
New. Yorkv March 15'.- (L N. S.)
trt-anir Raker, famous third baseman and
borne slugger of the New York Ameri
cans, will play Oau lor ine x anaees
again next season. -
'Rube' Satisfied
In Shipyard; Bee -Offer
Not Enough
Bvaa v:. -Evaas, former Portias
sestapaw. who Is ea the reserve list
of the Salt lake elab, will set resort
to the Bees this seasoa valets Prei
d eat Marphy, Jack Cook, aad Bddle
Berr at al, eesie taroagh with a lit
tle wore ef the staff that ssakes a
lot of aelse whea It Is rattled.
"Babe" says that, aalesa : a sab
tantlai laerease Is tacked eato hie
eeatraet he wilf stay la Portlaad and
be eeateat with getting "hU"' la the
shipyards. Evaat Is at preseat work
lag for the. Cora foot esaipaay mad
will pitch for that yard's team la the
Intercity Baseball leagae.
McCredie Wilt Face Difficulty in Cutting Down Squad to Five
Pitchers j Vernon Leader, Has Good Bunch of Hurlers on
"Team; Bill Rodgers Lining U p Strong Bunch of Heavers.
. By George Bertz
eACIFIC COAST;league team managers face a, hard task in
pruning their pitching staffs down to five men for the open
ing of the Pacific Coast league season, as it is planned to
carry but five hurlers dtfring the 1U19 pennant race. Experienced
hurlers will be given preference over youngsters this year, as every
indication points to a close fight for the flag. i . . ,
Five pitchers on. a class AA team does not appear to be suffi
cient, but under the player limit this is about all a manager can
afford to carry without weakening some other department of hit
Manager' Walter McCredie has' 14 twirlers on; his roster and
the selection of five out of the array of talent he has secured is a
difficult job. ' i -
Following are the twirlers Mac ljas
lined up: Penner, Pennington, Jones,
Cooper, Oldham, James, Smith, Luk
anovic, . Liewls, Morton, Mitchell,
. Rapp, Xiay, Schwartz. Oldham,
James and Schwartz are southpaws.
Dailey is also scheduled to Join the
Beavers. : ' ,
The pitching rosters of the other -clubs
SeatUe '
Malls, Bowman, Alexander, Young,
Rojas, Eostley and Blgbee.
1.0 Angeles .
Petlca. Valencia, Flttery, Brown, '
Delhi and Crandall. ' .
Yeraoa -
Houck, Flnnernan. Ross, Dell,
Mitchell, Chech, Fromme and Relgen
' . Oaklaad
Brenton, Krause, Kramer, Schnell,
Lifer, Holling and Aflett.
8aa FraaeUeo
Beaton, Baum,vKantlehner. Smith,
- Creep!, Dltnick, Perottl. Iludick and
Fait. - : .
Bromley. Shook, Leake, Piercey,
Vance, Prough, Larkln, McKenry
and Gardner. 1 t f - ,'''
' Salt Lake
Schlnkle, Dubuc Levereqr, Wlllett.
Kirmayer, Dougan and Molyneaux. '
The McCrdles may .have a fight
on their hands to retain Guy Cooper,
who Is on the reserve list of the Buf
falo club of the International league.
The Beaver loaders think they have
a winner in Cooper and will put up a
battle to retain him. Cooper claimed
when he accepted terms with Port
land that he could produce a written
release and this : he haa been re
quested to do. It - is not known
whether Buffalo claims him or nob
Cooper Has Good Record
With Buffalo last year Cooper won
nine and lost six games, allowing but
1.94 runs per game.- He had a whirl
In the majors with the Boston Amer
icans in 1914. Lewis, who was pur-
. chased from ; the Dallas, Texas,
league club, made a good showing in
. the International league last season
- winning seven . and losing two. He
was recommended by Dan Howley,
former Portlandscatcher, who will re
port to the Boston Americans this
year Pennington is auother Inter-
; national leaguer with a good record.
"United States" Smith of the New
Orleans club will be a winner for
Portland, believes McCredie. ' He
won eight and lost six with the Fell
cans. Carroll Jones, turned over to
Portland by Detroit, should! be a con
si stent winner in the coast circuit.
He was used as relief twlrler by the
-.Tigers last year. :-.,: v-y-. -:.. :
Oldham Has Call
"Red" Oldham and "Lefty" James
will battle it out for the one port- .
aids berth on the Beaver pitching
staff. Oldham, it Is believed, will
win the Job: - Lay, the San Fran
cisco youngster, is liable to give the
experienced men a tough fight for a
regular berth. Lay Is one of the most
highly touted youngsters to coma
into the league In several seasons.
Schwartz, llepp, Morton, Lukano
vlc and Mitchell will not,, it is be
lieved, be able to stand the acid test
In the Coast league. ; f
Bill Ksslck, the Vernon' leader, has
' collected a nice squad of twirlers, in
cluding Houck, Flnnernan, Ross,
Mitchell, Fromme, Dell, Chech and
' Reiger. Houck should be able to win
a lot of games after he gets started.
Flnnernan played with St- Paul prior
to Joining the Yankees. Ross halls,
from the Newark club. Dell, '
Fromme. Mitchell and Chech won a
lot of games for Kssick last' season ';
and he believes that they will re- '
. peat again this yean "-
Seals Depead oa Yets
' Manager Kllllfer of the Angels has
several youngsters on his staff this
season, in addition to his holdovers,
Crandall, Brown, Flttery, Valencia
and Pertica. - There Is a chance that
Pets Standridgs .will rejoin the An-
... gsls. The youngsters are McKay,7
Buckley, and McCialn. It Is likely
that th,e Angels will bring out one or
two' major castoffs. v . .
. San Francisco Is depending on its .
old veteran, Banrn, to carry the
greater part the burden on the
mound.': Seaton, Kantlehner Smith -and
Crespl are experienced twirlers, -while
in Dlmlck.vOis University of
California southpaw, the Seal lead- -
' era believed that they have picked a '
winaer. Fait. Perottl and Hudlck
are m trio' of young twirlers. who ap-
pear to be very promising.
- At' Sacramento Bill Rodgrers will
."have a good staff. In' Vance of the
Southern league Bill Piercey. former
Tiger ' and Bee j Prough, - secured
from Oakland In a trade; Bromley,
McKenry,- former i Victoria hurler,
'Who had a trial in the majors with
Cincinnati, and Gardner. -Seattle
Team If Weak
Schlnkle, Dubuc, Leverenz, Moly-
Mac's No, 12s Are
Located; Hat Biz
Still a Mystery
While the myitery of the -four
hats" Is still sssolved. It did not take
Jndge McCredie. owner of the Beav
ers, very long to snravel the one
sarroaadlig the disappearance of a
bnnea of baseball paraphernalia, la
eladlag Manager Walter's "So. ISt,
front the elabhoate prior to the ship
meat of the trnaks to the Crockett
earn p. The Jndge discovered that five
youngsters, ranging from IS to It
years old, broke lato the trunks.
Mac's "kirks" have been sent to
Crockett via special delivery and bow
the old boy ran get est and work off
a little of the excess weight picked up
la the "store leaga. ,
neaux will shoulder the greater
amount of hurling for the Salt Lake .
club. Others will probably be se
cured by Salt Lake before the open
ing of the season. ,
- Dei Howard of Oakland needs
- some experienced twirlers to anstst
Brenton, Krause, Kramer and Arlett.
He believes he will be able to de
velop a good man Out of Lelfer.
Schnell or Holling.
1 The Seattle club needs a couple of
experienced twirlers before It will be
ready for the opening of the season.
Malls should be a winner this sea
son. Bowman, although his 1918 rec
ord Is not very Impresnive, may go
better orr-the Coast. Blgbee, Alex
ander aatd Rojas are not of Class AA
calibre unless they ! have Improved.
Kastley, If he gets to going, might
help Seattle, although It IS believed
that Frank's Coast league days are ,
over. Young Is a j very promising
youngster and he may stick.
Large Number of Players Partici
pete in; Opening Tourna
ment of Season.
A. K. White, former Philadelphia
golfer, was low man In the qualifying
round ef the round robin golf tourna
ment of the Waverley Country club,
which was concluded last Sunday, with
a card of SO.. A. S. Kerry, who formerly
played with the Seattle Country club,
was second with an 82 score. .
The players who qualified and their
scores, and the groupings in the match
play rounds, which will take place dur
ing the remainder of this month, are :
Group 1 A. E. White, 80 ; A. R.
Kerry. 82; R. L. MacLeay, 17; R. Wil
der, 86.
Group- 2 D. W. L. MacGregor, ! ;
W. A. Pettygrove. S8 ; Dr. Stovum, 90;
W. K. Pearson, 90.
Group s-j-A. A. Morrison. 81; R. A.
Letter, 81 ! Cordon Voorhies Jr., 92 ;
A. B. Scott, 82. -- 4
Group 4 Allan Peel. 82 C. A. Hart,
88 ; "N. B.yer, 83 J W, .F;,, ICettenbach.
. The players. In 'each group will meet
each, other in match play, competition.
the golfer, winning the greatest num
ber of matches to be offered a trophy.
This match can be played in a four-ball
match, each man playing against the
other, or In single matched. - - ,
This is ths opening tourney of the
season and a large number of players
were entered. t:
Benny ' Valger, French J lightweight
boxer, who Is now la Canada, win en
gage In a bout at Montreal on March 3
against Frankis Fleming. Canadian
champion. .
iff it "r l . J
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