The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, March 02, 1919, Page 5, Image 5

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; Demonstration Not Considered by
Leaders as Revolution, but as
t Dress Rehearsal," Instead.
Masses Must Be Taught to An
t swer Arguments of Bolsheviki,
I Says Writer.
"I By Edward Fries Bell
Speeiil Correupcmdence 'of Th Journal and
j, - .Tht Chicago Dfly New ,
Copyrlfht, 1010, by Chicago Daily Newr Co.)
IOndon, England, Feb. 8. The Bel
fast, Clyde and London strides were re
garded by our Bolshevist not as the
revolution itself but as Interesting and
' valuable dress rehearsals on a small
v scale for the treat Industrial outbreak
which, when it comes, will break- up
society In, the whole country.
I So declared the Daily Express in a
four' column article describing what it
. terms "a cunning;- conspiracy to over
f throw democratic government and set
up in its place a regime not . of work
ers but of . oligarchy enslaving the
workers." ,
r This article recalls my cable of Ie
eember 1? affirming that ."Bolshevism
' Is probably the greatest . danger now
confronting f the world." and quoting
John Joseph O'Brien ln explanation- of
the Bolshevik organization work and
aim in Ireland. The Daily -Express
gives names of "Bolshevik bosses" in
' England and, Scotland and shows lrv
i their own words that their policy is
universal subversion. r
I Leader Are Crafiy
f Intellectuals with organizing power of
the first order, they frankly voice their
oontempt for the mass of .workingmen,
"calling them "mere apes' whom they
- will use to effect their ends.
-.f Whatever may be the true dimensions
of the Bolshevik menace 4n this coun
try, and my inquiries have led me-to
adjudge them not very great, all others
agree that the phenomenon requires the
- closest attention.
;- "Ignorance is- an enormous danger."
said an official. "It cai be exploited
by . any nimble tongued . charlatan.
" Scarcely any man you meet can tell
, you specifically why he is a Democrat
or ,wh&JugJsnot Bolshevist. Our peo
r ; pie hSve taCeiy, democracy for granted
a the best system of government for
free men generally They have not
analysed the system at all. Suddenly
confronted with an argument against
democracy and ; suddenly assured ' that
democracy is merely a-well organized
bourgeois swindle upon the uufeses few
of our people know bow to apply it.
"In some cases so fervidly is. the anti
democratic case put that the object of
the argumentative assault tends to lose
Its bearings and may go over to the
wreckers. -
Eeaeetioa Is deeded .
'"Obviously democracy 'should be
taught in detail- Every school child
should : be able to stand up against the
Bolshevist in argument. We cannot
discredit! Bolshevism or anything else
by attempting to prevent its advertise
ment. We can discredit it only by
bringing It into the open and turning
upon it the light of understanding. As
a convinced democrat I do not like to
think of democrats running away from
any political ' argument under Heaven,
but I become uneasy when I see sub
versive aims -vocal, all over the place
while' democracy ' is ' comparatively
tongue-tied." .
Gentlemen of Akron
Got AU His Money
Akron, Ohio. March 1. I. N. S.)
With $500 in his pocket. William Haynes,
aged 1 years, of Murfreesboro, Tenn.,
came, to this city with the view of becom
ing president of one of the large rubber
concerns. Before realizing his ambition
he met some of Akron's "real gentle
men, who persuaded the young. Tennes
seean that they knew how to make
money quicker and much easier. Soon
he was In a poker game and when the
juvenile officer-found him he had only
$136.90 left. He's going home to mamma.
Aged Man and Wife
Differ on Dancing
Milwaukee, Wis., March 1. (I. N. S.)
-The bright , lights 7 of Milwaukee's
dance halls do not hurt the eyes of Mrs.
John Scharmack, - 6$ years of age, ac
cording to her husband, who says she
has a mania for fox trots and night
gadding. Scharmack became peeved
when he .returned home one night re
cently and found his wife out out to a
dance, he says. - What followed resulted
in Scharmack being hauled to jail to
answer to a charge of disorderly con
duct preferred by Mrs. Scharmack. The
Mrs. denied emphatically that the white
lights held .any lure for her and said
she went, to the dance to get her, son.
i t0 II LYLIYl.ttO
Captain William Kaiser, Formerly
of German; Navy, Says Boat
Last Heard of Near America.
Love of Eoad Was
Greater Than of Job
Topeka, Kan., March 1. (I. N. S.)
When Henry J. Allen was boomed for
governor at the Republican primaries
Harve Motter, a "drummer," took the
job of managing, his campaign. He
violated all traditions of campaigning.
Allen, rolled up 150,000 majority, also.
You can have anything you want,
Harve," Allen is reported to have told
Motter. "I'll take my old. road job
back," replied the chairman of the state
committee, and he left for the firm's
headquarters. ;
With the Third Army on the Rhine,
Feb. 11. (By Mail.) As far aa Ger
man naval officers know,, the strange J
disappearance of the famous cargo
carrying U-boat Bremen is ftill a deep
mystery. , J; " , t -: ;
A little light' was; shed upon the dis
appearance by Wilhelm Kaiser, until re
cently a captain in the German navy,
upon his return. to his home in the
American area- According to Kaiser,
the Germans last heard from the Bre
men when she .was within 16 miles of
Newport Kews. ; Va.. At that time.
Kaiser says, the German admiralty had
a wireless from the captain of the. U
boat. announcing that he was about to
enter American territorial waters. Since 1
that time there has been a sinister si
lence. Kaiser hazards the opinion that
the 'Bremen went down with all hands,
almost within sight of her destination.
He cites reports from the United
States that a U-boat was sighted in
American waters about that time, to
prove that the Bremen nearly reached
American shores
The German captain aired other in
teresting opinions regarding the naval
situation during the war. He declared
that had the English persisted in their
attempt' they could -have entered the
Dardanelles, thus" ending the war many
months sooner. He. asserted that the
British could have taken Heligoland by
the expenditure of some large battle
ships and a score .or two of smaller
ships, and claims that the island fort
ress was not defended as strongly as
was the general belief..
Captain Kaiser is very bitter against
von Tirpitz, who, he claims, lost the war
by Inaugurating unrestricted submarine
warfare and bringing America into the
"If the allies would hang von Tirpitz,"
he said, "I'd help on the rope."
Best Girl's Hat
' Trimmed in Bills
East Liverpool, Ohio, March 1. I.
N. S.) A hat -trimmed with 100 $1 bills
and a hatpin made of $5 gold pieces were
the gifts received by an East Liverpool
girl from her sweetheart, a Beaver Falls.
Pa., business man. Inclosed in the hat
box was a note from the milliner who
trimmed the hat, in which the trimmer
said. "And the hat will never go out of
style, my dear.
Congress is asked by the California!
legislature lo provide ior an mresuga
tion of the, feasibility of bridging the
Golden Gate.
iKatv?elcome iKeii
" brome'ivr-irtr asms.
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