The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, March 13, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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Where You Spend the Least and Get the Most
- -f- f M .' .. - - - ! L
Demonstrating Again the Value to You of Our Cash Only Policy Here
Wash Satin Cam
isoles on Sale 79c
- .
Wonder values these beautifully
made camisoles of dainty flesh colored
wash fabrics. Some are prettily : em
broidered in flower wreathes of pink and
blue French knots, finishing with ribbon
straps over the shoulders, and hemstitch
ing'. Others are- in corset cover style,
with, yokes of lace. All wonderfully spe
cial at 79c I
Economy Basement, Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
Silk Pongee
70c and $1.19
Good weight washable pongee that is
wonderfully popular this season for dresses,
waists, skirts, etc., and this is a wonderfully
good opportunity for you to buy. The qual
ity in both these items is extraordinarily
good !
Economy Basement, Upman, Wolfe & Co.
This sale features items that you could not possibly duplicate at the prices for many of them
were bought under special circumstances and marked in the new low-profit way that is now in effect
in our Economy Basement under its Cash Only Policy. Read every item listed the savings are
81x90-Inch Full Bleached Seamless Sheets $1.29
-These come in air excellent weight and the splendid quality, together with the unusuaHy low price, will war-
ranr ouying Tncnvny ine dozen. .
Belfast Seamless Sheets Bleached Pillow Cases
$1.35, $1.45 32c 35c
A splendid, heavy quality free Even weight and finish size 43x
from dressing. 72x90, $1.3art2x99 36, 32c. and 45x36. 35c. There is real
Friday only. economy here.
Bleached - Pillow
Cases 25c
For a one day sale these good
weigiit pillow cases, 42x36 45x36
specially priced.
36-Inch Outing
Flannel 25c
Perfect quality full
pieces. Pure white in a
medium weight. No limit
as to quantity.
Full Size Cotton
Batts 49c
Containing1 the right
quantity for a full size
comforter. This is another
"basement special."
New Ginghams
at 29c
Smart new plaids and
staple patterns in this
most wanted fabric. Stan
dard quality. Real value.
Bleached Middy
. Twill 12ic Yd,
The fabric for a variety
of uses at a very special
price for Friday. 36 inches
58-Inch Mercerized '
Damask 65c Yard
An excellent quality for everyday,
use wears and looks well always.
Many different patterns.
Bleached Huck
Toweling 15c
Soft finish especially desirable
for hand or roller towels. 17 inches
wide. '
Economy Basement, Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
Hemmed Huck
Towels 20c
Excellent for hotels and rooming
houses as well as for home use.
Closely woven far below regular.
I All Wool Dress
Goods at $1.75
1000 Yards on Salef r
: Think of buying fine all wool dress goods
in the newest Spring shades at this very
low price ! There are French serges, navy
blue granite, cloth,' sand', tan and light gray
granite cloth,, all wool taffetas .in black
Copen, brown, etc., tan Burella cloth, black
Melrose, taupe, Copen and gray French
serges and : many others remarkable, in-
deed, at $i.75t
Economy Basement, Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
Nadia Corsets
New Models $ 1 .95
A special showing of new Spring models in these
popular corsets. Made of coutil in - medium low
'bust, model with medium length. skirts and boned
to allow freedom of movement. Finished at top
with lace and ribbon. For slight and average
figures. .
. Economy Basement, Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
A Few Examples Of
Sayings on Smart Apparel
You will always find the newest models here at prices away
under those you've been paying and are expecting to pay! Why?
Because., the new Cash Only Policy of the Economy Basement
makes it possible to-sell for less. Come in and see for yourself
here are a few examples:
This 'Lovely
Dress $19.50
Have you seen such
a smart dress as this.-t
such a. low price for a
long time? It is of
henna colored (or oth-,
er colors if you . pre-
fer) . Georgette, with
the waist and skirt
panel beaded and em
broidered. A wonder
frock for the money!
This Smart
Serge Dress
Of excellent quality
French all wool serge,
with touches of braid
ing in themost stylish
.manner; this is a most
' remarkable frock at an
unusually low price.
. The deep fringe on the
'satin sash and the
' smart peplum add much
to the style!
Suit With
Tricolette Vest
Isn't it smart?. ; The
material is blue seree
of excellent quality, the
vest of gold colored
tricolette -'is embroi
dered !3n blue and the '
tiny sijver buttons give
it the air of a high'
priced-model 1
Economy Basement, Lipman,. Wolfe &
' New Spring
Hats $4.95
They're mighty smart at the price, too!
They're trim and tailored and smart as
can be! Some have brim faced with
Georgette in bright coljSrs and others
have an upper brim of Gejorgette. There
are large hats and small hats and some
in medium size. Black black and col
ors and the most attractive colors. If
sold under any other plan than the new
Cash Only one these hats would cost
you much more than $4.95!
New Spring Hat
Shapes At $ 1 .69 .
Good looking uhtrimmed shapes offered at
splendid savings here!- There are rough straws
and smooth braids and straws and many have
bright colored underfacings or uprolled brims,
while others are all black.
Shapes that would ordinarily sell for ever so
much more than $ 1.69 offered in the Economy
Store for this special price! Just a ribbon band
or bow or a feather fancy added and you'll have
a smart, new hat for very little!
Economy Basement, Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
Pro-Linoteum Rug
Mats Special 29c
-Size 18x36 inches." 5oo .of - these mats
that are so, desirable for kitchen, -bathroom
and hall use. An excellent way to save your
Iinokum! tMany colors and patterns.
Economy Basement, Lipman, Wolfe. & Co,
House Dresses
Special $1.49
Neat house Hresses of good quality percale
in light' and medium-light patterns. Stripes
and figures.' They are neatly made with
waists and contrasting trimming.
Economy Basement, Lipman, Wolfe & Co.
DQf, for women's seamless mercerized
07i lisle stockings in black, white and
more than 30 shades. Every pair perfect!
All sizes. '
(ZQg fr women's fashioned silk thread
U!a stockings; witli seamless feet:" Black
or whife--and .-all sizes. , Seconds of very
fine silk-hose; v.; " -1 -
40r and 50r for boys' heavr'rib-
VU tllU OUt bed-cotton stockings
la fast i black, ; madewith reinforced' strong
wearing heels and toes. Sizes 6 to & J
40c Sizes 9 to 11 50c. 4
; . Underwear . '
S inr Kfi iot " hIdren's knit, taped
lvJl W"' waists with garters at
tached.. . All sizes. 5 'v'-J' ' r-:
QQa for boys or girls' knit union suits,
VUK, with tapes and a. double row of but
tons. Good quality. ,
"IQrt.for women's fine rib or Swiss' ribbed
J.Sls vests. Good quality, very elastic.'
V or round necks. Sizes 36 to 44.
OKp to? women's Swiss ribbed vests in
td3 v-cut style; sleeveless or with short
sleeves. Mercerized tape trimmed, Siates
to 44. ' .: .- ;-t ...,,-.:. r.
Kf)p f or ' women's Fitrite union suits.
UUi sleeveless, knee length styles. Sizes
34 to 44. 3 - - 1 -
-Economy Basement, Lipman, Wolfe & Co,
$7: $9: $12
The smartest capes for girls are of
fered here at very low, and special
prices ! They're in the newest styles
some with deep yokes arid others with
jacket-like vests.
Blue serges, tan coatings and beau
tiful 'shades of velour. Some are
trimmed with brass buttons and others
with - smoked pearl buttons. Sizes
range for girls 6 to,14.
Little Girls'
Silk: Gapes $5;95.
-Silk poplin capes for little tots 2 to C
years old. They're made with round
yokes and prettily lined. ? Shown in at
tractive shades of 'blue, rose and tan.
Very moderately priced ! :
Economy Basement, Lipman; .Wolfe '& Co.
There are always good savings
offered here on desirable wear
ables for boys ! And here are a
few instances for Friday and
400 New Spring
Special at
These are suits for boys 7 to 18
years and are made to withstand the
hardest kind of service! They're all
of "excellent wearing fabrics mix
tures, plaids, stripes and checks and
they're in military and belter styles.
Trousers full cut and fully lined, with
taped seams.
Boys' Spring Wash
! Suits $1.29 '
-Just 2 50 suits at this special price.
Clever little tub suits 'for i boys 2J4
to 8 years. They're in Middy, Billy
Boy, Junior Noj folk and Oliver styles.
The famous "Stonewall" suits at real
Boys' Corduroy Trousers
v $1.9542.25.
Economy Basement, Lipman,
J ' . I ' ' Wolfe & Co.-
The Store for Working Men
is specializing in the right kind
of working clothes at prices that
are below those you've been
paying. Come inland see for
Union Made
Brand Special
$ 1 .65
For Friday and Saturday, we offer
these well known blue bib overalls
that are made of splendid quality blue
denim at this remarkably special
price! Better look to your needs
And These Offers in
Every Day Needed
Wear " for Working
Trousers Special
Men's Khaki
SI. 95
Men's Rubber Jacket Coat
cial $4.45
Men's Tan . Rubberized Jacket
CoatsSpecial $6.95
Complete Stocks of Over
alls Jumpers and , Unionalls.
"-Economy Basement,' Lipman,
. - Wolfe & Co. - -
. . . . ' .. . , w .. . . ,
J. ..... "
clupmanWotfe &,
cTMereUndi'M of c Merit Only " '
it Is Years Since
. We Have Offered
Of Sox
Pure Thread Silks arid Silk
Plaited : Plain Colors : Fancy;
2-Tones : Clocked : "Seconds,
New To Our
Stocks Today
"Firsts" Sell
For Double
Beginning Friday we offer -in special saleone of the most
amazing purchases of sox for men that we have ever made at a price
much lower than sox of this character are usually sold for. ;
There are fancy stripe!
pure silk sox in a variety o(
stripings and in a collection
of all best colors. ,
There are pure silk sox, full
fashioned with heavy rein
forced lisle heels and soles in
the best plain colors of spring;.
The sox are all stamped "seconds" but the
imperfections are negligible---in fact, (in many :
cashes impossible to detect. Take our word for it
that the; values are the greatest in years.
There are beautiful two- There' are p u r e silk hose
tone sox in handsome effects with "clocks" in t h e most
and in quality similar tb "per- wanted contrasting effects
fects" here at twice the price. and in all sizes and shades.
While the quantity seems large, ute expect men -to
buy these sox by dozen lots. Extra space extra
servicesee the Washington St. windows today.
Lipman, Wolfe-& Co. Just inside the Washington St. entrance.
T 1 XT 1 7 ! -I
L-oveiy iNew veilings l uuu raras;
In a Very SpecialsS
This is a season of veilings not for years nave these "fragile weapons -'
of fair woman" enjoyed such vogue, so be quick to take advantage of -
these at such a special price i
They are here in infinite
variety in almost every
conceivable mesh and de
sign. And this special lot
contains d o 1 1 c d meshes,1
dainty floral patterns and
scroll designs.
Gypsy mesh with heavy
borders large plain square
mesh, fine meshes with !
heavy borders or scroll de
signs. Black, taupe, brown,
purple, French blue and
navy. . ' ' , ', :
These veilings are very good looking and certainly present value un
usual especially at the outset of .long pe r i odof : prophesied veil
popularity. ' Street Floor, Lipman. Wolfe & Co.
Worth Very
Much More
And A Real Sensation
Here On Friday For
Paiys Of Gloves
Every Pair New and in Spring
1 9 1 9 Shades : Fine Flexible Cape;
PXM Style: Every Size Included '
On Sate Fifth
Street Square
Wef have just received 1200 pairs ,of f these splendid
glovesbought below actual worth-and placed on sale
the same way. Friday and Saturday.
The gloves are air
fresh, clean and new
and are of fine soft,
flexible cape in abso
lutely perfect grades.
The shades are indi
cative of their desirabil
ity brown, mahogany,
taupe, gray, silver and
tan. All PXM style.
$1.45 as can be readily seen is a marvelously
low price for such gloves and we are certain that
the demand tpmorrpw and Saturday will be en6r
mous. On sale on the Main Floor Bargain Square,
Street Floor entrance. ' - '
Friday the weekly special 6fter3 of fine finished playing cards in reg
ular, pinochle and whist sizes at 25c. : ' v
- Aisle 'table, Lipman, Wolfe & Co. Street Floor. . (