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American Business Rapidly Being
Organized Along Old ., Trust
Lines to Control Foreign Marts
Webb-Pomerene Law Gives Pro
ducers Opening to Do Abroad
What Is Illegal at Home.
A merger movement . In American
. business which is beginning to assume
remarkable proportion la the "Export
- Association." It is almost a 'counter
part of the beginning of the great period
. of industrial, railway, banking and com
merctaJ combination of 20 years ago,
known as the 4trust" period, but distln
' , gulshed from It In that its field is world
s' wide instead of national.
.. . "Export Associations" are groups, of
competing manufacturers, producers or
- other i business concerns, including
groups that, contain competitors, who
r could not legally get together before In
. a formal business agreement because of
;the Sherman antl-trut law.
law Open Kleh Field
;. They can now do so under the Webb
"I'omerene law, which was enacted by
congress last year and which permits
. the formation of special kind of cor
poratlon or company with a charter ob
tained from any of the states in the
. usual way for the1 purpose of engaging
in foreign trade in combination without
11 fear of prosecution under the antt-trust
laws, unless they resort to obviously un-'
fair practices or . attempt to use their
organization to effect any kind of con
trol of business Inside the United States.
"- Probably the most typical export as-
- sociatlon already Incorporated and sanc
tioned by the Federal Trade commis
sion is the Copper Export association.
Formerly an European trust of cop
per buyers took advantage of the unor
' ganlsed copper producers of this coun-
try, who were forbidden ,to Join in any
combination of price control and ob
tained copper at. nearly half a cent a
: pound below the American market price.
Now the Copper Export association
i consists of 14 leading American copper
mining and smelting corporations which
do no export business except through
, their association, which, makes the price
for the foreign buyers. As a result ex
port copper prices are higher' than
domestic. - .
v By bankers it is predicted that there
will be ia great development of genuine
merger of American manufacturing en
terprises into units for exclusively for
f lgn effort through the medium of the
, export association and even going be--yond
its limitations. ,
Already at Washington the possibility
of devising some safe form of corpora
tion resembling the export association,
' which may be permitted to do import
business, is now under consideration. It
Is also being considered whether the
Webb-Pomerene law may not be clrcum-
- epectly broadened to permit limited do
. mestlo 'activities on the part of export
associations, some trade in the import
direction and certain exclusively foreign
4 business that some authorities it the
.- federal trade board now think- they are
barred from doing.
, Opponents of Trssts Moderate -It
is significant that some men at
. Washington who are uncompromising
In opposition to a change of public pol
icy, toward trusts, and the present anti
trust laws, are now disposed to seek out
.safe modifications of those if It can be
found possible to permit limited activi-
. ties looking "to freedom of "Coordinated
effort in world trade.
A prominent New York attorney who
. has had much to do with the formation
' of export associations, makes- the etate
' inent that there is a lamentable ignor
' a nee regarding the text of the Webb-
Pomerene law. There are three things
about the act which are not generally
understood. The first Is that the act
;icloea not call for a necessary incorpora-
- tion of an export association, which may
be- simply more or less a formal asso
; elation of two or more individuals, firms
or. corporations bound together by
agreement or contract and having offl--crs
and a designated office, also that
there is no federal license, Charter or
approval by the Federal Trade Com-
. -mission required by the law, but a sim
ple association or a corporation that is
v as elaborate as anybody can devise be-
. cornes an export association simply by
doing what the law requires as regards
" the conduct of its business and-by fil
ing certain formal statements and In
formation with the Federal Trade com-
mission, i -
Pesalty Sytem Amblgsoms
.The second ia that If any group of
persona or corporations who are com
petitors do combine by agreement or
otherwise in the conduct of foreign bus!
. ness, such as the export association can
legally do, but fail to file with the com
mission the required information, such
- association, not the Individuals compos
ing it, will render itself liable to a fine
. of $100 a day while It continues to do
so and it cannot claim the privileges of
:.v the act.
. The third Is that the act extends to
: all foreign business, wherever It may
be located and without regard to
whether individuals or export associa
tions are involved: the domestic law
regarding unfair methods of competi-
, tion.
v The i Webb-Pomerene Jaw , expressly
exempts an export association that does
a legal business from the prohibition
and penalties of the Sherman anti-trust
- law so long as it refrains from every-
,7 thing by which competition - within the
United States, or prices. Or the working
.. or uncontrolled trade would be purposely
'.. Trade-Matt JC t jBe Hampered
It cannot do anything at" home or
abroad to restrain the trade ef anv
American competitor and 'it cannot do
anything at home or abroad which the
Clayton act defines as unfair methods
or compeUuon. The Clayton law names
several specif unfair practices Includ-
mgr certain forms of price, discrlmlna
. ; tion and the making of so-called tying
contracts in sales of goods patented or
unpatented by which lessors or pur
chasers of any article shall not use sup-
i plies or articles with these or deal In
competitive' goods. .The Federal "Trade
commission la said to contemplate the
use of this section to prevent American
exporters from, delivering goods- below
; sample or otherwise unfairly treating
foreign customers. It is also said they
. win use meir power to prevent fraudu
lent sales-of stocks in either interstate
or foreign commerce.
; The incorporated export association Is
. still In Its infancy. So la the Law that
, regulates It. If it proves to be as im
portant as It now promises to become
' there is bound to be an elaboration of
.The Quality Store
62;Years:in Portland
Store Opens 9 A.M.
Store Closes 6 P. M.
See i Also Page Seven
This Section for Important News of
Our March Sales of Home, Furnishings
10,000 Yards of New Spring
. : i ...... .... ... . K ,,
Wadh Laces 10c
Domestic and Imported Qualities
A special purchase just received brings this
fine lot of 10,000 yards dependable quality wash
laces for spring sewing at, yard 10c.
Laces suitable for undermuslins, neckwear, bureau
scarfs, curtains, camisoles, etc. Filet, crochet, antique,'
Imitation Duchesse, Calais, Val. and Cluny laces," famisole
.points, net top laces. 1 to 7 inches wide. Good 12c
to 25c wash laces on sale at yard, 10c. (See Fifth
Street Window.)
New Laces 25c to $1.50
Filet and Venise laces for neckwear, blouses and cami
soles. Manx of the patterns are reproductions of real
hand-made laces. White and cream. 1 to 7 inches.
Meier A Frank's : Main Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
New Spring Styles in
'Vogue" Hats
Distinctiveness is the
subtle quality tht dis
tinguishes V o g u e hats
from the ordinary. Each
'creation, fresh from. the
i Vogue salons eff : N e w
f York, has a distinct' and
jflovely personality. Beau-
tifully hand tailored,
Vogue hats are the acme
of fineness. They never
: Tailored and Semi-Dress
fcatsrw111 be on display tomorrow in 'Milan, lisere, flexible
and stiff, rough straws, hemp and horsehair braids. Many
of thefe Jiats have colored straw facings beneath severe
black jailor shapes which show no trimming but a gros
grain ribbon band. Glycerine.d ostrich is featured in
semi-dress hats, turbans and short back Directoire types
are similarly adorned. One illustrated. Henna, blue,
brown, sand, gray and black are the colors. 12.50
to 35.
Meier A. Frank's : Fourth Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
sift, . Hi
The Latest Sweaters
The newest creation in crocheted
sweaters, destined for a high popu
larity, is the filet design now being
shown in our Art Needlework Shop.
Most simple to make, anyone who
crochets will have ' no difficulty in
copying these attractive sweaters.
The model illustrated is made
from Fleisher's Shetland floss. The
yarn costs 1.40.
Free Instructions
given in making these.' sweaters.
Meier & Frank's:
. Needlework Shop, Second Floor.
1919's Styles Express Joy
America's WomenrAre Happy Their Men Are Coming Home From a Victorious War
Is Fitting That They Array Themselves in Gladsome AppareU-Our Displays Are
in Perfect Harmony With the New Note - 1
Displays so extensive that there is seemingly no end, to them. So all-inclusive as to allow the widest- latitude
of individual preference. Of such uniformly fine qaulity that the pleasure accompanying their acquisition con
tinues long alter, bo priced that every expenditure can be gratified. Here the scantest mention must suf ha
only, a visit to our Apparel Shop will disclose how wonderful our assortments are:
The most pretentious array of
fashionableVspring wraps one could
imagine How cosmopolitan tht
collection can be gauged from, the
fact that they are marked as low as
$10, prices then going by easy
stages to $150. ' '
DOLMAfS, loose and comfortable, yer
exhibiting supreme artistry of line, are
a feature of our displays. Fitting admir
ably at the shoulder and curving in de
lightfully at the hem, sleeves frequently
Just an opening with a deep cuff, collars
broad and rolling or. terminating in long
scarf ends thrown over the shoulder,
linings of lovely silks dolmans re a
host in themselves.
Coats and capes in varied assemblage
make up a showing of Spring wraps that
is without equal in Portland. '
We numfcer. them by the hun
dredsthese new Spring suits for
women and misses. Again the price
range is broad enough for every re
quirement $25 to $115. ,
Suits of serge, poplin, tricotine, Po!ret
twill, tweeds and jersey in woolens and,
in silks, tricolette, poulette, poplin and
. Box suits, Russian bjouse effects, flared
models, belted styles, strictly : tailored
garments their number is legion." Many
have' vests to heighten their charm in a
variety of models, materials and colors.
Braid, buttons, silk and wool embroidery
are frequently used.
Navy, tn, taupe, brown, gray -all the
fashionable Spring colorings are repre
sented, including sport shades.
- - ' - -:'-1
Dresses for every1- occasion we
had almost said for.jjjcery mood.
Greater diversity .is- nowhere; to be
found and prices are of the utmost
reasonableness. , V
Taffeta, .satin, crepe de chine, erepe
meteor, Georgette, tricolette, poulette are
the leading silk materials" and cloth
dresses of serge, tricotine, Jersey, etc.,
abound. . - ,
. Straight-line, deep tunic flounced effects-
the - variety of - styles . and trim
mings baffles description.
.' Our assortments of" Spring . dresses as
of 'suits ' and wraps establish- clearly to
all "the apparel supremacy of this: store.
15 to 115.
ASpring dress for every woman n&
'miss. .' .
New Arrivals In Furs
A fine selection of. new wolf animal scarfs for Spring and
Summer wear ready tomorrow in our Fur Salon. Single and
double effects. Taupe, brown, gray and black. 45 to 75.
Other fashion favored furs of the most dependable quality.
New Separate Skirts
A large assortment, of new separate skirts has been assem
bled to supply the demand for these garments which, -already
considerable, promises to be the greatest in eyears. Every
favored material, design, color-and style. Many prices.
Meier Frank's : Fourth Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
See Other Sunday Paper
For News of a Shirt Sale That You'll
Be Glad We Called Your Attention to.
Portland Has Not Known in Years
-So Fine a Showing of i
Spring Silks
as we have ready at this moment in our daylight Silk
Shop. Silks of every good kind, for every usej in every
pattern, and color that fashion favors for spring and
summer. You must see, our assortments to appreciate
yfeir remarkableness. Such silks as:
Rumsi-Kumsa, Dew-Kist, Moonglo Crepe,, i Moonglo
Meteor, new Moire Silks, Fairway Gaufre, Tricolette
every new weave, design and color. 1"
Special attention, is directed tq our' showing of new
Baronette Satins in plain colors,, stripes and figured de
signs. Dress' Satins, 'Taffetas in plain and two-tone effects
andi last but by no means least, new 191 9 Foulards.
See Fifth and Alder window displays of .these new
silks today. :--...-.
Meier & Frank's : Silk Shop, Second Floor.
A Galaxy of Spring's
New Blouses
"By Their Necks Ye Shall Know Them"
Most characteristic of the new,
spring-blouses s the round neck
line, but it never becomes mo
notonous by repetition it Is al
ways .-set off in a variety of
charming-ways. Blouses of this
kind' fasten in back or side front,
leaving a front panel decorated
in beads, embroidery, pin tucks
wool darning and insets of filet.
Pleated frills ripple at neck, cuff
and front.
New Arrivals
of Georgette crepe Willi grace our displays tomorrow.
Liberty red, overseas blue, flesh and white blouses, many
with peplums, will be shown. Prices range from 6.50
upward. Qne Illustrated.
; , ; ' - ' -
New Imported Voile Blouses
in white, flesh, blue and checked designs, with collars
and cuffs of real filet, have Just been unpacked. 22.50.
j . Meier & Frank's i Fourth Floor. (Mall Orders Filled.)
' ' ' : ' - 9 ' ' ' '
Mme. Lyra
; Values to ;7.50. Mm. Lyra
corsets in- styles for medium and
stout figures. Of white coutil
high bust, long
inserts f In hip.
with medium
skirts, elastic
Heavily boned
Sizes 24 to 36.
Meier ic Frank's :
Corset Shop, Third Floor.
NEW Crepe de Chine
Gowns and Chemise
Of fine quality crepe de chine
in a number of pretty models with
yokes of lace edging, insertions
and tucks. V-neck and square
neck. Some sleeveless styles.
Good full-size - gowns in- flesh
:olor. 6.50-6.95-7.50.
Envelope Chemise
Of crepe de chine and satin. in
several styles- plain tailored and
fancy trimmed models, -with lace,
tucks and ribbon rosebuds. Flesh
color. 3.59-3.95.
New Japanese Kimonos
Breathing all the subtle charm of
flowery Japan, these new' kimonos are
lavishly embroidered in - far-flung
sprays of cherry blossoms; chrysznthe
mums and wisteria, i Many charming
combinations of colors in t&ese heavy
silk crepe kimonos lined with . Jap
silk. '19.50 to 48. ;
Padded Silk Lounging Robes
that will appeal to fastidious women
are shown- m many lovely shades at
12.95 and 14,95. , .
v' Bed jackets of creDe. $5.98. r
' -Meier & Frank's ; Third Floor. (Mail . Orders Filled.)
We have a fine new selection of
dress trimmings for spring 1919,
including: - -
Exquisite , bandings, flouncings
and motifs of opalescent sequins
and beads for. evening gowns. Also
jet bandings, flouncings and motifs.
Wide and narrow widths.
Braided bandings and motifs for
street and afternoon gowns. Beige,
taupe, gray, plum and white.
. Braid trimmings are very popular
for spring. Our stocks of braid
trimmings are . larger than ever before-
- - -
, 'Motifs in diamond, octagon, pyr
amid, oblong, round' and square
shapes to trim sash ends, belts, col
lars. vests, cuffs , and tunics are
here in every size. - , . -
Tassel and dro trimmings of
chenille, jet, .silk, beads and sequins
for sash ends, collars and drapes of
evening gowns. ,:. All sizes.. "
A wide range of prices- all very
m1' Meier Frank's : Main Floor.
(Mall Orders Filled.)
'Tablier' or Apron Vestees
for wear with the new tailored suit, or one-piece
dress are prominently featured in - our Neckwear
Shop.' Made of broadcloth in white, dust color,
chamois., old rose, etc., with silk and -wool em- -
broidery in contrasting shades. Also satin- models
embroidered in metal thread and novelty ribbon :
effects. 3.00 to 9.75. One sketched at 3.50.
New Waistcoats ple-I m
of pongee, pique, gabardine and basket weaves
in tan and white. Some have pockets and detach
able collars. 1.75 to 2.50.
of broadcloth, , suede, Moonglo
satin,' Kumsi-Kumsa, 1 bengaline
and novelty brocades in shades to
harmonize with the new tailored
suits. Tailored and dressy mod
els. 5 to 12.50
New crepe pleatings in Van
Dyke, picot and i hemmed edge
styles. Liberty red,' blue, rose,
flesh and white. Van Qyke pleat
ines with colored dots. - Yard
t 1.25 to 2.50.
Meier & Frank's: Main Floor, (Mail Orders Filled.)
Eun Storage
Furs stored; in our safety yaults
on the premises are secure against
all insects theft, fire, loss or dam
age from any cause.
Repairing and Remodeling
of furs or fur ' garments expertly
executed. .
Phone or write and our auto will
call. Furs received Fourth Floor,
Lovely New Silk Ribbons
The glory of the orient is in
. hese gorgeously hued ribbons
- eacock blues from China, wine
eds and purples from the Far
fast, gold and silver brocades and
delicate pinks like the inside, of
ea shells.
Many of these ribbons make
op into handsome vestees for suit
or dress. ; , '. - '-
Others are suitable for making
bags--all that is necessary is a
metal or tortoise top and a silken
tassel. ' -
Great array of lovely maae-up' novelties is shown fit this section
(see illustration). Ribbon camisoles, boudoir caps, slippers, sachets,
garters on display. ' Special orders taken.
. 7 - ; Meier & Frank's: Main Floor. (Mail Orders Filled.)
Vou Are Cordially Invited to an
Anna Case Recital
To Be Given in Our Auditorium on the Sixth Floor
Tomorrow and Tuesday at 2:30 P. M.
.Anna Case, , who appears in
person - at the Hellig theatre
Wednesdayof this week, sings
exclusively, for ;
f) z -J
Tomorrow and Tuesday at
2:30 each day we will feature
Anna Case records in i special
recital. ; We have all the Anna
Case recreations as well as all
styles and sizes in The NEW
EDISON. The recital begins at
2:30 and will continue for about
one hour.
Program for ;Tomorrow
Star-Sojinfflerf" Banner. .................
Oharmartt Oiseau (Ferle du Bresll)..
. . , A
.,...,...., flr riuiri
4 . .-. ' ................. , David
Kiss Met Airata.. . ....vyaikiKl Hawaiian Orchestra
Depuis le Jour. (Louise) i .Charjwntier
A Perfect Day Metropolitan Quartet
Ancels Kver Bright and Fair ......Ifandel
Com Where My Love Uea rren.minff. Foster
Chant Hans Paroles fviolln-cello) . ................... .Paulo and Oruppe
Bella Figlia del Amore (Risoletto)....,;........... i. ......
...... ...Verlet, Alcock, Ciccolint and Middleton
The Clow Worm............. .....................Imperial Marimha Band
lAsm Oiseaux Dans La Charm i He (Doll Hone)..........., ........ Hoffman
Home, Sweet Home. , .... . .Payne
' , Oesignates records suns by Anna -Case.
-J . -Meier ic Frank' i Sixth Floor, Fifth Btret.
both use corporation and the law.