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You'll Never Hear of Umpires Incautious, Enough to Ride Around in Aeroplanes
TM fcort h tun th Wlllar-Dmp
fight will ke to WMh down ihMr irwatt witn
U, tti fight Bains schedules far Ihr eayt
after the Went of July. -.
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Sergeants Chuck Ward and Win
tion and Don't Know Wheth er They'll See a Game of Ball
This Summer in the Old Home lnd.
By Junius B. Wood - ,
BpecUt Cable to tba Journal and tba Chicago Dally hews r'
Copyrisht, 1849. by Chlcaao IiaDy News Co.
GOBLENZ, Germany,!. March G."A man can t play baseball
all his life and I wish I could get back in the game while I
hitr tl- ctuff in - trie ' otrl 'sprnrpi nf CZmvmr C' AlevanHcf
,as he sat on ja "wooden bench in
village of Holsthun, inRheinish
the National league pitchers gazed pensively through a window
while his comrades were, hurriedly gulping down I their noonday
mess of the invariable stew and coffee. The day was anything
but suggestive of the national game, yet at that moment his
thoughts were far away with the surging bleachers of a great city
and with his wife in their quiet
I Then his thoughts snapped back to the present. He had a let
ter tp his pocket from r red Mitchell, president of the Chicago Na
tionals, sayirig that the old place at last year's salary awaited him
and that a contract for his signature had already been sent to his
"wife. t
"No, a man can't play ball all his life. He must make hay while
the sun shines. The pitchers especially must do so. If the gov
ernment is going to muster out the United States army this sum
mer I hope it will do so within the next few days, so that I can go
home and get time to get into shape this season. Our team starts
training on March 16. All the other players here are in the same
fix as I -am. I talked with our colonel yesterday and he said that
the rules were against applying for a discharge at this end. This
ties our Viands and any work to get it back must come from the
other end. Possibly I can get home some time in May and then
I will need a month's training before I cant into shape to go
on the diamond. That means tough sledding, for nobody has time
to bother much with late comers."
"" Alexander waa not whining and he
made no complaint against the clr
', curastances. He merely atated what
' seemed to hlra to be a fair case
' He haa been a member of battery F
: of the 342d 'field artillery which ia
part of the 89th division since he
left the United States. His faithful
work with the artillery caused film
' to be advanced to the grade of
sergeant. ' ,
"What did youv do in the great
war?" I asked him. t.
Was Famplng la R. E.
"I was a gunner tba day the ar
mistice was signed," he replied
proudly. "I had charge of the fir-
Ing of one of tje guns of our battery
which was sending over shells toward
Germany. Ia fact, I took it all Via
way through. I did pretty near ev
erything In the battery. I was made
a sergeant in October, wasn't I,
sergeant?" addressing one among
a group of fellow noncommissioned
officers. About half a dozen who
were seated. on table and chairs in
-the-Ttttle rodm vrtf led the-fact that
Ootober was the momentous date
when Alexander attained a salary of
?44 a month and "beans and boots."
"Have a cigarette?" he asked." his
. spirits brightening up as he produced
a battered pack and deftly struck a
"I was a non-commissioned officer
. most of the time, I also went to
school and studied for the job. None
of our men was gassed and none was -wounded,
though we' went, through
some heavy shelling at times. But
X guess it wasn't heavy compared
. with what some of tie others got.
The Ume went faster than I thought
It would at a time when .the end
might be near for any one of us. I.
stood it better, than this waiting.
" That is what is tiresome."
Has Sehedale With Him ,
The lure of hot chow. In the dril
ling rain was stronger than, te nov
elty of .hearing Alexander, give an::
Interview. At last the sergeant rat
tled a mess kit and .departed. .Alex
ander folded up his letter and gave
Ungertng look at the worn clipping
of this year's National league ached- (
ule, then grewpenslve again.. -
He is only one of many ballplay
ers In the different regiments of the '
expedition in the same situation.
When Major General Leonard Wood
was organizing the Eighty-ninth di
vision ai Camp Funston" last year,
- Major Malcolm Andrus, commanding
the 3 4 2d regiment, an enthusiastic
fan, decided to corral as many play
ers as possible. .Sergeant Charles
W. ("Chuck") Ward, shortstop, was
from the brooklyni Nationals. He was
in Battery A. Sergeant Otis Lam
beth, pitcher of the Cleveland Ameri-
cans, was in Battery D. Sergeant
Winfred Noyes. pitcher of the Phlla- '
deJphia. Athletics, was In the First
headquarters battalion, and Clarence
Ask for
To Secure Our Service
From Bell telephone:
Ask your local operator for "NORTH-WESTERN
From Home automatic: .
Pull the dialmarked "Lonr Distance."
Long Distance Specialist
We are exclusively a lone distance telephone
- utility. ;
V We connect with all Bell' and Independent
telephones in ! Portland, Seattle, Tacoma,
. Cbehalis, Centralia, Aberdeen and the other
, principal cities and towns in the Willamette
: ; Valley and Western Washington. ''
Northwestern Long Distance Telephone Company
. Execuiiie Offices: Portland,; Oregon.-
Noyes Are in Army of Occupa
the orderlies' room in the dismal
Prussia. The one-time leader of
home. in Newport, Ky.
Mitchell, first-baseman of the Brook
lyn Nationals, was in another bat
tery. Ward and Lambeth were gun
ners. Noyes was a battalion ser-'
geant, and Mitchell had the banker's
job of being stable sergeant. Natu
rally, the regiment had a team whlc
was never beaten.
Has Track Team How
. Lieutenant ' Thomas B. CrewsV of
St. Louis, regimental athletic offi
cer, is now organizing a track team.
Ward and Lambeth are throwing a
discus made of two tin frying-pan
.lids filled with sand. Noyes has
rheumatism and Mitchell has a sore
throat and they are unable to com
pete. "Sherwood Smith, our left-handed
pitcher, is now on the military po
lice In Paris." sail Ward, -one
night I had an impromptu sparring '
match with Lambeth, greatly to the
edification of the natives. In the
middle of the street in the village
of , Irrel. Maybe I won't kid Jim
wien I get him ion the diamond
again ! This soldiering has taught
me a lot of things even not to kick
in a hotel when the eggs are not
boiled two minutes, or In a train
when I get an upper berth. I am
able to eat eggs so long as they
don't bite me. and I can sleep com
fortably in-the aisle of a car. Once
when on the line I went seven days
with only carrots to eat. Finally X
sneaked away, found the Salvation
army and stuffed myself with dough
nuts before X came back with my
courage restored. But what is the
chance of getting home instead of
staying here and playing for the
expedition championship?"
Haak Most
Perhaps the most picturesque of
the coterie of players is Hank
Gowdy, catcher of the Boston Na
tionals, now color sergeant of the
166th infantry, an Ohio regiment.
In the Forty-second division. Hank
enlisted when war was declared and
went through all the hard fighting'
with tiat regiment. Before Major
Bowman Bulger, who was In charge
of the press section of the expedi-
" tion, and Damon Runyan, a New
Tork newspaper correspondent, both
baseball men and manipulators of
the English language, left Coblenx,
Sergeant Hank was a frequent vis
itor. Last week ho again arrived
in Coblens and got 10 days' leave
to go to Nice. .
"The fellows say that our regi
ment is going' home soon by way of
Rotterdam," said the uncomplain
ing Hank. "I hope to get home In
time to see a ball game this sum-
Middies Not Defeated
The Annapolis academy basketball
team won 16 consecutive games without
a defeat in the season recently brought
to a" close.
Northwestern Long
Plant and
Ball Holdouts
Are Thinning in
Big Show Ranks
Hew Tork, March v (I. K.
The raaks of baseball holdosts are
rapidly tslsslsg esU Flayers who
refased to accept tera whea eoa
tracts were seat oat a little more
tbas a month -age are rapidly com
ing tato the fold as the time for'
spring tralnlag draws Bear. '
Herbert Taermahlea the yesag
left-haider, aad Jack QbIbb, the
veteraa mlaor leagae pitcher
eared from the Coast leacae, have'
slgaed Taakee contracts. It was aa.
.Boa seed today, manager Hagglas
still hopes to sigB p Frank Baker,
despite reports to the eoatrary.
Big Field of Riders Expected to
Start in Annua! Event;
Interest Is High.
The Portland Hunt club will stage Its
annual team paper chase next Saturday
afternoon. There Is a great deal of en
thusiasm in this event.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Martin have
been named as the harea for this chase
by Natt McDougalL master of fox
hounds, and they are devoUng consider
able time and thought to trail hunting,
and they promis$ to give the riders a
good course.
The team chase Is considered quite
the most exciting event of the season,
as it is necessary for partners to cross
the line together In order to draw down
the trophy. This makes a speedy fin
ish aad does not necessarily mean that
the first in is the lucky one on the con
trary, the luck may be with the last
two crossing the line, which feature
causes enough suspense to make, the
finish extremely' interesting to the gal
lery. The winning team will be the guests
of the other riders at a dinner which will
be served in the club house at . 5 :30
o'clock. Members and friends are in
vited to attend the chase and the dinner.
Five Boxing-Bouts
On Card to Be Held
At St. Johns Tonight
Everything' is In readiness for the
staging of the smoker and entertain
ment of the Knights and Ladles of Se
curity in the skating rink at St. Johns
this evening at 6:30 o'clock.
The program is :
Pat Bradley versus B. O. Rooney,
three rounds.
Lee Johnson versus George Deenar,
three rounds.
Joe Gorman versus Nell Zimmerman,
three rounds.
Sammy Gordon versus Johnny Segar,
three rounda.
Joe McCarthy versus Johnny Tram
bitas, three rounds.
Leb Carlson versus Bert Smith, heavy
weights. The Western A. A. C. quartet will
render several selections and the- Kilties
dancers will appear. James McDonald
and James McGregor will play on the
March 12 and 14 Are
Set as Dates for the
" Final Hockey Series
Seattle, Wash., March 6. (I. N. S.)
Seattle's Metropolitans established them
selves safely In the play-off for the Pa
cific coast hockey championship by de
feating "Victoria here last night, 3 to 1.
With the three teams in the league
bunched, the race is the prettiest ever
seen in hockey.
Wednesday, March 12, and Friday,
March 14, have been fixed as the dates
of the home-and-home series between
the teams finishing first and second, to
decide which shall represent the league
in the world's championship series with
the National Hockey association.
Brill Will Help Yell
Palo Alto, Cal., March 6. Selling
Brill of Portland and W. T. Martin were
elected assistants to Yell Leader W. A.
Antrim at a meeting of the Stanford
student council Saturday. Brill- is a
member of the Theta Zl fraternity, man
ager of the 1920 Quad,-junior year book,
and plays on the varsity soccer team.
For 13 years we have rendered quick, cour
teous, competitive Jong-distance telephone
service In our field. For five years we have
connected with all telephones in the prin
cipal centers of our territory.
Not a share of our stock, nor a dollar of our
securities is held; by any other telephone
company or by any officer or director of the
Bell Telephone Company.
Our lines are of heavy copper and our plant
and equipment is of the highest order which
insures a first-class service.
'' .-'1'.-pL '' ,-V
r. mmrni7,T r irr m ' ' -1
mmmmmmmmmemKmamm J
" -.X ' 3 ' i - 4
. , t x- - - - 111 7s ' ' A " f as
" f ....
Lieutenant William H. Royle, former Multnomah club swimmer, who Is
now athletie officer of. base section No. 3, of the A. E. F., being sta
tioned in London.
Curtis Factory Would Transport
Ball Club From Giants'
Home to Philly.
NEW TORK. March 6 (U. P.) John
J. McGraw of the New Tork Giants
has often been "up in the air," but' he
has never before volunteered to take his
entire team with him on his aerial expe
ditions. Usually when McGraw's balloon ascen
sions occurred on or near the coaching
lines he "Impressed it upon his teammates
that they must keep their feet on the
ground and play ball. If anybody "went
up," John usually said ho would do the
ascending-. But McGraw has changed.
Today he wants the entire crew to fly
with him. However, they will use air
planes. McGraw has received and is consider
ing an invitation from J. P. Davlea of
the Curtiss airplane - corporation, in
which the Giants' leader is urged to fly
to Philadelphia with his teammates for
the opening game here April 23. Mc
Graw has indicated his desire to accept
the invitation.
BOB BENJAMIN, the perennial press
agent and manager of Willie Hoppe,
rubber-heeled Into town this morning
with the announcement that Willie and
the nonetheless well known Mr. Sutton
would be with the billiard fans of Port
land next Monday and Tuesday for ex
hibitions with the three little balls and
the leather tipped wand.
"Willie is playing a greater game than
ever." asserted old Bob, who is a regular
manager. "He averaged 180 in 900 points
at one town in the South and 150 points
in a 600 point match in another place.
At Monroe, La., he ran the 300 points in
one inning. Tes, Hoppe is playing a
great game. Sutton is also playing great
billiards and is really better as an exhi
bition player because he is under no
strain as in a match."
Portland Gun. Club
Will Stage Shoot in
Honor of Pollock
.A 2 3-target trapshooting event In
honor of Homer A. Pollock, the late
secretary of the Portland Gun club,
will be staged on the club traps ac
Jenne Station, Sunday morning, in con
junction with a class shoot of 60 tar
gets. This event will be shot under the
yardage handicap rules and the winner
will receive a handsome trophy offered
by the directors of the club.
The club has offered a pair of. cuff
links for the ; winner of the shoot, the
high gun in j each class to shoot off
under the added bird system for the
prise. 4
It is expected that: a large crowd of
shooters will be in attendance at this
event. 1 .
Shcepshead Auto Dates
Sheepshead Bay (I I.) will stage
automobile races July 26. August 23 and
September 30.
"EacA Ciaar in
its own humidor"
Judge Knows
" - si
'THE James John high school quintet
played in championship form Wed
nesday afternoon on the Washington
high floor and spoiled what little chance
the Jefferson High school had of gain
ing its tie for the league championship,
by administering a 26 to 20 defeat.
The Double-J boys were on their toes
throughout the entire contest and ove
came a six-point lead hung up by the
Blueand Gold team in the first period
by a great rally. The score at half-time
was 11 to 11. In the second period.
James John scored 15 points to Jeffer
son's .
Johnny Wuff starred for the winners
with a dozen points. Toole scored 8.
Hammett scored 6 points for Jefferson
and Coulter and Anderson put over 5
points each.
Jefferson's defeat gives the Lincoln
High , school team the league champion
ship title, making the second successive
time that the Cardinals have won the
The. lineup
James John (26)
Jefferson (20).
...() Hammett
(4 Froude
.,.(5) Anderson
. .... (5) Coulter
., . . . Toumans
Girt 4) P..
Toole. (8) .-. -P..
Johnson (2) .3..
Hiatt ! .: .3..
Referee, Botsford.
Chicago, March 6. .The University of
Chicago basketball quintet suffered Its
first defeat of the western conference
season here last night at the hands of
the Minnesota team, 15 to 12.
i Philadelphia. March 6. The Univer
sity of Pennsylvania basketball five de
feated Swarthmore last night, 30 to 16.
Albany, Or., March 6. The Albany
high school basketball five won from
the Corvallls high last night by the
score of 21 to 17; T
Lawrence, Kan., March 6. The Kan
sas university basketball team triumphed
over the University of Nebraska team
here last night, 31 to 17.
OAKLAND, Cal., March 6. Oakland
has purchased Harold (Rowdy)
Elliott from the Chicago Nationals.
Elliott formerly, managed the Oaks. He
was recently discharged from the navy.
Los Angeles, 'Cal., March 6. Howard
Emke, former star of the local Pacific
Coast league team, has signed his 1919
contract with the Detroit Americans.
He was discharged from the navy yes
terday. -
Los Angeles, Cal.. March 6. Manager
Bill Essick of the Vernon team haa sold
Outfielder Mathes and Catcher Moore to
the fort Worth team of the Texas.
Seattle, Wash., March 6. Lyle Blgbee,
who played with the Spokane team in
the Pacific Coast International league,
has signed with Seattle for the 1919
Coast league season.
New Tork, March 6. Hal Chase. for
mer-Cincinnati firstbaseman,- signed a
contract to play with the New Tork
Nationals yesterday. :
Los Angeles, March 6. Joe Pepe, third
baseman of the Los Angeles club, has
been released to the Fort Worth club
of the Texas. league. ;
Athletics Have Battery
By signing. Pitcher Perry and Catcher
Perkins, the Athletics of the American
league have one of the best batteries in
organized baseball. Perry won 21 games
for Connie Mack's tail-enders last year.
iJf pi I lbs zJL
Brown Star Dies
In the Hospital
At St. Nazaire
Bestoa, March U. - 3T. - .)
LleateaaBt Davis Hesry, former
Brown University star baseball aad
football athlete, died la the base
aospital at Stt 2?asalre, France, ac
cord is g to word Jast received by Ills
pareats here. Henry's best athletie
work at college was la It IV when lie
Bitched Brown to victories over Tale,
Princeton, PeBasylvaaia aad Holy
Cross, After leaving college lie spent
'a short time with the FIttiDHrg clab
of the Katlonal leagae.
Lemon-Yellow Players Come From
Behind and Trim Blue and
Gold Five.
Berkeley, Cal., March 6. University
of- Oregon basketball players won the
first game of the series with Vie Uni
versity of California for the champion
ship of the Pacific Coast intercollegiate
conference last night by the score of
S9 to 87 In an overtime., contest. The
score at the end of the regulation time
waa 34 to 34.
Eddie Durno, the sensational forward
of the Oregon team, scored the winning
points. '
The Blue and Gold team started oft
like winners and were leading at the
end of the first half, but in the second
half tie combination playing of the Eu
gene players enabled them to tie the
Symea, the California forward, scored
19 points, leading Durno of Oregon by
one point.
The second game of the series will be
played tonight, and if a third contest is
necessary it will be staged Friday night.
General Wood Not
Official in Boxing
Chicago, March 6. (U. P.) "General
Wood is interested in seeing boxing
lifted to the plane of other standard
amateur sports, but he has accepted no
office with any boxing commission,"
Captain A. B. Bristol, the general's aide,
said today. "The general will not be
connected with any organization seeking
to control commercialized boxing."
Harvard Can't Play
Army, Says March
Cambridge, Mass.. March 6 (I. N.
S.) The proposed Harvard-West Point
football game In the Stadium on Octo
ber 25 has been called off, it was
announced today. : General Peyton C.
March, chief of staff of the United
States army, withheld his sanction of
the game, it Js said.
Morley Back in Baseball
Los Angeles, March 6. (Ui P.) Ru
mors that Jim Morley is coming back
into baseball as business manager 6f the
Angels were' confirmed in an official an
nounoment today.
Spring .
' I ll r
Portland Bantamweight Splits Dome in Fall to Concrete Floor,
- but Brings Claret arid All Into Ring and Insists on Finishing;
Gorman Scores Only Knockout of Night ' ' . .
By"R. A. Cronin ,
GAME little Billy Mascott would that there were more
like? him is Northwestern bantamweight champion again,
and he is nursing the sorest head that he ever carried atop
his sturdy shoulders. But it wasn't put on him by Bud Ridley,
the Seattle crack. It is a relic of a fall from the ring to the cement
floor in the sixth round, a large gash in his scalp failing to smother
the fight that is in him. He came right back, the claret bbed and
the round finished up, the South-Portland Frenchman getting a
well earned, decision froni Referee Grant.
Mascott was out afteMhat title, and a little thing like a creepy
two rope ring could not stop him. He was not the only one who
hit the concrete, for Kid .Herman and Sid Mitchell went out on
their heads and the Mexican? was knocked as cold as a dornick.
However, he too, insisted ongettin,g back into the ring mid finish
ing up a tough battle with the Seattle man.
It was a big night for the fans and probably the largest crowd
yet to attend a Dout nere was in
Mascott and Ridley were easily
the cream of the, show and they
stepped off six of. te fastest rounds
that have been clocked in these
parts, Mascott . was battling away
- for all that was In him, trying to
reverse, a decision rendered against
him at Seattle a fortnight ago,
which he thought an injustice to
himself. r , '
., Fonght Game Battle '
There have been exhiblUona of
gameness, but none greater than
Billy showed. He was piling up a
lead on Ridley, when he .fell through
the loose ropes. When he got up ha v
looked like the BatUe ' of Verdun.
But he Insisted on getting back,
while Jhe fans pleaded with Referee
- Grant to call it a drawl Grant let
the bout go on and the fans foresaw
a knockout tof the local lad. But he
fooled them all. " He not only out
gamed ; Ridley, but he iput up a
, greater scrap after his Injury than
before, winning the round; by a. wide
margin. .
There will be exhibitions of game
ness In the future but none will be
more outstanding than that of the
little Frenchman.
Osly One Xaoekoat
There waa only one knockout dur
ing the night and that came when
the Spanish battering ram,-Joe Gor
; man, hung a heavy fist cm the Jaw
of Hefetor St. John in "the third
round. . Gorman showed more skill
than for some little time and has
now i amassed a record of seven
straight, victories against a flock of
good boys along the coast. St. John
should have - known better than ' to
carry a name like Hector' into the
ring against a bruiser like Spanish
Joe. . . .! :
.More Action Tnsa All -
Another spectacular bout was that
between Herman and Mitchell.' In
.fact It looked as if the bouta tip
ahead should have been . switched
. with the two. the commission, selected ,
They 're Arriving
Almost Every Day
the boys from "over there" and
elsewhere, and the - "
Spring Suits
from! leading v American makers
in the JEast
Speaking of -clever styles and
materials. -you never enjoyed see
ing such an "inspiring" variety. :
; Young men's models with mili
tashap:rThmore conservative
style jdeas for men not so young
in years';---',-''!,'a'" . ..;'. - .
KuppenheUfier Spring Suits
$30 to $60
Other Makes at $17, 520, 525
Eveithing for
tne armory.
as the wlndups. from the standpoint
or interest and action. ,
Although Herman and Mitchell
were not aa classy a pair of perform
ers aa Mascott and Ridley, they gave
the fans more diversified acUon than
all tho other bouts combined.
Herman scored a flock of knock
downs, -Jut he waa too weak to fin
ish the game Mitchell, who bounced
right back off the floor like a rub
ber, ball, and with more fight than
a couple of Salem legislators. '
Wearly Swaag Off
At times the pair nearly dropped
from exhaustion and when they took
the dive to the cement. It looked aa
If somebody'd have to ring for a
coupla coffins. . The Mexican wsa
underneath and got the worst-of it.
He came too In a brief period and
insisted on trying to annihilate
Mitchell. It was a good draw. .
Tha Peter Mitchte-Oeorge Drew
bout was a disappointment In a way,
as It takes two to make a fight.
Peter was willing, but the ebony
brother evidently figured he had
signed up for a footrace or a wrest
ling match Instead of a fight It,
too, ended In a draw.
Alex aad George Braw
Alex Trambitas and George Ingle
were back in the resin dust .again.
It was a draw. A better bout, prob
ably, than the other time they
mixed, but a poor match, as these
boys do not box well against each
other and should' be sent against
Strangers' In the future. -
In the curtain raiser Soldier Billy
Nelson gave Jack Wagner about 10
pounds and got a nice draw for him
self. The smoker- waa well handled by
the commissioners and the size of.
the crowd la further proof that some
good outside boys are wanted to
tangle with, Valley Trambitas. Mas
cott. Mltchie and Joe Gorman.
The " Fordbam ' university baseball
team's schedule contains 2 2 contests.
Men to Wear;
wurmeiMEX Baoa Baltimore. Mix