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Travelers to all painta'af tba Carted States
P abroad should take edvantaae of experienced
feaftsrasetioa nd service t offend . thnxub .The
Orecaa Journal Trttel Bnrua. la personal
tjft of Donxy B. Smith. Uailroad tickets sad
ateajnship booklnes imifd "Toreisa nchaace
aeraia. . lniormauoej gtvaa laamrawx paaapona,
Portlaad and vir-mity TonUbt and Wednes
day tain; fresh -southeasterly wind.
. Oregon and Washington--Tonight and Wednee
dar fain -west portioa, dowdy weather eat por
tion; mod era ta to fresh, southeasterly gala oa tba
Low pressors pre rail oa tba coast of Alaska
and British Colombia, and over a belt reaefatnc
fvoev. the Mexican boundary ta the Great lartea.
Over tba remainder of tba coaatry tba pi ii lira
la. bih. the highest readinaa beta in soataweefc
era Oregoa and monbera California. Preetptta
tion baa occurred on tba mkkHe and North Pa-,
eiflo coast, and at a number of stations In tba
pUteeu and northern plain (tales and in tba Mis
sissippi and Umo valleys. . Tba weather la arocn
colder in tba nortbera plains region and over a
belt resrhine thenes ta few them California, and
"is moeh milder ta parts of tba extreme Northwest
and aver a atrip of country extending I rota mew
Maxlon. northeastward to New Yprav Tba tem
pera to re ta generally below normal in tba west
and above normal in the east and south. Tem
perature below aero extends southward from mid
dle western Canada over tba Dakota and parts
of Minnesota and Montana.
- Southeast storm warnings were ordered at 8
a. m. for stations front the Columbia river north
ward; moderate to fresh southeasterly gala may
be expected along the Washington coast today j
. . : . - . -.. . . . ...... n
: r. S
it f S
xh JJ t
To I 28 0"T
44 32 0
43 86 0
48 44 0
58 18 .JO
52 1 '22
4 -28 0
66 58 0
2-4 .22
36 -6 0
66 28 M)
64 88 0
.... 88 0
60 44 0
82 38 .14
60 86
72 54 O
4 80 0
O .... 0.
44 42 .12
76 84
70 43 0
40 42 .16
B0 88 .01
60 82 0
I 44 0 0
40 28 .01
88 44 0
58 44 0
48 40 .01
42 30 0
78 60 O
46 88 .18
52 40 0
58 40 0
- 2,-20 ,08
68 36 0
fcaker. Or. ......
. Koiee. Idaho
Boston . Mass.
Chicago. 111.
, Dearer. Colo. . . . . .
Una Moines, Iowa . . .
dmonUtt Alberta .
Oatveaton. Texas ...
Havre. Mont.
Horoa, B. V. ......
Kansas City. Mo. . . .
Kaorville, Tenn. . . .
Ijewiston, Idaho ... .
Ioa Angeles, CaJU .
Marshfleld, Or. ....
Medford, Or. . .. ...
New Orleans. L....
New York. N. Y. ....
Nome. Alaska . .
m m
North Head, Wash..
Oklahoma City. Oka
Phoenix, Arix,
Portland, Or. . . . ...
Raaebarg. Or. . . i . ...
81 Louis, Mo. . . ...
St. Paul.. Minn. .
Halt loka City, Utah
San IMego. CaL . ... .
Han Francisco, CaL .
Seattle, Wash. . . . ..
Spokane, Wash. ....
i Tampa. Fie. .......
Vancouver, B. C. . . .
Walla Walla. Wash.:.
Washington. V. C.
j. .
r , . . i
, Wllliaton, N. D. . ..
i .... .
i ....
Yakima, Wash. ....
'Afternoon report
of preceding day.
.. and
On SaU at
Business Office. Tba Joornal
Two Xasjadrlea Kednea Piiees In Wet
"Wash Department -The National Latin
dry Co. and Standard Wet Wash Laun
dry, beginning; Monday. March 3, will do
lbs., for 60c and So per lb. -overweight
Monday, Tuesday, 'and Wednesday; 15
lbs, for 60c and 4c per lb. overweight
Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They
also do dry wash at 5c per lb. In this
department each family wash is washed
separately and dried In the largest and
most scientific vacuum dryers on the Pa
cific coat.. No ironing and no starch.
They also do rough dry at 7c per lb., all
'flat pieces nicely ironed and wearing ap
Jparei starched, iready to iron. This is,
the highest quality of family laundry
work that Is possible to get for this price.
They also do tha highest quality of Hand
finished work in this department. Tou
can safely send your silks and most deli
.cate and expensive pieces, as they are
dor by hand at moderate prices. They
- hav Just installed a new collar machine
of thg latest type, which place's them In
a position to absolutely guarantee their
collar work. This department should
be tried by every man who is particular
about his : collars. National Laundry
pnones are nasi ana js-sszz, wnile
the Standard's phone numbers are East
8180 and B-2832L Adv. ;s
Chinese to Address At CIis--"Brldg
ing . the Pacific Portland's Stake in
China Trade. will be the general sub
ject before the . Ad club- at its meeting
Wednesday noon , in the Benson hotel.
Lee Hong, president, and other officers
of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce
wilt be the speakers,' Frank Jue will
sing., accompanied by Miss Emily Lowe.
Rev. W. W. Willard will speak in bo-
b a If of th Armenian relief rirrmt in tTna
1 early part of the program. Prominent
bankers, exporters. Importers and local
business men have been invited to at
tend the meeting.
Dr. Bacon to Lee tare Tomorrow Or.
Susan A. Bacon of Reed college will
combine the lecture which ; was post
poned last week with the one scheduled
for this week and will Bpeak tomorrow
afternoon on The Legend of William
in Connection With Orange, Mimes and
Aries." The lecture will be Illustrated
and will continue the course on "An
cient Cities in France" which TDr- Bacon
is glvlne through March. It will be
given at 3 o'clock in room A, Central
'library, and will be open to the public.
Legislators to Speak Tonight .Repre-
centative Eugene E. Smith and -Senator
S. B. Huston will speak under the aus
pices of the Albina Citisens ; league at
the Albina library, 360 Knott street, this
evening at 8 o'clock. Mr. Smith's sub
ject will be "What the LeglsIatuVe Did
and Did Not Do for Labor." Mr, Hus
ton will discuss "What the Legislature
Bid and Did Net to for Business. The
- public is cordially Invited.
: A . Lee tare Date Postaosed The date of
the first lecture in the 1 course on
"Growth. Reproduction and : Develop-
ment,. which Dr. Harry Beals Torrey.
professor of biology at Reed college. Is
oTiertng to tn public this spring, baa
'Georgje Wentworth. a letter carrier
here, has won a pair of shoes with
- . Neolin Soles; four months and two
days. Hi route is twenty miles a day.
This test made at our request, proves
the wearing quality of Neolin Soles to
our ; satisfaction." i From Lothrops
VFiirnham Co.. Dover, N. H. :
Only Neolin Soles will stand up
- under a test like this. People who are.
,; hard on shoes will save money if they
s buy them with Neolin. Soles. These
shoes come in many styles for men,
women and children. '
Have Neolin Soles put on your worn
shoes too. r Any good repair shop will
apply them. Remember they : are'
made by Science to be comfortable and
' waterproof, also. Manufactured by The
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Akron.
. Ohio, who make Wingfoot Heels
guaranteed to outwear all other heels-
-" 3T.33E35k SdJeo
; b. a. let. Co. ,
been changed from tonight to next Tues
day, March 11. i The lectures will be
given at the University club en Tues
day evenings at S o'clock during March
and April, with the exception of April L
- Lottery Headqaarters Balded A sack
filled with lottery tickets was. seised by
the police Monday night in a raid-on
an establishment at; fa North Third
street and the proprietor and one cus
tomer were arrested , According to Ser
geant Sherwood, who led the raid, the
place is the sales headquarters for the
various Chinese lottery companies operating-in
the Northwest. At the ap
proach of the officer the proprietor
placed a number of marked tickets and
lists In a safe which sie refused to open.
A police guard was placed over the safe
and a search warrant will be secured.
The proprietor of the place was held in
the city jail in lieu of $2000 bonds.
Saow Leetare Toalgat "Tho Hthetlc
School and Oscar Wilde" will be the
subject of Charles Wilbert Snow'-s lec
ture tonight at 1 o'clock In room F,
Central library. This Is the third lec
ture in Mr, Snow's course on. "Modern
English Poetry," which is one of the
series of extension courses that Reed
college is offering to the public during
the spring months, i
8. S Conventioa la Mar eh The Mult
nomah county Sunday school convention,'
which will be a school of methods this
yearj is to be held March 25 to 28, ac
cording to the agreement reached" at the
county association meeting Monday eve
ning. ' The convention was ' originally
planned for January j 14 to 17.
Ash Wedaeaday liaises Announce
ment has been made that beside the
regular masses held Ash Wednesday at
. St. Mary's cathedral, a special mass
will be held beginning at 12 :20 o'clock
and ending promptly : at 12 :50. Services
with sermon will be held in the evening
at 7.45 o'clock. I .
When Ton Think Long Distance, think
"Northwestern," unaffected by the local
consolidation. Obtain our service an
usual. To any Bell operator sa,
"Northwestern, ' long distance," on tU
automatic ; dial f'Long Distance."
Prompt, court eou:?. Adv.
W. O. W. to Hold Social Portland
camp, Woodmen of the World, has arv
ranged for a smoker-social Wednesday
evening, at 128 Eleventh street. All
members of the order and their gentle
men friends are Invited.
Patriotic Meeting ' Sanday An open
patriotic meeting of St. Josephs Be
nevolent society will be held at the
churchman. Fifteenth and Couch streets,
Sunday, March 9, at 2 p. m. Prominent
speakers will -attend.;
NaJem-Portland Aato Stage leaves
Bligh hotel 9 a. m., arrives Imperial
hotel 11 :40 a. m. ; leaves Imperial hotel
2:30 p. m., arrives Salem 6:10 p. m.
Hlllmade CoastraeMoa Cc Manufac
turers of ready cut and portable houses
and garages, has moved its office to
1601 Union avenue north. Phone Wood
lawn 2413. . Write for catalogue. Adv.
Eat Bradley's Pies They're!
At leading restaurants and grocers.
Bradley's Cocoanut cream Pies. U-um !
What'" best? Bradley's mince Pies. Adv.
Steamer I raid a for St. Helens and Rai
nier, dally at 2 :30 p- foot of Alder
street. Sunday, St. Helens only, 1:Z9 p.
m. Adv.
Steamer Jessie Harklns for Camas,
Washougal and way landings, daily ex
cept Sunday, leavea Alder street dock at
Z p. m. Adv. ; f ,
Dance, Dance, Wednesday iright
Chrlstensen's hall, Victorian Jazz orchestra.-
Valuable prises. Adv.
Dr. Sedgwick, obstetrics and diseases
of women. Selling bldg. Phone Main
2293. Adv. j
Yowr Hair Cat as you wish it. Market
Barber, shop. 187. Fourth, at Yamhill.
Adv.. ;
Hadley A Silver, tailors, make depend
able clothes. 100 Sixth St., corner Stark.
A8v. I
Xffeetlve March S Strs. TLurllne and
Undine leave Alder at. dock for Astoria
dally except Sunday, at $ p, m. Adv.
Kelly Pays Tribute
To French Officers
High tribute was paid to the French
officials by Colonel
Georgo H. Kelly in
relating the experiences of the forestry
engineers overseas at the annual meet
ing of the Trails Club, of Oregon at thv
Chamber of Commerce Monday night.
Colonel Kelly was jthe chief speaker.
Officers were elected for the ensuing
year, as follows: Fred II. Klser, presi
dent ; R. J. Grace, first vice president ;
Vera Taylor, second; vice president ; W.
E. Conklin, secretary; William J. Pie
penbrink, treasurer;: Albert Wlesendan
ger, Mrs. O. Q. Tlcknor, A. Q. Jackson,
W. J. Hofmann and T. H. Sherrard, trus.
"Mickey" Draws Crowds
Vancouver. Wah.j March 4. "Mickev"
proved a gret, drawing card at the
U. S. A. Monday and "all afternoon and
evening the theatre was filled to ca
pacity. -
Seasoned " slabwood and Inside wood,
green stamps for cash. Hohnan Fuel
Co. Main 853. A-3353. Adv.
M2 Washtnstoa tv Near Slith
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Rick Hotcakes
and Crisp Waffles . . . .15c
All Short Orders, Any Tune
, We Never Close
C)?fc tt??' ..?t Stews,
msa W. 16-
Serves the most for the
money and the best at any
price. .'.
On Corner of 6th and Stark
' leumatism "
aaago, SekaUea,
Spralaed Backs. ateZ
saccessf ally tr e a t e a.
Compiate rvaeraJ
atraetiee. .
Office calls ";....sea.
Hoaae eaUs Sl.M
Ceaf latmeat eases
lor . . . .hi
i ii r.fc-., aiu
Office Ftaoaa Mala STS
; ;
Custom House Resembles Big
Department Store on i Busy :
Bargain Day.
If you wish to know anything about
income tax go to the office of the in
ternal revenue collector In the custom
house building, v With leas than two
weeks remaining in which to make In
come tax statements the office has come
to look like bargain day in a depart
ment store. The clerks are explaining
workings of the tax every minute of the
day the office la open but they say there
is always room for one more. March IS
is the final date for making these re
turns. . '
The rush on the revenue office began
last week. Those who , have not kept
track of their earnings are having r a
difficult time lining up statements for
reverrua clerks. A majority of workers
are hit by the law despite certain ex
ceptions and allowances. , v. ,
Some idea of the intricacies of. the In
come tax law can be gathered from the
fact that some business concerns have
published booklets of as much as 25
pages devoted to-explanatlons and work
ings of the tax and instructions to those
subject to the tax. .
All single'' persons whose Income last
year was $1000 or more And all married
persons whose ' income- was J2000 or
more must file: statements of income
with Collector Miller. -Deductions are
allowed, according to the schedule
printed on the blank, and the normal tax
is 6 per cent of the amount over $1000
and $2000,. minus these exemptions.
New Publicity Han
Fred M. Warner of Great Falls, Mont.,
has taken over the press agent work
for the Multnomah formerly held by
Mark Woodruff. Mr. Warner has had
several years' experience with .-the Rain
bow hotel in Grat Falls.
Fish Expert From Alaska
J. J. Bjorge of Altoona, Wash, is at
the Oregon for a few days Mr. Bjorge
has dome from Alaska to fake over the
large f ih Industry at Altoona In charge
of O. Hiim until a few weeks ago. Mr.
lliim expects to cast his fortunes with
ttie Far North and will" leave soon for
J. V. Lankin Goes South
J. V.' .Lankin left Honday night for
Byron Hot Springs and Southern Cali
fornia, where he expects to remain about
nix weeks. -
Zerolene Club Gives Dinner
The Zerolene club of the Standard Oil
company is giving a dinner dance in
the grand ballroom at the Multnomah
British Columbian on Visit
T. M. Stevens, a prominent business
man from Vancouver, B. C. Is looking
the town over for a few days. He is
staying at the Benson.
- Condon Hotel Man Here
J. E. Crowe, proprietor of the Sum
hit house at Condon, is spending a. few
days at the Imperial.
May Peterson at the Benson
Misa May E. Peterson, soprano, of the
Metropolitan, who is to appear at the
Heilig Wednesday night, arrived at the
Benson Monday evening, accompanied
by Augusta Bates, accompanist. They
are registered from New York.
Mat G. Ennls, merchant from Walla
Walla, is visiting at tha Imperial. , .
N. S. Doumttt, prominent business
man from - Stevenson, Wash., Is regis
tered at the Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. 1. A. Barrick of Tilla
mook are guests at the Seward.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. White and Mr.
and Mrs. E. A. White of Lewlston.
A qsiality bread
therefore a V
Butter Rut BraasT ovate
Idaho, have arrived ' at ' the Benson.
The Whites are prominent business folks
of Lewlston. : '
. Mr. and Mrs. ' X. C. Arthur of XHJlas
are staying at the Cornelius. i -
- B. S. Hermiston, stockman from' Pen
dleton, is one of the recent ' arrivals : at
the New Perkins.
- J. H. Dunlap, lumberman from' Llt
tell, is at the Portland.
Mrs. B. O. Llbby of Coos Bay is stay
ing at tha Carlton. A . n i
i K. . W, Edgington. an Insurance 'man
from Seattle, is' down for a few days.
He is staying at the Multnomah.
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Shockly of Baker
are at the Imperial. Mr. Shockly is In
the stockraislng industry. -
Mrs. M. A. Sprinkle of Pendleton : is
at the Cornelius. I
' Mr. and Mrs. Jack Foley of Everett,
Wash, are spending their honeymoon
at the Seward.
Is E. Dike, business man from Al
bany,' is registered at the New Perkins.
Roscoe .Howard, who has been In
charge of the Emergency Fleet sub
chasers for the last year, joined -Mrs.
Howard from Deschutes at the Port
land Monday night. Mr. Howard has
been away from Portland for two years.
Miss A. Smith of Condon is a guest
at the Carlton. . :;.-.-f ' -
N. Matblson, son and daughter, from
Group River, Wash, are visiting at the
Judge W. P. Barnes of Bend Is stay
ing at the Imperial. i
t Dr. and Mrs.. G. E. Murphy of Olym
pta are registered at the Seward. t
Dr. J. P. Hayes is staying at the New
Perkins from Baker,
j Mrs. H. -J. Overturf, whose husband
is a prominent business man at Bend,
Is visiting at the Portland. 1 '
- Mrn. B D. Nelly of Toronto, Canada,
is a guest at the Carlton.
W. W.. McBride, who is connected
with a brokerage firm in Seattle, is in
Portland on . a business trip,
ataslne at the Multnomah.
Mr. and Mrs. ' A. R. Baker of Rainier
are down at the Imperial. Mr. Baker
has large lumber interests at Rainier.
D. S. C. Is Awarded
Capt. Adams, Killed
In Action July 15
' . i
Captain John Carver Adams, who was
killed in action at the battle of the
Marne, July 25, has been awarded the
distinguished service cross for extraor
dinary heroism in action at Chateau
Thierry. July 15, by the war department.
Captain Adams enlisted in 191 with
the old Third Oregon in Troop A. He
went to -the Mexican border and there
won a commission. A training course att
Fort Leavenworth won for him a lieu
tenant's commission In 1917. He became
a captain at Camp Greene ' and- went
abroad in February. 1918.
Captain Adams was 22 years old at the
time of his' death. He was well known
in Portland, where he made his home for
more than two years. His mother re
sides at Nutley, N. J.
Taxi Bandits Rob Bank
Sacramento, Cal.. March 4. (IT. P.
Taxi bandits robbed the Citizens bank if
Oak Park, a suburb, Monday noon. Two
men were Involved m the hold-up. One
was captured. His partner, who had
come to the bank In a taxi, under some
j.retense got the driver to leave the ma
chine and after the robbery stole the
taxi and made bis getaway.
Use" one rounded tablespoonful of GhirardelH's Ground
Chocolate for each cup wanted. Mix with a little milk to
form a paste. Add this to the balance of milk and let it
come to boiling point, stirring continuously all the while.
-feow tb isialco yonf cup cf
Ghirardellis Ground Chocolate is
always delicious that's true! But, if you
will simply follow the simple directions
given above, you will find your cup of
Ghirardelli's doubly delicious.
Easy to make takes but a minute or
two. And it's just as easy to make it
right and get. all the good out of it.
Ghirardelli's is not sold in bulk but in cans enly.f
Look for the Ghirardelli label on the Ghirar
delli can. Then you will be doubly sure that
you are getting the original Ground Chocolate.
At your grocer's in , lb., i lb., and 3 lb. cans.
Say "Gear-ar-deify"
Siace tl
m ' ''' ' asssssssssi Nr-.y.t . . 5 ... ij 1
0. E. S., IS HOST TO
Ten of th& Thirtene Local Chap
ters Represented; Reception .
Is Tendered Visitors.
ML Scott Chapter Order Easter Star
of Lents last week entertained both the
Most Worthy Grand Matron of the Su
preme Chapter Mrs. Emma C. Ocobock
and the Most Worthy Grand Patron
George Hyland. Mrs. " Mabel ' Settle
meier, worthy grand matron of Oregon ;
Mr.- Rossman, worthy grarkl patron of
Washington; S. H. iSToung, worthy
grand patron of Oregon and a number
of distinguished Eastern Star officials
were present. Among them were past
worthy grand matrons Mrs. Lena C.
Mendenhall, Mrs. Ella Huston and Mrs.
Jennie Rinehart ; past worthy grand
patrons. Dr. Davis,' Robert , Miller,
George W. Stapleton and Clyde Evans ;
Mrs. Alberta McMurphy of Eugene, aa
sociate grand matron; Miss Nellie Mc
Kinley, grand1 secretary; Mrs. Alice
Cowell, grand marshal; Mrs. Lillian
Young, grand Esther; Leslie Parker,
grand sentinel of .the Oregon Grand
chapter. I
Teh of the 13 local chapters of Port
land were represented. Mrs. Deane
Hess presided and addresses were de
livered by Mrs. Ocobock, Geor&e Hy
land and others. Light refreshments
were served at the close of the inspec
tion, j
Previous to the opening of the chap
ter, grand of ficera ' and a number of
other guests were entertained at din
ner by Mrs. Elf reda Hedge, one of the
officers of Mt. Scott chapter, at her
home, 6707 Ninety-fourth street. South
east. :
And How to Gain It
By H. Adding tea Brace
An expert explanation of the
causes and symptoms of all
nervous troubles, and simple,
direct instructions for their re
lief. Dozens of such subjects as :
Slflns af Narva Strain; Nab Its That
Hurt Nerves; Hew ta Overcame Wsn
ry and Melancholy; Brain Fag and Its
Remedy) Hew te anteh Insomnia, Ir
ritability, Timidity, ato. Qattint Rid
of Nervous Indigestion; Hew te Qaln
Narva Control and Keep Veor System
Well and Stxene.
"An immense amonat of vraettaal ad rice
that is both eoand and sctentiflo sad in :
agreement with latest advances la Neurol-
ocy. Ought to be of immense help in a:
general way to sufferers from nervous trou
bles.' liaoer H. Ceriat, M. D., Eminent:
Neurolocist. Boston.
S1, net; by mall S1.1S. Bookstores,
or Publish ars
. SBC fourth Avenue, Haw Yerk
San Franc isce
1 : M
Which Are Now Practically' All Here Come- See the Handsome
Matchless Values in These Special
Underpriced Offerings in
Woolen Dress Goods
Black Fabrics
at 98c Yd.
42-inch all wool Crepe
Wool Taffetas, Diagon
als and Herringbone
, Black Novelties
at $1.49
50 to 54-inch all wool
Crepes Fancy Stripes,
Diagonals, Granites,
Whipcords and Novelties.
40 to 50-In. Fabrics
at $125 Yd.
Included are Serges,
Poplins, Panamas, Diag
onals, Granites, Novelty
Suit ings, Herringbone
Serges, etc. All high
grade fabrics.
Store Opens
est 8:30 A. M.
at 9 A. M.
Increase Your Own
Pay Envelope
Practical instruction with
etcellcnt equipment. LaI
. oratories snd shops attrao
tively tttted out.
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traintne In your chosen line.
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fer . with you relative to .
best course of study.
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Business School
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Electrical Engineer-
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above and other schools on
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Edaeatios Dir. A
Office Hi
Reliable Dentistry
VSm eturante ear smrk-fnr 10
Tears. We wlU examine roar teeth
free and teU yen lust what the
req airs sad vaa it will eeab ,
Ma' nmna......eS anal US
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all wura. .. . .' Or. Hatrtss
OR. IL r. NCWTOi. Prop.
Upea K re nines UnUl 1U
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kV3.& ffe T IT pTrfal
Immediate Attention Is Directed To '
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Spring Suits We Are Showing
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tries both by t draft
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Beautiful -(
fray or
LI..L - Jl.
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box, 2 sutos.
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New Foohvear for
Men and Women
at $5.50 Pair
the fashionable leathers in
both button and lace styles
models with Goodyear
welt or McKay sewed
soles. All sizes.
both dress and every-day
wear all reliable in qual
ity and of the best work
manship. All sizes. In
Box, Gunmetal and Velour
Calf leathers.
Half -Price for
Japanese Scarfs 63c
In the Art section a spe
cial half-price offering of
Japanese B u r e a u and
Sideboard Scarfs in em
broidered and hemstitched
styles. - ' f
Store Closes
it 5:30 P. M.
at 6 P. M;
Prices: $L10, 85c, 55c, 25c
Sale at Sherman, Clay fiCo.'s Until 6 P. M.
At Auditorium After 7 P. M.
Belgium, Finland) Alsace-Lorraine,
Palestine and Syria
We can now transmit I
F, U ,N !.E- R A L :S
V-unersJs if desired for 120. 0. $40.
Hie her priced funerals In proportion.
We manufactura caskets.
i Lidy Assistant - i
. . Beautiful Funeral Chapel
ltsia till Isdepesdest Fsseral Ireetars A-IsS
VYstliisfftes at Ella u Betwees tttb asdjl at Wta 'VVeat 1 1 e
I'lTIPC Oar $7 fsraerai alae laeladaa special ambalailaf for ;uial til
I.JIluC dealred) to aay part sf tke Ualtad State.
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