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University to Send Out Report
of Case in Which Defamer Is
Convicted of . Criminal Libel.
Testimony Shows Extent of, Pre
cautions Taken to Protect Men
and Women at Institution
University of Oregon, Eugene, March
15. Moral conditions at the University
of Oregon were placed under the spot
lfrht In the' trial of James Fuller ton,
who was convicted of criminal libel and
given a jail sentence which he Is now
serving:. Fullerton had made charges. !
through a monthly publication, barred
from the mails, that "immorality" was
"rampant" at the university, !
""The ' university accepted Fullerton's
challenge and not only met his charges,
but made an affirmative- shewing of
moral conditions and supervisory ma
chinery existing during more than- 40
years. This showing, which resulted in
a verdict of "guilty" on the first ballot,
was such that the university will start
sending out by mall on Monday 5000
copies of a printed, report of the trial,
including the evidence submitted by
both sides." ;
The university made a full statement
oC the moral history of the Institution
since t was founded In 1872. Since
President Campbell took chars In 190
between 8000 and 9000 students have
been, under his Jurisdiction. It was not
contended by the stats that among" so
large a body of young people no cases
calling for the exercise of the univer
sity's disciplinary forces would arise,
and such cases as existed were frankly
laid before th Jury. -
Comparison! Were Isvlted y.'
Comparisons of the university's rec
ord of morality In 40 years with that of
any fraternal order, . any., other . school,
religious or secular, any church, or any
Sunday school In a Ilk period was in
vited. In - the 17 years of President
Campbell's incumbency, it was pointed
out, only four , disciplinary cases of
morality had occurred among univer
sity men, and. not a single one among
university women.
Dr. John Straub, dean of men, who
came to the university in 1878, the year
In which- the first class graduated, testi
fied that in that whole time not a single
university woman has "gone to. the
. Evidence was introduced at the trial
to show the clean Ideals of the univer
sity" men and women .' and the whole-
. some . atmosphere ? in which they , live.
The system of supervision.' and chape-
' ronage. maintained by the institution
itself, , it was testified, is so Jthorongh
and so generally ? respected -that the
authorities were, in' a position to know
exaotly.what tkeyswere iklns-aboutA'
Thejunlversity. systenv.ts outilne. Is
as foQows, as. described in tho testimony
at the icrtmlfM: ; -sft: V' '
Each student has Blsvtailty 'adviser
as well as his particular dean, both of
whom are accountable for his "well-being
and conduct ? Besides sthese it was
shown, there are class advisers, faculty
members attached '.to the various halls
of residence, and a dean of men who
has charge, of all supervisory work.
There is s also a ? faculty disciplinary
committee with ample means of ob
taining : information na enforcing ob
dience.' " ' ' . ,
XFreteraitlea'Are Xsspeeted '
Further inspection is given by offi
cers of each fraternity, sent here, to ex
amine Into the moral well heing as well
as the scholarship; standing of their
respective chapters. - On top of this Is
the. traditional system of supervision in
the student body .itself,' according to
which upperclassmSn' are responsible for
particular underclassmen. : and each
house Of student residence has a head"
responsible both, to the faculty -and to
" the student council for all within It. -The
paid secretary of the T, M. J. A.
devotee all: his time to assoqlatlon with
the men students, offering- the guidance
and advice of an : older man. - Similar
' service is given the young women by the
paid secretary of the T. W. C. A. Both
of these secretaries are-specially -trained
for the ' work and give to it all their
tlrrfe. Pastors of the Eugehe-tAurches,
' called tp the stand, testified that they,
too, were ; often upon the campus and
tVioroiiehlv. had' a part
In promotJng:r students" moral welfare
and had full confidence in the cleanness
of campus . moral 'conditions.
, , ' Girls Are .Chaperosed . ...
; The supervision given the girls Is even
more thorough ; .than that; of f orded u the
a"" rnmnifttB svstem' of chaperon-
. Wna vtAatiftMi at the - trial, is
nrrffed out by, crttallfled women OChlgh
standing. one of them the widow of a
governor of Oregon. These -women de
vote their time to the welfare of -the
i tviBir -tmrttcular crroups, con-
nutine- of about 25 girls each.- These,
"house mothers" are under the direction
nf 'wimMi of the university.
t, nnt i,r cntlra time and. effort
to the welfare of .-. the young women of
the university-. 'or every. giei.m..wa
university I there Is some older woman
v- n ..imI to know where the girl
is and with. whom, at all hours of the
day Or night. .
' The evidence submitted by the state
went further and showed the provision
o.a fnr kMtilne . the students In
i.ftithv. vitrorous physical condition.
-orhWi was rotated out. , is one Of the
root nrnmoters f clean , living. - The
university is crowded with faculties, it
was shown, for keeping both the mind
and the body in that healthful state of
activity which is the best guaranty of
moral wholesomeness.' The physical
training, as well as the mental class
work, the evidence showed, is under
experienced directors, and the whole
atmosphere Is one to wafd off - that
morbid state of mind or body which is
productive of Offenses against the moral
' 8. A, T C Vsb Free of Disease
- The healthful, pleasant social life . on
the ' campus, affording ample oppor
tunity for stimulating contact on a
high plane with members of the oppo
site sex, was brought out by witnesses.
- It was shown on the stand that the
members of the Students' Army Train
ing corps at the ' university were en
tirely free from -venereal disease of any
sort. This record tops even that of the
state at large, which, According to army
statistics, is, the cleanest state in that
way in the union. A microscopic test
eliminated the only suspected case in
the Oregon unit. Furthermore, the tes
timony showed, during the entire course
of, the war;, no .application was made
here to the examining surgeon for pro
phylactic treatment. .This,- it was testi
fied by the commanding officer and the
'army surgeon: tn charge,: meant either
the strictest morality or. a-most unusual
willingness to risk courmartlaL
All this ' evidence ? was successfully
brought out under the -scrutiny of the
court " and the close ; cross-examination
of a hostile, lawyer. The-university, In
view of . the; completeness of the show
ing. , is: undertaking to' spread the in
formation over the state.-'
Reedsport Grows 5 Rapidly
.85 15 v S. , Kl 'M , . S? . t v . St 8t
Incorporation Is. Proposed
Land Opening iri Eastern Oregon
10.000 acres of Irrigated ' land to be
thrown pen April 15, 119. For full
particulars see-classified Farms for Sale
column in this paper today. Adv.
Reedsport, March 15. Without city or
town organization and without a jail,
policeman, constable, deputy sheriff, Jus
tice of the peace or cemetery. Jteedsport,
located on the lower Urapqua river and
on the Coos Bay line of the Southern
Pacific railroad, has attained a popula
tion of 600 people. - The residents of
the rapidly-growing place have con
cluded that' they need a regular city
government and have taken steps to in
corporate asa ctty. ; ';
The necessary petitions have been cir
culated and freely signed and applica
tion for incorporation will be made and
a special election held.' There seems no
doubt but that the proposition to incor
porate will carry. Reedsport has been
making rapid strides during the past few
months and the Incorporation as a city
has come as a natural consequence. The
advantages of a city are needed. -
Two lumber mills, the Johnson plant
and the Reedsport Lumber company mill
are in operation at Reedsport, and a
third mill,' owned by the Winchester Bay
Lumber company, is being constructed.
This, when finished, will be a large
rplant, which will cut 125,000 feet of
lumber a day. An option has been given
for the purchase of an island opposite
Reedsport in the Umpaua river to a lum
ber company, which may erect a -large
plant, and negotiations are being closed
for still another lumber industry, y
Fishing It Big Industry
Dp to this time Reedsport has been
lighted by gasoline lamps, but even be
fore the incorporation Is perfected elec
tricity will light the .place. An electric
company has been organized and Incor
porated as the Reedsport Light & Power
company, and will at once install a plant
at the Johnson mm, where steam from
the mill can be used. C McC Johnson
Is president, John R. Browne secretary,
and W. P. Reed and Clyde Chase of
Reedsport and X. EL Staples of Portland
the directors. - ;
Fishing is one of the big industries of
the Reedsport district The Reedsport
Fish company last year shipped a mil
lion and a half pounds of fresh fish in
Ice to the large cities, much of the
product going to New York. This year
the output of the company will be much
larger as, in . addition to the hundred
or more fishermen on the river, two
boats will fish in the ocean' and bring
the catch to Reedsport' for packing and
shipment. - O. J. Armstrong of Marsh
field has taken 'over the oceangoing boat
Waterwltch, which he wIU operate, and
a (0-ton purse seine boat from the Co
lumbia river will begin In April fish
ing outside for the company.
Sardine Cannery . Promising
A salmon cannery Is also operated in
Reedsport and the canning of sardines
has been successfully tried out and
promises to be an enormous Industry for
the place during the coming year.
The First Bank of Reedsport, with a
capitalization of $25,000, was started. last
month and opened in temporary quar
ters. The deposits have been Increasing
at the rate of $10,000 a week- since the
bank opened. Formerly the nearest bank
was at Gardiner. ,
Work has been started on a frame
two-story r structure for "the bank. On
the lower floor will be fine quarters
for the bank and a store room, and on
the second floor two five-room apart
ments. The bank is now occupying
temporary quarters.
A new theatre is being built by X. E.
Staples of Portland, 40 fly 80 in size,
n,. ).mh win fitted with onera
chairs and will have seating capacity
of 400. , .
- Plans have been perfected for a new
school house for Reedsport, which will
cost $5000. It. will be in the south end
of the city and 'will contain four school
rooms, arranged to . permit of additions.
Two teachers will be in charge of the
school. --', ; . . - v
Mack BaQdlsg TJsder Way,
The. Resdsport Construction company
has completed 10 new ' cottages, fitted
with all modern conveniences, and will
at once start, the erection of 10 more,
which will be rented or sold. Warren
P. Reed, who started the, town of Reeds
port, has mbved his home from Gardiner
to this place, and will build a hand
some residence. ' -
Reed, v Jaaelle Co. have Started re
modeling their store building to fit the
second floor for a dance and entertain
ment halL '
J. C. Klein of San Francisco, a former
resident of Gardiner, has started driving
piling for the foundation of a store
building. In one room he will open a
retail business and the other will be
rented.' '
The Urapqua hotel, which was com
pleted a few months ago, has proved too
small to meet : the demands st the pat
ronage, and another story will be added.
A large workshop has been erected In
the business section by a firm which wUl
engage in building and repairing fishing
boats and other small craft.
Patronize Home
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