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Department Without Funds for
Continuation of Offices .and
Branches Are Being Closed.
Eugene and Astoria Plan to Raise
Fund for Continuation of Serv
ice; Local Office Still Open.
-Owing to the failure of congrens to
paes the deficiency appropriation bill,
to allow the United States employment
bureau to continue its broad rplan of
service until the next appropriation be
comes available in July, a considerable
cut in the force employed by the bureau
: went into effect Saturday. Early in
January the Portland bureau . moved
into it present offices at Third and
Oak streets with a largely increased
staff, making that the headquarters for
the state. The bureau will continue Its
Portland office with a force of 18 em
ployes and a branch for service men
at the Liberty Temple, and will cut out
all bureaus outside-of Portland.
Flnaaclal Aid Necessary
There had been established 11 other
bureaus In other important cities in
Oregon, which were under the super
vision of the Portland office. Many of
these will have to be dropped until such
time as congress makes provision for
putting the service on its former basis,
unless financial help comes from other
Effort is being made to have the va
rious cities maintain the service until
such time as congress makes the new
appropriation or until it Is certain that
the service is not to be continued. Eu
gene and Astoria have already signified
their Intention of keeping up their bu
reaus In this way.
It is also hoped that volunteer workers
may be secured to tide over the emer
gency. If" persons can be found who
will do the work for the time, arrange
ments will be made to give them all the
assistance .possible in -organizing and
conducting the bureau. sBy employing
a few persons on the dollar-a-year basis
so as to, secure for them the government i
franking privilege, it may be possible
to go on .with the work in the state on
a fairly extensive scale.
.... rorloaghs for Employes
Under present) plans, the employment
bureaus for soldiers, sailors and matinee
will not be abolished although they must
suffer .curtailment In the same way as
other bureaus left -unsupported by the
.filibustering tactics in congress. It is
expected that there will be volunteer
McCall's Magazine
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Cecil Harold Weeks
Cecil Harold "Weekes. son of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles IL Weekes. 481 Willis boule
vard, was taken from them by death on
March 1. lie was 12 years of age and an
exceptionally bright and intelligent pupil
of the Pen! nsular. school.,- Professor. W.
A. Petteys, principal of the school, speaks
of him with the highest regard.
The funeral was held from the Miller
& Tracey parlors March 3 and waa at
tended by many friends of the family
and schoolmates. Services were in River
view cemetery.
workers to take the places of the men
who will have to be released.
It is planned to allow the employes
to take Indefinite furloughs so that they
may be recalled if congress should pass
the . appropriation at an extra session.
Information from Washington gives the
local office reason to believe that there
is likely to be an extra session of con
gress called late in May or early in
June. Seniority of service will be the
chief factor In determining which men
will be kept on the payroll.
County of Clare Is
Overrun by Madmeh
London, March 15. (I. N. S.) A seri
ous situation has developed in County
Clare, Ireland, by the-escape of luna
tics from the Clare ; Mental hospital.
The county, according to the Daily Ex
press, is overrun with the madmen,
many of whom are dangerous. Th
men made their escape from the asylum
following a strike of the attendants.
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fRev. C. A. Ketier of Oregon City
to Return East Soon as Mrs.
Keller Can Travel.
Oregon City, March 15. Because of
the continued 111 health of his wife, who
Is herself an ordained minister and has
had considerable experience in England
and' the United States' In religious work.
Rev. c. A. Ketier, pastor of the Naxa
ren church of Oregon City, has de
cided to give up his work here and will
take his family back to their former
home in Pittsburg, Pa., as soon as Mrs.,
Ketier is able to travel. Mr, Ketier
has been in charge of the local church
since January. 1917, and has met with
success In his work. : For some months
past he has been employed as floor
walker with a : Portland department
store during the week days, in conjunc
tion with his ministerial dutiea
Real Estate Transfers
Oregon City, , March 15. Real estate,
both town and farm property, is on the
move in and around Oregon City, and
the demand Is increasing for property,
according to real estate dealers. E. P.
Elliott & Son report the following recent
Eighteen . acres In Maple .Lane dis
trict by John Rogers to Mr. Horton.
84500. ' :
Gus Schultz sold five acres in , the
Elyville district to John Lettenmler of
Hillsboro for 83000. ; t f
B. J. Staats has traded his 10-acre
farm on the South End road to C. H.
Becker for the latter's place on High
street in Oregon City, the consideration
being 82500. L
Frank Hall, an employe of the Crown
Willamette Paper .company, bought a
house and two lota on Monroe and Sec
ond streets of Mrs. B. P. Linn for 81300.
Ii N. Wells has sold to John Stocker
a house and lot on Center street for
George Brown, fisherman, has sold a
house and lot on Eighth and Van
Buren streets to Mrs. Morley, nurse,
for 8100.
The firm has sold the W. E. Estes
grocery In Elyville to Cobb Bros, of
Liberal, the consideration being 87500.
The pool hall of Ewalt Liesman of
Willamette was also sold to a Portland j
party for 8700.
Still Discovered on
Baker's Plantation
Montgomery, Ala., March 15. (I. N.
S.) Sheriff P. C. Hubbard of LoWndes
county, and two deputies, have seized
a la-gallon illicit still on the plantation
operated and partly owned by Dr. Per
ley V. Baker, superintendent of the
Anti-Saloon League of America, near
Hayneville, in that county. Three
quarts of- whiskey and 40 gallons of
mash were destroyed by the : sheriff.
John Roberts, a negro, is under arrest
charged with operating the still.
Under the new Alabama law the
Baker plantation as the site of an il
licit still, can be seized and sold by the
Btate, one half of the proceeds to go to
the sheriff of the county. Baker waa
largely instrumental in having this law
Yakima to Protest
Increase in Fares
Yakima. Wash., March JS. The
Yakima Valley Transportation com
pany will at least be asked for' a show
down as to the basis of its claim for
increased rates.' according to 'a decision
of the city commissioners: The company
has filed a .schedule .with the , public
service commission asking to increase
the rates In the city from 5 to 8 cents,
and rates on its interurban lines corre
spondingly. The city commission will
file a protest with the public service
commission that the citizens may be
put in possession of the facts as they
will be developed In a hearing of the
Candidates Ties in
Aberdeen Primary
. Aberdeen. Wasi., March 15. Charles
Craig, a member of the council : from
the first ward, and V. G. Skinner, his
opponent in the primdry election Tues
day, both on the Republican ticket, re
ceived a tie vote, thej first in the his
tory of city elections, They have de
cided to take their chances in the gen
eal election, Tuesdayj April 8, provided
they can do so under the law. The
matter has been referred to the city
attorney for an opinion.
Step Taken! to Test
Prohibition Statute
New York. March 15. (L N. S.)---Pre-limlnary
steps In a test to be made re
garding the constitutionality of the war
time prohibition were taken here this
afternoon when a stockholders' Buit was
filed In federal court against the James
Everard breweries. Joseph Everard, the
complainant, aaka the court for an order
restraining the defendant from suspend
ing the manufacture of Its products May
1 and its sales on July 1, as required by
the statutes.
Whitman Debaters , ;
Defeat Washington
Walla Wallawash.. March 15. Whit
man college won a unanimous decision
over the University, of Washington In
the debate held at the college last night.
Harold McGahee of Walla Walla and
Orvllle Douglas of Yakima defending the
affirmative for Whitman. The negative
was upheld for the, university by Gunar
Berg and Steele Lindsay. The judges
were Judge Edward C. Mills' of Alalia
Walla, Judge Chester P. Miller of Day
ton and Rev. Bertram Warren of Walla
Walla. . ,
New York Prices
For Meals Are Cut
New York. March 15.-- (U. P.) The
first eating places, so far as known, to
discover that the war Is over are the Ma
Jestlcr hotel and restaurants. They an
nounce a 20 per cent reduction lit the
price of meals today because of . "post
bellum conditions.,
3S lir i niirrfiiri i i iiiinriiiiniMfH'"T''' M
' . Dr. George Rubenstein e
Dr. George Rubenstein. field r repre
sentative of the Jewish Welfare board.
United States Army and Navy, has re
turned from the service and resumed his
duties as secretary of the congregation
Talmud : Torah. " '
He will occupy the pulpit of the Sixth
Street Synogogue today, taking for his
theme, "Remember What Ameliek Did
To Thee-" He has just . issued the fol
lowing greeting to his congregation:
"Thank God, we are home again !
Thank God. we have foun 'our- dear
ones well and our beloved congregation
vigorous and strong. We are happy be
yond words to be with our friends, and
humble indeed before the warm welcome
that has been extended to us. Words
are inadequate to express pur thanks to
the congregation, . to the board of direc
tors, and to the ladies' auxiliary society,
as well as to our friends individually
for the beautiful evidence of love and
esteem. We hope and trust that our
members and friends feel like we do -that
.ouf service with the boys In camp
and in " Che hospitals ' has' been worth
while. . j
"We were enlisted under the banner of
service and humanity, and we did. our
best to fulflH -ttwse ideala iii i the spirit
of "the best traTfftlons of the Jew. We
are grateful for the opportunity that
was ours. We feel that we have re-,
turned better prepared to serve by rea
son of the rich experience that was our
privilege.' Naturally, we are grieved to
know that so, many dear friends have
been called to-their eternal Test."
Pendleton's. Auto
Show. Comes to an
End in Riot of Fun
Pendleton, March 15. Pendleton's auto
show, which opened Thursday In Happy
Canyon pavilion, closed tonight with a
riot of fun. The pavilion,' which Is the
largest used for an auto show in Eastern
Oregon, waa transformed into a giant
showroom. All local dealers were rep
resented. The show was. the first, held
here in two years, and was remarkable
for the quality of the cars exhibited. A
large display of trucks, tractors and. cat
erpillar tractors was also also shown.
Aged Man Hit by Auto
Roseburg. March 15. H. Wollenberg,
a retired capitalist; aged 82. was acci
dentally run down and narrowly es
caped death early when he . was struck
by an automobile as he attempted to
cross the street near the Umpqua hotel.
According to eye witnesses Mr. Wollen
berg steepped from the sidewalk direct
ly in front of an approaching: car, and
was knocked to the pavement. '
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plain wrapper.':' .
City. ; .
State. ....... T
y iirrff(lorWftiMiBrMiiiPftfc
Trustee Complains That . false
Accounts Are Carried in
Favor of Relatives.
Proceedings to straighten, the tangle
in the affairs of the Oregon EUers Mu
sic house, the Eilers Music house, the
Eilers Music house of San, Francisco
and other similarly named institutions.
Intimately .related in ownership, origin
and business transactions, were begun
In the circuit court Saturday afternoon
by Ernest W. Hardy, trustee -In bank
ruptcy. ' '.
Hardy asks that a receiver' be appointed
for the first named Institution. He
charges that lt offieers have created
certain pretended obligations In favor
of the brother, father, sisters and aunt
of Hy J, Eilers in various amounts, ag
gregating approximately 145,000 and car
ried on the books of the company as
nnviihlo " TtTa does not know, he
says, whether these obligations are trfStlT
or false and he asks for a general exam
mation and accounting to determine the
rights of all parties.
Motion Is Based on- Certain Alleged
Irregularity of Jury.
A motion for a new trial In the case
of the state against John Cyril Llard
was filed by his6 attorney, John J. Jeff
rey, jn the circuit court Saturday after
noon. V - ,:j"-.j'
Liard was convicted recently by a
jury in Circuit Judge Gantenbein's
court on a charge of shooting Deputy
Sheriff Frank Twombley, November 19
last .:';;--
The grounds on which the motion for
the new trial is made is a certain alleged
irregularity in the conduct of the. jury
In which a certain document, claimed
to have no direct bearing on the case in
hand, strongly prejudicial to .the inter
ests of the accused and ruled out by the
judge, found its way by inadvertance
into the jury room and was considered
by the Jury in determining the guilt or
innocence of' the" accused.; newly dis
covered evidence, consisting of declara
tion by Leonard (Kid) Maples that he
was by no means certain that Liard
was the man whom he had testified was
out with him the night o the murder
and that he was Induced to Identify
Liard by Detectives Snow and Tacka
berry ; and misbehavior on the witness
stand of Augusta Carlson, who was al
lowed Inadvertently" by Liards then at
torney to make remarks prejudicial to
the defendant that T were inadmissible,
incompetent and immaterial. - .:
One Alleges Molher-in-Law's .Inter
ference, Other Two Cruelty.
That her husband's mother told her it
was a disgrace for her son to live in. the
vicinity of the synagogue with a Chris
tian wife, but that "it might be endured,
however, as Moses married an Ethio
pian," is one of the causes of divorce' set
forth in the complaint of Ida Labo witch
against Isaac S. La bo witch, filed in the
circuit court Saturday afternoon. ;Thy
were married in this city March 24. 1914.
Cruelty is charged by Edith H. BarJer
against- Ivino G. 'Barker; whom she mar
ried at Vancouver in 1908. " He" has
threatened many times, she. says, to end
his life by taking .poison, and has falsely
accused her of infidelity. She asks for
the custody of two minor children and
$40 a month for their support.
Ella Mclsulty makes allegations of
cruelty, against S. A. McNulty. to whom
she was married in this county In 1913.
She asks' for $8000 lump alimony and a
restraining order to prevent him from
harrassing her .
Mrs. Blanche Brooks Exonerated by
Multnomah Grand Jury.
Three true bills and one not true bill
were reported to Presiding Judge Staple
ton by the Multnomah grand jury' Sat
urday: .t ' " - ., " l-; SM-
J. Cunningham was charged with pass
ing spurious checks on I. Brunn and
L. J. East. , , -
Madge Fontenot. part Choctaw Indian,
was indicted for the alleged stabbing of
Mabel Poole with a penknife, in front
of the Golden West hotel the night of
February 26. ..
An indictment with three counts was
returned against-D. J. Chieholm, charg
ing him t with . a serious statutory of
fenses against young girls.
A not true bill was returned exonerat
ing Mrs. Blanche Brooks who had been
accused i of assault . with a dangerous
weapon on ner husband, Morris Brooks.
Jessie Martin Starts Habeas Corpus
Proceedings for lis Recovery.
Habeas corous nroceedlnmi tn nil,
possession of her baby Were begun in the
circuit court Saturday by Jessie Martin
against vuve f. ana tiagar Hyatt, whom
she accuses, with two others, whose
names she does not know, of withholding
the child from her. :
She signed a paper, she says, ths con
tents of which she did not understand
and not knowinar that It
from ever seeing, or visiting her baby
again, one nas aemanaea a copy of the
paper and possession of the child, but
these have been refused, she says. She
asks that, the child be brought Into court
that its lawful custody may be deter
mined., , .. -
Kelso Boy Honored
For Heroism Shown
Kelso, Wash., March. 15. Sergeant
Nat R. Smith of Company K, S61st in
fantry, who was awarded the distin
guished service cross for extraordinary
heroism j In battle. Is now at Camp
Lewis, awaiting his discharge. : Smith
was born -In Kelso. On,lis arrival In
Portland with a casual company he was
met by his brother, Walter N. Smith of
this place, and a' sister, Mrs. George I.
Marsh of Ostrander. - Sergeant Smith
received the distinguished service cross
for going forward, , single -handed., and
putting a troublesome German machine
gun out of business and securing valu
able information concerning the enemy.
In the performance of - these feats he
was. severely . wounded. t
' Idaho Normal Dean Resigns -Boise.
Idahe March 15. Miss Bernice
McCoy,- dean fit women of the Lew 1st on
state normal .school, has resigned to take
us- war service, - effective " April I. ac
cording to State Commissioner of Educa
tion K. A. Bryan. Miss McCoy Was at
one time state superintendent of public
instruction -
Southern Oregon ;
Elks to Be Guests
. At Yreka Banquet
Medford, March 15. The special train
of the. Medford Elks left here this after
noon with 150 Southern Oregon Elks on
board, including about. 75 from, the Med
ford lodge and delegations from Grants
Pass. Roseburg, Gold Hill and Ashland,
for Yreka. CaJ., to. attend a big enter
tainment and -banquet to, be tendered
them by the Elks of Yreka and Siskiyou
county tonight. -There will- also be -a
delegation of 40 Elks from Klamath
Falls. ' The occasion promised to be the
largest Joint affair ever held by the
Elks of the border territory. w
-The .Medford' Elks .will furnish, as a
part -of the': entertainment program to
night, a full fledged minstrel show. :...
American Trader Is ,
To Invaide 'Balkans
Baa Francisco.f March 13. (UV P.)
The bid Hudson Bay method of trading
with the Indians is to be used in the
Balkan countries by J. Chapman, New
York Importer. Chapman is here today
securing t at consignment of shoes and
stockings to be taken to Bulgaria and
Asia Minor America's first trade ship
merit there since .the armistice signing-
As there i Is little money in. those dis
tricts. Chapman will accept tobacco and
raw jslXk in payment for the footwear.
Speaking of classy new.
stores- have you seen the
one LENTS PHARMACY are . "
opening up???? This is just
about the finest one of its
kind around these' parts---and
I want you all to go
around and CONGRATULATE -Mr.
Peterson and.' :
in-cidently buy some Nut -v
House Nuts of him that
will Please Mr. Peterson
and better yet , it will
please youyou know that
if you have ever tasted
Nut House Nuts. While you .
are theretake a . minute
and look at that WINDOW '
Chocolates in one window "
and of Nut House Nuts in
the, other! ! ! Wouldn.t you
be proud of a store like
Yours for $5.400 , 000 . 00 .
. v
'V ' fsJ ?
n ? i
' , . f
s r I
? ' y i
, f - ( . ,-' ' y . iX"' ' "
C ' - - ' Z " ' S If your wife wore '
; x ' x, , " f S Bome wonderful exclu- .
v iii,, - " y i ' Bive aillc allppers to a ' ,
i I , ' ' ' , dance,i and then you went out
i 1 for a amoke during the evening
snd saw through window near- ,
' '' by the same slipper being taken from )
feminine feet In a room belonging to a
r l W si 1 . man friend.jvhat would you do about It? .
r 3 n ;' ' -
V ' V J " ?J' H Pro ram of Concert on Our Su per-, 1
Jtt ? J 1 WurliUer Today at 12:30 P. M. I
x , 'T y 1 Intermesao'. Al Fresco.. . .Victor Ilerbert 4 I
X I Song, Dear Old Pal of Mine.... Oit Klce I
jl. V h&iL 1 VkI i overture,' Poet and Peasant,; . . . . .Suppe ;
'XA on the Road to Home. 8wet
f' yy ' 'O Home.. ....... E. Van Alntyne ' .A
' ' j Org anUt ;
' lfalliiadi&
-i IIH "ii lii'ljliMLwU''-il - li ' j;-k
When you think of Diamonds
say "ARONSON'S!"
Aronson is a diamond specialist; his diamond Talues ire
;;recognired;as being pre-eminent a standard by which
; others, are'measured. ' t v ?
If you seek a diamond, come to Portland's
diamond headquarters that's ARONbON'Sl
"Yoa take no'chances there. -
Price Range to Satisfy $10 to $2500
WATCHES Hamilton,; Howard, Elgin, Waltham Men's
and Women."
inniiii i i i iiiiiiiii
" The Great Irish Tenor !
Will Sing for) You at
Come In and Hear Him ' V
Kathleen Mavourneen
Eileen : . , s ' '
Natoraa (No Country Can My
l'llralce xou Home Again, Kathleen
Tommy Lad -
"Mother Machree - - '
-. There's a Long:, Long Trail
(iood-Bye ( (Tosti )
Dear Little Shamrock .
Somewhere a Voice Is Calling
' My Irish Song of Songs
The Minstrel Boy . , -'
Low Back'd Car . . '
Victrolas and Stradivaras
iin .'iiLiiiTrn:
. '
Own Outvie)
, j
, j
, ! '
. I
. 5 ."-
lit 0wr i McatK.
Hovenden Piano Co.
i Between Alder and Morrison
With Pathe News
. . and Comedy
i r
u If ).)
11 I!