The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, March 09, 1919, Page 12, Image 12

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. CARES FOR 9346
Gives Greeting to Strangers Who
Stroll Within City Gates and
Makes Their Welcome Warm.
In the
Portland faces sure failure in the present Armenian-Syrian Relief Drive unless
hundreds of new volunteers respond immediately to this urgent call for help.
- Thoiisandsof patriotic citizens who will gladly give to the cause cannot be
reached because there are too few workers! in the field.
unnwiwn at; aii rrATinN;
Girls, i Children and Aged Are
' .... j.: A. - .f ,r .J.--.'- :S ;.
Help I
85 i:-u-.
1- ?'V V
. i Women of Y. W. C. A. Corps.
I i - '' .
To the stranger within her gates, par
ticularly the young and unsophisticated
girl, Portland, through the travelers aid
department of Its Young Women's Chris
tian association, extends a welcome, the
very , nature of which carries with - It
the interest, the understanding, the
guidance, and the protection vso much
needed. by girls and young women un
familiar with the city and its wr.ys.
At the; Union station, the North Bank,
Jefferson street and Alder street,
trained! workers are kept In attendance
tinder the general supervision of Mrs.
ft It. Allen, the individual "workers be
ing Miss Amelia Foshay, Mrs. Cora Bul
lock, Mrs. Nina B. Templeton, Mrs.
May Mi. Snyder and Mrs; Minnie Crowe.
The purposes of the traveler's aid
cover four points, as follows1; Investi
gation ion request of the many and va
ried Inducements that cause persons to
leave their homes, including questionable
Influence, such as deceptive letters, ad
vertisements and' offered positions, also
dangerous addresses, etc. ; protection
and aid of travelers, - especially girls,
women) and boys, in the many varied
emergencies and temptations of travel
until they arrive at;their proper desti-
Front row, left to: right Miss Amelia Foshay, Mrs. Cora E. Bullock, Mrs. Minnie Crowe, Back row, lert to
rightMrs.-, Sophia Allen,, Mrs. -Nioa B. Templeton, nTraTelers Aid workers for the Young Woman's Chris
tian Association,', who devote themselves to the protection and guidance or young girls in the railroad sta
tions!", the ;cityv V r : - . -
nations; placing the names of strangers
with, "the organizations which; will de
velop them socially, mentally and re
ligiously lor-, their proper assimilation
in the community ; assist travelers to
respectable and suitable lodging houses,
responsible institutions or back to their
"town homes. ; .
- Thonsaadi Cared , Foe . ,
During the past year 9346! persons
were assisted by the traveler's aid work
erfs. Of- these 516 were children alone;
llfe8 wert girls alone and 1189 were
elderly people. The scope and variety
of problems which , the workers are
called upon to solve can no better be
described than by a dozen typical cases
taken from the diaries of the workers.
. Two girls, about 13 and 15 years of
age, their hair down I'.ieir backs, wear
ing short sleeved aprons and without
hats, runaways from Seattle, were taken
in charge, local relatives located, the
Seattle parents notified and one of the
mothers - came and took both . girls
A, California .girl, who had married
an Oregon soldier who later died,
brought his body to Portland for' burial.
Dazed with grief she sought the help
of the traveler's aid in locating her
husband's relatives.
miii . mrn wivi
l I' 'i
m i-M .m. w-' mi -m . l ta m w mm- . ,. .
Um I ' A i iii I B I " 1 -A I'-llff. " Tni I .r , m M r.
. - H greatest emotionmlct .r8? K I nflTy 'tT1? "i1 ' " $f
Vsuceess lntt" film projjC yVt"jSaff TV " ''i'TV ' ' ' ' c-urT1? -1 ' 'rjft
An aged Canadian woman in the last
stages of tuberculosis, arrived at the
Lnion station and collapsed. Rest, food
and medical care had to be provided
before she could continue her journey
to California.
Befriends Elderly Womai
An elderly woman had come up
from California on the boat. She had
been very seasick and in stepping off
the boat had sprained her ankle. She
hobbled into the stction she was on
her way to Montana sought the trav
eler's aid worker, who took her per
sonally to the ticket window and when
she went to count out the money for
her ticket she was $10 short. She had
a book showing a savings account in
a email California bank. This the
worker brought to a Portland bank,
the money was forthcoming'and a claim
sent to the California bank.
Two Finnish children.; a girl of eight
and gL boy of nine, arrived from the
iiaeL wiuioui uio icm t iuoauLiuiuuu
or indication as to their destination.
They refused to speak a word. After
keeping them at the depot for several
hours In an effort to find out who they
were and where they wanted to go the
worker took them to a Finnish commun
ity which she knew of, where the "hotel
proprietor had given her assistance,
and again 'he came to the rescue With
the knowledge that one of his friends
was . expecting his children from Min-
nesota, where their mother had - died.
Finally the father was located and the
tongues of the children were at once
Fktd Belatires of Runaways
Two runaway boys, having walked
In from the .country a distance of five
miles, arrived at the depot late in,' the
evening, Insufficiently clad. Coats - were
found and : finally the names - of Port
land relatives were secured and the lads
were taken to them, who gratefully re
funded the money qpent for the boys'
dinners and took the boys in.
A young girl from, a small town, who
was going to San Francisco to be mar
ried, had never before been on a sleep
ing car and asked the worker- to go with
her and show her how to go to bed and J
In response to her request a telegram j
was sent to the San Francisco traveler's !
aid and later a card was received tell- j
ing of the marriage to which the San j
Francisco worker had been a witness.
Our hearts have been touched many
times during the past six months by
the heart broken fathers bringing their
little ones to Portland relatives, the
mothers having died of influenza," said
Miss Amelia Foshay, the worker at the
Union station, j "Children without a
mother are so piliful and in most cases
the father seems pathetically helpless.
"The number of children traveling
alone Is surprising, usually they are
tagged or labeled, but sometimes they
are not. We give them stamped and
addressed post cards and ask them to
write to us when they reach their desti
nation and many and curious are the
missives we receive. . Often the little
if eUows forget to sign their, names and
Ve puzzle for hours over which partic
ular one of our little charges the mes
sage is from.
s'The Young Women's Christian asso
ciation is, of course, our greatest asset
in helping those whose lives we touch.
Through it we try to secure suitable
Hying accommodations for " the' strange
girl ; we help her to secure employment
or training as the case may be ; we try
to introduce her into the social life of
the association through its recreational
clubs and we try to direct her toward
the religious affiliation to which she
has been- accustomed. Then, too, we
have the sympathetic cooperation - of
the woman's protective division of the
department for public safety, the
juvenile courts, the rescue homes and
other institutions."
Mrs. William D. Wheelwright is the
chairman of the traveler's aid commit
tee of the T. W. C. A. and the other
members of the committee are : Mrs. F
D. Chamberlain, Mrs. Max Hirsch, Mrs.
William C. Morgan, Mrs. j, C. Costello
Miss Amy RothchUd and .Mr.
Corbett. ' - ' ' . .
Seasoned slabwood and Inside wood
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it on one application
It's the world's most popular conn
ter irritant for the shooting, darting
pains and aches of those numerous ex
ternal attacks which every, man. woman
and child suffers from at one time or
By penetrating . without rubblne-. it
helps to scatter the congestion, resulting
in a warm,: ungung , glow or comfort
i and ease.- Takes little to turn the trick
I quick.-1.' Won't; stain i the skin, ; Get a
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H1.20 Adv. - - r
Portland Must Not Fail ! .
She has never yielded place to any communi
ty in deeds of mercy and benevolence she can
not do it now. Yet she has barely reached one
half of her required quota of $73,200 after one
full weekVof arduous effort; The drive must
therefore be carried on through the coming
Will you Fathers and Mothers and patriots
allgive three days, two days, even one day of
your time to aid the little band of heroic voliin-'
teers who are striving valiantly for Portland's
honor and glory?.
LeL every man and woman whose heart is
.moved by the world tragedy of the millions of
starving women and children in the Near East
come to the front at once.
One of tha 400,000 Orphans'
"You won't let ma starva, will you?"
"$5.00 a month will sav my lif."
Report at the Unitarian Church, Broadway and Yamhill, at 9 o'clock tomor
row (Monday) morning and give of YOUR TIME AND SERVICE as well as
of your money. . j
Portland Must Not Fall Down
She Will Not Fall Down If
- We AH Do Our Duty
State Director for Oregon,
Treasurer. -
City Campaign Manager
Headquarters Unitarian Church, Broadway and Yamhill Phone Main 4 2304
Private Exchange Main 1786 Connecting With All Departments. Orders Promptly Filled
For Wash Day
No. 8 All-Copper Wash Boil- Qff
er. for
No. 8 Copper-Bot- flQ flQ A K
torn Wash Boilers DO d DO0
All-Metal Clothes Wringer.; df Off
cuaranteed rolls D.60
For the Kitchen
No. 8 Aluminum
. Tea r Kettles . .
7-Cup Alumi- ?Oi
num Percolators
Monday and Tuesday
Shoe Bargains
Lace an button styles; - some
with Rio ex fiber soles t some with
leather ioles. A number of good
styles to be closed out at
Tomorrow Morning We Place On Sale
Hundreds of Dozens of
Men?s Dress Shirts
This will be the largest disposal of men's shirts we erer have attempt
ed. The quantity is enormous, yet the values are so much greater,
than those of the ordinary shirt sales that we do not anticipate the
supply will last long. You will do well to be on hand early in order
to get the patterns and the style yon wish.
Splendid fabrics; attractive patterns;
new styles; ; all sixes for all men;
values that simply , are astounding
Grouped for convenience in selecting into two great lots. Every
garment a bargain extraordinary!
Lot 1 Shirts Lot 2 Shirts
$1.15 ' $1.39
See that yon et your. Ther will be a rash for them!
Kid Shoes t button . styles f ome
with patent tips. Value to $4
School and dress lace and but-
ton j short lines, but nearly all
Worth 93.80 the pair
Kid or patent coltf tot dmt or
chooL Values to $3.50 the pair.
- ". . -
Many styles, but not all sizes.
Value . high as S2.50 the
pair '
Regular $1.50 to SI. 75
High Quality Corsets
Broken lots from regular stock
offered at a sensationally low
price. Made of good quality
coutili medium bust. Nearly all
" sizes in the lot. While any re
main only 98c
Hemmed Napkins
Good quality) beautiful designs;
slightly soiled by ' smoke and
Children's Wash
Values to $3.50
Only 79c
Remaining from great fire sale;
made of good ginghams and per-
cales. Sizes up to 14 years.
Choose while any remain at 79c.
White Outing
Flannel .
Values to 50c
; Only 1 9c
27-inch and 36-inch outings at a
wonderful reduction. Buy freely
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Fine Dress Percales
35e ' Values
36-inch ' percale in a wide va
riety of pretty pattern and col
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Good ' material underpriced.
Do You Smoke?
TIsit ear tobae - aepartiacat
aad yoa will sickly sec that
we sail . teaaeees at aargam
erlecs prices that sav yoa real
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Crockery Bargains
W show a eomplt stock of
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will sajoy seleetlas; from par
stock. .Many bargains throagh.
m :':r
.H : : i
) i i I - if