The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, March 11, 1919, Page 11, Image 11

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Traveler to all polnfci of tba TJnitod State
r abroad ahonld teas adraritaaa of experieeeed
tafonnatiun and ' ssi-rles- offered through The
Greson Journal Travel Barm a, ta personal
' ajerce of Don-7 B. Smith. Railroad tiekata and
tranship booking aeaad. Foreign esehaase
tasuad. Information siren" reaaidica passports.
' Portland and Vicinity Ten'sbt and, "Wednes
day, nun; moderate southerly winds.
Oregon and Washington Tonisht and Wed
nesday, rain ; moderate southerly winds,
w aru pre prerafts front the North Faelfle
eoant eaKward to North Dakota and Manitoba.
Elsewhere tba pressure ta high, tha hisbwit read
ings brine in Oklahoma end Texaa. PreclpttatJon
has occurred ta tha North Pacific states, in parts
of Westers Canada, ta tba Lake rccion and Ohio
Taller, and in Oklahoma and Louifiana. Tha
'weather ta muel) coiiar in Alberta, and in tha
Upper Mlwisrippl -talley and tha Southern Plains
statM, and la genera Iljr warmer in the Horth
westera states. Freacing weather extend south
ward to Oklahoma and New Mexico, and east
ward over tba Lxe region. The tentperatare is
generally below normal in the JIiiippi valley
. 'and over tha Southwest, and above normal in
that eaetiona, EDWABD l .WJXLS.
a ' J3 til
40 82 1 O
44 40 0
so as
4 J "
42 It -02
48 80 O
48 2 0
62 0 0
44 24 O
29 20 0
50 84 O
50 44 0
70 SO
48 40 .48
54 24 0
60 40 0
44 42 .86
44 28 , 0
44 SO .12
70 43 -O
48 84 .08
50 48 .12
60 44 O
50 88 ft
82 16 0,
40 28 0
68 48 O
64 44 A
44 42 .08
44 88 .01
46 43 .80
82 68 0
66 48 0
64 44 O
46 40 O
Baker, Or... .
Itoloa, Idaho ... . .
Man ton, Mas. . , .
i'aUrary, Alberta .
('Uieagoy III. . . . .
iJeaver. Colo. . .
Ilea Moines, Iowa
.aires ton, Texas
Helena, Mont. . . . .
Huron, 8. D. . . . .
Kanxas Oity, Mo. ..
Knoxrillo, Tenn. .,
lis Angeles. CeL .
Marshfield. Or. .. .
Medford. or.
New fork. N. T.
North Mead. WaOi . .
North Platte. Neb
Oklahoma City. Ok la. ..
. Phoenix, Aria.
Pitt-burg, Pa,
Portland, Or. . . . . .
Itoarburg, Or. ........
SC . Inula, Mo. .........
St. Paul. Minn. .......
halt I.aka Oity. Utah . . ,
San I Mr in. Cel.
San Kram- iaoo. CsL ....
(Seattle.. Wash. .......
Spokane. Wash.
Taoema. Wash. .......
Tampa, Kla. .........
Walla Walla, Wastu ...
Washington, D. C
Yakima. Wash.
'Afternoon report tf preceding day.
on Bale at
B urines Office, Tba Journal
Motorist Fined for Speeding Driving:
a motorcycle along; Union avenue at the
rata of 60 mllea an hour cost John W.
Nystrom $50 fine and ono day in the
city Jail when lie appeared In tha ma
- nlclpal court Monday to answer a charge
of speed ins. Testimony showed that he
raced down the avenue, passing: many
streetcars taking on passengers. H, Ven
ron. Who was caught driving a truck
aions; the Llnnton road at a rate of 45
miles an hour, paid a fine of f 45 for his
offense. Other motorists contributed
$237.60 to the city for speeding; and vari
ous other Infractions of the traffic laws.
Mis A. G. CrofBley, formerly employ
ment manager for the Underwood Typo
writer company, this city, has returned
from Bremerton. Wash., after, service in
the United States navy in the com
mandant' office and is now identified
with the Noiseless Typewriter company.
Fourth and Oak streets. She will be
glad ho welcome old friends and to be
of service to all those desiring positions
in thie clerical line as well as to em
ployers who desire skilled employes in'
this - line of work, Call phone Main.:
6344.--AdT. ( j
' loir Boaad QTer--Four persons ac
'cuaed of felonies were bound over to
await tie action of the grand jury .by
Municipal Judge Rossman at Monday '3
Nelsen, accused of forgery ; Gustav
Miller, charged with assault with intent
to kill, and Joe donia and George Mc
Donald,' charged with the larceny of an
automobile, were held. Ball was set
for Gonla and McDonald at $500 each,
and j for the other two men at $1000.
None was able to furnish bail. '
BM Leetar at North Portland Mrs.
A. I Campbell of the Oregon Audubon
society Will lecture at the North Port
land library. 190 East Killingswortb,
avenue, Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
Her: subject will be . "Bird at Nesting
Time." , The lecture Will , be illustrated
with lantern elides. No admission will
be charged. ?
Injured at Shipyard 'Mike Denatlla.
IS years of age, who resides at 268
Meade street, was taken to the Good
'Samaritan hospital Monday, afternoon.
suffering from injuries received while at
work at tha Northwest Steel company's
plant when he fell about six feet, and
suffered painful bruises and ecajp
wounds. . His injuries are. not dangerous.
Charged With Shoplifting Mr. Le
flore Burke, 85 years of age, was ar
rested Monday afternoon by Inspectors
Hyde and Abbott and held in the city
jail on a charge of larceny from a store.
. " . ' ' " .
Begy's Mustarine contains true yel
low mustard and where, inflammation-
or congestion ia Indicated It
- mora than, takes the place of the
good old-fashioned plaster or lini
ment of . days gone by. It cannot
blister and there are no disagreeable
fumes to irritate the nose and eyes.
Just rub It on that's all. Use it
, to stop headache, backache, earache
- and neuralgia. : Hub it on those tor
( tured rheumatic, joints for blessed
j. relief no local application can take
! Us place.
! Always In the yellow box. Be sure
I to ask for Begy's Mustarine. Adv.
mm mm
isifi m
The woman is said to have been caught
shoplifting in the fds. Wortman & King
store. She secured her release later in
the evening 'on $150 bail. '
Xstesded to Kilt Himself Because
someone thought Rinaldo Zaaattl . of
Prinevllle said he . would kill the presi
dent, when he really said, "If the. pres
ident don't let my family come to -this
country. Ill kill myself," he was ar
rested and given a hearing before a
United States commissioner. Zanattt
was released after he was examined by
Assistant United States Attorney Gold
stein at the commissioner' hearing in
Prinevllle. : ; : -
Cateara Bark Official The forest
service is advertising for bids on chittem
bark or cascara en tha. north fork of
the Smith river in the Siuslaw National
forest. Cascara bark is a second prod
uct of the national forests and its sale
is rather unusual. It is estimated there
are 20,000 pounds of the dried medical
bark available for; commercial use.
Basaway Boys Foe nd George Schaf
fer, 15 ; - Henry Schaffer, - 16, and
Francis Foote, 15, three runaway boys
from Wood burn, were found about t
o'clock thie morning wandering about
tn Laurelhurst by Officer Lawrence.
They were taken to ' police headquar
ters and transferred to the juvenile
ward in the county JaU,
Paol Qneahpama Plaeed la Jail
Paul Queahpama, alleged to have tak
en liquor upon the Umatilla . Indian
reservation, was brought to Portland
this morning from Pendleton by Dep
uty United States Marshal Tichenor
and placed in the Multnojnah county
jail. He was Indicted at the recent
session of t'e ..federal grand jury.
Whea Tea Think Long Datanee, think
"Northwestern," unaffected by the local
consolidation. Obtain our service as
usual. To any Bell operator say,
"Northwestern, long li stance," on the
automatic ; dial . "Long Distance."
Prompt, courteous. Adv.
" "What's the Ue of Lrt1a if you don't
have any fun ? And you can't have
much fun without an automobile. So
the thing to do is turn to the "auto ma
bile" column in today's Journal "Want"
ads and select your car now. Tomorrow
may be too late. Adv.
Will Explain Income Tax The in
tricacies of the Income tax law will be
explained at a meeting to be held in the
small parlor of the Y. M. C. A. at 8
o'clock tonight by Joseph Gill ingham, a
certified public accountant. The public
is Invited to attend. j
Soelal " Organisation Planned The
auxiliary of the Slxty.f tfth artillery
corps has voted $50 to help buy uni
forms .for the ' Multnomah Guard - band.
It is proposed that men of the Sixty
fifth unite with the auxiliary to form
a social organisation.
, Hard Times Bases, given by Anchor
council No. 748, K. & L. of S.. W. O.
W, hall, 218 11th st. Everyone who
reads this ad is Invited, if a member
or not. Come and get acquainted. Ad
mission 85 centsAdv.
Salem-Portlasd Ante Stags leaves
Bligh hotel -9 a. ar-ives Imperial
hotel 11 :40 a. m. ; leaves Imperial hotel
2:30 p. m., arrives Salem 5:10 p. m.
daily. Adv.
Steamer Jets! Harking for Camas,
Washougal and way landings, daily ex
cept Sunday, leaves Alder street dock at
8 p. m. Adv.
Steamer Iralda for St. Helens and Rai
nier, daily at 3:S0,p. m foot of Alder
street. Sunday, St. Helens only, 1:30 p.
m. Adv.
Eat 'Bradley's Piss They're!
At leading restaurants and gr-eers.
Bradley's Cocoanut cream Pies. U-nra !
What's best? Bradley's mince ples.--Adv.
SU Patrick's Ball Saturday night,
15th, 8 :30. , 409 Alder and 11th st. Prize
awarded best Irish dancer. Adv.
Dance, Ha nee, Wednesday' Night
Christen sen's hall. Victorian jass or
chestra. Valuable prizes. Adv.
Banjo uaaeing ciub win give a
dancing party ' at Cotillion hall, Thurs
day evening, March 13. Adv.
Br. Hsmberstone has returned from
service and cpened offices 619 Vs Williams
avenue. Adv.
Stelnmets Self-Honing Rax or Straps,
$2. Portland, Cutlery Co.; 86 6th near
Stark. Adv.
Br. Sedgwick, obstetrics and diseases
of women. . Selling bldg. Phone Main
2293. Adv.
Hadley A Silver, tailors, maks depend
able clothes. 100 Sixth t,, corner Stark,
Tosr Hair Cat as you wish It Market
Barber shop. 1S7 Fourth, at Yamhill.
Adv. ,
Yen May Profit by reading Word's
art under financial classified ads. Adv,
Pr. J. J. Manoney moved to 327 Mo
hiwk building. Phone Main 6818. Adv.
Bids for the proposed new elevated
roadway on Sauvies island at the north
approach to th Burlington ferry were
opened -and referred to Roadmaater
Katchel for investigation and recommen
dation by the county commissioners on
Monday. '
A- report by County Auditor Sam B,
Martin showed that the amount remain
ing in the general fund March 31 was
$28,505.63 and in the road fund $14,
780.55. '
Bids for cremation of the pauper
dead, ranging from 50 cents a person to
$3.50. were opened and taken .under ad
A communication from F. H. Meyer,
the county's tractor operator, asking for
an increase of pay from $7 a day to
$, or $185 a month, was referred to the
roadmaster for recommendation.
A communication from A. T. Mercler,
superintendent of the Southern Pacific
company to City Engineer Laurgaard
calling attention to the condition of the
east approach to the Btirnside bridge of
the railroad company's tracks was for
warded to the commissioners. The pile
bents supporting the superstructure over
the tracks, the railroad official says,
are getting soft and need Immediate
The local superintendent of the Union
Paclfie system called attention, in a let
ter to the board, to the hazardous man
ner in which hd says drivers of county
auto trucks, hauling rock over the
Craig road, cross the company's track.
They travel from 15 to 20 miles an hour,
he says. ' - - ' ' .
X warrant was ordered drawn In fa
vor of F.Kpsher for $250 to indemnify
him for the loss of 20 tubercular cows,
slaughtered by the county health off!
clals. . ,
Woman Not Worried
Over! Food Shortage
"I have lived cn toast and water lor
over six months and have been scarcelyS
able to eat anything for the past year.
I began suffering from stomach trouble
and bloating five years ago. A friend
recommend Mayr'a Wonderful Remedy,
and since taking six doses I feel I am
entirely restored ? even cabbage ' does
not hurt me. It Is a blmple, harmless
preparation that removes i&e catarrhal
mucus from jhe intestinal tract and al
lays ths tnflsmmatlon which causes
practically all stomach. Uver and intes
tinal ailments, including . appendicitis
une aose win convince or money re
funded. Druggists everywhere. Adv. , ,!
Seven Sons Welcomed ; ..
Seven stalwart, sons they were as they
arrived in Portland Monday night from
all parts of - the country and made a
raid on the Multnomah, the whole seven
simultaneously, where their - .parents,
Mr, and Mrs. Hemphill, were awaiting
them In the lobby. Today the Hemphills
are having a reunion with their seven
sons, culminating in a family dinner to
night at 8 o'clock. Mr. Hemphill Is head
of the' Hemphill auto schools, with each
branch school in charge of one of his
sons, so that, the business is entirely
controlled by th family, A :
m - - : " i ' ,. ' '-
Finds Relief From 1 Rheumatism
L. r. McNulty of Wallowa, than whom
few Oregoniahs possess longer beards is
recovering! from an attack of rheuma
tism and will return to his. home within
the near ' future. "I came . to Portland
last Juns, hoping a change of climate
would rid me of ray ailment, and I guess
the purpose was accomplished, said Mr.
McNulty. He is engaged in horse and
cattle raising and Is a 23-year pioneer
of Eastern Oregon. He says' there Is
little likelihood of him being mistaken
for another, person with a beard .that
reaches to his waist. : . - ?
-..f... . , '-';,m.:
Railroad Blen Are Ileeting r ; 4
. Several brotherhoods of railroad men
of the O-W. R. A N, are holding com
mittee meetings at the Imperial today,
discussing local problems. A general
committee,' representing the Order of
Railway Conductors, consisting of J. B.
Rhodes, H. F. Keller and C E. Carl,
son of Spokane, J. R. Johnson of Walla
Walla, C K. Andrews of The Dalles, W,
H. Safford of La Grande and C L. Nick
son of Portland, are. disposing of local
matters, together with similar commit
tees' from the engineers, firemen and
Reedport Is Prosperous
Reedsport has -grown from practically
nothing Into- a flourishing town of 800
inhabitants within the last 15 months,
according to A. P. Reed, chief citizen.
The sawmills' are running full blast and
another one is under construction. A
bank is doing excellent business under
the direction of Isaac E. staples, and all
the other earmarks of a rising metro
polls are apparent. The town is located
on . the Umpqua river and is built
around lumbering, fishing' and dairying
industries. Mr. Reed is staying at the
Imperial. . -.
' '
Assistant - Foresters ' Return
C. J. Buck, assistant district forester,
in charge of land work, has just re
turned to the forest service from Bel
lingham. Wash., where he met Forest
Supervisor C If. Clark and the forest
rangers of the Washington national for
est, discussing with them problems of
land exchange with the government, re
creational developments and game pro
tection for the coming year. The rang
ers, with the assistance of Mr. Clark,
mapped out ar tentative program to meet
the local conditions.
Armory Custodian Back on Job ,
CaptVlh J. MeCormack. who has been
custodian of the State Armory at Tenth
and Couch streets for nearly 80 years,
has again returned to his duties follow
ing a few days Illness. All the officers
and men are glad to see him in charge
once more.
Finds Portland Safe and Sane
"Isn't it a grand and. glorious feel
ing," says F. C. Gibbons, who stays at
the Cornelius, "to wake up in the morn
ing after visiting the cafes and retaur
ants the night before, and "firld only
14 cents in your pocket, then ; to feel
We Make theSuit
Select your material anywhere,
bring it to us and we will make
it into a suit or overcoat of any
style you desire at a moderate
Cress & Meadows
Successors to Lnadflslst Tailoring Co.
503-606 Abington BuIIdtn't
Complete $4000 Stock Sacrificed
fre delivery
Mutt Be 'Sold This Week, All New and Up-to-Date Goods
Llbby's Asparagus .23c
Preferred Stock Salad Points 17c
Campbell's Soups ...10c
Armours V, B. Soups .-10c
Gillnetters' Salmon 1 lb. 29c
Chinook Salmon, A lb...... 16c
Otter Peaches, 2s... .... ,26c
Preferred Stock Peaches. ... ,16c
Del Monte Pimentoes 14c
Del Monte Hot f auce. . 6c
Tomatoes, No. 2V cans... 12c
Tree Tea, lb .....22c
Folj-er's Tea, Yt lb . . . . W. . -22c
Walnuts, budded ..32c
Mixed - Nuts ...... . f . . . . . .27c
Log Cabin Syrup, small. .,. :25c
Log Cabin Syrup, medium . . , 50c
. " $9Tl for Sd Liberty 4 flOA Bead. 1
- . for 4th Liberty AV Boad. -
: $5 Boad Oae-Half ef Above Price. .
New York Market prices (which we pay. plus accrued interest, less usual
brokerage) Monday, with the interest added, were as above Quoted. We
loan on Libertys up to 80 of their face value. -
1 hereby assign all my rights to. Receipt No. ......
and subscription referred to therein to Klwood Wiles
. Company, t 3 , '.-Yttj -v... - "1-'
cautiously about in other - ejockets and
thrusting your fingers a little deeper in
one, discover a $20 note V Mr. Gibbons
looked as happy as he felt. : ' "
a .
Here From Los Angeles
Mr. and Mrs. H. Z. Osborne of Los
Angeles are the guests of Mr. and MrsJ
Blaine R. Smith of the Multnomah,
while Mr. Osborne, who Is a congress
man: from California, ia -: attending . to
business matters In the Interests of the
fivers and harbors commission and of
the naval board.
Lieutenant lorfer" Heard From
Lieutenant O. M. Porter, formerly cm
ployed - by , the .forest service on the
Whitman national forest, has written to
A. J, Jaenlcke. forest examiner, that, he
has recently undergone an operation for
appendicitis, and expects during his re
cuperation to put in about four months
studying advanced forestry In French
S. P. Employes Return :-: .;
"Gld Morris, formerly chief bill clerk
of the- Southern Pacific, and Emery
Lasher, one of the same office force,
were among those welcomed by many
outstretched hands Monday afternoon at
the - depot when the train from Camp
Lewis brought in the contingent of the
Third Oregon. yThey will be back at
their old Jobs in a few-days.
Cigar Distributor Is ; Popular '
C W, . McCormtck, representative of
the Webster Cigar company of New
York, ' has made himself popular with
tha hotel employes of ths Benson by his
free dispensation of cigars. Mr. McCor
cnick arrived this 'morning with sis
cigars, and everyone who smoked got
1 Assisting in Boise Campaign ,
I. B. Rhoades, Interstate Y. M. C. A.
secretary, and A. M. Grllley. service
secretary of the Portland . association,
have gone to Boise, Idaho, to asslct tn
a campaign by which the Boise associa
tion is attempting to raise $165,000 for a
new building. - -
Foundation ftfttclals Here
Bayley Hlpklns, president -of the
Foundation company at Seattle, arrived
at the Benson this morning, together
with th French high commission, com
posed of Captain A. Mlllot, E. Trldue
neaux and Robert, H. La veine.
Mr, and Hrsf Constdino f n City
Mr, and Mrs. J. W. Consldlne,- wo
are connected with a number of theatre
In Seattle, are spending a few day at
the Portland.' '
The New Perkins was the scene of a
wedding Monday night, when Taylor
Bailee of Los Angeles-and Mrs. Buckley
of Portland were married.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Morley of Silver
ton are staying at the Imperial.
Mr.-and Mrs. A. 10. de Rlcgles ef Den
ver, Colo., are at the Benson on their re
turn from California. The De Riegles
decided to include the Pacific Northwest
in their tour.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Frlese of Belling
ham. Wash., are guests at the Carlton.
Judgo H. H. Belt of Dallas bas arrived
at the Cornelius.
S. M. Gallagher, who owns a big res-
Make Cake With
Douglas Oil
A The
Delicate and
Heinz Catsup, lare .22c
Snider's Catsup, small ....... 18c
Knight's Catsup, large. . . . .20c
Tea Garden Preserves...... 27c
Cottolene, l lb., 10 oz. . . . - .38c
Crisco, l lb ,30c
Coffee 40: Bulk . . . . . . .32c
Coffee 35r Bulk .27c
Rye-Rice, Potato Flours, lb.... 4c
Taylor's Pork and Beans ..... 8c
White Navy Soap, 6 bars.,;25c
Great Western, 7 bars ..... . 25c
A. B. Naptha Soap, bar... ,.6c
Blueing, bottle . . . . . . . . . ,7c
Roxo Ginger Ale, case . . . .$3.00
Bottle ......... '....13c
High-grade , Pineapple . . . . , . 14c
Main 243
If you will tear this out sign your name below
and mail to us with your, receipts enclosed, we will
complete your payments and immediately reimburse
you at the New York Market price, less amount
necesssary-to complete your payment. Brokerage
chances: For each $50 or' $100 subscription, $1.
tetatlsie :
. -,. Oaea,
taurant at Astoria, Is visiting at the
Seward. . v; .-. r ,'K , ,
C. E. Fleiger and James T. Shaw, at
torneys for the Paclfie Coast Telephone
company, arrived this morning: at the
Mr. and Mrs. George Jennings of White
Salmon are at the New Per Mine. Mr.
Jennings operated the-auto bus between
White j Salmon and Troutlake.
Mr. and Mrs. J-.B. Douglas and J. T.
Tennant are at the Benson, on their way
home from Calgary. Altaw after spend
ing ttie winter In California.
Mrs. Robert McMurphey, associate
grand matron of the Eastern Star, Is at
the Imperial from Eugene.
C. C Going of Coos Bay la registered
at the Carlton.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Larophere and
family, from Peshastln, Wash., are at
the Seward, on their way home from
California, , V ' . ,
A. Bystrom, prunegrower and civil en
gineer from Monroe, is visiting at the
Cornelius. ...
Mrs. S. E. Hutton of Moseow, Idaho,
and Miss Sonna of Boise. Idaho, are
guests at the Portland.
W. A. Geuatiy. sheriff, from Corvallis,
is at the New Perkins.
Irrigation Districts
To Be Investigated
Salem. March 1L State" Engineer
Cupper has gone to Southern Oregon,
where he will inspect the Medford,
Rogue River, Gold Hill and Talent Ir
rigation districts. The Medford. dis
trict . which includes 20,000 acres -of
land near Medford. expects to secure its
water from Big Butte creek and has
voted bonds In the sum of $1,600,000
for the purpose of carrying out Its
Mystery Surrounds Death
Seattle, March II (I. N. & Seat
tle police today are attempting to solve
the mystery surrounding the death of
E. L. Rose, 25. a sailor from-the Uni
versity of Washington naval training
camp, who collapsed In a Turkish bath
establishment while being rubbed with
a solution of carbolic add and cam
phor. Physicians are unable to discover
the cause of death.
Seasoned slabwood and Inside -wood,
green stamps for cash. Holman Fuel
Co. . Main J5J, A-SSSS. Adv.
Continued With Renewed Lots
This Phenomenal Sale of
High Grade Corsets
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Reserve K
The need is great this
season for a more than
usually exact shaped
corset to properly set
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There are the new
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cputils in pink or white
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- different
models to select from, ranging from the
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elastic reducing Rengo Belt Corsets.
Select Your New Corset at This Sale
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exceptional values at above
price. v '
72x90 hPiece SHEETS
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Sheets, made without seam
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A splendid value at this
27 -Inch Outing Flannel
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A Good Standard Qualify
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Perfect fitting, seasonable, weight Union Suits, made
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sleeves, in white and ecru. Particular men insist upon
having Cooper's Bennington Underwear fits best--2
wears best costs less three good reasons! , .
. V s
Store Opens
at 8:30 A. M.
" " esSSMss saasss 4
.' Saturdays .
at 9 A. M..
Corporal Hunt Wins
D. S. 0. for Heroism
In Action in France
Corporal David B. Hunt of the ma
chine gun company of the 101st Infantry
has been awarded the distinguished serv
ice cross for extraordinary heroism in
action ' at: Bourbeltn, ; France, July li,
Mis. ; The government citation reads as
follows. "When an artillery v barrage
was laid down on the section of which
he was a member, killing three and
wounding five. Including' the section ser
geant, and corporal. Corporal Hunt, se
verely wounded him sell carried the ser
geant to the first aid station, returned
to hi -post through the barrage, as
sumed leadership of th section and suc
cessfully directed their operations until
he fell from exhaustion."
Corporal Hunt is a brother of M. O.
Hunt, 69 Fourth, street
Just Like the Birds Time
We are flying very rapidly Into Il.
March will soon be gone ; spring and
Easter almost here. Are you seriously
considering your biggest and most valu
able asset being well dressed and
planning for your necessary apparel 1
You should not dread It or worry over
It any more, slnoo you can always find
what you want, at Cherry's popular
shop on Washington street. They- are
showinc the latest models In suits.
dresses, capes and dolman coats.' and.;
for dependable, seasonable and honestly
priced merchandise can't be beat. But.
best of all. you don't have to worry
so much 'about the money when you
go there. Their Fasy. Payment Sys
tem of charge accounts takes all the
dread of shopping away. You can se
lect what yon want," make an agree
ment -with their account department to
pay a certain amount when you get the
garments and the balance you can ar
range to take care of to suit your con
venience. X bought this dolman I have
on there and have It paid for except
about five dollars, and , the payment
come 00 easy that I scarcely miss the
money. So don't fail to look them up.
They are at $89-91 Washington street,
Plttock block. Adv. ' . . '
Attend the Special, Demonstratoin at
Our Notion Section of
Wm crxrnirneoAscw
1 J
Here's a Surprise for You!
An Opportunity to Purchase
Dainty 1 Regular
Laces, at VB . Prices
It is an important sale of surplus lots, broken lines
and discontinued numbers in laces suitable for most
every purpose. For the making and trimming of dresses,
waists, underwear, etc. Included are:
Metal EdgesBands A Hovers and Flouncings in
18-27 and 36-inch Width 's
Silk A Hovers Flouncings and Edges in White,
Cream ahd Black Widths to 36 Inch .-
Val Edges and Insertions- Venise Laces-r-N 'orman
die ValsNet Top EdgesShadow Allovers
Shadow Flouncings- Linen Cluny Bands Net Top.
Laces, etc 4 17 to 27 -inch Widths
All on Sale at One Half Regular Prices
The Mosfin Valtfe-The Best
Diking Planned to
c Reclaim Tideland "
Near South Bend
South Bend. Wash.,- March 11. Plans
are under way here for the organisation
of a diking district to reclaim valuable
tide lands opposite the city. County En
gineer Gibbs estimates that the main
land district contains about 1600 acres,
and the cost of reclamation would be
about $17 per acre. The land on the
island opposite, the city is estimated to
contain 350 acres, and the cost of recla
mation would be in the neighborhood of
f 48 per acre. .The Weyerhaeusers own
considerable of. this land, and they and
other owners have expressed themselves
as favorable to the proposition. ,
To Pffcxrcz:2
f'HsaxntiRo x
fie sure you get the Genuine
Look for this signature
on the box. 30c.
Every housekeeper
should khowr of the
superior qualities of
-this celebrated Polish
for cleaning and pol
ishing all sorts of
woodwork, f um i
ture, pianos, hard
wood floors, automo
biles, etc. It is a pol
'It removes dirt and
cleans and polishes
at the same time.
25c SOc UJOO
"Cdme and See for Yourself"
3rPound Cotton
at, $2.48 Each
A special sale of a splen
did" lot of pure white Cotton
Batts of wool process finish
they come in one piece 72
by 84 inches and 3 pounds
in weight.
Store Closes
at 5:30 P. M.
at 6 P. M.
' J T y wild f
is that there
In the world
Is not another
that compares
lens I
We do not ask you to accept our
opinion without proof, that we
can show with actual photos taken
of the same objects thrpugh the
different kind of lenses.
The attractive booklet, "The Eye
and the Lens," has thjse pictures
and -will b given for the asking.
We specialize in the best products
used in optometry. .
Increase Your Own
Pay Envelope
Practical Instruction with
excellent equipment, lab
oratories and shops attrac
tively fitted Out
Save time and get superior
training in your chosen line.
Office adviser glad to con
fer with you relative to
beat course of study.
Students can enter - JTO W
for .
Auto and Tractor
Radio Telegraphy
Business School
Stenographic School
College Preparatory
Electrical Engineer
' . ing
Mechanical D r a f t
ing Detailed Information on the
above and other Softools ca
For Catalogues Call at
or Address
T. M. C. X. Depart meat ef
detloa, Dir.
Office 41
A quality bread -therefor
We (Tiara nts ear work for 10
mtt, Ws will saeuna 7rur tth
fr and teU roe lust wbat ttuf
rassira and what U will cost.
Oafs' rllllne.,,..,S1.eO ana1 Ua
Os4S Oea na.. .. . . ,S.S0-.00
Pareslaln Creams. , .$
full ast ef Teat far.. 00
Pslntaas K tract law.. ...... .SOa
Silrar rililnat, .SO
I 1a amy sarseaal SttasUos to
u wors. Or. Mawtos
DR. H. T. KIWTOff, rnp.
Opas Xraalsss CaLU IS
Boston Painless Dcntirls
Sstwaan 4Ui an Sth as Wsthlnatee tt,
1 . ' r p-iuiuimrw,'"'!:
Iiintar er Kelatla.
StsrsJaed Daeaa. ete,
secaaaf ally Irialm.
C n p i a 1 1 gcatfii
Office cell I
Hoiit ealla .' ....II.
Coaf loamcst eases
for . '.f ' i
il c. n.i. . i
71 4 Tl rkm r
Otlina Foods a - o ;
UauUebva. Jwt t s, -
imUnnm , .- Msiiiki Vision '
B " . 'sr a . M a
Your - f?4
supply XTTL